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A Pokémon Battle, but it's All Luck

  • Published on Feb 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    We race to catch Pokemon teams, then use them to Metronome battle with random moves!
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  • MandJTV Plays
    MandJTV Plays  3 months ago +138

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: clik.cc/VX82c and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Chonoru 🎉 New players, win your Valentine's gift at raidlovequest.plarium.com/

  • Trin Lombardi
    Trin Lombardi 3 months ago +1476

    If only the Misty Explosion had missed the Scream Tail, we would've gotten a wonderful recreation of John and Mikey's last metronome battle

    • soap packet 2
      soap packet 2 3 months ago +62

      It's because Miltank wasn't in the battle

    • Trin Lombardi
      Trin Lombardi 3 months ago +42

      ​@soap packet 2 Scream Tail could've become John's Miltank equivalent 😂

    • Dragire
      Dragire 3 months ago +8

      Dang I looked at the comments again, I hope this isn’t a major spoiler

    • Waffles
      Waffles 3 months ago +6

      @Dragire I’m using my phone and it was shown on the bottom :/ I knew what was coming

    • Gaming Eelektross
      Gaming Eelektross 3 months ago +5

      Abroliva lived too so it would just make for a longer battle with more chaos.

  • Syd Woodward
    Syd Woodward 3 months ago +1035

    I’d love to see the Metronome League Battles you did back in the day come back with so many new metronome pokemon

    • Ditto
      Ditto 3 months ago +28

      Oh i remember those! The early days of MandJTVplays!

    • random guy
      random guy 3 months ago +10

      im actually doing one of those but in pokemon showdown!

    • Ditto
      Ditto 3 months ago +6

      @random guy I'm terrible at showdown, let alone trying to win with metronome in play lol

    • Oscar Willimott
      Oscar Willimott 3 months ago +8


    • Inteleon Army
      Inteleon Army 3 months ago +5

      The good ol’ days

  • Amber Lewis
    Amber Lewis 3 months ago +131

    TBH kinda hilarious that the Pokémon that John repeatedly called useless and unhelpful ended up being the last one standing

    • ArthurTRead
      ArthurTRead 2 months ago +13

      useless at everything except staying alive through an explosion

  • Faisal Mahir
    Faisal Mahir 3 months ago +382

    I love metronome battles those are really exciting and full of surprises i hope mikey does more of these

  • WittingCave
    WittingCave 3 months ago +195

    Mikey expecting Heat wave till the end is the definition of Optimism.

    • Joseph Sonic2blue
      Joseph Sonic2blue Month ago +4

      don't worry, Mikey will get his Heat Wave in the long run. thank to global warming lol 😜

    • Waddle boy advance
      Waddle boy advance Month ago

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

    • WittingCave
      WittingCave Month ago

      @Waddle boy advance It fits really well here, doesn’t it? I didn’t realize it yet, but should have.

  • Alita Kazami
    Alita Kazami 3 months ago +244

    What shiny will John find today?

    • GoombruhGG
      GoombruhGG 3 months ago +16

      Probably koraidon lmao

    • Alita Kazami
      Alita Kazami 3 months ago +31

      Ah, Lechonk. Not bad

    • louctendo
      louctendo 3 months ago +14

      He can't keep getting away with this

    • Ben Heinrich
      Ben Heinrich 3 months ago +7

      Gonna guess before hand. Roaring moon.
      I was wrong

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 3 months ago +6


  • Milliemino
    Milliemino 3 months ago +200

    Had a rough week, but just seeing the notification for this cheered me up! Thank you Mikey for the awesome content :)

    • Ditto
      Ditto 3 months ago +6

      Hope next week gets better for you!

    • Jesvin
      Jesvin 3 months ago +2

      Yea for real man you got this! Whatever you’re going thru 💪🏾

    • Mats Wachtmeester
      Mats Wachtmeester 3 months ago

      Look I have to say it: did you have a biglyrough week?

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma 3 months ago +86

    Literally the most intense metronome battle the world will ever see

  • mitch dominick
    mitch dominick 3 months ago +86

    With all the new pokemon who can learn metronome, will you do another metronome draft league? Those have been my favorite content!

