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The World's Largest Smartphone Camera! Xiaomi 12S Ultra


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  • flibbittygibbitt
    flibbittygibbitt 4 months ago +13155

    That part about the center camera not being the main camera was quite a plot-twist.

  • scientia
    scientia 4 months ago +645

    This "hit or miss" thing is typical in photography, I would say. Even with professional DSLRs, you still have to try a bit, know about the settings etc. to get "hits".

    • Vidd.
      Vidd. Month ago

      Yeah plus thus is an enthusiast phone
      Like ofc you need an iPhone or sth to almost always hut cause that’s the phone for everyone
      People buying this phone likely know what they’re doing

    • Alexis Borquez
      Alexis Borquez 2 months ago

      @Rodolpho I have an iPhone and a Nikon d800 when You can put those pics side by side you see that the iPhone has "misses" too as the Nikon.... Havent tried the Xiaomi but I think that would be something worth trying for my next phone... Btw didnt catch why did You bring up the iPhone LOL

    • FloatingRabbit
      FloatingRabbit 2 months ago

      What about professional Mirrorless cameras?

    • Amol Kolhe
      Amol Kolhe 4 months ago +3

      What differentiates a Photographer from the rest, is that they share their hits, where as others share all their junk.

    • D W
      D W 4 months ago +10

      @ln4mant How is this related to his comment

  • Perfugium
    Perfugium 4 months ago +374

    10:05 marques is just too good a reviewer that he's even reviewing the phone for the people who do "super weird creepy zoomed in videos"

    • Mitochondria
      Mitochondria Month ago +2

      Hy I am super weird creepy zoomed in videos

    • Ytremz
      Ytremz 4 months ago +4

      No comment.

  • Abdultajj
    Abdultajj 4 months ago +188

    This guys is really the best. I have never seen anyone review a camera of a phone like that. Precise, concise with needed details. Keep it up MKBHD!

    • BRDNK Vision
      BRDNK Vision 2 months ago

      Yeah with incredible sample photo of his shoes. Man, you can't be serious

    • Jaden G
      Jaden G 3 months ago +1

      @manwithbeard This Guy's √

    • manwithbeard
      manwithbeard 4 months ago +3

      This guys ❌
      This guy ✅
      Singular form

    BODCARE 4 months ago +118

    Love the leather Matt finish on the back. Makes a classy look all round. Can't help but think how vulnerable that large camera area would be subject to damage on desks etc.

    • Andy B
      Andy B 2 months ago

      The back brings back Sammy Note 4 vibes.

    • sdq sdq
      sdq sdq 4 months ago

      quite sure thats a replica of dslr camera texture

      BODCARE 4 months ago

      @Human Being true except if your using the screen face up on a desk. But I'm sure they must have thought of that. Cheers

    • Human Being
      Human Being 4 months ago

      @BODCARE You use a body cover/case that has protruding edges on all 4 sides so that you can place the phone on its fucking face anywhere you want!

    • Y Dorni
      Y Dorni 4 months ago

      Marques said in their podcast that the fake leather back feels extremely cheap

  • Smithson52
    Smithson52 4 months ago +3728

    Now all Xiaomi needs to do is start pushing out consistent software and security updates. That's the only thing they are lacking right now. Killer phone regardless!

    • bagged malk
      bagged malk 5 days ago

      @Abraham Cervantes bro you just went from dumster fire to garbage

    • R H
      R H 2 months ago

      @Andrew Stoddard wow that's a fresh air to know

    • R H
      R H 2 months ago

      They need better asthetic OS too e.g. icons, theme, brush off 3rd party apps.

    • Bartosz Dąbek
      Bartosz Dąbek 4 months ago

      @Abhinav Kulshreshtha umm... no??
      Last time i've checked it, it didn't ask for such things, it only has options to allow GPS for setting up weather for your city.

    • Eshu Marneedi
      Eshu Marneedi 4 months ago

      And they have to work on making their phones more readily available in the US.

  • Spark Fiji
    Spark Fiji 4 months ago +30

    Love this look, I had the Nokia 1020, still think it looked great plus had a good camera for the time. One of my photos was blown up and printed full page size in our local paper and the quality beat a lot of their own photos. Honor have done this round bump too. I use my camera for work every day so this phone is very tempting to try and get yet again a combo of this look, great phone, and Leica lens.

    • Spark Fiji
      Spark Fiji 2 months ago

      @datdudeEX1992 I still have mine in a drawer but the battery died.

    • datdudeEX1992
      datdudeEX1992 4 months ago +4

      I still have my 1020 and for outdoor daylight pics, it's still awesome, better than my iPhone 11 for work

  • John Buckingham
    John Buckingham 3 months ago +3

    Impressive cameras module with truly class leading detail rendering. If only Xiaomi had its own standard color profile, then allowed users to implement the Leica color science modes when they wanted. That would be solve the color shifting between lenses. From what I've read, the 12S Ultra is only intended for release in China (so far). If sold globally, it could become a major hit with photographers and content creators (who could afford the rather steep price tag.

