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Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - BYE Boxes, FREE New Brawler, and STARR ROAD!!!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Congratulations to the World Champions: ZETA DIVISION ZERO!
    An epic battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.
    Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!
    - Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
    - Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
    - Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
    - Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
    - Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
    - Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.
    - Championship Challenge: Join Brawl Stars' esports scene with in-game qualifiers!
    Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.
    Complete quests, open Brawl Boxes, earn Gems, pins and an exclusive Brawl Pass skin! Fresh content every season.
    Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!
    Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.
    PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.
    - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
    - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
    - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
    - New events and game modes daily
    - Battle solo or with friends
    - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
    - Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
    - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
    - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master
    From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!
    Contact us in-game via Settings, Help and Support - or visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/braw...
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Comments • 35 569

  • Юлия
    Юлия 8 hours ago +821

    Страшно представить что будет без ящиков :(((
    Надеюсь мы привыкнем, но они навсегда останутся в сердце

  • Sofia J@mes
    Sofia J@mes 3 hours ago +145

    Ahora todos vamos a extrañar la caja pequeña que te daban gratis en la tienda como recompensa diaria :,(

    • ItzOmer
      ItzOmer Hour ago


    • 11AM
      11AM Hour ago

      @♥︎Kira_UwU_OwO I got daryl from the free box

    • ♥︎Kira_UwU_OwO
      ♥︎Kira_UwU_OwO 2 hours ago +1

      El proplema es que nunca tedan Brawlers xd
      Pero yo la quiero mucho pobre cajita pequeña:(

    • LebeDEV
      LebeDEV 2 hours ago +1

      (пока не удалили)!

    • Box JellyFish
      Box JellyFish 2 hours ago +3


  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson 4 hours ago +9

    opening boxes and not knowing if u might get a character is so thrilling and fun..going to be so hard to get characters now.

  • Markel
    Markel 2 hours ago +3

    I never thought I'd say this, but this is a really cool update. It will be better for a beginner to play, get fighters and achievements. I hope you will not stop and continue to supplement the game with juicy updates

  • LARVA en Español
    LARVA en Español 2 hours ago +13

    Frost Queen Amber looks beautiful, she just needs a different dialogue. It would also be nice to see some more mythological based skins.

  • Samuel Sequec
    Samuel Sequec 13 hours ago +1021

    Ahora todos vamos a extrañar la caja pequeña que te daban gratis en la tienda como recompensa diaria :,(

    • QuackImpala7321
      QuackImpala7321 4 hours ago

      @alex victor2 They could drop gadgets and star powers

    • Onix TM
      Onix TM 6 hours ago

      I gained crow from that box

    • Martín Báez - Marbrawl
      Martín Báez - Marbrawl 6 hours ago

      haora han de dar esos creditso :D

    • Адият
      Адият 6 hours ago

      Пушка же что нам задано очу геммы

    • geovana techera
      geovana techera 7 hours ago

      Mira el lado positivo nos van a dar la omega caja

  • ᒪIZᗩ ᑕᗩT ᑌᗯᑌ

    Please don't do that!! Don't delete the boxes!! They were so cool when we got fighters, we had very cool emotions!

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson Hour ago +2

    Ahora todos vamos a extrañar la caja pequeña que te daban gratis en la tienda como recompensa diaria :,(

  • Aathan Aravazhi
    Aathan Aravazhi Hour ago +3

    The mystery of not knowing what Brawler you will get, is of a different level, and can never be replaced

  • ♥︎Kira_UwU_OwO
    ♥︎Kira_UwU_OwO 2 hours ago +2

    La mejor bralw talk lo que más me gusta son los nuevos Brawlers se ven muy divertidos de jugar

  • black teller
    black teller 16 hours ago +2295

    Как было приятно радоваться персонажу когда он выпадал , а теперь нету эффекта неожиданности . Как то не то 🥺😢

    • Про Bravl stars
      Про Bravl stars 2 hours ago


    • Kaushal Ashiyani
      Kaushal Ashiyani 3 hours ago

      I haven't bought the brawl pass but I can buy . What should I do??? If I buy after update will I get 80 gems???. Or should I buy pass now??? Anybody please answer

    • jilakanov Adam
      jilakanov Adam 4 hours ago

      люди можете объяснить пожалуйста я не много не понял за что 80 гемов дают?

