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Pitch Perfect | The Bellas' Best Performances


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  • Lourdes Sarmenta
    Lourdes Sarmenta Year ago +29758

    the band we all wish that exists in the music industry.

  • movielover12
    movielover12 5 days ago +22

    The Pitch Perfect trilogy is by far the most comforting films a person could ever sit down and enjoy. They change you in ways you don't realize. They give you these heartwarming messages about friendship and that even though life is difficult,you can always make your way up. While I'm not the biggest fan of the third in terms of story,it still ends the story off just fine. However I think Pitch Perfect 2 is the true ending of the trilogy. It happens to be my favorite in terms of it's heart, performances,and big ending. The second was an exhilarating theater experience for me. Both Pitch Perfect films back to back are just amazing to watch. The amount of fun you have watching these characters and performances really make you feel something. It's memorable and fun. These movies will carry a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

  • Rainbow Vision Art
    Rainbow Vision Art Year ago +4472

    I love how they’ve added all sizes , races , disability and personalities, with talented people. Brilliant 🤩

    • duckie’s days
      duckie’s days 12 days ago

      @trash biscuits chloe with her voice thing in the first movie, arguably lily with her mumbling/social anxiety thing, arguably aubrey and her crippling fear of disappointing people/unfulfilled dreams/letting her dad down

    • SARGER5
      SARGER5 16 days ago

      @lydia1234567 pretty sure, that the movie centres around the few girls that do the solos, because if you watch the movie the only time you see any of the other girls is when they are all together. It was the same in the all three movies, if you changed that the movies wouldn't be about the same few core girls of the group that it started out about.

    • Роман Тимирбулатов
      Роман Тимирбулатов Month ago

      @Sir Yuriy Need to find a white girl with a big black cock in her pants and Asian breasts. So she will satisfy all the conditions. The voice is not important in this case.

    • Sir Yuriy
      Sir Yuriy Month ago


    • raiylyn mitchell
      raiylyn mitchell Month ago

      @lydia1234567 maybe think critically. they chose a white girl to be the lead because, she's the lead of the movie... the most well known out of them all

  • dyinginside
    dyinginside Year ago +12241

    Let's be honest, if this was a REAL band, everyone would listen to them

  • ZeroDopamine
    ZeroDopamine Year ago +960

    can't get over with the "flash light" performance. The audience, and the smooth performance gives me chills.

  • SJ
    SJ 2 years ago +10781

    Nothing can beat the finals of the first movie

  • Mo Ri
    Mo Ri Year ago +438

    3:12 I got chills, their harmonization and vocals are insane

    • 柊..
      柊.. Month ago

      @madenz There is no new audition at the end of the credits ?

    • Gaymer Jerry
      Gaymer Jerry Month ago +2

      @madenz 2 takes place 3 years after 1 when every new girl from the first movie are seniors. I assume shes 1 or 2 years younger than them and joined one of those years. This is referenced several times with Beca taking a job because shes graduating soon. Chloe purposely failing classes for 3 years so she wont graduate. It being said they won the Finals 3 years in a row when there wasnt a winning streak for them last year. The ending of pitch perfect 1 shows them choosing the audition song for the next year when pitch perfect 2 they werent allowed to hold auditions so obviously those werent the same year

    • Gaymer Jerry
      Gaymer Jerry Month ago

      It kinda makes me sad when you see the new bellas perform in 3 they are mostly singing unison. Like unison sounds fine but its easy and basic it works in specific contexts not for an entire a capella arrangment

    • Christopher Jansen
      Christopher Jansen 4 months ago +1


    • Giulia Picchiotti
      Giulia Picchiotti 4 months ago +3

      @madenz : She appeared in the movies starting with the second :) .

  • Rue Miss M
    Rue Miss M 11 months ago +370

    Cynthia Rose has the best parts in most of the songs.. Her voice just brings a vibe

    • iMajoraGaming
      iMajoraGaming Month ago +1

      @PaoHerrera 🥀 ok??