  • wuschelkoppbw
    wuschelkoppbw 4 months ago +19

    I actually do still like the curved edges! Am I alone with this opinion? I like the looks of the small side bezel and have no problems with accidental touch inputs. I prefer the round edges also because of how side gestures feel while swiping left or right over soft edges rather than over hard edges. I still have a OP 7T pro and I’m pretty happy with no notch, no punch hole and small rounded bezels…

    • Jiggly Puff
      Jiggly Puff 4 months ago +1


    • Tyler Glowinski
      Tyler Glowinski 4 months ago +1

      I've got an S21 Ultra amd I love the edges! The edge panel makes it so easy to switch between apps. And no accidental touches lol

    • Miguel Angel Huerta Fernández
      Miguel Angel Huerta Fernández 4 months ago +3

      The curved edges looks so fkin sexy and aesthetic

  • Chris 5k
    Chris 5k 4 months ago +10

    Xiaomi is nailing it again. Been using it since 2016. Not switching it for any other brand so far. So good.

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNC 4 months ago +1437

    Man, as a 44 year old dude who was basically always in tune with the tech world, but finds it hard at this point in my life compared to my 20s, I love your stuff Marques. You help keep me in the loop!

    • Henry K
      Henry K 6 days ago

      I'm almost 50 and such videos are boring. Nothing new, just a small steps forward. Mostly done in software to get around technical limitation of miniature sensors and optics. As an amateur photographer I wait years to switch to smartphones ans sell my old equipment... And it is still not that time.

    • T A
      T A 3 months ago

      @Bencze great, you're who we need. What's the best GPU and CPU combination for the price points : $100, 200, 300, 400....1100, 1200...1800, 1900, 2000? Also include at what point RAM quantity matters and RAM speed/timings/price combination for best performance-price as well.
      Also I'm thinking of a drone, fpv maybe, can you tell me what the best options are for transmitter and receiver, digital or analogue, antenna combinations, goggle combinations, what rotor size and pitch for beginner, medium and expert as well as for video and stunt work, across the top 5 brands and their top 5 models.
      Also I've got $500 to spend on a hifi. I want something that can stream internet radio, cast from my phone, has great quality. I'm in the UK so I want DAB radio (high digital clear sounding), as well as FM, CD, optical and analogue inputs, 50 watts per channel. And be a media server too. Find me 5 options.
      And matching speakers too, by matching I mean I want a speaker sound that compliments the amplifier. I want a modern classic clean look, removable covers. Something girlfriend friendly, you know, it has to look stylish not plastic with stripes etc.
      Can you also help me out with a modern CCTV with video entry that syncs immediately with my phone, so there's no delay at all from any of the systems so I can speak to a package delivery guy?
      Obviously since it's been no real changes in the past 20 years and you know so much you'll have all the answers right away but I'll be nice and give you an hour. Ok?
      In the past 20 years tech growth has been huge. You might see evolutionary upgrades on a year by year basis. But if you don't follow that area every year for just 3-5 years then you'll be out of touch in a big way they will require hours of research.
      And so far no one has built a generic "customer assistance info system" which is easy to use.
      I'm guessing this will be a huge focus for the next level of web.
      Whoever comes out with this system will eat Google alive.
      Try finding "curtains, this colour, this style, this size". Google can't do it. So I can't make a purchase, the retailer doesn't get a sale.
      It took me days to find a HiFi system that can do everything which is also neat and stylish. It's the Marantz MCR 612, by the way. But it has a flaw. The sound is a quality sound but its a relaxing sound. It struggles to do high energy dance with a quick response thump. It slightly calms things. So I had to buy a used over version which has a slightly different sound setup. Marantz MCR 610. But it doesn't have Bluetooth, but it does have fabulous sound and I can cast to it in very high quality using BubblePnP app.
      Anyway. If someone reading this wants to become incredibly rich then please build a customer assistance system that finds what the customer wants. Clearly focus on finding what the customer wants. That's it. Because even Amazon doesn't do it.

    • MrSmartphoneGeek
      MrSmartphoneGeek 4 months ago +1

      @One Of Zero i'm not old lol, I was just saying that i find it hard to always keep up

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero 4 months ago

      ​@Martin W. Well first we have to be lucky enough to reach 88.😅

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero 4 months ago

      ​@MrSmartphoneGeek I am an old dog but I keep up just fine.
      I guess my soul is still young. 😜

  • The Robot Boogie
    The Robot Boogie 4 months ago +20

    Great to see genuine photo sensor improvements in smartphones.
    That bokeh looks great. What's the crop factor for that sensor?
    A full frame (small format) mirrorless camera can make background almost disappear into a wash of colour at F1.2 55mm or F2 85m..

    • The Robot Boogie
      The Robot Boogie 4 months ago

      @Luke Barker great answer thank you

    • Luke Barker
      Luke Barker 4 months ago +1

      Not sure exactly about this Xiaomi but I can work out the crop factor on my S22 Ultra's main camera (which has a slightly smaller sensor than the Xiaomi 12S Ultra) from the shooting details saved along with a photo. It shows a focal length of 6.4mm at f/1.8 aperture. Knowing that the angle of view is equivalent to 24mm on a full frame camera (confirmed from Samsung's own specs where they say the main camera is 24mm equivalent) you just need to do 24 / 6.4 = crop factor of 3.75. That might be off very slightly due to difference in aspect ratio of the sensors (a full frame camera is typically 3:2 but I believe the S22 Ultra is 4:3 like a Micro Four Thirds camera. And if you choose to shoot in 16:9 on the phone that would cause a further difference relative to full frame).
      I can then work out exactly what the depth of field would be equivalent to full frame: 3.75 * f/1.8 = f/6.75. For a phone camera that is actually impressive but definitely far off the f/1.4 you can get full frame 24mm lenses in. Only the native focal length of the camera is recorded along with a photo on the S22 Ultra - so say I was using the main camera but chose to zoom in to 50mm, this is digital zooming/cropping by 2.1x so I would have to remember that a photo I've taken with this level of zoom would actually be equivalent to 2.1 * 6.75 = f/14.18 at 50mm on a full frame camera.

