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Sounds from the Sideline |

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Jeff Gonzalez
    Jeff Gonzalez Month ago +1646

    Hearing “You got a squad” from Matt Ryan instantly gave me chills.

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      Gave the Cowboys so much chills they seemed ice cold yesterday and almost lost.

    • AYosmitty
      AYosmitty Month ago

      @a namer here bro look at literally anything from the past 4 years that dems have done in this country they heavily display fascism by definition. I want whatever drugs you were taking went you made that comment 💀

    • a namer here
      a namer here Month ago

      @Skeptical Fan epic point comrade

    • Robert Howard
      Robert Howard Month ago

      @a namer here Jerry Jones is republican. Guess you need to find a new team

    • Jeramy Sevier
      Jeramy Sevier Month ago

      The league is on notice! Let's Gooooooooooo!!!!

  • 6ixsidejoey
    6ixsidejoey Month ago +522

    Man when Matt Ryan was talking to Dak, it gave me chills. The way he made it a point to look in Dak’s eyes and say “go get it”, respect to 2

    • Kay Ann Cee
      Kay Ann Cee Month ago +7

      Matt Ryan is a class act.

    • Daniel Alvarez
      Daniel Alvarez Month ago +6

      @mQ ...The only way to find out is watch these same "soundbite" videos of other games Matt Ryan played and see what he says to other QBs at the end of games like this one.

    • mQ
      mQ Month ago +3

      He probably says the exact same thing to every good team that beats him lol.

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A Month ago +829

    zeke attitude to being a 1-2 backfield is awesome "we will never get tired, there are 2 of us" nothing brings a team together than sharing the rock

    • Nicklous Echard
      Nicklous Echard Month ago

      Loved that, then immediately after Malik scores on the ground. lol.

    • It's Life
      It's Life Month ago

      @Jacob exactly!! he's underrated in that regard

    • Echo Sierra
      Echo Sierra Month ago

      @Jacob 100% correct. Zeke is the far superior blocker, but you pay backs to run first, catch second, block third. Pollard is the better runner and he’s the better receiver. You don’t pay a back $16m/year to average 50 yds per game and block. Dallas is going to renegotiate Zekes contract in the off season so they can pay Pollard. If it comes down to Zeke or Pollard, the Cowboys will take Pollard all day long

    • Abel Cruz
      Abel Cruz Month ago +2

      @Papa Jules the last part showed that zeke should’ve said 3 😎 I’ll take anything positive

    • Echo Sierra
      Echo Sierra Month ago

      @Christian Mejia Its fine for this year, but it matters because Zeke is the highest paid back in football and no where a 10-back on the field. Pollard will be a top RB1 somewhere soon. Dallas can’t keep Zeke on his current contact next year and cover all the buys coming off rookie contracts.

  • TeeB1k
    TeeB1k Month ago +1426

    Hearing Matt Ryan say “you got a squad go get it “ real just gave me that energy we gonna come out with this ring!🦾

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Matt Graves It is no hate just not letting you get so high because the Cowboys are not making a deep playoff run. They barely beat the Texans and got a WR back. The Cowboys last year was better and they could not even make a deep playoff run. Then there was all the OBJ talk but now Cowboys see he wont be ready till mid January so they don't want him because they know that means he wont be ready for them till the 2023 season. Guess that means even the Cowboys know they wont make a deep playoff run with that statement.

    • Miguel Sanchez
      Miguel Sanchez Month ago

      Man hope so, hope so

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Matt Graves the Cowboys are more like one of those Giant restaurant fans. They look big but will do nothing when you need it the most! And how you can respond if you don't read it all. No the Colts lost that game and the Eagles won as they should. The Eagles also beat the Vikings and had their CBs running Jeffersons routes better than he did to get the INTs. Slay had an INT while hurt and was asked to come off the field but waved the play back to stay and get that INT! So much hype and it is like this every year with a healthy Dak and before him a healthy Romo come playoff time but every year they do nothing in the playoffs. You do know most and I mean MOST NFL teams win a Superbowl with a good QB on a rookie contract. It is why teams are in win now modes with a rookie QB contract because they know after that it is much harder to build around a huge QB contract of a veteran QB contract. The Bucs had good players that were on the cheap in Brown and a few others because of age and issues on other teams. And the rams got OBJ and von miller to help last year but were losing games without them to start the season before injuries happened. The Colts old GM even complained how hard it is to build a roster when you are paying Luck a crap ton of money after his rookie deal was over. The Cowboys over paid Zeke and Dak and now you live with it and will lose much better players because of it. They also will not win you a Superbowl!

