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Canelo vs Charlo HIGHLIGHTS: September 30, 2023 | PBC on Showtime PPV

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Álvarez successfully defended his world titles by dropping Jermell Charlo on his way to a dominant unanimous decision (119-109, 118-109 twice) in the SHOWTIME PPV main event Saturday night from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions presented the Premier Boxing Champions pay-per-view. Canelo’s seventh-round knockdown can be viewed HERE.
    “I’m a strong fighter all the time, against all the fighters,” said Canelo. “I’m a strong man. Nobody can beat this Canelo.”
    Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) was dominant from start to finish, using the masterful ring IQ and sublime power that’s made him a future Hall of Famer to flummox the junior middleweight king Charlo (35-2-1, 19 KOs). Moving up two weight classes in an attempt to reign in two divisions, Charlo was able to occasionally land flush but was met with a wall of resistance from Canelo.
    “I just felt like I wasn’t me in there,” said Charlo. “I don’t make excuses for myself, so it is what it is. I take my punches and roll with it. It’s boxing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”
    Charlo’s defense first showed cracks in the early rounds when Canelo’s signature power hooks to the body had a clear effect on him and forced him to focus largely on defense in the first half of the fight. In round seven, Canelo broke through with a looping overhand right that stunned Charlo and forced him to take a knee.
    “Truthfully, I could feel the difference in the weight,” said Charlo. “I picked up 14 pounds. I am undisputed in my weight division. You fall short sometimes, but you just have to keep on pushing. My roll don’t stop right here. I’m proud of myself. He hit me with some hard shots. I thought I got mine off. I’m the little Charlo and I represent that.”
    The rest of the seventh round saw Charlo fight intelligently, and even land some of his cleanest shots to make it to the bell. Charlo initially showed more urgency but was unable to deter the surgical precision of Canelo’s offense and defense. Canelo dominated the CompuBox stats as well as the scorecards, owning a 134 to 71 advantage in total punches landed, including an impressive 42 body shots.
    “We worked on attacking the body,” said Canelo. “We know he’s a great fighter. He knows how to move in the ring. We worked on attacking the body for three months. For three months in the mountains without my family, without everything.”
    The championship rounds saw more of the same as Canelo cruised to the final bell while being serenaded with chants from his thousands of loyal fans in attendance. After thanking his legions of supporters, Canelo declared himself open to facing anyone next .
    “I still love boxing,” said Canelo. “I love boxing so much. Boxing is my life. Boxing made me the person I am today. That’s why I love boxing so much. And I love boxing so much because of my fans, too…Cinco de Mayo I’ll face whoever. I don’t care.”
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  • Jim17735
    Jim17735 13 hours ago +1433

    What a fighter Canelo is, respect to Charlo for standing up to those lethal body shots, most fighters would have gone from those

  • Tim Montano
    Tim Montano 7 hours ago +27

    Kudos to Charlo. I see little to no difference between Canelo stepping up in weight to fight, and losing and Charlo stepping up in weight and losing.
    I do see the willingness in both fighters to attempt what few other fighters have done.

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez 9 hours ago +184

    The respect between them is just awesome 👏🏽 thank both of them for a good fight not canelo chasing someone or him being pushed around 😂

    • alexander majiwa
      alexander majiwa 8 hours ago

      Nice one

    • Rafael Gonzalez
      Rafael Gonzalez 8 hours ago

      @alexander majiwa thanks ✌🏾

    • Juan antonio
      Juan antonio 8 hours ago

      He still couldnt stand him

    • Norte No
      Norte No 8 hours ago +4

      What fight did you watch? 😂 Canelo literally had to chase the track star down the whole fight only for the little scared cub to clinch every time Canelo threw a punch 😂

    • Michael
      Michael 8 hours ago

      @Norte Nohe’s being sarcastic I believe

  • Generalbrowser
    Generalbrowser 7 hours ago +47

    Charlo is tougher than I thought. He did very well for someone jumping two weight classes only to fight a historic boxing great. He needed about 2 fights at 168 before this actually.

    • Dreamer
      Dreamer 7 hours ago +2

      He was a weight bully and got found out.

    • Freddie Blaze
      Freddie Blaze 7 hours ago

      Still wouldn't have made no difference!😅

    • Camilla Joy
      Camilla Joy 6 hours ago


    • Fred MAC
      Fred MAC 6 hours ago

      @Dreamercertainly preferable to a “Clip-Share comment” bully.

    • Generalbrowser
      Generalbrowser 6 hours ago

      @FreddieBlaze Canelo could've still won but having more time/ fights at 168 would make a difference. You are a casual fan and don't know this.

