Best Ingenious Construction Workers Another Level Modern Technology in Action

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Best Ingenious Construction Workers Another Level modern technology construction
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Comments • 320

    ROBERT BUTLER 4 days ago

    And the last one a bit over the top!!

    ROBERT BUTLER 4 days ago

    I loved the artificial stone wall!!

    ROBERT BUTLER 4 days ago

    That troweled on then rolled on ripple finish on the wall looks like shit!!

  • Jon White
    Jon White 17 days ago

    He’s clearly not a plumber. Those pipes weren’t even connected

  • Stallion Disliker
    Stallion Disliker 17 days ago

    To much work to much shit, the more Simple is better.

  • Red Jack
    Red Jack 17 days ago +2

    Ah yes, I am often asked to install razorblade walls, as well. :I

  • Emerson Sousa
    Emerson Sousa 17 days ago +1

    Esqueceu de fazer uma escada , o negócio tá quase no teto

  • T Rex
    T Rex 17 days ago


  • 1miltond
    1miltond 18 days ago

    The labor involve in this is hig cost. Not just building repairs those drains get clog whit human airs and crap love to see the Plomers bill and those breaks what are you expecting 200 mile winds ?butt hey if you got the $$$$ won't hurt

  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta 18 days ago +1

    Waaaaaaay too cheapass crap, and then they ask themselves why it ain't strong etc etc. Fixing it is impossible, it needs to be completely removed....

  • TheLance3185
    TheLance3185 18 days ago

    Good craftsmanship, but really, really shitty music. Ugh!

  • lethal weapon
    lethal weapon 18 days ago +4

    Never been a fan of these foam base trays. No way will they last without cracking or sinking.Ill stick to the good old impey solid bases thanks.

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 18 days ago

    Esta súper

  • J A
    J A 19 days ago +5

    Nothing good quality should be that easy to slice through

    • Martin Kiel
      Martin Kiel 15 days ago

      Good quality butter is easy to cut

  • Luciano Demetri Gonçalves

    Ingenious, really? What disappointing. Now I must tell my 6 years old boy he ain't no clever as he seems to be. All just because that fucking Mr Schluter

  • Daz Eng
    Daz Eng 19 days ago

    What a ball ache

  • Apaixonados por Coleiro

    Fica bom, mais e muito complexo!

  • Metal God
    Metal God 19 days ago +3

    After use for about a year you'll have multiple low spots the material is too soft. Especially if you get a heavy guy in there that weighs over 250.. Totally worthless product

  • sameer mantoo
    sameer mantoo 19 days ago +1

    So much efforts for just ugly results

  • C List
    C List 19 days ago +1

    Another level of fail

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 19 days ago

    Hay that's how house in Mexico are made

  • Ryan Talbot
    Ryan Talbot 19 days ago +8

    In what way are these people ingenious? Theyre literally just doing their job like anyone else would

  • Phil Kramer
    Phil Kramer 20 days ago

    Wo ist die abdichtung und Entkopplung zu den Wänden? Trotz Styroporblock von nöten...

  • sermander ruiz
    sermander ruiz 21 day ago

    I can say one thing my dad still does way better he even works by himself he used to work in a company it's called JT

    DURR BURR 21 day ago +6

    As a licensed plumber I can tell you the plumbing inspector would hate this guy. Lol

      DURR BURR 17 days ago

      Cool story bro

    • maskantjekila
      maskantjekila 17 days ago

      On this shower plate you can putt 500kg without problems......
      German Technik is Light years away from yours.

    • maskantjekila
      maskantjekila 17 days ago

      Its a german Brand and a german worker, HE laugh about your licence! Theresa is german TÜV on this System. Glue pipes...... never here about KG or hg pipe System? German Patent since 60 years, Billion times used and absolute water prof and resistent over decades!!!! No amerikan worker can mess with a german pro!!!!

    • Jay jay Nonoy.
      Jay jay Nonoy. 17 days ago +1

      DURR BURR also he didn’t glued the pipe o welded it

  • ShamilShazwan Razakakma

    What is the title music..please...