    • Matt Graves
      Matt Graves Month ago

      @The Hoff omg first off I'm not reading all that it's a waste of time cause the 1st sentence made no sense but by you logic we could be first if we just did this or that or maybe had our starting qb all year or starting all pro left tackle who we haven't had for 1 game we are the only ones out of those who lost our qb lol are you serious just stop like I said 1 superbowl doesn't speak that you do it very often lol plus the crappy colts should of beat you and we beat the vikings 40-3 lol you can't make this shit up lol I'm not arguing with you all day bud good luck Christmas eve you got a hurricane coming your way and it's gonna get messy 😉

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Matt Graves The Cowboys record is tied for 3rd with Bills and Chiefs which means it could be 5th. And with one loss but the other teams below win the Cowboys could be 9th. That does not scream one of the best records to me. The Eagles are the best record and the Vikings are 2nd best record. You keep on talking about this and that but at the end of the day the Cowboys lost the 2 teams with very bad records and old QBs. The Eagles faced one of those teams and beat them! The other loss was against the Eagles where your defense was not much of a factor. The Eagles defense did not even block Parsons on a few plays and he still did nothing! You can say this and that about Rush but he was undefeated till then and threw no INTs against the two best teams from last year! And the Eagles play every team and QB differently so don't give me that was not Dak BS! They will beat Dak because they faced Dak before and this team on the defense is much better than last year with a better secondary in the top two CBs. I think they rank 1 and 3 for all CBs. Now that they added run stoppers and got Jordan Davis back this defense is one to fear! Because if you look at that Colts Cowboys game Dak's numbers were not all that impressive for what the score ended up being. It was a great run effort and that defense showed up against a bad team with an old QB past his prime. The new coach in Jeff Saturday helped give them energy for 2 whole weeks and then it was back to being the same crappy Colts with a lot of the same issues from last year with a worse QB.

  • kingofdeadlift
    kingofdeadlift Month ago +956

    Mad respect to Matt Ryan. Takes a real man to be able to admit defeat and see greatness before him.

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @kingofdeadlift All the right calls were made. There was no lopsidedness about to happen in that game. The only thing that helped the Cowboys was Pierce getting injured. Typical Cowboys fan never want to admit to facts and making baseless claims. But one fact is every Eagles team that started 11-1 went on to the Superbowl or championship game before there was a Superbowl! None of those stats look good for the Cowboys. And they will still have to play either the Bucs who beat them or the 49ers in the playoffs it seems. And the 49ers beat them last year. Stats not on your side.

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      Not greatness and I told you that. Greatness would not have had a game like yesterday against the worst team in the league. If Pierce would not have gotten injured they would of lost that game for sure because they were not good at stopping him!

    • kingofdeadlift
      kingofdeadlift Month ago

      @Cody P. The haters don't realize they're actually supporting the Cowboys just by being here. That's the ironic part.

    • Cody P.
      Cody P. Month ago +1

      @kingofdeadlift that dude is a clown

    • kingofdeadlift
      kingofdeadlift Month ago +1

      ​@The Hoff You don't have to try? Only you keep trying. You silly Philly fans.

  • DragonCyan023
    DragonCyan023 Month ago +289

    Matt Ryan its just a awesome QB, the words they said to Dak shows its a great player and person, Lets go boys!!!

    • Kozmic Flush
      Kozmic Flush Month ago

      They!? it's?!? ...
      F outta here with that S foo.
      go back to Twitter

    • AwesomeGameplay
      AwesomeGameplay Month ago +19

      Yep, he might be nearing the end of his career, but he’s still as tough as they come.

  • Tucan Sam
    Tucan Sam Month ago +86

    Scooter has to feel hype when he hears the players say, "That's a grown ass man."

