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BMW M4 CSL v Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA: DRAG RACE


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  • carwow
    carwow  2 months ago +616

    Which would you choose? VOTE BELOW!

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez Month ago +307

    Alfa, no doubt.
    It'd be interesting seeing a fast lap of them around a track

    • Lorenzo Capodaglio
      Lorenzo Capodaglio Day ago

      at nurburgring the M4csl is 17 seconds faster than the gtam

    • Laz Pt
      Laz Pt 5 days ago +1

      @benjdu54 In that video Alfa beats the M3 by half a second wit Matt driving. Oh and that is a g80 m3!

    • Neo Phiri
      Neo Phiri 29 days ago +1

      @alex cepile check out carwows track test of the GTA vs M4 comp

    • Jose Manuel
      Jose Manuel Month ago +1

      @alex cepile el tiempo del BMW m4 csl es mejor en nur

    • alex cepile
      alex cepile Month ago +1

      @Franc yep. guess you got q point there.

  • MrHenk588
    MrHenk588 Month ago +47

    The Alfa generates way more downforce than the M4, it's a track build spec, not a drag build one

    • Jonas
      Jonas 3 days ago +2

      @Thuthukani Lethukuthula i dont think so, i think that the bmw would still be faster around a Track. The current 3/4 Series Platform is just incredibly potent in the regular m3/4 Wehre as the Alfa is slowly aging. I hagelt Drive the csl yet but From what i experienced With the m3 competition i dont believe that the Alfa would Beat the csl on Track. Especially in you Consider that the csl is the fastest bmw ever on the nordschleife. I would still take the Alfa though 😂 just to beautiful

    • Thuthukani Lethukuthula
      Thuthukani Lethukuthula 4 days ago +5

      If you were talking about the Rolling Race then yess you’re right. But the drag race??
      They both aren’t for drag racing but lap times i think the Alfa would smash the Beemer

    • BMW N62
      BMW N62 Month ago +3

      Lmao m4 isn’t drag car

  • TioUngaro
    TioUngaro Month ago +212

    I'd go with Alfa and go with style

  • Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

    I´d still have the Alfa, any day of the week, in any circumstance. Trackday, daily, C&C, cruising, touring... ANY circumstance.

  • mbulelo gumede
    mbulelo gumede 2 months ago +183

    I'd take that Gullia any day of the week. The looks are just a take away

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  • MaximumGAME
    MaximumGAME 2 months ago +474

    I'd still have the Alfa Romeo all day long. It's just beautiful

    • wahash316
      wahash316 Day ago

      @brain corruptor coming from a typical fan boy. We both know that bmw underrate their hp numbers with the help of softwares.

    • wahash316
      wahash316 Day ago

      And it's stock unless like bmws, we all know that they play around with the softwares to win the drag races 😄

    • XXX
      XXX 2 days ago

      @brain corruptor
      BMW 💩😂

    • Thomas Ferraro Jr.
      Thomas Ferraro Jr. 3 days ago

      @brain corruptor lol

    • xd slushi3
      xd slushi3 5 days ago

      @Mr. O it's not ugly u just have no taste and the grille is for cooling performance.

  • WR4K
    WR4K 2 months ago +2

    Interesting content. Keep up the good work on your channel. Regards, WR4K.

  • abolfazl abouali
    abolfazl abouali Month ago +1

    The new M4 destroyed the Alfa Romeo. That was really amazing. Thanks for this unbelievable race. 💙💙❤❤

  • Fissile Missile
    Fissile Missile Month ago +12

    Yanni looks about five times heavier.

  • Кислород
    Кислород Month ago +1

    It's simple: BMW has much more, than 550 hp & 650 Nm.
    Many times bmw factory cars have been measured and every time they showed 10-15% hp. more than stated at the factory.
    And here is exactly the same situation: a heavier car with a very close to opponent power parameters cannot be so much faster! Miracles don't happen.