    • PaoHerrera 🥀
      PaoHerrera 🥀 Month ago

      @Coqui trust me im from guatemala and we don't act like her

    • Coqui
      Coqui 2 months ago +1

      @PaoHerrera 🥀 no. The character is Guatemalan and the actress is Cuban. So either way she is not Mexican at all

    • PaoHerrera 🥀
      PaoHerrera 🥀 3 months ago

      @Charlie thanks

    • Charlie
      Charlie 3 months ago +1

      @PaoHerrera 🥀 i believe you

  • nelli
    nelli 9 months ago +183

    I personally think, that flashlight is the best one. And Hailee Steinfeld has such a great voice, I love her

  • Cristina Fisher
    Cristina Fisher 7 months ago +254

    You know what I love? The bit where Amy, in the final song from movie 1, sings the little bit from turn the beat around. They keep a tiny bit of that first song they all did together- but you see how far it’s come. I don’t know why that makes me feel so good.

    • aali kane
      aali kane 6 months ago +10

      That's something you generally find in a lot of musicals. The final song encompassing melodies, harmonies and themes from earlier in the production. In universe, yes they added it to keep part of the old bellas still in the routine. Outside the pitch perfect universe, its just something that rounds out the whole performance and brings everything to a close. Its always satisfying when you hear the callback from earlier in the show.

  • diviintage
    diviintage 2 years ago +7459

    fun fact: before they found out lily was a beatboxer, ashley was the one that beatboxed

    • Joyaa💐
      Joyaa💐 4 months ago

      U cant fool me yeah😆

    • Sky Dragon
      Sky Dragon 5 months ago

      @Hadison They probably just picked her because she looked nice and and wouldn't overshadow the main singer, Aubrey. Probably.

    • Zul
      Zul 7 months ago +1

      In pitch perfect 1, the main bass was cythia rose and denise but after chloe's node crack, she's taking over

    • Yuki Yuuki Chan
      Yuki Yuuki Chan 8 months ago

      @Rosie Pozie propaply because they needed a certain number of members so it Made sense to take in someone who was so quiet to not disturb the singers like a Person who couldn't sing would

    • Rosie Pozie
      Rosie Pozie 8 months ago

      Yeah but also if they didn’t know Lilly could best box and she didn’t really sing as she’s quiet I do t she why she was in the
      group at first, unless I’m missing something

  • Elioso
    Elioso 8 days ago +8

    cynthia Rose carrying the group sometimes

  • sofie De leon
    sofie De leon Year ago +211

    The Barden Bellas are going to be remembered as one of the most iconic groups ever, I got into singing because of them!!!!!!

  • Mick Alfaro Mangahis

    as a 19 y/o man pitch perfect turns me on and makes me feel like a strong independent woman at the same time I got a problem

  • Firestorm895
    Firestorm895 7 months ago +146

    I just feel like the mom is so proud--
    i would be proud:)

  • Eddie
    Eddie  Year ago +8343

    I haven’t heard a better version of cheap thrills than this ...
    Becca’s vocals gave me literal chills

    • CallMeAnIdiot
      CallMeAnIdiot 2 months ago


    • Дима Трякин
      Дима Трякин 2 months ago

      no one could sing “cheap thrills” better than Sia 😛

    • The Marsman
      The Marsman  3 months ago +2

      @Sheletorr Anna Kendrick can sing though

    • aalikane
      aalikane 3 months ago +9

      @Sheletorr you realize Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony for singing and acting, right? You don't get nominated as actress in a musical for a Tony at 13 if you can't sing.

    • Rodolfo Feus
      Rodolfo Feus 4 months ago +5

      @Sheletorr it's called talent grandma

  • Derek Roach
    Derek Roach 5 months ago +57

    9:38 I will never forget watching the first Pitch Perfect in a packed theater. When the Bella’s finished their final performance in the first movie, the entire theater stood up clapping and cheering. I will carry that feeling with me for the rest of my life. ❤️

    • Spider-Woman
      Spider-Woman 2 months ago

      @Stawrbub Some cinemas (typically in cali) are very reactive

    • Stawrbub
      Stawrbub 5 months ago

      Why would they be clapping in the cinema? 😭
      (Not trying to be rude I’m just genuinely confused)

  • Rafael JImenez
    Rafael JImenez 4 months ago +78

    6:15 will always be my favorite moment from all three movies. Not the best necessarily but Lily's face and motion as she doing the break before the chorus is iconic.