  • Ray Cutler
    Ray Cutler 7 hours ago +8

    I love the great amount of respect these two had for each other throughout the press conferences and the fight, congrats to canelo for his win, and charlo has nothing to be ashamed of, he fought good and went out on his shield, and he took the type of fight that many fans want to see, a mega fight between two established big stars in boxing. Great fight between both of these great boxing gentlemen! 👏

    • JesusSaves
      JesusSaves 6 hours ago

      Jesus loves you & made a way for our sins to be forgiven. Turn to Christ & repent for eternity in Heaven!

  • Musana Abubaker
    Musana Abubaker 7 hours ago +8

    Mad power, tough chins from both.. they squared off like beasts, the better man emerged victor, respect to both for making it happen for their fans plus legacy.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 13 hours ago +1987

    No silly showboating, good solid boxing, respect to both men.

  • M&M
    M&M 7 hours ago +10

    I think the moment was too big for Charlo.. he wasn’t fighting like himself. He still did a great job and didn’t get bruised up like the average opponents. Congrats to Canelo

    • Shelby Snake 500
      Shelby Snake 500 7 hours ago

      Eevryone needs these kind of fights to better and challenge themselves, Canelo did the same when he took on Bivol, same with Ryan fighting Davis and it goes on..

    • benjaminc1850
      benjaminc1850 6 hours ago

      bro how? charlo brothers should be in this weight because of the size

  • MaAkHeru
    MaAkHeru 8 hours ago +112

    Really love the sportsmanship between these two brothers that’s what’s up!. No Fuckery!just good vibes. Great fight!🇲🇽✊🏾🇺🇸

    • JesusSaves
      JesusSaves 6 hours ago +1

      Jesus loves you & made a way for our sins to be forgiven. Turn to Christ & repent for eternity in Heaven!

  • Chris
    Chris 6 hours ago +6

    This was a Charlo highlight reel. They showed all the times he opened up which was rare throughout all 12. Most of the time he was on the move, behind his guard, or tying Canelo up. If Charlo opened up more I don't think he'd have made it all 12.

    • Ritzrandom
      Ritzrandom 6 hours ago

      Which is why Benavidez would be an easier fight for Canelo

  • Cavalier Thompson
    Cavalier Thompson 10 hours ago +162

    That's a good fight, Charlo didn't look as active as he usually is and Canelo looked shap and accurate, big up to both guys, congrats to Canelo

    • Corey Harrison
      Corey Harrison 10 hours ago +22

      He ain't never felt that type of power. He actually fought a great fight. He just needed to move his feet a lil more. Much respect cuz I thought he would get put to sleep

    • El Cid Campeador
      El Cid Campeador 9 hours ago +8

      Because weight matter. He went up 2 divisions. That will happen to bud if he challenge canelo at that weight.

    • Zabari
      Zabari 9 hours ago +10

      He never faced a fighter of Canelos caliber till now

    • Stacey Miller
      Stacey Miller 8 hours ago +2

      @El Cid Campeadoryea but bud has way better foot work and defense than this bud is on a level like Floyd with technique that’s why he always gon have a chance 160 might be too much to ask tho too so I agree on that

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 9 hours ago +89

    Never been a canelo fan but props to him for taking on anyone who challenges him.
    He's still tough...it takes a bigger man to phase him.

    • Bernardo Gutierrez
      Bernardo Gutierrez 8 hours ago +6

      Haha he its afraid ot benavides

      KEEP MY WIFES NAME 8 hours ago +3

      Bivol's son

    • Yahweh Ra
      Yahweh Ra 8 hours ago +9

      ​@Bernardo Gutierrezbenavides is a light heavyweight fight at super middle and cruiser you sound ridiculous. They said the same thing about charlo said canelo was ducking then he took the fight and worked him you tripping.

    • Chicheme YT
      Chicheme YT 8 hours ago +1

      Y con esa diferencia de peso, asi quien no
      Pereza ese canelo

    • Yahweh Ra
      Yahweh Ra 8 hours ago +2

      Benavidez need to fight demetrius andrade or bivol he keeps trying to to down in weight to weight bully why he not fighting any top fighters?

  • Jack Acid
    Jack Acid 12 hours ago +689

    I love the respect they showed one another at the end. A great fight between two brilliant boxers.

