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Power Supply Mistakes, Tier Lists, & Myths, ft. Jonny Guru

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We met with former PSU reviewer "Jonny Guru" to talk about common misconceptions and myths about power supplies, including tier lists, modular cable standards, marketing, and more.
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    This video was filmed at Corsair's lab just before our Newegg trip, featuring Jon Gerow of power supply R&D at Corsair (GN paid all travel expenses for itself). We talked about power supply tier lists, problems with standardizing modular cables, marketing BS about fans, full bridge rectifiers, 80 Plus Certification, and more. This is an educational piece that should help everyone learn more about power supplies for computers, including how to find the best PSUs in 2022 (and onward) and what specs are best for a power supply for a PC build.
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    00:00 - PSU Misconceptions & Myths
    01:15 - Modular Cable Problems
    06:12 - Standardizing Modular Cables
    07:17 - Heatsink BS
    09:38 - Full Bridge Rectification
    12:08 - PSU Tier Lists
    13:34 - Fan Marketing Lies
    17:14 - "Just Buy 80 Plus Gold"
    18:54 - New Standards for Testing (Cybenetics)
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    Host: Steve Burke
    Guest, Expert: Jon Gerow, Corsair (formerly Jonny Guru)
    Video: Andrew Coleman
    Video Production: Keegan Gallick
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +590

    This was so fun to do! Very educational for us and always entertaining to hear Jon go on mini rants about PSU misconceptions or marketing. We have more coming up with him! In the meantime, check out our power supply playlist to get even more PSU content! clip-share.net/video/weFJd8dzxAE/video.html
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    • Damicske
      Damicske Year ago

      What is the gray case next to the cabinet on the ground? Looks like a old Thermaltake?

    • Overseer PC
      Overseer PC Year ago +6

      Really glad you had this interview, Steve. Moving forward, I hope GN picks up the PSU testing space for all of us, enthusiasts and PC gamers alike.
      We really need a no-BS JohnnyGuru-like PSU tests/reviews, and not just the usual 'repeat the marketing specs' PSU reviews in YT. 👍

    • Dragunnitum Gaming
      Dragunnitum Gaming Year ago

      Give my Thanks to mr jhon for being so cool and open to sharing all this with us!! 😍😍

    • Power Play
      Power Play Year ago +3

      Jonny is the man,He helped me with a few questions i had about power supplies.
      It's very rare to see people like that who are happy to help and answer questions to complete strangers on the internet.

    • mongoose mcmongoose
      mongoose mcmongoose Year ago +2

      The first segment about not mixing modular cables is really good info for people.
      There's a reason why cablemod has specific modular sets for different brands/models.

  • ApexLodestar
    ApexLodestar Year ago +1783

    I really miss Jonny Guru reviewing power supplies considering he was so detailed and reliable on choosing great PSUs. It's great to see him doing well elsewhere and even just ranting on PSUs.

    • Grem Five
      Grem Five Year ago +62

      I miss him reviewing as well, I have been hoping for a replacement reviewer and always thought that might/would be GN but not yet.

    • Gari Hughes
      Gari Hughes Year ago +43

      Probably a safe bet to just buy a Corsair psu now.

    • optiquest86
      optiquest86 Year ago +92

      @Gari Hughes Corsair as a brand isn't bullet proof. They've had their issues even since he came on.

    • Steez
      Steez Year ago +39

      @optiquest86 I just buy high end corsair power supplies. Every brand also makes cost down budget items, but I know my expensive corsair power supply most likely had Jonny’s approval.

    • ApexLodestar
      ApexLodestar Year ago +17

      I'm using a Super Flower Leadex III PSU so I think I'm still good. 😉

  • Bradley
    Bradley Year ago +271

    The fact that modular cable pinouts wasn't standardized 10+ years ago has to be one of the things in the PC world that grinds my gears the most. It's maddening, and dangerous!

    • The Tesseract
      The Tesseract Year ago +4

      I’ve blown up a few motherboards before because each had their own unique pin out instead of the atx standard

    • Bradley
      Bradley Year ago +13

      @The Tesseract I remember the old days of Dell and the physically compatible but electrically incompatible pinouts. Fortunately that's been the exception and not the norm. While proprietary power supplies haven't gone anywhere, at least they are clearly proprietary most of the time.

    • Insomniul
      Insomniul Year ago

      Even with standardized pinouts the modular cables are not really identical because they use different wires, different type of plastic for connectors, some have filtering capacitors, are of different lengths etc. Would it really be less dangerous to have an option to use "compatible" cheap cables on your 150+$ psu in a 2000+$ build?