  • Random Tech
    Random Tech 4 months ago +2

    ese guys are by far the best. I've never seen a review of a phone camera like that. succinct and precise with the necessary details. MKBHD, keep it up!

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson 4 months ago +1

    Absolutely dug this video. Happy to see the strides Xaomi is making. Question. Is tesla the apple of EVs? And after the EU lightning cable decision and Tesla's move to support non Teslas at superchargers, does that mean it is a bad thing? I mean it could be DisplayPort vs Thunderbolt 2 all over again... same port shape, WAY different capabilities. Thoughts?

  • shawman
    shawman 4 months ago

    I hope we see a phone with this sensor that is sold in NA. I doubt OnePlus will adopt it but I hope someone else does. Even if its an year late like Google using GN1 more than an year after initial release. I would love to see this on Pixel 8 pro.

  • vidIQ
    vidIQ 4 months ago +6297

    Looking forward to this going out in the first round of the blind camera test comp!

    • Human Being
      Human Being 4 months ago

      @Marques Brownlee Fancy getting a 1000 likes just for your crying icon! Dude you are a fucking legend!

    • Musicoterapia BGM
      Musicoterapia BGM 4 months ago


    • Lilbeargaming
      Lilbeargaming 4 months ago

      @Marques Brownlee Does it work on carriers in the usa i just got that one and the dbz realme gt neo 2 i got the 12s ultra because of you like every other phone ive gotten since you started Doing these videos lol thanks for making me obsessed

    • Drukpa Kelly
      Drukpa Kelly 4 months ago

      @Kristian Pomida mm p9pp

    • Abhishek Mukhopadhyay
      Abhishek Mukhopadhyay 4 months ago

      The new ROG phone for the win!!

  • Remon Malak
    Remon Malak 4 months ago +4

    okay taking those pictures of the plant on your roof with so much wind and getting these results (every single time) is so damn impressive, I don't think this phone's camera only beats Samsung if you know what I mean .

  • The Codfather
    The Codfather 4 months ago +137

    Nice to see this camera has a phone in it.

  • look at Mr. LipkisS
    look at Mr. LipkisS 4 months ago

    I love where Xiaomi is going but you know when a company grows big fast and is also comes down in no time. Hope Xiaomi doesn't lose its shit

  • TechSpaceCowboy
    TechSpaceCowboy 4 months ago +5

    This was the one of your best videos. I could really tell the energy you had for this product

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 4 months ago +945

    Haven't seen MKBHD this excited over a smartphone camera for some time now. Good job Xiaomi. There aren't many bad smartphone cameras these days, so having shutter confidence and noiseless low light shots, are top tier bonuses for me. One reason I swopped from a Samsung to a Pixel was because of how every Samsung phone I've used seems to be plagued by slow shutter - caused by the camera app itself, especially when lighting is causing the camera to constantly re-calibrate for whatever reason. (I know this because I used a third party camera app and that slowness wasn't there, so it's not the hardware).

    • Issa Alsaadi
      Issa Alsaadi 5 days ago

      @nk4j Question for you. Why isn't Sony using their own IMX989 sensor in their xperia phones? Exactly.. Sure give Sony credit where it's due but don't take away from Xiaomi's ability to bring forward a product

    • aiti_
      aiti_ 4 months ago

      @Dima Lgo FUN who told you that they have in app ads?
      Get your fact checked
      I have used their flagship from the last uear and mid ranged mi 11i hypercharge as well. There aren't any ads at all

    • nk4j
      nk4j 4 months ago

      @Jeames Wang it's not bad tbh, it's just ok tho.
      Source: I use XPERIA 1 ii. Clean Android, goood camera but not many software updates and not very fast.

    • Jeames Wang
      Jeames Wang 4 months ago

      @nk4j why sony has bad phone hhh

    • BLOPP
      BLOPP 4 months ago +1

      @Molalign Meagher shitty software is not even taking full advantage of sensors size

  • Clement Tong - The Everyday Boy 2 (Backup)

    Experienced both the Mi 10 and 11 Ultra. The camera setup is amazing, especially the telephoto for filming sport games (eg: sailing) and creates excellent compression. This is the camera setup I would want on an iPhone!

  • Birgit Krippner
    Birgit Krippner 4 months ago +1

    Excellent review, thank you Marques. I subscribed to your channel *) If the Xiaomi 12S Ultra would come to New Zealand, I am seriously considering changing from IOS to Android. I am a professional photographer and would love to get my hands on this device! Greetings from the South Island and keep up your great work!