    • BUBES. RU 👈 Ищи CAЍT 😋
      BUBES. RU 👈 Ищи CAЍT 😋 4 hours ago

      ⤴️🌈ʍалышĶӥ mлáдω℮ro вoзρčċта u зáпρещеӈка💙😛
      👆🏼🍼*в ӈа3вaниӥ káΉaла*🔞⤴️

    • VONIX☉
      VONIX☉ 5 hours ago


  • Ninja DefusalGuy
    Ninja DefusalGuy Hour ago

    This is great! Love that the game is moving away from gacha/mystery boxes

  • The Nexu's Ring
    The Nexu's Ring 2 hours ago

    I was alright with this, but a little scared at the same time, they keep saying about unlocking brawlers for new players, but what about those who have a arsenal of brawlers? Would they keep the brawlers they have or would they put you back in square 1? That's what I worried about!!!

  • Артем Якипов
    Артем Якипов 3 hours ago +1

    Нам остаётся только ждать неизбежного исчезновения боксов
    Покойтесь с миром боксы бравл старс 😭

  • •dian4ik•
    •dian4ik• 2 hours ago

    Wow! thanks to the developers for the new fighters, they are very beautiful! 🤩

  • Maxonchik
    Maxonchik 17 hours ago +916

    Я всегда рад очередному обновлению, но без боксов игра уже будет не той, что прежде...😔

    • BUBES. RU 👈 Ищи CAЍT 😋
      BUBES. RU 👈 Ищи CAЍT 😋 4 hours ago

      ❗️⤴️🍭Уӵεӈuцӹ 5-17💟😈
      ❗️⤴️🍒нaçлaждaйčя этӥм жҿčткиʍ тpêωaкоʍ *Bçё этo в имeӈӥ*🔞❗️⤴️

    • BUBES. RU 👈 ищи CAЍT 🔞
      BUBES. RU 👈 ищи CAЍT 🔞 4 hours ago

      👆🏽🍫ʍалыωķи 5-17 ӥ зàпрещеΉķá🧡😻
      ⤴️🍒Дέлаҿт пpuятΉợ сеċтpенke... *uպu в 6ҏaẏҙepe*🔥❗️⤴️

    • Луиза Бакшалиева
      Луиза Бакшалиева 6 hours ago

      @Ysysysy Hdhdhe общаетесь

    • BUBES. RU 👈 ищи CAЍT 🔞
      BUBES. RU 👈 ищи CAЍT 🔞 6 hours ago

      👆🏽🦄Мӥлаωеҹkи 1-l0 клacc💟😻
      ⤴️🍪Ήaслaждaùся ӭтим җҿςтkӥʍ тpέшaкợм *в НИКЕ*🔥👆

    • Влад Гелета
      Влад Гелета 7 hours ago

      @Bobca я уже как год не играю. Лучшее время бравл старса это было с 2019 по 2020 год

  • alexsssi
    alexsssi 4 hours ago

    I'd have to say this is a great update I've literally opened over 20 mega boxes and gotten no legendary ones

  • Fredrick Tate
    Fredrick Tate 5 hours ago

    Brawl stars needs to make a cartoon show, with the success of the game and the animation style I think it would definitely take off and would inform others about the game

  • Fannir Bs
    Fannir Bs 2 hours ago +1

    In my opinion, this is the best update, just like season 5 at that time

  • Alexey Pulyakin
    Alexey Pulyakin 4 hours ago +1

    This upgrade is great, but changing everything makes me mad so i think this upgrade sucks and good at one time

  • Tema_ Gamer :D
    Tema_ Gamer :D 16 hours ago +756

    Большая часть комьюнити играла из за боксов, было одновременно и интересно что выпадет, уже будет не передать ту интригу когда видишь 6 или 8 предметов, это было чудесным временем.

    • Егор Юрочкин
      Егор Юрочкин 15 hours ago

      @Тугосеря 2016 да, я забросил бравл уже как полгода, захожу, чтобы выполнить пару квестов и открыть мегаящик (на 10 уровне бп), а теперь вообще играть не вижу смысла, потому что для получения новых бойцов (мне остались только хромики и леги) нужно будет дико задротить.

