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Rating Strangers Shots (Crazy Fail compilation) 😭🏀

  • Published on Mar 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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    KT DUBS 2 months ago +407514

    Turns out people don't like it when you throw a basketball at them.

  • BassCastOutdoors
    BassCastOutdoors 2 days ago +1361

    That officer looked like she was about to track down the whole a$$ Madagascar crew.

  • Birdie
    Birdie 3 days ago +321

    the legend says that the police arrested him

  • paul javier
    paul javier 2 months ago +45180

    Bro had the audacity to throw a basketball at a police guard

    • SgtShella
      SgtShella 2 months ago +1192

      be glad not getting charge for assault with weapon

    • Darwin Nicodemius Waterson III
      Darwin Nicodemius Waterson III 2 months ago +571

      @SgtShella a basket ball is not a weapon, and tossing is not assault

    • angel subliminals
      angel subliminals 2 months ago +1105

      @Darwin Nicodemius Waterson III bro i’m not sure what americans think these days

    • Wolfie_The_HelluvaBossFan
      Wolfie_The_HelluvaBossFan 2 months ago +155

      @angel subliminals you mean American police officers?

  • Jonah Haren
    Jonah Haren 15 hours ago +33

    The guys in the business suits are always chill for real

  • Shark Wekk283
    Shark Wekk283 2 days ago +191

    Not everybody wants a basketball thrown at them, you mess with the wrong person and you’ll be on every single TV channel. Even North Korea will have it up

    • Xxiiunknownxx678
      Xxiiunknownxx678 Day ago +3

      Yeah tbh they throw in it little aggressive to

    • omgzed
      omgzed 21 hour ago +2

      bruh ain't nobody gonna get violent over a basketball lmao

    • Ryan Olsen
      Ryan Olsen 18 hours ago +1

      @omgzed u don’t know who ur messing with

    • omgzed
      omgzed 15 hours ago +2

      @Ryan Olsen if someone wants to shoot me for passing em a basketball they gonna shoot someone anyways lmao

    • 404 Error Not Found
      404 Error Not Found 12 hours ago +1

      I promise you if someone throws that basketball at me aggressively like that with a camrea in my face they're gonna take that ball to the head.

  • Revision Zero
    Revision Zero 2 months ago +42437

    Imagine just minding your business, going about your day and some dudes with a camera throw a basketball at you lol

    • Sam -
      Sam - 2 months ago +1362

      Would be fun, hyping that shit up hahah

    • Definitely Disappointed
      Definitely Disappointed 2 months ago +987

      Ik, like that poor guy just walking to work. Idk where content went this far down the drain.

    • Mae Snow
      Mae Snow 2 months ago +947

      Exactly 😂 I would be so embarrassed and be thinking about it all day. What a way to ruin someone’s day

    • Nananake
      Nananake 2 months ago +389

      ​@Mae Snow people having fun ruins your day? That's really sad

  • Zegna
    Zegna 3 days ago +15

    When life gives you ball, be a baller .

  • moldybreadReborn
    moldybreadReborn 14 hours ago +35

    Bro has the balls to throw a solid and heavy object on random people he'd never met before and not get thrown into the slammer.

    • Rx Percules
      Rx Percules 2 hours ago +1

      Heavy 💀

    • Melo
      Melo Hour ago

      Mfs is not going to get hurt, injured, or traumatized by a ball, calm down😂

    • Pixel Zebra
      Pixel Zebra 44 minutes ago

      Bro has the balls 🏀 🏀

  • Madalyn Darlene
    Madalyn Darlene 2 months ago +71133

    bruh annoyed all them people and then when someone won he threw water all over them as a reward💀
    edit- damn comments mad as hell😭🤚 y’all chill ain’t that serious

    • Chyann Leng
      Chyann Leng 2 months ago +905

      Idc I wouldn't mind as long as he left me alone afterwards. I made a much longer shot without looking ant had no idea why everyone was cheering until they told me 😂

    • mega leather1957
      mega leather1957 2 months ago +235

      @Chyann Leng Oh lmao i was confused when i read ur comment

    • Chyann Leng
      Chyann Leng 2 months ago +57

      @mega leather1957 yeah auto correct did 💯 not me and than when I realized my comment disappeared 😂

    • ricardoeflavia100
      ricardoeflavia100 2 months ago +46

      Era melhor não ter acertado mesmo! Kkkkk

  • NotoriousBax
    NotoriousBax Day ago +29

    It’s great how society just doesn’t know when to stop annoying people in the streets!