    • Hickson
      Hickson 3 months ago


  • The Digital Lens
    The Digital Lens 4 months ago

    Great review. Xiaomi makes some really great devices but having used their mobiles previously, their OS still comes as a disappointment and falls behind Samsung and others. I hope they make this experience better starting from their new flagship device.

    • Tengku Elzafir Habsjah
      Tengku Elzafir Habsjah 4 months ago +1

      MIUI 13 is not half bad. I just got my 256GB Poco F4 with MIUI 13 based on Android 12... Granted, out of the box it's straight up nearly unusable for me. But after a day of tinkering on the settings (enabling Google Discover, full screen gesture navigation, double tap to wake and to sleep, alphabetical scroll bar, horizontal recent apps, uninstalling bloats like Mi Browser, hiding bloats that can't be uninstalled, disabling Control Center, disabling Game Turbo, disabling RAM extension, etc.) it now behaves 95% like a Pixel Experience ROM, which is 98% like a real Google Pixel phone. Plus it has OIS in the main camera, a 67W fast charging (like 35 minutes 5%-100%), crazy fast side mounted fingerprint reader, and a near flagship Snapdragon 870 5G processor and 8GB of RAM. All that for $385? That's a bargain if I ever see one.

  • TurboBass
    TurboBass 4 months ago

    The zoom issue is present with my old S10 and my S22 Ultra. Switching between lenses automatically depending on the shot results in the subject suddenly moving as a different lens is accessed.
    I really hate it.

  • Koushik Debbarma
    Koushik Debbarma 4 months ago +1445

    Unlike OnePlus with their Hasselblad venture, Xiaomi, with Leica actually made something worthy of praise.

    • Hari
      Hari 14 days ago

      @noger boher Hasselblad: Great!
      Hasselblad+ Oneplus collab : Crap
      That is all there is to it.

    • noger boher
      noger boher 14 days ago

      @Hari Well I don't know much about it ''failing miserably'' or not, I'm just here to debunk the whole ''Hasselblad+OP BAD Leica+XM GOOD!!!11'' simpleton nonsense. These are the same people who have Apple phones, support Biden and drink starbucks. (And I'm not even American!)

    • Hari
      Hari 14 days ago

      @noger boher Well, the "whole point" failed miserably. Samsung and Pixel phones did much better overall including in colour science/correction (without any collaborations)and so did the Xiaomi collaboration with the so called "Hipster company ".
      The argument was never about the history and tradition of Hasselblad or Leica as standalone camera companies but about Colloborations to which they lend their name to ....
      Plain and simple

    • noger boher
      noger boher 14 days ago

      @Hari Well, in photography world, Leica is a hipster joke, while PhaseOne and Hasselblad lead the very top of the pyramid of the entire photography industry. Hasselblad and Voigtlander are the two oldest companies in the photography world, closely followed by Zeiss. This trio has lead the entire industry for over a century. Voigtlander in specific, has been around for 300 or more than 300 years! They have been around since early 1700's and along with Hasselblad they are the most respected two names in the industry. PhaseOne is on the same level as Hasselblad but they joined the industry only recently, in the 1990's.
      The whole point of Hasselblad+OP collaboration was to promote Hasselblad software for color correction. That's it.

    • Hari
      Hari 14 days ago

      @noger boher That is all well and good. However, at the end of the day the final product is that counts. In all fairness, Oneplus-Hasselblad collaboration was a gimmick and Xiaomi-Leica collaboration was not. Even the Hasselblad software and color tunings did not do much.
      No company worth its salt should enter into a collaboration that does not do justice to their talent and expertise. Hasselblad had absolutely no reason to put their name on the comparatively sub par Oneplus phones just because of some so called "color science " and software extras

  • D Gupta
    D Gupta 3 months ago

    This sensor needs a variable aperture, for control of depth of field and light intake. f/1.9 is great, but ability to change aperture to f/4 or even f/8 on this sensor can make it a proper pro camera in a phone.
    I would like a different design without such a large lens cover at the back. Perhaps a pixel like camera bar to accomodate the height needed for optics on the large sensor.

  • andban92
    andban92 Month ago +1

    I still have xiaomi mi 10 ultra and it's still great phone.
    Camera is insanely good.
    I might wait for next update from Xiaomi.
    I'm really currious what will they slap for 13 series.
    Also,to be honrest, 12s ultra design vise doesn't really match my taste.

  • Taraxa
    Taraxa Month ago

    So after editing a lot of smartphone pictures, aps-c pictures and full frame pictures ,i can tell you: unless they integrate an aps-c type sensor into phones the changes wont be much remarkable, you wont get much more, your photos will still only cover 40-50% sharpness from the focused object, and it wont really enable you to make good smartphone pictures that are used on bigger printing formats or as background pictures for bigger inch TVs. As most aps-c type cameras still heavily fail on over/underexposed pictures, this 1° camera wont really give you more possibilities. This is a doge.

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov Month ago

    It gets to a point where I think it'd be better to have an absolute monster of a performance phone like the MSI flagship, and having a DJI Pocket 3 for better camera functionality than any phone is likely to produce in the next 10 years.