    • Ani4ka Muntyano4ka
      Ani4ka Muntyano4ka 15 hours ago

      @Sasha Alex ну я конечно всё понимаю что надо менятся, но никак не проходит и 4ак будто всё это въелось в тебя и всё.

    • Gggffdd Tyysj
      Gggffdd Tyysj 15 hours ago

      НЕ ДЕЛАЙТЕ ЭТОГО НЕ ТРОГАЙТЕ БОКСЫ людям не нравится это нибудет интересно вообще

    • Sasha Alex
      Sasha Alex 15 hours ago

      @Игорь Ступак а как они пропадут, они уже твои смысл им пропадать, это для тех кто не открыл
      Как ты себе представляешь ты открывал персонажей фармил за них прокачивал навыки а тут возьмут и заново нужно получить их

    • фандушек123
      фандушек123 15 hours ago

      @Bonny Ani так ради одной леги можно и три года играть с боксами. Рандом хреновая штука, так хотя бы какие то гарантии есть

  • User908
    User908 5 hours ago +1

    New season looking insane 👀

  • Сëгун
    Сëгун 2 hours ago

    С одной стороны ящики жалко. Но с другой, казино все же зависимость)
    Разрабы добавляют в игру стабильность, равновесие и это круто
    Очень рад за это обновление

  • TurtleLegendYT
    TurtleLegendYT 6 hours ago

    Tbh, i actually like this update but I kinda wish they would've added this feature, and kept boxes just for the fun of it... no more satisfying feeling when you get that first legendary, or a star power from a big box 😥

  • Georges Hajje
    Georges Hajje Hour ago

    Brawl talk you are the best guys i wish you the best and keep going like that we are proud of you guys ❤️ 😊

  • Sandro Costa
    Sandro Costa 15 hours ago +803

    Frost Queen Amber looks beautiful, she just needs a different dialogue. It would also be nice to see some more mythological based skins.

    • Ilyesmi Dzsinkiszkán
      Ilyesmi Dzsinkiszkán 13 hours ago

      Befor that skin i love amber but now i don’t have any word about this skin its so beatiful

    • Sebee Pro
      Sebee Pro 13 hours ago


    • IamSakura
      IamSakura 14 hours ago +2

      Это ЦМ из Dora 2

    • Pumpkinut
      Pumpkinut 14 hours ago +1

      If she has different voice lines I’m willing to buy her full price

    • Abdorahman Brawler
      Abdorahman Brawler 14 hours ago +1


  • Aathan Aravazhi
    Aathan Aravazhi Hour ago +1

    Ahh! I’ll definitely be missing the boxes …

  • Felipe Lima
    Felipe Lima 5 hours ago

    Não sei se vai ser muito bom não essa mudança. Tô achando que vai ser ainda mais difícil chegar com todos os brawlers no nível máximo, pois pelo que aparenta vai diminuir o dinheiro e veio essa porcaria de fama, diminuindo assim a quantidade de recompensas para progredir no jogo, querendo forçar os jogadores a gastarem dinheiro para conseguir upar os personagens.

  • Мистер Огонёчек

    The update is gonna be amazing! I think the biggest update ever since I first started the game. Credit to the creators who put in so much effort to make this happen. Thank you!

  • Filippo Missiroli
    Filippo Missiroli 2 hours ago

    The new brawlers are a fantastic idea and the upgreates are so cool

  • CyberGamez
    CyberGamez 13 hours ago +704

    As infuriating boxes can be, they were good to me at times.
    Nothing will give me the excitement I had from opening them ever again.

    • Matthew Bladow
      Matthew Bladow 5 hours ago

      @Utz ripples potato chips I have 15k trophies you think they are going to give me anything for that nope just take all of my shit I was about to unlock away😂😂

    • Matthew Bladow
      Matthew Bladow 5 hours ago

      @Utz ripples potato chips yeah you could spend money on gems to get boxes but now you legit have to buy the in game currency to unlock them just another delete lol

    • Matthew Bladow
      Matthew Bladow 5 hours ago

      @Utz ripples potato chips in order to get enough coins without spending days on days on a goddamn mobile game spending money on the new currency or buying the battle pass is the only option

    • Utz ripples potato chips
      Utz ripples potato chips 6 hours ago

      @Matthew Bladow i thought boxes were considered that? Idk maybe I got it mixed up but this seems to be built in progress/rewards no? Boxes are usually big money makers in games

    • Matthew Bladow
      Matthew Bladow 8 hours ago

      @Dhenz03 lmfao I have more trophies than u and NEVER spent money on this game this forces you too

  • Shanty Reyes
    Shanty Reyes 3 hours ago

    Goodbye boxes que recuerdos tendremos de cuando nos toco un braler en una caja

  • jostin Martínez
    jostin Martínez 3 hours ago

    No sera lo mismo en el juego la emocion de abrir espero que esta actualizacion este para bien que para mal

  • ODG YT
    ODG YT 2 hours ago +1

    I wonder if Gray will be the second brawler to not have a voice along with Spike.

