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The One Ring of Power: History, Powers, & Travels | Tolkien Explained

  • Published on Jan 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Concluding our series on the Rings of Power with THE ONE RING. Sauron's master ring plunges the Second Age into darkness and in the Third Age, it holds the fate of Middle-earth!
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    Barad-dur, Joujeen
    Sauron forging the ring, Alan Lee
    Sauron forges the One Ring, Ivan Cavini
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    Barad-dur & Orodruin, Mike Coombs
    Sauron, Spartank42
    Isildur & the ring, Andrea Piparo
    The One Ring, Andrew Mabey
    Celebrimbor, Angus McBride
    Celebrimbor, AnotherStranger
    Sauron, JohnnySlowhand
    Celebrimbor's Death, peet
    Sauron, Jean Pascal Leclerc
    The Nine, Unopk
    Barad-dur, Gordon Tarpley
    The Dark Gate - Tobias Roetsch
    Forest Ring, Dmytro Chornyi
    Sauron, Instant
    Lorien, Ralph Damiani
    Dwarf King of the Mountain, Grenias
    Red Dragon, Manzanedo
    Lord of Mordor, Snow Monster
    Ar-Pharazon in Umbar, Ivana Lekseich
    Numenor's Legion of Armenelos, Sam McKinnon
    Sauron, Vanderstelt
    Sauron bows, submits to Ar-Pharazon, Kip Rasmussen
    Ar-Pharazon & Sauron, Janka Lateckova
    The Ships of the Faithful, TN
    Drowning of Numenor, Mattleese87
    Fall of Numenor, Darrell Sweet
    Numenor, Sarka Skorpikova
    Ar-Pharazon, Steamey
    The Drowning of Numenor, J Howe
    The One Ring, Magali Villeneuve
    Sauron, Shadow of War
    Last Alliance, Skullb*st*rd
    Sauron vs Elendil & Gil-galad on Orodruin, Kip Rasmussen
    Gil-galad, Sauron & Elendil, Tom Romain
    Sauron Defeated, Hamfast Bryce
    Isildur cuts the Ring, Denis Gordeev
    Isildur's Bane, D Giancola
    Isildur & the Ring, Abe Papakhian
    Gandalf in the archives of Minas Tirith, A Eissmann
    It is precious to me, M Cadil
    Ring in Forest, Matias Toloza
    The One Ring, Pablo Roy Bertero
    Rangers Scout the Ruins of Barad-dur, TN
    Barad-dur, Louise Melin
    Departure from Gondor, A Eissmann
    Isildur, Bohemian Weasel
    Weakness for Power, Frerin Hagsolb
    Gladden Fields, A Eissmann
    Disaster of the Gladden Fields, Alan Lee
    The Ring Has Moved On, A Eissmann
    Isildur, Marta Aguado
    The Death of Isildur, A Eissmann
    But the Ring was lost, M Cadil
    Smeagol & Deagol, Kerfisbilun
    Bait, Jeff Hassing
    Deagol, Nolanos
    Ring in Hand, Lucas Andrade
    Smeagol & the ring, A Eissmann
    The Great River, Ralph Damiani
    Precious, Jake Murray
    Gollum's Journey Commences, Frederic Bennett
    Nine, Kimberly80
    Gollum, Inger Edelfeldt
    Gollum's Cave, JG Donoghue
    Gollum, Vanderstelt
    Precious Dreams, Jake Murray
    Barrels Out of Bond, J Howe
    Bilbo & Smaug, Diego Gisbert
    Bilbo finds the Ring, Jef Murray
    Shadow of the Past, D Giancola
    Weapon of the Enemy, Cheshfire
    Bilbo & Gandalf, Joel Lee
    Bilbo's 111st Bday, Paul Raymond Gregory
    Bilbo, Raoul Vitale
    Good Morning, D Giancola
    Young Bilbo, Sara M Morello
    Bilbo & Ring, Enrique Rivera
    I am Gandalf, Abe Papakhian
    Ring, Sergiu
    Bilbo at Rivendell, Hildebrandt
    Gollum is Defeated, TN
    Scroll of Isildur, Matt Stewart
    Shadow of the Past, Matt Stewart
    Ring Revealed, Andrea Piparo
    Shadow of the Past, D Giancola
    One Ring, Roger Thomasson
    Frodo & Gandalf, Raoul Vitale
    Gandalf the White, Suzanne Helmigh
    Shire Map, Maxime Plasse
    Tom Bombadil, Cynthia Blair
    Prancing Pony, Timothy Ide
    Weathertop, CK Goksoy
    Ringwraith, Frerin Hagsolb
    Weathertop, Rafael Diaz Bauduin
    Weathertop, Titus Lunter
    Minas Tirith, Ludovic Bourgeois
    Tom Bombadil, Borja Pindado
    Council of Elrond, Alan Lee
    Council of Elrond, Mysilvergreen
    Hall of Fire, Stephen Hickman
    Fellowship, Hildebrandt
    Gandalf & Balrog, Evolvana
    Galadriel, Livia de Simone
    Power of Command, Borja Pindado
    Argonath, Kerim
    Amon Hen, Chris Rahn
    Boromir & Frodo, Peter Xavier Price
    Amon Hen, Scott Peery
    Amon Hen, J Howe
    Barad-dur, Gerhok
    Eye, Louise Melin
    Sauron, Greg Luzniak
    Amon Hen, Woodhurst Bryce
    Gandalf Returns, TN
    Frodo, Devenka
    Gollum, Jemima Catlin
    Faramir & Hobbits, Hildebrandt
    Window on the West, TN
    Tower of the Moon, TN
    Witch-king, Alan Lee
    Witch-king, J Howe
    Minas Morgul, Oborotehb
    Cirith Ungol, Lida Holubova
    Avenge the fallen, Jake Bartok
    Sam, Matt Stewart
    Sam Gamgee, Matt Stewart
    Mount Doom, Olanda Fong-Surdenas
    Mount Doom, Darrell Sweet
    Carrying Frodo, Ruben Gonzalez
    Endgame on the Mountain, TN
    Mount Doom, Matias Toloza
    Farewell Feast, M Cadil
    Sauron, Matt Demino
    Frodo at Doom, Minitry Prosvirnin
    Cracks of Doom, TN
    Sam, Frodo & Gollum, David Wenzel
    Necromancer, Spartank42
    Minas Tirith, JG Donoghue
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  • Nerd of the Rings
    Nerd of the Rings  Year ago +160

