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😱 MrBeast's INSANE $25,000 Challenge With Bradley Martyn!

  • Published on Nov 15, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Wtfigo
    Wtfigo 2 months ago +11974

    “How many curls can you do?”
    “Oh I don’t know 500-“
    “this guy did 25,000”
    “Oh bro I’ll do triple that!!”

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Month ago +10823

    “Tell me you’re insecure without directly saying you’re insecure”

    • Alex Landsberger
      Alex Landsberger 17 hours ago

      ​@Martynas Brian shaw is a perfect example he's an extremely humble person

    • Alex Landsberger
      Alex Landsberger 17 hours ago

      That's every bodybuilder 😂

    • Juan Pretorius
      Juan Pretorius 2 days ago

      @kurtsaidwhat ah bro just stop. work on your aggression.

    • kurtsaidwhat
      kurtsaidwhat 2 days ago +1

      @Juan Pretorius don’t you have some drugs to buy from Mr Martun?

    • Juan Pretorius
      Juan Pretorius 2 days ago

      @kurtsaidwhat have you ever considered just being nice? you'll have a better life bro

  • ItzSkir
    ItzSkir Month ago +1972

    Went from 500 to 500,000 REAL QUICK after hearing he did 25,000.

    • Derek Young
      Derek Young 10 days ago +1

      Well thinking about it, there is no good bench mark. Like thinking about doing 500 of anything in regard to lifting is hard to think of since you do like 10-30 lifts a set. So having legitimately no idea, doing 500 seems feasible. But hearing 25000 was possible, he got competitive like most guys do

    • Gucci 2k
      Gucci 2k 14 days ago

      He said 500,000 before.

    • Just a Dislike Button
      Just a Dislike Button 14 days ago

      He literally said that before open your ears

    • mauri johnson
      mauri johnson 15 days ago +5

      he said 500,000 before 25,000

    • Arrick Brian Wenk
      Arrick Brian Wenk 17 days ago +10

      when someone who is rich says 500 they always mean 500 thousand

    PENDOMN Month ago +9093

    "How many 1lb curls do you think you can do?"
    *"500 max"*
    "I know a guy who did 25,000 curls"
    *"That's too easy 🤡"*
    Edit: to the people correcting me for saying "500" instead of "500k", i get that your iq is over 1000, but you should really try laughing some more

    • ScowBaDow Stone
      ScowBaDow Stone 4 days ago

      @Thoughts Have Correlation Kaos he said 500 at first though

    • Prixrr Tv
      Prixrr Tv 5 days ago

      @Pimp Ronnoy don’t call him an idiot if you didn’t watch the video, the first number he says is “idk like, 500”

    • trace yates
      trace yates 8 days ago

      He absolutely 100% said "500" first

    • Orlando Vazquez
      Orlando Vazquez 9 days ago

      This dude is built like a powerlifter anyways. Even if lifting 1 pound weights is nothing to him, as it should be, who's to say he has all day stamina to do 25,000 reps? This man baby should know this best.

    • Nuno Fernandes
      Nuno Fernandes 9 days ago

      Roids give you muscle, not brain.

  • LRC
    LRC 20 days ago +2392

    You can see how fragile this guys ego is when he learned that the other guy hit 25k lmao

    • The Annoying Guy
      The Annoying Guy Hour ago

      ​@hahahshhshdh Turkish? And yeah speaking shit about EVERYONE that goes to the gym regurarly means he probably doesn't go

    • hahahshhshdh
      hahahshhshdh 11 hours ago +1

      @WhatsURname? İ think you dont go to gym thats why you talk.

    • WhatsURname?
      WhatsURname? Day ago +1

      @Will Brown lots of reasons guys go to the gym that there is a legit one.

    • Will Brown
      Will Brown Day ago +2

      @WhatsURname? brads dad also left him as a kid so he didn’t have a male role model to build him up

    • WhatsURname?
      WhatsURname? Day ago +19

      Most big guys are fragile and have shit upbringings whether it's from women rejecting them or being bullied...these guys at the gym are hurt and broken men believe me so once they start lifting they then turn to their ego and use their appearance as a sort of accomplishment from their past...it's really that simple.