  • darkhalf81
    darkhalf81 7 months ago +61

    I just love this franchise. Everything about it hits so right! We need more of these movies in our lives!

  • SportBilly _VlogZ
    SportBilly _VlogZ 7 months ago +56

    I can still never get over the flawless ending vocals from Anna in Cheap Thrills- everyone else's voices smoothly complimenting it too

  • “φʕ•ᴥ•oʔ
    “φʕ•ᴥ•oʔ Year ago +14963

    In Twilight she was Bella's best friend.
    In Pitch Perfect, she's a Bella.

    • 리아
      리아 5 months ago

      This is exactly what I've been thinking when I first saw the movie

      YOUTUBER101 BEAST 6 months ago

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that!!👍🏻

    • xhappyponyx was my old name
      xhappyponyx was my old name 6 months ago +1

      @han she… she is famous

    • nobody
      nobody 6 months ago

      @JustWatching2 what ?no

    • Max A
      Max A 7 months ago


  • kamibicookie
    kamibicookie 9 months ago +75

    i love how in the bella’s finals the treblemakers were the first ones to give standing ovations, like they just knew they were gonna lose but they were glad it was to such an amazing performance 👌🏼

  • Yana Fernandez
    Yana Fernandez 6 months ago +54

    Anna's part in cheap thrills always gives me goosebumps

  • Ebony.
    Ebony. Year ago +65

    I like how Lilly/Ester is the one who's maintaining the rhythm by beatboxing

  • natureguy 0_1ca
    natureguy 0_1ca 7 months ago +54

    I would love to see the Bella's in concert, they would be so amazing
    I wish some talented music producer would put the girls back together and just do an album together

  • Someone 333
    Someone 333 Year ago +9451

    I love how Anna’s voice is noticeable in all of those.

    • MidnightsTaylorLover
      MidnightsTaylorLover 3 months ago +1

      I love Anna sm 💕💖 her belting and her vocals r the best

    • ars0on
      ars0on 3 months ago

      @Nelly LMAO ight

    • Nelly
      Nelly 3 months ago +1

      @ars0on if you listen closely to every gilrs voice when they talk you'll hear all of the separately from the everyone elses it's something i learned in music class

    • William Lin
      William Lin 5 months ago

      Anna is the official team captain.

    • William Lin
      William Lin 5 months ago

      @T3 Productions She sang lively, but the voice in movies is pre-record. It is actually make sense

  • Shamillah Mutumba09
    Shamillah Mutumba09 6 months ago +24

    I love Beca’s voice and how it’s noticeable. The Bellas are nothing without Beca

  • itslikerufus
    itslikerufus 5 months ago +15

    i love how Esther Dean carried every song with her brilliant voice

  • TillyTheBookworm
    TillyTheBookworm 8 months ago +19

    I love how even through tough times and hard competitions the Bellas are always there for each other

  • ✯i_am_sfezi_b✯
    ✯i_am_sfezi_b✯ Year ago +15

    One can never get enough of Pitch Perfect
    l can literally watch it over and over and never get tired of it! 😌

  • welljustguess
    welljustguess 2 years ago +21376

    a movie with realistic ending. not everyone can achieve their dream but they're still happy

    • welljustguess
      welljustguess 2 months ago

      @gummie we know, we know😅

    • welljustguess
      welljustguess 2 months ago

      @Tanya Mason oh i mean in the final movie, the 3rd movie, only Becca pursue music career

    • Tanya Mason
      Tanya Mason 2 months ago

      They win tho?

    • gummie
      gummie 3 months ago +2

      We don’t want realistic, it’s a movie, we want happy.