  • Hagen Kleemann
    Hagen Kleemann 2 months ago +5

    Maybe the Giulia is "slower" because of the higher downforce. All of its aerodynamic trickery is made for lap times on winding tracks. But haven't seen anybody doing just that so far.

  • Axel
    Axel Month ago +21

    Man, the blud in the Alfa didn't even try to win

  • rohan Sharma
    rohan Sharma 2 months ago +1238

    Finally seeing the iconic duo after a long time.

    • ar11608 alfa
      ar11608 alfa 14 days ago

      @blaze smooth They are similar but different: Giulia has better suspensions, a better engine (inspired by racecars), better driveshaft and better aerodynamics

    • blaze smooth
      blaze smooth 14 days ago

      @ar11608 alfa can't be inferior to the guilia when they have almost identical pillars ( comparing the g80 to the gtam )

    • blaze smooth
      blaze smooth 14 days ago

      @ar11608 alfa that's great on Alpha Romeo's part, but again doesn't make it a better car. Just because your grandma has the ability to drive it safely doesn't mean it deserves any trophy

    • blaze smooth
      blaze smooth 14 days ago

      @MD there's no way you thought but yet it still is, it's faster than a 458, R8, speciale, Maserati mc20, Porsche 911 turbo s, and many more supercars

    • blaze smooth
      blaze smooth 14 days ago

      @ar11608 alfa To put something else in comparison, a remapped ECU with that same 3.0L i6 jumps u from 510 to 600hp. WITH A TUNE, nothing added nothing removed... That engine size comparison is nonesense

  • Mehul Dharap
    Mehul Dharap Month ago +1

    The editor is fire😂😂😂

  • Denny L
    Denny L Month ago +9

    you''re launching in second gear Matt!!!

    • VFB_1893
      VFB_1893 12 days ago

      Bmw has set it to start in 2nd gear in launch control

  • correzzana1992
    correzzana1992 Month ago +4

    Like your videos, but you’re just showing which one is the best in a straight line performance test.
    The global evaluation of these cars go way beyond that, like which is the best at real road or track driving

    • PatriotPigeon
      PatriotPigeon 21 day ago

      For the record, I like the Giulia better in almost every way, so I'm not bashing you if you do like the Giulia, just saying that I think you're reading too much into/overthinking the significance of the results.

    • PatriotPigeon
      PatriotPigeon 21 day ago

      ...did you not read the title? It says "Drag Race", not "The objectively better car measured in a wide array of circumstances". I think you're just unhappy because the car you like better lost, so you're unconsciously trying to figure out a way to discredit the video, but the video doesn't claim to be anything other than what it is; a simple drag race between two cars.

  • Racoon1008
    Racoon1008 Month ago +8

    CSL dynos at 600hp stock

  • Marinus Ikke
    Marinus Ikke Month ago +12

    I've had different fast cars in my younger days..gti and gte and turbo's...and then i got my first fast tuned Alfa and then i felt something you can't explain!!!! it was a real CarWow💪💪

  • Nicholas Mayr
    Nicholas Mayr Month ago +1

    They said that the design of the new m4 will grow on me.. I still can’t look at that front without feeling disgusted, please bmw bring back a beautiful m4, you ruined my fav car :(

  • Στέργιος Γούσιος

    The great nightmare of the Germans for decades: Alfa Romeo! They have never been able to admit, even now, that Alfa Romeo makes prettier, faster and more or at least as reliable cars as them. That's why they have set the new Julia to compete with anything! Even with planes. Great pain! Hahaha! Another rigged drag race... Totally unreliable. Even the cameras (done in the editing) move so that it looks like the passing of the BMW was too fast! Pity! You could at least be objective...

  • ItalianDUDE :D
    ItalianDUDE :D Month ago +1

    FORZA Alfa Romeo
    Don’t care about who won, always Alfas over Bmw, i have non feelings for those cars.
    I am in love with Alfa Romeos.