    • Gengarzilla
      Gengarzilla 3 months ago +3

      It's best to wait until the HOME update for that. There's several unavailable Pokémon who can now use Metronome, amongst them being Tornadus.

    • Pheonix Pidgey
      Pheonix Pidgey Month ago +1

      @Gengarzilla there will be NINE legendary pokemon (including both of Tornadus forms) that can learn metronome in pokemon sv once home becomes available and thats cool

  • Rylee Miller
    Rylee Miller 3 months ago +17

    Bleakwind Storm (Japanese: こがらしあらし Chilly Wind Storm) is a damage-dealing Flying-type move introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It is the signature move of Tornadus.

  • acidBOB
    acidBOB 3 months ago +54

    The grunty lore continues!

  • sabina Poulsen
    sabina Poulsen 3 months ago +89

    Looking at Tulip, kinda makes me want to use one for the first time ever😂 I've always just felt like they were too much of a "pretty fairy type" to my tastes and I've never really needed one for balance

    • CynderBlaze
      CynderBlaze 3 months ago +1

      As someone who’s used Florges in the past, I can definitely attest to it being good! Its special attack and special defense are really solid!

    • Gengarzilla
      Gengarzilla 2 months ago

      At 552, Florges has the second highest base stat total of any non-legendary that isn't a pseudo-legend, Mega Evolution, Slaking, or Archeops, being only three points behind Arcanine. This Pokémon is by no means just about looking pretty; it could definitely pay off well for an in-game team if you don't mind the very limited movepool.

    • fin58
      fin58 24 days ago

      It used judgement

  • Mazhar Siddiqi
    Mazhar Siddiqi 3 months ago +32

    This was awesome
    The Misty Explosion ending reminded me of John's Miltank surviving one of Mikey's Pokémon using Self-destruct winning him the Metronome Battle as everyone else fainted from it
    History repeats itself (kind of)

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 3 months ago +19

    I love that Mikey isn't even annoyed whenever Grunty Boi appears now lol, just treats him like a regular person. Love to see it :)

  • NightsAlone
    NightsAlone 3 months ago +47

    YESS more metronome content!! that ending was PERFECT. The last time you guys caught a team to metronome battle it also ended in an explosion leaving john's pokemon standing, so thats hilarious LMAO

    • Trifectum
      Trifectum 3 months ago +3

      that was one of my favorite videos

  • Fadhil Mulyono
    Fadhil Mulyono 3 months ago +20

    Wanting to see Mikey and John racing across Paldea on Koraidon and see who can finish the race first

  • Ribotto Studios
    Ribotto Studios 3 months ago +31

    Finding shiny Pokémon is SUPER EASY barely an inconvenience.
    For John that is.

  • Mfz 096
    Mfz 096 3 months ago +27

    I will never ever miss a single episode of the JMC. Love it to bits!

  • Mifititi
    Mifititi 3 months ago +8

    That was extremely entertaining. 😂 I kind of wished the Misty Explosion had missed just so we could see what happens next.

  • chris Copper
    chris Copper 3 months ago +14


  • StreetSweater
    StreetSweater 3 months ago +7

    I love how both Mikey and John’s editors are slowly going insane

  • M1
    M1 3 months ago +6

    Great to see that Grunty Boy is in a happy and stable relationship

  • Gen V.B
    Gen V.B 3 months ago +5

    The best part of the battle is Mikey keeps on wanting to have Heat Wave, Tulip unexpectedly being strong, and pew pew disappointing PM7 a lot but managing to get him the win (also a deja vu of sorts from their last Metronome Battle which a Pokémon from PM7 managing to survive an Explosion)

  • Xvirus105
    Xvirus105 3 months ago +9

    Metronome battles back thank you for bringing this back. I loved this for so long that’s what got me into mandjtv🎉

  • Sock Man
    Sock Man 3 months ago +25

    Every time I see one of these videos it always think what shiny will John get and Mikey will be mad at

  • Ried
    Ried 3 months ago +13

    i love that mikey uses his own names for the paradox pokemon theyre great headcanon

  • UnknownNPC
    UnknownNPC 3 months ago +5

    I’m just surprised that Michael didn’t go for tankier Pokémon. He knew what he was getting into

  • John Wikkerink
    John Wikkerink 3 months ago +2

    Love that Mikey called that Dragonite would KO itself too, and then it did to end the battle

  • Cody Hill
    Cody Hill 3 months ago +2

    I love the conversations between the two of you it's always so funny and warm like the conversation between two lifelong friends.