    • Bradley
      Bradley Year ago +9

      @Insomniul Given that there IS a specification for the other end of the cable, that includes minimum current carrying capabilities, and 95% of use cases don't even come close to exceeding those, I'd say yes, it would still be preferable by a long shot. I don't buy cheap power supplies, so any of the cables available to me wouldn't be of questionable quality to begin with.
      Of course, most of my power supplies are already Corsair. And it IS nice that my 11 year old Corsair cables still work with my newest Corsair PSUs. But I also have a mix of EVGA and Cooler Master. And it's just flat out annoying how careful I have to be where-as every other PC cable I own is universal and I can just toss them in a box together.

    • Hello
      Hello Year ago

      cry me a river

  • spork8655
    spork8655 Year ago +233

    Jonny Guru is a LEGEND. It's cool to see that there's finally somebody to whom he can pass the torch.

    • Sad Dane
      Sad Dane Year ago

      Oh a Goril--- ROARRRRR !!! xD (Silverpower Box logos meme)

    • Dennzer1
      Dennzer1 Year ago +2

      Who has he passed the torch to? Is there a new reviewer of power supplies out there that is a big deal?

    • Frank B
      Frank B Year ago +13

      @Dennzer1 GN does actual PSU reviews. Unlike every other tech youtuber who "reviews" them

  • Alberto García Engineer
    Alberto García Engineer Year ago +1300

    Interviews with people who know their shit are way more enjoyable than others, good stuff.

    • SOSukelele
      SOSukelele Year ago +46

      It's a plus that they're often quite passionate about the subject of their expertise

    • Alberto García Engineer
      Alberto García Engineer Year ago +8

      @SOSukelele Indeed

    • Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko
      Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko Year ago +32

      Engineers > some weird managers

    • Kout Kout
      Kout Kout Year ago

      Yeah. And the comments that just don’t point out the obvious are also way more interesting.

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H Year ago +143

    When Linus was talking about all the OG's from print media in the tech industry moving over to the industrial side, this is a great example. I hope his upcoming lab gets a few gems back into the game of putting out information to customers without brand bias holding them back.

    • Santiago Ferrari
      Santiago Ferrari Year ago +2

      Linus Torvalds or the slales guy?

    • Stona Lisa
      Stona Lisa Year ago +5

      @Santiago Ferrari Linus Tech Tips

    • Matthew H
      Matthew H Year ago +1

      @Santiago Ferrari Linus from Linus tech tips.

    • Plebis Maximus
      Plebis Maximus Year ago +4

      I don't think you'll see anything from LTT without brand bias. With how many business connections they have in the industry, I doubt they'd be willing to burn bridges over a shit product. Tech reviews in general should always be taken with a mountain of salt.

    • Plebis Maximus
      Plebis Maximus Year ago

      @BrainScramblies There is no difference, you're correct. Like I said, you shouldn't take tech reviews as gospel. Even the objective things like benchmarks should probably be taken with a grain of salt if they got the product for free, since it could be a special high quality media unit.

  • Mr House
    Mr House Year ago +523

    I always wondered why he stopped doing reviews. Now I know. Glad to see he's putting his knowledge into bettering the industry, or at least Corsair's part of it. Also thankful that the GN team is now helping keep the manufacturers honest by doing their part and testing some PSUs. Looking forward to part 2 of your time at Corsair. 🤘

    • FeedMeSalt
      FeedMeSalt Year ago +11

      Him just being apart of the brand bought me for life as a customer.

    • Tyler Austin
      Tyler Austin Year ago +1

      @FeedMeSalt yeah Fr I’m about to buy a new power supply because I beleive mine is not enough

    • j.a.cole
      j.a.cole Year ago +41

      conflict of interest.
      If hes directly employed by corsair now, then its impossible for him to be unbiased, as a manufacture of power supplies is his primary employer

    • FeedMeSalt
      FeedMeSalt Year ago +3

      @j.a.cole welcome to the industry.
      I bet he has alot of incentives trust me.

