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3 Challengers vs. 5 Diamonds, But it's Hardcore Mode (NEW MODE)

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 3 Challengers vs. 5 Diamonds, But it's Hardcore Mode (NEW MODE)
    Ft. @BodyThoseFools @SaskioLoL @MaryMaybe @beermanstan @ogaphrodisiac4553 @KBVTV
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Comments • 69

  • Ok Mm
    Ok Mm 2 months ago +206

    prof akali is the type of guy who will sit next to you on an empty bus.

    • hamedthemadman
      hamedthemadman 2 months ago +10

      I think that's a bad thing

    • Devin Lupian
      Devin Lupian 2 months ago +1


    • Jesper Ryden
      Jesper Ryden 2 months ago +2

      Wholesome thing to do ..no one has to feel alone..he also says goodbye to the driver when reach hes stop

  • leoleosuper
    leoleosuper 2 months ago +28

    I wanna see a super duper hardcore series: If you die in the game, you can't play in that game, and you can't use that champ again for the series. Either a shared pool of champs, some with extra lives, a shared pool of all champs, or separate pools for each.

    • A Casual Aatrox Enjoyer
      A Casual Aatrox Enjoyer 2 months ago +1

      Rossboomsocks did a similar Nuzlocke series, and I forget what rank he ended but it was decently high

  • Jacob Racette
    Jacob Racette 2 months ago +5

    I LOVE this series! I need more of this kind of thing!

  • Shrimp
    Shrimp Month ago +6

    I thought that there is no way these guys are even close to diamond and after a quick check. The wukong is gold2 and Vex is plat4 💀

    • Chakib Bahri
      Chakib Bahri Month ago +3

      And the challengers aren't even challengers

  • BeerManStan
    BeerManStan 2 months ago +30

    And just like that, my self-proclaimed rivaly with @SaskioLoL has begun. I demand a rematch. :)

      KUHNERBASTE 2 months ago +1

      I want to see that rematch!

  • - J
    - J 2 months ago +4

    Love you bringing back the streamers prof!

  • cazcappy
    cazcappy Month ago +1

    Wow look at THE DIAMOND 1 MARYMAYBE, the secret Akali coach of Professor Akali

    KUHNERBASTE 2 months ago +3

    BeerMan with the Akali Clutch LETS GOOOO!

  • Ace
    Ace 2 months ago +10

    i fucking love these types of videos

  • skoro real
    skoro real 2 months ago +3

    Yo 9:27 killed me xD

  • Berk Saglam
    Berk Saglam 2 months ago +4

    Riots logic is better to have loosing teams than winning teams so they are hardstuck and get addicted to the game

  • Larri Kenth Sabio
    Larri Kenth Sabio 2 months ago

    I haven't started the video yet, but God I miss the edits reminds me of the old days

  • grookvan
    grookvan 17 days ago

    saskio is rlly good

  • Xeno Tag
    Xeno Tag Month ago +2

    Ngl, this Mary Baby is pretty much elo boosted
    She would play the same in gold

  • shadowsneak100
    shadowsneak100 2 months ago +1

    "underestimate him!" 😂

  • ulala lalala
    ulala lalala Month ago

    Diamonds? I thought they are max golds.

    MIRTH 2 months ago

    Favorite edit: the spray bottle

  • da Flowerblue
    da Flowerblue Month ago

    I am in love with Mary, she so cute.

  • Life
    Life 2 months ago +4

    Been waiting for one of these prof

  • Omertaa Omertaa
    Omertaa Omertaa Month ago

    5 min in video E+R IN TURRET xD

  • Vladimir Владимир

    I need the sound of Body saying noob.
    Where is that from?
    What video does that come from.
    Can you put out a five second clip of him saying noob.

  • Andrija Prljević
    Andrija Prljević 2 months ago +2

    If this trynda is diamond I am super mega giga grand challanger

  • DAMeK_Productions
    DAMeK_Productions 2 months ago

    Challenger Master Yi + Wukong vs Yasuo + Yone ?

  • Mínìzu
    Mínìzu Month ago

    Body be sellin

  • Sheeeeeeeeshhhh
    Sheeeeeeeeshhhh 2 months ago

    minions piss me off sometimes lmao

  • tim yun
    tim yun 2 months ago +4

    Prof akali hardstuck diamond no?

  • lolcz22v
    lolcz22v Month ago

    Tysm for safe zone

  • For Lannisters
    For Lannisters Day ago

    are u sure they're diamonds and not silvers?

  • Hesam Tondar
    Hesam Tondar 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone know where the Glacier is?

  • YoRU
    YoRU Month ago

    Bro if these players are diamond and i as gold play better than them than i can confirm rank doesnt matter, except ig masters and above

  • Adam Miedziany
    Adam Miedziany Month ago

    MaryMaybe beautiful smile

  • Nathan Graham
    Nathan Graham 2 months ago

    very funny

  • Valor
    Valor 2 months ago

    So no Zhonyas allowed or? 😆

  • Body Those Fools
    Body Those Fools 2 months ago +5


  • TheBougis
    TheBougis 2 months ago +11

    when are u guys doing league of legends ut if you die in game you die in real life (in game)?

  • tobyk773
    tobyk773 Month ago

    What song plays around the 14:40 minute mark

  • Christopher DuCharme
    Christopher DuCharme 2 months ago +1

    prof akali aint even challenger tho

  • koko15
    koko15 2 months ago

    yo i am a big fan and i would love if i can be in a video with bronzez i am a pro irelia and i am actialy prety good ;)

  • Monkey D. Ernest
    Monkey D. Ernest 2 months ago

    ayo the chainsaw man soundtrack

  • Paulo⋅666 years ago
    Paulo⋅666 years ago 2 months ago

    why dont they just pick 5 exhaust

  • dewoz
    dewoz 2 months ago

    but some of them cant be dia right

  • Chakib Bahri
    Chakib Bahri Month ago

    Body is not challenger stop plz

  • SilentVex
    SilentVex 2 months ago

    i'm gay

  • Darvyn :D
    Darvyn :D Month ago +2

    Bro I'm silver and i play better vex then her 💀

  • mashup sale
    mashup sale Month ago +2

    tell me women are annoying without telling me women are annoying

  • Alekos Axalaia
    Alekos Axalaia 2 months ago


  • Niko Goertzen
    Niko Goertzen 2 months ago


  • Marina Djurdjevac
    Marina Djurdjevac Month ago

    ur not a pro player

  • TheBigFish
    TheBigFish 2 months ago


  • Vuk Mitic
    Vuk Mitic 2 months ago +1

    thos challengers and diamonds are like silvers in eune

  • TheRoombaGod
    TheRoombaGod 2 months ago +1

    Can you do 1v1 with viewers?
    (I think im able to handle these guys with the all mighty Jax)
    User is: Sudo9hu