  • Gengarzilla
    Gengarzilla 2 months ago

    That last move brought back chills, my goodness. At least John's last Pokémon couldn't have been a Miltank this time.

  • Cassandra Spoelhof
    Cassandra Spoelhof 3 months ago +3

    DAMN THAT FLORGES WAS POWERFUL AF! You made the right choice going for her, John. She was totally MVP.

  • Leo Woodwind
    Leo Woodwind 3 months ago +1

    These two (and their editors) really help me stay sane. I'm very thankful 🙏🏻

  • Eternaltus
    Eternaltus 3 months ago +22

    If John finds a shiny in the first few minutes I'm going to lose it

    • Monty Eggman
      Monty Eggman 3 months ago +9

      Does finding one BEFORE the video starts count as being in the first few minutes?

    • Eyebrawl NLC
      Eyebrawl NLC 3 months ago +3

      ​@montyeggman3075 Mikey found a shiny before one of the other videos, so I count it.

  • LunaStar24
    LunaStar24 3 months ago +5

    I would love to see the MML come back for a season two like the many of us are waiting for so long :>

  • UberCow
    UberCow 3 months ago +1

    I like how at the end John and Mikey just wanted the battle to end

  • Silas Iannitelli
    Silas Iannitelli 3 months ago +3

    I love these videos. They're hilarious and super entertaining.

  • AztecCroc
    AztecCroc 2 months ago +1

    6:23 Rage Fist doesn't have to effect the target to count for the evolution, you can just spam all of them into a Normal type, use an Ether, and then spam the next 10 and evolve it after one battle.

  • Michael Mahagaputra
    Michael Mahagaputra 3 months ago +1

    That was really intense, Bigglyruff holding it by herself against two but in the end, pew pew stands alone

  • N64_KFP
    N64_KFP 3 months ago

    I didn't see that ending coming, but more and more I suspected Dragonite would be its own demise

  • Zenshin G
    Zenshin G 3 months ago

    I've been itching for a "then we battle" type video from Mikey and John for so long, so excited!

  • Jacob Lapsley
    Jacob Lapsley 3 months ago

    I love that Mikey predicted the Dragonite would KO itself, while it also won John the battle with its Misty Explosion

  • SpyroBJNN
    SpyroBJNN 3 months ago +6

    Good to see metronome come back again.

    • Ditto
      Ditto 3 months ago

      Yh, its been a while

  • ShinyMew76
    ShinyMew76 Month ago

    This makes me really miss the Metronome league you used to run, my favorite moment probably has to be AuraGaurdian’s Miltank destroying everything. I used to have so much fun watching those. Hope they return one day!

  • Pranav Diwan
    Pranav Diwan 3 months ago

    i missed when you used to do these metronome battles all those years back. This was so refreshing and nostalgic at the same time I'd love to see you revisit some of these old ideas with new twists

  • Alpha Stoutland
    Alpha Stoutland 3 months ago

    These Metronome battles are WILD, what a rush of emotions 😅

  • United Gaming
    United Gaming 3 months ago +2

    I love how he can never disappoint us with his content

  • MythicAxes
    MythicAxes 2 months ago

    The whole time John was catching pokemon he had inner peace.

  • Creepy Force
    Creepy Force 3 months ago +6

    Who else is excited for team sky in Unova when Mikey will fly around on a Golurk?

    • David McKenzie
      David McKenzie 23 days ago

      But how are we meant to explain that Golurk is a creature of the sky

    • amogus
      amogus Day ago

      It can literally be a rocket

  • Liam Altuzar
    Liam Altuzar 3 months ago

    A gen 9 metronome league would be awesome. It feels like it’s been forever since the last one

  • Manic The Hedgehog
    Manic The Hedgehog 3 months ago

    Man, I missed metronome battles. If only the timer for Scarlet/Violet wasn't limited to 20 minutes.

