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BEHIND THE CREST: USMNT Blanks Honduras in Minnesota

  • Published on Feb 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Three days after a difficult defeat at Canada, the USMNT bounced back with a comprehensive 3-0 win against Honduras to stay on the road to Qatar 2022. Go inside the USA’s latest World Cup Qualifying win in Behind The Crest, presented by Volkswagen.
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Comments • 165

  • Mauricio Jimenez
    Mauricio Jimenez Year ago +47

    thank you for making this almost 10 minutes long! getting better and better at these

    • Sheldon Armstrong
      Sheldon Armstrong Year ago +2

      Us soccer is leaving so much content out…look how the English FA handles camps…you get videos three times a week…they showed the players getting fitted for suits.

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives Year ago +1

      @Sheldon Armstrong To be fair, England's roster is filled with players at big clubs from the top down, we don't have that many relevant players, and after 2017, I only care about the relevant players...one video is enough, maybe two if the second one only features our top guys.

  • Crazy horse
    Crazy horse Year ago +36

    I love team USA but lacks a lot to be a world class team, I have faith in u guys keep it up go USA

    • TheNotoriousNemo
      TheNotoriousNemo Year ago +4

      Our coach sucks, we got all the good players just no verticality

    • Shane Murphy
      Shane Murphy Year ago +4

      Gotta remember these are just kids, it'll come one day in their primes

    • JeffHorizon7
      JeffHorizon7 Year ago

      We’ll need a top coach for the next World Cup 2026!

    • BP
      BP Year ago

      @Shane Murphy yeah with the right coach

  • Jason Baker
    Jason Baker Year ago +1

    Epic game. I was there along with 19,000 other fans. The spirit of this USMNT kept me warm.

  • Heennii
    Heennii Year ago +8


    • Francis Ogbonna
      Francis Ogbonna Year ago

      Me too 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • dmoney668
    dmoney668 Year ago +6

    Respect US POWER SOCCER! Amazing people, unbelievable mental strength!

  • Jason win
    Jason win Year ago +13

    This USMNT is bad ass!! Love the chemistry on this team!! 💕

    • Arthur Shelby
      Arthur Shelby Year ago

      They are certainly getting slightly better over the years. We will see what happens...

    • USMNT Soccer Cards
      USMNT Soccer Cards Year ago +4

      @Arthur Shelby Slightly better lmao. We didn't even qualify in 2018, and now we've been near the top of the table and won two trophies with a squad of 20 year olds.. The change is happening before your eyes...

    • CursxR
      CursxR Year ago +1

      @Arthur Shelby this team is at its lowest point and they are already showing more guts then the last group

  • German The pilot R
    German The pilot R Year ago +8

    I was at the Minnesota game it was an amazing experience love USA 🇺🇸

    • Abid Khan
      Abid Khan Year ago

      How were those weather conditions lol

    • German The pilot R
      German The pilot R Year ago +1

      @Abid Khan honestly not bad people are exaggerating everyone was having a good time I didn’t see anyone complain

    • Abid Khan
      Abid Khan Year ago

      @German The pilot R I think cause like soccer isn’t usually played in cold environments like if this was American football there wouldn’t really be backlash

    • German The pilot R
      German The pilot R Year ago

      @Abid Khan yea that’s probably why people on ESPN were complaining lol

    • Abid Khan
      Abid Khan Year ago +1

      @German The pilot R they should play more games like this just cause everyone complaining lol

  • Vik Nair
    Vik Nair Year ago +2

    Need NEW coach or an experienced European coach to have this talented team reach a certain world class level

  • Father Gabriel Stokes
    Father Gabriel Stokes Year ago +26

    Proud to be an American!! 🇺🇸

    • Anıl Erden
      Anıl Erden Year ago +2


    • Underground Productions
      Underground Productions Year ago +2

      Glad to see you made it out of TWD

    • Jorge Martinez
      Jorge Martinez Year ago +1

      You mean United Statian, America is a continent. Please learn some geography. Sincerely a Native American descendent.

  • AMMS
    AMMS Year ago +5

    They might have dominated the ball against Canada, but they dominated the game. Canada was in control.
    Our attacking 3rd needs to be more dynamic than passing the ball to the laterals and hope for a cross. We have good players to drive it down the middle if it's open.