  • Creativepic NL
    Creativepic NL 4 months ago +744

    From a photographer perspective this phone is a beast! Ben from Ben’s review did a side by side compare and it’s capabilities are quite remarkable. Performance wise it feels like its up there with all of the other brands. I don’t really get why the color profiles change that much when switching cameras. Other than that: highly impressed. The bokeh with the sharpness is so nice! Nothing beats optical rollout!

    • Tom Hermans
      Tom Hermans 22 days ago

      @Agent K Vero app, problem solved.

    • Creativepic NL
      Creativepic NL 2 months ago +2

      @omni rhythm I agree. Pretty aggressive but it’s the comment section. You can expect that. 🤷🏾

    • omni rhythm
      omni rhythm 2 months ago +2

      @Creativepic NL People tend to have these weird dichotomies as if it's the end of the world and they have to pick either-or. Plus this person must not realize that some world class street pros use compacts like the Ricoh GR II :)

    • Creativepic NL
      Creativepic NL 2 months ago

      @FloatingRabbit And that’s fine. Never said it was on the same level? I still think it’s a nice progression. I also use both and that is for a reason. :)

    • FloatingRabbit
      FloatingRabbit 2 months ago

      From a photographer perspective with a crop and full frame camera I fully disagree with you. It is still but a tiny child in the big leagues.

  • Martin Lopez
    Martin Lopez Month ago

    Great video though, my question is if this phone works well with carriers in the us

  • K onliner
    K onliner 4 months ago

    Love how detailed your reviews are.

  • brawales
    brawales 4 months ago

    I've been using Xiaomi since 2015 and I love it.

  • Evan Lindy
    Evan Lindy 4 months ago +1

    Love these videos bro! Super entertaining and informative! Curious why don’t you do camera reviews?

  • Wasib K
    Wasib K 4 months ago +1

    @Marques, I couldn't agree more on hating the curved screens! I wish we could convince the phone manufacturers to create 1440p 120 hz flat displays :(

  • Pardhu B
    Pardhu B 4 months ago

    Well! Now Samsung has tough competition. I always love Samsung's color accuracy. Hope they do better job here. Looking forward for it.

  • unsaved
    unsaved 4 months ago +5

    @8:57 this exact thing also happens on my Google Pixel 6. And it's annoying as hell. My suspicion was also that it could come from the stabilisation the phone is doing internally, where the frame gets shifted around in order to get the smoothest result. Meanwhile it just ruins any framing you're doing. This just needs to be fixed asap!

  • Blaze Call
    Blaze Call 4 months ago

    I just decided to try out the zoom while recording on my pixel 6 pro, and it does the exact same thing! it's showing me a zoomed in version of the normal sensor in the view finder, and then using the telephoto for the final shot. the view is way closer than this phone, so it barely moves, but depending on how far my subject is, it's enough to ruin the framing.

  • cable kibble
    cable kibble 4 months ago +206

    8:05 Watching a camera recording a camera recording a camera recording a cityscape truly gave me the MKBHD experience.

  • Mason Onemine
    Mason Onemine 2 months ago +3

    The zoom problem as you said, its not that the View finder does not switch lenses but it has more to do with the electronic stabilization, the Stabilization is cropping into the frame at a different angle on the View finder versus what you actually get in the recording which is a super weird bug, weirder than what you thought is happening.

    • Leander Berg
      Leander Berg Month ago

      Yeah, wondered the same thing. The lenses are an inch apart. The difference in framing can't be more than an inch, certainly not a whole plane vanishing with that offset.

  • Captain JJ
    Captain JJ Month ago

    I think (for simple non-tech people like me) the dead-center and edge-of-frame selfie test with semi-extended arm is the ultimate phone camera worthiness test: you can tell if the lens are made from overkilled multi-layered stack of garbage plastic (to make it dense), or a minimally layered high density crystal. Our own face are super familiar to us and we have the experience to judge how funny we look through any distorted reflection surfaces in life. Having given up after taking a few ugly selfies in the old days with cheap phones I was surprised to see how good I look when an officer took my mug shot with an iPhone - I was blown away! After which I got interested in lens materials in phones, grid distortion tests, movie lenses, photo de-bulging softwares (due to cheap lenses), etc and that's how I know. So yeah... point is, the selfie test before buying.

  • Daniel Palma
    Daniel Palma 4 months ago +1

    I really liked that review (as always, tbh) and I think that all is about the camera however, on this kind of phone, where they try to compite with the top guys, I miss some extra analysis. I mean, besides the specs on paper, how the phone performs? How is battery life? Is the whole packet worth the money or is it better purchate that the Samsungs Ultra?

  • Doctor Nemmo
    Doctor Nemmo 4 months ago

    This is quite impressive. Xiaomi is filling the niche Huawei left in our hearts.

  • Lorenzo Franchini
    Lorenzo Franchini 4 months ago +363

    I got to a point where I just watch Marques' videos even if I'm not interested in the subject. His vibe and the way he talks about things are so enjoyable and comforting that I always hope there's a new video every time I have my lunch break :)

    • Human Being
      Human Being 4 months ago +5

      @Lorenzo Franchini AFUCKINGMEN DUDE! IKR!!!!

  • Oil Bama
    Oil Bama 2 months ago +3

    Love your style. No screeming no strange dramatic voice. Just a normal smart man.