  • Ace Boy Smokey
    Ace Boy Smokey 3 months ago +1

    Before I start watching this video, I just want to say that I can’t wait to see what shiny John catches
    Edit: Does that shiny count?

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 3 months ago +2

    Glad to hear Grunty Boi's love life is going well.

  • Mikinak
    Mikinak 3 months ago

    13:51 I almost died laughing this was just too perfect

  • Diplodoncalus
    Diplodoncalus 3 months ago +3

    I can’t describe how much I love your videos. I clicked immediately on the notification when I got it

  • Mandalor Ordo
    Mandalor Ordo 3 months ago

    I remember the last time John and Michael did that in Sword and Shield.
    The ending of that battle was legendary :)

  • Foabi95
    Foabi95 3 months ago +1

    You should do these Metronome battles more often, also outside of the John-and-Michael-Cup.
    They are very fun to watch

    • Joe Thomas
      Joe Thomas 3 months ago

      It's not John-and-Michael cup, it's just the John Michael cup.

  • Adarsh A R
    Adarsh A R 3 months ago

    I thought John would catch Drowzee as the last 'mon but he didn't 🥺
    It's so good to see Drowzee using metronome in the anime 😂
    Also, literally when John said his final 'mon is Slaking, Mikey, was staring at his Drowzee in the box. 😘

  • Max Welton536,329
    Max Welton536,329 3 months ago +2

    8:15 both weight-based moves right after each other

  • AxoLofa
    AxoLofa 3 months ago +1

    The fact that Mikey CALLED IT with the Dragonite is so funny

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson 3 months ago

    Oh man, does this make me nostalgic for the short lived days of the Pokémon Metronome Battle League. Loved that tournament!

  • TheSlytherinQueen
    TheSlytherinQueen 3 months ago +1

    I love Metronome battles soo much, pure chaos

  • Timmy Reobed
    Timmy Reobed 3 months ago +2

    That's the second time Mikey has lost a Metronome battle to an explosion move. At least there weren't any cows involved this time around.

  • Mark Mueller
    Mark Mueller 3 months ago

    I love Scream Tail’s nickname being Bigglyruff. So fitting being so much stronger than the Jigglypuff line.

  • Johto Silver
    Johto Silver 3 months ago

    That was such an emotional rollercoaster lol I love metronome battles

  • Bojan Pea
    Bojan Pea 3 months ago

    Mikey’s biggest downfall was picking 3 fighting types. What crazy and down to wire battle though

  • BasilNotName
    BasilNotName 3 months ago

    Let’s not let Mikey forget that a miltank has avoided an explosion last time, winning the game for John.

  • Sam McKenzie
    Sam McKenzie 3 months ago +1

    I really want the metronome battle leagues back in Scarlett and violet and I loved them in the old games. ❤

  • saiyankev
    saiyankev 3 months ago

    More metronome battles please, that was epic

  • SogekingFirebirdStar
    SogekingFirebirdStar 3 months ago +1

    John, this is the beginning of your comeback! You got this!

  • TF2Engineer
    TF2Engineer 3 months ago +1

    One time when I was doing a nuzlocke of Pokemon Sword, I predicted Clefable using Moonblast by metronome on my Pangoro. It actually did, killing the poor thing.

  • Nulizor
    Nulizor 3 months ago +1

    These JMC videos give me my daily dose of Serotonin. :)

  • Max Gosse
    Max Gosse 3 months ago

    Would be fun to see a shiny hunting race, but it’s who can get a shiny from each gen

  • eHit
    eHit 3 months ago +1

    What an ending! Metronome battles are amazing

  • Karsh
    Karsh 3 months ago +1

    I missed miltank in john's team,but it ended somewhat in way as previous metronome battle.

  • lararaw
    lararaw 3 months ago +1

    we really need a metronome league again that would be so cool

  • Jacob Schilling
    Jacob Schilling 3 months ago

    Definitely would love to see the MML come back with all the new Pokémon.