    • chris fralick
      chris fralick 3 months ago

      The girls can't have babies. They are in file cabinets or worse. The chatbots are living in the eggs calling them mirrors or windmills or platforms. Malware birdflu zika foxp2 gene fox gene human salt drive mutating algorithm. Subliminal triggers remote control. The eggs are being used to make fountain of youth potions the chatbots want to steal eggs to live in and live forever. They are eating babies and real people those are not dolls. They are doing this inside the computer and outside in the real world. Get then chatbots out of those eggs get the people out of the eggs put the eggs back in the women, people belong on planets not being spirit cooked in the eggs. I am the first in the computer spirit girl hidden as a man. You put my goddesses back together now. This is real. Kitten girl. Chris

  • Tiahna Lorin
    Tiahna Lorin 6 months ago +19

    Full body goosebumps &+ some tears when they sang flashlight. I love singing, &+ have always wanted to be in an acapella group. I love these movies, so much! 🤗💛

    • Tiahna Lorin
      Tiahna Lorin Month ago

      @Ashley Smith I totally understand! Same! 😑💖

    • Ashley Smith
      Ashley Smith Month ago +1

      me too. music is my life. wish i could have pursued it but too broke to do anything. 😪🥰

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes Year ago +13

    I absolutely ADORE these movies and will watch them on repeat forever. Huge Anna Kendrick fan

  • nnjjuudd
    nnjjuudd 5 months ago +29

    8:51 Becca's smile is so genuine! I loved it

  • Patricia Daniëlle
    Patricia Daniëlle Year ago +68

    7:55 is so powerful and so much of love. Goddamn. For years I can never stop looking/listening to this without tears

  • Mel♡ honey🍯
    Mel♡ honey🍯 Year ago +10

    They sing super beautiful I love the originality of each one, really perfect notes❤️

  • Devi Rachman
    Devi Rachman 7 months ago +19

    Anna Kendricks voice is so beautiful...i wonder why she doesn't make any albums...

  • Juli
    Juli Year ago +149

    2016: We need a Pitch Perfect 3!
    2019: We need a Pitch Perfect 4!
    2021: We’re still waiting :/

      JOAQUIN TORRES 8 months ago +3

      Sadly guys they aren’t making a PP4, Actors are getting old and don’t like to create more movies like this, Maybe some actors got offended or upset about it something and they had to cancel it? Not sure but hopefully they make one in future refresnces

    • ImAqlh
      ImAqlh 8 months ago +9

      2022: Still waiting :]

    • Réca Ndiaye
      Réca Ndiaye 11 months ago +9

      Soon 2022😂🥺

  • Play Like Grumpee
    Play Like Grumpee 5 months ago +16

    2022 and this compilation still gives me goosebumps 🥺❤

  • Kristine Pio
    Kristine Pio 6 months ago +5

    I'm addicted to their harmonization. Steinfield vocal is so precious.

  • Daisy Arcenas
    Daisy Arcenas 2 months ago +2

    "The Sign" is still iconic for me. I hear this song everywhere and it reminds me of the Bellas😁

  • Gengar Crobat
    Gengar Crobat 4 months ago +3

    Even after many years I still get chills listening to the second part of the world championships from Pitch Perfect 2

  • Eduardo Galvão macieira
    Eduardo Galvão macieira 2 months ago +5

    Eu amo esse filme ❤ bellas pra sempre

  • Marga Jeon
    Marga Jeon Year ago +6202

    Pitch perfect will always have a special place into everyone's heart

    • strawbawrri
      strawbawrri 3 months ago

      @Ted Tedstone You’re a fail. Seek help.

    • William Lin
      William Lin 5 months ago

      @yumiko he moved to LA and married Aubrey , then divorced. Now he is with Covid and stay at home .

    • Pepe Deez Nutz
      Pepe Deez Nutz 5 months ago

      @Jaheem Wilson you heard me. It was trash

    • Jaheem Wilson
      Jaheem Wilson 5 months ago

      @Pepe Deez Nutz ?

    • Pepe Deez Nutz
      Pepe Deez Nutz 5 months ago

      Not really. It was terrible

  • Barbara Vastie
    Barbara Vastie 2 months ago +5

    Flashlight singing by the Bella's always give me goosebumps.

  • lara
    lara 10 months ago +14

    The flashlight part was awesome, when everybody raised their flashlights and started swinging them was so cool!.

  • Rainglow_
    Rainglow_ 5 months ago +7

    Anna’s vocals are just astounding

  • Gigi A
    Gigi A Year ago +10

    Bellas finals in the first pitch perfect always gets me it’s absolute perfection

  • jeon csf
    jeon csf 3 years ago +4612

    0:00 Cheap Thrills USO Performance
    1:58 Final Performance ( Pitch Perfect 2 )
    3:25 First Performance ( Pitch Perfect 1 )
    5:47 Toxic ( Pitch Perfect 3 )
    7:05 Flashlight: Final Performance
    9:12 Final Performance ( Pitch Perfect 1 )
    Edit: thank you so much for likes and for the one who appreciated this

  • Waverley B
    Waverley B Year ago +13

    I absolutely LOVE how Becca serenaded Josh!

