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Gervonta "Tank" Davis vs Isaac "Pitbull" Cruz highlights

  • Published on Dec 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Boxing superstar and five-time world champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis put his boxing skills on display, the relentless Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to retain his WBA Lightweight World Title in front of a star-studded, sellout crowd of 15,850 at STAPLES Center December 15, 2021 #GervontaDavis #DavisCruz #IsaacCruz
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  • Kenwahl Dhlamini
    Kenwahl Dhlamini 5 months ago +2237

    After what happened to Ryan Garcia we all need to appreciate the fact how underrated Cruz is

    • AwjayzMMA
      AwjayzMMA 5 months ago +91

      Yeah ain’t really a big boxing but can tell Cruz legit asf

    • Kenwahl Dhlamini
      Kenwahl Dhlamini 5 months ago +6

      @Alex Jay you don't have to be a hype job who likes cherry picking opponents to be best boxer unlike Mungia, Davis, Garcia, Ennis, Fury guys, Spence and the Charlos

    • IMLegend PH
      IMLegend PH 5 months ago +61

      Ryan is overrated.

    • mario arellano
      mario arellano 4 months ago +62

      Ryan Garcia was never good. Just gets on the gram to show off how fast his hands are. 😂

    • Light_Swords
      Light_Swords 4 months ago +15

      No, we need to understand how thorough GTD is…

  • ThunderDawg123
    ThunderDawg123 Month ago +61

    The defensive display by both of these fighters was insane

    • Cesar Arellano
      Cesar Arellano 11 days ago

      Dog fight and I was a draw we need a sequel

  • Gerardo CM
    Gerardo CM 3 months ago +63

    Cruz hizo una enorme demostración de coraje, corazón, gallardía, arrojo, el bato se fletó muy chingón. Ojalá que lo dejen llegar a donde se merece y no por la porquería de los negocios lo releguen, este sí es un boxeador que representa a México. Si no le ponen trabas va a llegar lejos.

  • Edgar A. Valenzuela
    Edgar A. Valenzuela 3 months ago +198

    Desde Juan Manuel Márquez, ningún boxeador mexicano me emocionaba tanto como el pitbull. Él va a ser uno de los grandes de la riquísima historia del boxeo mexicano. Ojalá Davis dé la revancha en condiciones equitativas.

    • Alfredo Aguilar Martínez
      Alfredo Aguilar Martínez 2 months ago +7

      Estoy igual que tu, nunca había visto una pelea tan emocionante...

    • soda502
      soda502 2 months ago +13

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Davis no quiere saber nada del Pitbull Cruz....

    • gilberto flores cervantes
      gilberto flores cervantes 2 months ago +6

      @soda502 Coincido, yo vi ganar ligeramente al Pitbull Cruz, pero ya sabemos que aquí para convencer tiene que noquear, así lo comenta Julio César Chávez.

    • Foofiecake
      Foofiecake 2 months ago +4

      pitbull anda peleando contra puro bulto

    • Roberto Rodríguez
      Roberto Rodríguez 2 months ago +3

      Pitbull tiene esa mentalidad competitiva de desmontar que es el mejor le pongan a quien le pongan en frente .
      Mientras que ya sabemos quién solo pelea porque la gente lo sigue, no tiene espíritu competitivo

  • olvera6710
    olvera6710 4 months ago +440

    Cruz had impressive stamina. If they fight again it could go his way. Great match.

    • VC
      VC 3 months ago +13

      Tank will knock him out early next time

    • classic Soto
      classic Soto 3 months ago +58

      ​@VCexcept tank scared of the rematch 😂

    • dOnKeY FaRT
      dOnKeY FaRT 2 months ago +19

      @classic Sotohe not scared he just want to fight a difficult fighter he already beat him now it’s on to the next😭

      GLEC SERVICES 2 months ago +7

      It won’t go his way he had 12 rounds with David’s he didn’t do anything

    • J Yarug
      J Yarug 2 months ago +11

      ​@VCtank will run like chicken floyd.

  • beegchunguz
    beegchunguz Month ago +53

    Low key one of the most skilled fights in this gen of boxing.