    • Griffin
      Griffin Year ago +9

      @FeedMeSalt sheep

  • Jusmar
    Jusmar Year ago +49

    Jonny Guru is the GOAT of PSU reviews. Corsair could literally use his tenure as marketing

    • malphadour
      malphadour Year ago +12

      Well in his time they have gone from making a range of what were essentially hot garbage from almost top to bottom, to what are now excellent units. It has taken some time (even as recent as 2018 they had some real duds out there) but it seems he has finally got rid of all their average quality stuff (that they sold for high quality prices) and now have waht is a solid range from the very lowest of their models. Just remember don't buy a Corsair PSU with a "v" in the name, thats old design bad stuff which unfortunately are still round in stock.

    • Nunya Beeswax
      Nunya Beeswax Year ago

      @malphadour I assume the 2018 dud you're referring to is the AX?

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz Year ago +1

      @malphadour He has worked for Corsair for well over a decade.
      As to Corsair using him for marketing? That wouldn't sit well with me, but i can't quite put my finger on why.

    • malphadour
      malphadour Year ago +3

      @Siana Gearz Yes he has. But it didn't stop them continuing to sell old garbage designs for quite a while. The RM and CM series were the first that were completely under his overview, and they still managed to have problems with the pre 2019 RM models - thats why there are RM's, and RM2019 models - the 2019 being the revised ones which, btw, are very good now.

    • Guido De Palma
      Guido De Palma 6 months ago

      @malphadour yeah, i have never touched a RM or CM unit, but 2021+ are finally good

  • @pplebite
    @pplebite Year ago +60

    All of my PSUs were rec'd by Jonny Guru. None of them ever failed me. Legend.

      OUTFOXEM Year ago +12

      Same. If a PSU had his approval it was pretty much an automatic buy for me.

    • Hani Online
      Hani Online 7 months ago +1

      which PSU u are using and is it quiet ?

    • Guido De Palma
      Guido De Palma 6 months ago +1


  • Zosu
    Zosu Year ago +290

    The legend Johnny! Nice to see him doing well.

    • Peter Fischer
      Peter Fischer Year ago +10

      jonny Guru peaked my interest in Power supplies! Great man

  • sadlerbw9
    sadlerbw9 Year ago +34

    You know, the ONE thing I will give Intel is that they had the ability to push things like the standardization of the power connectors between the PSU and Motherboard. Intel basically made the ATX spec and had the market power to get everyone on-board with using it. There are lots and lots of bad things they did, but promulgating the ATX specs was actually a good thing for consumers. Unfortunately in the PSU world, there is no one manufacturer or OEM with the clout to get everyone else to jump on the bandwagon of picking a standard for PSU-side modular cable connectors, and consumers are worse off for it.
    There doesn't seem to be a PSU standards group either, as everyone got used to letting Intel spend all the money to make the specs, and no one wants to spend the time and effort to work with their competitors so that consumers don't have to worry about accidentally using the wrong cables. Maybe the 80-plus guys could come up with a 'modular certified' sticker or something to indicate that a modular PSU conforms to a set standard for pinout and connector type? Unless Intel or AMD decide to come up with something, the 80-plus folks are about the only ones that almost all PSU makes work with, outside of government agencies.

    • VRNocturne
      VRNocturne Year ago +5

      I think this is one of the things that is hard to leave up to the market unless you do have an almost-monopoly like Intel. Otherwise, the market is designed to compete, not cooperate, while standardization requires cooperation and agreement to adhere to whatever it is.
      So I think someone will have to come in and enforce the standard just like we have for outlets in our walls. We don't have to match plugs to brands or have different draws based on what wires were used in the house. We don't have to worry if this "Corsair cord" will match my "EVGA wall outlet".
      Power supplies should be the same at that point. The difference is the innards and proprietary designs of non-user components.

  • Eric E
    Eric E Year ago +293

    This is neat stuff Steve, that you wouldn't get anywhere else. Thanks to you and the GN team. Cheers guys!

    • DaKrawnik420
      DaKrawnik420 Year ago

      Nowhere else?

    • TheWalf999
      TheWalf999 Year ago +1

      @DaKrawnik420 What he meant is you can't get this type of content anywhere else.

  • Maya Posch
    Maya Posch Year ago +122

    I miss when Jonny Guru et al. were putting up sick burns of 'Gutless Wonders' reviews, melting plastic PSUs and other fun.
    Really hoping that Gamers Nexus can bring back some of the magic, perhaps with more side appearances of a Jonny and perhaps OklahomaWolf and crew :)

    • Sev'rance Tann
      Sev'rance Tann Year ago +3

      Maya, omg yessss.
      If anyone can do that, it's GN
      Steve has the comedic flair to work those jokes too. Both OklahomaWolf's subtle digs and sick burns were hilarious AND well woven into their pieces, it was fkn brilliant

    • Maeda Toshiie
      Maeda Toshiie 6 months ago +1

      I need new PSU reviews by OklahomaWolf.