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    • Jill C
      Jill C Year ago +1

      Άγιος Γεώργιος Δημήτριος .:7

    • Jill C
      Jill C Year ago

      Άγιος Γεώργιος Δημήτριος m

    • Cpasa •
      Cpasa • Year ago

      Why didn’t Sauron give rings to Isildur and the kings of man to controlled them? He was clearly weak of mind. What kingdom did Sauron controlled with the rings?

    • MAO of DC
      MAO of DC Year ago

      Άγιος Γεώργιος Δημήτριος 0

  • Anna Marianne
    Anna Marianne Year ago +2971

    Kudos to the Tolkien fandom for the fact that we have fanart of almost every single Middle-earth character and even scene.

    • Charmedsas1
      Charmedsas1 Year ago +69

      I know right. Amazing!

    • Jordy Lakiere
      Jordy Lakiere Year ago +25

      I doubt this guy is asking every artist for permission to use the work, while also monetising their videos. I bet somewhere in these videos one of my paintings would pop up. This is really not OK, to say the least.
      So yeah. More than kudos is needed. I hope I'm wrong!

    • Jordy Lakiere
      Jordy Lakiere Year ago +19

      @Anna Marianne I can't really say much more clearly other than that you're completely wrong. Copyrighted material is protected. Me posting my work online automatically makes it protected. Its not my job to watermark or what ever you said , its simply stealing if anyone takes it and uses it for their own content, in particular monetised.
      This channel claims it uses the artwork under fair use claiming transformative/criticism, which is just blatantly false. The artwork is not transformed and it is not discussed directly. Its copyright infringement plain as day, of many artists, every video. This is NOT ok.
      After writing my previous comment I checked and this channel has actually used a painting of mine without every notifying me or asking permission. THIS IS ILLEGAL.
      I've done professional artwork for the Lord of the Rings franchise. You have no idea wether or not it is fan art or who owns the copyright. In my case, the artwork was on my portfolio which contains work that was commissioned by individuals and studios which now hold the copyright (disregarding for a second that me owning my own copyright is in fact, enough).

