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The Worst Nutrition Mistakes Every Lifter Makes

  • Published on Jun 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Written by Jeff Nippard
    Filmed by Matt Dziadecki: dziadecki
    Editing by Jeff Nippard
    Music by Bankrupt Beats: / bankruptbeats
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    0:00 - Mistake 1
    3:19 - Mistake 2
    5:56 - Mistake 3
    8:05 - Mistake 4
    In this video I cover four nutrition mistakes that (pretty much) every lifter makes. I discuss how large your caloric surplus should be when bulking, how much supplements matter, the importance of protein, and how many meals you should be consuming each day.
    About me: I'm a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I've been training for 12 years drug-free. I'm 5'5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).
    Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.
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  • Iulian626
    Iulian626 2 months ago +432

    0:00 - Mistake 1 - Thinking that you can force feed muscle growth
    3:19 - Mistake 2 - Not realizing that most supplements are overrated
    5:56 - Mistake 3 - Thinking you need a super high protein diet
    8:05 - Mistake 4 - Misunderstanding meal frequency

  • Cameron Harvey
    Cameron Harvey 2 months ago +157

    I love when Jeff goes in deep on stats and science and doesnt treat his viewers like dummies. Always a clear and succinct breakdown with the full information on the screen. What a guy.

  • Dash Family
    Dash Family 2 months ago +840

    I am always amazed at how down to earth and no bs his approach is. It's good to see his podcast and dedication to a science driven approach.

    • TippyHippy
      TippyHippy 2 months ago +14

      I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.

    • connn17
      connn17 2 months ago +5

      It makes me so happy how everything be does is evidence and research based bc there's so much misinformation nowadays and it's so nice to see someone who just wants to help others and not make money off of bs

    • Yasha
      Yasha 2 months ago +4

      @connn17 fools

    • connn17
      connn17 2 months ago +2


    • Yasha
      Yasha 2 months ago +1

      @connn17 he doesnt care he just does it for money its an act and you fall for it instead do your own research my brother learn for yourself take what ever information is good and leave what not but you need to research it to confirm

  • Oblogonogo
    Oblogonogo 2 months ago +56

    Thanks Jeff. I’ve struggled for a while trying to max out my protein and be as efficient as possible. I burnt out and realized what I was doing wasn’t sustainable for me.
    This video drops at a good time, encouraging me to practice workout /life balance

  • the proust effect
    the proust effect Month ago +14

    Thank you for covering the ability to gain muscle even eating a bit less protein than is recommended, and acknowledging those who can't afford a high protein diet. Your videos are always so professional, and cover topics so thoughtfully in a short amount of time. Thank you for all your hard work and providing these educational, evidence-based videos for free!

  • Jhared Cruzada
    Jhared Cruzada Month ago +6

    Thanks for the vid, Jeff! I’m starting my fitness journey later in life than a lot of friends did (I’m 25M). I enjoy the fact that because of my age I’ve been motivated to learn how to train most efficiently. This cuts down on bad habits needing to be broken and also saves me lots of time in the future from this start point. I’m proud to say you’ve gained a good follower and I even visited your website to grab a few products! Keep making great content!

  • tiger10119
    tiger10119 2 months ago +37

    Jeff I really love and appreciate everything you do and have done for the community. I have followed you since like 2016 you have helped me SO much.

  • Lunar Radius
    Lunar Radius Month ago +3

    Nice video as usual Jeff. One thing I was wondering was if there are any similar studies to the Sundgot-Borgen paper that had an extra experimental group for training intensity or volume. It would be interesting to see if high muscle stimulus/large calorie surplus would have any changes in fat mass gained compared to the low muscle stimulus/large calorie surplus groups.

  • Eternal Prestige
    Eternal Prestige 2 months ago +2

    Ive been doing your Push Pull leg split from your website for about 1 month now. Ive noticed overall strength and increased proportions. I was skeptical at first because it was a large decrease of volume however it showed me that i had too much junk volume in my last self-made routine. Helped me max out at 275 on the bench. I was stuck at 160. Now im gonna test a squat max next week so i can update the spread sheet so it gives me more accurate numbers for working weight. What your doing it amazing. Thank you. I also got a friend to get the same routine from your website because he was looking for a change in routine. Last note: single leg swiss ball leg curls are the most intense leg exercise ive ever done.

  • azaneth x
    azaneth x 2 months ago +6

    I've been gaining muscle while maintaining my weight the past month but want a slight cut (maybe 250-300 calories max). Needed this. Love this channel :)

    • WB
      WB 2 months ago

      That’s good, because there’s not much to cut when you come from body recomp anyway, so don’t stress about the calorie deficit.

    • FRESH Life Hacks
      FRESH Life Hacks 2 months ago

      @WB she has to be very cAreful with deficit . Over time can triger insulin resistance n develop ED having Epic hunnger

  • Speedyboi4623
    Speedyboi4623 2 months ago +10

    So happy to see that it isn’t mandatory to meet your daily protein goal. I always thought if I wasn’t reaching my daily protein goal I was building almost no muscle as if I didn’t have enough. I guess it makes sense since protein is a building block and not a fuel source. I guess it’s like building a brick house with only 500 bricks a day instead of 1000 bricks. 500 bricks ain’t as fast but your still building the house just slower.

    • aakash bhat
      aakash bhat Month ago +2

      I would argue it's actually better to not be at the highest level in general, because of sustainability. Yes you might build the house faster, but the workers can burn out or injure themselves, or the house might have some mistake in it's building. Eating 180 grams of protein a day requires a constant effort which isn't sustainable for the average lifter.