  • Benjamin Pimentel
    Benjamin Pimentel Month ago +4


    • ShiroTheHiro
      ShiroTheHiro Month ago +1

      WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT US!?!?!?!?!?!
      Sheesh. Making me all anxious and stuff.

  • DriverTuition
    DriverTuition 2 months ago

    Everything today is fast! Driven both of these cars and they are fast, but....
    Alfa is actually a very good car. But too heavy to do track work. Really nicely balanced though. BMW is so far away from where the E30 started it off and so are many people who drive M3/4 these days.
    Cars sort of stopped being interesting some time ago. But everything just keeps getting faster, easier, deskilled. A Volvo!(polestar) is just as quick. Like loading your zanussi and comparing spin speed..
    As an ex Porsche Trainer I know a 992Carerra is quick, but I'd rather drive a 964RS or very definitely a 912. More soul.
    The thing is, to do drag races requires pressing a few buttons. It's like rev matching, now a button, previously a skill.
    Just pray that all the buttons on your tech cars are still working in 40yrs time :-) I do believe an E30M3 will still work fine in another 40yrs.

    • R. Dox Lealizen
      R. Dox Lealizen Month ago

      GTAm is actually pretty light for the segment (weight distribution should be around 51/49). Too bad it's not awd. I wouldn't consider a porsche 922 without awd, let alone a sedan...(i love the 38/62 weight distribution of the porsche anyway)

  • konstantinos M
    konstantinos M Month ago

    When you go for corners bmw will be miles away back

  • Luis Miguel Rodrigues

    BMW all day! For sure! Always!

  • Lewis Sykes
    Lewis Sykes 2 months ago +678

    Imagine they started testing cars around a track too 👀 I can see car wow turning into a new top gear/grand tour and I’m here for it

    • Josue Ayala
      Josue Ayala 2 months ago

      @A. Quintero alfa isnt cause nobody wants them 😂

    • A. Quintero
      A. Quintero 2 months ago

      @Josue Ayala Upgrading to a Quadrifoglio this next year! 🙂 (Also it's a TI Sport, 7k more than the base)
      I respect the brand and their cool new b58 engines but BMW is regular traffic now 😳

    • Josue Ayala
      Josue Ayala 2 months ago

      @A. Quintero also you own a base model alfa you have no room to talk 😂

    • Josue Ayala
      Josue Ayala 2 months ago

      @A. Quintero idc what happened in 1959 i wasnt even thought off in that time. In talking about today. alfa is mid im sorry you purchased an alfa

    • A. Quintero
      A. Quintero 2 months ago

      @Josue Ayala In 1959 bmw almost went bankrupt due to poor sales 😳 Alfa has been in the game since 1910. Quality over Quantity my friend.
      BMW is just regular fast traffic lol
      It's never going to be as sexy as an Alfa, Sorry!

  • Vince Veloce
    Vince Veloce 2 months ago +22

    I would choose the Alfa it is not as fast but looks and sounds better.

  • Bryant Roscoe
    Bryant Roscoe Month ago

    Can we see the F80 M3 CS vs that alpha? The F80 imo is the best looking bmw ever.

  • MrWonderBoy
    MrWonderBoy 23 days ago +1

    Both stunning cars!! But I think I’d pick the Alfa if I had the money, such a stunning car

  • Gerd Hermann
    Gerd Hermann Month ago +1

    I love the Alfa, but am not convinced of the black fender trim around the wheels...why aren't there any on the front fenders?

  • The Happy Guy
    The Happy Guy 2 months ago +699

    Great to see Yanni back in these drag races. Please can you get his Lamborghini back on the channel to do some awesome drag races like this one. It would be interesting seeing a base model Porsche 911 Carrera or a Carrera GTS go up against the BMW M4 CSL in a future drag race.

    • Rasher basher
      Rasher basher 2 months ago

      Yianni is without doubt the most annoying person ever.. I had to turn off..

