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You're gonna need a bigger bin ❄️

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • With both teams flying around, there was an unusually large amount of snow for the crew to clean up in the first period of the Islanders vs Maple Leafs game
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Comments • 215

  • The goat
    The goat 2 months ago +2935

    That one person that grabbed some snow 😂😂

    • Garibay_Steezy Racing Mx
      Garibay_Steezy Racing Mx Month ago +1

      Such a modest scoop as well 😂Soon as I read this I played video and saw his hand disappear from the screen 😂

    • The goat
      The goat Month ago +1

      @Jeb Fullinwider Fr 😂😂

    • Jeb Fullinwider
      Jeb Fullinwider Month ago +4

      You know that's going down the back of the person in front of him's shirt.

    • Jacob Bustamante
      Jacob Bustamante Month ago +1

      His intrusive thoughts won


      Zamboni drivers on strike?

  • LABasinRails
    LABasinRails 2 months ago +1224

    Some of those are leftover tears from last playoffs

    • tyler williamson
      tyler williamson 10 days ago

      ​@LeafsFan nah u jus wanna say that cause ur team can't get past the first round my lightning funna eliminate yall again this year so I'll say sorry for that now

    • Joshua E
      Joshua E 16 days ago

      @PourUntilRotten did you forget "done" was a word?

    • D. Chiasson
      D. Chiasson Month ago

      Go Boston!

    • J-Luis
      J-Luis Month ago

      Damn that’s cold ice cold

    • Rarleyposting
      Rarleyposting Month ago

      No it wasn’t.

  • richard graham
    richard graham Month ago +117

    Announcement we now have slushies again at the concession stand

    • Joshua E
      Joshua E Month ago +1

      Under-rated comment.

  • jonnyboy 1997
    jonnyboy 1997 Month ago +337

    the one person that grabbed the snow I'm going to remember this forever melt

    • Juan Talamela
      Juan Talamela Month ago

      @jonnyboy 1997 so gross. They spit so much. And I don’t have a problem with it. I get it. But the guy who grabbed the snow, is not thinking at all. What if he ate it? Haha 🤌🏾🤌🏾

    • jonnyboy 1997
      jonnyboy 1997 Month ago +3

      @Juan Talamela probably never wash that one hand after that

    • Juan Talamela
      Juan Talamela Month ago +2

      Grabbing all that spit and sweat. Great memory.😂

  • Colorado Time
    Colorado Time Month ago +105

    The puck probably wasn’t sliding one bit😂

  • Sean Lanners
    Sean Lanners Month ago +3

    When the Zamboni breaks….I loved playing outdoor rinks because they couldnt fit a Zamboni it was always us players shoveling in between periods and frozen solid jerseys. Hockey play since I was four heae

    ENZ PRINT CO. Month ago +35

    Open hockey (2 hours) and adult leagues (1 hour) have zero commercial breaks. Looks like it snowed in the arena.
    Then, you get to your car and across the parking lot you see the zamboni dumping a mountain of snow.

  • Army Guy
    Army Guy Month ago +304

    We need some flavored syrup to drizzle over that

    • CodyOsteen5
      CodyOsteen5 Month ago

      There’s plenty of player spit and sweet in it to give it some flavor.

    • lil smurf P.
      lil smurf P. Month ago

      Wait did we forget blood residue

    • GoHabs 89
      GoHabs 89 Month ago +2

      @F K if you watch nhl hockey you would know they spit, a lot

    • F K
      F K Month ago +1

      Infused with players spit?

    • lil smurf P.
      lil smurf P. Month ago +3

      I was just gonna say its allready sweat and spit chunks flavored but you guys got it covered

  • anormalorange@
    anormalorange@ Month ago +2

    Turns and says, “I think we need a bigger boat.”