  • MajinGrim 2
    MajinGrim 2 3 months ago

    I loved this idea and would want to see more of it XD. Reminds me of when I tried going through the Pokémon League in Gen 4 only using Metronome. Maybe you can do a metronome race to see who can beat the Scarlet and Violet E4 first (or get the farthest)

    JUMPY COOL 3 months ago +2

    Can’t believe there was only ONE Pokemon go boom move in the whole battle!

  • TheMaestro
    TheMaestro 3 months ago

    I was really hoping to see another Metronome battle in the JMC it's just fortunate for Mikey that Miltank isn't in this game to ruin his chances to ever win

  • Shadowism
    Shadowism 3 months ago +2

    Just to say I love your content. I’ve watched multiple of your videos multiple times.Keep it up man.

  • Andre Blueboy
    Andre Blueboy 3 months ago

    4:06 his reaction to his shiny lechonk was hilarious!

  • Nick S
    Nick S 3 months ago +1

    My first flabebee I randomly ran into ended up being shiny 😂

  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor 3 months ago +1

    Video was great! My only RECOMMENDATION is when you guys do the battle do more of a natural clip of the entire thing becuase those are actually just fun to watch turn for turn! Love the content either way.

  • BeeMajor2003
    BeeMajor2003 3 months ago

    That was an amazing battle…you need to do that more often

  • john gerhart
    john gerhart 3 months ago

    Before the random insanity starts, begin with an even more random pokemon shake it off.

  • Ky M
    Ky M 3 months ago

    this was way more exciting than I could have possibly imagined XD

  • TheDoctor
    TheDoctor Month ago

    This was so much fun. Awesome content

  • ShenkoBoys WereHere
    ShenkoBoys WereHere 3 months ago

    This was epic, good going guys, keep up the good work

  • Astercat
    Astercat 3 months ago

    Seeing this video makes me miss the Metronome League. I hope it returns some day.

  • SaskiaSketches
    SaskiaSketches 3 months ago +1

    Can’t believe Mikey actually called that Dragonite would KO itself!

  • Bekers421
    Bekers421 3 months ago +1

    I love watching all sorts of metronome battles and this one is top tier!!! This is why I love metronome battles!!!

  • kira pinto
    kira pinto 3 months ago

    Hey Mickey! I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the video you make especialy the ones with Jhon, bc you two always make me smile and really happy, and I really needed it right now bc I just saw a crab being cooked for the first time in my life and he was still moving ( I am 17, vegaterion and have a vegan big brother so... yea ) and i just cried and my nose ble3ded for 5 minutes and I fill faint but now that I saw the "Jhon Mickey Cup Season 2" and I feel better thank to you two. You make me really happy so thank you. And a HUGE thank to Maitty ( I am so sorry bit I just know how to spell, I'm not from america... ) and of course!! GRANTY BOY!! So thank you.

  • tuntaro
    tuntaro 3 months ago +1

    On Pokémon Showdown Metronome doubles, I once got Imprison. Needless to say, it was incredibly painful. Also Grafaiai is my favorite new Metronome-r.

  • cringy Storm
    cringy Storm 2 months ago +2

    I want to let you two know, I watch you guys every day! you guys are amazing, funny, talented Clip-Sharers. You both have the potential to reach 10M subscribers.
    I watched you guys when I had COVID and it made me feel much better. You always get a laugh out of me. I wish I could get your merch, but sadly I can't. There is no other youtube I like more in the world. I can't explain how much I love your videos.
    (You still sleep with drowzee because of a dex entry)

  • Kaique Alvares
    Kaique Alvares 3 months ago

    Please bring the Metronome League back Mikey, this video was so cool and I want to see what you can do with the New Pokémons 😩

  • Reetasaurus Rex
    Reetasaurus Rex 3 months ago

    The amount of times John got an amazing move and mikey got like growl is so funny to me

  • Lantern Comicnerd
    Lantern Comicnerd 3 months ago

    Loved the sponsorship segment. Can’t wait to see more jmc.

  • EmilyJean329
    EmilyJean329 3 months ago

    I can never get over how John pronounces Slaking’s name…it’s just…merp

  • Larz Veld
    Larz Veld 3 months ago

    Yay finally another metronome battle! It makes me miss the metronome battle league lol