  • JumpingJJ
    JumpingJJ 2 months ago +11976

    Bradley has one of the biggest egos for no reason💀, jimmy was trying to show an example, and he’s like “I can triple it” or “he’s weak” he needs a reality check

    • Hugh
      Hugh 5 days ago

      @Roland Deschain we saw the real him with this conversation lol calls the other dude weak, says he could easily triple 25,000 reps lol

    • Hugh
      Hugh 5 days ago

      @Jared Hernandez ok Mexico lol

    • Kakashi 69
      Kakashi 69 13 days ago

      @Lord Zoe I mean hey if Mr beast just does what he does and doesn't get into any trauma it's fine by me

    • Lord Zoe
      Lord Zoe 13 days ago

      @Kakashi 69 cool but he def isn’t humble. He’s actually the opposite, egotistical.

    • Darren
      Darren 14 days ago

      ​@Ben Smiley cIown

  • Exvinity
    Exvinity 27 days ago +3088

    Dude found a level 10 ego boost

  • AllForOne
    AllForOne 13 days ago +740

    Should’ve started a new challenge for that guy. “I’ll give you a dollar for every curl you do after the first 25,000 curls.”

      AUTOPILOT 22 hours ago

      ​@Frank O’Connellno you wouldn't

    • Y Z
      Y Z Day ago

      I woulda gave him pesos

    • Frank O’Connell
      Frank O’Connell Day ago +5

      I would be like I’ll give you $5 for every curl you can do after 25,000 😂

  • Nicholas Bryant
    Nicholas Bryant Month ago +193

    Thinking because your physically bigger means you could do more reps shows how insecure this guy is. The guy literally felt threatened by someone he didn’t even know.

  • tripleflip7
    tripleflip7 Month ago

    Man, Bradley is the real life version of the Bro Science dude meme videos if you've ever seen his content.

  • Shafiq Lalji
    Shafiq Lalji Month ago +3654

    I like how his first answer for himself was just 500 and then his ego felt hurt hearing about a guy built like him but doing 25k

    • Gavin Cambridge
      Gavin Cambridge 18 days ago +2

      U really think he can only do 500? 💀 obviously he means 500k

    • Hnkka
      Hnkka 19 days ago +2

      Nah bro? Why would he, he just didnt know what would be possible, He seems like he has better stamina so ok

    • hnviejhiwdhnfwodfsdfdfs
      hnviejhiwdhnfwodfsdfdfs 20 days ago +2

      I mean he probably made the calculations in his head that if someone built like him but even smaller was doing 25k then he should easily do well over that it just makes sense in his mind he probably thought it was a lot but it takes a long to time for the muscles to get tired do like 25k without any weights you will barely get fatigued and 10 pounds to this guy would feel like nothing 😂

    • Jorge Jorgito
      Jorge Jorgito 20 days ago +2

      @LeixRelaks you read other brains?

    • person arugala
      person arugala Month ago +19

      He was gonna say 500,000

  • idkdrew
    idkdrew Month ago

    I’d have to even it out and spend a day on the left arm lol

  • Clover
    Clover 6 days ago +24

    There is a fine line between confidence and insecurity. This man is grinding that line

  • Victor Börjeson
    Victor Börjeson Month ago +106

    Bro NEEDS a reality check he went from 500 curls to millions

  • cholodaddy
    cholodaddy 12 days ago +241

    In nature if an animal is scared it tried to make itself look bigger. This is the thought process of dudes like Brad that lift.

    • EyesAndaMouth
      EyesAndaMouth 2 days ago

      ​@Dan Housden Oop gottem

    • Deniz Polat
      Deniz Polat 2 days ago

      In nature, the physically dominant males win mating access to the other females.