  • AP
    AP 2 months ago +9

    Wow.. never been to a hockey game this is pretty cool 😎

  • ItsDelly
    ItsDelly Month ago +2

    Damn I’ve never seen them clean that much up off a pro rink before😂 I honestly never see them get much at all they always all come out so quick with the scrapers and get out lol

  • Chris Vessey
    Chris Vessey Month ago +7

    The ducks have some fine ladies who take care of their snow

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage Month ago +9

    Straight to the snow cone machine and ready to serve🍧

  • Burger Gator
    Burger Gator 29 days ago

    That snow looks delicious

  • donkulous
    donkulous Month ago +2

    just take the rag of the Zamboni’s and have them drive around as fast as they can 💀 it would take them 7 minutes

  • OJ Entertainment
    OJ Entertainment 2 months ago +23

    thats like playing on the outdoor rink

  • Lord toe
    Lord toe Month ago +1

    I heard they just use it to sell snow cones.

  • Mark Ritchie
    Mark Ritchie Month ago +6

    All the Frozen tears over the years.

  • Sam Charles
    Sam Charles Month ago +1

    Flip ‘‘em as snow comes over at concessions

  • Paul Stephan
    Paul Stephan Month ago +2

    Imagine spilling the snow bin

  • Don
    Don Month ago +1

    I have happy tears.

  • hlsyfn
    hlsyfn Month ago +1

    Dude just came back from being AFK

  • Dan A.
    Dan A. Month ago +1

    This is where the snow for the snowcone comes from.

  • Patrick Dulfo
    Patrick Dulfo Month ago

    He just grabbed a handful of that snow😂

  • Matt P
    Matt P 2 months ago +19

    Now, I don't know about snow, but I surely saw a lot of Canadian Tire advertisement!

  • DaaRandomGamer
    DaaRandomGamer Month ago +2

    They played 8 commercials after this..

  • Professor Dogwood
    Professor Dogwood Month ago +18

    How did they go 17 minutes without a commercial break?

    • Unkle Kracker
      Unkle Kracker Month ago +1

      @Professor Dogwood must’ve been lol

    • Professor Dogwood
      Professor Dogwood Month ago +2

      @Unkle Kracker I take it there was continuous play for some time then?

    • Unkle Kracker
      Unkle Kracker Month ago +4

      @Professor Dogwood this game was this past Monday and the only penalty of the period came at this point in the period thats in the video

    • Professor Dogwood
      Professor Dogwood Month ago +5

      @tough guy comps Wow! That must've been a lot of penalties and icing. Do you know when this game was? I'd love to see the stat sheet.

    • tough guy comps
      tough guy comps Month ago +12

      can't take commercial breaks during penalty kills or after icing so I'm assuming it might be lots of icing and penalties

  • Boris Bel
    Boris Bel Month ago +1

    Snatched some snow there towards the end

  • Air Destroyers
    Air Destroyers Month ago +2

    Can we just not do commercial breaks ever? 17 minutes without commercials sounds amazing

  • Alexander Fry
    Alexander Fry Month ago

    Hope you live this team O'Reilly (blues fan)

  • Dickbutt Chilling on Pluto

    Man all I did was ask how to fight in nhl 22💀 you don’t need to be spamming me with nhl vids now Clip-Share 😂

  • Tom N.
    Tom N. 29 days ago

    I also believe we may have a record here...

  • The Official Doge
    The Official Doge Month ago

    Idea: snowball fight between the players during intermission

  • Nemo
    Nemo Month ago +8

    Funny as hell if they took all that and re sold it to people at the game as shaved ice

  • TheGreatPotatoSaurusOfThunderousFart

    Grab a handful of snow to sell on ebay...

  • Marshall Pula
    Marshall Pula Month ago +1

    I was at this game! Go leafs

  • Zeffers716
    Zeffers716 Month ago +1

    That’s the hockey equivalent of the Gatorade bucket that gets dumped on the coaches

  • James Daniels
    James Daniels Month ago +1

    flamethrower 🤓

  • wutflex
    wutflex Month ago +1

    I live in Florida and this is the only way I can snowboard😂 The Zamboni dumps a ton of shaved ice on the side of the stadium and I take a couple truck loads to a hill nearby

  • Rueschdi Gallow
    Rueschdi Gallow Month ago

    If you thinking what I am thinking... we friends now!

