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UK warns Russia of severe consequences if nuclear weapons used in Ukraine

  • Published on Oct 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • UK warns Russia of severe consequences if nuclear weapons used in Ukraine.
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    #putin #ukraine #russia

Comments • 774

  • moe wadhawa
    moe wadhawa 7 months ago +107

    Much much thanks to people of great Britain glory to Ukraine

    • Nora Barry
      Nora Barry 7 months ago +1

      edward h. I agree with you plus we will be the ones that will be frazzled not the politicians if the button is pressed

    • mozji
      mozji 7 months ago +13

      edward h. it is the people too... and it’s the right thing to do, to support Ukraine.

    • Hayley Dryden
      Hayley Dryden 7 months ago +2

      @mozji who told you this.. The media.

    • mozji
      mozji 7 months ago +4

      @Hayley Dryden what are you on about? I support Ukraine because their President isn’t a war criminal. And Ukraine are fighting for their territory.. don’t act like you’ve got all the answers to why Im support Ukraine.

  • Peter Ben
    Peter Ben 7 months ago +15

    I say we need new leaders in most off our countries who can sort things out without conflict like adults not power tripping baby’s the decisions the world leaders make affect every one and every thing on this planet and it’s just not right that the few decide for the many

    • andoryū
      andoryū 7 months ago +1

      Ever since the beginning of mankind we have always sorted things out with conflict lol this has always been the way and it will never change

    • Simon Morgan
      Simon Morgan 7 months ago +1

      And back in reality the threat of war allows peace.

  • DataSlam
    DataSlam 7 months ago +12

    As someone who's not British, I have nonetheless learned through a lifetime of experience that the famed British "stiff upper lip" is real, and that the Russians would be wise not to provoke them into conflict.

    • Luke Morgan
      Luke Morgan 7 months ago +2

      Hahaha what a bloody joke

    • DataSlam
      DataSlam 7 months ago +7

      @Luke Morgan you wouldn't be so stupid and flippant after serving in combat with them.

    • Steve C
      Steve C 7 months ago +4

      As someone who has lived in Britain for nearly 50 years I can honestly say the stiff upper lip does not exist, never has done

  • Mykola S Okrainy
    Mykola S Okrainy 7 months ago +26

    I like how he clearly said the word again, yes gentlemen - again, and it will be again and again

    • Ron Pd
      Ron Pd 7 months ago +1


    • H.R. Hegner
      H.R. Hegner 7 months ago +2

      Yes, because he’s running low on arguments

    • vlad goodman
      vlad goodman 7 months ago

      Вы бы так гордились новыми больницами и школами а не ракетами 90% которых сбиваются

  • blindman
    blindman 7 months ago +1

    At this point the UK should worry about it's own existence. After that pipeline thing it's questionable

  • david hoyes
    david hoyes 7 months ago +53

    You would think they might put their phones down and listen.

  • raff
    raff 7 months ago +11

    Russia is getting annoyed with the UK lately it seems. That just means they are doing something right.

    • C Cummings
      C Cummings 7 months ago +9

      We Brits have always been stubborn, the more anyone tells us to f-of the more we say no try and make make us, Hitler learned that the hard way and general Galtieri along with many others throughout history😜

    • CheaterMcCheat
      CheaterMcCheat 7 months ago +3

      @C Cummings Yeah, we're not the lions we used to be though, so we should probably shut up. Everyone thinks we're a joke now 😂 If we still had any lion left in us this government would have been dragged out into the streets by now.

    • C Cummings
      C Cummings 7 months ago +7

      @CheaterMcCheat The British people have never done that, you should check facts before you make comparisons.

    • CheaterMcCheat
      CheaterMcCheat 7 months ago

      @C Cummings What are you on about?

    • C Cummings
      C Cummings 7 months ago +3

      @CheaterMcCheat Read what you said then read what i answered, if you can't work it out for yourself then you are not worth talking to.

  • colin stables
    colin stables 7 months ago +35

    Great speech,its the only language Putin understands.

    • Poe Lemic
      Poe Lemic 7 months ago +1

      only speech a Tyrant or Dictator understands, is force and battlefield losses -- not great words like this British Parliament Speaker, who gave me reminders of Churchill, himself

    • poorna lingam
      poorna lingam 7 months ago +2

      @Poe Lemic the tyrant is Churchill..

