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  • xander
    xander 2 months ago +21619

    hes taking away the sugar, calories, and further teeth problems. hes a real sigma

  • Jose Little
    Jose Little 14 days ago +24

    Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise

    • Furkan
      Furkan Day ago

      And what does that have to do with the video?

    • itzPalhax ☭
      itzPalhax ☭ Day ago


    • Bennett Clip
      Bennett Clip 14 days ago

      Mr David muller has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with him

    • Kelvin Mill
      Kelvin Mill 14 days ago

      When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way

  • Lieoneil
    Lieoneil Month ago +930

    Bro took “Never Let em know your next move” to the next level

    • CodeWorld
      CodeWorld 5 days ago

      ​@Swagskii you got me 😅

    • Alfie
      Alfie 16 days ago

      Not really

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago +2

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

  • tom epic gameing
    tom epic gameing Month ago +1484

    real sigma always helps people

  • ReAlike
    ReAlike Month ago +313

    He saved her from pepsi what a good guy

  • NosafromNigeria
    NosafromNigeria Month ago +29

    Bro’s really sucking the life out of sigma

  • Footba11Editz
    Footba11Editz 2 months ago +7233

    Hes a true sigma. He took the pepsi instead of giving it to her because soda is not healthy

    • Laalu Panju
      Laalu Panju 13 days ago

      ​@Literally_Death He sacrificed for her.

    • Laalu Panju
      Laalu Panju 13 days ago

      ​@Admirer Pepsi isn't good

    • Kinnyy_Alt
      Kinnyy_Alt 28 days ago

      Bro's the kind of guy who drinks water for his entire life

    • RF _N
      RF _N Month ago

      ​@Admirer wrong choice, but do what you do man

    • Gilbert
      Gilbert Month ago

      ​@SnugNub bruh

  • Zeusz Sancika
    Zeusz Sancika Day ago

    Hahaha! Very Sigmaaa! 🙂

  • DarkBG
    DarkBG Month ago +10

    "Never disrespect anyone even though its a girl"
    - A Wise Boy

  • Teagahn Baker
    Teagahn Baker 2 months ago +1156

    When people don't enjoy you don't enjoy to be with them.

    • Dziopton
      Dziopton 2 months ago


    • Raito
      Raito 2 months ago

      @Spax thanks for the sugestion but I'm fine

    • JAME5 GAME5
      JAME5 GAME5 2 months ago

      ​@burg1r no that's beta

    • Julian Eckstein
      Julian Eckstein 2 months ago

      ​@LokiChuurro what does this mean

    • Spax
      Spax 2 months ago +2

      @Raito you have to enjoy people too and not be a arrogant person

  • Mushfique Alam
    Mushfique Alam 26 days ago

    Dang... That was a killer blow for sure

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 27 days ago +5

    He's done gods work

  • Mikito-kun
    Mikito-kun Month ago +570

    "Never let them know you're next move" 💀💀

    • Gooseman
      Gooseman  Month ago


    • dark
      dark Month ago

      ​@Kalmarade ☭ yessir

    • zx chen
      zx chen Month ago

      @pizza grunt that’s really cold and hard mate

  • ConspiracyTruuu
    ConspiracyTruuu 4 days ago

    Bro is finessing the sognma game

  • anson
    anson 16 days ago +1

    I see that Naruto drip 😎

  • Monkey
    Monkey Month ago +1841

    Preventing her from harming her body any more. True sigma
    EDIT I just want to say how people when they get more than 100 likes on a comment they lose their tiny minds and it’s kind of funny

  • Tara Skonieczny
    Tara Skonieczny 10 days ago

    Man's a god

  • Adrian Ausan
    Adrian Ausan 16 days ago


  • BlissfullyElegant Novels
    BlissfullyElegant Novels 2 months ago +654

    Helping others in genuine need is a true sigma my bro

    • MorbSTER
      MorbSTER 12 days ago

      @Laalu Panju Firstly Im a teenage dude, secondly ur not impressing anyone with this cringe sigma talk.