  • WarlordofBritannia
    WarlordofBritannia Year ago +397

    I always loved how the Ring couldn’t understand Sam, trying to tempt with huge gardens built by slave labor and all that.
    It shows how much Sauron failed to understand-he thought only in terms of what he would do, never comprehending the motives of more benevolent and less power-hungry beings; thus, he bought the bait offered at the Black Gate by Aragorn the heir of Isildur and Gandalf, whom the Dark Lord believed desired to become a Kingmaker if we can measure by the poison he sown in the mind of Denethor…
    And his Ring, infused with all his malice and cruelty, failed to understand the simple humility of hobbits and tried to impress Sam with delusions of grandeur that were antithesis on to his character; instead of tempting Sam, it repulsed him and furthered his resolve to save Frodo and finish the Quest.

    • Kingfisher
      Kingfisher Year ago +15

      Good insight!

    • Cyrus Ureña
      Cyrus Ureña 7 months ago +8

      Remember when Tom Bombadil wore the Ring and it had absolutely 0 effect on him? The Ring probably read his mind and realized how pure of a soul he was and so it became powerless before him.

    • Man_of_Tears
      Man_of_Tears 4 months ago +3

      ​@Cyrus Ureña I love that you point that out about Tom Bombadil in this context!

    • Michael Lubin
      Michael Lubin 2 months ago

      Sam could have created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, millennia ahead of time!

    • FR- joey
      FR- joey 22 days ago

      Hey, middle-earth would have been destroyed but look at my carrots !

  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker Year ago +403

    Never been a more iconic Ring in any book, movie, or game. Tolkien made history by turning a magic ring in the Hobbit into one of the most powerful objects in fantasy.

    • Moonbeeps
      Moonbeeps Year ago +16

      Well... Not only the ring, he made history by writing an incredible fantasy world, stories with original creatures and languages.

    • MostlyJovial
      MostlyJovial Year ago +5

      I disagree with it being "(one of) the most powerful object in fantasy"
      But certainly the most memorable
      EDIT: I see, I read over "one of"
      I still really don't think its as powerful as people claim it to be, but maybe that's simply due to power scaling in Lotr being all over the place. Lol

    • Jimmy Three-Balls
      Jimmy Three-Balls Year ago +8

      @MostlyJovial forgot the "one of" at the beginning of that chief

    • Luke Mountain
      Luke Mountain Year ago

      @Jimmy Three-Balls a good story for sure, but children need to grow up and quit kindergarten, so go and read the Malazan book of the fallen

    • Tony Baker
      Tony Baker Year ago +3

      @MostlyJovial I said "one of" sorry for any misunderstanding!

  • Etienne Porras
    Etienne Porras Year ago +1185

    Honestly I think my favourite moment is the Ring's multiple attempts to tempt Sam. After same rejects the vision of himself as "Hero of the Age", the Ring instead tries to show Sam nurturing Mordor into a beautiful Garden, trying to play to the simple gardner's love. But Sam sees through this illusion as well, and rejects the temptation of the ring AGAIN.

    • TheRebelOfChaos
      TheRebelOfChaos Year ago +196

      It's ironic because he *does* become Hero of the Age in a way of speaking. He rescues Frodo from Cirith Ungol, gives the ring back willingly, helps Frodo to make it up the mountain, and saves him from a fiery fate. It's just great that Sam doesn't see himself that way. He's the ultimate definition of a Hobbit: Humility.

    • Etienne Porras
      Etienne Porras Year ago +39

      @TheRebelOfChaos Oh certainly! Tolkein assured Samuel Gamgee that Samwise Gamgee was the hero of the whole book! 😆

    • Bash Sibda
      Bash Sibda Year ago +68

      Sam is the true hero of LOTR. The lowly garden boy who defeats Satan.