  • Alfonso Perez
    Alfonso Perez Month ago +4

    Jeff adding water to the whole protein container and drinking it made me gain some muscle 😂.
    Love your videos and all the information you provide for us.

  • Lars Ehling
    Lars Ehling Month ago

    Love this video as an physiotherapist and therapy scientist. So good in showing evidence of strength training and the nutrition. 🤩

  • The KTM Angel
    The KTM Angel Month ago

    Mistake 4 is such a common one. Im glad you covered it. Really enjoyed the video, i think this was one many lifters did need.

  • Stephen Hare
    Stephen Hare Month ago +1

    Jeff, your whole energy and personality really encourages the long-range perspective which I think is so helpful for motivated people like me. Thank you for that 🙋‍♂️

  • DebtCollectah
    DebtCollectah 2 months ago +94

    This is the first Jeff Nippard video I’ve watched in a while, and I’ve been back in the gym because I turned into a bit of a chubby lad. Hit nearly 100kg in September, dropped to 90kg by December. Put 6kg back on over the holiday period, and now I’m sitting at 85kg. All of the loss occurred when I tracked my macros using MacroFactor. Sweet to know you’re a part owner 💙💙 glad my money’s going to the right places

    • insomnia
      insomnia 2 months ago +4

      +1. Macrofactor has been awesome for me as well.

    • Everything'sBetterNaked
      Everything'sBetterNaked Month ago

      Imagine caring about macros instead of calories...

    • Tom Whitchurch
      Tom Whitchurch Month ago +1

      @Everything'sBetterNaked Obviously being in a calorie deficit is what is going to make you lose weight. But improper macros is gonna fuck with your training, and probably make you feel pretty shitty.

  • Skrimy
    Skrimy 2 months ago +73

    Jeff will always be the guy I watch when trying to learn anything with lifting!

    • Ray W
      Ray W 2 months ago

      And Thomas Delaur...

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago

      @Ray W LOL.

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago +1

      Good way to stay small

    • Sawyer Gardner
      Sawyer Gardner 2 months ago +1

      go watch Dr. Mike Israetel man that's where Jeff learned some of his knowledge

  • Lynne Shenfine
    Lynne Shenfine 2 months ago +107

    Fabulous breakdown as always. Thanks Jeff. Keep up the great work ❤

    • Monke Lifter
      Monke Lifter 2 months ago +4

      You had no time to even watch it

    • Spartan Gaming Official
      Spartan Gaming Official 2 months ago +7

      Dude he uploaded it 10 min ago and you commented on in 6 min ago. Atleast watch the video dude 😂

    • random person
      random person 2 months ago +1

      Vid 4 hours ago comment 4 hours ago

  • Mike1211
    Mike1211 2 months ago +11

    Im glad you've mentioned about the protein intake. I've had numerous arguments with people in recent years about how much protein you need to consume. In my opinion, the majority of people don't need any more than 0.8g per lb of lean body mass. Anything from 0.5-0.8 will suffice the majority of people. I've seen people saying you need between 1.5 and 2g per lb of bodyweight and that's just ridiculous. Half of that is literally being excreted .

    • overtime94
      overtime94 2 months ago

      Appreciate the distinction you made between body weight and lean body mass. I never understood why people over simplify this.

    • mark4lev
      mark4lev 2 months ago +1

      The amount of protein a natural can synthesise is extremely small. If your on gear like Jeff that’s not important because you are in a state of protein synthesis the ENTIRE time you are on the cycle. Remember, steroid users need LESS protein than naturals not more.

    • l̼̓
      l̼̓ 2 months ago

      Spread protein intake out thru out the day, so in morning afternoon and evening for best results

  • Jack Rosenbaum
    Jack Rosenbaum 2 months ago +10

    My first 3-4 months of lifting, I gained 30 ish lbs. At the end of it my body fat was still around 15%, and it still looked pretty lean. I wouldn't do it again now as a more experienced lifter, but i think the large surplus helped squeeze every ounce out of the newbie gains

    • TRBL
      TRBL 12 days ago

      how tf did u gain 13ish kilos in 4 months😂😂 been working out for 3 and only gained like maybe 2kilos(5ish pounds)?? I eat adequately, sleep well, work out with inyensity too. I think im like 11-12% body fat and only added muscle so far

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 2 months ago +1

    I am 44, been watching your videos for about 2 years already...
    Couldn't agree more.
    Every person has to listen to the results certain muscle building tips/advice give you.
    In order to meet that diet and routines that help you meet your goals.

  • Mizelei2012
    Mizelei2012 3 days ago

    Yeah, I made a mistake in my first two months so I ended up gaining fat to where I was 206,57 lbs. I've been trimming it down and now I'm at 191,14 lbs with approx 18% fat so I have a bit further to go.

  • Noho Hank
    Noho Hank 2 months ago +1

    Great video as always. Jeff please do a video discussing cardio and it’s effects on muscle growth when trying to cross train. Powerlifting/running etc. not just in terms of “fat loss” but in terms of its tangible effects on gaining strength.

  • Himesh Singh Shishodiya
    Himesh Singh Shishodiya 2 months ago +6

    Great content as always from my inspiration! The editing is getting even better.
    Thank you Mr. Jeff!

  • David Forman
    David Forman Month ago

    Another home run from Jeff. JEFF - in your protein intake recommendations - do you count grams of trace proteins from foods such as nuts or quinoa towards your daily goal? Or only straight protein sources like fish, meat, etc.?