    • Laalu Panju
      Laalu Panju 13 days ago

      ​@MorbSTER It's not as cringe as simping womn .
      Wake up grandma .
      Chivalry is dead and modern womn killed it .

    • MorbSTER
      MorbSTER Month ago

      @jahleel anderson I'm referring to other sigma videos. Not just this

  • Nash Henry
    Nash Henry 7 days ago

    My role model

  • Andrea Reyes
    Andrea Reyes Month ago

    Woow, qué humilde

  • Saga's Creation 1
    Saga's Creation 1 Month ago +313

    Sigma always helps people

    • Laalu Panju
      Laalu Panju 13 days ago

      ​@CHENG lol stop acting like u know anything about sigma 🤣🤣🤣 boy .
      Plus he technically did her a favor

    • Bimla Chhajer
      Bimla Chhajer Month ago

      First help your self then other .

    • Dead men '-'
      Dead men '-' Month ago


    • Antoneboii
      Antoneboii Month ago

      He helped her by taking away the bad sugar and toxic soda

  • Games com Arthur
    Games com Arthur 27 days ago

    Sigma de mais 🗿🍷

  • Luís Henrique
    Luís Henrique 16 days ago +2

    Q sigma deixou uma pessoa triste parabéns continue

    • Arthur Veloso
      Arthur Veloso 6 days ago

      E engraçado que ele ensina e tbm desina por que ele ja fez um vídeo igual a esse mas ele ajudou a mulher

  • BlaxKBLK
    BlaxKBLK Month ago +280

    bro just changed the sigma logic 💀

  • Mimi
    Mimi 2 days ago

    every one so pretty

  • WTF.MrGamer among us S.
    WTF.MrGamer among us S. 14 days ago +2

    Moral: Sigma can be good and bad 🤗🤗

    THE_BEANZ Month ago +951

    “A real sigma gigachad helps and respects everybody”

    • Mich
      Mich Month ago

      @Steve Ali Jobs only bad girl if she doesn’t return the favor to someone else or smth

    • imaginable world
      imaginable world Month ago

      all sigmas are useless when they do this the rule is see first get it first doesnt matter

    • Jonathan Ngai
      Jonathan Ngai Month ago

      It's ok, there were bunch of pepsi on her right

    • Abudino
      Abudino Month ago

      @Steve Ali Jobs exactly

    • Body Electric
      Body Electric Month ago


  • azfar
    azfar Month ago +3

    Bro took (never let them know you next move) to a another level 😂

  • maria sri hartati
    maria sri hartati 18 days ago

    So Cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Space
    Space 2 months ago +388

    That devious employee really put it on the top shelf 💀

  • Muqaddas Axmedova
    Muqaddas Axmedova Month ago +1

    Боже это ЭПИЧНО!!!!

  • the dark marroko
    the dark marroko Month ago

    Eso es todo amigo gandalla

  • Wat3rball00n
    Wat3rball00n Month ago +305

    “A true sigma always treats people right”
    -a TRUE sigma

    • Luma1234
      Luma1234 Month ago

      Ele tratou ela bem ele pegou o último refrigerante o que faz ela pegar a água que e bem mais saudável

    • Lucas Hernandez
      Lucas Hernandez Month ago

      Not true

    • TheBomBomBee
      TheBomBomBee Month ago

      no. sigma no care about others

  • @dakwahIslami_3124
    @dakwahIslami_3124 5 days ago

    Stay Halal Brother 😚☺️

  • LeFerrariJames
    LeFerrariJames Month ago +26

    "Just drink the coke.." 💀💀

    • Shay Chaudry
      Shay Chaudry 12 days ago +1

      There's literally more pepsi down the shelf 💀💀💀

  • Axle Nmomma
    Axle Nmomma 2 months ago +602

    I helped a woman shorter than me reach something in the store and she gave me a job opportunity 🗿🗿