    • Eternal Thread
      Eternal Thread 3 days ago

      Actually dudes that lift want to look good and set themselves apart from the average joes like yourself

    • Dan Housden
      Dan Housden 5 days ago +4

      Maybe we don’t wanna be a little twig ahahah

  • HexagonalMann
    HexagonalMann 2 months ago +153336

    His ego was so hurt, he said "I triple it" 😂

    • Enga Vaiphei
      Enga Vaiphei 5 hours ago

      Mr beast said a curse word for the first time i think

    • Kenneth Bæver Bjerke
      Kenneth Bæver Bjerke 21 hour ago

      That 500 to 75000 went fuking fast

    • A_T_TheGamer
      A_T_TheGamer Day ago

      He also said that the other guy was probably just weak

    • Los pollos
      Los pollos 2 days ago

      @TheReal BFunke how do you show off with a 1 lb weight ?

    • crimsonitacilunarnebula
      crimsonitacilunarnebula 2 days ago

      ​@DrowsyDude hmmmmm I'm assuming je can do good but don't really know how much

  • Gapetheape
    Gapetheape Month ago

    He is so insecure and toxic just tearing other dudes down it’s so sad to see

  • metalman20
    metalman20 Month ago +116

    First impressions truly are everything. All I saw was someone who severely needs their ego dropped a bunch

  • Jayy Zee
    Jayy Zee 10 days ago +11

    This guy is the perfect definition of insecurity

  • Yazan Alharbi
    Yazan Alharbi Month ago

    he needs to be humbled bro

  • shaun davies
    shaun davies 2 months ago +3293

    Watching an ego get shattered so calmly like that was magical.....

    • Rymo D
      Rymo D Month ago

      ​@Sunflower s Egos ARE bad. Keep yours in check lest you become it. Not narcissistic, egocentric. They're NOT the same.

    • ASOT
      ASOT Month ago +3

      wdym shattered

    • shaun davies
      shaun davies Month ago

      @personarugala7709 that is literally your opinion though..
      The definition of an opinion - a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact.
      Fakes profiles are pathetic though.... 😴

    • person arugala
      person arugala Month ago +3

      @shaun davies nah bruh it wasnt shattered

    • shaun davies
      shaun davies Month ago

      @personarugala7709 cool opinion.

  • Doge
    Doge 15 days ago +163

    Bro changed his answer because that other guy did more than 500 💀

    • Doge
      Doge 7 hours ago

      @TateClips a tate fan would never act so nerdy

    • Doge
      Doge 21 hour ago

      ​@TateClips bro felt like curious George

    • Doge
      Doge 21 hour ago

      ​@TateClips 🤓

    • TateClips
      TateClips Day ago

      Maybe because the guy is smaller so he would obviously do more
      And it was a 24500 difference

  • Its_so_Ella
    Its_so_Ella Month ago

    Am I the only one who has never heard mr beast swear??!!

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 days ago +10

    Guy went from 500 to tripling 25,000 real quick once his ego was bruised

  • AllIndev
    AllIndev Month ago

    One of my favorite parts was at 32:30 when we got to see, for the first time, Parkzer invoking his lawyer powers

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter Month ago +4094

    Gym bros are always so positive.... Until they find out someone can lift more.

    • Toxicity
      Toxicity 17 days ago

      @nod yeah I was finna say cus I workout with big dudes and it’s for motivation like wtf lmao who wants to workout with someone weaker than them

    • iltoto9
      iltoto9 18 days ago


      TOKER TALK 18 days ago

      Haha you mean they always test positive...

    • john logan
      john logan 19 days ago

      Or until they see only treadmills

    • Mr Orange
      Mr Orange 20 days ago

      He’s not a real gym bro, he’s a fake natty with ego issues

  • stevied667iswin
    stevied667iswin 12 hours ago

    Completely underestimating how tired you would feel after a few hours of doing this.

  • Moin Khan
    Moin Khan Day ago

    When jimmy asked him to pick a number I honestly thought of 500 and guess what so did he! It proves how predictable one can be

  • All Things Silver
    All Things Silver 21 day ago

    I would love to take this challenge. Before I heard the answer I guessed 5,000. I kind of want to know now. Lol

  • Grant
    Grant Month ago

    Dude may be big, but his self esteem is small

  • Scoringelk
    Scoringelk 2 months ago +1964

    "He's probably weak"
    Mr beast: "No! He's wasn't a celebrity"💀💀💀

    • Scoringelk
      Scoringelk 6 days ago

      @AL COOLERN I know I just found that funny

      AL COOLERN 24 days ago +2

      The original clip was cut, Brad asked what his name was

    • YG Krippy
      YG Krippy Month ago

      ​@Majd Sabbagh lemme smel

    • Mason summerson
      Mason summerson Month ago +7

      He’s saying that most gym Influencers use steroids to get views and that a normal strong man did not take steroids

    • Majd Sabbagh
      Majd Sabbagh Month ago +4

      I farted!