  • Lucas Vlahakis
    Lucas Vlahakis 6 months ago +3255

    The level of stamina required to box for 12 rounds like this always blows my mind. Crazy athleticism

    • Listen Now
      Listen Now 6 months ago +54

      its called Mexico City..AZTEC

  • Royaltee :v
    Royaltee :v 15 days ago +1

    Vi la pelea varias veces y Cruz gano claramente los últimos 4 asaltos lo que salvó a Yerbonta es su técnica para esquivar y su concentración para acertar una pelea muy pareja que merece una revancha

    LIQUOR STORE VIBES 3 months ago +181

    Guaranteed Davis don’t want to run that back 😂 💯💪🏻🇲🇽

    • Boy Kulot
      Boy Kulot 2 months ago +1

      Nah cruz is in his best form. Davis can add more weight but for Cruz, he should be on the advantage given it looks so natural for him to be in this weight

    • Makuer Gwath
      Makuer Gwath 2 months ago +11

      Run it back for what? He already beat him with one hand 😂😂

    • Zak
      Zak 2 months ago +2

      @Boy Kulotdid u see cruz the other night? if thats his best he might as well go back to 130

    • Bjay Rogers
      Bjay Rogers Month ago +2

      @Makuer Gwathdude barely swung his right hand 😭

  • Emmanuel LONGTCHI
    Emmanuel LONGTCHI 3 months ago +95

    Cruz is really at the level of tank. Tank had to survive. This fight is Incredible demonstration of technics. A real boxe academy tools for learners. Everything is there . Bravo 👏 to both fighters

      ELOH THE GOD 2 months ago +6

      You bugging

    • Chip Chip
      Chip Chip Month ago +5

      @ELOH THE GODlmao naw fr he said he had to survive Cruz put up a good fight but tank gave him Krazy work

    • Larry Cantu
      Larry Cantu Month ago +3

      Exactly! I saw aloooot of opportunities that cruz had, which I'm sure you did as well

    • Satung Galloway
      Satung Galloway Month ago +1

      @Chip Chiplmfaooooooo he gave him that work with one hand wtf you mean he had to survive 😂

    • wasupJ
      wasupJ Month ago +1

      ​@Satung Gallowaypeople who look the same think cruz won cuz he went 12 rounds with tank 😂😂e

  • Neba Wilson
    Neba Wilson 2 months ago +21

    Cruz’s anti-uppercut awareness is top notch. Lots of trainers will get a good take on that. Great fight from both fighters.

  • Ish E
    Ish E 3 months ago +50

    Such a great chess match. Both had great defense and avoided a lot of great shots.

  • Isai Bravo
    Isai Bravo 9 months ago +5740

    The way Cruz defended against the uppercut was World class

    • losmatix
      losmatix 9 months ago +526

      No one talks about this. Based of the commentary you’d swear Tank landed them. He did not.

    • Guwapty
      Guwapty 9 months ago +212

      @losmatixFr, biased commentary tbh

    • Aqeel Bin Mohammed
      Aqeel Bin Mohammed 8 months ago +37


    • Nightcrocturkey
      Nightcrocturkey 8 months ago +163

      @losmatix they kept commenting like they connected 🤣🤣🤣

  • CarlosSJJsk8
    CarlosSJJsk8 2 months ago +8

    No me sorprende que los mexicanos sigan teniendo buenas camadas de excelentes boxeadores estuvo muy cerca de conseguirlo.

  • Alex Rodríguez
    Alex Rodríguez 2 months ago +9

    No cabe duda que en México se crían guerreros. Gervonta un genio estratega pero Cruz defensa de clase mundial, vi ganar en más rounds a Cruz.

    • Real Electronic Music
      Real Electronic Music 2 months ago

      Absolutamente ganó 7 rounds Pitbull, y analizando mis 7 rounds con lo de los jueces coinciden exactamente en esos 3 que vieron los diferentes jueces ganar a Pitbull

  • J L
    J L Month ago +3

    El estilo de ambos y como se desarrollo el combate, me recuerdan algo al Maidana-Mayweather. Cruz llevandolo a las cuerdas, tirándole ganchos y volados muy peligrosos y Gervonta defendiendo y contraatacando con maestría…gran mérito para ambos 🙌

    • Flamel
      Flamel 26 days ago +1

      Amigo fue una gran pelea cada uno con su estilo igual de fuertes y poderosos una hermosa pelea para los amantes de esta categoría . Creo que estos dos ganan a quien sea. Son los mejores hoy por hoy ni haney , ni loma me arriesgo a decir que los vencen

  • Dontsayitisntbecauseitis
    Dontsayitisntbecauseitis 22 days ago +1

    Cruz’s technique and approach were exemplary here. Davis had to rely on reach advantage and punch resistance to get him through. Great fight by both guys.

  • Emerson Jesus
    Emerson Jesus 2 months ago +1

    Bom condicionado e preparação desses dois, isso sim é dar aula de boxe

  • xNB3
    xNB3 8 months ago +2160

    It's actually insane how they both were taking powerful punches from each other without stumbling... this has to be tank davis best fight and best opponent

    • DirtySouth
      DirtySouth 8 months ago +111

      Both performed at a world class level but Cruz was clearly out outclassed props to him for showing heart however Tank is on his own level

      PSYCHODELIC 8 months ago +210

      @DirtySouth keep dreaming.