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    • Inexperienced_Gamer
      Inexperienced_Gamer 2 months ago

      @MARTIN ORTIZ I feel like the gts wouldn’t, but the turbo s definitely. That’s the second fastest Porsche made rn.

      YANK.MY.DOODLE! ITS A DANDY! 2 months ago

      Yanni had a break with his GAY LOVER! he goes by the name of "GEYLORD MANLOVE!"🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Thebeastfromnorth75

    The Alfa, all day, every day. aesthetics . And I am a BMW kinda guy. The new Bmw´s (especially the M) looks like shit.

  • wahash316
    wahash316 Day ago +1

    When Yani said wrong italian horse he basically meant that he should have brought the rarris and not the urus coz its half german 😃

  • ElenaSuper11
    ElenaSuper11 Month ago +6

    Bmw is looking like a beaver in the front, the back is gorgeous !!!

  • Antonio Rossi
    Antonio Rossi 2 months ago +10

    The car is not made up only of the engine, if you make the comparison on the racetrack the BMW lags behind.

  • propm
    propm 2 months ago +582

    That Alfa just looks sooooo good, I don't really care if it's slower when it looks and sounds so much better.

    • Robert
      Robert 18 days ago


    • Queen Helebron
      Queen Helebron 21 day ago

      This BMW has more then 600hp on dyno,M3 competition has 550hp on dyno...
      If Alfa would have same hp as CSL not so sure BMW would be faster...

    • Cameron Richardson
      Cameron Richardson 24 days ago

      @Hassan Ger not a chance the m4 looks shit it really does from the side it just looks like an Audi, the front end is disgusting they’re taken the classic bmw grille and butchered it

    • Costa Skl
      Costa Skl Month ago

      @Hassan Ger how💀

    • Mr. O
      Mr. O Month ago

      @Hassan Gernever it looks awful

  • Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
    Big 'ol Booty Cheeks 2 months ago +2

    I'd take the Alfa, any day of the week. There hasn't been a BMW I like in 19 years, when they stopped production of the E39 M5

  • Rosser McIntosh
    Rosser McIntosh 29 days ago +2

    As an owner of both an M bimmer and an Alfa, the Alfa just has a certain something. Not as high tech but just a proper drivers car.

  • IBadSportI
    IBadSportI 2 months ago +5

    I love this duo!! Never end please ❤️🥹

  • gaaazaguly
    gaaazaguly Month ago +1

    Proud of the alfa holding its own against an out an out M track car with 50 extra torque.
    Nothing compares to the alfa in the looks department 😍

  • Manveer Ghuman
    Manveer Ghuman 2 months ago +644

    Two extremely rare cars like this is amazing for a drag race!

    • Andrea Pellegrini
      Andrea Pellegrini 2 months ago +1

      Avere due auto di questo tipo e sprecarle soltanto per una prova di accelerazione è intelligente quanto ottenere un appuntamento con la donna più bella del mondo e darle buca per farle uno scherzo!!!

    • Sony Bass Tester PRO✔
      Sony Bass Tester PRO✔ 2 months ago

      BMW is not rare

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    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan 2 months ago

      @Yan you bet the car costed a whole lot more than you think.

    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan 2 months ago

      @Sensational yep.

  • Shawn D
    Shawn D Month ago

    The real race between the two will be which one ends up at the dealership first for a 3 month repair.

    • emanuel jj
      emanuel jj Month ago +2

      @Blaqk Hippie I have had a Giulietta 1.4 for 10 years and 160,000 km travelled, the only important job I did was change the clutch disc 6 months ago, for the rest the usual oil change maintenance work and the car is still perfect.
      folks who've never had an alpha speak from hearsay

    • Blaqk Hippie
      Blaqk Hippie Month ago +2

      @emanuel jj I have a Giulia and no issues

    • emanuel jj
      emanuel jj Month ago +3

      the Giulia has been on the market for 5 years, have you heard from people who bought it complaining about the reliability of the car???