    • Last Chance
      Last Chance 12 hours ago +16

      One brilliant boxer

    • Cial
      Cial 12 hours ago +24

      It was a boring fight. Charlo barely showed up. What a joke

    • Colin
      Colin 12 hours ago +5


    • Kr
      Kr 12 hours ago +9


  • JoBlow “TakeoverUSA”
    JoBlow “TakeoverUSA” 10 hours ago +93

    Wow, that was a amazing fight, very much respect to Charlo, what a tremendous fighter and as for Canelo Álvarez, simply one of the greatest to ever lace up the gloves. God bless both of these individual human beings and much love to the love ones in their family and future success with health and wealth. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

    • 5tar5z
      5tar5z 10 hours ago +7

      Calm down 😅

    • Big Slime6403
      Big Slime6403 9 hours ago

      He still ain’t beat Floyd he second beat 😅😅😅😅😅

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

    • EchosBeat
      EchosBeat 8 hours ago +1

      @Big Slime6403and an old floyd as well. People forget floyd was literally an old man in boxing teaching Canelo a lesson 😭😨🤣

    • MAG
      MAG 8 hours ago

      Wow, what has boxing come to when we celebrate Charlo not willing to engage all night.

  • Satchel Paige
    Satchel Paige 8 hours ago +84

    After i saw how Canelo improved his movement after losing to Mayweather i became a fan. Canelo is AUTHENTIC and hats off to Charlo. Those body shots put him in check.

    • JesusSaves
      JesusSaves 7 hours ago +2

      Jesus loves you & made a way for our sins to be forgiven. Turn to Christ & repent for eternity in Heaven!

  • Anto C
    Anto C 10 hours ago +7

    Two Warriors!!!..🇲🇽🇺🇲

  • Carlosbayapr
    Carlosbayapr 10 hours ago +75

    Great fight !!! 👏 Damm Charlo is a big guy. The respect at the end 👏 from both fighters 🙌 absolutely amazing 👏

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

    • XL bully Dogumentary
      XL bully Dogumentary 8 hours ago

      Big guy? U mean tall guy? 🤣

    • Carlosbayapr
      Carlosbayapr 7 hours ago

      @XL bully Dogumentary 🤣🤣

    • Carlosbayapr
      Carlosbayapr 7 hours ago

      @“My leg!” Guy 🤣🤣🤣🤦

    • Boxing Trailers
      Boxing Trailers 7 hours ago

      @XL bully Dogumentary Charlo was the naturally bigger guy. Charlo had height and reach. Canelo had weight. Skills won this fight no excuses

  • Parti Arti
    Parti Arti 10 hours ago +8

    love the hug at the end and much respect to Charlo for clapping for Canelo when he was announced the winner

  • D&S
    D&S 13 hours ago +622

    Love the respect between the two fighters 🤝

    • Joseph Johnson
      Joseph Johnson 12 hours ago +4


    • J O
      J O 12 hours ago +10

      Who cares..,People come to see a fight. Not them loving and respecting.

    • D&S
      D&S 12 hours ago +15

      @J O not sure if you’ve been to specsavers lately but that’s exactly what they did was fight 😂

    • Im Yummy
      Im Yummy 12 hours ago +2


    • Despise Simps
      Despise Simps 11 hours ago

      ​@Im YummyJust like you in the streets

  • MarOnG0
    MarOnG0 10 hours ago +8

    Those body shots vicious I would’ve been rolling on the floor😂

  • kyokonkyochin
    kyokonkyochin 7 hours ago +8

    Dominant blowout as expected. The Charlo brothers were always paper champs.

    • Mike Torrance
      Mike Torrance 7 hours ago +2

      Blowout??!! Charlo fought a great fight… your just a hater

    • Critixal Legend
      Critixal Legend 6 hours ago +1

      @Mike Torrance? Wasn’t a blowout did u watch the fight or just the highlights I had it 10-2 nelo easy

    • Afterlife Sounds
      Afterlife Sounds 6 hours ago

      Canelo fought great ? We clearly didn’t see the same fight he hardley threw anything and moved around way to much he was there to survive he didn’t come to fight . Y’all the same ones who hate on Canelo for moving up to fight bivol but want me to give respect to a guy who came for. A paycheck FOh

    • Lilly Canel
      Lilly Canel 6 hours ago

      ​@Mike Torranceyour right it wasn't a blowout. It was a pounding😂.

  • Javiyourwaylove
    Javiyourwaylove 8 hours ago +15

    Witnessing greatness and history! What a fight! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Julio Consuegra
      Julio Consuegra 8 hours ago +3

      Is this a Joke? You haven’t seen enough boxing. Do not get me wrong, he is good but not great.

    • Bb
      Bb 8 hours ago


    • Raul Ramirez
      Raul Ramirez 8 hours ago +1

      Greatness in history 😂😂
      What a joke 😂😂
      This generation really missed some great fighters and great fights.