  • Chloe R
    Chloe R 2 months ago +22

    I always appreciate how you always make your videos so well researched. So many fitness influencers are going off anecdotal evidence and pushing bs supplements. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

    • UnexG
      UnexG 2 months ago +1

      I'd also like to add that it's cool that Jeff always knows how to display these studies. I just finished my BSc thesis and I swear, some studies / papers I've read over the last months have the absolutely worst form of presentation of data I've ever seen.
      Jeff uses the graphs that are usable and designs his own if (I'm assuming with this one) the data presentation is shit. Mad respect for the effort he puts in this.

  • Matthew Layson
    Matthew Layson 2 months ago +37

    I really appreciate how you clearly state you own a part of the app you sell. The transparency is really nice considering how fake some fitness channels can be.

  • Chaos Chen
    Chaos Chen 2 months ago +6

    Hey Jeff!! Quick question… in regards to training, is it more preferable to do strength (6-10 reps) or endurance (12+ reps)? I’ve read that fasting is very bad when it comes to muscle loss, so unless you’re for strength, it seems you’ll lose that.
    Would love your opinion/explanation for what the best training is as I’m currently on a calorie deficit and on the MF app

    • Dank Smoke
      Dank Smoke 2 months ago +1

      I got you homie! Im not Jeff but I've similarly read a lot of studies and I work out a lot.
      Think of weight lifting as this, in general:
      2-5~ reps - strength training (density of muscle tissue)
      8-12~ reps - hypertrophy training (increase in muscle mass)
      14+ reps - endurance training (tolerance to time under tension)
      So what method you choose depends on a lot of factors, but mainly assess what you're looking to do. In general, I've found that training strength with sets of 3-5 reps on compound lifts like bench, deadlift, squat, barbell row, OHP, etc is very efficient at building strength across many muscle groups. I've also found training around 10 reps for the same compound lifts is an efficient way to increase muscle mass across several muscle groups. I never do more than 15 reps as I find it wasteful. I don't want to fatigue out when I'm repping out the 20 lb dumbells.
      So the GZCLP program is great for this, you open with strength training on a heavy compound lift, then move to a hypertrophic compound lift. Then, you hit the high rep range for isolation exercises (bicep curls, skullcrushers, calf raises, leg curls, etc) to round out the pyramid.

  • Nicole D. Smith DNP, ARNP, FNP-C, ONP-C, CPT

    Thank you for making such great, free content backed by experience and evidence 👏 Huge value!

  • Chris Barney
    Chris Barney 2 months ago +16

    Loved the bit about eating below .7g/lb and how you can still build muscle, just not as fast. I've experienced this personally and appreciated the call-out for not being able to afford 1g/lb.

    • Harry
      Harry 2 months ago +7

      Agree mate. Protein foods are hell expensive

    • Adrian N
      Adrian N 2 months ago +1

      Yeah cutie

  • Seat
    Seat Month ago

    subbed, really informative straight to the point. Provides the science to your claims. found out i been cutting way to hard thanks for the knowledge!

  • Kenji
    Kenji 2 months ago +1

    Your Videos are always a highlight for me, Jeff. Seriously though. Whenever people want to gain knowledge about X or Y i can always give them precise answers and also the studies which cover the topic when they don't believe me. You're the King, my friend!

  • Andrew Winkler
    Andrew Winkler 2 months ago +7

    I wanna say thanks for the videos. I started going to the gym consistently the end of December 2022, didn't see any results until I started focusing on my calorie and protein intake. I started at 135lb and 6ft, I still only weigh 146 now but it's progress and I'm getting the foundation.

  • Bill Monty
    Bill Monty 2 months ago +3

    Biggest mistakes I made early was definitely being overly focused on protein and supplements (including test boosters, fat burners, etc. 😖) but I learned within the first year to ween off of that. Now I only do creatine and maybe a multivitamin, only use protein shakes when I really need it which isn't often. Another thing I'll add is thinking you need to eat a certain way, but really as long as calories + protein are good and you're not extreme with your choices you'll be fine.

  • Tony Collings
    Tony Collings Month ago +1

    Absolutely solid info', no bullshit. Love it. It's a little tricky for me after getting really bad digestive issues post Lyme Disease/antibiotics, a lot of supplements are intolerable. Focusing on clean eating, but your videos are great I get tons of great exercise/nutrition info'. Cheers there!

    • Lazyfoal 6169091
      Lazyfoal 6169091 28 days ago

      I have digestive issues but its because of ibs. Cant take creatine, protein powder, most protein shakes, and i finally found 1 protein bar that i can finally snack on. Im going to have to cook more food. I hope you can find some supplements that you can use

  • Chitransh gupta
    Chitransh gupta 2 months ago +122

    You are a gem to the fitness industry !
    No BS at all 😀

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago +9

      He's all BS

      ПICK SWΛGGΣЯ 2 months ago +15

      @Name ur BS

    • SleydaX
      SleydaX 2 months ago +4

      ​@Name then proof it

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago +9

      @SleydaX his so called science studies are biased, small sample sizes, bad methodology. Every person's body and genetics are different. Nobody can calculate the appropriate amount of protein intake for optimal muscle gain, because it's different for every person, and it's not measurable because there's so many other factors involved such as sleep, training intensity, water intake, metabolism etc. If you are trying to build muscle, more protein will always be better than less protein. Common sense. But these goofy studies are advising people to limit protein and telling them to avoid protein surplus. This is sabotaging gains.