  • Rhys coleman
    Rhys coleman 3 days ago +112

    At this point it can be called harassment because he is just throwing balls at people and expecting them to do something.

    • J2smovee
      J2smovee 2 days ago +7


    • Rhys coleman
      Rhys coleman 2 days ago +3


    • J2smovee
      J2smovee 2 days ago +9

      @Rhys coleman dude you gotta start going outside in the real world. I'm telling you there's more to life than being chronically online.

    • Reaper FX
      Reaper FX 2 days ago +6

      People are so damn frustrated today, too. And you are one of them.

    • Puppy Gank
      Puppy Gank 2 days ago +6

      ​​​@J2smoveegirl someone could have got injured,did u see that blone guy just casually walking to work if he didnt dodge the ball it will slam straight into his face his glass would be shattered and he would literally go blind.If u go outside that much u should know the law it's literally harrassment,some people are introvert or they just minding their own bussiness u cant expect ppl t catch that shi

  • Donald Iro
    Donald Iro Month ago +9177

    Imagine just getting fired from your job and one random dude throws a basketball at you

    • Sadia Subah
      Sadia Subah Month ago +114

      They would think they are mocking

    • lolololol
      lolololol Month ago +71

      Puncture his basketball
      (Atleast in my intrusive thoughts 💭)

    • Marcelo Pigmeu
      Marcelo Pigmeu Month ago +34

      Imagine não descontar seus problemas e decepções em outras peçoas 😏😏

    • Brett Shannon
      Brett Shannon Month ago +73

      It's a pass lol. No need to be a weenie. I just can't see a perspective thinking it would be someone treating me like shit.. I know it's a fail comp, but kinda sucks remembering society forgets how to just play.

    • Babatunde Elizabeth
      Babatunde Elizabeth Month ago +1


  • Norisuke IV
    Norisuke IV Day ago +6

    bro is just walking around harassing people💀😭

  • Chill Music
    Chill Music Day ago +3

    Bro checked my patience level damn

  • Richard Ashendale
    Richard Ashendale Month ago +6891

    If only the Asian businessman had made the shot... my god. He was so smooth.

    • Ajani lynx23
      Ajani lynx23 Month ago +35


    • Kaitlin Rose
      Kaitlin Rose Month ago +193

      Shoulda got a 10/10 for smoothness

    • niall murphy
      niall murphy Month ago +67

      Basketball is huge in Asia after studying that’s what teens spend most time doing.

    • SuperNova
      SuperNova Month ago +19


  • Claude Montezin
    Claude Montezin 4 days ago +2

    That was so much fun! So glad the last dude got the 3 points!

  • JACK78
    JACK78  3 days ago +14

    Bro, he’s just out here assaulting people with a ball 🏀 😂😂😂

    • pecospickle
      pecospickle 2 days ago

      i’m sorry, assaulting?

    • TheAverageMan
      TheAverageMan 2 days ago +2

      ​@pecospickle Correct.

    • JACK78
      JACK78  2 days ago +1

      @pecospickle hitting or tapping someone with no permission from the person is assault

    • jayyyylon
      jayyyylon Day ago

      @JACK78 you act like they are darting the ball at them, literally just dodge the ball if you dont wanna shoot it

    • JACK78
      JACK78  Day ago +1

      @jayyyylon can you calm down? It was just a typo bro

  • Dunc
    Dunc Month ago +5980

    You didn't have to do the suit guy like that, he at least took the shot. He deserves more than just a grimacing emoji

    • SoupaMage
      SoupaMage Month ago +15

      That’s school uniform

    • Bimbo Odekunle
      Bimbo Odekunle Month ago +12

      @SoupaMage that’s what I’m thinking? Is this the UK?

    • W3lcom3
      W3lcom3 Month ago +6

      Not to mention he threw it under handed

    • Jay C
      Jay C Month ago

      It woulda been funny if he fell

  • vsushxuxh
    vsushxuxh 14 hours ago +1

    the person carrying the basket was the real legend

  • ~st4rsz~
    ~st4rsz~ Month ago +3603

    bro really thinks throwing basketball to strangers on a busy road was a good idea-💀🌚

    • Thami Nyawo
      Thami Nyawo Month ago +3


    • Kevin Ngaleu
      Kevin Ngaleu Month ago +5

      For real!This is insane af!