    • Orlando Vega
      Orlando Vega 7 hours ago

      Bunch of couch taters, show is greatness guys. Please do

    • Javiyourwaylove
      Javiyourwaylove 7 hours ago

      @Julio Consuegra you right brotha gotta watch more just cool to see his accomplishments I’m young so you right

  • thaskoobz
    thaskoobz 10 hours ago +58

    Looks like a good fight. Looking forward to watching it back. Credit to Charlo but Canelo is something else.

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago +1

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

    • marblano
      marblano 8 hours ago +2

      @“My leg!” Guyu gotta be joking

    • Sally Mae
      Sally Mae 8 hours ago

      Watching it back? This was a joke. Charlo needs to improve all around.

    • James Webb
      James Webb 8 hours ago

      Time for Bud to get on those canelo tacos and show everyone who's boss

    • fraggdu51
      fraggdu51 8 hours ago

      ​@“My leg!” Guy😂😂😂

  • E G
    E G 9 hours ago +3

    Great fight wow, these guys are badass, I was wrong, I thought charlo would win this fight he seemed very mentally focused, canelo showed amazing fitness even at this point in his career, not age , but miles in the tank. Wow. Although, I see why crawford thinks he can win, stylistically.

  • Mansasargeantandthat 99
    Mansasargeantandthat 99 11 hours ago +321

    2 great fighters going at it in the ring, nothing but respect to both men. Charlo maybe could've performed slightly better but it was amazing the way he continued even with those big body shots. Canelo as always brilliant and calculated. Good fight. Wonderful year of boxing its been.

    • Oli
      Oli 10 hours ago +5

      yea we;re gonna miss canelo once he retires (or when he isnt as sharp/older)

    • Terry Jackson
      Terry Jackson 9 hours ago +4

      Going at it? Silly boy

    • Ть Го
      Ть Го 9 hours ago

      Канело не хочет с Биволим бойица.

    • Mansasargeantandthat 99
      Mansasargeantandthat 99 9 hours ago +2

      @Terry Jackson Oh sorry hardman, didn't mean to wind you up. Charlo could've and should've been better like I mentioned before.

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago +1

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

  • Altt-Check 1-2
    Altt-Check 1-2 7 hours ago

    Great sportsmanship respect to both fighters,, and good effort to Charlo taking those body shots of Canelo..

  • Champ
    Champ 8 hours ago +2

    Thank god everyone is giving charlo credit for doing what he did breath of fresh air to not see causals who never fought a day in their life trash another fighter much respect to charlo and congrats to Canelo 💪🏾 real boxing fans won

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 6 hours ago

    Honestly respect to Charlo for even getting into the ring with Canelo 💯

  • Ur fer Cab Alm
    Ur fer Cab Alm 6 hours ago

    He llegado a la conclusión de que los momentos de más acción o más entretenidos son sin duda alguna los vídeos de sus entrenamientos....ahí si que hay velocidad...baile y hasta gritos.........Arriba el orgullo mexicano y de Jalisco de la actualidad:

  • Anthony Quinn
    Anthony Quinn 9 hours ago +58

    I expected Canelo to ko Charlo in the 10th or 11th round and I also expected Charlo to put up more of a fight but you have to give Canelo his props because he proved that he was that animal. Also, Canelo would beat Charlo at 160 and 154, he’s just the better fighter.

    • Beesting
      Beesting 8 hours ago

      You are guessing

    • ronnie woods
      ronnie woods 8 hours ago +4

      ​@BeestingI think canelo would beat him in both weight classes

    • EmmanzinoHD
      EmmanzinoHD 7 hours ago +1

      Have to give Charlo props for moving up to weight divisions and taking on the challenge, most of these guys would not have done that. Throwback fighter.

    • FIHO HH
      FIHO HH 7 hours ago

      1-2 rounds more. and Chalo was going to sleep 100% sure.

  • Quadir Brown
    Quadir Brown 13 hours ago +252

    Congrats to the champion Canelo and respect to Charlo for his effort!

    • The Unknown Media
      The Unknown Media 13 hours ago +10

      What effort?

    • Quadir Brown
      Quadir Brown 13 hours ago +53

      @The Unknown Media I don’t know maybe coming up 2 weight classes and then going the distance maybe! Da fuk you think casual!

    • CPT4256
      CPT4256 13 hours ago +13

      @Quadir Brownhe fought to survive wasn’t no effort lol

    • Adrian Alley
      Adrian Alley 13 hours ago +12

      ​@The Unknown Mediaexactly! It was just an effort to fool stupid fans who even for a second thought it was about legacy and not a blatant cash grab.
      The fight went exactly how we all thought and I'd still rather have seen Charlo v Tszyu

    • T B
      T B 12 hours ago +16

      ​@The Unknown Mediamore effort than making a lame youtube comment.