  • alexander bushie
    alexander bushie 19 days ago +13

    Settle down Brad, let's put it to the test

  • Eggy Bignip
    Eggy Bignip 12 days ago +1

    Everytime I see this Bradley dude he legit reminds me of a teenager

  • Jesse Brill
    Jesse Brill 18 hours ago

    I don't think y'all truly understand how strong/athletic Brad is. Man is a veteran of the gym and his dosages are perfected. That's why his ego got hurt.

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 11 days ago +1

    He is the most humble lifter on the web 🙏

  • Lyoness
    Lyoness 2 months ago +9194

    "I knew a guy that was similar build to you"
    "That guy was probably weak though"
    Dude either hates himself secretly or needs to think he's the only one of his kind 🥺

    • Abri_Saber
      Abri_Saber Month ago

      ​@Gary J Man we are not here to talk about you.

    • Craft Castings
      Craft Castings 2 months ago

      He’s a meat head, most of them are overcompensating for something. It’s rarely about health.

    • Justice Clum
      Justice Clum 2 months ago

      Its both.

    • ‌
       2 months ago +1

      Nah you just don’t lift

    • genecuisine
      genecuisine 2 months ago

      Sadly he did hate himself at one point. His father took his own life when he was much younger. The gym is where he found peace

  • James Banks
    James Banks 10 days ago

    I am doing a high rep week at the gym atm and let me tell you, halving your typical weight but doubling the rep range hits far harder 🔥

  • SuperTaino
    SuperTaino 3 days ago +2

    Sounds like a humble dude

  • White Simurgh
    White Simurgh 6 days ago +1

    It's so crazy these guys who teach you motivation and all that shit are THE most insecure people on the planet!

  • Richard Comeaux
    Richard Comeaux Month ago

    It is not an issue of weakness. Muscle heads do not understand how lactic acid build up works in muscles.

  • Luka Trdina
    Luka Trdina Month ago +4522

    "we had a guy similarly built to you"- "that guy's probably fckin weak tho".

    • Th3Merper
      Th3Merper 22 days ago

      @Grim Fors sure... takes work. But it's much easier for a big person to get strong than a small person...

    • Grim Fors
      Grim Fors 22 days ago

      you can be big and not stong

    • XxAdolf_Nibbler
      XxAdolf_Nibbler 22 days ago

      He was probably talking mentally, physical strain and mental strain are both present when working out

    • Th3Merper
      Th3Merper 22 days ago

      ​@paulolegend strongman competitions would say this is false... strength is dependent on size.

    • J
      J 22 days ago

      As a powerlifter, I get what he's saying. There's working out for looks and there's working out for strength. For example, I don't look that big (6'0, 200lb) but I can deadlift 525 and squat low 400s because I lift specifically for raw strength and do zero accessory exercises to work out mirror muscles. I see a ton of guys at my gym who are visually much bigger than me but struggle to squat 250 and can't deadlift 3 plates.
      TLDR: you can look really strong and not really be that strong.

  • Forever Forgiven
    Forever Forgiven Month ago

    Love to see Bradley has some humility 🙄

    💙TEYGAN BIRD💙 8 days ago +1

    Me: enjoying the video
    Mr.Beast: Swears (the first time I’ve ever heard him swear)

  • nezzee
    nezzee 14 days ago

    "I dunno, my arm would just be tired"
    "Yeah, that's the point..."
    I like how he seems to recognize the concept death by a thousand cuts by acknowledging his arm would get tired, was told that someone built did only 25k, but immediately shrugs it off like "psssh, I could triple that dude, he was probably weak"
    What a clown

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M 3 days ago

    25,000 is absolutely insane, no matter the weight your muscles are not designed to repeat the same motion that many times.