  • Francesco Rosi
    Francesco Rosi 25 days ago

    I have exams to prepare... why am I watching this???

  • CuzicaN 10
    CuzicaN 10 25 days ago

    Man people doing there job how ingenious

  • Zalza8086
    Zalza8086 29 days ago

    13:35 Demais! Incrível.

  • NGLC Realtech
    NGLC Realtech 29 days ago

    Best Construction Company in Gurgaon :

  • Putra Putra
    Putra Putra Month ago


  • Dị Nhân
    Dị Nhân Month ago

    mục đích cho việc giải nhiều lớp như vạy để làm gì

  • D L
    D L Month ago


  • Y DIY
    Y DIY Month ago

    good idea

  • erics vids
    erics vids Month ago +1

    ffs you can buy shower trays wat a load of bollocks

  • 16jonas1
    16jonas1 Month ago

    tranquilo mano esquenta não tu é autentico por isso sai uns palavrao ai vez ou outra kkkk

  • 16jonas1
    16jonas1 Month ago

    Onde está o link do primario e secundario??

  • Brian Welbourne
    Brian Welbourne Month ago

    How do you clean excess dirt and hair from the shower at2.32???

  • Roy Andrews
    Roy Andrews Month ago


  • hassan Doukkali
    hassan Doukkali Month ago

    Prematuration birth mean 6.5 < 9 months. no direct belly out from mother.

  • Eric R
    Eric R Month ago

    Wow the workers are genius because they're doing exactly what they are trained to do videos like these that make you think if people behind the videos that write the titles or even awake to be stupid enough to think that these workers weren't trained to do what they're doing

  • Дмитрий Кузин

    If you use filter with filter aid from diatomite/ kieselgur, we can help you with this product.

  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy Month ago

    Nice to see a Leggari product on here.

    MAC MERC Month ago +5

    Some of these techniques are horrendous, way more complicated than they need to be.

  • TheZombieKing52
    TheZombieKing52 Month ago

    2:16 He didn't even turn the last screw!

  • Diakun
    Diakun Month ago

    7:40 this makes me angry beyond belief

  • miguel lugo
    miguel lugo Month ago

    what is the name of the product that they put in the ccountertop ???

  • StreamFan 68
    StreamFan 68 Month ago

    9 minutes in he didnt even ruff up the concrete underneath,.. that stuff will be falling off in 4 months... tops..

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago +5

    Compile some company trade videos, add some library music, ---------> add a clickbait title - > 4 million views thank you very much!

    • Kristi Allett
      Kristi Allett 5 days ago

      Simon I wanna see some old school plaster and lathing videos

  • Roman Ivanovich
    Roman Ivanovich Month ago

    Super, respect!)

  • David Gers
    David Gers Month ago

    @schlüter you see the pattern of failures of your product and all these reviews pointing out how horribly complicated and over priced this garbage is? You learning anything here? Cause were trying to teach you how to really work with tile like a pro, step one, NEVER USE SCHLÜTER PARTS. NEVER ever mount tile to plastic, or that stupid orange membrane! When will you mega corps learn?

  • David Gers
    David Gers Month ago +1

    So you have taken tile which has a usable life time of centuries, and shortened its lifespan to 5 years because you mounted it to PLASTIC?!?! If theres a dumber idea than this out there I've yet to see it! Really you completely RUINED that job because your too lazy to spend a day building a shower pan the RIGHT way? Really anyone who buys this or uses is is an absolute moron...

    • David Gers
      David Gers 2 days ago

      @Randall Tiemeyer Tile has survived for 5000 years! Laying tile on a latex paint layer WILL FAIL! Plastic degrades quickly, you wont get 20 years out of that, likely much much less. I know a lot more about tile than the guy screwing it up in the video, I know that much fo SURE! But it's ok! The world needs stupid people to spend 5 times as much as a plain ol bag of green mortar. Me and my boys will laugh behind your back in a few years when we demo out that garbage. Hopefully then you will learn. Tile sticks to MASONRY, not plastic.. you idiots are trying to reinvent a 5000 year old wheel.. lol

    • Randall Tiemeyer
      Randall Tiemeyer 2 days ago

      have it in my shower for over 6 years no leaks you all know so much with no knowledge of the product

  • joel acasio
    joel acasio Month ago +1

    I think you should change the title, much better is ingenious worker who wasting lot of money.

