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The Vanishing of Flight 370

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    LEMMiNO  Year ago +3

    [Credits, References, and More]

  • Blind47
    Blind47 2 years ago +27

    I have a friend that was working between Beijing and Perth and was supposed to be on that flight, he decided to delay his trip back to Beijing to stay in Perth for the weekend because his girlfriend asked him to... Very lucky boy

  • Sanchana Chandrasegar

    I'm a Malaysian and I remember how scary it was the night the plane went missing because every news channel was talking about it and what's worse was the fact that my dad boarded a Malaysian Airlines plane that same night and we didn't know which flight he took. Thankfully it was a different one. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they loved that night.

  • James Iyer

    I remember flying Malaysia Airlines shortly after this incident. It was an eerie feeling, knowing that the passengers of MH370 had started their journey in the exact same way, expecting to reach their destination without any problems just like me.

  • Ezzie
    Ezzie  +2

    This man makes 20+ minute, studio level documentaries for free, and not a midroll ad in sight. My man know your worth

  • praharsha k

    Imagine the pilot being a good person but the whole world portraying him as the bad guy, heartbreaking to his family in addition to his loss💔

  • Fiona M
    Fiona M  +2

    I will stay hopeful that the plane will be found and the families get the closure they need. The Titanic was found after all those years, so who knows right? It's such a haunting story.

  • InanimateSum
    InanimateSum 3 years ago +132

    When Clip-Sharers make better, more engaging documentaries than news outlets and people with millions of dollars

  • Mary Johnson

    It's the unknown that kills you. I've often wonder what happened to this plane. May they all rest in peace.

  • TheStonedAbbot

    Yknow how 200 years ago ships in the pre-wireless age would regularly sail off to the horizon and never be seen again, leaving countless families to weep in the unbearable discomfort of never knowing what happened to their loved ones. How it seems like an extinct pain of the past that you read about in faded old storybooks

  • killjoy
    killjoy  +407

    This story has always terrified me way more then any true crime or serial killer cases, the idea that even with all this technology and all these people searching we have literally no idea what happened to these people is so eerie

  • silololol
    silololol  +442

    speaking as a Malaysian, i'm not surprised they had "no records of mental issues".. up until recent years there's been massive ignorance and prejudice around mental health, so to begin with, majority of us wouldn't even address our issues, much less seek professional counsel. but then say it was a suicide and the route was premeditated, why would the pilot go through all the trouble to ensure the entire flight will never be found? and how do all this cutting edge technology fail to beat one man's plan?

  • sarah Osmani

    ive never truly been able to wrap my head around this because I just think "how in the world did a whole plane go missing and no-one have any idea what happened to it" like how does that happen? if it was a cover up I wouldn't be surprised tbh

  • ToastyEggs
    ToastyEggs 2 years ago +10

    This story gives me chills. Imagine being on that plane. You are stuck, and suddenly your life has changed and you will be lost for eternity... it’s just.. scary how fast your life can change and how fast you can be forgotten...

  • Mely
    Mely  +805


  • jimmy5634
    jimmy5634  +646

    Just a suggestion… don’t put tracking devices in a plane that can be turned off from the plane.

  • Juan Pablo Rivera

    I truly cannot begin to comprehend how we allow aircraft with hundreds of people on board to just go missing like this. It makes NO sense to me. I'm so sorry for the families affected by this tragedy.

  • pablo pablo

    I think the only thing we can really ascertain is that this is almost certainly not an accident almost none of the evidence gathered indicates this was an accident. There is certainly foul play but whether it is from a passenger hijacking or Pilot or co-pilot interference is hard to tell. Also I find it interesting to say that they had good mental states however mental breaks can come out of nowhere without any indication and people can be really good at hiding any problems they are having we all know that is true.

  • Blue Rabbit

    The documentaries on this channel are so professional, LEMMiNO should seriously have a regular spot on the Discovery Channels. The amount of research and time put into the production is phenominal. Thanks so much for all your work guys 🧡

  • Martina Zhao
    Martina Zhao 2 years ago +20

    It’s scary to imagine that someone on this planet probably knows the truth about what happened to mh370