    • xFistedWaffle
      xFistedWaffle Month ago +8

      most australians dont tolerate/like that "prank" culture

    • Liu
      Liu Month ago +3

      ​@xFistedWaffle this isn't even a prank tho

  • ちせ
    ちせ 3 days ago +3


  • Danny Spooner
    Danny Spooner 4 days ago +1

    That dude who kicked the ball in the air, give him an A for effort lol

  • Lotl_Axolotl
    Lotl_Axolotl Month ago +4407

    Man had the balls to throw that basketball at the police 💀💀💀

    • Kane Timothy
      Kane Timothy Month ago +53

      Jesus loves us and died for us
      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 ✝💖
      For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24 ✝🌅

    • LightningShuriken
      LightningShuriken Month ago +50

      Thr lady was pressed af

    • Caroline
      Caroline Month ago +28

      Americans could never

    • DopeyPotato
      DopeyPotato Month ago +42

      Ye this will be Australia, we don't shoot people for throwing basketballs...not usually anyway

  • Ekins99
    Ekins99 3 days ago

    ❤Already obsessed with this, how is every song you make a banger?!?!

  • The V's
    The V's 4 days ago +1

    my dudes rlly didn't want to try 😩🤣😭

  • Cyril B
    Cyril B Month ago +4241

    The world wasn't ready for that Asian guy in a suit to make the basket, the catch was already so clean

    • Shadow Bighead
      Shadow Bighead Month ago +80

      See now if he made that, it would’ve been so cool

    • Fun Wire
      Fun Wire Month ago +12

      Bts fan girl spotted

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget Month ago +47

      ​@Fun Wire what?

    • hwang hyunjin
      hwang hyunjin Month ago +54

      ​​@Fun Wire bro wtf 💀

    • EmmyKay
      EmmyKay Month ago +55

      @Fun Wire just cuz he’s Asian that’s kinda racist😅

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 6 hours ago

    Whoa, what a man! Strength and precision both.

  • ok
    ok Month ago +6862

    Imagine finally getting a break after a stressful day and some mfs start throwing balls at you ☠️

    • C2 Wavy Gaming
      C2 Wavy Gaming Month ago +220

      life of an onlyfans star

    • Aiden Rivas
      Aiden Rivas Month ago +135

      it ain't that deep😭

    • ok
      ok Month ago +35

      @C2 Wavy Gaming nahh g 😭

    • ok
      ok Month ago +52

      @Aiden Rivas it honestly is

    • ShayDe
      ShayDe Month ago +130

      This would brighten my day
      I wasn’t bothered much, and people offered me a challenge in a playful manner
      Honestly yall would get upset if a puppy came up to you and tried to lick and cuddle you, you’re miserable people

  • ebeEigo
    ebeEigo 14 hours ago

    Couldn’t have been me … “I’d be like yo let me another one 😂😂” shooting allday

  • tamyra barrow
    tamyra barrow 4 days ago +1

    I’d be the idiot to get hit in the face with the basketball 😂😂

  • S A
    S A Month ago +1293

    Bro was lucky that police officer was having a good day 💀

    • Masstronaut
      Masstronaut Month ago +44

      Definitely not American cops. They’d have pulled on him real quick

    • BlickiMinaj
      BlickiMinaj Month ago +3

      @Masstronaut idk why I laughed at this 😂

      UPDATEZ Month ago


    • Dr.Falcon
      Dr.Falcon Month ago +5

      @Masstronaut I think you'd be surprised Ik several cops who if approached by a group of younger guys and a basketball goal who'd actually play LOL so don't assume they're all bad.

    • Angel
      Angel Month ago

      Yeopp, that could be assault

  • Noel Goveo
    Noel Goveo 14 hours ago

    Damn. Cool things happen to those who deserve it the least.