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson 20 days ago

    Excited to see what Sony does with this sensor on the next gen Experia 1

  • Another perspective
    Another perspective 20 days ago

    I love that MB was using the phone and found ways to make it better.. He is a genius. Y'all should know if you don't already

  • Anon George
    Anon George 4 months ago

    The bug mentioned about the telephoto camera may not be a bug. It may the telephoto camera doing optical image stabilization which moves the lens slower than the actual movement to remove the shakes.
    It happened with One Plus 8 pro when we recorded video by moving to one direction faster.

  • McDonald Adjaka
    McDonald Adjaka 4 months ago +1

    The way you talk about things are just so refreshing. 😂 Always feels so good watching your videos.

  • Amax Tech
    Amax Tech 4 months ago

    Good phone, hopefully they make in panel camera display. 👍

  • Helmer Mussell
    Helmer Mussell Month ago

    Love your videos Maques. However, that's the double edge sword of a large sensor ... shallow depth of field .....good at blurring the background. At the cost of not being able to things in focus that are not equadistant from the lens when that is your goal. It's not the fault of the camera if it can't keep the object in focus if it is not planar to the lens. It's just a fearure of optical science.

  • Exum
    Exum 4 months ago

    I've tried 5 different phones the past few months and one of the cheaper ones, Xiaomei, was the best of the bunch, incredible bang for buck

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday 4 months ago +2230

    They missed an opportunity to call this the “Cyclops” instead of the “12S Ultra” 👁

    • Yagu Tensho
      Yagu Tensho 4 months ago


    • Celph Taut
      Celph Taut 4 months ago

      Or to have an all-yellow "Minion" edition to do a tie-in promotion with the new Despicable Me movie in theatres.

    • HJL1130
      HJL1130 4 months ago

      That would be a terrible name for a product.

    • freqtion
      freqtion 4 months ago +1

      @Jon Collinson ahh one eye 👁️

    • Peter
      Peter 4 months ago

      They should call it the "12S Chocolate Rain"

  • Cape rider
    Cape rider 23 days ago

    Post image processing by camera is a subjective thing. To really compare two hardwares, one should compare RAW images and see how far one can tweak and then see the quality.

  • Puerto Rock
    Puerto Rock 4 months ago

    I love xiaomi phones. Wish they would make one that supports all lte and 5g bands for the US.

  • Ahmad Muraish
    Ahmad Muraish Month ago

    I have some questions for the legend @Marques...
    Are cellphones actually worth this amount of money?
    Do you guys not remember Nokia phone prices back in the good ol days?
    Prices started to sky rocket after certain people started just buying a phone because its more expensive that his friends phone etc
    People just started buying expensive but are these phones actually worth this amount of money.... manufacturing, engineering, parts etc...
    I normaly aim for 150-300 usd prices, I know what I need from a phone and I dont like investing in something that I will change every so often.

  • Ese O.
    Ese O. 4 months ago

    @Marques Brownlee - Did you run this phone with a SIM? If so, how was the cell coverage for this phone? What network (if any) did you tie it to? Looking to possibly splurge on this but will be running on TMO in Cali so not sure if it's worth it.

  • Kizu
    Kizu 4 months ago +356

    This phone's camera is insane but I just wish that the color quality was a bit more natural and less saturated in certain lighting. But I do hope that this helps push the camera game for other smartphones to use a similar formula and improve upon it

    • Indigo Foxx
      Indigo Foxx 4 months ago

      Why does this have so many likes...
      Do people even listen to the videos?
      You can change color grading and it shoots in RAW.

    • Superfingers
      Superfingers 4 months ago

      That is how dslr colors look too. still we take it as great pictures

    • kunal pahuja
      kunal pahuja 4 months ago

      @OXIR yes? Tf.

    • OXIR
      OXIR 4 months ago

      @kunal pahuja well that's true but it's not the point because you can say the same thing for literally every phone. Saturated? Turn the saturation a bit down. Washed out? Increase the vibrance and contrast.

    • sCreamZ3r0
      sCreamZ3r0 4 months ago +1

      Xiaomi users put Gcam... Or other camera software custom ROM to get better software and camera...

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    Bobby Booker 4 months ago

    I'm looking forward to this one! The laptop cam feature will really help when I'm teaching my remote students.

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    Fish Barbeque 4 months ago

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    btw, that phone is just amazing, I can tell you luv!! it.

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    Chrome Rims 4 months ago

    So smooth. So polished. So rich in detail. And the device ain't bad either. Thank you.

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    Rob Archer 4 months ago

    The photo of the arch, I was really impressed by the 12s ultra, looked really nice

  • Eleven Plays
    Eleven Plays 4 months ago

    Avid Sony boy here. Damn. The quality of those snaps are very similar to an RX100 M3 to my eyes.
    But hey, it's very nice to see how fast Xiaomi is catching up with Samsung's phones.
    Pretty sure Samsung is getting nervous. 😂

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee 4 months ago

    Great to see xiaomi finally getting it’s deserved respect

  • Teddy Nielsen
    Teddy Nielsen 4 months ago

    I remember seeing an Apple patent that looked like this. I guess Xiaomi saw that too and decided to beat Apple to the punch.