    • Laalu Panju
      Laalu Panju 13 days ago

      For what ???
      Call boy 😂

      ROCKLEE Month ago

      ​@Kanrabelo0o bruh ur a real chad now we can respect eachother 🗿🗿

    • Flochbtww
      Flochbtww Month ago

      @Kanrabelo0o also if you’re tired stop replying 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • vikas gamers
    vikas gamers Month ago +1

    Love the Sigma face 😂

  • Gooseman
    Gooseman  Month ago +19

    Hes just keeping her healthy, a true sigma

  • HUSAM Hra
    HUSAM Hra 2 months ago +312

    "Sigma helps, not the opposite"
    -Giga Chad

      LEMONED Month ago

      Another copy cat

    • The Epic Gamer
      The Epic Gamer Month ago

      ​@Bahaa Zidanigigachad is actually real

    • Restless Gallo
      Restless Gallo 2 months ago

      Women-stan Moment.💀

    • Ariyanx4
      Ariyanx4 2 months ago +1

      Nah bro work hard that's what his showing

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson Month ago +1

    Sigma helps everyone😊😊😊

  • Sakiasi simeonie
    Sakiasi simeonie Month ago +1

    Treat yourself before others😉

  • Landon Weston
    Landon Weston Month ago +203

    He took it and then pointed her towards the coke section, a true sacrifice 😢

  • ︎

    He took the pepsi out so she can get the coke instead, what a real sigma

  • ZinxTheSlayer
    ZinxTheSlayer 10 days ago +6

    True sigma: *takes the soda, donates it, gives her water.*

  • Siddharth Pandagale
    Siddharth Pandagale Month ago +614

    My Grandma once told me.. Good Manners never go out of fashion

    • spuderswag
      spuderswag Month ago +2

      @darkness “L Grandma” 💀

    • General Kenobi
      General Kenobi Month ago +1

      @Love ♥️ what are you talking about? Assuming that men have no manners, and why are men suppose to be at a higher standard than you women?

    • Dabyss
      Dabyss Month ago +1

      lol ur funny cause it already has

  • Mathieu Hoacio
    Mathieu Hoacio 9 days ago +1

    Super sigma

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Month ago

    Now that was rude 😂

    SAY MY NAME 2 months ago +564

    This isn't sigma. A true sigma helps and respect.

    • بطاطا 🥔
      بطاطا 🥔 Month ago

      so what if he took it for himself? He's just getting the things he wants, she doesn't own that Pepsi, he just wanted to buy it, it's not his fault that she wants it and can't reach it, he took it before her, she just needs to find another one to buy

    • Doc Hines
      Doc Hines Month ago

      He’s saving her from diabetes

    • SSpectRR
      SSpectRR Month ago

      this is sigma, he stopped the girl from getting the pepsi because it is unhealthy.

    • Wise Mystical Tree
      Wise Mystical Tree Month ago

      He got it first and there's 1 left and he wanted it so let the dude grab his Pepsi. 🤷‍♂️

    • scissors production
      scissors production 2 months ago

      @Hitrox no yours

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni Month ago

    SENSATIONAL!!! 😁😁😂

    MEME BRO Month ago +1

    she is so cute❤️

  • RedDeadEdits
    RedDeadEdits 2 months ago +4004

    An actual sigma helps others and respects everyone.
    - Patrick Beteman
    Edit: Guys chill, it's only a joke. I don't understand why you're all commenting so much on this little joke? everyone says, Patrick Bateman never told that but it's a joke and this video is not serious. and look carefully at the name

    • CriticalHit
      CriticalHit Month ago

      What??? Patrick bateman literaly destroys people life

    • TGSoccerCreator
      TGSoccerCreator Month ago

      Patrick BeatMen 💀

    • Arthur
      Arthur Month ago

      They ruined Sigma with this talk of being "nice" to women, something I would love to see has now become a form of bullying since y'all don't understand it's an irony

