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How to Make a Shredder Machine | DIY Shredder Machine

  • Published on May 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In this video, I will show you how to make a shredder machine. You could call it a homemade shredder machine.
    Some time ago my brother needed a shredder machine. But unfortunately in our country the shredder machines are not made.
    So we decided to find a machine in a scrap yard. And then we searched in many scrape yards but no machine was found. When there was no machine after much effort, my brother asked me to make a machine.
    At first I found it very difficult because, I had no experience in making such machines. So, I refused to build the machine. This type of machine is also difficult to make because of the high level of accuracy. One small mistake can ruin your whole design and all your money can be wasted. But my brother insisted and encouraged me that if you try you can make this machine. After so much encouragement, I decided that I would make this machine anyway. Then, I started working on this project and built a machine.
    There may be many flaws in the design of this machine. If there is a flaw in the design of this machine, it could be that I did not have any other machine or diagram in front of me that, I was coping. I was just thinking and designing in my mind. Lack of experience has also cost me a lot to make this machine. The cost of making this machine is close to fifteen hundred dollars even though, I bought an electric gear motor from scrape at a cheaper rate for this machine. But after making this machine, I have been able to make a professional level shredder machine.
    I made this machine completely in my workshop Only laser cutting is done from outside. Because laser cutting is necessary to make the shredder machine blades, accuracy is impossible without it. We can't do this in our workshop with the help of Plasma Cutter.
    I hope you guys like my effort and you will encourage me too. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the design of this machine, please leave a comment in the comments section.
    Thank you so much for watching the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.
    / ironmanrestoration
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Comments • 240

  • Luis Delgado
    Luis Delgado 26 days ago +4

    Buen dia!, su maquina trituradora es perfecta, hace ver con su trabajo que el diseño y ensamble fue sencillo, le agradeceria si me comparte los planos cad del proyecto, saludos!

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem 7 months ago +7

    This is really good work. Do you have files posted somewhere for it or sell plans?

    RONNIE MOORE 4 months ago +3

    Great stuff. Can you provide a cutting list or plan for this machine please?

  • rjwm01
    rjwm01 6 months ago +10

    I think that your shredder is truly a work of art. I would also love to build a shredder for processing e-waste. Would it be possible to get a copy of your cut files for the plasma cutting?

    BRETT ALLPORT 7 months ago

    Excellent metal work and great video production , thank you.

  • Tai Im
    Tai Im 9 months ago +2

    That is an awesome video, looks like everything fits perfectly and works just like it should. I would love to build one myself. Could you send me some detailed drawings and measurements please. Thank you in advance, keep up the good work.

    • Martin Hubert
      Martin Hubert 3 months ago

      Go check out Precious Plastic academy, they have open source plans there to build your own

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 7 days ago

    Muy buen trabajo puedes compartir los planos cad por favor

  • Nathan Harnois
    Nathan Harnois 3 months ago

    Awesome video, is there anyway you’d be willing to shared the CNC/Cutout blueprints for the machine?

  • Ozan BEKTAŞ
    Ozan BEKTAŞ 2 months ago

    hello, there is no other design made from scratch on youtube as you have done, I really appreciate it. In the same way, I want to design a shredder, so I ask you, can I learn the dimensions you have used and if you have drawings ?

  • David Micro
    David Micro 8 months ago

    Very nice you did a great job. I would like to build one for myself. Could I please have a copy of prints or files. Thank you

  • Andrii Korol
    Andrii Korol 6 months ago +4

    Hallo! Great work! Awesome mechanical engineering! I would like to make this great shredder for my workshop. Can you send the CAD files and measurements for it? Thank you so much for a great video! Big like for you!

    • The Technical Buddy
      The Technical Buddy 6 months ago +1

      Same I also want cad file and measurements to make this machine

    • Diego Garcia
      Diego Garcia 3 months ago +1

      I guess He wont send the cad files 😂

    • Diego Garcia
      Diego Garcia 3 months ago +1

      I guess He wont send the cad files 😂

  • Stefan Batrinache
    Stefan Batrinache 5 months ago +1

    Nice job! Can you share the nesting program for the pieces you cut? I really want to make my own shredder, but I don't know the geometry of the blades.