  • SoulAuctioneer
    SoulAuctioneer Year ago +9

    The man, the myth, the legend! I miss both his intricate, ruthless PSU reviews and the endless forum discussions they sparked! Glad to see he's putting his incredible knowledge to great use at Corsair! Sigh, now I feel old as well...

  • milestailprower
    milestailprower Year ago +21

    80 Plus Gold may not be indicative of a quality power supply. That being said, as soon as you see 95 Plus Gold from a sketchy power supply, you know you have a real treat. 👌💯

  • afrewer94
    afrewer94 Year ago +58

    Always good to see Jonny. For years I would check jonnyguru daily and hang out on the forums. I miss the great reviews that Jonny, OklahomaWolf, and the others put out. What a loss that it's gone now.

    • malphadour
      malphadour Year ago +4

      100% second this, though Jon is still fairly active on some forums which is good for all of us. It shows the expertise required to properly review a PSU that there are maybe half a dozen respected reviewers out there (and I'm talking over the last 10 to 15 years) vs the fifty thousand people who review everything else.

  • Cheb Ornek
    Cheb Ornek Year ago +1

    Nice to know Jonny Guru is still around and contributing to top quality gear. Discovered his site in 2009. Convinced me to migrate over to Seasonic PSUs and the absolute necessity of UPS ever since. Thanks Jonny! PSUs: the bedrock foundation of all PCs.

  • Sara King
    Sara King Year ago +86

    You've taught me a lot about power supplies with this channel. I didn't know anything about them before

  • Zanpa
    Zanpa Year ago +53

    Even if Jonny stopped doing reviews, he set a precedent for people being more aware of what to look for, and manufacturers being held accountable. I think GN is doing a similar job in case reviewing - even if you stopped reviewing cases tomorrow, people would still know not to trust manufacturer claims, what to look out for and what a useful review is.

    • Chad
      Chad Year ago

      My hope is that GN can grow to encompass psu's in the same way. A Jonny Guru Jr. if you will.

  • Cody
    Cody Year ago +8

    It's really nice when you see companies actually out here on social media it makes me feel like I'm actually purchasing something from real people

  • Aldarris
    Aldarris Year ago +22

    Corsair properly labeling their cables was pretty important for me, using an older HX power supply it was easy to figure out which cables I needed to buy from corsair.

    • John Carlyle
      John Carlyle Year ago +1

      But the fact that Corsair even have multiple standards themselves just shows what a shit-show it is.

  • MassNoobness
    MassNoobness Year ago +38

    legend in power supply reviews. really helped me when recommending different units in the earlier part of the past decade

  • Jfunkey
    Jfunkey Year ago +2

    I've been using Corsair for four years and I'm never disappointed. Thank you Jonny Guru for your wonderful work that goes into my PSU!

  • Dirk Manderin
    Dirk Manderin Year ago +27

    If there was ever a product that screams for a standard, it's power supply cable pinouts. Stupid that this hasn't happened yet.

    • malphadour
      malphadour Year ago +2

      If only there had been a video made recently explaining why that hasn't happened.....

    • Junya
      Junya 7 months ago

      @malphadour and the reason why that hasn’t happened is stupid. Imagine if every phone brand made their own version of micro usbs 12 years ago - the smartphone boom would have been a nightmare

    • malphadour
      malphadour 7 months ago

      @Junya You are looking at the wrong object. The issue would be if every graphics card or motherboard had a different power connector. These are the same, so the power supplies are all following this standard - how it exits the actual PSU is less relevant unless you decide to swap cables. Yes it certainly would be nice if they were all the same, but in reality how often are psu cables swapped about?

  • Blazehoof
    Blazehoof Year ago +45

    I actually managed to fry a bank of 4 HDDs because of the interchangeable but not pin compatible modular cables...
    It was a really expensive lesson in always changing the PSU cables, even if the keying is identical...

    • Alejandro Suárez Mascareño
      Alejandro Suárez Mascareño Year ago +2

      Same here. I killed an old SSD.

    • Suzi Scarborough
      Suzi Scarborough Year ago +3

      I killed two hard drives and an SSD. Being an Engineer, I foolishly assumed (yes, I know, ass-u-me makes an ass of you and me :() that cables would be standardized. I managed to revive one hard drive by getting a controller board from ebay and swapping the EEPROM.

