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Special Parking Garage

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 5 357

  • Exit 30
    Exit 30 Month ago +1162

    You could get $2000 a month for this in New York as a studio apartment 😅

  • Whirlwind Of Chaos
    Whirlwind Of Chaos 15 days ago +5

    The coolest thing I've seen all week

  • Jacob Murphy
    Jacob Murphy 20 days ago +2

    High tech shit right there ol son 😉

  • TheCountBlackula
    TheCountBlackula 2 months ago +45

    I need one in black, that's some batman shyt.

  • chuck us a sickc#@t ya burnout

    The next day he cracked it open for breakfast and found two Harley's 😅

  • Vomiting Confetti
    Vomiting Confetti 2 months ago +3279

    The next day he was surprised when he opened it. He found a homeless couple and their two babies inside.

  • Michele White
    Michele White 27 days ago +1

    Wow...gives a capsule vibe....love it

  • Marilyn Paffrath
    Marilyn Paffrath Month ago +1

    They should find more details with that could see more people to use one

  • Lupe Rubalcaba
    Lupe Rubalcaba Month ago +218

    Never seen this before but that is a nice way to keep your bike safe. brilliant

    • Pickled Sausages
      Pickled Sausages Month ago +2

      Not much safer than just using a tarp really.

    • Andrea T
      Andrea T Month ago +1

      My dad used to use a tarp with rocks holding it down. This looks way better and I think I heard a click so maybe that’s some kind of lock.

    • CheeCh8
      CheeCh8 Month ago

      It is soooo boring.

    • Edgar G
      Edgar G Month ago +2

      I have one and it was the absolute best investment for my Harley. I live in a condo so I don’t have a garage. You can lock it and there’s enough room on the bottom to run a cable to connect a trickle charger.

  • Francisco R Ferras
    Francisco R Ferras 2 days ago

    Maravillosa idea. Si yo hubiese tenido uno así no hubiera vendido mi moto.

  • Paul Charvet (PoopJuice408)

    Awesome, if i had a bike with no garage or space, I'd definitely get this.

  • あだち。
    あだち。 Month ago +2


  • SadiK Tv
    SadiK Tv Month ago +10

    yan ang magandang parkingan ng motor😍😍😍😍

  • No enemies
    No enemies Month ago +4

    Would make an awesome trailer

  • Nora Martha Muñoz
    Nora Martha Muñoz Month ago

    Magnífico !👍

  • David Digital
    David Digital Month ago +11

    Most ingenious thing I've seen in awhile

  • Nafis Mridha
    Nafis Mridha Month ago +1

    I need this in my life

  • Robert Hutchison
    Robert Hutchison Month ago +1

    Cool, that could double as a winter camping tent.

  • Patricia Martin
    Patricia Martin Month ago +384

    This garage is actually going to be on Television. He will show us how he renovated it , added a second floor and rented it to a family of ten in NYC

    • Mahabat M
      Mahabat M Month ago +4


    • Family Gaming
      Family Gaming Month ago +3

      Naw .he could put a elevator in it that lowered to his batcave where he keeps the motorcycle😂

  • Valya Raskovalova
    Valya Raskovalova Month ago +4

    Очень удобно. Красиво. И мотоцикл имеет свой домик, он будет чистеньким и сухим. Можно использовать возле дома.

  • Angel Angela
    Angel Angela Month ago +1

    I love when ppl turn their bikes off fast 😅

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy Month ago +118

    For someone who doesn't have a garage but only a piece of backyard this is awesome..well done guys

    • miss0petersburg
      miss0petersburg Month ago +3

      Not just. This can be brought anywhere. Specially great If you’re rving. Obviously one might customize it a bit to be able to attach or load but it’s not rocket science. Very cool

    • Fee
      Fee Month ago

      @miss0petersburg what’s it called

    • miss0petersburg
      miss0petersburg Month ago

      @Fee Moto cabin.

  • Sam Woods
    Sam Woods Month ago

    That's dope 😁

    JOEY CINCO 4 days ago

    the best garage

  • ray Nic
    ray Nic 2 months ago +51

    I was not expecting that...flip to close action....sweet unit!

  • Dagger Diaz
    Dagger Diaz Month ago +1

    Wow beautiful garage for a motorcycle and wow too on the design on the bike that's Badass!

  • Gabriela Zampieri
    Gabriela Zampieri 15 days ago +1

    BON IDÉE TRÈS RAPIDEMENT TRÈS SIMPLEMENT Bravo moto....très bien bravo...super....

  • James Edmonds
    James Edmonds 2 months ago +4

    I need to get one for my Geo Metro.
    Seriously .

  • Spenny 340
    Spenny 340 Month ago

    Hellz yeah that's tight!!

  • Neenekins Kins
    Neenekins Kins 21 day ago

    The comment section never disappoints!