  • AJE23
    AJE23 2 months ago +2186

    Jesus I could feel the insecurity through the screen 😂

    • One Sans
      One Sans 2 months ago +2

      ​@sls he said a Million thats not confidence thats stupidity if he does non stop curls 1 curl per second doing 1 Million curls would take over 11 days.

    • Justin SkiUnfall
      Justin SkiUnfall 2 months ago

      @Darkside 20B You have probably never seen someone looking like him at a labour job because the work that goes into looking like him is his job. That is like saying you have never seen someone who is a teacher work at a labour job. Obviously they aren't doing both at the same time...

    • Justin SkiUnfall
      Justin SkiUnfall 2 months ago

      @flaykez How is that critique? The guy is assuming that the man in the video would be doing poorly in an activity completely unrelated to the vid. In any other case this would be bullying (e.g. This chess player probably couldnt bench the bar), but here it's okay because he is big?

    • flaykez
      flaykez 2 months ago

      @Justin SkiUnfall you’re allowed to criticize others, no need to ride this guys dick all day

      FEARGARDEN 2 months ago +4

      ​@sls yeah? putting down another person he's never seen in his life before sure strikes as confidence and definitely not a arrogant 'hot shit' lol

  • John Hancock
    John Hancock 3 days ago

    It just blew my mind to hear Mr beast casually cuss in a conversation like a regular person. Mind you I in no way whatsoever hold it against them. I've been known to cuss like a drunk sailor in casual conversation.

  • Viking Holmberg
    Viking Holmberg 22 days ago +1

    Imagine David Goggins going at it for a straight week

    RETRO ROBOT 2 days ago

    Okay ngl it was a real burn when Brad said 500 and Mr Beast specified that a dude slightly smaller than him was able to do 25,000. Dude felt that one for sure

  • ayeekoolaid
    ayeekoolaid Month ago +1

    For that you don’t necessarily have to be strong this is where endurance come into play.

  • Kimikikat
    Kimikikat Month ago

    I wanna see him do 75k 1lb curls! I triple-dog-dare him!! 🏋️

  • Ana Cosic
    Ana Cosic Month ago

    I dierent now that mrbeast curses

  • gashneck
    gashneck 18 days ago

    brad just has a huge ego man i miss when steve was being an asshole to him he deserved it

  • Gunmanxii
    Gunmanxii 2 days ago

    Imagine having to do another 25k for the left hand to even it out

    IDONTCAREIFYOUREADTHIS 2 months ago +15672

    “Slightly smaller than you tho” 😹 had to give him the reassurance so he doesn’t feel bad

    • Los pollos
      Los pollos 2 days ago

      @sidthekidfan01 can’t really prove the other guy wasn’t on roids either so the point is irrelevant

    • Eli Kanavaros
      Eli Kanavaros 2 months ago

      @Jxmmy Kriminal Live! Tell me one thing I said that's incorrect?

    • Jxmmy Kriminal Live!
      Jxmmy Kriminal Live! 2 months ago

      @Eli Kanavaros no you’re wrong what you’re saying is fraudulent it’s misinformation you’re a fraud you’re not legit you’re wrong

    • Eli Kanavaros
      Eli Kanavaros 2 months ago

      @Anthony Wheeler Why are you telling me I can't use limited sample size? I'm not using anecdotes to justify or argue anything. I was just giving an example of a case that is commonly misunderstood, people think bodyweight and equate that to "small muscles" but actually if you look closely a lot of those guys just have big muscles and are lean or have good leverages.

    • Anthony Wheeler
      Anthony Wheeler 2 months ago

      @Eli Kanavaros, no you can’t use your limited sample size of a few large guys, if I can’t. My buddies me, Gabe Randall, Keenan, tyrell, and Seth are all skinny guys to but they can lift a ton of weight too. All infantry boys. I wasn’t infantry, I was just an 88M. Truck driver.
      So I’m telling about my 6 person group and all of us could lift at least double our body weight.
      I’m pretty sure Randy and Seth can still lift double their body weight. I have cancer and seizures so I don’t get to do anything weights or other dangerous activities that could injure or kill me or others if I were to have a seizure. I don’t drive anymore, I pay people to mow in the summer and shovel snow in the winter.