  • Francisco Jaimes
    Francisco Jaimes 8 hours ago +6

    I love Canelo and I had him winning but I have Ben watching him since I was 14 years old. I’m now 25years old. I can tell he’s getting older and not moving as fast. His body also looks beat down. Nothing to be ashamed of, he’s done incredible things. I’m happiest person in the world to be given the opportunity to see him fight one more time.

    • Egdodgers24 10
      Egdodgers24 10 7 hours ago

      I’ve been watching him since I was 13 and now I’m 24 basically same time as you. You got to remeber jermell was the faster fighter he was gonna hit canelo. But Canelo made Charlo rethink a lot of his punches. It was a good performance by Canelo

    • Str8fax
      Str8fax 7 hours ago

      You may be watching but not paying attention. Canelo ALWAYS fights this way.

    • LOTM2
      LOTM2 7 hours ago

      Francisco James you been watching him, but you don't really pay attention, he actually looked way better in this fight, he didn't get tired, he didn't gas out, you have no idea of what you're talking about, just because you watch, doesn't mean you see the little details or know boxing.

    • Str8fax
      Str8fax 7 hours ago

      @LOTM2 exactly.

    • Agustin Jr. Enriquez
      Agustin Jr. Enriquez 6 hours ago

      @LOTM2agree, people started calling him past his prime from his last 2 performances but he definitely came back with this one

  • Mario Romo
    Mario Romo 8 hours ago +18

    Charlo felt that power in the first round and knew right away what his business decision was going to be. 😅

  • Str8fax
    Str8fax 7 hours ago +2

    The 2 fights before the main event were also bangers. Great card!

  • Pharaoh Robinson
    Pharaoh Robinson 8 hours ago +2

    One thing that Canelo keeps steady is his pressure and power. Solid Defense no wasted energy. He took away Charlo gameplan Charlo thought he had enough in his gloves to back Canelo up. Too much experience as well.

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker 9 hours ago +2

    Charlo fought better than I expected he landed some really good shots but Canelos was just more affective great fight guys good old fashion solid boxing 👍🏾

  • Victor Kaizer
    Victor Kaizer 12 hours ago +505

    Much respect to charlo. Moving up two weight classes and giving a good account of himself.

    • Drafter_21
      Drafter_21 10 hours ago +28

      Jermell Charlo...The now, multi-million dollar CHICKEN !!! Money grab...all it was...

    • Ryan X
      Ryan X 10 hours ago +24

      He did not give a good account of himself, like at all. Domination springs to mind. However yes, fairs to him for moving up x 2

    • msarks
      msarks 10 hours ago +13

      Much respect it was his worst fight by farrrrr

    • Jacob Munguia
      Jacob Munguia 10 hours ago +21

      ​@Ryan X charlo did good bro idk what your talking about , he did better than most of the last 7 guys canelo fought , plus he moved up like 20 pounds , charlo did great if you take into account it was his first fight at 168.

  • Nuelly Nuelly
    Nuelly Nuelly 10 hours ago +3

    What a fight! 🔥🔥🔥 Charlo on different level here! He definitely leveled up! Keep your head up champ! Respect earned!

    • Terry Jackson
      Terry Jackson 9 hours ago +1


    • Amir Heru
      Amir Heru 9 hours ago

      @Terry Jackson hater

    • Sally Mae
      Sally Mae 8 hours ago +1

      Charlo was garbage. Are you serious?

    • Julie Thao
      Julie Thao 8 hours ago

      Wtttff? Dude just there to collect check not even trying to win but surviving

    • Efren Ruiz
      Efren Ruiz 7 hours ago

      Charlo didn't try hard enough what a chump

  • Buzzbeat7268
    Buzzbeat7268 7 hours ago +2

    This wasn't a fight, this was a pit bull chasing a terrified puppy around the ring all night. As soon as Charlo tasted Canelo's power, he froze with fear

  • Fee
    Fee 10 hours ago +2

    He couldn’t hurt canelo. And on his face you can tell he felt everything canelo hit him with

  • Ralph Spangler
    Ralph Spangler 13 hours ago +349

    Wow…… I honestly expected more from Charlo, but that was a great fight. Congrats to Canelo

  • BIGD_OSpinner
    BIGD_OSpinner 6 hours ago

    Charlo completely laid down and fought scared… wasn’t willing to exchange… got shook after that first knockdown.

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz 7 hours ago +1

    Canelo earned my respect, man what a performance and a boxing clinic he put on, greetings to Mexico from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson 8 hours ago +1

    Charlo was more of a good sport then I expected 😂

  • Blackoutscoot
    Blackoutscoot 8 hours ago +1

    Those body shots were hammers. Respect to Charlo for eating some of those.