      AM WARMASTER BY THE WAY 7 months ago +1

      @poorna lingam 😂😂😂

  • Ezra Pankratz
    Ezra Pankratz 7 months ago +8

    Glory and victory to the brave people of Ukraine who are holding the line against the fascist territorial expansionist Putin.

  • Thunder foot
    Thunder foot 4 months ago +2

    I really wish people would do their research before saying things like " glory to ukraine"

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 7 months ago +4

    God help any country currently at war. Keep the Falkland Islands under your protection. 🇬🇹🇱🇰🇳🇵🇸🇩🇹🇰🇿🇦

    • C Cummings
      C Cummings 7 months ago +1

      We will for as long as the Islanders want us there.

    • Charlie Grant
      Charlie Grant 7 months ago

      @C Cummings Yea Like we cared about the islanders in Garcia!

  • deano ward
    deano ward 7 months ago +1

    everyone needs help sometimes imagine if no one helped us during ww2 glory to ukraine from uk we no what your fighting for and we stand by you

    • deano ward
      deano ward 7 months ago

      they just had to much on the plate to focus on uk but it was coming sooner or later and if we did not we prob would be speaking German now sometimes you dont want to but you have to WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER

  • The rock
    The rock 7 months ago +12

    More thanks to the western keep stand with Ukrainian people please they deserve to live more weapons UK we love you

  • Amaobi
    Amaobi 7 months ago +2

    1:23 the door opens and someone happened to appear but didn't enter through the door.
    Did anyone see that?.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 7 months ago +11

    What a wise man. UK!

  • luke gordon
    luke gordon 7 months ago +17

    Well said

  • Mike Nkhuwa
    Mike Nkhuwa 7 months ago +23

    God bless and protect Ukraine.

    • I Racer
      I Racer 7 months ago

      Your 'god' isn't doing much 'blessing' or 'protecting' 🙄

    • Nerd
      Nerd 7 months ago

      @I Racer true but dont start a comment argument

    • Top G
      Top G 7 months ago +2

      Putin will protect them 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🐻

  • bigdada018
    bigdada018 7 months ago +56

    Blessings, peace and luck from California to Ukraine 🙏🙏✌✌🍀🍀💛💛💙💙

    • Vera Céline Pineau
      Vera Céline Pineau 7 months ago +3

      🙏🙏🙏 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    • Poe Lemic
      Poe Lemic 7 months ago +4

      from Texas too

    • bigdada018
      bigdada018 7 months ago

      @Poe Lemic Amen brother. 🤝🤝

    • bigdada018
      bigdada018 7 months ago

      @Serge Eternal Your take is so bad, that I really don't know what to tell you... be safe?

    #R.L VÍDEOS 7 months ago +26


    • alpe johnson
      alpe johnson 7 months ago +2

      L ukraine W russia and my spetznaz boys

  • March 05-E
    March 05-E 7 months ago +18

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Well done UK. What a great speech.

    • Теоретик
      Теоретик 7 months ago +3

      All they can do. Blah blah blah.

    • alpe johnson
      alpe johnson 7 months ago

      U serious LOL gordon ramsey should just replace Boris Johnson

    • mozji
      mozji 7 months ago

      @Теоретик sounds just like Russia, blah blah blah.

  • João Maxado
    João Maxado 7 months ago +7

    Well done Sir.
    We (Democracies) need that keeping the lead Democracies as your country did being the 1st Democracy .

    • NATE
      NATE 7 months ago

      Will democracies resort to nuclear with Russia?

  • Russell Barndt
    Russell Barndt 7 months ago +3

    We should Not leave out that American farmers are unable to replace these shipments since the Mississippi river cannot ship farm products at a high level....

    • M S
      M S 7 months ago

      We also have a national fertilizer shortage

  • Dr Bendover
    Dr Bendover 7 months ago

    Haven't heard anything about supplying Ukraine any generators for the thousands of households, winters coming:)

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 7 months ago +32

    All countries that start with U stick together 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 ❤️❤️👍💪

    • Bad_Boy!
      Bad_Boy! 7 months ago +8

      Yeah! Uzbekistan and Uganda ftw!