    • LitchQueenAsenath
      LitchQueenAsenath Year ago +35

      Or did it fulfil his desire to become Samwise, Dark Lord of Domestic Botany, but it turns out that it's really hard to be really evil when your primary motivation is the well being of your plants.
      If you can find an evil plant I encourage you to tell me about it. And I mean Evil; I'm not talking poisonous, I'm talking active malevolence, like an Ent that's a Manchineel tree.

  • Bennett Hibner
    Bennett Hibner Year ago +564

    one of the best parts of the books
    And far away, as Frodo put on the Ring and claimed it for his own, even in Sammath Naur the very heart of his realm, the Power in Barad-dûr was shaken, and the Tower trembled from its foundations to its proud and bitter crown. The Dark Lord was suddenly aware of him, and his Eye piercing all shadows looked across the plain to the door that he had made; and the magnitude of his own folly was revealed to him in a blinding flash, and all the devices of his enemies were at last laid bare. Then his wrath blazed in consuming flame, but his fear rose like a vast black smoke to choke him. For he knew his deadly peril and the thread upon which his doom now hung.
    From all his policies and webs of fear and treachery, from all his stratagems and wars his mind shook free; and throughout his realm a tremor ran, his slaves quailed, and his armies halted, and his captains suddenly steerless, bereft of will, wavered and despaired. For they were forgotten. The whole mind and purpose of the Power that wielded them was now bent with overwhelming force upon the Mountain. At his summons, wheeling with a rending cry, in a last desperate race there flew, faster than the winds, the Nazgûl, the Ring-wraiths, and with a storm of wings they hurtled southwards to Mount Doom.

    • Charmedsas1
      Charmedsas1 Year ago +17

      Woahh! Goosebumps😱

    • Solarnova
      Solarnova Year ago +23

      Fantastic! It looks like we're going to need a "what if" video here, "What if the Nazgûl had captured the ring from Frodo & Gollum in Mount Doom?" Imagine them presenting the ring to Sauron at Barad-dûr, while the Battle of the Black Gate was becoming extremely one sided...

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia Year ago +75

      *It was at this moment, Sauron knew he’d f*cked up*

    • Max Pombert
      Max Pombert Year ago +17

      I have always loved that passage in the book. It has a similar feel to when Voldemort sees Harry is alive in the deathly hallows. Thank you for posting it here

    • A Ramírez
      A Ramírez Year ago +2

      Can you explain the passage please? Tolkien literature is new to me

  • avaughnimous
    avaughnimous Year ago +570

    I say again, your channel should have millions of followers. This is high quality stuff. Thank you.

    • Toffee Crunch
      Toffee Crunch Year ago +11

      I strongly agree. Tolkien would be proud too.

    • Aceofspades♠️
      Aceofspades♠️ Year ago +4

      This is just what I was thinking keep going nerd of the rings I'm defo subscribing

    • Samantha Dodd
      Samantha Dodd Year ago +4


    • Phox345
      Phox345 Year ago +2

      Anytime someone asks a question I have a hard time answering about Middle Earth, these videos are what I refer people to

    • VeritasDVeritas
      VeritasDVeritas Year ago +1

      I agree as well that’s why every time I can I tell everyone to visit this channel if they ever want to learn the lore of LOTR.

  • Moon
    Moon Year ago +807

    I like how Tolkien speculates like he’s in the audience along with the reader. “I do not think Al Pharazon knew about the ring man. You know elves… hell if I know what they’re up to”

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +51

      That’s very astute. I think it’s a mark of someone that liked diving into his own realms. The ultimate VR experience with cutting edge 1939 technology.

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +21

      He palled around with CS Lewis while at Cambridge often times seen in conversation at the same establishment. If you ask me their minds shared a bond that transcended the normal range of storytelling by their keen ability to pull someone into other dimensions as they tried to make sense of a world that was at war.