    • Gav
      Gav Year ago

      Not according to berhaulter tho. To him the US played a great game. If they don’t qualify he’s going to be the reason. And if they do I’m worried they will bounced in the group stage and beat bad by some teams. This team has so much talent, be it young but this coach is not the guy to be leading them. His message and ideology is terrible and the way he sets lineups is borderline comical mostly every game. I’m excited tho for us to be very good in the coming years!!!

  • XLRAshon
    XLRAshon Year ago +12

    I was in the 5th row of The American Outlaws and it was undoubtably one of my favorite sporting events ever!!!!!! I will never forget that night! World class atmosphere and not once was I cold!!! I know almost everyone hates the idea but I think we need more games like this in the freezing cold! Our best performance in the entire cycle!
    Go USA!!!

    • Luke Gleaves
      Luke Gleaves Year ago

      No. Also, we were playing against the likes of a semi-professional team. We ought to dominate tiny nations like Honduras, no matter the weather. It is pathetic to subject players to that kind of cold for no reason.

    • AA
      AA Year ago

      They hate the idea for a reason. Hypothermia and frostbite is no game if you’re pushing it like these guys. No reason to play with that danger. It’s like asking people to play in Death Valley

    • Jorge Martinez
      Jorge Martinez Year ago

      That was low class, the US doesn't have to throw low blows like this one.

    • Ky 718
      Ky 718 Year ago


    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      Great...against the worst team in the WCQ who nearly froze to death. Amazing..

  • IIIStudder1
    IIIStudder1 Year ago +21

    3 things: Good production value in these videos. Smooth moves from Tim Weah. Berhalter Out. That is all.

    • Ethan
      Ethan Year ago +2

      on point

    SOCCERHAUS Year ago +8

    Tim Weah is a gift.

  • eric ramirez
    eric ramirez Year ago +13

    Feel sorry for Turner man look like he was having frost bite he literally had quiet night and freezing he's ass out there

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      Stupid place to play for our players in the middle of winter. Stupid. No need. Against the worst team in the competition.

  • Pajama Cam
    Pajama Cam Year ago +3

    nothing beats the squad walking out to the whole stadium USA chant.

  • Ali kwt
    Ali kwt Year ago +16

    Is this match played at south pole..? 17 degrees below zero !!! Oh my god ... how did FiFA allow this ..? Gongratolation to America 🇺🇸.. see you soon in Qatar ... I’m Ali from Kuwait 🇰🇼

    • Bryan Gonzales
      Bryan Gonzales Year ago +2

      Cheers from California, USA to Kuwait! I really want to be in the World Cup! 😭🙏🏻 I want to be in Qatar to watch our boys! See you soon in Qatar! 💪🏻🇶🇦🇰🇼🇺🇸

    • durahan2
      durahan2 Year ago +3

      It was midwest. People underestimate how cold it gets up in north west of the USA. ND, MN, MT, and SD can get as cold as Canada. Where I live we reached -40. Thanks for following USA team!

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales Year ago +13

    LDLT should easily be called up in the last window. Guy was everyone at once.

    DOING IT Year ago +3

    We should won against Canada but it's OK it happens let's go 🇺🇲💪⚽️💯

    • Purple_Reign18
      Purple_Reign18 Year ago +1

      We could've done better, but it is what it is. We're still holding strong though.
      💪 🇺🇲

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales Year ago +4

    Fun fact, next we’re up against the three concacaf teams that went to the World Cup in 2018 instead of us. We complain that we should’ve been in the World Cup and not some of them. If we really believe that, we’re gonna show them. Mexico, Panama, & Costa Rica went last time, if we want to show that we should be there and not them, we’ll beat them! Let’s goooooo! 💪🏻🇺🇸

  • 2muchtyme24
    2muchtyme24 Year ago +1

    8:52-8:59 - Timmy all happy is priceless!

  • nFWAYGo
    nFWAYGo Year ago +8

    Berhalter cares more about his shoes than his wins and scoring

  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo Year ago

    Wow,....they scored a goal!