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    Kiran Dilraj 4 months ago +1

    Reminds me of the Samsung M8800 (2008)... the awe when I use to take it out😲... fun times 😎

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes 4 months ago +448

    Thinking back to the Lumia with the huge camera! I remember when everyone was crazy talking about it

    • Ed
      Ed 4 months ago +1

      Lumia was great, quite large sensor for the time, great real zoom, true optical stabilization and it did exposure averaging resulting in good 5MP photos in low light. Battery was weak and cou power

    • ANIL xTR
      ANIL xTR 4 months ago

      @Pasi123 me too man

    • Pasi123
      Pasi123 4 months ago +1

      I still use Lumia 1020 and Nokia N8 as cameras. Sadly I don't have a Nokia 808 yet, it was my dream phone back in 2012 (I was using a Nokia N97 at the time).

    • ANIL xTR
      ANIL xTR 4 months ago

      @Rafi yeah superb!

    • Jeremy G
      Jeremy G 4 months ago +5

      @Sandi Hermana The lumia 1020 camera sensor was around 60mm², which was about 4 times the size than the 15mm² and 17mm² of the contemporary iPhone and Galaxy device.. This Mi Ultra camera is definitely not 4 times the size of this generations iPhone / Galaxy.

  • DXingIndia
    DXingIndia 17 days ago

    Zoom issue is also present in Samsung s20 Fe, it will switch to telephoto lens but view is on main camera, i also once tried to shoot a aroplane and I'm shocked to see empty sky for total 40sec

  • Jay Bugatti
    Jay Bugatti 4 months ago

    Really awesome video. I can't help but to think what it would be like if Apple or Google got their hands on this type of hardware. It would be incredible to have that type of sensor on an iphone or pixel. It gives me goosebumps.

  • Bloom0to9
    Bloom0to9 7 days ago

    I'm a proud Xiaomi phone user and can only see myself buying Xiaomi for the near future

  • Musaeb Shaikh
    Musaeb Shaikh 4 months ago

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    Sverre Årnes 4 months ago

    I just bought a Sony Xperia 1 IV, and I have decided to love it. Then I start watching this ... my stomach sank, and then I just got happy to see that the Xiamo 12S Ultra still is a part of this world! What Marwues did not mention, was how to handle it.

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    Ebubechi Michael 4 months ago +1

    I really love the design. It's up there for me with the likes of Samsung S21 Ultra.

  • Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava

    The World's best! Indeed. Absolutely amazing!

  • Luca
    Luca 3 months ago

    Can anybody tell me why Xiaomi did not have a 108MP lens for their main camera in that module?
    S22 did, Redmi Note 11 series did, POCO and VIVO did in their top phones, iPhone has ever had only up to 12MP but I do not know why… 😥

  • Kizzy SoKizzy
    Kizzy SoKizzy 4 months ago +199

    I went from a Samsung Note 8 to a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. It was by far my favorite android phone I have had. I currently have a Google Pixel 6 Pro, and I still can say that Xiaomi was my favorite phone. So much for so less compared to price points of other phones. Many bells an whistles. I HATE that there is no real official US carrier (T- Mobile/AT&T) that will support 5G on the bands they have. I only retired my Xiaomi phone because it was only working at the time on a 4G/4G LTE band that the carrier was no longer supporting. I envy the international market. They make amazing phones!

    • Kizzy SoKizzy
      Kizzy SoKizzy 4 months ago

      @Svelte I was a lil hesitant at first. If you are a heavy user of the Spen, then you may miss it, giving that up with another phone. But for me it was a seamless transition to use a phone without one. I used other perks on the Xiaomi phone more than I was using my Spen

    • Svelte
      Svelte 4 months ago +1

      i have a note 8 and am looking to upgrade. whats your opinion on losing the Spen?

    • Kizzy SoKizzy
      Kizzy SoKizzy 4 months ago

      @Rat Saingiy រ៉ាតសាំងអុី it was very loud and clear. Definitely better than my Pixel 6 pro speakers. It felt like a full sound. Believe the placement of the speakers is what gives it that full sound.

    • Rat Saingiy រ៉ាតសាំងអុី
      Rat Saingiy រ៉ាតសាំងអុី 4 months ago +1

      Mate what do u think about mi10pro's speaker?

    • Jerry Wu
      Jerry Wu 4 months ago +1

      @Neinvenator Ah ok that would explain...I'm using one of those ultra-affordable 4g only plans so I wouldn't know haha

    ISHANISM 4 months ago

    i love this design 😍😍😍

  • Cød3n
    Cød3n 16 days ago

    Would i be a crazy to print 24x24inch prints from the mi 12s ultra rather than use a full frame camera like Sony a7r ii? would the sony be much better quality at that size?

  • Emil
    Emil Month ago

    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the Xperia Pro I. They would need to be compared since both have 1" sensors.

  • CBV
    CBV 4 months ago

    I love my Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra. I can't wait to get this one! I live in the USA btw 😌

  • Jarret O'Shea
    Jarret O'Shea 4 months ago +162

    Re: not getting everything in focus when you're up close. Strange to me that there haven't been any attempts (to my knowledge) of adding a kind of automatic focus-stacking feature. Many cameras have an assisted mode for this already, and with all the money being spent on computational photography I would think this would be an area of interest. Maybe there just haven't been enough phone cameras that had hardware that was really capable of shallow DOF.