    • Saul Escamilla
      Saul Escamilla 8 months ago +241

      @DirtySouth Cruz was not outclassed, he showed what Mexican boxing is all about. It was a draw both were great at what they did.

  • Marty mcfly
    Marty mcfly 4 months ago +20

    Hilarious how showtime kept running back their favorite tank moments of the round only to learn that he was landing on glove every time 😂

    • Carlos
      Carlos 27 days ago


    • Bryan Moreno
      Bryan Moreno 24 days ago +4

      Only comment that wasnt kissing ass . I recon davis skills bro got hands but pit is his size and speed and definitely won this, but social media got it all EfD up.

    • Dgd cc
      Dgd cc 13 days ago

      @Bryan Morenoit was a very close fight but Tank won. Not a fan of any. The difference was that the rounds Cruz won, he landed more punches than the rounds Tank won but clearly, Tank won

  • Ta2 Fik
    Ta2 Fik 21 day ago +1

    Vamos mi pitbull tu si eres el orgullo para mi país serás grande tu gente te apoya csrnalito Diosito te bendiga vamos viva México

  • Lek Sabilala
    Lek Sabilala 2 months ago +5

    If there was a replay, I had Isaac winning the match, the casters were in awe everytime Tank throws his uppercuts when as a matter of cat not 20% of those actually hit Pitbulls face but just graced/bounced off of pitbulls gloves only. this match was rigid

  • Henry Calix
    Henry Calix 2 months ago +3

    Tapó todos los ganchos, es un monstruo este chamaco teniendo en cuenta que el boxeo es el arte de la auto defensa es una máquina este cipote,es joven va a ser un gran boxeador.

  • Brianna Centeno
    Brianna Centeno 2 months ago +13

    Anyone else notice how hurt Tank was from the left side of his body? Isaac Cruz did his thing, we need that rematch!!! 😂 AWESOME fight 👏🏻

    • Salik Collins
      Salik Collins 19 days ago +1

      Cruz did nothing 😂 Tank just threw the wrong punch and broke his hand.

  • Ramandip Singh
    Ramandip Singh 5 months ago +953

    Holy moly. Mad respect for Cruz. Dude is a monster

  • kimali bennett
    kimali bennett 4 months ago +16

    My god it’s like an anime fight they are both so good at their respective skills that you just can’t help but watch and learn and admire! The way tank moves after throwing shows drilling and the way pit bull holds that phone and pivots on every punch man it’s beautiful

  • Santiago Solorza
    Santiago Solorza 2 months ago +2

    Excelente pelea. Gran boxeadores ambos. Un espectáculo

  • spain111
    spain111 3 months ago +13

    I saw cruz landed the harder shots while blocking a lot of tanks hyped up punches he also landed more punches the work to the body was amazing

  • Kakarot Kakarampot
    Kakarot Kakarampot 2 months ago +5

    That uppercut defense is beautiful

  • ruggiero martini
    ruggiero martini 10 days ago

    Uno dei piu bei match degli ultimi 10 anni, un livello tecnico altissimo, potenza, rabbia, stamina, mai nessuno prima aveva messo tank così in difficoltà

  • Life With Bae
    Life With Bae 5 months ago +538

    I won’t lie I didn’t know anything about Cruz before this fight. He got in the ring and DEMANDED his respect. Definitely got my attention and respect. That boy is HUNGRY

    • El Maestro PH
      El Maestro PH 5 months ago +18

      Here in Philippines, Cruz is famous, because he's from MP Promotion, a promotion owned by Pacquiao.

    • WissahickonWild
      WissahickonWild 5 months ago +7

      Cruz improved greatly before this fight he used to go in there swinging punches but he was using defense

    • Ty Goat
      Ty Goat 5 months ago +5

      Hungry but ducked Shakur

    • ChingaTuMadre
      ChingaTuMadre 4 months ago

      @Ty Goatyou would duck Cruz tho if it came down to it. Everyone in this comment section would, we are too quick to spill our opinions, except only some of actually step in the ring. Clip-Share casuals.

    • Adrian Perez
      Adrian Perez 4 months ago +1

      ​@Ty Goatwill tank ducked Loma Shakur haney all ducked each other

  • Leonardo Herrera Mota
    Leonardo Herrera Mota 3 months ago +2

    Hombre muy valiente Cruz, gran boxeador

  • Jaime Guerra
    Jaime Guerra 2 months ago +8

    If I’m not mistaken Tank doesn’t want a rematch. This was a highly competitive and entertaining fight. They could both make big money 💰. Run it back. The world deserves great fights like this one here. Respect to both fighters.