  • Fernando Balarezo
    Fernando Balarezo Year ago +4

    I love the United States one day I will play for you and represent that very beautiful shirt that represents love and the unity of an entire country thank you very much friends for missing everything on the field someday In the 10 that I become and it will be an honor for me to represent that shirt I love it since Hera Nilo thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to wear these beautiful colors 👋👋👋

  • Kevin Bobadilla
    Kevin Bobadilla Year ago +1

    Still can’t get over the fact that Gregg said that the Canada game was a good performance

    • Rodger Murphy
      Rodger Murphy Year ago

      Well the world will keep turning somehow

    • Dawg House
      Dawg House Year ago

      @Rodger Murphy not for us soccer

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy Year ago +1

    Great job getting the job done, and 3 points. A home win against Panama will close the deal if they don't continue their winning ways against mexico on the road

  • HKD2
    HKD2 Year ago +3

    Bring us to the World Cup boyos!

  • Mohammed Wasi
    Mohammed Wasi Year ago

    heartwarming segment with lletget ngl made me tear up

  • Anıl Erden
    Anıl Erden Year ago +5

    I love My Beautiful USA Men team so much and I love Our Women team so much too.😊😇🥰

  • DominicanStud101
    DominicanStud101 Year ago

    First, I can’t believe they put Gregg saying that the performance against Canada was good in this video. Second, why did they cut out Luca’s speech?!

  • RJ Salas
    RJ Salas Year ago +4

    I'm surprised the Honduran team came back out for the second half.
    We need a better coach or we are getting blown out in group stage at Qatar 2022, if we make it.
    I wonder what situation we'd be in if we didn't have the best ever generation of US players, we need a coach that can match the quality of the players.

    • Ricky Ricardo
      Ricky Ricardo Year ago

      Honestly we would probably be in the same situation we were for 2018 world cup. Using all MLS players and struggling for that 4th spot. Once we qualify and start playing legit teams in the train up for Qatar, they really need to fix their offensive gameplan or get rid of Greggy.

  • theonlyjosue
    theonlyjosue Year ago +1

    as expected he gave the ball to luca de la torre.

  • Kenm
    Kenm Year ago

    In Wes we Trust.

  • Huzain Muhammad Zakir

    USA 🇺🇸 will re-qualify for the FIFA World Cup spot

  • Kevin Patton
    Kevin Patton Year ago +12

    I would have liked to heard what GGG said to the boys after the Canada loss, not just his ridiculous results/performance comment to the media. Did he go in there and tell them they dominated? What kind of reaction did that get? Also, did LDLT say anything after being given the game ball?

  • Cal Carr
    Cal Carr Year ago

    Proud to be 🇺🇸 also Berhalter out! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Oscar A
    Oscar A Year ago +11

    You guys should’ve shown Gregg’s kicks and his “70%” win percentage that doesn’t take include our much lower WCQ win percentage!! That would’ve shown the fans that are on the cusp of supporting a coach hired through nepotism that he can unite us and get us behind him!!

    • Jakob Hull
      Jakob Hull Year ago +2

      we're currently on track to qualify, what are you complaining for?

    • Oscar A
      Oscar A Year ago +4

      @Jakob Hull the USMNT Twitter account sent a tweet yesterday bragging about GGG’s win record. We’re in 3rd tied with Mexico, with two road games at places where we have never won a WCQ game and a home game against a team that we already lost to. There’s so many nightmare scenarios where we could end up with another Couva.

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago +1

      @Oscar A How can we be in 3rd with only team ahead of us? LOL. I think its called tied for 2nd.

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago


  • Dave_Mate
    Dave_Mate Year ago +1


  • Marty D
    Marty D Year ago +1

    Why couldn’t we have played this way against ES?!

    • J_ Frøst28
      J_ Frøst28 Year ago

      Because ES is a better team than Honduras but overall still bad. Says a lot about the usmnt and GGG TBH

    • Patrick
      Patrick Year ago

      Or Canada for that matter….