  • Sochi Chilagorom
    Sochi Chilagorom Hour ago +1

    I actually suggested they should try and put a teleporting brawler. I was not expecting it

  • Wooji🍔
    Wooji🍔 17 hours ago +596

    Боксы, самое лучшее что вы могли добавить. Не думал что вы их уберёте…🥀

      MEGAGEMER Hour ago

      @Киллер ваня 666 228 нет они изначально были развлечением, а сейчас это искусство где ты можешь потратить время, но не деньги. Ведь пей ту вин это ужасно.

    • оторви мне почку
      оторви мне почку 4 hours ago

      @Ванюшка Theara-1000 и что? они должны были спросить.
      теперь игра донтная помойка)

    • оторви мне почку
      оторви мне почку 4 hours ago

      @Ванюшка Theara-1000 этим разработчикам славу принесли люди, а они делают такую хрень по отношению к сообществу
      поевать, заяем они это сделали. только испортили все, но нет "ыыыы бедненькие стараюстся"

    • Киллер ваня 666 228
      Киллер ваня 666 228 8 hours ago

      @MEGAGEMER гринд с ящиками давал хоть какой то интерес, сейчас же это тупо гринд без каких либо интересов, тратишь время-получаешь, это как по мне скучно

    • Киллер ваня 666 228
      Киллер ваня 666 228 8 hours ago

      @MEGAGEMER игры сами по себе созданы для траты времени и денег.

  • G Y A
    G Y A 3 hours ago

    If they just didn't remove boxes and added the star road it would be amazing.

  • 💗genshin💗
    💗genshin💗 Hour ago

    Nooo, not the boxes!😭 What are we going to do without them? How to knock out fighters?!😭

  • Thein Htet Aung
    Thein Htet Aung 4 hours ago

    Damn! This update would be the biggest since the game is globally lunched. Loads of changes will happen in the game, however, I lose interest in playing Brawl Stars even thought I’ve been playing before global lunch

  • Whang Family
    Whang Family 5 hours ago

    I kinda liked the guessing game, I lived the excitement when I got a brawler, now I know when I will get the brawler 😢

  • SMToon Malay
    SMToon Malay 7 hours ago +166

    Боксы всегда будут в наших сердцах 🥀

  • Juliux Gamer
    Juliux Gamer 4 hours ago

    Soy español pero a mi me parece el vambio mas loco y grande de brawl
    Desde el principio emos visto aperturas de cajas la cual es una sección muy popular de brawl stars y ya dejaran de existir

  •  복숭아
    복숭아 2 hours ago

    boxes will be in my heart forever♥️

  • TanKXGG
    TanKXGG 5 hours ago +1

    Shelly should be Legendary 😂

  • shark fin
    shark fin Hour ago

    Edgar in my opinion OP High offense low defense but he has an ability witch is really useful if you have low health

  • Zombie Man
    Zombie Man 14 hours ago +703

    Weirdest part of the update is them actually telling us when it drops

    • Keith Kearns
      Keith Kearns 6 hours ago

      @Lunaralus I'm with you on that 🧐

    • Lunaralus
      Lunaralus 11 hours ago +1

      Idk man, I thought Dani's costume was kinda... Know what, never mind

    • XAS
      XAS 11 hours ago


    • ameeer3
      ameeer3 11 hours ago +4

      no the weirdest part when she cut her candy finger : )

    • Zombie Man
      Zombie Man 12 hours ago

      @iKlixx didn’t watch it so idk that

  • Mod Paid Korso kan 😪😪


  • Tam Stephen
    Tam Stephen Hour ago

    Happy to see supercell to remove gambling systems in game. As there are too fking many gambling mechanics in nowadays games

  • Riwer
    Riwer Hour ago +1

    Its the Start of a new Brawl Stars Future 😊

  • Szőke Dominika
    Szőke Dominika 2 hours ago

    I will miss the boxes :c i have all of the characters ,so i dont know that the game will be still interesting for me :c

    TATSU MCGRUN 12 hours ago +178

    Se ve buenísima. También estaría cool que todas las skins de cada brawler estuvieran disponibles para compra en la tienda. Así podrían crear sistemas de adquisición mediante gemas o cualquier otro coin del juego.