  • Maxwell Masekoameng
    Maxwell Masekoameng 2 months ago +12

    I like it when Yanni celebrate too early and gets disappointed 🤣🤣🤣
    His face expression is killing me🤣🤣🤣

  • ゆかざKizuki
    ゆかざKizuki 5 days ago

    in 1st drag race, Yannie went from this "😃" to this "😐"
    so funny 🤣

  • Patryk Kwas
    Patryk Kwas 2 months ago +2

    Curious what will happen if alfa made a version with less downforce :D

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  • Constantin S. Purcea
    Constantin S. Purcea 2 months ago +5

    They both run the ZF 8 speed too! I'm surprised, it might just be a rear end ratio thing. Curious what ratio the GTA has and what one the M4 CSL has.
    Edit: On second thoughts, might be the aero too! Look at the downforce aero on the GTA, such as the big wing.

    • Ivor Problem
      Ivor Problem 2 months ago

      BMW have air intake cooling so run after run it maintains its power. They have flat torque curves too. Cracking engines

    • C G
      C G 2 months ago

      maybe the empty fuel, so it reduces power?

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  • Rob ert
    Rob ert 2 months ago +4

    Thank you car wow for keeping the times and presentation of them detailed af nowadays.
    I cried about it years ago in the comments and nowadays no one does it better.

  • Davide C
    Davide C Month ago

    Is the video fake???
    Alfa - acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.6 seconds: top speed: 307 km/h (315 km/h GTAm)
    BMW - acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.7 seconds: top speed: 307 km/h

  • Jesper Lehmann
    Jesper Lehmann 2 months ago +8

    Yianni is back 👍👍👍 Nice dragrace! I would take the Alfa Romeo GTA 👌💪 and in 12-14 years time when you cant buy a NEW petrol or diesel car from car dealers anymore, I would love to open my garage and take a long ride in that Alfa Romeo GTA.. just because its an alfa 💪😅

  • Albert Spice
    Albert Spice 2 months ago +95

    I would prbably still go for the Giulia. The sound alone is worth it

    • WTF Humour
      WTF Humour 2 months ago

      And you can launch it over and over and over again

    • Lil Elf
      Lil Elf 2 months ago +1

      Same and if it was the M3 in the video instead of the M4, the Giulia would have won, because the M4 is lighter than a M3

    • Васил Велев
      Васил Велев 2 months ago +1

      сам не си повярва

  • buckysti
    buckysti 2 months ago +6

    I am so happy they are now doing rolling races in sport / automatic. To me this is the most likely street scenario. 👍

  • Gonzalo Borges
    Gonzalo Borges Month ago

    I wish the Alfa was even slower so I could watch it longer, tbh.

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  • Dewi
    Dewi Month ago

    0:08 modelname on a sticker😂 150k car!!

  • M. Low
    M. Low Month ago +2

    I wonder how much does the drag from the Is Alfa Romero affected race results?

  • Tumbly Warner
    Tumbly Warner 2 months ago +553

    You could argue Matt would have won even if he'd plowed through the bunny, but that would be splitting hares.

    • Jack O'Keefe
      Jack O'Keefe 2 months ago

      Give it a rest

    • CMA King
      CMA King 2 months ago

      Solid 🤓

    • Tumbly Warner
      Tumbly Warner 2 months ago

      @Anthony ! No, the same pun, different joke. Actually, only a very small proportion of jokes are entirely new or unique. Many would say none of them, in fact.