    • vale romo
      vale romo 24 days ago +1

      tank won’t take it, he is clearly better and has a lot more to lose then cruz not only that cruz’s way of fighting is boring, he covers all the way up and throws punches like a dumbass

    • felipe gonzalez
      felipe gonzalez 13 days ago +1

      @vale romolmao no tank was struggling with cruz he even said it himself and yes you supposed to cover up hands up all times

  • joel pacheco
    joel pacheco Month ago +1

    Mis respetos para los dos, estas peleas son escazas

  • Chris Barbz
    Chris Barbz 4 months ago +7

    Love Davis. A mix of Mayweather's skills and Pacquiao's heart.

  • Guillermo
    Guillermo 3 months ago +2

    Aunque sea poco probable que leas este mensaje quiero Felicitarte porque es por mucho el mejor canal de Boxeo a mi entender. Sigue asi!!!

  • Víctor Iván Hernández Pérez

    Este muchacho me llena de orgullo ❤💪👊🇲🇽

    • ld gxc
      ld gxc 5 months ago +21

      El pitbull es un guerrero, lo opuesto del cara-bonita Garcia. La pelea pudo haber sido empate, nos deben la 2nda, creo q pitbull tiene con k derrotar al tanque

    • Miguel Angel
      Miguel Angel 5 months ago +1

      Así es.. 👍🇵🇦

    • Patricio Baez
      Patricio Baez 4 months ago +1

      Cruz representa lo mejor del box saludos desde Chile

    • oscar orozco
      oscar orozco 4 months ago +2

      MÉXICO cuna de GERREROS

    • Alex León
      Alex León 3 months ago


  • jonas martinez
    jonas martinez 3 months ago +1

    La cara de satisfacción de Pitbull sabe que aún que le dieron la pelea Davis el le dió puños asta para yebar a su casa 😅😅😅

    PILL RED Month ago +1

    We need a rematch or possibly a trilogy. What an exciting fight.

  • Primus Moss
    Primus Moss Month ago

    That was a good fight. They both were in PHENOMENAL condition to throw that hard for 12 rounds! Cruz put on constant pressure. Davis had more advantage when he managed to get a little working room. These guys were close to even. GOOD BATTLE! The ref let a few too many things go though earlier through the middle. Such as throwing hooks and leaning or holding. He let Cruz do that a lot, then it started evening out. Davis stepped it up a bit. No one can say that Davis isn't a TRUE WARRIOR now can they? He's as tough as they come! He fought a Cruz type battle and STILL won it. Not taking anything from Cruz though! Young Man is a BEAST too!!!

  • Pedro Granados
    Pedro Granados 4 months ago +5

    Uno de los mejores peleas que eh visto, pitbull cruz esta naciendo como un grande y lo llegara hacer, para mi parecer debio ganar dio mas que davis.

  • GuzsfacekillaH
    GuzsfacekillaH 26 days ago

    Me encanta como pelean los dos. ❤❤

  • Matias Gallardo
    Matias Gallardo 5 months ago +741

    El pitbull es la nueva cara del boxeo mexicano. Mis respetos

    • jose caracheo
      jose caracheo 5 months ago +4

      Cru sito 🥊

    • Daniel Arias
      Daniel Arias 5 months ago +9

      Desde COL, lo es
      Vaya crack, pelear así vs el tank, los dos están en otro nivel

    • Alexis Camacho
      Alexis Camacho 5 months ago +4

      Es prospecto,para ser la cara debe ganar cosas importantes

    • rogelio uscanga
      rogelio uscanga 5 months ago +1

      Evitando buenos peleadores? Peleando con ancianos pesos menores y taxistas? Si es la nueva cara que bajo ha caído el boxeo mexicano

    • victor valenzuela
      victor valenzuela 5 months ago +9

      @rogelio uscanga Pelear con Gervonta es evitar buenos peleadores?

  • ChaiYah 💕
    ChaiYah 💕 3 months ago +3

    This was a very good fight Cruz definitely was doing a good job. This made tank think more and realize he would have to box instead of looking for a knock out however one of the best I seen this far

  • Reaction Nation
    Reaction Nation Month ago

    Tank's hardest fight to date! Cruz fought a beautiful fight. If he had more time to train it would have been even better. Tank though what a beast! So composed.

  • Lauti Bici
    Lauti Bici 25 days ago

    👏👏Cruz deserves credit for putting up a great fight 👍 Davis was classic in this fight

  • fall back
    fall back Month ago +2

    the key thing about this fight is at the end when they asked tank if he wanted a rematch, he gave an honest, and very telling, answer.