  • The Pink-Purpler
    The Pink-Purpler Month ago

    this dude is the personification of "I'm not cocky I'm confident" Its okay to have a healthy image of yourself but the seer ego on this man lmfao

  • Oreo
    Oreo 24 days ago

    You can see the insecurity oozing from bradley. Why's it bad for someone to say he has a similiar build to you. Lol

  • Victoria Huynh
    Victoria Huynh 4 days ago

    he’s so strong omg i can just tell by the amount of times he says it

  • Yug Mehta
    Yug Mehta 5 days ago +2

    Him:That guy might be fucking weak
    Mr beast:No he's not a celebrity 💀💀💀💀

  • Bluefish
    Bluefish 2 months ago +17063

    The ego feels like a wet blanket 😵‍💫

    • Foxyte
      Foxyte 9 days ago

      @flxurish yeah, 500 means 500k when you’re rich, and there’s something called educated guess

    • Hector Valadez
      Hector Valadez 2 months ago

      @Grayson once again, thanks for letting me know, but you didn’t change my mind, and i don’t care. have a good life 👍

    • Grayson
      Grayson 2 months ago +1

      @Hector Valadez That's not the definition of confidence it's arrogance
      thinking you're better and getting overly fixated on curling 1pd dumbells is just him being insecure

    • Hector Valadez
      Hector Valadez 2 months ago

      @James Sunderland that’s confidence, you can have your opinion, and i can have mine. thank you for sharing that with me, but you did not change my mind. you can stay average. have a great life 👍

    • Ruben MOK
      Ruben MOK 2 months ago

      Sounds like you’ve never made a dollar or been in any competitive business scene

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    Now I feel like he’s working on to compensate because he got offended by the question alone

  • Daniel Pereira
    Daniel Pereira Month ago

    That is one hell of an ego this guy has
    Repetitive movement is stressful and painful no matter how strong you are

  • Jebism
    Jebism 14 days ago

    He may be surprised that doing easy lifts at high reps requires a different kind of strength compared to doing very difficult lifts at low reps. It's the same reason 100 yard sprinters and marathon runners aren't the same people.

  • Bilal Munawar
    Bilal Munawar 25 days ago

    Bradley Martin is one of the most insecure and jealous people I have had the misfortune to come across

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 2 months ago +13329

    Bro ego bursted 😂😂😂 “that dudes probably weak” “oh I’ll easily triple it” 😂😂😂😂 okay egotistical 😂😂

    • عبد الرحمان gamingplus
      عبد الرحمان gamingplus 2 days ago

      I think he could actually triple it

    • Aaron Morrison
      Aaron Morrison Month ago

      *egotestical* much more fitting word imp

    • Di4mnd
      Di4mnd Month ago

      @Abri_Saber actually fun fact, your brain completely disallows your body to use all 100% of a muscle in any action, life-threatening or grocery-carrying.

    • Di4mnd
      Di4mnd Month ago

      @Teresa Ashby bro’s never trained til absolute failure💀 no matter how much money’s on the line, your muscles WILL reach a point where they basically can’t move anymore, no matter how much money there is OR how much you want that money.

    • Haven
      Haven Month ago

      @Teresa Ashby no. No you can’t. No muscle, ripped muscle, no movement

  • Tyler Hassey
    Tyler Hassey 7 days ago +1

    If I’m getting a dollar for every curl, I’m walking around with that thing literally all damn day I’m getting my money

  • SayCheese
    SayCheese 2 days ago

    Mr beast: yah i'm not giving this clown a chance 😂

  • observe.
    observe. 11 days ago

    My father told me once if you feel strong take a book in your hand and hold it in front of you as long as you can. Yeah my arm were trembling 😂

  • Space Cruiser
    Space Cruiser 19 days ago

    Lol people don’t realize how strong Brad is though, he def could triple it

  • Expression Gaming
    Expression Gaming 2 months ago +7015

    “I’m doing triple that easily” no you aren’t 😂😂😂

    • Foxyte
      Foxyte 9 days ago

      @Sinful ‘muscle fatigue doesn’t give a fuck about strength’??? tf

    • central processing unit
      central processing unit Month ago

      @Chris Perry
      strength doesnt matter when it comes to endurance.
      in fact if you are bigger you will lose quicker.
      endurance training is nearly the opposite to what gym freaks do.
      endurance is about cardio and dopamine and only those things,
      and to let you know,
      gym freaks on supplements and more extreme things have much less dopamine.
      and to lift that one kilogram isnt difficult so very little strength is required anyway.