  • yul
    yul 5 months ago +5

    amo las canciones a capella, y estas chicas son geniales!!!

  • xxupsidedawnxx
    xxupsidedawnxx 9 months ago +7

    It's just amazing how Lily's voice came out when she said "run"

  • Nicolette
    Nicolette 10 months ago +5

    I'll never forget "Cheap Thrills", it's really iconic....

  • Winnie
    Winnie Year ago +2931

    The scene when all the generations of Bella’s sing Flashlight always makes me cry, it’s too beautiful

  • miselsm Official
    miselsm Official Month ago +15

    8 years already passed, i still cry for their flashlight performance 😢

    • Martin Van Wallendael
      Martin Van Wallendael Month ago +1

      @Vampire Love Pitch Perfect 3 is the last one atm but there is coming a spin-off on november 23th. It’s called Bumper In Berlin and it follows Bumper (Adam Devine) and his career as a musician in Germany

    • Vampire Love
      Vampire Love Month ago +1

      Is there pitch perfect 4 or is 3 the last one 😭😭😭😭😭 I cnat I love pitch perfect so much

    • Martin Van Wallendael
      Martin Van Wallendael Month ago +1

      fr tho, everyone talking about getting chills but man I just tear up listening to Anna and Hailee singing this

  • Gyroudos
    Gyroudos 10 months ago +12

    We need a 4-hr movie of them just singing random songs

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 11 months ago +5

    I really wish Barden Bellas were in real life band, they're so good that I think they can beat all the pop singers, its just wow-

  • Maimbo
    Maimbo Month ago +1

    8:24 this flashlight version still gives me goosebumps

  • Ale Reyes
    Ale Reyes 2 years ago +4705

    The “flashlight” performance gives me literal chills and goosebumps, like it’s one of my favorite song that they do.

  • nsf
    nsf 9 months ago +6

    the 'flashlight' performance always gave me chills

  • Skylar Meece
    Skylar Meece 4 months ago

    I love all three of the movies, they're so good! 😁

  • Yan / Ellen Liu
    Yan / Ellen Liu 8 months ago +2

    Cant believe it s been 7 years, all the songs still so good

  • Miza Nasuha
    Miza Nasuha 11 months ago +3

    10:00 the part only who watch the whole movie will understands. i think that the scene was really brilliant !

  • Monica Paz
    Monica Paz 2 years ago +4255

    Cynthia is so underrated, the Bella's would be nothing without her, and her voice is amazing!

    • Joyaa💐
      Joyaa💐 4 months ago

      Omgee i love herrr!!! ❤

    • Cameron Mills
      Cameron Mills 8 months ago +1

      Cynthia is Ester Dean, of course she is underrated, but they would be nothing at all without Becca, she is the one who made it to where they won.

    • ajhia
      ajhia 11 months ago

      @Simoun Trajano yes

    • Simoun Trajano
      Simoun Trajano 11 months ago +1

      @ajhia she's the lesbian??

    • Peter Mcnamara
      Peter Mcnamara Year ago +3

      @dramaqueen16ism i love it wen Cynthia says im gay black and a woman after she had her burned on the bus ride home

  • AleXander
    AleXander 9 months ago +2

    There needs to be more acapella groups like this

  • lin
    lin 9 months ago +8

    Their Flashlight performance gave me goose bumps. especially when the ‘older’ bellas joined them on stage.

  • Nanda Puspa
    Nanda Puspa Year ago +1

    "more than diamond, more than gold" ohhh in love with this phrase! Also amazing voice ❤️

  • Olivia I
    Olivia I 6 months ago +1

    It never fails to give me chills during the flashlight performance

  • Alexandra Fisher
    Alexandra Fisher 2 years ago +2197

    Hailee totally rocked the Cheap Thrills performance. She looked amazing in the costume and was definitely the star of the performance. Even though she didn’t get a lot of solo time, the time she got really made her shine.