  • Sleep
    Sleep 14 hours ago

    Man has balls of steel doing it to a police officer

  • Wrlwind
    Wrlwind Month ago +3954

    "your honour I wasn't being a public nuisance I was just filming a Clip-Share short"

    • Anfal Ayub
      Anfal Ayub Month ago +16

      The one with suits were nice😂😂😂

    • JCYT
      JCYT Month ago

      it’s honor, stupid A55 (cant reply)

    • welcome to the SWAG cave
      welcome to the SWAG cave Month ago +1

      Public nuisance? 😂😂😂

    • Anthony Macias
      Anthony Macias Month ago +4

      If you get arrested for this its time to move to a new country

  • Mickey Merrigan
    Mickey Merrigan Day ago

    Love the confidence of some people 😂

  • Aria Valencia
    Aria Valencia 2 days ago +2

    It's amazing to see the genuine happiness between the last guy and the other person. Witnessing people's joy, including your own, is truly wonderful. ❤️

  • Noctemys
    Noctemys Month ago +4058

    bro is the type to show up at a house fire with gasoline and say he's trying to help

  • E Garcia
    E Garcia Day ago

    Bro was playing with a life sentence when he threw it at the cop fr fr

  • Marlon Cruz
    Marlon Cruz 2 days ago +1

    So your friends celebrate your epic victory.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    The man in the suit deserved style points for his shot

  • Doobie
    Doobie Day ago

    Lmfaooooo at the end you have no choice but to smile even if you didn’t wanna get soaked in champagne

  • Coral Reeves
    Coral Reeves 3 days ago +1

    Another one for the "People who need to be Jailed compilation".

  • Kas Pas
    Kas Pas Month ago +2027

    What did we learn? 9/10 people really don’t like getting a ball randomly thrown at them

    • Noah Jessup
      Noah Jessup Month ago +14

      Assuming it's not at my head and not coming super fast, I must be in that 1 of 10 category. But I wouldn't know how to properly deal with a soccer ball to save my life.

    • krispy
      krispy Month ago +43

      9/10 people are unathletic as hell

    • Eliza
      Eliza Month ago +89

      @krispy 9/10 people don’t want to have shit thrown at them

  • Alex R
    Alex R Day ago

    First girl looked like she was doing a dance move 😂 on point

  • maynelson chnl
    maynelson chnl 2 days ago +6

    The last guy think he was a white Michael Jordan for a minute when he made the shot 😂😂

  • SerPounce
    SerPounce Month ago +2644

    Bro just threw a basketball at random people on the street and called it a "Crazy Fail Compilation"

    • Islixxn
      Islixxn Month ago +13

      Bounced it to them softly then were just scared of it for no reason

    • Mia Bailey
      Mia Bailey Month ago +56

      ​@Islixxn omg it's almost as if people don't want cameras pointed at them without their consent🤯

    • Enzoh
      Enzoh Month ago +14

      @Mia Baileysoft

    • FatAssasin727
      FatAssasin727 Month ago +9

      @Mia Bailey boo hoo lmao. They're just buzzkills

  •  Day ago

    This kind of trend is actually wholesome in its own way

  • Firemar
    Firemar 4 days ago

    Bro throwed a ball at a police officer... 💀💀💀

  • …Oompa Loompa…
    …Oompa Loompa… Month ago +2242

    We can safely say that that police officer was NOT amused.

    • Spiker_87
      Spiker_87 Month ago +7

      Don’t forget it was a sheeeee

    • Oh Klahoma
      Oh Klahoma Month ago +37

      The fact there's people defending him in the comment section-- If you want a ball smacked at you, good for you. Let me live my life in peace without obnoxious influencers disturbing me.

    • Shyeitza
      Shyeitza Month ago +5

      If I did that I would have been arrested for assaulting an officer

    • Timo le ma Evans
      Timo le ma Evans Month ago

      ​@Oh Klahoma can't shoot a basketball😂🫵

  • Yannick
    Yannick 2 days ago +1

    I am suprise nobody went down and confronted on it. I be very angry if somebody throw a basketball at me like that.

  • FruityWithJuice
    FruityWithJuice 7 hours ago

    Ahh yes, disturbing someone’s normal day by throwing a ball at them and calling it lame if they don’t throw the ball. Real content guys.

  • Avery L
    Avery L Month ago +2217

    Turns out people don’t like others running into their face with a camera, hauling basketballs at them, and yelling every other second.

    • xLuis89x
      xLuis89x Month ago +48

      And this outlook about life is why there are miserable people no matter what

    • Mimi
      Mimi Month ago +89

      ​@xLuis89x oh not wanting to get hit is a bad outlook on life? Nice to know

  • Hector
    Hector Day ago

    You can tell he was gonna make it by the flick of the wrist 💯

  • jamey
    jamey 2 days ago +5

    Dude stop throwing basketballs at random people. You don't know how there days have been.