  • Miguel Ojeda
    Miguel Ojeda 8 months ago

    Great video, I am trying to design myself one with all the information gather on Clip-Share, could it be possible to have some measurements? It would help me a lot, thanks

  • Control Alpha
    Control Alpha 7 months ago +1

    Hello from Argentina! Do you have plans or CAD files? Your work is great!

  • Raphaël Audet
    Raphaël Audet 3 months ago +1

    Great video! What is the motor's output power?

  • Kz_S
    Kz_S 10 months ago +1

    Great tutorial mate, loved it. I am going to make that machinem would love to get some drawings for the laser.

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  10 months ago +3

      Thank you and i will give you drawing

    • John Keedwell
      John Keedwell 9 months ago

      I love the size and power of this shredder. Would love the drawings and dimensions. How can i get a copy of them please?

  • Jeff Travis
    Jeff Travis 11 months ago +3

    One of the best videos in demonstrating how you built and assembled this shredder I've seen on Clip-Share. I know you said you designed in your head and so there are no CAD plans but would there be any way to provide some basic measurements? I am wanting to build a Shredder myself. I can handle everything but the Laser cutting. Please reply and thanks again for such a good video.

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  11 months ago +2

      Thanks for appreciating. I Will provide you the basis measurement and also will share my experience with you

    • Jeff Travis
      Jeff Travis 11 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration I sent you an email. I appreciate you responding and letting me know some basic measurements as you stated you would above. Please reply to my email. Anything would help. Size of diameter of cutter blades, thickness, hex shaft length and dia of Hex. Overall length and width and height, all would help. Thank you

    • hakim souhily
      hakim souhily 9 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration please send me your email i want to buy your plan

  • ayos kaayo
    ayos kaayo 8 months ago

    Ive been looking for this! Thanks and i love it.... Kindly shared your blueprint for this masterpiece... Tha ns

  • Arnaud
    Arnaud 27 days ago

    hi Sir, i'm making shredders as well, cut with a waterjet cutting machine. it seems to be at least 10mm thickness everywhere. i'm interested if you can share the drawings. thanks ! Arnaud

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 7 months ago +2

    Hello Iron Man!
    Loved this video :)
    I noticed many people asked for the CAD files or measurement information, and I was wondering if I could also have it. I was trying to find your email, but had no luck.
    Could you also talk about how you decided on these measurements?

    • Carlos Santiago
      Carlos Santiago 6 months ago +1

      I'll give you a hint almost everything goes off the thickness........

  • Connor McClelland
    Connor McClelland 7 months ago

    Hey there, have you got any CAD files to go along with the CNC laser cutting machine? I've had the same issue with finding a pre-made shredder online.

    • Studio 3P
      Studio 3P 5 months ago

      check my comment up top.. cheers!

    BABAJIDE MOYO 3 months ago

    What material did you used for the claws/blades?

  • خالد الصوفي
    خالد الصوفي 6 months ago

    Brilliant idea sir, I wish you more development

  • mitura123
    mitura123 7 months ago +1

    Awesome stuff! Can it shred soild wood or plywood scraps? Could You share plans/files for the machine?

    • Studio 3P
      Studio 3P 5 months ago

      check my comment up top.. cheers!

  • IvD
    IvD 8 months ago

    nice design, what is the material used for the cutters, is it hardened

  • Juan Carlos S.G
    Juan Carlos S.G 5 months ago

    Importante que pudieras adjuntar planos, para así poder realizar una.... gracias

  • Ralf B
    Ralf B 9 months ago

    Hi, great design and workman ship, can contribute to cleaning the world out of plastic. Could you please send me the plans for CAD ?

  • billsherenow
    billsherenow 7 months ago +2

    I'm not saying anything is wrong with your machine or not because I haven't tried to build mine yet.
    But there are a few areas that may make a great deal of difference, 1.) It uses two drive motors for even torch on both sets of cutters and less shearing force on the drive teeth that it is doing now because it looks as if you were cutting heavy metal pcs. it would shear the teeth of your drive gear if you had a long thick pc. that caught across several cutting teeth at the same time unless you change the shape of your cutting wheels so they would not always line up for a cut every time on every tooth. instead of making all your cutting wheels with 6 teeth. Just make them with 2 or 3 teeth and one of them on each wheel being an extra long tooth then mount them so that they are all staggered so that you will not have no more than a few in the cut position at a time on each set of rollers. And last I see that the block bearings that you used only had two bolt patterns and I think it may be a lot better if you had used the 4 bolt pattern because I felt that you were putting an awful lot of shear force on those two bolts that hold the forces of them cutters now. But you have been running this machine now and maybe you can tell me what problem you might have had since that if you had done differently would have been better. And or make another video showing us the differences that you are talking about thanks.