  • Polo22546
    Polo22546 Month ago +1

    Helluva fight!! Tank got the win, but Cruz stalked his ass all fight. Salute these two warriors! 🫡

  • ionside
    ionside 9 months ago +998

    What a close fight. That Cruz guy sure is a heavy hitter and can take a punch. Great boxer. I’m used to Davis having an easy way out but this, he sure felt this.

    • diesel
      diesel 9 months ago +25

      Lost too but whatever

    • PEACE through STRENGTH
      PEACE through STRENGTH 9 months ago +16

      Truth and "diesel" doesnt get it lol. He gave TD allllll he could handle whether fools like it or not. IC has a chin, is always in tremendous shape from the running in MX City and has power. If not, TD would have taken him oyt like he has all the rest but he didnt even come close. Truth

    • William Bradley
      William Bradley 9 months ago +47

      I’d Say draw but not a Winn for Davis naaaaa

    • Mr 2 Real
      Mr 2 Real 9 months ago +19

      Wasn't close at all.. Tank won hands down 👌🏾💀

    • Dame Dash
      Dame Dash 9 months ago

      Just needs more conditioning

  • RLMP Productions
    RLMP Productions Month ago +2

    Cruz was Tanks most difficult opponent. He is absolutely relentless! Terminator 1

  • user1
    user1 3 months ago

    El pitbull es un guerrerazo y tiene un estilo echado pa delante por su parte el tank no cabe duda que es de lo mejor de lo mejor excelente timing , contragolpeador rápido y elusivo, si duda buena pelea, creo que tank teme más la revancha que el pitbull

  • T Bennett
    T Bennett 3 months ago +6

    Beautiful use of the peek-a-boo! What a fantastic fight!

  • Pradaholla
    Pradaholla 4 months ago +13

    Cruz was a great test .. but it truly shows just how great of a boxer tank is .. he’s able to make them miss and he can take a punch … shout-out to Cruz but Tank is just a beast in the ring .. his boxing IQ.. footwork unmatched !

  • Melecio Dines
    Melecio Dines 2 months ago

    I love Cruz he's very humble and monster moves it was,close fight wow.

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 5 months ago +621

    Cruz is a beast. He left his heart on the ring. I really wanna see more of his fights. He was chosen for greatness

    • BornWithGoal⌚🐒
      BornWithGoal⌚🐒 5 months ago +5

      ofcourse pitbull is considered a beast but andre the beast berto considered as human 😂

    • Miilloh Caezar
      Miilloh Caezar 5 months ago


    • Tommy NY
      Tommy NY 5 months ago +4

      I see Cruz having a way better chance of beating tank the Garcia did in my honest opinion I know he wants a rematch too !

    • Carlos Juarez
      Carlos Juarez 5 months ago

      @Tommy NY p

    • Luis Armendariz
      Luis Armendariz 5 months ago +1

      That rematch would go crazy but tank would probably win again

  • Jordan Wood
    Jordan Wood 9 days ago

    If people notice Isaac didn’t look like he was landing much at all gervonta blocked most of his power punches and countered like everyone knows he’s best for doing

  • Jonnyboi
    Jonnyboi Month ago +1

    Pit bull defense on point . Keeps his hands up

  • Wis Dom
    Wis Dom 3 months ago +1

    Davis defense is underrated!

  • Whole Tyme TV
    Whole Tyme TV 3 months ago +1

    I heard Cruz say something about a rematch I had to come rewatch this and now I know why he wants the rematch SHEESH! He brought out the best Tank we’ve ever seen..I still edge this fight to Tank with slight bias💯

  • Ayyooo Jett
    Ayyooo Jett 26 days ago

    I keep coming back this top tier classic.

  • josh
    josh 7 months ago +828

    Cruz really came close. This was Davis’s toughest fight. They have crazy endurance.

    • abdul smith
      abdul smith 6 months ago +11

      So close he almost got Ko in the 1st round 😴 lol

    • LaLaLa Loud
      LaLaLa Loud 6 months ago +15

      Davis 133- 462
      Cruz 121-553
      Wasn't that close

    • r e
      r e 6 months ago +40

      @LaLaLa Loud cruz can knock him out in a rematch. hell be better prepared.