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +7

      Oh crap it was Oxford wasn't it

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +4

      Thanks sir

  • V1rtualNish
    V1rtualNish Year ago +17

    Gollum did not fall to his death while celebrating.
    Bit of a long explanation but here it goes: While in Lothlorien, Frodo asks Galadriel why he cannot control people's will if he bears the ring. Galadriel responds that it is because he has not tried to. When Gollum attacks Frodo and Sam, part of the reason he continues to show them the way is that his will has been so sapped away by the ring, that he is completely at the will of the one who bears it. Frodo starts to use the one ring to keep Gollum in check.
    Frodo swore that if Gollum tried to claim the Ring he would be cast into the Fire. "In the last need, Sméagol, I should put on the Precious; and the Precious mastered you long ago. If I, wearing it, were to command you, you would obey, even if it were to leap from a precipice or to cast yourself into the fire. And such would be my command."
    On the slopes of Mount Doom Frodo issued a command through the Ring to Gollum: "If you touch me ever again, you shall be cast yourself into the Fire of Doom." So when Gollum assaults Frodo and bites off his fingers, the will of the ring forces him to yeet himself.

    • R. DeMora
      R. DeMora Month ago

      Yeah, but it has to do a lot with how oaths work in LotR. Oaths and curses have a lot of power attached to them. Frodo made Gollum swore an oath through the Ring, ON the Ring, ensuring that if the oath was broken (which it was) the Ring and Gollum would be destroyed.

  • Martin Bennett
    Martin Bennett Year ago +101

    You seem to have missed the key point - as most people have done - that when Frodo uses the Ring against Gollum on the slopes of Mount Doom, he commands that Gollum will be cast into the Cracks of Doom if he harms him,. Gollum did harm him, and was bound by the Ring's own power of command to fall. Therefore, the Ring was unmade by it's own power and design, the power to dominate and command - it wasn't a matter of good fortune. I'm certain that this was intentional on Tolkien's part, as the command doesn't make any sense if they're not at the Cracks of Doom.

    • Jordan Messec
      Jordan Messec Year ago +1

      Been a long time since I’ve read. Can you quote the line?

    • TorJuice
      TorJuice 11 months ago +23

      @Jordan Messec "Then, suddenly, as before under the eaves of Emyn Muil, Sam saw these two rivals with other vision. A crouching shape, scarcely more than the shadow of a living thing, a creature now wholly ruined and defeated, yet filled with a hideous lust and rage; and before it stood stern, untouchable now by pity, a figure robed in white, but at its breast it held a wheel of fire. Out of the wheel of fire there spoke a commanding voice.
      'Begone, and trouble me no more! If you touch me ever again, you shall be cast yourself into the Fire of Doom.'"

    • TorJuice
      TorJuice 11 months ago +17

      Hearkening back to this bit in Emyn Muil, when Gollum says he will swear on the precious to serve Frodo.
      "Frodo drew himself up, and again Sam was startled by his words and his stern voice. 'On the Precious? How dare you?' he said. 'Think! "One Ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them." Would you commit your promise to that, Smeagol? It will hold you. But it is more treacherous than you are. It may twist your words. Beware!'"

    • Supergoddad
      Supergoddad 9 months ago +8

      Funny thing is - if I remember correctly - is that Tolkien wrote that Eru himself caused Gollum to slip and fall into the fire. Never seen a more lethal slip than that ;)

    • jonnywlol
      jonnywlol 4 months ago

      @Supergoddad yeah eru intervened and made gollum slip and fall into the fires .

  • Ashkore the Immortal
    Ashkore the Immortal Year ago +117

    This is stunning to me. I thought Isildur was one of the heroes of that last desperate battle against Sauron. To think that an even more legendary and desperate battle was being fought in front of him is awesome!

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago +7

      Isildur's father fighting to the Death with Sauron, leaving both dead, was the peak and end of that war. Isildur fighting along Elrond right behind Isildur's father put Isildur in the position to pick up his father's already broken sword and cut of Sauron's finger, take the ring and ignore Elrond's plea to throw it into Mount Doom. Advice much later accepted and facilitated by his heir Aragon, who fought great battles to distract Sauron from Frodo's quest.