  • Gavin Power
    Gavin Power Year ago +24

    Berhalter Out

  • KenDaKingArrives
    KenDaKingArrives Year ago +3

    We should've only aimed for 1st place, Berhalter! These kids deserve better than to defer to a Davies-less and Eustaquio-less Canada team. You made our players play right into their hands. Thanks a lot! 🙄

  • Mark Lim
    Mark Lim Year ago +3

    Looking for the "Behind The Crest" vid for the Canada game. Can't seem to really find it anywhere. Pls upload

  • drew
    drew Year ago

    • Soju Ninja
      Soju Ninja Year ago

      Soccer isn't super popular here yet, but it's slowly climbing. Maybe soon it'll be one of the top 3 sports on TV here, tied with baseball.

  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo Year ago +1

    Damn ,...Canada sure waxed these guys and it is a shame that the women's team has turned a lot of fans away from US soccer!

  • Nicole Brown
    Nicole Brown Year ago +4

    He's gotta go... I understand they're trying to portray GGG in a good light but he's gotta go

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      He ain't going anywhere, in 2nd place, with a way better record than in 2018 at this point. You can hope for it, but he is in for the remainder.

    • Nicole Brown
      Nicole Brown Year ago

      @Arturo It's disgusting. He gets pay 1 Million ..for what????? Disgusting

  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes Year ago

    I wish i should join team usa

  • Sean Jung
    Sean Jung Year ago

    Good win but still not a cohesive unit and a long way from a WC spot away at Mexico & Costa Rica, and anything other than 3 home points vs Panama means another disaster.

  • pamet53
    pamet53 Year ago +17

    Window after window during this qualifying the US has underperformed. We now have the strongest pool of talent in the region by a considerable margin, yet we scrape through windows. Canada with considerably less talent has consistently performed throughout qualifying. Berhalter constantly makes questionable roster decisions, remains dogmatic in the same pattern of play regardless of the situation, frequently makes poor substitutions is inexplicably tied to certain players while others who demonstrate excellent form at their club team are excluded. We are approaching the final window of this qualifier in a situation that is mathematically significantly worse than we were in the last cycle. The current point total is misleading since the US has a much, much harder upcoming window than our direct competitors. This team could easily finish either 4th or even 5th. Given there is no reason this team should finish lower than 2nd this is for the talent level potentially a massive failure. Why are we still using a benchmark of qualifying for the WC in CONCACAF as success when our sights should be much higher.

    • Rodger Murphy
      Rodger Murphy Year ago +2

      Win against Panama at home and they qualify

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives Year ago +2

      @nFWAYGo And we've already failed there, since most likely the best we can do is finish in 2nd, and because of the mediocre attitude of the USSF and GGG we may not get enough points in the window to even keep second place...

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      Stronger pool of talent than Canada? LOL. Who are you kidding? I am a USA fan obviously, but come on, Canada has assembled a world class roster. Ours is a mixed bag.

    • pamet53
      pamet53 Year ago

      @Arturo Really. OK do an analysis of the starting 11 for the US and Canada. Two Canadians would start ahead of their american counterparts - David at No 9 and Davies at the left back No 3. The other 9 players would be US players. If you then go to the second level the same thing would be true. The problem is no US talent we have way more, the problem in how it is being rostered, the tactics used, the lineups and the changes during the game. Herdman is a significantly better manager than GGG and it has been show over and over again during a qualifying campaign where Canada overperforms window after window while we significantly underperform based on our player pool.

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago


  • A W
    A W Year ago +7

    I think we are qualifying, but this qualification cycle has been incredibly disappointing. People need to understand that just because we are in position to qualify DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE DOING A GOOD JOB. Some facts: 1. CONCACAF is one of the easiest regions to qualify from (imagine if we had to qualify from Europe or South America). 2. A bunch of teams are significantly weaker this cycle than they were last cycle; Mexico, Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica are all much worse now. 3. This is supposedly our best team ever on paper. 4. We have qualified for every world cup since 1990 except for 2018, and even in that, if the Panama ghost goal had CORRECTLY been not given, the US would have made it to the playoff. 5. We have qualified with teams far less skilled than this team. So qualifying is not a big accomplishment when we have done so with far less skilled teams, and if we do it in this manner, despite having our best ever team, and in a diminished CONCACAF on top of it. You'd think after last cycle, US Soccer would work to get a world class coach and dominate qualifying to at least BEGIN to make up for last cycle. I will always support this team, even if we don't qualify for 3 straight World Cups, but I honestly think it's a slap in the face to our fans to continue with this mediocre mentality when we have more talent than ever, and after last cycle

    • Adam
      Adam Year ago

      How can you look at how much we are progressing and call this mediocrity? I believe this coach is perfect for this young team because he’s young as well and able to relate. it sets them up for decades of chemistry/ growth. I don’t want some know-it-all coach who will try to force tactics on an inexperienced group of players and end up getting us embarrassed on International tv.

