The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Is a Bargain Luxury SUV

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019 veröffentlicht
    The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize family crossover that feels like a luxury SUV -- and today I'm going to show you what I mean. I'm reviewing the Palisade to show you all of its quirks and features, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the Hyundai Palisade and drive it to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Duramax Dad
    Duramax Dad 2 hours ago

    So power 3rd row but mechanical 2nd row. Can u reverse that for me as the 3rd row can b done by hand easily w the gate open. 2nd row gotta open both doors and tour around the Hyundai. Love the look of the $50k Hyundai

  • Suenai Duncan
    Suenai Duncan 3 hours ago

    This entire video did the interior of this SUV no justice. It's phenomenal.

  • Venelin Keremedchiev
    Venelin Keremedchiev 5 hours ago +1

    I kinda like this vehicle...I would get it more like base model to be with smaller wheels for better ride quality and less things to break but that's not that important. Too bad it's not for sale in Europe. P.S. is that an Alcantara roof liner in under $50k big SUV??? O.O

  • MrBundy15
    MrBundy15 5 hours ago

    I tried Hyundai I promise, but my wife wouldn’t listen. Instead we gave $54k to Jeep for half the accessories and 1/4 of the luxuries. Happy wife happy life.

  • Perry Keller
    Perry Keller 9 hours ago

    Love your videos Doug you are very knowledgeable about all cars please keep making them and love the sence of humor. I can tell you love your job

  • Sey Ley2
    Sey Ley2 12 hours ago

    "Mid - size", really, REALLY?

  • Mynor Gonzalez
    Mynor Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Hyundai,Ford,Chevy, Kia, Doge, Small cars are the worse cars ever not good.
    I won't by any of them.

  • yamajaan
    yamajaan 14 hours ago

    I would never spend 50k on a south korean box.
    " Hyundai Palisade"

  • ThatChic 761 Smith
    ThatChic 761 Smith 14 hours ago

    Beautiful inside and out...I love it 😍

  • Jason The Watch Nerd
    Jason The Watch Nerd 15 hours ago

    I DIED at 4:30 when he turned on Driver-talk.
    That was SO scary, so funny, so wonderfully self-deprecating.
    Thank you Doug. Unintentionally one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a Clip-Share channel.

  • Marco Ling
    Marco Ling 15 hours ago

    Normally I dislike SUVs, and Hyundai, but I'm actually impressed by this one, seems like a really good family SUV. The headlights are a godsend since they likely won't blind me in a compact car like many other SUVs would with their headlights mounted higher.
    The only thing I don't like is the over sized Hyundai badges; they just look disproportionally huge, including the one on the steering wheel. The SUV doesn't look great in general but certainly not bad considering the unusual headlight situation, and it looks just fine for a family SUV.

  • Official Colors
    Official Colors 16 hours ago

    2020 Ford Explorer

  • Brandon Shelton
    Brandon Shelton 16 hours ago


  • Hunter’s Grow
    Hunter’s Grow 18 hours ago

    Hyundai is shit.

  • Zx10r Power
    Zx10r Power 20 hours ago

    I need to go to Europe. I've been told me man meat is average or "mid sized ". I would be a superstar in Europe 😏

  • navybrat02
    navybrat02 Day ago

    Ya Honda had the "driver talk" in the Odyssey already and can do it thru the headsets as well... Not new tech...

  • munnypoltric
    munnypoltric Day ago +4

    Americans are crazy. That's midsized? In normal land, the Sante Fe is big, but we might stretch the truth and call it mid sized. But this Palisade. It's a big, full size SUV, if not, it's Extra Big.

    Ya big yobbos!

  • Harambe
    Harambe Day ago

    So what's a full size SUV? A fucking 18 wheeler?

  • Hdhf Hdhd
    Hdhf Hdhd Day ago

    Is that a hydro flasksksk

  • Kumulaau
    Kumulaau Day ago

    Thhhhhis ... is a


    I always wonder where the roof cam is located?? 🤔

    • Duramax Dad
      Duramax Dad 2 hours ago

      KAWASAKI ZX10WAR I’ll give a hint. It’s not the roof. Think blending together several camera images from around the car. Did u see the blind spot cameras w the turn signals operating them? Very useful. Doug score of 1 cause he’s stingy w da scores.

  • Venkatã Chiluvuri

    Dough you really enjoy what you do, that brings best of you.

  • \\/\//
    \\/\// Day ago

    I actually like how the gear lights up through the different positions. And also like that the ride selector doesn't rotate through all the way. I think these are thoughtful design elements. Supercharge this baby and this suv would be extra hot!

  • Reilly A
    Reilly A Day ago

    gonna have to disagree with doug on this one. The interior of this car looks really cheap and this car lacks many features that would make it a luxury type suv.