    • LaLaLa Loud
      LaLaLa Loud 6 months ago +19

      @r e lol and tank won't smh hush boy tank beat him with one hand

    • r e
      r e 6 months ago +31

      @LaLaLa Loud running man davis

  • Salvador Piña
    Salvador Piña 2 months ago


  • Marcus Knoll
    Marcus Knoll 25 days ago +1

    From this highlight reel.... actually looks like Cruz won.......and at the end....Cruz felt he won...... gervontae didn't seem so sure............regardless...... amazing amazing effort and everything by both guys......wow....they really were goin for it HARD!!! Excellent excellent show......couldn't have happened without both um

  • Wild yoda
    Wild yoda Month ago +2

    Cruz is a mf beast man I only watched a couple of his fights and I can clearly see why he is such a difficult opponent the pressure he puts on his opponents is crazy

  • Sean Jenkins
    Sean Jenkins 4 months ago

    Cruz was definitely Gervonta's toughest opponent. His punches were a bit loopy back then. He's shortened them and aims more down the middle now. If he got another shot at Gervonta, I think he could beat them.

  • Christopher Ortega
    Christopher Ortega 24 days ago

    cruz did a fantastic job , reminds me of the mayweather vs maidonna fight years ago. cruz def is underrated, stamina deserves respect here, as he pushed thru davis's blows. davis def more technical in this fight which gave him the upper hand on this one. i think if cruz could improve on the technical skills and speed. a rematch would surely be an interesting one to say the least.

  • Omar Cervantes
    Omar Cervantes 5 months ago +786

    El Pitbull es el único Boxeador que se le ha Plantado a Gervonta de Tú a Tú y lo ha hecho Retroceder, Y cabe aclarar que para esa Pelea Cruz llegó con menos de un mes de Preparación ya que lo Tomaron de Emergente para esa Pelea ya que él no era el Rival Original.
    Me gustaría Ver una Revancha en Iguales Condiciones.

    • Bruno Hernández
      Bruno Hernández 5 months ago +82

      cruz acabaría con el record de gervonta. Pero obviamente los promotores de Gervonta no van a querer reptir la pelea porque saben que perdería rotundamente.

      MAURICIO VILLA 5 months ago +52

      Gervonta el correle Davis pensó que sería una pelea de trámite y se llevó el susto de su vida.

    • Ciro Gonzalez
      Ciro Gonzalez 5 months ago +22

      No se la dieron, SABEN QUE PERDERÍA Y FEO...

    • Manuel Ortiz
      Manuel Ortiz 5 months ago +13

      Asi es Cruz es el único que le a aguantado si no hubiera límite de rounds como antes se lo hubiera chingado el pit bull

    • Manuel Ortiz
      Manuel Ortiz 5 months ago +5

      y claro k no kieren a davis contra un Cruz preparado y con lo resistente que es pues miraron que era muy peligroso. pensaron esta pelis sería algo fácil y se le complicó mucho

  • Cristian Muñoz
    Cristian Muñoz 2 months ago

    Esa pelea era para cruz muy buen boxiador me gustaría ver otra pelea entre ellos una ves más

  • ilvo Soares
    ilvo Soares Month ago +1

    🔥🔥 firework💥💥💯both man giving it all respect,,, I would pay to see them second time,,, if I could give more likes every second in this highlight,, this is boxing the best you can get,,,,,Davis & Cruz💯💥

  • Julian Sihite
    Julian Sihite 2 months ago +1

    Cruz's body shots were really accurate and on-point.
    On the other hand Tank's body was really granite-made.
    Even Ryan was not able to take 5-10 body shots, while Tank ate that body shots hundred times lol
    Aggressor (Cruz) should get more points, his defense used hand-block.
    Tank's defense used granite chin and granite body. Giving your chin = free points, no matter how strong your chin is

  • Dandy Chiggins
    Dandy Chiggins 4 months ago +4

    Those commentators were so condescending towards Cruz and exaggerated all Davis was doing the whole time, saying that his punches landed when the other guy clearly blocked them skillfully... It was very disgusting, ruined the fight for me.

  • Anthony Kolhoff-George

    The most evenly matched fight I’ve ever seen

  • Eli
    Eli 4 months ago +483

    Cruz’s defense was world class… I wonder if the judges saw that 90% of those uppercuts where blocked. (The commentators didn’t) as far as the winner I have it as a draw, kinda leaning towards Cruz for being the aggressor and having more activity. However what a great fight! The skill displayed is world class

    • BigL
      BigL 3 months ago +23

      He obviously game planned to defend against Davis's signature counter left uppercut, and did a great job at defending from it. But nothing about his defense was World Class, except for maybe extreme focus and stamina to be able to hide behind your guard and be ready for the left uppercut. He has average head movement and distance IQ. He was getting tagged with the same shots over and over. It did take him longer than usual to break down the guard of Cruz I will admit, but he was breaking down after the 8th. 3 more rounds, and I believe cruz would have hit the canvas.
      And its not just about activity, its effective activity. Cruz was catching alot of air in the second half of the fight.