    • Jasper zx
      Jasper zx 2 months ago +11

      @Name these studies go off either the general public or people with normal genetics. I’d rather listen to a scientific study than bro science

  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K 2 months ago +2

    Excellent breakdown of nutrition mistakes, and alternative approaches for lifters🔥

  • Rick Grammatica
    Rick Grammatica 2 months ago

    Brilliant video as always, thanks! When you calculate the amount of protein you consume, do you add up the high quaility protein (e.g. chicken, whey etc. that contain higher amounts of BCAAs such as Leucine) or all protein consumed? For example, if I'm consuming 150g protein per day, should I aim for all of this to come from high quailty protein and ignore the extra grams of protein from foods like, rice, fruit and vegetables? Or should it all be included in the total?

    • Martin T
      Martin T 2 months ago

      You include it all.

  • Navin Rao
    Navin Rao Month ago +1

    Great Content! Would be interested in seeing a video about recovery in regards to sleep. What effects does strength training before bed have on the quality of sleep?

    • FRESH Life Hacks
      FRESH Life Hacks Month ago +1

      It will miss u up yr zzzz quality 😮! Which is Most critical part of Metabolism! During strength training ppl get worked up release hormon to up metabolism, speed up evrything . But that will prevent u go back to fall zzzz ! Which make u stay up late, or bad zzz . Ud be foggy brain 🧠 next day n more hungry .
      Our professor made clear -- MOST critical to weight loss 😮😮😮go to bed in TIME no later than mid night ! That was HARDEST! Took me a month to move zzzz time 2 hr earlier . Set reminder etc !
      Do not workout pass 8pm , do not eat 4 hr before bed 🛌! But making sure go to bed within 5-6 hrs from last (FULL meal 🥘) other wise “hunger hormon”will kick in . 😊

  • Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk 2 months ago

    Jeff - I would love to see you revisit supplements if there has been additional recent research on the leading candidate supplements that interest you. Personally, I think Im a creating non-responder, but I get a significant pump with L-Citrulline. Anecdotally, I think it has promise. Thanks for another great, well-researched, informative video.

  • Arne Kronvall
    Arne Kronvall 2 months ago

    I feel like mistake nr 4 also depends on what you are training, what type of muscle fiber you’re exhausting. Since type 2x or “white muscle fibers” don’t create it’s ATP (motion energy) with oxygen and only stored energy such as carbohydrates, it’s very important to have enough carbohydrates before a powerlifting session were you work low volume high intensity 1-2 reps. And if you’re running and using type 1 muscle fibers that creates energy via oxygen, eating carbohydrates is less important.

  • Laurenz R.
    Laurenz R. 2 months ago +3

    Hi, I really enjoyed macro factor for the 2 months I used it. My problem was that 1. it didn’t really have any meals in the database itself and 2. I couldn’t adjust my goal over 0.3 kg per week, since the app limited it. Would love to see some changes here

    • Jesster
      Jesster 2 months ago

      What do you mean "it didn't really have any meals in the database itself"? The database is pretty great, and you can add custom items to your heart's content! Also, do you mean 0.3 kg gain per week? You can currently adjust the gain to 0.75 lbs/week which is 0.34 kg/week. I'm not sure why you would want to gain faster than that, but if you do, you can set up a custom nutrition plan and just eat more than the coached plan would suggest.

    • Laurenz R.
      Laurenz R. Month ago

      @Jesster Well i Would like to gain faster than that, because a - studys have shown that up to 0.5 kg per week can be beneficial. Im pretty sure Jeff has also mentioned it in a few of his videos and b - the reccomended calories for gaining 0.3 kg per week were wayyyy too low for me. i ended up loosing after 2 weeks on this schedule. And yes, i was tracking every las calorie down to the gramm, so please dont tell me i tracked wrong. The database had 0 meals saved. At least here in germany. So i ended up connecting it with my fitness pal, which has the meals i scanned saved and ended up tracking this was. Suboptimal to say the least

  • InStrong Workout
    InStrong Workout 2 months ago +79

    Jeff has transformed my life in so many ways. really helped me break free from self-doubt and hit the gym but I wass kinda ashamed ofmy shape at ht firs time., Now I'm even trying to film workouts and dreaming of becomeing a fitness influencer one day because i really love it..Keep it up dude, your motivation as really important, and I'm pretty sure not only for me.

    • Your Boy Mr Mac
      Your Boy Mr Mac 2 months ago +5

      Keep making gains but honestly I would pick a better job ... Jeff is a rare good one among a LOT of charlatans.

    • Ama7erasu
      Ama7erasu 2 months ago

      great channel bro. just checked u out
      could use a better pfp

    • DB
      DB 2 months ago +2

      Your dream is to be a fitness influencer, Christ almighty. 😂

    • butterpastor
      butterpastor 2 months ago +1

      dude you got a billion other people trying to be a fitness influencer but good luck to ya

  • Eric Mendoza
    Eric Mendoza 2 months ago +20

    Can we take a moment to talk about how improved Jeff's video quality production is looking in this video? My man did some serious upgrade, shit's looking crisp AF! Thanks Jeff for putting such high quality content out there

  • Jacked Dad
    Jacked Dad 2 months ago +2

    Been doing some research for a while but you have become my go to guy for the science based facts in my training! 💪 shout out from Glasgow, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • FittyShadesofJay
    FittyShadesofJay 2 months ago

    Thanks, glad to know my 9hr eating window isn’t hurting my gains too much. But Mistake 1 should be- not following Jeff to gain science based lifting/nutrition info 💪

  • dankspain
    dankspain Month ago +1

    I actually find it hard to follow the 2g/kg (150ish g in my case) while in a calorie deficit. You really need to check constantly your protein in every meal and protein powder becomes key.