  • Gordon Temple
    Gordon Temple 2 months ago +10

    One cool looking shelter.

  • Julie Richens
    Julie Richens 27 days ago +1

    That's awesome! ❤

  • Kibili Demba Soulomane Thiero

    C'est bien comme garage.👍

  • Dad's shit McCarthy
    Dad's shit McCarthy 2 months ago +35

    That’s slick 👍

  • Monki Sethojane
    Monki Sethojane Day ago

    You need this at guest houses people still bikes like crazy

  • Michelle Corrigan
    Michelle Corrigan 28 days ago +1

    We know where his heart is ❤

    RECYCLED HOOLIGAN 2 months ago +8

    That’s pretty neat man

  • William
    William Month ago +1

    ótima ideia pra garagem

  • Maria Teresa Carmona Ahumada

    Que buena idea ,nada más tener espacios de estacionamiento y el aparatito no estorbe..

  • Borderlands808
    Borderlands808 2 months ago +5

    I need this for my Vespa!!

  • 花
     Month ago


  • Sherri Chorba
    Sherri Chorba Month ago

    That is cool.. love it..

  • Sharon Hoang
    Sharon Hoang 2 months ago +181

    Love this little garage!

    • Андрей Котов
      Андрей Котов 2 months ago +1

      По-моему, это ракушка называется? 😉🤟

    • Maria Oliveira
      Maria Oliveira Month ago

      Legal será que tem pra carro também ?

    • Андрей Котов
      Андрей Котов Month ago

      @Maria Oliveira Да, были разрешены легально, но со временем их запретили у нас

    • Beau LaPlume
      Beau LaPlume Month ago

      @Андрей Котов so no one has a car in your country anymore? Damn son, that sucks.
      Haha, hope you know I’m just playin around.

    • Андрей Котов
      Андрей Котов Month ago

      @Beau LaPlume The Police biggest much kwestion in city... No garages, not problem she said 🤠

  • Partenopea
    Partenopea Month ago

    Totally amazing!!

  • Goenie
    Goenie 2 months ago +3

    Really really nice. Effective and efficient!

  • Laura Gomez
    Laura Gomez 26 days ago

    Buenísima idea!!

  • Scotty ColoradoKid
    Scotty ColoradoKid 14 days ago

    You gotta take this on Shark Tank!

  • だい
    だい Month ago +5


    • Veronica G
      Veronica G 24 days ago

      De ce crezi cã-i o nebunie?

  • Hattie Colley
    Hattie Colley Month ago

    In some States u would be Surprised when u came out and the Entire Shed was A Bad Dream. Otherwise what a great thing to have. Rock On!

  • Silvia Luiza
    Silvia Luiza Month ago

    Muito bom.

  • John F
    John F 2 months ago +4

    Very good. Hope its secure!

  • Kelvin Kittrell
    Kelvin Kittrell 3 days ago

    Tight work and really practical.

  • Maryanna Cogar
    Maryanna Cogar Month ago

    Sweeeeet!!!! Awesome intention

  • Lamron naquavius
    Lamron naquavius  2 months ago +167

    I cannot js put my stuff up like that I gotta stare at it for a min lol

    • Herman Carter
      Herman Carter 2 months ago +8

      Brother...lol.. I feel you possibly just a man thing... and I'm an artist so yeah...lol

    • MrTheDays1
      MrTheDays1 2 months ago +3


    • Skipst23 Fire kicks
      Skipst23 Fire kicks 2 months ago +4

      Got to take time to appreciate 😁

    • Dorian G
      Dorian G 2 months ago +8

      LOL I always thought I was weird for doing exactly that. Sometimes it lasts forever lol.

  • Janice Davis
    Janice Davis Month ago +2

    This what I'm talking bout! You make SURE it's SAFE😂❤

  • Анна
    Анна 23 days ago +4

    Таким мужчинам нужно доверить весь мир - забота для техники тоже важна.

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Month ago

    Thought we were pulling into a mailbox 😂

  • Tracy Harlow-Cummings

    OMG that's adorable and my sporty Vrronica needs one! ~THC

  • moacir santana
    moacir santana 2 months ago +4

    Mil vezes melhor que a barraca de lona , que tem por ai !!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Lynn Krall
    Lynn Krall Month ago

    You have to show this to Willie

  • NoMore Koolaide
    NoMore Koolaide Month ago

    Not bad at all, pretty cool idea.

  • Harriet Carpenter
    Harriet Carpenter 2 months ago +4

    very nice indeed.

  • Me
    Me Month ago +1

    Slap a Bud Light sticker on that thing and you’ll be all set 👍👍

  • PW
    PW Month ago

    In BC, they have these smaller for bikes at bus stops !!