    • Roguewas Banned
      Roguewas Banned Year ago

      Yep and now we get to learn about his sister OC

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Year ago +17

    I can relate to Sauron. I am not worried about losing my socks in the house, because I know they will eventually return to their one and true master.

    • Barky
      Barky 15 days ago

      underrated comment

  • fabricio zm
    fabricio zm Year ago +423

    It's such a nice coincidence that the "Rings of Power" series name was revealed just as NotR finished his Tolkien Explained videos on all the rings of power!

    • This Justin
      This Justin Year ago +24

      But Like Galadriel Already Sucks, They’ve Butchered Pete Jackson’s Interpretation, Sad Days

    • Ricky
      Ricky Year ago +28

      @This Justin you’re going off of a minute long teaser for the title reveal🤣. You need to calm down. It’s not the end of the world. We’re gonna survive these tragic days my guy. I can assure you, we will make it through this🤣.

    • Chris Perkins
      Chris Perkins Year ago +28

      @Ricky He wishes the Rings of Power had never come to him. He wishes none of this had happened.

    • OttoStrawanzinger
      OttoStrawanzinger Year ago +7

      @This Justin it‘s all obviously good enough for the Tolkien Estate who okay’d it all, so what are you even going on about?

    • Jacob Ring
      Jacob Ring Year ago +2

      There are other forces at work in this world besides that of evil.

  • Rocco Vergoglini
    Rocco Vergoglini Year ago +45

    Wow. You re-told the story of the One Ring excellently! It answered several lingering questions I've had over the years. Specifically, why Sauron had given the rings to the Dwarves and Men. Well done, Nerd of the Rings!

  • Emblem Parade
    Emblem Parade Year ago +16

    There were, perhaps surprisingly, only two periods in which we saw Sauron fully using the power his ring, both of them in the Second Age. And both were terrifying. The first was when he used it to successfully enslave many kingdoms of men and declared himself Overlord of Middle-earth. It took the full might of Númenor at the height of its power to bring down his armies. The second was after Númenor had sunk and his own corporeal form was destroyed. Even so diminished, it took the Last of Alliance of Elves and Men to defeat him. The ring was even able to restore his body, and indeed it cost the lives of the last two great warriors of old, Gil-galad and Elendil, to destroy that body, and with it end the Second Age.
    The Third Age began in the aftermath of the devastation caused by Sauron's dominion over the rings. The northern kingdoms of the Dúnedain were shattered and destroyed by Angmar, and Gondor was kingless. The dwarven strongholds, overly greedy and confident because of their rings, fell to dragons one by one, until finally Khazad-dûm was captured by a balrog. Rivendell, Lothlorien, and Mithlond held the last remnants of elves, but they were withdrawn and defensive. This was the most diminished and weakened resistance that Sauron had ever faced. Had he been able to recover his ring, and thus his powerful body, there is no doubt that he would have crushed them.

  • Jonathan Raithel
    Jonathan Raithel Year ago +236

    The most entertaining moment in the Ring’s existence is definitely one of times Bilbo used it to hide from the Sackville-Bagginses. Anyone with relatives they don’t like will understand.

    • Neil F
      Neil F Year ago +10

      I like when gollum slips at the cracks of doom. What sounds a
      like almost a lazy and easy resolution of the narrative is actually a very rare moment of direct divine intervention.

    • His not so lonely
      His not so lonely Year ago

      A needed use as they say.

    • Johnny Kush
      Johnny Kush Year ago +2

      @Neil F I dont like that it was divine intervention. It cheapens it.

    • Neil F
      Neil F Year ago +3

      @Johnny Kush as it's a rare occurrence in the legendarium I thought it was a kinda cool little detail

    • Johnny Kush
      Johnny Kush Year ago

      @Neil F Its a matter of personal taste but i feel like it devalues the whole quest because if not for that intervention, it would have failed depite all the efforts of the heroes.