    • Ezio Auditore
      Ezio Auditore 7 months ago +2

      @Bad_Boy! yes! Uruguay, Uganda, and Uzbekistan also accepted!

    • Investing Genius
      Investing Genius 7 months ago

      Is United Kingdom a country? 😂

    • Justin Hart
      Justin Hart 7 months ago +2

      @Investing Genius yes... 'genius'

    • Paul Gregory
      Paul Gregory 7 months ago

      Uganda lol

  • Forgotten Promise
    Forgotten Promise 7 months ago +14

    Well Said.

    • No One Star
      No One Star 7 months ago

      Empty words bereft of actions, unfortunately. Just simps in suits.

  • CK
    CK 7 months ago +13

    Thanks to the UK & US, we all heard across the world when they told Zelensky not to negotiate a peace deal, but continue to fight. For what? This misery and destruction?

    • Lil Jojo
      Lil Jojo 7 months ago +3

      @dean 123 happened several times

    • dean 123
      dean 123 7 months ago +1

      @Lil Jojo too no avail negotiations are over

  • Peter Roycroft
    Peter Roycroft 7 months ago +35

    A superb speech.

    • Poe Lemic
      Poe Lemic 7 months ago

      Yes, makes me think of Churchill, himself.

  • Taj Speen
    Taj Speen 7 months ago +2

    Russia must ask to remove USA sanctions against taliban

  • Cameron Currie
    Cameron Currie 7 months ago +1

    I'm Canadian and I agree if he is not stopped to him its open season.

  • Hayley
    Hayley 3 months ago

    Sorry for everyone 😔

  • Andrew Bosch
    Andrew Bosch 7 months ago +3

    I salute UK for their support for Ukraine.

  • Cliff Santos
    Cliff Santos 7 months ago +7

    🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸💛💙 GLORY TO UKRAINE

  • Harry Kerry
    Harry Kerry 7 months ago +5

    Why does the UK have so much to say and have so much involvement, Russia's President Putin and Minister Lavrov have made very interesting interviews. These days the UK cannot expect to influence major world powers without possible consequences and that includes getting in hock with the Yanks. There were no comments made with regard to important Russian points that have been made during interviews with President Vladimir Putin or Minster Lavrov that can be seen extensively on Clip-Share.

    • George Andrews
      George Andrews 7 months ago +6

      Who really cares what putput says.

    • Harry Kerry
      Harry Kerry 7 months ago +3

      @George Andrews For peace to be made President Putin has to be included.

    Luis ALFONSO TARIN S. 7 months ago


  • Events 2015f
    Events 2015f 7 months ago +7

    Glory to Ukraine!!! 💛💙💪🇺🇦

  • M. Farah
    M. Farah 7 months ago

    Any one who likes to understand Putin, including Russians them selves, would look into the chilling Clip-Share clip on Stalin: A Day inThe Life of A Dictator

  • Kev In
    Kev In 7 months ago +14

    Love all the pro Russian comments , by state employed internet surfers.

    • Andrew Mitchell
      Andrew Mitchell 7 months ago +7

      They are working hard to avoid being mobilised.

    • James vloc Other Stuff
      James vloc Other Stuff 7 months ago +3

      @Andrew Mitchell ha ha ha so true 👍

    • Victor Zvyagintsev
      Victor Zvyagintsev 7 months ago +1

      Thats an easy way out, just call your opponents putinbots and claim the win :)

    • cristo
      cristo 7 months ago +1

      5 rubles and a sack of potatoes is hard to pass up🤭

    • luke gordon
      luke gordon 7 months ago +2

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a sad country. They can't afford bandages but can buy superyaughts for thier friends. They take thier peoples money and lie to them where it went 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gulable

  • என் அப்பன்

    I appreciate UK's self confidence.

    • Random
      Random 7 months ago

      Can u appreciate them when they disappear from the earth surface by Russian nuke ?

    • என் அப்பன்
      என் அப்பன் 7 months ago

      @Random that's why I appreciate their confidence.

  • AW-Resistance
    AW-Resistance 7 months ago +1

    It was 'false claims of an epic scale' when Russia accused Britain of blowing up Nord pipeline without evidence. But it's perfectly okay to suggest Russia would used nukes in UKraine, without any evidence whatsoever.