    • North Star Welding Ltd
      North Star Welding Ltd 3 months ago

      you raise some good points there i agree with the teeth needing to be spaced lest often so to reduce the amount cutting at one time also driving both units at same time would be good.
      you can see the strain in the motor when its trying to take the aeroplane and the wood. But this is a very good build and should be proud.

  • Alfredo Villaseñor
    Alfredo Villaseñor 3 months ago

    Uffff! this is great, I agree It´s a work of art. Congrats!. Is there a possibility that you share cad file? Thanks a lot.

  • Libor Vitek
    Libor Vitek 5 months ago

    3:09 these cutters and round inserts are of the same thickness? Or inserts are a bit thicker than cutters?

  • Cleide Montenegro
    Cleide Montenegro 6 months ago

    Poderia passar os dados do projeto tamanho das peças espessuras das chapas eixo para eu fazer uma

  • Javier Baisburd
    Javier Baisburd 4 months ago

    It looks very good one. Could you be able to sell one?

  • Amir Alnahas
    Amir Alnahas 9 months ago +1

    Great job !! Can you send the laser cutting plan and / or info , measurement please ? Thx

  • Hamadi Lawson
    Hamadi Lawson 2 months ago

    Do you have the g code plans for the cutter .

  • desire fernandez dueño

    hola como hago para obtener las cuchillas de tu maquina o el equipo completo

  • Mnt
    Mnt 10 months ago

    Great job, man. Can you send me the plans for CAD please 🗿❤

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  10 months ago

      Ok i will send you

    • Jeff Travis
      Jeff Travis 10 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration Mnt, did you ever get the plans from him? I have asked but nothing yet.

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  10 months ago

      My friend who did the laser cutting has moved out of the country. And Cad Plan in his computer, When he gets back, I will take the Cad Plan from him and share it with you guys.
      Thank you

    • Prince Mado
      Prince Mado 9 months ago

      You have not reply me I asked for file too, please can I get in dxf file

  • Medeiros Sergio
    Medeiros Sergio 19 days ago

    Nice job, my friend! Could you sell your plans to me?

  • Fernando Rojas
    Fernando Rojas 6 months ago

    Excelente video.saludos desde Quito.Ecuador

  • Diego Oscar Ferrero
    Diego Oscar Ferrero 3 months ago

    hola me venderias o como sería el tema de los planos de la picadora , me informas , gracias.

  • Ariel Garcia G.
    Ariel Garcia G. 3 months ago

    Could it be posible to get the a copy of the cut filed for the plasma cutting ?

  • Sanket Patil
    Sanket Patil 2 months ago

    Please share the cad design with all the basic dimensions

  • vikings
    vikings 7 months ago

    Great job, man. Can you send me the plans for CAD please

  • Falak Sher
    Falak Sher 4 months ago

    Parts sizes and dimensions?

  • gabriel silva
    gabriel silva 11 months ago

    Saludos hermano 👍 tendrás los planos para una más pequeña por favor 🙏

  • Eva Ngomera
    Eva Ngomera 8 months ago

    Could i get the exact size of each composition of Iron if this Machine ?

  • Raymond M
    Raymond M 7 months ago

    Hi there. I just subscribed to your page 'cause you have many iteresting projects. I am particularly interested in this one since This machine could be a huge help to start-up with my business project of collecting, segregating and processing high quality recyclable plastics that I'm i the process of putting all together. Importing this type of machinery it''s too complicated and extremely expensive. Precious Plastics' plans are free, yes, but is more like a home/school type of project. I hope you can facilitate me detailed drawings0 THanks in advance.

  • laudimir oliveira
    laudimir oliveira 3 months ago

    Como podemos adquirir o projeto.