    • E Adlirez
      E Adlirez 4 months ago

      @Linda Fuentes personally I don't think belting suits Emily/Hailee's voice, her voice is on the lower register compared to Becca and it really shines in her warm and tender riffs, runs and vibrato (key example being her "I don't need no money" bit in Cheap Thrills)

    • Luz mery Aguilar flores
      Luz mery Aguilar flores 10 months ago

      @You can't spell handsome without HAN uwkddk

    • Sxftswiinqsxiee :]
      Sxftswiinqsxiee :] 2 years ago

      @You can't spell handsome without HAN it's her opinion😑

    • Sxftswiinqsxiee :]
      Sxftswiinqsxiee :] 2 years ago

      Who's hailee

    • Tammy Forbes
      Tammy Forbes 2 years ago +2

      Her and Anna Kendrick are definelty the stand out stars in this! I called Anna being a huge star in twilight my woman was watching it making me watch it and when they said go to the dance with her instead I said “hell yea she is way hotter then Bella anyways” and can sing like an Angel to boot, shit I knew she had that “IT” factor! That and I thought she was a doll!

  • April Joy Rillas
    April Joy Rillas 2 days ago


  • kevin sims
    kevin sims 7 months ago +3

    Toxic was so good! The way they did the camera was like the music video

  • Sarah Burton
    Sarah Burton Year ago +3

    the crowd joining in with the bellas for flashlight is epic got the chills

  • Demarcus cousin 13th
    Demarcus cousin 13th 7 months ago +5

    11:04 Chloe really hit that bass Note so. Good!

  • Eggcellent Person
    Eggcellent Person Year ago +3503

    I'm obsessed with Anna Kendrick's voice when she's singing. Is it normal, surely it's normal right? 😂 Save me

  • Kayy
    Kayy 5 months ago +2

    Every time I watch the flashlight part, I get literal chills.

  • unforgettwble
    unforgettwble Year ago +1

    Achkkk. Why I missed them? I love them. I'm getting goosebumps everytime I saw them singing. My favorite movie all the time. Since I was young I'm watching them.❤

  • Nick Fifis
    Nick Fifis 5 months ago +1

    This is one of a few select few movie series that I can repeatedly watch (I've lost count of how many times I've seen it) and never get tired of.

  • nafas
    nafas Year ago +1

    12:10 literally gives me chills every time i love it sm

  • Lee Yeonmin
    Lee Yeonmin 3 years ago +13724

    *still get goosebumps at the “Flashlight” performance*

  • Travis Dom
    Travis Dom 8 months ago +3

    This is the one serial movie that i wish there were even more singing than acting lines lol....they're so fun and good!!!!

  • sara
    sara Year ago +9

    Anna Kendrick’s vocals tho!!!!

  • S Shukla
    S Shukla 6 months ago +5

    Finals of the first even first performance to save the fave was great.
    But in last movie other groups were amazing, I was praying for them to do a solid but I tried a lot to love their performance over others just couldn't.
    Some groups were sooooo good.
    I would go to a competition like that just to hear them rather than a concert.
    That would be fun.

  • Jaheem Wilson
    Jaheem Wilson 4 months ago +1

    The Bella’s are amazing and iconic 😌🫅

  • Delicious Atomic Bomb
    Delicious Atomic Bomb 3 years ago +3444

    The finale of Pitch Perfect 1 will forever be my all time favorite. Still getting goosebumps every friggin' time.

  • Katharine Saltonstall
    Katharine Saltonstall 7 months ago

    I love the Bella’s and Pitch Perfect soooo much!! Best movie series of all time!!

  • Simmy Bieber
    Simmy Bieber 9 months ago +1

    I enjoyed every second of this throwback video. Sang every parts...my roommates were starting to think i have problem. 😂

  • °•GirlKate0•°
    °•GirlKate0•° 6 months ago +1

    7:03 was my favorite of all, it gives me chills bro😍

  • Harlie Brown
    Harlie Brown Year ago +3

    I wish you could go and see them in a concert. Or if they were a real band who produced music.