  • 吳 世昌
    吳 世昌 2 months ago +43


  • 采紅麗
    采紅麗 17 days ago


  • obsolete professor
    obsolete professor Month ago

    Former B-58 egress engineer.

  • John Weiss
    John Weiss 2 months ago +30

    What's the name of the company that sells them

  • Randey Fleur
    Randey Fleur 21 day ago

    Woooow amazing garage indeed

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel Month ago

    That is pretty slick

  • ゲーム好き 天神
    ゲーム好き 天神 2 months ago +68


    • 梟のアウル
      梟のアウル 2 months ago +11


    • 李小丑
      李小丑 2 months ago +1


    • Андрей Котов
      Андрей Котов 2 months ago +3

      Ничего необычного, было ещë в 1970-80 и т.д. за границей.

    • TARO123
      TARO123 2 months ago +3


    • 中村浩巳
      中村浩巳 2 months ago +3


  • Nick G
    Nick G 10 days ago

    I'd put a recliner with a flat screen tv on the part that folds down😅

  • Sotonye Thomas
    Sotonye Thomas 2 days ago

    Damn!! Now that’s some shit ain’t it

  • Anthony Cloud
    Anthony Cloud 2 months ago +4

    Now that's bad ass right there !!!! I'm just saying y'all have a good day

  • Solange Madrid
    Solange Madrid Month ago

    Me gusta, simplemente genial.

  • Showroomer_ながねぎたまこ


    DAN ON STILTS Month ago +5

    Pulls in and someone jumps out of the bushes quickly closing it and locking you inside.

  • Cheryl Cleveland
    Cheryl Cleveland 20 days ago

    That's nice, I hope it has a lock on it

  • 風和里ふわり
    風和里ふわり Month ago +1


  • Kat H
    Kat H Month ago +5

    I thought he was driving into a giant mailbox.

  • Groovy Kaay
    Groovy Kaay Month ago

    This is so fucking dope!

  • Jessforlocalguide
    Jessforlocalguide Month ago

    Well done Sir 👍🏻 . Amacing WoW good Job

  • Patrick Downing
    Patrick Downing 2 months ago +44

    A nice portable garage it's very beautiful

  • Troy Robinson
    Troy Robinson 15 days ago


  • Davy Gibson
    Davy Gibson Month ago

    Who sells them, and how much ?

  • Evi Susanti
    Evi Susanti 2 months ago +13

    Bgs banget garasi motor y.. Unik m ga mkn tmpt.. Aman dr panas n hujan

  • Lo Niz
    Lo Niz 19 days ago


  • Zella Dunn
    Zella Dunn Month ago +142

    Absolutely the coolest motorcycles garage I've ever seen ❤

    • Oggy Oggy
      Oggy Oggy Month ago +2

      Well, besides a normal garage.

    • 4 BIT
      4 BIT 20 days ago +1

      Они изобрели гараж-ракушку в 2023, то, что в СССР делали с 1960 года.

    • Betty Boop
      Betty Boop 20 days ago

      bikes not bad either...

  • Michael Wise
    Michael Wise Month ago

    gotta love this!

  • Kaithai Sayarath
    Kaithai Sayarath Month ago

    I need five of those in my life 😅

  • claire de lune
    claire de lune Month ago

    Sup magnifique j'aime bien trés pratique une merveille merci

  • miko viza
    miko viza 2 months ago +4

    Nice garage ,you'll never know if its still there.😢

  • Caroline Thorne
    Caroline Thorne 4 days ago

    Wow. I never seen such great timing and nice bike.

  • Yashan Pradee
    Yashan Pradee 12 days ago

    I wonder how the stand works

  • John Loxley
    John Loxley 2 months ago +85

    That looks really cool. Love it I suppose you could get a bigger one for a car could you? Very nice

    • Евгений Елистратов
      Евгений Елистратов 2 months ago +17

      В России в 90х годах были такие для автомобиля, так себе идея, нам не понравилось.

    • Thomas Payne
      Thomas Payne 2 months ago +32

      There is a bigger one it’s called a garage lol

    • Clint Tapper
      Clint Tapper 2 months ago +13

      Yep, and you could build them out of brick, you could call them something like.. a garage.

    •  USA WOMEN
      USA WOMEN 2 months ago +3

      You took the words right out of my mouth. That's cool

    • New Zealand
      New Zealand 2 months ago +2

      Yea it's called a garage

  • Shirley Finster
    Shirley Finster 10 days ago


  • สําลี จันทร์งาม


  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 2 months ago +15

    Garagem bacana gostei muito inteligente

  • Ana María Romero
    Ana María Romero 9 days ago

    Hermosa canción de la vida ❤️😍 verdadero amor incondicional 😮😮❤

  • Sayid Bin Tafiq
    Sayid Bin Tafiq 12 days ago

    I saw this first time. Awesome...