      TATSU MCGRUN 6 hours ago

      @Jayson Aguilar jajaja. Ojalá, hermano.

      TATSU MCGRUN 6 hours ago

      @Martín Mora Ureña Exactamente, considero que antes casi no se tomaba en cuenta como ahora podría tomarse.

    • Martín Mora Ureña
      Martín Mora Ureña 6 hours ago +1

      ​@FerkleNeso iba a comentar, sería dar un paso hacia atras, pero considerando que todo se volverá asi, sería un paso hacia adelante

    • FerkleN
      FerkleN 7 hours ago +2

      fua nadie se acuerda hace años cuando podías comprar la skin de cualquier brawler si vas a la info del brawler

    • Jayson Aguilar
      Jayson Aguilar 10 hours ago +8

      Literal si lo ponen fue por ti xD

  • DodoPlayss
    DodoPlayss Hour ago

    When do we unlock Omega Boxes? Will coins be limited? What about Power Points? Great video by the way!!!

  • Ксения Теслюк

    Ура. Наконец то, в кое то веке, добавили реально интересных и хороших персонажей. Ещё бы они были не интересные! Они ящики собрались удалять. Если бы супперы сделали плохую обнову, аудитория бы им это не простила

  • sagar
    sagar Hour ago

    im excited!!! after so long of playing brawl stars finally smthg new to look forward to!! and the unlock system is a bit like valorant so nthg new there! nonetheless im excited!

  • Vampus
    Vampus Hour ago

    Не важно, что произойдет с ящиками, я только хочу ворона

  • Hey°Mazinger
    Hey°Mazinger 14 hours ago +152

    I think it's the Brawl Talk that has brought us the most content, thank you very much! 😸

    • Daniel
      Daniel 12 hours ago +4

      Starr Park overall more in my opinion (including the whole other Clip-Share Channel + the WKBRL Stream)

  • ТанюШка КаприЗа

    I think that the boxes should be left, because this is the MEANING of the game.I'm encouraging this funny update, but your rating may drop a lot and there will be bad reviews.For our sake, leave the boxes.❤

  • что я
    что я Hour ago

    it will not be particularly interesting and the fighter will be expected and even what will fall out. how will we get gadgets?😢

  • Giga Chad.
    Giga Chad. Hour ago

    So does that mean that the trophy road is going to be the same and collect the rewards or start it all over again

  • i l p a a
    i l p a a 3 hours ago +1

    Brawl Stars without boxes is no longer Brawl Stars :(
    Бравл Старс без ящиков это уже не бравл Старс :(

  • Fidan İsmayilova
    Fidan İsmayilova 15 hours ago +685

    The boxes will always be in our hearts. I miss the boxes so much

    • ✞︎sǫᴜɪᴅ✞︎
      ✞︎sǫᴜɪᴅ✞︎ 12 hours ago

      @XaviOvf its not i had 28240 and i had 4 legendarys and i buyed 2 of them :/ and i get brawlers after so much Time i hate ugly boxes 🤬💀🗑️

    • nino bogdan
      nino bogdan 13 hours ago


    • 自法
      自法 13 hours ago +1

      And me :((

    • XaviOvf
      XaviOvf 13 hours ago

      @✞︎sǫᴜɪᴅ✞︎ Yeah but many other times you do get interesting stuff

    • azra kra
      azra kra 13 hours ago

      @Fidan İsmayilova evet

  • Cole
    Cole 5 hours ago

    When it shows Brock getting unlocked, it says there's 8 rares 9:21

  • Ромашка
    Ромашка 3 hours ago

    I don't even imagine that game without feelings about mysterious boxes results... :(

  • Faze Carpet1738
    Faze Carpet1738 4 hours ago +1

    The H.I.M.Y.M reference 😂
    This update will be legen- wait for it- dary

    LIPANDRIK 5 hours ago +1

    Emz is an epic brawler. And the reward of the path to glory? They could have at least left the Bravlers there

  • kylegendarum
    kylegendarum 22 hours ago +737

    Как не хочется что бы убирали боксы😢Они всегда останутся в сердцах❤Но надеюсь все что не происходит будет к лучшему

    • Oleg Grigoryants
      Oleg Grigoryants 14 hours ago

      @themalichik блять, факт

    • themalichik
      themalichik 14 hours ago

      Ящики это лучшее что может быть, но игра развивается...