    • hans kazan
      hans kazan Month ago

      nah i eat around 200 grams of protein per day and never use protein powder...

  • J Silbern
    J Silbern 2 months ago +46

    What's your stance on caloric fluctuations to hit a weekly goal instead of just a daily target? Is there any research to suggest it being better or worse?
    Good video as always

    • FIGP
      FIGP 2 months ago +3

      I wanna know this too

    • Melissa Coding
      Melissa Coding 2 months ago +1

      Also interested and just listened to a good mind pump podcast where they talk about this to some degree, saying it is better to ensure the surplus is daily and not saved for a weekend splurge, but I want Jeff's wisdom to back this up haha

    • Connor Maynard
      Connor Maynard 2 months ago +3

      Look up calorie zig zagging seems to be proven useful

    • Jason Rios
      Jason Rios 2 months ago

      A ton bodybuilders do calorie cycling. (High, low, medium carb days)

    • Melissa Coding
      Melissa Coding 2 months ago

      @Connor Maynard this is great cheers, kind of what I do naturally as I have an untracked day once per week and just be sure to hit my slight surplus other days... I did used to have 2 days that were under maintenance not by design, and notices more fat gain, I think I was underfeeding but not sure

  • jmg999
    jmg999 2 months ago +1

    I really appreciate your empirical evidence-based approach. Thank you for making this type of content available.

  • 宇宙星人
    宇宙星人 Month ago

    It's good to know that I don't need as much protein; it's been hard to hit my target protein intake while eating in a deficit, even with protein powder. I eat eggs, tuna, and chicken every day with 20g from protein powder but that's still shy of the 85g I'd need to hit even 1.0 grams per kg

  • boli milda
    boli milda 2 months ago

    This is an incredibly helpful video you are like my favorite fitness youtuber and I love your science stats thanks jeff!

  • Alcoholic Ally
    Alcoholic Ally Month ago

    The protein thing and food is what I just recently got into just bc in the past I never made it something I needed to do. I wanted to be same body weight and just progress in being freakishly strong, but now I try to eat a lot and I try to make sure it’s meals filled w protein. I think for my heavy lifting, and me almost always feeling hungry I should be eating a lot anyway tbh

  • Blair Silva
    Blair Silva 2 months ago +6

    Hey Jeffie boy ! Nice to see you again.
    Should we calculate our protein intake based on body mass or lean mass ? Does it make a difference?

    • xHuntedStormx
      xHuntedStormx 2 months ago

      1.6-2.2g/kg of total body mass. much easier than measuring lean muscle mass and then calculating protein intake from that, if that's what you mean?

  • UnwittingSweater
    UnwittingSweater 2 months ago

    This was very similar to my experience. I think it will get alot better when its content is linked directly to the code in the ide and can execute code tests to understand if it has done the right thing.

  • Tarvo Erimäe
    Tarvo Erimäe Month ago

    Been using macrofactor for 2 months. Lost 13lbs (6kg) and gotten alot more leaner and stronger in the gym. Definitely recommend it! It´s not a silver bullet but a really helpful tool to support the journey.

  • IZ Phooto
    IZ Phooto Month ago

    I find this video SOOOO helpful. Everything I've been unsure about you addressed.
    My only disagreement is no disclaimer about this knowledge being based on your personal experience and knowledge.
    I say this because I've seen how addictive caffeine can be and personally I don't think it's worth that little kick to go to the gym. I wish you said something about how addictive it is for those who don't know and start drinking coffee because of this video

  • Victor Bey-Smith
    Victor Bey-Smith 2 months ago

    Been enjoying this quality content since 2017! Thank you Jeff!

  • FitLabb
    FitLabb 2 months ago +771

    One mistake I’d add is that fasted workouts don’t actually cause more bodyfat/weight loss. While it may cause a bit more fat than glycogen to be used as the energy source for the workout, you’re not actually burning more or less calories as a result, nor are you burning off any additional body fat. I’d actually argue that you’ll probably have less energy going into the workout when fasted, which can lead to a less intense & therefore less productive training session than if you properly fueled your workout beforehand.
    Edit: To clarify, I’m not saying you need a full meal shortly before working out. Even just eating a banana, granola bar, or a similar small healthy snack with some carbs does the job just fine 20-30 minutes before a workout. 💪

    • Oficado
      Oficado 2 months ago +102

      Different strokes, I'm the opposite in that I feel lethargic and tired after eating for up to 2-4 hours and my workouts suffer if I do them post meal. If I'm fasted I feel light as a feather.

    • ForTehNguyen
      ForTehNguyen 2 months ago +16

      same here, i tend to perform better in afternoon workouts after getting a couple meals in the day

    • De Shovel
      De Shovel 2 months ago +13

      I get lightheaded if I try to work out while fasting. Then again I fast without water cause Ramadan lol.

    • Lengren
      Lengren 2 months ago +3

      I feel great lifting fasted, but it did take some time getting past the lethargy and nauseousness early on. Running is a different story (if more than 8 miles).
      But I would agree that it has little to do with additional fat loss.

    • Dami O
      Dami O 2 months ago +13

      @Oficado Yep thats why early morning fasted workouts work best for me. Also gives me more energy throughout the day and helps to regulate my sleep cycle which is another plus

  • Philippe Gagné
    Philippe Gagné 2 months ago +1

    I do not know if you made a video specificly on this topic outside of the one on excessive clean eating, but did you do a video on balancing intuitive eating and general fitness (particuliarly for those went through eating disorder or disordered eating while obsessing about health and fitness) ?