  • LambSauce
    LambSauce Month ago +1

    Some dude grabbed a handful at the end lmao

  • Nomad 47
    Nomad 47 Month ago

    Bro did the nhl just roast Canadas hockey league

  • CodyOsteen5
    CodyOsteen5 Month ago

    So grateful for the Dallas Stars ice girls.

  • Michael Clair
    Michael Clair Month ago +1

    Just need some flavoring syrup

  • Sam Hurley
    Sam Hurley Month ago

    How snow cones are made lmao 🤣

  • Christian S
    Christian S Month ago

    Toronto maple leafs 💀

  • Rambling Boy
    Rambling Boy Month ago

    my gosh🤣

  • radiantbacon1
    radiantbacon1 Month ago

    I'm not gonna judge the cop until I know what this guy did

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot Month ago

    What happened to the Zamboni? It picks up the snow and resurfaces the ice fast.

    • Nigel Thornberry
      Nigel Thornberry Month ago +2

      They use Zamboni during intermission. This was still during the period on a commercial break. Usually doesn’t build up that long.

  • Derk Aderk
    Derk Aderk Month ago

    A normal hockey rink in Columbia

  • insert name here
    insert name here Month ago

    All pulled from the goalie crease🤣

  • Zak Kohlenberg
    Zak Kohlenberg Month ago

    Looked like ❄️ at first

  • Ithmiths
    Ithmiths Month ago

    Its a cow farm, theres gonna be cows

  • 2track
    2track Month ago +2

    Dude snagged a snowcone

  • GanjaGoalieGlobal
    GanjaGoalieGlobal Month ago

    17 mins? when was this game?

  • Kevrolld
    Kevrolld Month ago +2

    Lebron’s record is great & respected, but with the recent warriors cheating scandals, the exposed monopolization of referee narratives in-game, & worst of all the NHL leapfrogging the NBA in viewership revenue; basketball will always be the little brother of Baseball. They should worry about trying to keep up with the NHL currently🤭😆💀

  • Marc-Etienne Mercier
    Marc-Etienne Mercier Month ago +3

    do not eat that snow

  • patsauq iqaluk
    patsauq iqaluk Month ago

    Who could possibly put alot pile of snow an a middle of ice like that??? 😆😆😆

  • ProfiSkip International

    No ice scraper mashine ????

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    How did they get snow on the ice? Just from stopping and what the skates make from the ice? If so that’s crazy

  • ashaway angler
    ashaway angler Month ago +1

    It's not snow, shaved ice, have another drink guys

  • Jacob Svoboda
    Jacob Svoboda Month ago

    1st period?! Nuts lol

  • Ninety Two
    Ninety Two Month ago +32

    Other teams have pretty girls clearing the snow.
    Leafs have one direction rejects doing it.

  • Luckies Tv
    Luckies Tv 26 days ago

    Heat up the bottom

  • Heathen American
    Heathen American Month ago

    Snowball fight in the stands

  • Don Solo
    Don Solo Month ago

    That's just from skating for 17 minutes 🤯🤯

  • (enter generic name here)

    what the heck I've never seen this happen before why did they do that??

  • George Coumbos
    George Coumbos Month ago

    Wow…… never seen that much.

  • Not Owen
    Not Owen Month ago

    Welcome to Canada

  • Toke
    Toke Month ago

    Make some ice cream 😋

    PLL, NFL, NHL EDITZ 2 months ago +1

    Lets Go Islanders

  • Jeffrey Hearn
    Jeffrey Hearn Month ago

    No helmets is strange.

  • Will Charles
    Will Charles Month ago

    Go Leafs!

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook Month ago

    Damn shame when the zomboni driver calls out sick

  • Tim Dunn
    Tim Dunn Month ago

    Typically, how thick is that ice?