  • Steven P
    Steven P Day ago

    4:32 Doug the type of guy to become self aware

  • Pete Vink
    Pete Vink Day ago

    I don't know why I have believed any of you smfs ever. Not one of you have been right yet!!!!!!!

  • pakidood
    pakidood Day ago

    Doug is the kind of teacher that would say you are doing amazing in class and then fail you

  • tashi nidup
    tashi nidup Day ago

    u r reviewing hyundai right... why do you want to take the Hyundai batch off????dougg..

  • Anthony C Brown
    Anthony C Brown Day ago

    Don't see it mentioned much but the KIA and Hyundai products are two of the best AWD minivans in drag that will successfully kill the Chrysler and Toyota minivans. Minivans are a unwanted necessity for many parents and KIA / Hyundai have removed many of the compromises that go with SUV ownership by taking a minivan architecture and pushing it as far as possible into SUV-world. Well played.

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Day ago

    doug the type of guy to buy a hydro flask 9:29

  • DUT E
    DUT E Day ago

    The pre-80's and 90's are long past - there aren't a lot of car makers now that make horrific cars when compared with the best. Hyundai, Kia and Genesis have been making solid competitive cars for a while now. What does Hyundai (and Kia for that matter) have to do for people to stop saying "for a Hyundai (Kia)"??

  • puggy420
    puggy420 Day ago +2

    Doug, the type of guy to say “Thank you” after sex.

  • lunch hooks
    lunch hooks Day ago

    is he always this drunk?

  • fobef
    fobef Day ago

    Nice for what it is, but zero chance I'd mistake the interior for a Benz

  • I'm Green
    I'm Green Day ago +1

    Nice inside with neat Features, but the outside is hideous.

  • Encinaar Encinaar
    Encinaar Encinaar 2 days ago

    The exterior looks like a volvo suv

    • 100
      100 Day ago

      it looks nothing like volvo

  • qasim chaudry
    qasim chaudry 2 days ago

    1 out of 10 for 7 sec acceleration.... Are you serious. Its atleast 8 out of 10 compared to more powerful cars as well

  • qasim chaudry
    qasim chaudry 2 days ago

    It's not hundaaaa.. Its hyundai

  • Kai Zen
    Kai Zen 2 days ago

    features is great but dont like new Hyundai styling ... worse than before

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 driver talk

  • qasim chaudry
    qasim chaudry 2 days ago

    Are you gay

  • Vasco Dimitrov
    Vasco Dimitrov 2 days ago

    I feel quite ashamed that I enjoy this weirdo videos

  • Omnipitous
    Omnipitous 2 days ago +1

    If they would remove all the Hyundai badging I might buy it.

  • P3hveli
    P3hveli 2 days ago

    MID SIZED !!! XD

  • Glenn Correa
    Glenn Correa 2 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy who touches car buttons and has an orgasm😂

  • C.V. V
    C.V. V 2 days ago +1

    Maybe its just me.. but it looks cheap

    • KV
      KV Day ago

      Yeah, it's just you.

  • Frankie Lucky
    Frankie Lucky 2 days ago

    ...not Hyundai dealerships want to charge above MSRPs.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 2 days ago

    Well, it does look like a wall......

  • sw9301
    sw9301 2 days ago

    that car is horrible. oh my god

  • Lindsay Zwicker
    Lindsay Zwicker 2 days ago

    Will it blow up?

  • ro branko
    ro branko 2 days ago

    he is like the geeky brother i never had,,,

  • Jesse Carvalho
    Jesse Carvalho 2 days ago


  • shadowscreamer1
    shadowscreamer1 3 days ago


  • shadowscreamer1
    shadowscreamer1 3 days ago

    We have easy speak on the Highlander, totally sweet feature especially on the highway

  • ForOrAgainstUs
    ForOrAgainstUs 3 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to offer to take the middle seat.

  • Jay Burris
    Jay Burris 3 days ago

    People who don’t live in S. Cali, or anywhere with actual weather, will change the drive mode.
    7.4 0-60 is a ONE??!!!

    • Reilly A
      Reilly A Day ago

      right how is that a one? You can't give the lowest possible score to a car that is as fast as many other cars and most other suvs?

    SICORPS 3 days ago

    the difference between a hyundai and a real car is not the price its the quality. one will last many decades and the hyundai start to fall apart after 5 years.

    ALUMINUM CRUSHER 3 days ago

    50k unbelievable...but it's still just a Hyundai no matter how you look at it!

  • Александр Мажорин

    Uhm, the new GLE is enormously better than this shit almost for the same price

  • syed raza
    syed raza 3 days ago

    Doug the type of guy that touches the car buttons in a KINKY way