    • Fity Calibre
      Fity Calibre Year ago +1

      Qualifying form however doesn’t always translate into World Cup form however. Wasn’t it 2002 where the US scraped through qualifying and was literally a hand ball away from going to a World Cup semi-final. What important is qualifying, then we can look forward to how we play in the WC

    • Dawg House
      Dawg House Year ago

      @Adam we have been so mediocre .. we’ve had to scratch out wins against pretty bad competition. If you take out the two worst teams in the octagonal and make it like the hex our record is trash. Also, our coach isn’t relatable to our players… guy said we went sicko mode on them and made a fool of himself. Lastly, all this coach does is force tactics on the players… very one dimensional tactics that haven’t been working.

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      Panama is much WORSE now? LOL. Hello?

  • Erick Fuentes
    Erick Fuentes Year ago

    How many times do we have to lose until we realize gregg berhalter IS NOT OUR COACH... not TODAY and not tomorrow

  • M Foulks
    M Foulks Year ago

    Good Stuff lads. But I got two words for yall. . .PE and FOK! Let's unleash the hounds in March.

  • Travis Hensley
    Travis Hensley Year ago +1

    seeing all the players just freezing their ass off at halftime and knowing this could've been avoided really pissed me off.

  • Vee K'ar
    Vee K'ar Year ago

    Weah is like Rudiger while danse celebrate 😃

  • Jeff Hobart
    Jeff Hobart Year ago

    I’m sorry but the only reason Jordan Morris should be in the stadium is if he bought a ticket. And then Gregggg starts him. Unreal. Especially with Aaronson on the team.

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago


  • Coach Paul Business English & Entreprenership

    Gregg Berhalter isn’t talented enough to be the coach of USMNT. He sometimes makes horrible selections, Berhalter doesn’t know how to change the game with substitutions or tactics and he doesn’t know how to motivate and keep the players to play above their level. He is an average coach at best!

  • mcadaal
    mcadaal Year ago +2

    Why can’t Robinson and Dest cross a ball? Why is it that our defenders always pass wide and we end up never never anything down the middle in attacking third?

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago


  • Robert B. Graham Jr.

    These highlights are delusional. We suck and need to be better. As a top tier country in concacaf it should be unacceptable to even have a close game with any of these teams. Shame again to the corrupt USSF and to the ignorance about this being a good World Cup qualifying window.

  • Candlestick Boy
    Candlestick Boy Year ago +1

    BEHIND THE CREST: CANMNT Blanks US in Hamilton

  • Vee K'ar
    Vee K'ar Year ago

    Struggle to qualify and too late to sack Berhalter. So if USA made it to Qatar, I'm worried they will go back home early.

  • Mack Vaclaw
    Mack Vaclaw Year ago

    Power soccer😏

  • Arturo
    Arturo Year ago

    Why in the world did the schedule this game in Minnesota in winter against the WORST team in the qualifiers? Ridiculous.

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago

    i love and lover you usa 🇺🇸 ❤💙 from iran and iranian 🇮🇷 💚❤ . 🇮🇷💚❤💙🤝🇺🇸 . go usa 🇺🇸 ❤💙 .

  • Basically Hamm
    Basically Hamm Year ago

    Damn didn't even get to hear LDT talk lmaooo

  • Lunee
    Lunee Year ago +1

    my guy was hittin that shi 8:51

  • ryan febrianto
    ryan febrianto Year ago

    Wow, you always had a topless guy in frozen weather. So some guys from Wisconsin and Minneapolis were resist to hypothermia?

  • eric ramirez
    eric ramirez Year ago +1

    A win el salvador win in Jamaica win panama would've this team qualified already

  • Ben Whealler
    Ben Whealler Year ago

    Soooo, nothing about the El Salvador game?