    • Cody Hafer
      Cody Hafer Month ago +2

      Was wondering if anybody noticed the scooter shout out

    • Jorlaxe
      Jorlaxe Month ago

      You know it.

    • $tevo420
      $tevo420 Month ago

      Fr though 😏

  • NineTails
    NineTails Month ago +73

    I love how Jason Peters has a handshake with everyone

    • Brando
      Brando Month ago +2

      You don’t just do that with a team that you’re just collecting a check from. I believe that JP is connected and is all in for a SB.

  • Cowboys4lifeGaming
    Cowboys4lifeGaming Month ago +121

    This offense line is so young but already starting to show dominance and hearing how hungry they are to open holes for BOTH our backs is awesome to hear! I gotta give mad respect to Matt Ryan for being as humble as what he was after the game about “ our squad”. If you didn’t know now…now ya do! We are for real! #StayHungry #DC4L💙

    • EliteChoco1
      EliteChoco1 Month ago

      AND Martin is still so Dominate I could see him playng into his late 30s

    • Cowboys4lifeGaming
      Cowboys4lifeGaming Month ago

      @Chris Smith um Tyron has been out sooo Zach is the oldest 😂 my bad bud

    • TruuKing
      TruuKing Month ago

      @Chris Smith yes young Peter isn’t one of our starters Tyrone is always injuries so the only older one is Zack starting wise

    • Brandon
      Brandon Month ago +3

      @Chris Smith Biadiasz, Smith, McGovern, Steele are all young, so yes outside Martin we have a very young line.

    • Aaron-Jeffrey Rincon
      Aaron-Jeffrey Rincon Month ago +4

      @Chris Smith Martin is 32 and Smith is 31

  • Renee
    Renee Month ago +37

    Zeke pollard duo is lethal. They compliment each other so well for this team! And they both know it too. That’s what’s so great about this squad. They’re acting selfless for for the sake of the TEAM

  • Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia Month ago +29

    So happy for Bland! Been rooting for him since preseason! Now is your time 26! Be GREAT!

  • Renee
    Renee Month ago +48

    Props to Dallas for only having 3 penalties this week. Keep it up!!

  • k.asante714
    k.asante714 Month ago +141

    You guys, I think its safe to say that this offensive line is DOMINANT

    • Dan Stephen's
      Dan Stephen's Month ago

      Not when you play the best o line Eagles baby

    • RyTrapp0
      RyTrapp0 Month ago

      In Run Blocking - not in Pass Blocking

    • jjwiggs
      jjwiggs Month ago

      @Isaiah Jackson left guard but got you. 👌

    • Vivian White
      Vivian White Month ago

      @Thee NP yes but dude always hurt

    • Isaiah Jackson
      Isaiah Jackson Month ago +2

      Tyron Smith gonna come back and Tyler Smith at right guard 🔥

  • Belowthaheavenz
    Belowthaheavenz Month ago +48

    Zeke : there’s two of us .
    Malik : watch this

    • Rabid Lapdog
      Rabid Lapdog Month ago +6

      Zeke was pumped running down the sideline when Malik scored…feed me is team me.

  • Lorenzo de’ Medici
    Lorenzo de’ Medici Month ago +14

    “We don’t get tired cause there’s 2 of us, they get tired.” Exactly why we need them both.

    • AN
      AN Month ago

      @isaiah jones Why not when up by 30

    • isaiah jones
      isaiah jones Month ago +1

      And then the third RB ran for a TD right after lol

  • Boyd
    Boyd Month ago +47

    I love how Jason Peter's is going to make such an impact on Christmas Eve.🤠

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Nuke not hating at all. Just bringing you Cowboy fans back to reality. I do great work from home and run a Clip-Share channel on the side. Plus kids are in school so I got more time to let Cowboy fans how things will go.

    • Nuke
      Nuke Month ago

      @The Hoffi see you comment all over this video, do you have anything else to do than be a hater 😂

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      What impact? He will hug and talk to players and Eagles office people he knows that are willing to considering he is a Cowboy but that is about it. I am just glad he had two more healthy years and it did not do anything to his body long term because he stayed injured his last few years on the Eagles which is why he had to go. He will make a great Oline coach though!