  • sres kody
    sres kody Day ago

    The last one look so happy. Protect Him!!

  • Lizbeth Frias
    Lizbeth Frias Month ago +2143

    Bro really got the guts to throw them at the police.

    • Theohybrid
      Theohybrid Month ago +19

      She really dogged him down

    • J
      J Month ago +48

      He should’ve done it in New York. The cops in the US are always down to shoot something 💀

    • Michael DeHart
      Michael DeHart Month ago +15

      @J ong! That’s what I was thinking! Obviously those cops ain’t from the us, if they were, he woulda gotten shot or tazed for harassment or assault with a deadly weapon😂😂

    • Warrant_AZ
      Warrant_AZ Month ago +1

      some LEO's are actually very cool, there is no crime throwing a basketball to them XD

    • Logan D
      Logan D Month ago +1


  • Zona Verse
    Zona Verse 5 hours ago

    Everyone needs to find their inner child again🙃

  • Ganesh
    Ganesh Day ago +1

    People of western countries work soo hard and that's the reason they are developed
    Meanwhile youth of western countries:

  • Lord Bandicam
    Lord Bandicam 2 months ago +13309

    Alternative title: Disturbing pedestrians by unexpectedly hurtling a basketball at them.
    Edit: I'm currently pondering on whether or not I should delete this comment. But hey, I guess that's a consequence of making a satire comment, but people see right through it and take it literally.

    • Tyler Morton
      Tyler Morton 2 months ago +85

      I think you mean passing a basketball to them

    • Katherin Murcia
      Katherin Murcia 2 months ago +230

      @Tyler Morton throwing*

    • DandyDaikon
      DandyDaikon 2 months ago +220

      ​@Tyler Mortonsome of those were passes but in a lot of them he was straight up hurling it at unsuspecting peds

    • Lord Bandicam
      Lord Bandicam 2 months ago +15

      @Tyler Morton Hurtling is a synonym.


    I was literally waiting for the "i told you long ago" Line

  • chicken
    chicken 2 days ago

    now imagine it hit one of the strangers' head 💀

  • sky
    sky 2 months ago +8142

    i'd be kinda pissed if someone randomly threw a ball at me and recorded it when i'm just minding my business

    • Thor
      Thor 2 months ago +134

      Yeah you should call the police on them

    • nala
      nala 2 months ago +135

      Ok Karen

    • Venn
      Venn 2 months ago +750

      @nala bro they’re not a Karen it’s just really disrespectful to just randomly throw something to a stranger on the road plus in this case it’s a basketball, it’s solid and can hurt someone pretty badly or break someone’s glasses and it can also stress out someone yk it probably makes someone embarrassed, they’re literally posting that vid on Clip-Share, I hope they got the people’s consent to post it anyways Nala grow more maturity and accept that other people have different reactions than you

    • Sam Murphy
      Sam Murphy 2 months ago +21


  • GameBoy
    GameBoy 3 days ago +1

    I find a dude throwing a ball at random people strange, yet hardly any of them showing a human reaction strange as well

  • A person
    A person 2 hours ago +1

    Legends say the cops popped the ball

  • nothonest
    nothonest Month ago +1634

    My man triggered a boss fight when he threw it at the police there

    • Nathan Southon
      Nathan Southon Month ago +10

      *dark souls music starts playing*

    • bunga your unga
      bunga your unga Month ago +23

      Officer came up to him like "YoU gOt A lIcEnSe FoR tHaT bAlL yA?"

    • B - K
      B - K Month ago

      @bunga your unga lmaoo

  • Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    I'd love to try this, maybe hang out and get better at throwing hoops :D

  • Ron Gorbs
    Ron Gorbs 2 days ago

    His shooting form says it all.

  • Mcmb
    Mcmb Month ago +5104

    Alternate title: harassing random people on the street 💀💀

    • Chris Thomas
      Chris Thomas Month ago +119

      and here we see... a future karen in the making
      Edit: Turns out OP was only joking (u can tell by the 💀💀). However, you will find the real Karens below 👇😂

    • CheatingAndLeaking
      CheatingAndLeaking Month ago +112

      ​@Chris Thomas Karen??? Chris, I just believe you're incompetent to be honest. I believe burgerman is right, you should not go up to someone that maybe has gotten bullied for not being good at sports, toss a ball at them and then they get laughed at for not taking the ball. Think before you speak/write Chris.