  • WarDogg
    WarDogg 6 hours ago

    respect charlo respect big time We all knew he was going to come back and he was going to lose his fight He's been taking way too long of a break for him to bounce back this hard but he put up a good ass fight and I've always liked the guy I have even more respect for him after seeing how well he could take a loss

  • DamnilikeD
    DamnilikeD 13 hours ago +146

    Really amazing performance of canelo. Looked so fast, strong and compact. ALWAYS had his guard up. Very good. Credits also to charlo fought very well. Both two great fighters 🙏 💯

    • Mario Gotze
      Mario Gotze 13 hours ago +6

      WTF this looks like a sparring

    • 13zveroboy
      13zveroboy 13 hours ago +6

      Really garbage fight truth....

    • ronalyn roxas
      ronalyn roxas 13 hours ago

      Hahahahah its nothing but bum

    • God Is Great
      God Is Great 13 hours ago +1

      Look so fast not until Bivol pull up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Daniel Noheuan Sr.
      Daniel Noheuan Sr. 13 hours ago +3

      Hahaha. Stop the drugs man!! This was an exhibition or what? I tossed my money to the garbage. Never pay for a fight of canelo again. Charlitos was a very normal fighter.

  • alexx yrn
    alexx yrn 6 hours ago

    Highlights made it seem much closer than what it was. Canelo landed double the shots

  • Sithiphat Dhanasobhon
    Sithiphat Dhanasobhon 10 hours ago +1

    I like this fight , good mutual respects from both boxers and not so much trash talks leading up to the bout too 🎉🎉

  • TheCountBlackula
    TheCountBlackula 10 hours ago

    He did his best that's all you can ask. Canelo isnt undisputed for no reason. Great effort from Charlo, much respect😎👊

  • Damagedone56
    Damagedone56 7 hours ago

    Canelo is so strategic with his punch selection it's poetry in motion

  • Joe Jessica
    Joe Jessica 13 hours ago +160

    Canelo's in your face pressure was key, he closed the gap real tight & had Charlo intimidated with his presence being so close to Charlo, Canelo looked real tight & compact, impenetrable

    • Jacob Munguia
      Jacob Munguia 12 hours ago +13

      Stop riding bro

    • Roddrice Armstrong
      Roddrice Armstrong 12 hours ago +14

      Riding like crazy

    • t burton
      t burton 12 hours ago +2

      He’s really improved so much I like him as a boxer , when he fights Bivol again if he does needs to be careful

    • cealy76
      cealy76 10 hours ago +1

      ​@t burtonCanelo is not fighting Bivol again.

  • yusiyola2011
    yusiyola2011 10 hours ago

    Charlo can throw em and take ‘em! Good work and congratulations to the champ Canelo! That was solid boxing right there

  • c3g1
    c3g1 10 hours ago +7

    Two well trained fighters, both in their peaks. One was stronger than the other.

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago +1

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

    • Dreezy
      Dreezy 7 hours ago +1

      ​@mylegguy247 lmfaooo the excuses have begun already 😂 just accept your boy got pounded and would again 😂

  • Michael Bell Jr
    Michael Bell Jr 8 hours ago

    Much respect to Charlo
    He just couldn't hurt Canelo
    Canelo knew it and walked him down...

  • B
    B 7 hours ago

    Wow. Very impressive from Charlo. He is Tougher than i thought. He will be champion again

  • Elie K
    Elie K 9 hours ago +2

    I don't recall Charlo ever trying to win this fight

  • Rome HendriX
    Rome HendriX 12 hours ago +274

    You can tell on Charlo's face how afraid he was the entire fight.

    • boloshabazz
      boloshabazz 12 hours ago +27

      That was my first thoughts lol this fight should’ve been for his brother

    • Donell Howell
      Donell Howell 12 hours ago +17

      Facts he was scared as hell

    • chad mcdonald
      chad mcdonald 11 hours ago +57

      Here come the arm chair boxing experts 😂😂😂. Did you even watch the fight ? 😊

    • TheGrimReaperFear’sMe
      TheGrimReaperFear’sMe 11 hours ago +20

      @chad mcdonaldbro did you not see how he flinched when Canelo threw that right, between his gloves? Pay attention lol

    • Mar El
      Mar El 11 hours ago +5

      He wasn't scared He was tired from those bodyshots

  • Don🐅”GANGS TO GROWTH “thành công hay thành nhân”

    When you see this kind of boxing match made you damn wanted to put on the gloves , both men are respectful and shown good sportsmanship. Worth $84 bucks

  • Rick Matt
    Rick Matt 9 hours ago

    Much respect to Charlo for going 12 rounds. But, Canelo is just too strong for Charlo!