  • Gabriel Espinoza
    Gabriel Espinoza Month ago +129

    Love the respect from Matt Ryan

  • Pedro Rodriguez III
    Pedro Rodriguez III Month ago +30

    Sometimes the Cowboys hype is a setup. This feels different. This time they don't believe it's hype, they believe they're dangerous and they're determined to prove it to one another.

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Bradley Love You must be talking about the Eagles right? Because not to many weeks ago Jerry Jones had talked like there could be a QB controversy. And in the Eagles game Diggs threw a toddler like tamper tantrum on the field in Primetime! none of that is how you speak. The Eagles team is like a family playing and acting like the 2017 Superbowl team did when they went on to win it all!

    • Bradley Love
      Bradley Love Month ago +1

      It does feel different. This teams loves each other, they play hard for each other, and they trust one another. The coaching staff is doing a really good job getting everyone doing the right thing on the field, but also creating a culture that guys are buying into. It really shows. I am having a really good time this year.

  • danny siegrist
    danny siegrist Month ago +60

    Matt Ryan is class personified, tip our cap to him

  • Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia Month ago +14

    The way the offense all stood up on that Malik Hooker turnover. They were all engaged and ready. Love to see it. Cowboys look LOCKED IN. 🔒

  • Rell 215
    Rell 215 Month ago +15

    Let's put the eagle's in the dirt cowboys nation 💪🏾

    • Seneca Demouy
      Seneca Demouy Month ago +3

      Drag them through the mud and then drag them some more

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago +19

    BRO Matt Ryan with the amazing talk to Dak at the end. What a dude! I love that guy now.

  • Hart 2 Heart
    Hart 2 Heart Month ago +32

    I literally can’t wait for these to come out 😂

  • TheChief1426
    TheChief1426 Month ago +36

    One of the highlights of my week!

  • Ben Frankss
    Ben Frankss Month ago +44

    Our offense is really feeding off the defense which is phenomenal, overall if we continued to play like we playing, this could be a SuperBowl contender team right here, along with the help of Odell Beckham Jr. or James Washington could make us better.

    • Neverbeenplayedwith
      Neverbeenplayedwith Month ago

      @umainebearman because he had a acl tear in the Super Bowl which wasn’t that long ago so he’s not fully healthy but there still is a chance we might get em next year

    • Ben Frankss
      Ben Frankss Month ago +3

      @umainebearman Tbh we really don’t need him, we have a great offense and defense. Not to mention, we have James Washington who fixing to start playing and also have Tyron Smith coming back from a hamstring injury. So we good with or without OBJ.

    • umainebearman
      umainebearman Month ago +1

      Wont bee OBJ. Apparently Dallas is the only team that did a medical exam on him out of all the teams he visited and they did not like what they saw. "Not even close" was the quote I saw.

  • Niko hunt
    Niko hunt  Month ago +10

    It’s like love at first sight I love this team 😂 let’s go cowboys we can do it !

  • Young Oldhead
    Young Oldhead Month ago +7

    Matt Ryan made sure to look Dak dead in his eye as he told him twice to go get it!!! amazing.

  • Cee Dee
    Cee Dee Month ago +3

    First off... I watch these videos after every Cowboys game, and let me just say that this video felt exceptionally legendary.. For a second I thought I was watching an Avengers movie. Cowboys editors are KILLING it.
    Second.. I've never seen Zack Martin so vocal and I absolutely love it. One of the best players in the league hands down.. It's cool to see how much the team respects him.
    Third.. Matt Ryan telling Dak to "go get it" is pretty telling. A QB who knows what it takes to get to a Super Bowl just told us that we have to pieces to get it done. As far as complete teams go, Dallas is right there at the top. Hopefully history won't repeat itself and we don't get our hopes up, but I have a feeling it may be different this year. In previous let-down seasons we relied way too much on offense, and tried to keep our defense off the field... Now we have an elite defense. Watch out.