    • shinn kun
      shinn kun 3 months ago +10

      yeah crzy i though he got hit by an upper cut but nope he block it with his fist lol

    • Football Planet by Sona Andrew
      Football Planet by Sona Andrew 3 months ago +15

      I seriously think no significant strike was given by Tank. We should be honest to ourselves. This is not about been a fan to whom, it’s about been fair. The commentators as well were very provocative 😮😮with their misjudgments.

    • scott neff
      scott neff 3 months ago +10

      I thought Cruz had him the whole fight. Tank didn't really seem to shine until the 12th with that defense.

    • Julieta Noguez
      Julieta Noguez 3 months ago +3

      ​@BigLel que estaba tomando aire y lo estab lastimando de él hígado era tank en lo sultimos rounds estaba recibiendo muchos golpes al cuerpo

    CUPNOODLEZ Month ago +1

    They should’ve went again, it was a close fight and for me Cruz was better cause he was pushing most of the rounds 🙌 those fighters are beast

  • Marcos castrof
    Marcos castrof 3 months ago +10

    La sonrisa de cruz al final de la pelea habla de su humildad pero también sabe que si va pelear en eeuu tiene que noquaer por qué no solo pelea contra su rival sino también contra los jueces corruptos 😂

    • Jose Antonio Ares Mendez
      Jose Antonio Ares Mendez Month ago

      Le ha dado un repaso impresionante, lo ha cosido abajo impresionante Cruz. Gerbonta un marrullero

    • Ramon Marcelo
      Ramon Marcelo 25 days ago

      Asi es no les gusta qclos m xicanos lesvganems hay q tener en cuenta de ir por todo y tiene q ir por nocaut

  • Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez 2 months ago

    Pinche pelea de poder la neta se estaban dando con todo

  • Marlon Gonzalez
    Marlon Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Damm , this is the first time i see this fight and I gottah say that Cruz has so much potential and is definitely underrated. Pitbull is a beast

  • Eric M
    Eric M 3 months ago

    Dude didn’t even expect to get this fight, short notice and it’s one of tanks hardest won fights. “I broke my hand in the 5th, so that’s why he did so well” nah, he was right there with you the entire fight including those first rounds.

  • BossTv
    BossTv 5 months ago +320

    That upper cut defense is a masterpiece🥊

      BUMPVIRUS 5 months ago

      Tank connected almost every one he through but 2 or 3

    • William Kimmons
      William Kimmons 5 months ago +6

      @BUMPVIRUS eh, false

    • I dont care Sapo
      I dont care Sapo 5 months ago +6

      @BUMPVIRUS nahh he didn’t not land a single one. All the punches he landed were on the gloves hahah

    • Luis Hernandez
      Luis Hernandez 5 months ago +3

      I suggest you watch the fight again he missed a lot more and broke and eventually fractured his hand doing over and over. Pitbull had him measured like a glove.

    • Dave Coimbra & Co.
      Dave Coimbra & Co. 5 months ago

      That guy must be a groupie....

  • Chris Barbz
    Chris Barbz 4 months ago

    Cruz -- what a fighter. Smart, consistent, disciplined. Just couldn't keep up with Davis' speed.

  • abel chamorro
    abel chamorro 3 months ago

    Gervonta sentía esos golpes no lo pudo desifrar para mí no hizo lo suficiente como para ganar cruz es muy fuerte es un Mike Tyson Méxicano

  • rapidoods doodles
    rapidoods doodles 3 months ago +3

    Pitbull is like Ippo always infront of you and non stop offense and I like it how he gave life to it when only few boxers use this kind of style and he showed its still effective.

  • Everything About Everything

    This was like a damn chess match, great from both fighters

  • Jaime Corvus
    Jaime Corvus Month ago

    Davis showed his talent against a fierce opponent; a message to future contenders : be , at least, as good as Cruz was.

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 5 months ago +436

    Looking forward to the rematch. Cruz is the only fighter that's given Tank so much trouble! Great fight!

    • Rigo Rangel
      Rigo Rangel 4 months ago +30

      You're looking forward to a rematch? Because tank surely ain't!

    • Warren Kirkpatrick
      Warren Kirkpatrick 4 months ago +14

      @Rigo RangelI actually saw a video of someone asking him and he flat out said No.. lol it was close fight for sure, but David won although to say that doesn’t mean that every round Davis won, he dominated. But it was an excellent fight, glad I paid for it.