    • coldest ML
      coldest ML 2 months ago

      ​@Expression Gaming oh I'll be counting to 75k even if you give me just half that, don't underestimate poverty.

    • One Sans
      One Sans 2 months ago

      ​@Matthew bro if you are doing 1 curl per second 75000 curls would take over 20 hours 100k would take over a day he aint doin that.

    • Ryder
      Ryder 2 months ago

      Idk all those insane amounts of gear he’s on might say otherwise

  • Paul Mayer
    Paul Mayer 21 day ago

    He goes from 500 to 75,000 as soon as his ego is challenged 😂

  • Samiam
    Samiam 2 days ago

    He probably couldn’t even hold the weight his hands are so small 😂

  • slashluck
    slashluck 20 hours ago

    Plz tell me he didn't sound serious when he said he could curl it 1 million times lmao

  • Georgios Xipolitos
    Georgios Xipolitos 2 days ago

    How ego hurt u have to be to say I'll triple it😂😂😂

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 2 months ago +17863

    "He's weak...I'd probably do like 500. My wrist would be tired."
    "He did 25,000."

    • Meme
      Meme Month ago +2

      you know he meant 500k

    • Abri_Saber
      Abri_Saber Month ago

      ​@Sami Alberti he only "clarified" 500k after he heard that the dude went for an entire day.

    • Mariano Porta
      Mariano Porta 2 months ago

      @Mike Zilla he said one milli…

    • Bernhard Sonn
      Bernhard Sonn 2 months ago


    • WhiteLavender425
      WhiteLavender425 2 months ago +1

      He was obviously going to say 500 thousand, not that I think he can do 500K. I can barely curl a 50 lb dumbell and can do 500 1lb curls easily.

  • Fallhammer
    Fallhammer 25 days ago

    I think Brad was confusing arrogance for confidence here lmao

  • WetBread
    WetBread 3 days ago

    God damn hes insecure as hell lol. Had to put another dude down without even knowing him

  • ブブ
    ブブ 13 days ago

    Asking him how many 1 pound weights he can curl is like asking a semi-truck how fast it can haul 1 pound of cargo.

  • Salim Benmokhtar
    Salim Benmokhtar 16 days ago

    When he said he gave him a dollar for everytime, it became a million lol

  • Doom Carlito
    Doom Carlito 2 months ago +6654

    "Fragile ego this one has" - Master Yoda

    • Bunny
      Bunny 6 days ago

      ​@The J-mandon't know about him normally, but in this clip, dude went from 500 to tripple of 25k. That's not humble, called the other guy weak 🤷‍♂️, sounds like egotistic person, not something a humble person would say.

    • The J-man
      The J-man 2 months ago +2

      @JP Draws yea fair enough. The short clip didn't do him any favors 😅 . But check out some of his other work on YT

    • Jin
      Jin 2 months ago +2

      @The J-man Humble like my totally real girlfriend. Non-existent.

    • Huh
      Huh 2 months ago +3

      ​@The J-man humble my ass💀, based off this clip this dude doesn't even know the word humble exists

    • JP Draws
      JP Draws 2 months ago +30

      @The J-man he sounds egotistical tho

  • Jackson Hicks
    Jackson Hicks Month ago

    “One of the biggest guys I’ve ever seen, a little bit smaller than you.”
    That must’ve been nice to hear

  • Lil Capalot
    Lil Capalot Month ago +2

    bro said 500, then when we found out how many the other guy did, he said 25000 was easy💀

  • airfrank3000
    airfrank3000 14 hours ago

    Some view it as ego, but you can also view it as competitiveness.