    • Lera Anna Emah
      Lera Anna Emah 2 months ago


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  • Brutal Family
    Brutal Family Month ago


  • Mario Piero Longo
    Mario Piero Longo Month ago

    Alfa the best

  • Tobias Schuler
    Tobias Schuler 2 months ago +2

    Still would get the Alfa. Love it. Such a beauty

  • Fatihhan Pekel
    Fatihhan Pekel Month ago +4

    Bmw engine never disapoints

  • Maximiliam Nomen
    Maximiliam Nomen 2 months ago +193

    Holy shit how spectacular does the Giulia look

    • 993mike
      993mike 14 hours ago

      I'm a lifelong BMW M3 owner and fan, but where the Alfa is a stunning beauty the M4 is the ugly girl at the end of the bar

    • Fifteen88
      Fifteen88 27 days ago +1

      @ShizeReG completely disagree. The side profile is great

    • J Boi
      J Boi 2 months ago +1

      @ShizeReG I agree 👍 Prefer the the shape before..

    • Paul V
      Paul V 2 months ago +7

      Love the Montreal green. I own a red Veloce and its amazing.

    • ShizeReG
      ShizeReG 2 months ago +10

      @Purwanti Allan in my opinion bmw design is very bad

  • L D
    L D 2 months ago +2

    7:22 is hilarious. Props to the editing guy.

  • Bloom0to9
    Bloom0to9 2 months ago +4

    you two make me smile again haha :D and thank you to your editing team :)

    • @Officialcarwow1
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  • Damion
    Damion 2 months ago

    M4 gapped the AR even after poor launches 😂😮 BMW underestimating their HP specs once again. That M4 has at least 600 HP stock

    CRYPATO Month ago

    Mettetele in pista..basta con sti 0-1/4 di miglio ..vediamo se meccanicamente riesce in curva a stare dietro alla gta

  • Shaktown
    Shaktown 2 months ago +403

    Always love when Yanni is there. His face expressions are always epic when he loses 🤣😂👍👍👍

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    • 開超跑的窮人
      開超跑的窮人 2 months ago +1

      Too much expression , he should be focusing on racing, it’s seems like he lost most of the time.

    • Dread Pirate
      Dread Pirate 2 months ago +2

      Daniel is also gives a great energy

    • OfficialFazeRug1
      OfficialFazeRug1 2 months ago

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  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez 2 months ago +1

    Hey Matt or carwow, who ever reads this THANK YOU so much for providing great quality videos! Love your style! I find it so relaxing when I'm stressed out. 💙

    • @Officialcarwow1
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  • JalameriCarReviews
    JalameriCarReviews Month ago +1

    Team Alfa all day

  • Rich_Forever94
    Rich_Forever94 2 months ago

    I speak for all my BMW family members out there when I say we wanna see the M4 CSL vs the M5 CS!!!😈 Mat Watson, I beg you, PLEASE MAKE THAT RACE HAPPEN!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Fastlife Forever
    Fastlife Forever 2 months ago

    Never fails to make me laugh 🤣

  • Roy Thompson
    Roy Thompson 28 days ago +2

    Alfa all the way... Stunning!

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    Your channel is the best

  • xSpeak-Eazy
    xSpeak-Eazy 24 days ago

    I take the M4 personally, just a beautiful car.

  • Roberto Furlan
    Roberto Furlan 2 months ago +1

    Ok... now, do a chrono race on a mountain road, like Stelvio Pass, or Pordoi Pass in Dolomiti Mountains...
    Drag races tell absolutely nothing about real performances of a car. Only Anglo-Saxons seems to appreciate them. I don't know why...

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 2 months ago +418

    Yanni's excitement was short lived on the first race🤣😂

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    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan 2 months ago

      @TDS-Rsteel989 77 percent possible.