    • Chris Thomas
      Chris Thomas Month ago +42

      @CheatingAndLeaking and here we see the Schrodinger's karen. Are they being sarcastic? Are they being serious? One cannot tell without engaging...

    • AntiClimax
      AntiClimax Month ago +24

      Which part is harrasment pls explain also tell me the definition of harrasment, if this is harrasment I knew the wrong definition all this time

  • Dmitry Granicin
    Dmitry Granicin 4 days ago

    "I hold a camera and am filming you, now do what I want"

  • Jayden Martinez
    Jayden Martinez Month ago +3497

    Not the police officer about to shut it down 💀💀

    • _.josephhhhh_
      _.josephhhhh_ Month ago +8

      No she’s just walking

    • StarbucksSux213
      StarbucksSux213 Month ago +1

      Use an original pfp

    • RustyGuy
      RustyGuy Month ago +6

      *giga Karen activated*

    • Do You Eat Rocks
      Do You Eat Rocks Month ago +7

      Surprised they got their ball back from Officer Killjoy in the Happiness Patrol

    • Tyler
      Tyler Month ago

      Surprised she didn’t shoot him

  • The Rising Star
    The Rising Star 2 days ago

    Awesome video. Shout out to all those that played!

  • jade- Louise
    jade- Louise Day ago

    Police Karen. Defo wanted to arrest him for assault 😂😂

  • Yasmin Polder
    Yasmin Polder Month ago +1254

    The guy who kicked the ball in the air, caught it and threw it was smooth

    • spiro37
      spiro37 Month ago +6

      I was really hoping for the hat trick 🤣

  • Protocol Savage
    Protocol Savage Day ago

    That guy tried to beam the backboard 😂

  • 午前の緑茶
    午前の緑茶 4 days ago


  • Ferenc Szaffenauer
    Ferenc Szaffenauer Month ago +2505

    "Actually, I was on my way to a job interview of a lifetime, and you guys just got champagne all over my clothes."

    • Keshav Nuwal
      Keshav Nuwal Month ago +6


    • Toph Majora
      Toph Majora Month ago +33

      I would hire that person if they explained to me what happened to them right before the interview

    • Yaumitaa
      Yaumitaa Month ago +1


    • Hush
      Hush Month ago +2

      Yep in shorts😂

    • Clutch Spade691
      Clutch Spade691 Month ago

      Stop lying

  • Lostツ
    Lostツ 3 days ago

    Sedentarys be like:

  • Cherryy🌸🌸🍒❤️

    Literally the bystander effect if they didn’t have an entire hoop with multiple people around cheering/awwing more of those people would have been upset

  • Takosauce
    Takosauce Month ago +2873

    Video title: How to cause public nuisance 101.

    • Kane Timothy
      Kane Timothy Month ago +9

      Jesus Christ loves us 💖
      Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ✝🌅

    • Tsumishima
      Tsumishima Month ago +2

      @Kane Timothy Amen

    • DaHolyCanadian
      DaHolyCanadian Month ago +5

      How to BE a public nuisance you NN

    • hu_ta0
      hu_ta0 Month ago

      Not expected

    • James O
      James O Month ago

      You mean "how to be a public nuisance."

  • ownsbytessa
    ownsbytessa 2 days ago

    As someone who experienced how it felt having basketball thrown AT you, i see this as a huge safety hazard. Basketball is not a light ball and it could easily hurt other people who was just walking by completely not expecting to have a basketball thrown at them

  • donna neal
    donna neal Day ago

    Unhappy people ignore the ball, the people who participate have happy hearts, that’s my theory

  • Jorge Pinedo
    Jorge Pinedo 23 days ago +940

    " You need to go outside more."

    • AnthonyDaquarius ChingChong
      AnthonyDaquarius ChingChong 21 day ago +7

      Someone said you're never safe from extroverts in public and I couldn't agree more

    • AnUnknownPerson
      AnUnknownPerson 18 days ago +3

      I got ptsd from gym, shit this video made me flinch

    • ChaoticStarFish
      ChaoticStarFish 18 days ago +3

      Boy, I wish this is how the outside usually were.