    • Oleg Grigoryants
      Oleg Grigoryants 14 hours ago

      Всё что происходит*

    • Тьморакс
      Тьморакс 17 hours ago

      @Алина Хз в основной составляющей игры была игра а не какие-то там ваши боксы, если всерьёз хочешь открывать ящики то иди играть в симулятор боксов или в бабл квасс

    • Starikov14
      Starikov14 18 hours ago


  • Лиса
    Лиса Hour ago +1

    Не знаю заметят ли разработчики это или поймут что я написал, но я хочу им передать, что я хочу чтобы добавили переключатель версий в Brawl stars. Я хочу поиграть на своей первой версии и вспомнить те времена с ящиками и без brawl pass

  • Pat Phelps
    Pat Phelps 5 hours ago

    Piper is the MOST neglected brawler on the game…😢 we need more piper skins!!!

  • Алексей Конов

    Sometimes good next update, sometimes sad... But... Bye boxes.

  • Floppa (2) я девочка

    Все:Ура новая обнова
    Я:*которая мечтала выбить Леона" Дорогой дневник мне не передать ту боль которую я испытала сейчас...

  • 20번정현우
    20번정현우 9 hours ago +183

    The character you get from the box felt better. I really liked the feeling of having a character that no one else had, but I personally hate it when they say that the box will disappear from now on.

  • Your Highness 👑

    I love this update 💙

  • Arul Sinha
    Arul Sinha 2 hours ago

    I can see my favorite game becoming quite unstable. These days, its constantly changing this is really sad

  • Carolina Torrez
    Carolina Torrez 5 hours ago

    No amigo una de las cosas que más me gustaban de Brawl stars era el número de cuando te iba a salir un brawler y estaba brillando los tiempos han cambiando adiós cajas :((((

  • cajgcpg
    cajgcpg Hour ago

    a sido una actualizacion muy tocha. me ha gustado

  • Roman Tsyurpita
    Roman Tsyurpita 4 hours ago

    What worries me the most is that now without boxes it seems that we are going to get much less gold, because it seems that we are only going to get it in the pass, events and special missions. And how are we going to get gadgets and star powers now? Can only be bought with gold?

  • olesyaCats
    olesyaCats 5 hours ago

    very cool I like your opinion waiting for the update as soon as possible!

  • Cricketer no 1
    Cricketer no 1 4 hours ago

    But how will we get enough power points to upgrade brawlers after boxes gone

  • Janatube
    Janatube Hour ago

    The first brawl talk they posted I got so sad but now I'm getting excited

  • Skeletion MP
    Skeletion MP 18 hours ago +428

    Эх... Прощайте ящики, вы будете в наших сердцах.. ❤️#byebyeboxes

    • 7000 миль
      7000 миль 13 hours ago +1

      Играйте в бабл квас

    • Rodemi
      Rodemi 17 hours ago

      @pieodidiot да не так уж и много надо фармить, да и по времени у некоторых может это выйти по экономичнее чем с боксами

    • лрвертлрслп
      лрвертлрслп 17 hours ago

      Только сейчас поняла, что омегабокс просто прощальный бокс и он не будет в игре постоянно, это лишь мимолётное виденье.....

    • rbx_mil
      rbx_mil 17 hours ago


    • Evboll
      Evboll 17 hours ago

      А когда обнова

  • Peanut but
    Peanut but Hour ago

    Bro I'm so exited for this update now but I'm still most excited for Brawler Masteries!

  • Faaiz Kaleem
    Faaiz Kaleem 4 hours ago

    What will happen to the battle tokens? How will we update our brawlers?

  • Concon 99
    Concon 99 5 hours ago

    3. 3 BRAWLERS! They went all out this time.