    • Blazehoof
      Blazehoof Year ago +2

      ​@Suzi Scarborough Yeah, it's not like there was a 20+ year precedent that you can not plug stuff in that doesn't belong there...

    • Random Some Guy
      Random Some Guy Year ago +2

      Same. Killed 2 HDDs. Was nice and sparky and smelly. When in doubt, don't plug in, and if you have to, select the least important part and test with that.

    • Alejandro Suárez Mascareño
      Alejandro Suárez Mascareño Year ago +1

      @Blazehoof In my case I didn't even notice it was from a different power supply. I was making two systems with 2 modular PSUs from different brands and somehow I mixed one of the cables. They looked the same except for tiny text in one of them. Honestly, other brands cables just shouldn't fit.

  • Rick H
    Rick H Year ago +1

    Great information Steve coming from an Electronic Technician with 30+ years of experience. I still find these types of in depth reviews and information educational for myself and folks on every level of PC building or modding. Or those including myself who want to know how things work and perform. Thank you for all your hard work. Cheers

  • evl kenevl
    evl kenevl Year ago +2

    This is cool. Two guys who are both legends in hardware testing and review, doing a serious q&a. I'm looking forward to Steve's new projects and wish JG a good future at Corsair. They made a smart move getting him on their team.

  • Christopher Starshine
    Christopher Starshine Year ago +31

    Would like to see a deeper dive, specifically on ripple and any factors that would determine overclocking stability. Yes protections are important, yes efficiency is important, but what factors makes a PSU good\bad for providing the most stable and consistent power delivery while pushing a system to its limits and why they are important.

    • GypSy
      GypSy Year ago

      First Rule of pc building. Don't skimp on the psu. It's why a Corsair SFX 600w Platinum is sitting in my mITX custom loop. I have every expectation of everything else failing or becoming obsolete before that psu gives up the ghost.

  • yourself88xbl
    yourself88xbl Year ago +1

    Such a cool and informative segment I'd love to see more like it. You guys are incredible for all the work you do.

  • Nick Catelli
    Nick Catelli Year ago +1

    This was an awesome interview and it's just really nice to see a conversation with someone so invested and knowledgeable about their field, especially someone like Jonny Guru. I've been using the same EVGA Supernova 750W G2 in my system for 7 years now and I originally went with it after reading his very detailed review of it. The level of detail, thoroughness, and most importantly truly impartial and honest reviews are the same reasons I take so seriously all of your guy's reviews too.

  • LuqDude
    LuqDude Year ago +83

    Hey GN, recently LTT posted a video on a really cheap 2000W PSU, would love to see you guys test it with your proper equipment and see if it can actually output 2000W

    • sp00n
      sp00n Year ago +18

      Or the quality of the output. In the video it could pump out lots of watts, but they didn't measure the efficiency or the ripple.

    • Nicholas Vinen
      Nicholas Vinen Year ago +5

      @sp00n the finger test suggested its efficiency wasn't great.

    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas Year ago +3

      They would literally have to move overseas to properly test it. Just slapping a 220/240V plug onto a 110/120V extension cord and plugging into a 220/240V outlet isn't proper testing.

    • suspicionofdeceit
      suspicionofdeceit Year ago +3

      Aaron Thomas Why would you have to move overseas, a proper 240v outlet could easily be installed for testing purpose.

    • LuqDude
      LuqDude Year ago +3

      ​@Aaron Thomas LTT literally is based in Canada where it's 120V and they had a 220V outlet... GN probably has a 220V plug that they can use

  • Federico Trenton
    Federico Trenton Year ago

    Jonny Guru was my idol back in the days, glad to see he's still around!!

  • LowKey
    LowKey 4 days ago

    Man, Jonny Guru working at Corsair is a huge testament to their quality 😮

  • cool_ohm
    cool_ohm Year ago

    Thanks for this. I love watching this technical yet personal discussions with experts in the field. I feel spoiled knowing that every one of these videos is going to be top notch content wise, without having to worry otherwise.

  • Asterisk
    Asterisk Year ago +3

    So that’s where he went! Happy to see Johny doing well and still putting his vast knowledge to great use.

  • Phlogistan Jones
    Phlogistan Jones Year ago +1

  • Kesa Mek
    Kesa Mek Year ago +30

    Jonny Guru is a god walking amongst mere mortals.