  • Emmanuel Querol
    Emmanuel Querol 7 months ago

    I support this.

  • дим вадим
    дим вадим 7 months ago +2

    In the UK, the grocery set for the poor has been reduced
    It's all the fault of the rapid rise in prices against the background of support for Ukraine.
    As stated by the head of the food bank Charlotte White, the organization can no longer provide those in need with the amount of food that was previously.

  • Fahrrad RA
    Fahrrad RA 7 months ago +3

    80% without running water in kiev. putin makes ukraine more like russia.

    • Emilia Jay
      Emilia Jay 5 months ago +1

      Kyiv Ukraine🇺🇦. Kiev was destroyed by the Golden Horde an empire ruled by Batu khan

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan 7 months ago +4

    The UK threatening Russia is like a bee trying to sting an elephant's flank.

    • TooSlowTube
      TooSlowTube 7 months ago +6

      Russia is only big geographically. It's mostly empty.
      Also, the UK is not making threats. It's making promises that there would be consequences.

    • Rikki Vet
      Rikki Vet 7 months ago +4

      Well Russia ain’t doing well in Ukraine so what’s he going to do to the UK

  • Trading Wizard
    Trading Wizard 7 months ago +1

    Russia 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 👍.

  • игорь ק
    игорь ק 7 months ago +7

    it's time for Putin to recognize the IRA and supply them with certain technologies

    • JZ's BFF
      JZ's BFF 7 months ago +6

      Well, they've tried that in the 70s.

    • C Walker
      C Walker 7 months ago +10

      They don’t want a bunch of rusty weapons they are better equipped then the Russian conscripts 😂😂😂

    • C Walker
      C Walker 7 months ago

      @Margelatu lol really get involved? You lost the most high ranking commanders since WW2. Haha you must be dreaming or just listening to RT.

  • Дамир Муллин
    Дамир Муллин 7 months ago +5

    Viva La Russia 👍
    Bravo Mr Putin 💪
    Alaska это Россия 🇷🇺

  • Uncle Fester
    Uncle Fester 7 months ago

    The UK 'warning' Russia? Again? 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Outdoors And More
    Outdoors And More 7 months ago +8

    I wish these silly people would keep their mouths closed. I for one don’t stand with a single thing these people say. It’s not upto these people to speak for the masses. We don’t want war. Stay well away from this circus and let us here in the UK be. We keep sending money to fund a war that’s not ours. Whilst people here starve and can’t keep their kids warm and have no place to stay.

    • Desmond Quailey
      Desmond Quailey 7 months ago +2

      Well said

    • idalgleish87
      idalgleish87 7 months ago +1

      It's literally their job to speak for the population. It's what they've been elected for and your calling them silly?

    • Outdoors And More
      Outdoors And More 7 months ago +2

      @idalgleish87 if that’s what you belive, that’s fine, you can say that all you want. but when you take the time out of your day to speak to other people, you’ll gain the knowledge to realise that, what they are saying and what we are saying couldn’t be any further apart. so you say they are speaking for us? I think not 👍

  • Mike oxlong
    Mike oxlong 7 months ago +2


  • Taj Speen
    Taj Speen 7 months ago

    Russia must give supersonic missil technology to the North Korea and iran

  • JasonD1225
    JasonD1225 7 months ago +16

    what's going on? the room is empty and those in the room are playing with their smartphones

  • Spookily
    Spookily 7 months ago

    They wont use em just to instill fear

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs 5 months ago

      Won't use ?.I think you're wrong.

  • Gent Jakupi
    Gent Jakupi 7 months ago

    Slava russia

  • MrBigIron45
    MrBigIron45 7 months ago +2


  • Earlkeats Bajarias
    Earlkeats Bajarias 7 months ago

    Ukraine will prevail🇺🇦🇬🇧

  • Mykola S Okrainy
    Mykola S Okrainy 7 months ago

    you misspelled the word if, the correct word is when

  • d6o6n6g
    d6o6n6g 7 months ago

    Maybe you should take Putin up on those peace talks he's been offering....?