  • Mingguang Chao
    Mingguang Chao Month ago

    I’m no expert but looks like a possible leak and you can’t fix without redoing everything .. GG

  • Hayden Jacobs
    Hayden Jacobs Month ago

    5:22 lmao mans rlly went and made half slabs

  • Multi Info
    Multi Info Month ago +2

    Earn money but slow slow

  • Jessica S, NAPLES FL
    Jessica S, NAPLES FL Month ago +1

    Fake lightweight material replaces quality construction methods. Today's Missouri tornado aftermath (5/23/19) shows pieces of houses built with these "ingenious" fake materials strewn about. You get what you pay for. Our society no longer values quality. Speed and CHEAP rules.

    • DemonRage691
      DemonRage691 Month ago

      Jessica S, NAPLES FL so true! Cheap and fast has become the fabric of our society now a days!

  • agron kaca
    agron kaca Month ago



    Good techniques

  • Norbert W
    Norbert W Month ago


  • junonás
    junonás Month ago

    i mean brick houses are nothing new but go off i guess

  • good guy
    good guy Month ago +1

    This is for people who can't float.
    What trash!!!

    • good guy
      good guy 21 day ago

      @Nick Mackey sorry I'm in so cal but not for long,
      Around here we pre slop with drypac and block the primiter
      Of the walls and hot mop with tar and then slop with more dry pack , they will be good for about 50-60 years

    • Nick Mackey
      Nick Mackey 21 day ago

      @good guy, are we having the same conversation? What are you trying to say?

    • good guy
      good guy 21 day ago

      @Nick Mackey
      Key word ( felt) under the scratch and brown.

    • Nick Mackey
      Nick Mackey 21 day ago

      Concrete is porous so it doesn't matter how good you can float it. It will still absorb water.

  • A random Channel
    A random Channel Month ago +2

    im pretty sure most of these are regular videos of construction workers doing what their boss said to do :b

  • M Kay
    M Kay 2 months ago +4

    Shows off finished product with the adverts covering it so cannot see finished product.Not clever.

    ALWAYS LIVE 2 months ago +1


  • Shawn Corbin
    Shawn Corbin 2 months ago +1

    I am a 30 year tile setter and I will say that this product is only good for people who are not tile setters by trade. It enables those who don't have the skills to do tile to perform adequately. Be warned, these showers are NOT water proof. The 4" bat material that they advise to use unmodified thin set with, allows leaking in the corners and will eventually fail.

    • DemonRage691
      DemonRage691 Month ago

      Shawn Corbin so very true! That junk is for people that don’t know what they’re doing. I hate it when I go to a job and that junk is what I have to install, because the client is the boss. I’ve tried to talk everyone of them out of it but the salesperson is good at making people believe what they say. It makes my stomach drop every time!!

    • MackinsTypeR
      MackinsTypeR Month ago

      You put me a shower in and it leaked after 3 hours, I want my money back, you fraud.

  • 10 Comm IMMANU EL code
    10 Comm IMMANU EL code 2 months ago +9


    • Nate Tolvstad
      Nate Tolvstad 21 day ago +2

      10 Comm IMMANU EL code well for the first one you want it at a tilted floor angle so the water can go in...the drain hole

  • William may
    William may 2 months ago

    Oh oh,,, yaaaaa,,, another trashy textured wall,,, hey poster,,, come suck both my balls in your mouth as you listen to crappy techno sounds,,, FUCKING FAGGOT!

  • Jim Ellinger
    Jim Ellinger 2 months ago

    That show base looked like a nightmare !



    • R Verro
      R Verro 2 months ago +1

      DOES ELON MUSK KNOWS ? maybe if he goes to Ukraine. Xa xa xa xa