  • shahid abbas
    shahid abbas Year ago +1

    Nice job bro👌👌🌹🌹🌹

  • Giàu Nguyễn minh

    How to calculate blade strength?

  • Brett White
    Brett White 4 months ago +1

    Hi mate great Machine ,Id like to build one , Can I ourchase the plans ?

  • Body Without Organs

    Really robust looking, but beyond bottles and toys, what is it really capable of? how about a solid block of PLA or something tough? I have failed prints for functional items that are so solid, I wonder what it would take to DIY something capable of grinding them.

  • Dustin Crosson
    Dustin Crosson 3 months ago

    Hey buddy. Where are the plans for this?

  • Milos Đorđević
    Milos Đorđević 8 months ago +2

    Nicely done, could you send me the project so I can make one for myself? thanks a lot

  • Machines and procrastination

    Can you show more video of crushing? Have you noticed any flaws with the design?

  • Tecnopholle Tecnopholle

    Hola excelente presentacion, es posible saber la potencia del motor y ralcion de ytransmicion del reductor de velocidad. Agradezco tu respuestas

  • isaac janzen
    isaac janzen 21 day ago

    nicely done but thinner blades the finer the shred

  • Drew Kaufman
    Drew Kaufman 8 months ago

    What size is the hex bar?

  • Dawit Alemayehu
    Dawit Alemayehu 10 months ago +1

    i really liked your videos , Great job
    i am really interested to make this machine by my own and i need some of your measurements for guides, can you help me with that please

  • Radwan Ibrahim
    Radwan Ibrahim Month ago

    May I know details about the size and details of manufacturing

  • Ove Pedersén
    Ove Pedersén 8 months ago

    Such a nice design and great movie!
    Is it possible to get the design plan/cad file?

  • margus m
    margus m 6 months ago +1

    Can you tell me, what's the distance (Tolerance ) between active tooth knife and passive wheel in mm. aksial and radial view on axle ?
    Or it's proxi.

  • Lipstick Hacks
    Lipstick Hacks  Year ago +1

    Good job man

  • Jose Fernando Hernandez Pineda

    It´s an excelent work, i´m from Mexico and i saw your video and now i´m very inspired. I have a question? what is de power of the motor?

  • Falak Sher
    Falak Sher 2 months ago

    Machine parts sizes?

  • K. Kayo
    K. Kayo 10 months ago +1

    I watched your movie and it's really good.
    Others post videos that they seem to build something but do not show how it works or how it works, not how it is built.
    If you could send me your machine documentation, I would be grateful. I can send you a full design of a more delicate machine.
    I want to build a machine with a longer cutting chamber. If I can build it, I will send it later as it works. I want mine to have a different engine and different suspension. It is supposed to be very mobile.
    Regards KAYO

  • Félix Raúl Vidal
    Félix Raúl Vidal 2 months ago

    Te felicito por tu proyecto, pero no entiendo tu falta de respuesta ante el pedido de tantos suscriptores que deseamos los planos para construirlo. Entiendo que debieras poner un precio a tu diseño y permitirnos comprarlo. De otro modo la experiencia que has adquirido se pierde y todos perderemos tiempo y dinero con malos diseños, siendo que vos ya lo lograste. Gracias.

  • Bob Weiram
    Bob Weiram Year ago +1

    You can make a helical cutter head in the same way.

  • margus m
    margus m 10 months ago

    Enjoy to watch. Nice job to make this useful machine. Is it possible to get measurements of shredder, and thanks for it.

  • Narayan Lungare
    Narayan Lungare 7 months ago +1

    Nice design and easy to do can you share the details about design and which type of material you used

  • marble63
    marble63 10 months ago +1

    Iron Man, I would also like the measurements. Perhaps you can post them in the comments or in your information above to save you the grief.

  • free_at_last
    free_at_last 3 months ago

    I've always wanted to see a zombie movie with one of these set up.

  • Piotr Łyczek
    Piotr Łyczek 8 months ago

    Super 👍👍👍

  • Dustin Crosson
    Dustin Crosson 10 months ago +1

    Can you send me the laser cutting plans also? I’d really love to create one of these. I have a local metal shop that can do the work for me

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  10 months ago +1

      Yes i will send you

    • Dustin Crosson
      Dustin Crosson 10 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration how will you send me?