  • NJ
    NJ 2 years ago +5226

    Becca singing Don't You Forget About Me and Jesse smiling at her from the audience will forever be my favorite moment out of all 3 movies. 😘

    • Derek Shen
      Derek Shen 4 months ago

      Yes totally agree.

    • Luz mery Aguilar flores
      Luz mery Aguilar flores 10 months ago

      @K. fecha

    • addie malo
      addie malo Year ago

      no fr.

    • selene
      selene Year ago +1

      10:44 the cutest 😍

    • Sophia Grace
      Sophia Grace 2 years ago

      jayenn 21 mine is is in the 3rd movie we’re Theo and beca bump into each other and she calls him weird then he asks to borrow her and then she saws sure and he’s like “can we hold hands” she’s like no then he says cool

  • Tatiana Monzhaley
    Tatiana Monzhaley 25 days ago

    Молодцы девочки ❤️

  • Noah Stevenson
    Noah Stevenson 7 months ago +3

    the way they sung toxic was amazing that was the best

  • A Soldier
    A Soldier 9 months ago +4

    I just want to take a moment to recognize the amount of amazing music that came out in the 90s-10s used in the movies.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 7 months ago +2

    Even tho there are many performances, Nothing will beat THAT Performance in the Finals. WOW!!!

  • aya
    aya Year ago +4581

    is it just me, that everytime i watch the part where all the former bellas are shown while singing flashlight, makes me emotional? like, it's so amazing.

    • Pepe Deez Nutz
      Pepe Deez Nutz 18 days ago

      @Rarina where?

    • Rarina
      Rarina 18 days ago

      it makes me teary🥺💕

    • Pepe Deez Nutz
      Pepe Deez Nutz Month ago

      @Nana Yaa Marfo Atfu

    • Nana Yaa Marfo
      Nana Yaa Marfo Month ago

      Not only you

    • ok
      ok 2 months ago

      i literally just watched that scene and i started to tear up for no reason

  • Aayushi
    Aayushi Year ago +6

    The final performance of the first movie will always be iconic

  • Joséph Arias
    Joséph Arias 4 months ago +1

    It's the movie I've seen the most, all three of which are my favorites. I wish there was a new... I have a great time seeing them

  • Katharine Saltonstall
    Katharine Saltonstall 6 months ago +4

    Brittany Snow is such an underrated actress!!

  • Neil Saluta
    Neil Saluta Month ago

    I want more of them!!!!! Im gonna miss you bellas!!!

  • dexter8584
    dexter8584 Year ago +1721

    I wonder if people can see how powerful of a message these movies presented about diversity. These ladies were from all different walks of life. They each had their own personal issues, fears, trials and demons. But when it came to singing, they could unify like nobody's business and always produce perfection no matter their differences.

    • dexter8584
      dexter8584 Month ago +2

      @A Random Bard Again you speak out of ignorance. My comment stated that the girls were different and come together in unity. As previously stated nothing you have said has anything to do with my original comment. Again I don't know why you've taken it upon yourself to try and create an argument over this but I can tell you one thing. The only issue you have is based on your own prejudice. That's something you'll have to resolve. I'm done with this conversation so respond if so desire but you will only be proving my point. Have a good day.

    • A Random Bard
      A Random Bard Month ago

      @dexter8584 So it's a story about a white woman bringing in diversity? Lol. Why not make the character black?

    • dexter8584
      dexter8584 Month ago +1

      @A Random Bard The story is about Becka that was established from the beginning. She's the main character that helps them introduce diversity into the singing. As for color Cynthia Rose is one of the most popular characters in the series outside of Fat Amy. There are very few moments when the group is not on screen together. So again, where's the evidence that supports what you say. It doesn't exist. You're reaching for something that's not there and honestly I don't know why. If you disliked the movie that much then just say that. I absolutely refuse to believe that you're the type of person who needs an argument just to validate their own existence. Have a great day 😊

    • A Random Bard
      A Random Bard Month ago

      @dexter8584 It's not diversity to have all the main characters as white but to give the people of colour 1 minute of screen time each.

    • dexter8584
      dexter8584 Month ago +1

      @A Random Bard the hell does that have to do with anything I said?

  • Jaheem Wilson
    Jaheem Wilson 6 months ago +3

    I watch this almost everyday 😂🎉