  • Valentin Kambushev
    Valentin Kambushev Year ago +113

    I love how the One Ring is so important it's basically its own character! 💍

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago

      Wrong Emoji, the One Ring ᐤ⊚ has no stone, just the inscription, hence why it could be played in the movies by a simple copy of a human wedding ring.

    • Boarder02
      Boarder02 Year ago +3

      @John DoDo Doe 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago

      @Boarder02 Whatn device did you use, and what does the emoji look like on your device. FYI, Android draws the profile of a ring with a really big diamond shaped blue stone.

    • Marshall McGinnis
      Marshall McGinnis 8 months ago

      And to think, it's just one tiny piece of a fraction of one Silmaril. Basically, it's a strand of Galadriel's hair.

    • Andrew Main
      Andrew Main 3 months ago

      I love the theory that when Gollum is threatened with his doom if he touches Frodo again, that it is actually the voice of The One speaking through him. The ultimatum is not Frodo-like at all, and the wheel of fire may be a symbol of the Ring's sentient nature.
      But that's just a theory

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n Year ago +5

    My favorite moment is Faramir showing wisdom and helping Frodo on his mission. The movie made Faramir look weak and easily corrupted. In the book, Faramir never wavered and did what was right without regard to himself. He showed the same wisdom as Aragorn.

    • Heather Kline
      Heather Kline 2 months ago

      I also really appreciate where Faramir's captain reminds him that if Faramir does not tell of the encounter with the Hobbits, according to Denethor's law Faramir's life is forfeit; and Faramir says only "Then it is forfeit."
      Such bravery and resolution! Faramir knows of the trouble of the Ring and wisely determines that it is too dangerous to be revealed to his father, even though Faramir is perhaps unaware of the Palantir.

  • IndianTelephone
    IndianTelephone Year ago +66

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    And of course that's not at all true, because the One is a corrupted, and corrupting, power. "Instead of a dark lord you would have a queen, beautiful as the dawn, treacherous as the sea." To know that of oneself - to be able to face the hard truth that you would NOT do as your heart wishes to do, but would succumb...to look at your soul and see without flinching the flaws within yourself. That's a strength of a completely different kind, and it is breathtaking. The One Ring bares the absolute worst things about Galadriel - and she then shows the very best of her qualities, and turns away from its poisonous song.

    • Kevin Russell
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      Well said, Sonja. What you've just written demonstrates the REAL power of Galadriel. It's not to be a warrior-Princess, but to be able to resist VERY great temptation, and DO NO EVIL, and to stand against all those who do. All her actions were in alignment with what she professed to believe, and to the original vision and song of Eru. She was rewarded by being granted a return to the Blessed Realm.

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      @Kevin Russell she's a mary sue.warrior princess in the upcoming series 😂

    • Kevin Russell
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      @Kevin Russell how is she a Mary Sue? She's been around for thousands of years and fought many battles. Even according to Tolkien she was a Commander in the 2nd Age, and in the 3rd Age she invaded and threw down Dol Guldor (where Sauron's 2nd best General was)
      What are you really upset about?

    • Kevin Russell
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      I’m not too twerked about it anymore. The criticism has been made; people will watch the show, or not.
      The BIG problem, as I see it, is not the racially-directed casting, but what they’ve done to the HEART of the story. LOTR and supporting works are steeped in Catholic faith and Christian sensibilities. ROP is neither of these.
      ROP emasculates men, steals roles that were given to men by JRRT and gives them to Mary Sue (Galadriel).
      I don’t have to explain what a Mary Sue is. When Galadriel killed the troll with ease while guys stood around doodling their doodles, THAT is a classic Mary Sue moment.
      The Harfoots look like they’re movin on up to the East Side, they just have nothing to wear but dirt and weeds. The imagination (or lack of it) of the writers is pathetic.
      As to JRRT and evolution of the story, in the original Silmarillion version warrior Galadriel is NOT present. It looks like older JRRT started falling in love with his own love of Mary Sue.
      You're certainly entitled to your opinion.

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      He must be fuming.