    • qwerty qwerty
      qwerty qwerty 2 months ago +2

      @Purdey55 gta lose against the m3 competition on track when carwow tried it, it has no chance against m4 csl

    • Purdey55
      Purdey55 2 months ago +2

      Still the Alpha be much quicker on track & on B roads

  • Stephen Thomas
    Stephen Thomas Month ago +1

    Odd request I know, but anyone know the name of the music at 7:22. Thanks

  • Mister Acceleration
    Mister Acceleration 2 months ago +1

    The m4 csl just looks so great 😍

  • Theday After
    Theday After 2 months ago

    In manual transmission mode the bmw had little hope 🥴

  • Super GTanGo
    Super GTanGo 2 months ago +1

    As an Alfa Petrol Head I love the BMW M4CSL the same way I love the Giulia QV. Both cars are exceptionel

  • Graham Hutchinson
    Graham Hutchinson Month ago

    Alfa any day over a b m

  • On3d3R_Lvst1nG
    On3d3R_Lvst1nG Month ago +1

    I wonder if it would have been a closer race if the Giulia was driven in manual mode. The paddle shifters are awesome on this car. These cars like to be revvvved.

  • Kristian
    Kristian 29 days ago

    I think that at high speed and with high air resistance, frontal air resistance and aerodynamics play a key role in achieving speed.
    With the Alfa having more wings and spoilers, a bigger silhouette and 50Nm less than the M4 CSL, I'm not surprised the BMW is faster.

  • Albert Perks
    Albert Perks 2 months ago +1

    I'd like to see those car on a dyno - I suspect the M4 is up on the stated power.

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  • Jimmy Hub
    Jimmy Hub 2 months ago +14

    Both cars are wonderfull . No offense to BMW but still heart beats to Alfa . Thanks for that drag race carwow .

  • O W
    O W Month ago

    The Alfa remains a better car....

  • Kulvindarpal Singh
    Kulvindarpal Singh 11 days ago

    @matt that bmw is probably more powerful than on paper and lighter than they say, please can you weigh and dyno it to check 🙂

  • Thibault Perrin
    Thibault Perrin 2 months ago

    I find it amazing how BMW wins 99% of duels. The characteristics of the cars seem similar or even give the advantage to the other cars but BMW still wins

  • Gica Popandau
    Gica Popandau Month ago

    Love Yanny’s grandma driving position

  • M S
    M S 22 days ago

    I had a '23 M4 Comp xDrive for a couple months before I flipped it. M4s are supercar fast.

  • D. Ferris
    D. Ferris 2 months ago

    Be curious to see these two on an actual track (I.e. Nürburgring) since the Giulia (by all things I’ve read and watched) seems to be second to none in handling and does get a bit better initial acceleration before BMW catches up if there is enough of a straight away.

  • D Bizz
    D Bizz 2 months ago

    Would love to see them do with and without launch control to see how much difference there actually is.

  • Naim Ibrahimi
    Naim Ibrahimi 2 months ago +2

    Mat is funny 😆 guy, love those videos.!
    Also bmw all day every day also is cheaper and better.!?
    Italiane macaroni Whattt was you thinking man £150k 🤌😅

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  • Ain’t that Francis
    Ain’t that Francis 2 months ago +5

    I’d still get an Alfa Romeo tbh . Has been my dream car for a while

  • Anna Cascone
    Anna Cascone Month ago

    BMW are always cheatting

  • Murtaza Razai
    Murtaza Razai 2 months ago

    Mann that was a great matchup. BM all day 😂🖤

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 17 days ago +1

    Giulia is absolutely stunning 😍

  • João Pereira
    João Pereira 9 days ago

    The M4 is hideous. The Giulia is a piece of art 😍

  • Shahin Rahman
    Shahin Rahman 2 months ago +3

    Love the Giulia content!!

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  • David Lipman
    David Lipman 2 months ago +2

    Great review. Was surprised that the Alfa lost.

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  • Richard Tyler
    Richard Tyler 2 months ago

    I’d def take the bmw. I was into the Giulia in like 2017-2019. Now it’s just fallen behind everyone else. They need to come out with a massive refresh. BMW is better looking and better performing. Love the rarity of the gta but the csl is every bit as rare. Best part about this video, I didn’t know either car existed before seeing the headline. I’m obsessed with cars how did I not know about these two?! lol I was living in a world of quadrifogios and CS’s 😂