    • Tim Dunn
      Tim Dunn Month ago

      @xGibson16x wow. That doesn’t seem like a lot considering how hard they get after it.

    • xGibson16x
      xGibson16x Month ago +1

      3/4 of an inch is pretty standard

  • Charles Black
    Charles Black Month ago

    Who grabbed the snow 😂😂😂😆

  • Stacey Iles
    Stacey Iles Month ago

    Yeats is lots of snow

  • Radioactivecat
    Radioactivecat Month ago

    Mahomes after the eagles beat the chiefs

  • LOBEhSL 92 ZTS
    LOBEhSL 92 ZTS Month ago +1

    Forbidden slushies

  • B Johnston
    B Johnston Month ago

    We got Zambonis in Toronto

  • Sophia And Gianna Videos


  • Dr. Doppeldecker
    Dr. Doppeldecker Month ago

    Technically this is not snow;)

  • That 90s show
    That 90s show 2 months ago +6

    Put a sponsor on everything. Pathetic NHL

    • D Hammer
      D Hammer Month ago

      Have you watched any other professional sports leagues and not seen advertising on almost everything?

    • Vedant Bhalla
      Vedant Bhalla Month ago

      be happy we aren’t like Europe

    • Saiyan Satan
      Saiyan Satan 2 months ago +4

      How do you think.the NFL makes so much money? Ads everywhere

  • Gladi8or-X
    Gladi8or-X 29 days ago

    Why was there so much snow

  • Christoph5782
    Christoph5782 Month ago

    The late hit call at the end of the AFC Championship game is probably the correct call, but calling a push in the flow of a play within a second of Mahomes going out of bounds to decide a playoff game is brutal, especially with how easily Mahomes goes down

  • itizme_ca
    itizme_ca Month ago

    it isn't snow, its frozen spit

  • Ogie Oglethorpe III

    Zamboni will fix that

  • Michael Tessier
    Michael Tessier Month ago

    Let the Zamboni out

  • Sir Paydan VI
    Sir Paydan VI Month ago

    That’s crazy

  • Mobrocks
    Mobrocks Month ago

    So the Zamboni was broken?

    • D Hammer
      D Hammer Month ago

      The Zamboni only comes out between periods. This was in the middle of a period.

  • Melicious Gore May
    Melicious Gore May Month ago

    Giant gross snow cone.

  • Charlie Uniform November Tango

    You lot calling it snow but its just ice. Snow falls from the sky. That's rink is a frozen puddle of water. Massive different

  • matt clayton
    matt clayton Month ago

    You're gonna need a bigger nose

  • Emptyhead BIDEN
    Emptyhead BIDEN Month ago

    Wow ice

  • Brandon Sayer
    Brandon Sayer Month ago

    I'm Zamboni? I'm here to rescue u?

  • Amos Zazoun
    Amos Zazoun 2 months ago

    That's were the slushys come from.

  • D Smith
    D Smith Month ago

    Whaaat? No scantily dressed women in short shorts and tank tops? Are you sure this is a Leafs home game? Something’s not right! Surely the women and girls would all be cringing in the seats by now, if it was.

  • Larry Keyser
    Larry Keyser Month ago

    Call me naive cuz I don’t watch a lot of hockey (any), but where’s the Zamboni?

    • BYSWIZ
      BYSWIZ Month ago

      Zamboni only goes on before the game, and after the first and second periods.
      Usually they do commercial breaks in between whistles to give the crew time to clear off the ice with the shovels.
      In this instance, the game was playing without a whistle for roughly 15 minutes so the crew hadn’t gotten a chance to go out, therefor a huge build up of snow

  • Ratrazor
    Ratrazor Month ago

    Snow cones

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Month ago

    Or a better Zamboni 😆

    • UltimateBreloom
      UltimateBreloom Month ago +1

      Not really going to do much when there is 17 minutes without scraping the snow off.