  • Kyzer Bowen
    Kyzer Bowen 2 months ago

    Hey Jeff, you should talk to Andy Galpin about protein intake. He has some good research to back his hypothesis of over 1g/lb of bw. Thanks for the video!

  • Empirion
    Empirion 2 months ago +1

    Tried 5 meals in a deficit, felt like it was not enough to be sated (meals too small) and a hassle to constantly be fixing tiny meals. Four seems to be the magic number for me.

  • Mangle
    Mangle 2 months ago +1

    I'm definitely making these mistakes. I'm trying to force myself to be big even though I've only started lifting a year ago. I have to mature to make this work.

    • nick pumper
      nick pumper 2 months ago +1

      You should have pretty noticeable results in a year.

    • George
      George 2 months ago +1

      In a year, you should have very noticeable results. I've been going for just a month, and I've noticed changes

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    What's your opinion on cutting weight fast with fasting? I find it really easy to fast up to 48 hours and getting a big caloric deficit. Then eating a few days and doing the same thing again. That leads to big weight loss but is it bad for muscle preservation? I've read about increase in HGH while fasting which would help with the muscle loss.

    • Novieee Dot
      Novieee Dot 2 months ago +7

      I know you’re asking him but me personally go for it man ! The transformations I’ve personally seen and done from fasting for a cut LOOK sick

    • El1minationTV
      El1minationTV 2 months ago +25

      I'm pretty sure that if you're going days without eating, you are going to lose a lot of muscle at a time. If you want to keep most of your muscle and lose the fat, you should be in a slight calorie deficit.

    • Jared VanderSluys
      Jared VanderSluys 2 months ago +58

      No one going to mention the profile pic?

    • Robert Lincoln
      Robert Lincoln 2 months ago

      It's a balancing act. Personally, when I "fast", I really don't. I will still consume protein regularly throughout the day. Not sure if it's right but it works for me. And definitely don't go too long of a fast if you don't want to lose a TON of muscle imo.

    • pixel fairy
      pixel fairy 2 months ago +18

      @Jared VanderSluys Just checked. Its a scammer. Could be a human, a bot copying a humans message, or an ai.

  • Clay Kramper
    Clay Kramper 2 months ago

    Hey Jeff, I’m curious your thoughts about the potential strength and health gains from wearing “barefoot” style shoes. Seems like having a wider toe box and stronger foot muscles would help prevent injuries and pressing power on movements like squatting. Or perhaps clever marketing is taking effect. I’d love to hear your scientific opinion!

    • Jim
      Jim  2 months ago

      Well look at people from cultures that don't really wear shoes and you'll see that they have a wider more stable and stronger foot. Bare foot shoes are designed to be as natural and minimal as possible with the wider toe box and really thin flat sole. Think of any structure from bottom to top.. . It needs a strong foundation and is only as strong as its weakest point, so having strong healthy feet is the first step in the kinetic chain.

  • Ailias
    Ailias 2 months ago

    Interesting about the 'eating more doesn't speed your metabolism', my coach split my same diet I was eating in three meals into five and I lost 6cm on my waist in a few months. That was the only change.

    • Pete Ando
      Pete Ando 2 months ago

      The fact you’re probably built different and your coach knows you better, may be the winning factor as to why you lost the weight

    • Transfiqure
      Transfiqure 2 months ago

      @Pete Ando This doesn’t really make sense. Yes people are individuals with small differences but nobody is exempt from the way metabolism and fat loss works. It’s the same for everyone. There were other factors at play, not just a meal change

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago

    This is a good thing to talk about because the biggest mistake is my eyes that alot of lifters do is misunderstand the science behind the big picture, ultimately your diet will control how you look, exercise will guide you into your goals but theres no point in climbing a mountain with the wrong tools, all you are doing is making it harder 😎

  • Aaron Ramsay
    Aaron Ramsay Month ago

    Buddy, I weigh 115kg, roughly 230 lbs, and I get out of breath climbing stairs! Your progress and attitude are amazing, keep at it.

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +3

    I don't if it's worth the effort looking into, but it would be cool to know if health conditions such as celiacs, lactose intolerance, and or IBD affects absorption of protein. Current medical books says that's celiacs severity can manifest in adolescent age and even potentially inhibit growth. I wish I had the knowledge you been sharing before falling for health fads when I was younger. Keep up the good work with the research and your health goals!

  • Geolykos
    Geolykos 2 months ago

    I can attest to this. I put on 9kg in 5 months (91->100kg) for mass and that translated in 4% more fat. Though it wasn't bad aesthetically.

  • George Vieira
    George Vieira 2 months ago +1

    Used to workout so hard, but was only getting around 50g protein max, it was so hard to put on mass. Now I hardly workout but get around 150g, and I find it far easier to put on muscle.

  • Hudson Taber
    Hudson Taber 2 months ago

    Jeff, I’ve been watching your vids for 7 years now and as a fellow Ex Sci grad and gym bro, your content never fails to engage… something hard to do with such dense ducational material! 👏

  • Viper Green
    Viper Green 2 months ago

    I made those mistakes over a decade ago--believing that during bulks you had to eat a lot to gain muscle, but even though you feel stronger, you gain more fat instead if your caloric surplus is beyond 20%; going from three meals to six meals for the false reason that six meals would raise your metabolism; taking creatine, glutamine, BCAA, and whey protein and eating cottage cheese for casein protein for the last meal in order to boost my protein intake and get bigger faster. But the truth is that you need a smaller caloric surplus when bulking, your protein intake has to be enough and not too much and can be fulfilled without supplements although supplements can be used in addition to food when you're not eating enough protein in your diet.
    I liked the metaphor of nutrition being the building blocks and your training program being the construction crew and blueprint of a building and the left over building blocks are fat and the building is muscle that you've built.