    • Blizzzful
      Blizzzful 18 days ago

      900th like let’s gooo

  • Anusandhan Magar

    Asian Guys passed the VIBe 👏👏👏

  • Lalle Jerma
    Lalle Jerma 3 days ago

    I would also be annoyed if someone threw a random basketball at me 😭

  • moonbarleytea
    moonbarleytea 2 months ago +6042

    Theres a difference between people willingly playing basketball at you VS throwing basketballs at random people out of nowhere. They just want to walk to where they are heading bruh
    Edit: You guys don’t get the point. Yes, some of you would be fine with this but there are people who won’t. Sorry for being a party pooper but I said what I said about my opinion on this. (also, you can see how a man almost tripped due to the basketball)

  • Jess🧡
    Jess🧡 3 days ago

    we understand that only the males dressed elegantly and with shorts are in the game

  • Mark Ramirez
    Mark Ramirez 2 days ago

    I like these clips, it does prove that some people don't know how to have fun

  • Grld
    Grld Month ago +2814

    Lesson learned: Don't catch the ball. They'll spray you with water bottles.

    • Rpodnee
      Rpodnee Month ago +43

      Even if I made that shot I'd be like what the fuck really You're going to spray me.

    • Sincerely, Jae.
      Sincerely, Jae. Month ago +8

      😂 exactly

    • Niall
      Niall Month ago +21

      and now they gotta go about their business in wet clothes

    • Navi
      Navi Month ago +12

      that literally ruined the entire thing

  • Ghost 👻
    Ghost 👻 3 days ago

    Relatives:- ladka kya krta hai
    Parents:- ji basketball ball liye ghumta hai 🤣

  • Katalina McShane-Vakauta

    You needa do this in America. You will actually get reactions😂

    • Ee Eff
      Ee Eff Day ago

      Lol ends up getting shot for being annoying

  • One Random guy.
    One Random guy. 2 months ago +2025

    What a beautiful day to throw ball at people and expect them to respond positively

    • takeMK
      takeMK 2 months ago +48

      We live in a society where a random man throw a ball to random people and expect them to respond positively

    • Shyla Walker
      Shyla Walker 2 months ago +35

      He didn’t “throw” it at them. He simply bounced it to them obviously in a nice way expecting them to maybe shoot it as they were literally carrying around a huge basket. It’s pretty easy to notice it wasn’t intentionally meant in any harm 💀

    • midnight cowboy
      midnight cowboy Month ago +26

      @Shyla Walker he threw the ball in all shots, not bounced it. There’s a difference.

    • who thou
      who thou Month ago +21

      @Shyla Walker did you watch the same video? Most of these people had very little time to react... Once bounce isn't enough.

  • jj
    jj 5 hours ago

    Guys like this is why I don't go outside

  • MJ Areola
    MJ Areola 7 hours ago

    Do it here in the Philippines. You’ll get all the shots you wanted.

  • Halogamer104
    Halogamer104 Month ago +1975

    Turns out Highschool and the real working world is different

    • Rift
      Rift Month ago +42

      Bro loves to be unhappy

    • Wuston Rose
      Wuston Rose Month ago +8

      Nah you just don’t want to enjoy life

    • Shampoo Less11
      Shampoo Less11 Month ago +6

      What does the working world have to do with shooting a ball ? It only takes seconds lol

    • BlueNinja Noname
      BlueNinja Noname Month ago +23

      ​@Rift nah bro I don't know you, don't be throwing things at me. I have fun in my own time.

  • Shaun Blanchard
    Shaun Blanchard Day ago

    just imagine you are just walkin down the street and some guy throws a basketball at you,i would be discombobulated

  • RepsajAnn81
    RepsajAnn81 23 hours ago

    Give this dude a contract to the Lakers😅

  • Pro
    Pro 2 months ago +4290

    That asian guy in a suit who kicked, held and threw the ball with one hand was the coolest!

    • s.
      s. 2 months ago +32

      except when he missed

    • Ninja Tree Frog
      Ninja Tree Frog 2 months ago +170

      Dude probably played soccer not basketball

    • S M
      S M 2 months ago +32

      @Ninja Tree Frog do you mean football

    • aslan lynx
      aslan lynx 2 months ago +7

      @S M no

    • Jonny
      Jonny 2 months ago +56

      He was also holding a bag and threw that shit one handed

  • One-Eyed King
    One-Eyed King 2 days ago

    “How many times you want to repeat the song?”
    This guy: “Yes”

  • sabodo teuing
    sabodo teuing 2 days ago

    This would be great for small apartments like mine! I want that couch/bunk bed!