  • steezyrey
    steezyrey Year ago +6

    No LDLT speech?

  • ZeeksFreaks
    ZeeksFreaks Year ago

    lol did you see a guy with his shirt off in freezing cold weather?! XD

  • Joh Electrix
    Joh Electrix Year ago

    When Gregg can beat Mexico but can't beat Canada embarassing

  • zx82
    zx82 Year ago +6

    Are you seriously not going to post any highlights or Behind the Crest from the loss against Canada? Pretending like that game didn't take place?

    • Vincenzo D'Anello
      Vincenzo D'Anello Year ago

      did you watch the video?

    • zx82
      zx82 Year ago

      @Vincenzo D'Anello there's less than a minute of highlights tacked onto the beginning of a video of another match. The other two matches got their own highlights and their own behind the crest.

    • Vincenzo D'Anello
      Vincenzo D'Anello Year ago

      @zx82 well they did exactly the same with the defeat against Panama, which was followed by the win against Costa Rica.
      The video was about Costa Rica, but there was also a 1-2 minute intro about the loss in Panama.

  • Anthony Vega
    Anthony Vega Year ago


    • Neno
      Neno Year ago +1

      My predictions 2-1 against mexico 2-0 against costa rica and 1-0 against panama

  • ten11
    ten11 Year ago

    Weah C walkiin baybee. Love to see it

  • Alexis Vézina-Matte

    I know I said top five, but I'm top two
    And I'm not two and I got one
    How are the neighbors feeling eh?

  • Joe Lindsay
    Joe Lindsay Year ago

    Berhalter out. He's just not the guy

  • Vik Nair
    Vik Nair Year ago

    By now usa should have been qualified had we a better coach. This coach is too inconsistent and gets lucky. Luck only gets you so far

  • Mohammed Wasi
    Mohammed Wasi Year ago


  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner Year ago +2

    GGG out!

  • Mohammed Wasi
    Mohammed Wasi Year ago

    Son said the performance didnt hurt. Dumbass coach bro

  • Matthew Marshall
    Matthew Marshall Year ago +1

    got spanked by canada lmaoooooo

  • FearHype
    FearHype Year ago +2

    No speech from Luca??? Hmmm…

  • Aaron BN
    Aaron BN Year ago +5

    Berhalter out

  • country clubbin
    country clubbin Year ago

    Berhalter is not the right man for the job...

  • Salvador Gonzalez

    And yall kept the coaches stupid comments after the Canada game!?...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Tiger Turner
    Tiger Turner Year ago +6

    LDLT > Gregg

  • Brock Jackson
    Brock Jackson Year ago

    Lucky dislikes are disabled

  • rwurm11
    rwurm11 Year ago

    GGG out

  • AMMS
    AMMS Year ago +3

    Blanked Honduras in Minnesota with hyperthermia.
    If you believe you are better than them, then prove it on a comfortable pitch. But you wanted an advantage?

    • Charyosh523
      Charyosh523 Year ago +1

      What do you want them to try to play in a equal game no they want to have the. Eat chance of winning possible like I don’t understand what your saying at all they’ll try there best to win

    • AMMS
      AMMS Year ago +1

      @Charyosh523 don't claim US is better than Honduras if you need the cold as a teammate. Only make the claim if you can beat them in conditions where the climate is not going to be an obstacle for the opposing team. Now if you were playing against Brazil I say use the advantage cause US is not good enough to win. Two players from Honduras were removed due to hyperthermia. How thoughtful

    • Bryan Gonzales
      Bryan Gonzales Year ago

      We can’t beat El Salvador in the their home, we can’t beat Jamaica in their home, we can’t beat Canada in their own home, we can’t beat Panama in their own home, we can’t beat anyone in their home, we can’t afford to let those team be comfortable in this place as it’s the only country we’re decent at. We could easily be the worst team in the octogonal if we had no home games.

    • AMMS
      AMMS Year ago

      @Bryan Gonzales good point. We DOMINATED. Canada is amazing though. As an American, I'm proud of them. They are the best. We do have good players though.

    • Klako8196
      Klako8196 Year ago +1

      USA has been complete shit on the road, and still beat Honduras 4-1 in Honduras. I think that fact is enough to say USA is better.