    • Eugenie Breida
      Eugenie Breida 28 days ago

      And 7-8 hrs of quality sleep the jobsite upon which one builds. Stressors the cortisol dumping hurricanes that break things down…

  • Ernest J. Howard III
    Ernest J. Howard III 2 months ago +10

    my last bulk was at around a 300 daily surplus and it worked pretty well. I was wondering if going to 500-600 would have worked better, but it sounds like maybe not :(

    • CarloPartyman
      CarloPartyman 2 months ago

      if ur maintenace is 3000, then 300 is a 10% increase, and 600 cal is a 20% increase. So, 600 cal would work but it would just be a more aggresive bulk than 10% which may result in more fat gain but also more muscle gain than a 10% caloric increase.

    • 6thsense
      6thsense 2 months ago +1

      I tried going from 100-200 calories surplus to 500-600 for three months and in 500-600calories I gained slightly more muscle but a lot more fat then before just like the study shows and I guarantee you its not worth it.

    • CarloPartyman
      CarloPartyman 2 months ago

      @6thsense I guess it depends on each persons metabolic rate and maybe you were not as strict with ur macros or whatever. But maybe try to go to 400? Maybe a middle ground between a slight and aggressive bulk would work?

      INSPIRE 2 months ago +1

      Nah man you can still do it, and have fun with food just make sure you know how to cut and always love yourself in the bulk state and your cut state. You might gain more fat but the overall strength gains will go up. When you cut go into a -500 deficit. Bulking is very subjective as far as a surplus is concerned. Have fun with food man. And most importantly KILL THOSE LIFTS IN THE GYM

  • John Cannon
    John Cannon 2 months ago

    When considering protein at 0.7-1 g/lb of body weight, doesn’t it make sense to calculate that based on lean body mass, like you do when figuring maintenance calories?

  • Cosmic narwhal
    Cosmic narwhal 2 months ago

    most of my lifting I have followed the body composition book jeff published and ended up eating 1.2 - 1.3 g per lb of body mass for protein so for me right now I am 208 and eating 223 g of protein a day on a cut and I have enjoyed it. think about it this way if you eat more protein then needed then that leaves no room for under-eating protein and most protein dense foods are nutrient-dense

  • CoD Haavikoz
    CoD Haavikoz Month ago +1

    For mistake 1, were the lifters Enhanced or Natural? and does that matter for nutrition intake.
    For example: We've heard about Trenbolone and it's nutrient partitioning effects..

  • Leigh Milne
    Leigh Milne 2 months ago

    Hey man, just found your channel. Fun watching the rips. Would love the base cards, just got back into collecting. Keep up the solid videos

  • Andyr Warrington
    Andyr Warrington Month ago

    Given the yield of lean muscle, would you recommend taking the prescribed dosage for creatine monohydrate? I cant help but feel 2 tsp (5g) is too much and its the company wanting you to pee out expensive urine. Would you also refute that the loading phase is also redundant considering the yield? Thanks!

  • Raphael Petrocelli
    Raphael Petrocelli 2 months ago +10

    Please man, never stop with the amazing content.

  • 88hyuuga88
    88hyuuga88 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for using lb and kgs in the examples. I know you can do the conversion on Google but you know, details like that are always a plus :D

  • Gods pudding
    Gods pudding 2 months ago +2

    Better late than never. So glad I found your channel! Love your content man, thanks for helping!

  • James Pawelek-Lacey
    James Pawelek-Lacey 2 months ago

    Please can you do a video about INOL (Intensity of Lifts) explaining how the math is supposed to translate into intensity and the usefulness of this as a training statistic vs volume tracking etc? It’s something I’ve only come across recently and it’s quite complicated to get my head around and whether it’s a stat that should be taken seriously. I seem to get pretty low INOL values even when I feel I’ve worked pretty hard following similar guidelines sets per week as you recommend. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Adam Scott Fit
    Adam Scott Fit 2 months ago +1

    Great video. I made the mistake of eating 6-8 meals a day when I started out. I went from 58 kg to 125 kg over 1.5 years - I had A LOT of fat to lose and ended up losing a lot of the muscle I had built.

    • Salvador Romero
      Salvador Romero 2 months ago +1

      That last part is just due to your cutting very poorly. The real cost of bulking too aggressively is simply the extra time you spend cutting, which could have been spent building muscle. It's actually *easier* to retain muscle during a cut the fatter you are, which is just one of the reasons people shouldn't baby themselves or dilly dally and be relatively aggressive at the start of a cut. The real art to cutting comes when cutting those last bits of fat from lean to stage shredded.

    • Adam Scott Fit
      Adam Scott Fit 2 months ago

      @Salvador Romero you're not wrong, my cut was awful, because I had put on too much fat, psychologically at the time, I didn't want to hold on to it. Also, I could have avoided that excessive fat gain using a slower approach. You can easily argue both ways, but putting on that much excess fat is a) not healthy. b) Very daunting when it comes to a cut, even a well designed one.

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis 2 months ago +3

    What I've learnt in the last 6 months atleast for me is that cardio allows me to gain the benefits of a calorie surplus without actually being in a surplus. I eat 3500 calories a day, which more than allows for all the nutritional requirments to build muscle, usually the excess would go on as fat. But now I also run 20km/week, so that excess gets burnt off allowing me to stay at a fairly stable BF % (around 13-14%).
    Since doing this my gains have remained more or less the same as they did when I would "bulk" (I never aggresively bulked mind you, I get very lethargic at higher body fat %s) and as a bonus I am also exponetionally fitter, closing in on a sub 20min 5k. Cardio has been the answer for me to balance out my need for additonal calories without wanting to gain body fat.