  • BlueStarDallasTV
    BlueStarDallasTV Month ago +4

    Hearing Matt Ryan Say "Go Get It" Gives Me The Chills 🥹🥹🥹 💪🏽👏🏽💯⭐️🔥 GO COWBOYS ✭

  • Pens Suck
    Pens Suck Month ago +120

    We damn near ended this man's career with the Colts, yet he was gracious in defeat. Mad respect for Matt Ryan. That was the best part of this entire video. Let's go, Cowboys!

    TRILLogGOOF Month ago +5

    My fav one so far!! That energy and brotherhood is amazing!

  • Hr Ismael
    Hr Ismael Month ago +369

    Man being there to watch this game was the best decision of my life.

  • Gloomy Bear Grrrl 🖤

    These videos keep me going when I feel lost and confused. Thank you! #DC4L 🌟🌟🌟

  • deltonsr
    deltonsr Month ago +2

    Heck I am ready for work now, I was lacking motivation but after watching this let's get it! All 3 running backs scored a rushing TD.

  • MasterMind Gaming
    MasterMind Gaming Month ago +1

    "you got a squad, go get it n enjoy it" shit gave me the chills ❤️💯💪🏽

  • SlaTT 4L
    SlaTT 4L Month ago +20


  • Ashley Castro
    Ashley Castro Month ago +2

    Confirmed: Matt wants us in the Superbowl mad respect to him bc he’s been a great for a long time idc what nobody gotta say

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +1

    i'm not lying when i say i felt like i was on that field 💙 good work!!

  • Alicia Morgan
    Alicia Morgan Month ago +5


  • Camilla-Lyfe
    Camilla-Lyfe Month ago +4

    The chemistry and respect that these guys have is amazing! Hopefully JJ won't do anything to mess it up. I love ❤️ this team no matter what! DC4L 💪🔥💙🤠

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      The salary cap will do that. The Cowboys will be in salary cap hell and a lot of players still need to get paid to stay on for next year. Also he almost messed up with his Rush vs Dak comments before the Eagles game they played in October. The hype is real and so really nice to see year after year because the Cowboys always seem to be that let down come playoffs.

  • dem'bamacowboys
    dem'bamacowboys Month ago +2

    What a team...keep up the focus and hard work

  • Nightclub20xx
    Nightclub20xx Month ago +7

    shoutout to matt ryan keeping it real even after a loss

  • ER5
    ER5 Month ago +69

    Big shout out to Connor McGovern. Really thought we were gonna struggle at LG and he’s been great. I like his energy he fits in well.

    • RebornKingz
      RebornKingz Month ago +6

      He's definitely a quality back up. But that job is going to tyler once Tyron returns. It's nice to have depth on the offensive line.

  • Stacey Dillard
    Stacey Dillard Month ago +6

    Dallas went Super Saiyan God in the 4th 🤣 33 points scored in the 4th quarter is the second most of all time!

  • NineTails
    NineTails Month ago +4

    i love the music on these clips, those are some warriors out there !

  • Zach Matheny
    Zach Matheny Month ago +1

    This was my first cowboys game and man that 4th quarter was the best time off my life, 33 points in 15 mins the stadium was rockin

  • Yellow Jesus
    Yellow Jesus Month ago +1

    I love the fact That Big Zach is more of a vocal leader this year 🙂

  • Maximus6677
    Maximus6677 Month ago +6

    Matt Ryan saying that was so awesome. I feel bad he never got his SB.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Month ago

      He had his chance when he was up 28-3

  • Phishgumbo
    Phishgumbo Month ago +11

    Give this man A... .. ... .. RAISE!

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Month ago +1

    Good match, the video was very enjoyable to watch! Thank you auto

  • La Sancha Adventures
    La Sancha Adventures Month ago +1

    These can't come out fast enough! We should have a sounds from the sidelines LIVE! 😁

  • Stephen Sarmento
    Stephen Sarmento Month ago

    Love the respect and willingness for zeke and TP to make each other better. I hope they are both still with us next season. Can't loose Pollard! This dynamic duo is were its at

  • Ruben Ojeda
    Ruben Ojeda Month ago +1

    Let’s go COWBOYS 💯🙏🏻

  • Whogo G/of/D
    Whogo G/of/D Month ago +1

    Man have I been itching to see the Cowboys in a Super Bowl…hearing Matt say “we have a squad go get it”
    Hopes have been raised sky high

  • The1HolyCrusader
    The1HolyCrusader Month ago

    Hearing Matt Ryan say you got a squad go get it made me so happy to hear. Not only does it show how humble and awesome Matt Ryan is, but it shows that another team feels as if the Cowboys can take it all the way.