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    But sadly I fear amazon's series title is just a distraction as a supposed expert who is counselling amazon told The Guardian they will focus on things Tolkien did not write about, quoting "inventing the answers", also most of the protagonists are characters made up by amazon with very....odd names for tolkien characters, like "Tyra". The main villain is also "original" and is called Oren. Without Sauron as the main villain during his most active age, I fear the show is about a bunch of non existing characters with very modern names inserted in the general atmosphere of second age middle earth, and all of Tolkien's work will be just a vague backdrop to a generic fantasy series to attract the fanbase as "views fodder" but made to please the exact opposite audience, the ppl who dislike Tolkien and think it should be improved.
    To summon it up, to me its feeling a lot like fanfiction.

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    As always, spectacular video man!

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    Among the many literary motives in Tolkien's work, the fate motive is one of the most interesting. After the Council of Elrond has decided that destruction of the ring is the only option and that Bilbo can't do this, no one wants to take it and silence lies over the scene. Then, Frodo feels like facing some sort of "judgement", one that he had anticipated for a long time, but hoped that it would never be made. He then stands up and says that he will take the ring, but it seems to him that someone else speaks with his voice.
    I think this shows clearly that Frodo is destined (by Illúvatar) to bear the ring and try to destroy it. At least that's what Elrond tells Frodo a few moments later and what Gandalf somewhat crypticly explaines in another scene.

    • Alcogod
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    • Matt H
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    What a lot of people don't know, or perhaps, don't even care about is these stories are fanciful tale with the rise of, and the eventual dangerous end result, if not checked and defeated, of the rise of Communism. Remember that Tolkien lived through both the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Bolshevik regime, headed by Vladimir Lenin and the change to Joseph Stalin, the former bad and the latter far worse. As history has progressed this has slowly been the sad case in the western world, the ever growing dark shadow from the east encompassing our nations. Okay, off the soapbox.
    Fantastic videos and very informative!! Thank you for doing these.

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    Wonderful narration with lots of great details. One minor quibble. You say that "Gollum slipped and the ring was destroyed." The key point you omit, is that Gollum, on and to the ring, swore an oath to Frodo to do his bidding, and then violated that oath. The ring punished him for violating his oath, killing him, and so, destroying itself. Perhaps the positive powers in the Tolkien universe had something to do with that. Does not Gandalf say to Frodo, "Gollum will have some role to play yet, for good or for evil"?

    • Expred
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      Yeah, I agree. In a sense Frodo might have caused Gollum's, and therefore the ring's, death. As quoted from the book, after Gollum has sworn an oath to protect the master of the precious, Frodo says this curious quote to Smeagol: "In the last need, Smeagol, I should put on the Precious; and the Precious mastered you long ago. If I, wearing it, were to command you, you would obey, even if it were to leap from a precipice or to cast yourself into the fire. And such would be my command. So have a care, Smeagol!"
      So I think that because Gollum didn't follow the oath he swore "on the precious", that's why he ended up falling into the flames of Mt. Doom. He betrayed the ring and his oath to Frodo. Frodo saying "such would be my command" about leaping off the precipice reinforces this theory. It's interesting to think about. There's an interesting video on this subject at In Deep Geek's youtube channel, called "Did Frodo Curse Gollum?" I suggest checking it out.

    • indio4-21
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      I don't recall where exactly this was stated, perhaps in one of Tolkien's letters, but it was actually Eru Ilúvatar that truly caused Gollum to trip and fall into the fires of Mt. Doom.

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    Would love to see either one or both of these videos done with your expert skills! Either way, thank you for all you've done to expand my knowledge of a series I love but know quite little about. Cheers!
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    This is the result of the mercy that Bilbo showed him all those years ago, that Frodo showed him when they met and finally at the end. Mercy is the last thing that the ring is supposed to do and yet its last bearers where the exact opposite of what the ring was supposed to be.
    Mercy destroyed the One Ring.

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    For Gollum, there is nothing to lose. It's already in the very end of life and no possessions ,emotional or material or cerebral...it's lost everything for and to the ring... Such is the power of the ring and i am tempted to say ,the power of Gollum also over the ring!
    Such a disastrous relationship between them.

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