  • Jwilli1455
    Jwilli1455 8 hours ago

    To those who said had Canelo lost a step, lost his desire, had too many camps or fought too many rounds, he sure didn’t look like it to me. He was as ripped as I’ve seen him and he took the fight to Charlo and won convincingly. His combinations looked crisp and his power was vintage Canelo. I agree his career is winding dow,n it has to be based on age. That said he settled any doubts for me that the end of his career is right now.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 7 hours ago

    If Jermell had a fight or at 168 before fighting nelo, I think it might be different. Charlo seemed really nervous taking a big shot but he landed some big ones too.

  • PinkPanther007
    PinkPanther007 7 hours ago +1

    What the heck! Canelo is tanking punches like it's nothing. Those body shots were solid, but still props to Charlo, he survived.😂

  • Kyng David
    Kyng David 11 hours ago +31

    Solid fight. Both took some good shots. Good fight. No one went out like a sucker. They both fought a good fight.

    • Jason
      Jason 10 hours ago +17

      Charlo went out like a sucker. He fought scared and didn't want to go out on his shield and lost every single round. He wanted to survive , not win. Bud called out Charlo after the fight and completely clowned him on his weak performance against Canelo and told him he should be ashamed of himself fighting like that. I agree with Bud 100%

    • Allan Omalla
      Allan Omalla 10 hours ago +3

      Bro charlo was scarry asf

    • Zabari
      Zabari 9 hours ago

      If you’re judging solely by the highlights then sure but in reality Charlo got schooled

    • Mr. Mendez
      Mr. Mendez 8 hours ago +1

      I don't know what fight you saw. charlo fought Afraid for his life the entire fight.. jogged around the ring, and hugged. this was the easiest win of canelo career.

    • fred jonestowns
      fred jonestowns 8 hours ago +3

      Boring fight. charlo took some good shots. Slow action. charlo should have his pay lowered for running like a girl all night. Canelo fought like a man.

  • junith lacsi bertoldo
    junith lacsi bertoldo 9 hours ago

    Two great fighters shook hands after the fight. Whatta a sports!.

  • Fabian M
    Fabian M 8 hours ago +1

    Both my favorite fighters. Canelo a dawg. Still supporting Charlo against anybody else. Respect for him moving up 2 weight classes. But it was too much of a weight jump after being inactive and the power was a little too much for him

  • Pascual Garcia
    Pascual Garcia 8 hours ago

    Charlo took it like a man!!! Beast!

  • Sismanov Barron
    Sismanov Barron 7 hours ago

    Camel was in insane shape. Creat to see him more disciplined this time. Great fight.

  • cheo
    cheo 7 hours ago

    Just too big, too strong, too good

  • ItsJessse
    ItsJessse 13 hours ago +76

    This was a proper schooling
    I didn’t even see any round that Charlo undoubtedly won 😂

    • Spree Dog
      Spree Dog 12 hours ago +7

      well said even tho both the same age . canelo it’s older in the boxing world

    • Zane Van Niekerk
      Zane Van Niekerk 11 hours ago +6

      Canelo won all 12

    • Critis Lyles
      Critis Lyles 11 hours ago +5

      Charlo hasn't boxed in 2 yrs & Nelo still couldn't knock him out . Not impressed..lol

  • Masculine Minded
    Masculine Minded 8 hours ago

    The modern day Chavez right there! Love how big his resume is compared to most others.

  • Fao&Vale
    Fao&Vale 9 hours ago

    Boxea Bonito y legal. Todo un profesional.

  • leona james
    leona james 7 hours ago

    Respect to Charlo for realising he needed to take the knee.

  • Steve E
    Steve E 9 hours ago

    Two huge fights this year and no silly trash talking , just respect and class
    This one and Crawford v Spence , showing how boxing should be , not like these pathetic youtube fights

  • Ykpreme
    Ykpreme 7 hours ago

    Felt like a rocky ending “Thank you for the opportunity”

  • Chris Haswell
    Chris Haswell 14 hours ago +225

    Showtime literally found the 12 punches Charlo threw all night and managed to make it look competitive lol very impessive

    • Maton509
      Maton509 14 hours ago +57

      That's EXACTLY what I was thinking 😂

    • Trippyton
      Trippyton 14 hours ago +26

      Lmfao whoever found, spliced and compiled em deserves a raise

    • D-boy206
      D-boy206 14 hours ago +3

      Facts 😂😂🎉

    • 123455667
      123455667 13 hours ago +2

      It's PBC actually

    • Drones
      Drones 13 hours ago +11

      Man that’s how weak pbc&showtime are. So happy pbc fighters are getting exposed. Crawford would dominate charlo for sure.