  • A.I.$
    A.I.$ 17 days ago

    How you go from 500 to a million and 500,000 😂😂 give it a rest Brad

  • Coda Boggs
    Coda Boggs 2 months ago +11731

    “He’s probably weak!”
    “No he’s not a celebrity!”

    • Sage Warren
      Sage Warren Month ago

      ​@Kenny he literally quoted the video, weirdo

    • SherlockWho
      SherlockWho 2 months ago

      @CliQue Bradley Martyn? Is that you? Did you end up tripling it?🤣🤣🤣

    • zombie pussy
      zombie pussy 2 months ago

      ​@Kenny terry crews walks out

    • Coda Boggs
      Coda Boggs 2 months ago

      @Havel Gomes right? Jealous? All I did was quote the video cause I thought it was funny. People be fishing for whatever they can these daya

    • Havel Gomes
      Havel Gomes 2 months ago

      @Kenny Passive aggressive much?

  • J S
    J S Day ago

    Dude won 25k and then had to spend 80k on elbow surgery

  • ibanezmakki
    ibanezmakki 23 days ago

    Wow. The ego on this guy lol. I doubt he could count to 75,000 😂

  • Caleb
    Caleb 21 hour ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about MrBeast swearing? I've never seen him swear at all before.

  • Bosstastical
    Bosstastical 16 days ago +1

    "I could do it forever except for when i get tired"

  • Abhijith s Rajput II
    Abhijith s Rajput II 2 months ago +2089

    "I'll do 500 idk"
    "But this guy did 25k"
    "I'll do triple easily"
    Bro's ego was hurt

    • oppp opp
      oppp opp Month ago

      @TOBY2705 right?

    • voninyourmom
      voninyourmom Month ago

      he said 500,000😂

    • Mahmood Amari
      Mahmood Amari Month ago

      ​@Ayo Dusk dang bro you answered so politely and yet people are coming at you for explaining that hesaid 500k and calling u a fan boy idk know who the guy is and i say he cant do 5k curls but he clearly said 500 thousand

    • Drogas
      Drogas Month ago

      He was saying 500k bro 😂

    • TOBY2705
      TOBY2705 Month ago +3

      Did the video got edited? Because he clearly says 500k

  • Big Lobowski78
    Big Lobowski78 24 days ago

    Biggest guy I ever seen.. “he was probably week though” 😂😂

  • Frogsfunfriday
    Frogsfunfriday Month ago

    Jimmy swearing is so sweet and killing at da same time

  • Shane Rivers
    Shane Rivers 2 days ago

    I work with guys like this, they're the first to give up.

  • Cookie Mosnter
    Cookie Mosnter 6 hours ago

    The other guy said the same thing but it’s easier to say it then do it. I want Mr Beast to do it with him and see how far he actually gets

  • Evie
    Evie 2 months ago +9713

    This guy is wayyy too confident in his abilities 💀

    • aubrey
      aubrey 2 months ago

      He's just a bs'er

    • Andre.Billy
      Andre.Billy 2 months ago

      @Roger This isn’t heavyweight, this is endurance lifting. That lactic acid building up in the bicep and the repetitive strain on the wrist wouldn’t be much fun 😅

    • A A
      A A 2 months ago

      nothing wrong with that

    • Anthony Bell
      Anthony Bell 2 months ago

      He's a meathead lmao

    • ajcruzer92
      ajcruzer92 2 months ago

      @Roger 🤡 yes really

  • Trash Bag
    Trash Bag 22 days ago +1

    Gahhh I did this and I had severe tennis elbow just after about 2000 reps, this guy was probably in so much pain after that

  • MrYuckForever
    MrYuckForever 2 days ago

    Brads funny tho. Especially around the Nelk boys. Stevewilldoit really be pissing him off sometimes lol

  • ko sco
    ko sco 17 days ago

    "I could do 500".
    He did 25,000
    " Im tripling that".

  • Yosafat Nugraha
    Yosafat Nugraha 17 hours ago

    What a nice athletic humble guy

  • wuppx
    wuppx 6 days ago

    Hearing mrbeast swear is like hearing my teacher swear