    • Rick Storm
      Rick Storm Year ago

      His review of the V1000 by Cooler Master led me to purchase it. Its been through 10 years of builds including tri sli builds back in the day.... I finally bought a new PS EVGA 1000w to replace it. Would have bought the V1000 but it wasn't in stock. Shane that...

  • Auturgic Flosculator

    Thank you for talking to Jon! I sorely miss his reviews, but it's awesome that he's doing well at his present gig.

  • Devil Boner
    Devil Boner Year ago

    Damn, it is a pleasure to watch this video, he has such warmth and passion, a fountain of knowledge. It would be cool to see more content with JG! Great stuff as always, GN!

  • harborwolf22
    harborwolf22 Year ago

    This channel has been consistently having amazing informative and varied content.
    Absolutely killing it guys, great job.

  • Banana Havoc
    Banana Havoc 3 months ago +1

    After like 4 years I finally needed to buy a new power supply recently tried searching for Jonny and was like... Wtf? Where'd he go. Now I know.

  • S H
    S H Year ago +1

    More interviews with experts please! Very informative

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D. Year ago +12

    You know when a company cares about their products if they hire such people like Jonny. Thanks for this video!
    P.S.: The 80 Plus people should look for another job. So much money for nothing? Interesting...

  • Invocation
    Invocation Year ago +1

    Gamer jesus really is the most honest and wholesome guy, thanks Steve. It's just great to see someone approach reporting with genuine curiosity and a will to listen carefully

  • yashar
    yashar Year ago +1

    This is extremely good content, Steve - even by your standards. Would love to see more videos like this

  • PKPNYT47
    PKPNYT47 Year ago

    I love content like this! Jonny taught me a lot as a fledgling PC builder when I was young and I do miss him making those great reviews. It's great to see and I'm happy that he's doing well at Corsair.

  • Tom Tomminger
    Tom Tomminger Year ago +1

    Seriously, i don't have any kind of technical education but thanks to your continuous efforts and awesome knowledge peices like this one, i have a basic understanding of what components do and how they work together.
    I started watching your vids in summer 21 to learn stuff in order to buy the right computer, in November i built it myself and now i am still hooked on all the cool content you deliver.
    Thank you, GN!

  • TheLast1100
    TheLast1100 Year ago +1

    I absolutely love hearing from Jon, I cannot get enough of the PSU stuff. He is so knowledgable and provides great insight for the consumer even outside of Corsair.

  • GettCouped
    GettCouped Year ago +3

    I absolutely LOVED this. Very frank and didn’t feel corporate at all! What a great bunch of information!

  • Eremon1
    Eremon1 Year ago +1

    Great video! Hit on a much needed discussion point in the first 2 minutes. Do NOT interchange PSU cables even within the same brand. I've been saying this for almost 2 decades and it's never seemed to come up in videos very often if ever.

  • depravedmonk
    depravedmonk Year ago +1

    This took me back over a decade, to the legend. Jonny guru... Loved this

  • Fabian Camargo
    Fabian Camargo 6 months ago

    I love it! :D Thank you for another amazing, fun and educational video Steve! It's always great to see people talking about what they know best. Blessings to you, your team and Jonny! :D

  • GoAwayBaizuo
    GoAwayBaizuo Year ago +1

    Wow Johnny Guru the man, myth, and legend! I loved his reviews. I feel like that was the golden age of PC DIY!

  • tantryl
    tantryl Year ago +1

    Holy shit, the man hisself. The era of proper testing in the mid-late 00s taught me so much and Jonny Guru was probably the most thorough of the lot. Good times.

  • TheCloop123
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    • QuantumConundrum
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      Luke Savenije Year ago

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    • malphadour
      malphadour Year ago

      @ProfChaos I can help you with that. Xigmatec are terrible across the board. The Tuf bronze is ok- the 550 only has one GPU power cable, the 650w version has two - so for a mid tier graphics card )requiring 2 connectors)avoid the 550w. They are made by Great Wall who are a decent OEM and they also make the Corsair CX models(as well as CWT). Both brands are LLC with DC-DC on the secondary. This means it is modern design. The Asus Tuf usse Teapo caps which are ok, however the Corsair models use better quality ones - its a minor difference, but one that may make a difference as the units age. Of the two I would go with the Corsair model as their X ranges have proven to be solid units. With the CX models also check how many GPU power cables they have - the 650 has 2, but again i beleive the 550 is only one.

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    • MartyNZ
      MartyNZ Year ago

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