  • Augusto Fernandez
    Augusto Fernandez 6 hours ago

    Excelente boxeador

  • Armany Pérez
    Armany Pérez 7 hours ago

    Great fight full display from both fighters , very aggressive fight , i love it great sportsmanship from both fighters , much love espn and the world of boxing Dominican rep with USA, USA, USA.

  • zionen01
    zionen01 8 hours ago

    Canelo did look in top form, even his defense and reflexes looked better in this fight.

    JAVI HV 10 hours ago

    Great Fight,.. The reaction about to get hit by Canelo punch...you can clearly see Charlo's face,, when Canelo was about to punch him,,,

  • Phantelm
    Phantelm 7 hours ago

    more match ups like this please to keep boxing respectable.

  • J J
    J J 12 hours ago +55

    Respect 🫡 to Charlo for taking that L like a champ no excuses! Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 let’s go Canelo!!

  • La guardia Imperial
    La guardia Imperial 8 hours ago +1

    me hizo acordar a Monzon-Napoles de 1974..el "Mantequilla" , excelente Campeon Mundial Welter, decide subir de categoria a desafiar al mejor mediano de la historia, aun siendo un excelente boxeador, es dar un abismo de ventaja..esta tambien fue una pelea desigual, aunque esa vez Monzon lo estropeo y lo dejo arruinado a Napoles, fue ua carniceria la golpiza que le dio, anoche no se vio una masacre como esa vez.

  • Reconnecting
    Reconnecting 9 hours ago +1

    Didnt Expect Charlo to do that great 😳

    • “My leg!” Guy
      “My leg!” Guy 8 hours ago

      Charlo only lost because his wife gave him some snacks that had to much sugar so it made him slow and stiff also he was weight drained, in a rematch Charlo beats Canelo easy 😅

  • SG S
    SG S 9 hours ago

    You can see Canelo learns from his losses I can see alot of what Bivol did to him tonight against his appointment. What makes him dangerous is he learns from his previous fights.

  • bwrecks
    bwrecks 9 hours ago

    I’m impress Charlo was able to go 12 rounds with Canelo. Good job Charlo!!

  • Draven Ericson
    Draven Ericson 7 hours ago +1

    Damn bro Props to Charlo 🙏

  • Odilon Martinez Jr.
    Odilon Martinez Jr. 9 hours ago

    Hats off to Charlo he's tough dude

  • Amin R
    Amin R 13 hours ago +9

    Wow! Can’t believe he lasted the whole 12 😮‍💨👏

    • Terry Jackson
      Terry Jackson 9 hours ago +2

      Can't believe I lasted the 12 either 🥱🐴💩

    • Amir Heru
      Amir Heru 9 hours ago +1

      @Terry Jackson clown

  • King Judah 144
    King Judah 144 7 hours ago +2

    Good job Charlo ! Two weight classes no shame

  • ALoneWolfJPC
    ALoneWolfJPC 7 hours ago

    Respect for 👑 Charlo, canelo couldn't knock him out like he did plant and others, even though he a welterweight, that shows Charlo a 👑

    PLRAHAPL 7 hours ago

    Good fight, Canelo is slowing down a bit he takes more damage now the he used but that’s age catching up. Still Canelo’s every punch is a power punch which I will always enjoy.

  • Yellow Wildebeest
    Yellow Wildebeest 8 hours ago

    I love the respect from both fighters, that’s cool

  • antoni maxwell
    antoni maxwell 9 hours ago

    Charlo is some short distant runner. A wonder how many steps he took in this fight.

  • Boone
    Boone  12 hours ago +5

    So much time and inactivity between fights, you wonder how good guys like Charlo, Spence and Fulton really are.

  • DMIND11
    DMIND11 10 hours ago +1

    Once charlo felt that devastating body work his game plan changed to not get knocnked out.

  • Nicosuave
    Nicosuave 7 hours ago

    What a great fight I thought that Charlo should've fought one time at 160 before fighting Canelo

    SNAKE_DOC 9 hours ago

    Mucho Respecto Muchachos 🫡

  • Beep Gonzales
    Beep Gonzales 10 hours ago


  • magil5983
    magil5983 11 hours ago +13

    Good moment of mutual respect after this fight, the master class of the greatest. We're fed up with this pre- and post-fight circus of too many other boxers, never the best. This is THE noble art in sport: respect should be on, as between these 2 stars.

    • JesusIsC0mingS00n
      JesusIsC0mingS00n 8 hours ago

      I agree with you, unfortunately that circus is what sells fights. Nothing sells more seats than wanting to see someone you hate get punished. But it's all just for show, most of the time, that is.