    • بطاطا 🥔
      بطاطا 🥔 Month ago

      Dude, he just wanted to buy Pepsi, Tf is wrong with that?? She couldn't take it but he could, so he took it, it's not bad to buy Pepsi that no one else has bought in a store

    • RedDeadEdits
      RedDeadEdits Month ago

      @Zenitsu Agatsuma yes you are right
      they don't read the name carefully btw good eye catching

  • Рол Мрл
    Рол Мрл 29 days ago +1

    сигма оденочество и уважение

  • stephano
    stephano Month ago

    Siempre veo los videos de Sigma

  • WarriorCrystal
    WarriorCrystal 2 months ago +630

    "Defend Those Who Can’t Defend Themselves"
    - Batman the real sigma

    • luukienquoc
      luukienquoc Month ago

      This is a joke. Comics fans pls stop judging me. Rip Batman’s parents, now he’s a bully kid running around the town hunting for good guys, and his logo in zeus’ home

    • VToRoKLaSNIK1
      VToRoKLaSNIK1 Month ago

      @7cool7shiza then he ain't a sigma

    • 7cool7shiza
      7cool7shiza Month ago

      @VToRoKLaSNIK1 Batman has already prob done dirty things with cat woman and also with Barbara Gordon

    • VToRoKLaSNIK1
      VToRoKLaSNIK1 Month ago

      @7cool7shiza someone who hasn't done the dirty with a woman but that makes ya something far from sigma

    • 7cool7shiza
      7cool7shiza Month ago +1

      @VToRoKLaSNIK1 What is a *"viegin"* ? 💀

  • Ritz Gamez
    Ritz Gamez 10 days ago +1

    “proceeds to hand her a water bottle”

  • Lucas Vinícius
    Lucas Vinícius 15 days ago


  • MMA enjoyer
    MMA enjoyer 2 months ago +342

    How to become SIGMA 1o1:
    1.Train your body and mind
    2. Respect and help those around you
    3. Don't be arrogant and show off
    4. Prioritize the people you love
    5. Be proud of yourself

  • ice tea
    ice tea Month ago

    Pepsi ad

  • Vitor Vinicius
    Vitor Vinicius Month ago


  • Blxesoombee ||
    Blxesoombee || 2 months ago +473

    sigmas are nice to each other
    -true sigma

  • প্রভা
    প্রভা 24 days ago

    Bro thought help others will took away his SiGmA stuff

  • Gertypie Aside
    Gertypie Aside Month ago

    Love that

  • HerDey 28
    HerDey 28 Month ago +251

    Bro took "there is no first come first served" too serious💀

    • Wissam وسام
      Wissam وسام Month ago +1


  • Deyvid
    Deyvid Month ago

    Caro senhor vc é um sigma🍷🗿

  • EZeh
    EZeh Month ago


  • Devin
    Devin 2 months ago +53

    "This is not what I've taught you."

    • Cinnaren
      Cinnaren Month ago

      ​@TheRobloxClimberBOI yuh and just took said unhealthy drink for himself. And before you or anyone else makes up some head cannon about "he didn't end up buying it" or something based of the evidence provided in the video you can literally say he bought it for himself. And also, he didn't do shit since there was a whole row of said drinks behind the female.

    • CursedFox
      CursedFox Month ago

      @TheRobloxClimberBOI yuh leave it up there instead of taking it since she can't reach it in the first place

    • TheRobloxClimberBOI yuh
      TheRobloxClimberBOI yuh Month ago

      Bro he literally helped her stay healthy

    • Banana spider
      Banana spider 2 months ago

      GigaChad did not teach sigma

  • Saiful Fuat
    Saiful Fuat Month ago

    kasih terjemahan ke bahasa Indonesia dong d komentar

  • IHeartCats
    IHeartCats Month ago

    Respect for this guy

  • ꧁𝙲𝚞𝚛𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚗𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚍꧂

    “To be sigma you must care about yourself as much as you do others”
    -real sigma

    • StickWar_Pro
      StickWar_Pro Month ago

      Plus I never tried to insult him

    • StickWar_Pro
      StickWar_Pro Month ago

      @H I that doesn't mean I'm "triggered" aight buddy?