  • Серёжка Никитин

    And so the update is very cool! Well done!Thank you for trying for us!

  • Rey - Brawl Stars
    Rey - Brawl Stars Day ago +17807

    Man! This update is going to be HYPE AS HECK! Happy Brawl Talk Everyone! 🥳🥳

    • Black Saber Gaming
      Black Saber Gaming 20 hours ago


    • Lazzy Immy
      Lazzy Immy 20 hours ago


    • fll _
      fll _ 20 hours ago


    • Lazzy Immy
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    • Спайк
      Спайк 20 hours ago

      Ты кто?

  • Michael
    Michael 3 hours ago

    Finally the anniversary profile icons, it’s like in clash royale the year badges!

  • GØT    !Pato7x
    GØT !Pato7x 5 hours ago

    this will be one of the best updates i will get the first chromatic brawlers

  • Onni Kolehmainen
    Onni Kolehmainen 6 hours ago

    I guess the boxes will come back sometime

  • SV5
    SV5 4 hours ago

    Man i cant wait for the new update!

  • Brois
    Brois 18 hours ago +245

    Боксы, вы были нашим всем, моим всем напротяжении всего пути…. Спасибо за подаренные эмоции, спасибо!

    • RED X
      RED X 17 hours ago

      @Miras Seken Для кого как. Мне лично он до сих пор нравится (говорю как человек, начавший играть с добавления Ретро-полиса). А хотя, у каждого своё мнение и лично моё мнение никто не изменит.

    • Miras Seken
      Miras Seken 17 hours ago

      @ХагиВаги как и говорил, бравл уже давно не тот

    • ХагиВаги
      ХагиВаги 17 hours ago

      @Miras Seken если уберут боксы, то тогда как МЫ будем получать бравлеров, монеты, и прочее!?

    • Aaa Akak
      Aaa Akak 17 hours ago +1

      ты обращаешься к неодушевлённым виртуальным предметам?

    • Miras Seken
      Miras Seken 17 hours ago

      да да плачь((((

  • daia Tibursio Camara
    daia Tibursio Camara 2 hours ago

    Tendrá uno que acostumbrarse pero igual nos va a entretener suerte a todos

    HAUNANY HÁDMA 5 hours ago

    achava que o novo brawler era uma skin do colt

  • Азиз Слоев
    Азиз Слоев 3 hours ago

    When will the omega box skin be givento daryl?

  • Poison Mushroom Cookie

    Is shelly still a "starting brawler" rarity?

  • GabiBrawl ∙ Tech
    GabiBrawl ∙ Tech 16 hours ago +370

    I like it how you added gems in the extra items of the Omega Box. That nostalgia made me so happy :'D

    • GabiBrawl ∙ Tech
      GabiBrawl ∙ Tech 12 hours ago

      @UniteCráftZ day 12 of this month

    • Blai
      Blai 14 hours ago +1

      Btw is it normal I got 2 remaining articles on the omega box?

    • james Michael
      james Michael 14 hours ago +1

      @lahsen Do you think you’re intelligent by knowing that? You do understand how most games work, correct? You think in video games, loot that is dropped is not random? That’s what makes most games entertaining. The chance to get something insanely good. “You just like gambling”. Dude you’re remedial af 😂

    • UniteCráftZ
      UniteCráftZ 15 hours ago +2

      Anyone can tell me when will this update arrive?

    • lahsen
      lahsen 15 hours ago +1

      @james Michael but true
      You addicted to the gambling part of the game

  • Арсентий Чезыбаев

    No, why did you remove the boxes from the game. When the boxes were in the game it was more interesting. I hope over time you will return the boxes or come up with new boxes.

  • 🌟Mine2629🌟
    🌟Mine2629🌟 4 hours ago

    Про боксы, их жаль. Но шутка про то, что добавят Королеву и шута, ну, такая себе.

  • Cahuexin 502
    Cahuexin 502 4 hours ago

    Poco los de latam entenderán a esta cinematográfica desde niños 😅 *(cuando mirábamos con nuestros abuelos e esa época 😍🥰)*

  • 最愛阿能的星雨
    最愛阿能的星雨 2 hours ago


  • WyDi
    WyDi Day ago +947

    Пока боксы! Вы подарили нам кучу эмоций!:(