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1 Protoss Player vs 7 Elite AI (2022)

  • Published on May 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • K Sriram
    K Sriram 8 months ago +9

    When I was in silver league, I was unable to consistently beat the Elite AI. You would think humans would at least be smarter despite bad macro in the 1 vs 7 situation. But watching Bronze league Heroes erodes that hope as well.

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash 3 months ago

      Holocaust surrender and you can just leave them in their main base and leave the game on, i have it saved on file protoss or not. Terran only. And they can nuke all their final military invasions within their expansion I tricked them unto expanding to then nuked all their probes within the expansions. Then set up marine camps to take out the rest of the expansions. We need more on on one maps like times ten

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  8 months ago +1

      Yeah I think the toughest part is defending against humans early on. But if I survived that I could take quite a few.

  • R Kanava
    R Kanava 5 months ago +3

    I would be interested about how many AI's you could defeat with ladder play, not using the cannon ramp into carrier strategy

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  5 months ago

      With Protoss... Definitely 3. Maybe 4/5

  • WSB
    WSB 6 months ago +4

    I’d say without a doubt 7 humans even Bronze would be tougher than AI

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  6 months ago

      I feel like if they don't cheese you the humans would be easier 😂

  • Probe_SC2
    Probe_SC2  8 months ago +8

    I forgot to say, if you want to make the lobby with 7 Ai, first you need to change the type to 'miscellaneous'.

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash 3 months ago

      Yea and they just kill each other did the same thing with sc1 or try one on one Holocaust surrender it's actually easier than Holocaust surrender

  • deebly goncerned
    deebly goncerned 3 months ago

    ah yes, the infamous brood lords and colossus counter to mass carrier.

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  3 months ago

      Can't think of a better strategy myself

  • Hiram Richmond
    Hiram Richmond 8 months ago +4

    Greetings Probius the Great

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash 3 months ago

      Lol Holocaust surrender 1 on 1 and i just leave the map on, or play this game

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  8 months ago +1

      *beep boop*

  • SM P
    SM P 2 days ago

    It's harder to a player 1v1 then vs 1v10ai

    • Probe_SC2
      Probe_SC2  2 days ago

      Depends on the skill level of the player :)

  • Frank John
    Frank John 6 months ago +3

    After all these years, StarCraft AI is still stupid

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash 3 months ago

      Not mine they are faster at everything, including mining, building, procesing units, you have to play this game and control their output and not just mass carriers. And I could terran those. And you have to go meet their drones right away in strategic location and trick them into reversing expansions, then you get nuke them all and leave the game on. You didn't even need battlecruisers. And his team of those and vikings and thors would decimate your carriers.

  • Archer Cillian
    Archer Cillian 4 months ago +1