  • Tech & Nature
    Tech & Nature 7 months ago +3


    • glenn hearn
      glenn hearn 7 months ago +1

      really when russia has invaded another country its every ones business so how do u like that

  • Champion T
    Champion T 7 months ago +1

    Empty threats.

  • Mike Salcito
    Mike Salcito 7 months ago

    All of Russia's Nuks are contained within Russia's borders. Unlike US/NATO Nukes which are placed across the Globe. Who is more likely to use Nuks offensively??? The one who has his Nukes at home or the one who has it's Nuke's spread across the Globe???

    • Ben
      Ben 6 months ago

      Basing your nuclear weapons in secret locations around the world is a defensive strategy in case someone makes the first strike, they can't completley take out nukes. So any aggressors will always have the threat of retaliation looming over them.
      Not to mention the fact that Russia also has nuclear weapons that are air and sea based as well as land based for this reason.

  • @Master___C
    @Master___C 7 months ago +3

    Brexit can't be taken seriously when they own country is in need!

  • Faniel Maria
    Faniel Maria 7 months ago +3

    UK warns Russia 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 UK chiwawa tell your master (USA) stop the war

  • Mick Hardstaff
    Mick Hardstaff 7 months ago +4

    What are we going to do ,Sunak has just slashed our defence budget to fund uKrAInE , we've no money for war

  • Carlos Enrique Leal Guzman

    Pues así están las cosas.

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado 7 months ago +1

    Completely crazy!

  • Steven sharp
    Steven sharp 7 months ago

    He's worried about Yemen while selling weapons to the Saudis. I am obviously missing something here.

  • Hueningkai’splushies
    Hueningkai’splushies 6 months ago

    Well what can I say is brits are not afraid of nothing lol

  • DavidHayter
    DavidHayter 3 months ago

    This is like your little sister warning you she's gonna beat you up

  • D boi
    D boi 7 months ago

    Severe consequences.... More sanctions....

  • Steven clark
    Steven clark 7 months ago

    The British people need that money

  • chris leonard
    chris leonard 7 months ago

    Oh dear. The hospitality minister trying to be a politician. We need a general election now

  • ishxjhk s kc
    ishxjhk s kc 7 months ago

    "Here we go..."

  • Breach
    Breach 7 months ago

    Haha, I live in the UK... The UK can't even sort itself... What's the UK gonna do??

    • mozji
      mozji 7 months ago

      These are the puppets, there’s more to what you see on the television

  • Alex K
    Alex K 2 months ago

    What is UK?😂Today is UK, tomorrow is the BAY🤷‍♂️

  • Juan Pedro
    Juan Pedro 7 months ago

    Maybe use in UK

  • Manolo Romira
    Manolo Romira 7 months ago +2

    Long live England

  • Spookily
    Spookily 7 months ago

    Wow sanctions

  • Mor Ho
    Mor Ho 7 months ago

    British nuclear submarine caught fire

  • ИIМI James
    ИIМI James 7 months ago

    Also does anyone know why notes are being passed at 1:47.

    • Super Guy
      Super Guy 7 months ago +1

      With my superior intellectual and deducing capability. I know what the note said.

    • ИIМI James
      ИIМI James 7 months ago +1

      @Super Guy I did think the same; I'm not going to lie. MPs aren't elected based on their intelligence after all! They're elected by which party they belong to!

  • Kathryn Janeway
    Kathryn Janeway 23 days ago +1

    British people sick of paying for wars off our shore

  • GT
    GT 7 months ago

    I thought UK warned Russia 9 months ago. Now again ? Lots of warning like bulldogs barking

  • Rupar Kyi Tin
    Rupar Kyi Tin 7 months ago

    What would be the reason for Russians to use nukes in Ukraine??

  • B2B-D56
    B2B-D56 7 months ago +1

    Clear as Crystal

  • stone bridge
    stone bridge 7 months ago +1

    Only 1 Poseidon or Sarmat, and there is no britain any more. Waiting for that moment

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 7 months ago

    Nobody other than YOU is talking about it. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Rastov
    Rastov 7 months ago +1

    Where is the putin's party... He is blabbering to himself

  • Cristian Gaban
    Cristian Gaban 7 months ago +6

    Russia doesn't even care about feeding their own soldiers, all this talk is non-sense.