  • Kenny Blanks
    Kenny Blanks Month ago +1

    When the QB'S that played in the Super Bowl give the props, that's the sign. Dallas gotta go take it!

  • Stormy Gayle
    Stormy Gayle Month ago +2

    5:16 the look on Dak’s face like they didn’t even have time to sit down!

  • Josh Valeo
    Josh Valeo Month ago +1

    The best part was Matt Ryan to Dak at the end. "You guys got a squad. Go get it!" Let's go get it Cowboys Nation!!!

  • Greg Van etten
    Greg Van etten Month ago +2

    I love these but I wish I could see the sounds of the sidelines from the packers game.
    Release the tape!

  • Shaan Patel
    Shaan Patel Month ago +1

    “Go get it” Man I got the chills. Respect to matt ryan bro.

  • Michael Mentality
    Michael Mentality Month ago +66

    We better see this type of performance in the playoffs on the way to the Superbowl ⭐️⭐️

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Toxic King Then you better hope that some how the Bucs lose and another team in his division wins enough to keep them out. As of now it will be Bucs and Cowboys playoff. And by then Brady will have his Oline healthier. And even if the Cowboys win the Wildcard round the next round they would face the Eagles if the other wild card teams lose. Your only hope is the 6th or 7th team wins so the Cowboys get an extra week before they lose to the Eagles in the playoffs and that is only if they somehow beat the Bucs in the first round. The future does not look good for the Cowboys!

    • The Hoff
      The Hoff Month ago

      @Boyd Not going to happen. Do you not see the Bills are losing and then lost a few players. And Cowboys fans should worry since you will be the 5th place team and have to face the Bucs again. So embarrassing to lose to Brady again when he is 45 and his again is showing as he is not playing his best football but makes another playoff thanks to a bad division!

    • Boyd
      Boyd Month ago


    • Moe Lester
      Moe Lester Month ago +2

      @Boyd keep that same energy when bills are eliminated lmao, and yes us Dallas fans will keep that same energy and rock with the boyz still even with elimination BRA.

    • Toxic King
      Toxic King Month ago +5

      NFC is wide open, other than the eagles, there’s not too many teams that a currently a threat. It would be a disappointment if we don’t make it to the NFC championship game

  • Johnson Luu
    Johnson Luu Month ago +2

    I prefer these over the highlights. You can feel every moment.

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney Month ago +2

    the thing the media doesnt tell you, is how hard the team works to get results. they think they just roll over their teams with some elite talent. you can tell the prep they put in on this. i do not know how far they will go, time will tell. but if they can run the ball, gather a lead, that defense is just rare. with the sacks and trunovers they can get.

  • C. NIX
    C. NIX Month ago +11

    I been waiting for this!

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams Month ago

    Love these!!!!

  • Daniel Corbett
    Daniel Corbett Month ago

    Respect to Matty Ice. Hope you heard him loud and clear Dak. Go get it. It's been far too long. Cowboys!!!!!

  • John Guest
    John Guest Month ago +32

    Zach Martin has me pacing back and forth. That Dude gets me hyped!!

    • Bradley Love
      Bradley Love Month ago +3

      I remember when they drafted him. I love seeing him be a leader all these years later

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole Month ago +6

      He's a beast

  • Venaroma
    Venaroma Month ago +2

    Whole Lotta squad ish goin on round here 👀🔥🥵

  • jjwiggs
    jjwiggs Month ago

    This team... This is our year, go and take it Cowboys! DC4L

  • ImUrFatherAK
    ImUrFatherAK Month ago +7


  • D Rich
    D Rich Month ago +1

    Matty Ice said “go get it bro”. Love it

  • MAT-4
    MAT-4 Month ago

    That boy know something, that boy know something, words from Malik Hooker referring to Daron Bland, true words spoken, we’re going to need him to play like that for the rest of the season to get that Super Bowl win this year 👊🏾

  • Paul Alvarez
    Paul Alvarez Month ago +1

    continually underrated what a terrific DB coach Al Harris is

    CHIKM NUNGET Month ago +11

    Matt Ryan doesn’t live in the present, he knows how hard it is to win let alone try to have runs at the Super Bowl, always one of the most consistently good QBs ever, hopefully he rides off with the dignity and respect he deserves.