  • emsddm
    emsddm 2 months ago +1

    SOLID INFO AS ALWAYS. Wish I knew these things before! Thank you for this!

  • tom3881
    tom3881 2 months ago +1

    For mistake 1, there are 2 studies in your sources. The last one (from 2019) followed bodybuilders and the results are quite differents from the one you used in your video (2013 study).

  • Jerome Davids
    Jerome Davids Month ago

    no bs quick to the point video, keep it up bro these videos are soo helpful

  • Freekill
    Freekill 18 days ago +1

    Hey simple question for you guys.. of my maintenance caloric target is 2600, and I work out that day and burn like 600 calories (90 mins of workout), does that mean I need to consume about 3200 calories that day?
    I assume yes, but would really like some confirmation 😅

  • Tony George
    Tony George 2 months ago +5

    Ive used macro factor for the past several months; my favorite app to track. Thanks for the awesome video Jeff, always love the researched videos you send out!

  • Jacob Wheeler
    Jacob Wheeler 2 months ago

    How much does the optimal range for caloric consumption (basally -10%-20% of maintenance as you say), change if you are in an overweight/high BF% category? Can you go lower on this spectrum without compromising anything, or is it relatively constant across weights?

    • Chinese Man
      Chinese Man 2 months ago

      you don’t bulk at all

    • Jacob Wheeler
      Jacob Wheeler 2 months ago

      @Chinese Man I’m talking about muscle growth/strength. Obviously your overall weight goes down, but that’s mostly fat mass. It’s well-established that you can cut and gain muscle, I’m just wondering if higher body weight gives a larger window for that.

  • Colin G.
    Colin G. 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for this video Jeff. I always appreciate the effort, and I also respect that you pick and change your opinions to match the science instead of vice versa. The bit about protein intake was particularly reassuring, since I usually just try and eat an "ample" amount of protein without being very strict about tracking because I find it more comfortable that way. I've had really good results with simply eating to my goal (less when heavy, more when light) and making sure each meal has 1-3 high-quality sources of protein. Using that I've stayed within +/- 4lbs of my goal weight for about 2 years now, adjusting that weight upwards slightly as I complete months of training to keep at 13.5-14.5% body fat. It's proven very sustainable, my doctor loves it for me, and it was nice to hear that it's scientifically sound as well.
    Just as a final shout-out, your Fundamentals Hypertrophy program really changed how I work out for the better. I'm a very happy customer and recommend it to anyone that just wants a clear cut guide to getting fit.

  • kayla stone
    kayla stone 2 months ago +1

    hey Jeff,
    loved the video. does meal frequency affect protein absorption by the body? i thought more meal frequency generally allowed for more absorption/increased protein synthesis. any thoughts?

    • Teo Kamunski
      Teo Kamunski 2 months ago

      It does,your body can only absorb certain amount of protein per hour so In my opinion spacing your protein intake into more meals is better

  • JD
    JD 2 months ago

    Jeff is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and ..... thanks Jeff!

  • Ty
    Ty 2 months ago +1

    So basically eat right according to your goal. Continue training and be patient. It takes time. Consistency is key.

  • K Geo
    K Geo 2 months ago +8

    How much is wasted if you have a deficit? I have been lifting like crazy but I have a weird situation where I KNOW I'm not eating enough. I'm getting super shredded(and good muscle growth) but I wonder how much lean muscle growth I'm wasting.
    Edit: The video pretty much answered what I already knew. I really am gonna have to add back in regimented nutrition. I find that to get the proper intake, I need to be disciplined and eat significantly more than I normally would. But that is what it takes!

    • Matthew Chau
      Matthew Chau 2 months ago +2

      I am in the exact same boat as you based off what you described. For a magnitude of reasons, I wasn't lifting from August 2022-January 2023, so I nearly reset. Although I've been lifting for the past 4-5 years, the beginner gains have pmuch come back, since I was on such a long break. I know I'm definitely not eating optimally, but I'm still growing muscle/fat thru what I am eating. But yes, all it comes down to is just eating more. Oftentimes we try to find different solutions, rather than just doing exactly what makes sense. Keep up your grind bro, we all on a mission to improve.

    • 6thsense
      6thsense 2 months ago +1

      It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to be shredded than keep doing what you do now because it is not worth to put on fat and cut again after.

  • JacquesOfHearts
    JacquesOfHearts 2 months ago

    Macrofactor is.... too good. I'm on week 15 of using it, and its just so easy. My weight is changing exactly how it has guided me.

  • Treetops8
    Treetops8 2 months ago

    Love this video, I would be curious to see the testosterone levels of the small cal surplus vs large cal surplus

  • Jcg
    Jcg 2 months ago

    Always amazing information and well science based! Easy and very clear to understand

  • Evaan Ball
    Evaan Ball 2 months ago

    I think most people confuse force feeding even when you're full with consuming massive amounts of food/calories because when you eat actual meat and carb sources that aren't super fatty or covered in sauce it is way harder to eat your required daily calories to grow muscle when the food isn't super delicious and calorie dense.

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 2 months ago

    Hey Jeff, i weigh around 227lbs, but my body fat is around 27%. Should i base my protein intake on my muscle mass or full body mass?

    • matthew kloep
      matthew kloep 2 months ago

      I was about there and now am at 200. I was at a 750 calorie deficit. At 200g of protein a day and lost pretty much no muscle. But everyone is different.