    • Robbie Franklin
      Robbie Franklin 4 months ago

      I love this idea. The Pixel does this with the "unblur face" feature and the feature where you can pick the group shot with the most people smiling/eyes open. Other companies should be able to use that type of stitching together rapidly taken photos to make an unnaturally long depth of field I'd think

    • Pixels
      Pixels 4 months ago

      That's why the Sony Xperia Pro-I has a variable aperture. Samsung did it in the past too but it was a gimmick as sensor sizes were still tiny (1/2.55) at that time.

    • David Hill
      David Hill 4 months ago

      @Carl Gunderson I think all of the S9/Note9 and S10/Note10 series had variable aperture. Also the Nokia N86 from way back in the day!

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky 4 months ago

      @v3xman nope. Not Samsung. Xperia is still doing it

    • Manjinder Singh Saini
      Manjinder Singh Saini 4 months ago +1

      @David Hill lol barcode scanning is torture on these high MP cameras, but I always use 2x or 5x zoom and it turns out super sharp cuz of high megapixel count S20 FE

  • 瑋翔 sean
    瑋翔 sean 4 months ago +5

    So I have a question, when sony released the experia pro I, which is also a 1 inch sensor built-in, there's no one talking about it ,but when xiaomi releases this 1 inch sensor phone, almost all media are talking about this phone😅 Why?

    • 瑋翔 sean
      瑋翔 sean 4 months ago

      @Bro Split I see , thanks for the reply

    • Bro Split
      Bro Split 4 months ago +1

      @瑋翔 sean no, 12 ultra is hyped not just because the big sensor BUT the first to use NEWEST sony's big sensor. Even sony phones didnt use it as of now.

    • 瑋翔 sean
      瑋翔 sean 4 months ago

      @Bro Split yeah, but still not as hype as the mi 12 ultra

    • Bro Split
      Bro Split 4 months ago


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    sol 4 months ago +1

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    flying Aviator815 4 months ago

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    jimmy James 4 months ago

    Great review 👌 👍 💯. That's what I wanted to see a real depth camera 📷 review. Can you purchase this thing with Google pre installed apps if in the states?? Keep the good work

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    Ashlord 4 months ago +63

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    joytekb 3 months ago

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    mkoncep 4 months ago

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    Cuentanos como haces tus videos; que equipos utilizas o recomiendas Gracias

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    Mark_dj86 4 months ago

    That pricepoint is insane compared to the Sony Xperia Pro-I, almost half price! You would really have to be a big fan of Sony to justify buying their phone now...

  • Cyril John
    Cyril John 2 months ago

    Xiaomi definitely needs to work on the software part, way too many bugs and very less resolution.

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma 4 months ago +80

    8:59 I think what happened here is the 'Stabilization Cropping'
    When we zoomed in too much, the video shakiness increases exponentially. To mitigate that, I think the software cropped portion of the original video (where you had the plane in focus) and stabilised the cropped part by fixating it to still object in the image (here, the clouds) which eventually resulted in you losing the plane from the footage. Ideally, the software should've kept the plane in frame and should've tried to stable things around it. But maybe it didn't work here.
    If I remember correctly this kind of process is used in many video editing softwares that feature video stabilization. Even Google photos offers something like this.
    I could be completely wrong with this. But it was cool to think about it.

    • You 2be
      You 2be 4 months ago

      @Faiz Mansuri That's what I was also thinking, the stabilization crop is usually (always?) done at the edges, so if he really had the airplane framed in the middle of the viewfinder the whole time, I can only assume they need properly frame the seamless zoom between the different sensors because it doesn't seem right the way it's working.

    • OXIR
      OXIR 4 months ago

      @Faiz Mansuri yes you're right. It must be EIS then.

    • Faiz Mansuri
      Faiz Mansuri 4 months ago +1

      @OXIR yes , see when the color shifts when he hits 4.9x

    • OXIR
      OXIR 4 months ago

      @Faiz Mansuri yes but did we see a colour shift when after he started taking video?

    • Faiz Mansuri
      Faiz Mansuri 4 months ago +1

      @OXIR that couldn't be case as the color shifts when it hits the 5x mark , if i may guess it would be that the telescopic lens uses its ois to match the frame of the main lens and keep it a bit to the left with the help of ois.

  • DaniSh
    DaniSh 4 months ago

    "Thanks for watching, catch you guys in the next one. Peace." 🔥
    I love your signature outro line man, never change it. ✌️

  • Yourasa121
    Yourasa121 4 months ago

    The Quality Assurance team for this camera from Xiaomi corporation should watch this video. They need to do a lot of test to assure the quality is stable and the same all the time.

  • José Tuch
    José Tuch 4 months ago

    This issue with zooming in while recording video also happened on the OnePlus 9 Pro and even 1 year after that phone came out, they still havent fixed it.

  • Vandal42
    Vandal42 4 months ago

    This made me think of my old Nokia 1020 - the 920 &1020 I LOVED. Such a fun UI - miss it

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    Always love this channel since 7 years ago. ☕👍. Greetings from Indonesia 🇮🇩

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  • thatoneguy1821
    thatoneguy1821 4 months ago

    Another thing that took a massive hit was the look of the phone… man, I miss how phones looked when there was only a single lens