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69 Month ago

    Even though Matt Ryan played terribly it was nice to hear his kind words. I appreciate that.

  • XfromTx
    XfromTx Month ago +86

    Watching the genuine love in this team is just phenomenal 🔥🔥💪🏾

  • Santiago Duran
    Santiago Duran Month ago +1

    Matt Ryan is a good dude. Respect to him and his career.

  • meganjerai
    meganjerai Month ago +47

    I know y'all been waiting for this like me!!!! Best part of the week!

  • Kris
    Kris Month ago +2

    this team got so much swag 😅

  • That Cowboys Fan
    That Cowboys Fan Month ago +1

    Let’s go cowboys

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. Month ago +1

    DaRon Bland is gonna be a special player. Now that Brown is out, it's his time to shine. Go get them, DB 💙!

  • Joshua John Jamero
    Joshua John Jamero Month ago +4

    2:53 the entire oline jumped in unison when Hooker picked it off

    • Vivian White
      Vivian White Month ago +1

      Beautiful the way they got up like it's time to go back out and do our jobs

  • Delton Taylor
    Delton Taylor Month ago +1

    Respect to tha boy Matty Ice!!! Let's get it Boyz!!!

  • Dan Stephen's
    Dan Stephen's Month ago

    Best One and done team of the last 25 year's

  • Josiah Rangel
    Josiah Rangel Month ago +3

    been waiting all day for this

  • Loco Tx
    Loco Tx Month ago +100

    Coach Harris is very very underrated in this thing. He's been low-key but make no doubt - he is making a major impact on these young guys.

    • Corel Moton
      Corel Moton Month ago

      I remember when he played for Green Bay constant thorn in my cowboys ass back in the gap# great coach/players

    • Kevin Martin
      Kevin Martin Month ago

      @Bernadette Brown he’s a cornerback coach

    • RyTrapp0
      RyTrapp0 Month ago

      Kris Rich-who?

    • Vlone
      Vlone Month ago

      Said the same thing while back he lifts everyone up when making big plays

    • Bernadette Brown
      Bernadette Brown Month ago

      He's coach for the WR or RB...

  • Meg Clifton
    Meg Clifton Month ago +1

    Martin and Zeke are one hell of leaders!!!!

  • Micah
    Micah Month ago +7

    I was at the game. First one ever, absolutely insane energy

  • Hernan[dez]
    Hernan[dez] Month ago +2

    i dont wanna see any of these players leave the Cowboys

  • John Souza
    John Souza Month ago

    Love these

  • Rico Johnson
    Rico Johnson Month ago +20

    Like Dak said, when this team comes together and play a complete game like they did in Minnesota they will be scary. Hopefully we see that consistently starting real soon💯💯

  • Cowboys4lifeGaming
    Cowboys4lifeGaming Month ago +19

    “ they don’t belong on this field kick their a%# off now” that was so 🥶 😂 I love it

  • Albert Ruiz
    Albert Ruiz Month ago

    McGovern at the end acting a happy kid lmao 😂

  • CeeDubyuh
    CeeDubyuh Month ago +31

    Matt Ryan is a class act.

  • mason didlake
    mason didlake Month ago +60

    Zach Martin is such a team first guy

  • Deontae B
    Deontae B Month ago +1

    I wish they would have highlighted the zeke chants before that touchdown. That was electric if you were in the stadium.

  • Susan Colon
    Susan Colon Month ago +2

    My guys❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • BeastTwitchEli
    BeastTwitchEli Month ago +30

    never stop these vids i love them so much

  • Zium
    Zium Month ago +22

    My favorite part about Tuesdays love watching sound sideline’s

  • Brendan
    Brendan Month ago

    Lamb has became my favorite player