    • Iron Man Restoration
      Iron Man Restoration  10 months ago +2

      My friend who did the laser cutting has moved out of the country. And Cad Plan in his computer, When he gets back, I will take the Cad Plan from him and share it with you guys.
      Thank you

    • Moussa Med El Amine
      Moussa Med El Amine 8 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration can you send me the CAD Plan please

    • Dustin Crosson
      Dustin Crosson 7 months ago

      @Iron Man Restoration Did youre friend every come back? Really interested in building one of these.

  • Gianarte Sarti
    Gianarte Sarti Month ago

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  • Miners Ug
    Miners Ug 10 months ago +2

    Right, the best video of a diy shredder on youtube !
    Great job !!
    Can you send the laser cutting plan and/or info, measurement please ?

  • Великий Хан
    Великий Хан 3 months ago

    Привет из Украины! Очень нужны чертежи, вышли будь добр

    JAGADEESHWAR S 7 months ago

    How much cost making it?
    Would you delivery this item?

  • Nisch
    Nisch 3 months ago

    I'd be willing to pay you for the plans for this. Everyone is asking them for free, but if you're interested in selling the design, I'm serious about building one of these machines for myself.

  • On Road Driving Sim
    On Road Driving Sim Year ago +1


    SOLAIRAJ MT 5 months ago +1

    What is the suitable material for main shaft?

  • francisco munoz
    francisco munoz 10 months ago +1

    Cuanto de separación le dejas entre los dos ejes con todo y las cuchillas?. Hice una pero no lo termina de triturar, sino, solo lo aplasta, creo que mis cuchillas estan muy separadas. De referencia los minutos 6:45 - 6:59

  • Sajid Restoration and re fix

    Good work

  • Nicholas Faulkenburg
    Nicholas Faulkenburg 10 months ago +6

    Like many other comments. Could i get a copy of a drawing or dimensions? What did it cost to get parts cut out? What metal are the teeth cut out of?

    • Carlos Rodriguez
      Carlos Rodriguez 7 months ago

      Same; how did you decide on the part size?

    • Carlos Santiago
      Carlos Santiago 6 months ago

      @Carlos Rodriguez I'm bout to make one IL sell you all my parts

  • 金晳浩
    金晳浩 4 months ago +1


  • James Deese
    James Deese Year ago +2

    This is just satifying to watch!

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    Abdoulaye Diallo 9 months ago

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    Vince Ianni Year ago +1

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  • Félix Raúl Vidal
    Félix Raúl Vidal 2 months ago

    I congratulate you on your project, but I do not understand your lack of response to the request of so many subscribers who want the plans to build it. I understand that you should put a price on your design and allow us to buy it. Otherwise the experience you have gained is lost and we will all waste time and money with bad designs, since you have already achieved it. Thank you.

  • Amira Saleh
    Amira Saleh 9 months ago +1

    Nice work can u send me the cad plan, measurement if it was for bigger what would be the size

  • eddie Towers
    eddie Towers 7 months ago +28

    The title of this video states, "How to make a shredder machine DIY shredder machine", yet it doesn't us how to make a shredder machine it shows how YOU made a shredder machine that would be mostly impossible for your viewers to make a DIY shredder machine as the viewers may not have access to a cnc laser cutter and enough stock to make such.

    • Anchevauls Walker
      Anchevauls Walker 3 months ago

      I dream about having a CNC machine.....

    • Machines and procrastination
      Machines and procrastination 2 months ago +2

      Not sure I get your point, people have access to different things and have different abilities.

    • prm414
      prm414 2 months ago +1

      @Machines and procrastination I think his point is that the laser head alone costs £4000, and not many DIYers have one in their 8ft x 16ft shed.

    • Daniel M
      Daniel M 2 months ago

      does anybody know where to buy a small mini shredder in the Los Angeles area?

    • William Isika
      William Isika 15 days ago

      Depending on the audience... For an Engineer like myself, I was able to get very vital information to make this. Almost done making mine

  • MS Alam
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    ahmed salama 9 months ago +2

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    Can I buy the design file ?

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  • Haralampos Vrettos
    Haralampos Vrettos Month ago

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    Hamza Chattha Year ago +1


  • Saran S
    Saran S Month ago

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    Bang Bang Year ago +1

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