    • H I
      H I Month ago

      @StickWar_Pro it was pretty obvious when you called him kiddo and used clown emojis to try and insult him

    • StickWar_Pro
      StickWar_Pro Month ago

      @H I yea yes whatever and plus who said I was triggered 😂

  • saliya Kurmanova
    saliya Kurmanova 27 days ago

    чел хорош

  • kittycat YouTube
    kittycat YouTube Month ago


  • RCMemes
    RCMemes 2 months ago +230

    Sigmas always treat others with respect

    • ICEcold Cobi
      ICEcold Cobi 2 months ago

      @CHENG idc

    • ICEcold Cobi
      ICEcold Cobi 2 months ago


    • hello there
      hello there 2 months ago

      @CHENG it’s not disrespectful. If you want it, ask for help. Obviously someone else will take the last Pepsi eventually. Being a introvert and not asking some taller person to help you won’t get you far

    • MrKaleb
      MrKaleb 2 months ago

      @CHENG no sigma too

    • CHENG
      CHENG 2 months ago

      @hello there it's not really respecting yourself but it is absolutely disrespectful to the girl, a sigma way nonetheless but not a Chad way.

  • Cristiano Santos
    Cristiano Santos 17 days ago

    Pecado, que maldade.But at the same time, it's funny.😂

  • marina
    marina 11 days ago


  • ГЕниЙ
    ГЕниЙ 2 months ago +87

    Сигма должен уважать других...

  • ★𑁍ℍ𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕚𑁍★

    that's not sigma thats rude
    -wise words of my bestie lol

  • Duymi_Roblox
    Duymi_Roblox 15 days ago

    I thought you said that sigma is respect!

  • Rashid Ibrahim
    Rashid Ibrahim Month ago +457

    Saving her from sugar and diabetes. What a Sigma

  • Flame Orange
    Flame Orange Month ago +1

    Real Sigma helps the peoples in need!

    • Gilbert
      Gilbert Month ago

      Bro coca cola or soda its unhealty thats why they not want give it or the girl just turn into patrick

  • Lin Htet
    Lin Htet Month ago

    I genuinely want to know is this sigma moves? I think helping someone who in need is much better as sigma moved.

  • Jam
    Jam 2 months ago +83

    a real sigma only drinks water

    • Doogalebot12
      Doogalebot12 2 months ago

      @GigaBinks From another fellow sigma which you wouldn't know of gigablinks

    • GigaBinks
      GigaBinks 2 months ago

      @Doogalebot12 and where tf did u hear that?

    • Doogalebot12
      Doogalebot12 2 months ago +1

      @Just me Do what u like to do that's a sigma

    • Dead
      Dead 2 months ago +1

      Sparkling water only

    • LearnToCode
      LearnToCode 2 months ago +1


  • Samuel wu
    Samuel wu Month ago

    Bro wasn't feeling well that day

  • •IDK•
    •IDK• Month ago +1

    this guys sigma is the best i have ever seen

  • SupahFlames
    SupahFlames 2 months ago +82

    Isn’t this just called, “being an asshole?” 💀

  • NauK YT
    NauK YT 29 days ago

    Foi engraçado até hahahhaah

  • Gabriel  pro
    Gabriel pro Month ago

    Una puta buena bebida carajoooo

  • H2loSeven
    H2loSeven 2 months ago +215

    "if you can't reach, hire somebody who can"
    Sun Tzu

    • ellen Hirst
      ellen Hirst Month ago

      ​@Unknown_Userok :3

    • Hell Hound (voltage)
      Hell Hound (voltage) Month ago

      You know i read all the books Sun Tzu wrote i don't remember this quote

    • NøtAézael
      NøtAézael Month ago

      ​@Unknown_User okay we wont because you said so

    • Cemile Yanik
      Cemile Yanik Month ago

      ​@ApplesPog 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Zavier avant
    Zavier avant Month ago