    • Kendrick Lionson
      Kendrick Lionson 4 months ago +13

      Keep looking forward to it because your boy tank said NO 😅😂😂😂

    • Gabe Griff
      Gabe Griff 3 months ago +8

      This to me was a draw if I ever seen one….. my opinion

      LIQUOR STORE VIBES 3 months ago +16

      Davis don’t want that rematch because he knows that that threatens his undefeated record for sure he will take the L on the rematch because Cruz knows how to come harder this time even though I feel he won the first one, but tank thinking Business just like Floyd. He will not except the rematch cuz Cruz is a monster 🇲🇽

  • ezequielrivera09
    ezequielrivera09 3 months ago

    This fight was a draw! Amazing fight! Hopefully rematch happens

  • tornado tom2
    tornado tom2 Month ago

    Amazing fight! Even if some if the rounds were scored incorrectly

  • Julio Olvera
    Julio Olvera 2 months ago

    It requires a lot of talent, hardwork and stamina to do in-fight like Cruz.

  • Christian Limon
    Christian Limon 2 months ago

    Great fight from both 💪🏾

  • joseca
    joseca 2 months ago

    O pitbul bateu muito mais, meteram a mão. Gervonta é muito bom, sou fã dele, mas dessa vez ficou claro demais que tomou uma sova

  • Estuardo Gomez
    Estuardo Gomez 5 months ago +335

    Se nota que Gervonta hizo esfuerzo sobrehumano para soportar esos golpes al hígado, Pitbull con tan solo un mes de preparación le dio batalla....se merece la revancha con las mismas condiciones de tiempo para preparación....

    • Jose Flores
      Jose Flores 5 months ago +15

      En la otra le gana el mexicano

    • JMSTAR
      JMSTAR 5 months ago +12

      @Jose Flores estoy contigo pitbull es el mejor peleador mexicano que tenemos, todo lo que nos representa y la forma en que pelea se admira, siempre sin miedo al exito, fuerte guerrero

    • Anderson Herrera
      Anderson Herrera 5 months ago +7

      Creo que con una revancha le gana

    • Juan
      Juan 5 months ago +10

      No le da la revancha porque es gallina le dolieron los trancados está acostumbrado a puras pelea fáciles díganle que mi nieta pega mas fuerte que ese morenito de azúcar

    • David Lopez
      David Lopez 5 months ago +1

      No quiso la revancha el davis😅

  • Dipendra Khatri
    Dipendra Khatri 3 months ago

    Mad respect for Cruz

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 3 months ago

    La mejor pelea de los 2 asta ahora

  • GodisKing
    GodisKing Month ago

    Cruz eating tanks 🥊 for breakfast and keeps coming back for more what a beast 🇲🇽

    STUDIOS ANUBIS 4 months ago

    La verdad que los dos boxeadores tienen gran poder físico, pero Gervonta es más veloz en sus golpes, Issac cruz es muy duro y aguantó el ritmo hasta los 12 Round

  • Truth Untold
    Truth Untold Month ago

    Awesome fight....Cruz 🔥....Made Davis struggle a lot

    ROBERT GRIFFIN 9 months ago +790

    I think this is one of the best fights in years! They both lived up to their nicknames! GREAT FIGHT!

    • poly Ximenes
      poly Ximenes 9 months ago +15

      Pitbull vs tank💪💪

    • SDL
      SDL 9 months ago +10

      Just from watching these highlights looked like a hell of a fight. Two fighters through and through. Amazing stuff

    • meta
      meta 9 months ago +14

      isaac "pitbull" cruz - attacks with aggression and heavy ass punches
      gervonta "tank" davis - took those heavy ass punches

    • David Bolen
      David Bolen 9 months ago +7

      Holy Sht! Wow. Both won that sht. Never heard of this pitbull dude, but gonna check out all the film. Absolute beast!

    • Darryl Carman
      Darryl Carman 9 months ago

      @SDL oooooo

  • RNiSM
    RNiSM 4 months ago +3

    Tank’s toughest opponent till this day 2023

  • Ekz Communicado
    Ekz Communicado 4 months ago

    A Tank and a Pitbull! What more could you ask, this is boxing, a superstar giving an underdog an opportunity and delivered, could go either way but a rematch wouldn't hurt

  • (Chill Gil Music) at  (YouTube)!!!!

    Easily the fight of the year!!!! Pitbull is a BEAST.

    • Jonathan Quiñones
      Jonathan Quiñones 2 months ago

      Pitbull es una bestia, pero gervonta es un fenómeno, un fuera de serie, fue una gran pelea, donde putbull cruz hizo sacar toda el arsenal de gran gervonta, y soy mexicano, pero si fue justa la pelea y gervonta fue mejor, sin duda.