    Hey your greatest man hope you have a nice day god bless you

  • Hiktius
    Hiktius 7 days ago

    am getting too much to this meme

  • Мемный Клуб
    Мемный Клуб 2 months ago +292

    Сигма уже не та сигма которого мы заслужили :(
    Изменено:Чегооооо 270 лайков этом мой рекорд 🙃

    • Amanda b
      Amanda b Month ago

      ​@Ƀ͢ɃPIR17K_ŤøP꙰ и я не знаю, как говорить по-русски или по-английск 👍
      Я даже не знаю, правильно ли это, tmnckkkkk

    • Патрик Бэйтман🏳️‍🌈н⃠е⃠т⃠л⃠г⃠б⃠т⃠
      Патрик Бэйтман🏳️‍🌈н⃠е⃠т⃠л⃠г⃠б⃠т⃠ 2 months ago

      ​@Просто челЕсли хочет то называет. В чём проблема? И научись писать умоляю.

    • Просто чел
      Просто чел 2 months ago

      @Hank Она просто снимается вмесьте с Аргенам и тд. А если я возьму, и назову кокого-нибудь актёра идиотом, лишь потому что у него такая роль, а насамом деле он нормальный человек?

    • Hank
      Hank 2 months ago

      @Просто чел Научись писать во первых.Во вторых бабу я называют её потому что она делает вид что ей нужна помощь. Нормальная девушка так делать не будет.

  • Leni Lengyel
    Leni Lengyel 3 days ago

    That wasnt really sigma, a true sigma never hurts others

  • Courtney Han
    Courtney Han Month ago

    I always do that sigma. *makes the sigma face*

  • Sandy's Addicted
    Sandy's Addicted 2 months ago +699

    He is a true sigma.. He buys the Drink and then gives it to her for free.

    • Cherry.🍁
      Cherry.🍁 Month ago

      ​@Warrior Warrior250 so helping a woman makes you a simp? dude you need to take a break on internet, being nice to other people doesn't make you a simp XD

    • Iron Peace
      Iron Peace 2 months ago

      ​@Check My About Page Linkmane really said that on middle arguement

    • Sandy's Addicted
      Sandy's Addicted 2 months ago

      @Luka DonGOAT I Agree..

      WANTED_XD 2 months ago

      ye after buy he drink all the drink and gave her bottle free xD

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow 15 days ago +1

    😂 👌

  • Robloxian 2.0 anime Naruto

    Kesian kakak tu huhuhuhuhu

  • Vipe
    Vipe 2 months ago +65

    "Sorry, you didn't ask for help"

    • Mrgoof23
      Mrgoof23 2 months ago +1

      I like how she specifically chose the one on top but not the ones behind her

    • Australian Citizen
      Australian Citizen 2 months ago +4

      True lool

  • Mayk Willyan
    Mayk Willyan 28 days ago

    Menosprezar uma mulher não é ser Sigma ☹️

  • subhas moirangthem
    subhas moirangthem 28 days ago

    I feel bad 😂

  • Sanura Reshan
    Sanura Reshan 2 months ago +243

    Helping someone in trouble and donating is a real sigma

    • NL_🏳️‍🌈⃠
      NL_🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago

      @Iron Peace NO ❌🏳️‍🌈❌👬❌

    • Cannon Rblx
      Cannon Rblx 2 months ago

      No he's a real sigma cuz he took away the bottle from her cuz it's bad for health

    • uroneluckymf
      uroneluckymf 2 months ago

      But not to a girl

    • ItzAdi7228
      ItzAdi7228 2 months ago +2

      @sylense actually this is supposed to be someone who doesnt care about anything and works by themselves, now other videos have become opposite