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How Networks be when you Black and Try to Pitch a Show

  • Published on Mar 23, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • 😂😂😂😂 why every black show gotta have certain things in them bro let us make what we want!!
    ~RDC Social Media ~
    Mark Phillips - @SupremeDreams_1
    Affiong Harris - @CleanUniform
    Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andPeac3
    Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
    Dylan Patel - @DylanPatel4_
    Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
    Johnathan Newton - @PlayThatJohn
    Producer for credits instrumental
    / theofficialacro

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  • RDCworld1
    RDCworld1  2 years ago +29759

    Why can’t they just give black people regular shows lol 150k likes?! THUMBS UP MY PPL

    • C̶h̶a̶o̶s̶A̶c̶e̶炎̶
      C̶h̶a̶o̶s̶A̶c̶e̶炎̶ 2 years ago +232

      Fr tho

    • GoatedNoah
      GoatedNoah 2 years ago +104

      Love you guys

    • Zakage
      Zakage 2 years ago +62


    • Uriah Taylor
      Uriah Taylor 2 years ago +9


    • Shea M
      Shea M 2 years ago +106

      Follow Jesus for he is coming soon! Turn from your sins and turn to God!

  • Anathar88
    Anathar88 2 years ago +20948

    As much as I like the name “Black Time”, it just seems like a missed opportunity by not calling it:
    *“Black In Time.”*

  • Alejandro Juarez
    Alejandro Juarez 2 years ago +8593

    Mark: “No slaves, No rapping”
    Leland: “Okay this is new to me, Okay continue”
    Mark: 🤨

    • Yakiv Popavich
      Yakiv Popavich Year ago +277

      BET when someone tells them Black Culture is more than hip hop and rap.

    • The Fire Fades
      The Fire Fades Year ago +157

      @Yakiv Popavich I think the boondocks said something similar to this as well.

    • ThatGuy
      ThatGuy Year ago +9


    • RAW
      RAW Year ago +14

      This is new to me🤣🤣🤣

  • Atlas Thomas
    Atlas Thomas 2 years ago +3672

    "If you get split up, how are you going to remain a sports team" this had me dead

    • Unversed
      Unversed Year ago +77

      Dropped the bomb with tht one😂😂

    • lil senmai
      lil senmai Year ago +35

      I was done lmao

    • Mr. Wallace
      Mr. Wallace Year ago +14

      I’ve watched this video 100x and still laugh at this part

      DA PRINCE 11 months ago +4


    • Jessica Dutridge
      Jessica Dutridge 10 months ago +11

      I'm surprised they didn't take it as far as prison, lmao

  • Vita in DC
    Vita in DC Year ago +4587

    As a senior citizen black person, this evoked painful feelings for me b/c this is how it really was for all my life until middle age. We had so many great ideas for shows and movies, so many fine young black like you guys with dreams. We had to fight every inch to get acceptance and recognition, with so many of us crushed or exploited in the process. I'm so happy this young generation of blacks now, and other minorities, are finally living the American dream, glad I could see this in my lifetime. I'm so proud of you guys, keep going and growing.

    • Morgan Rickards
      Morgan Rickards Year ago +154

      AMEN!!! ✊🏽

    • Justice Democrat
      Justice Democrat Year ago +86

      Tell us more about the good ol' days, grandpa I heard you could buy a quart of milk for a nickel

    • Alluring as it can be
      Alluring as it can be Year ago +160

      @Justice Democrat Right Winger here ☝☝☝☝

    • Jeff Watkins
      Jeff Watkins Year ago +188

      @Justice Democrat Not only that, whippersnapper, but gas cost 74 cents. But seriously, only a fool doesn't listen to those who have experience.

  • balls N walls
    balls N walls 2 years ago +9916

    "black people and slaves go hand in hand"
    bro i feel so conflicted for laughing the way i did 😭😭😭😭

    • Supernaturalmodel
      Supernaturalmodel 2 years ago +30

      😭 💕💖💕omg

    • Isaiah Marshall
      Isaiah Marshall 2 years ago +56

      Same man, I laughed so hard ngl🤣🤣

    • Andre Smith
      Andre Smith 2 years ago +29

      I laughed like a Mf lmfao

      AUSTiN DRAKODEiNE Year ago +1

      imgladandrewgillumisnotmykang The were established to augment naval forces in the revolutionary war. You're thinking about the Barbary wars however, which did happen in the shores of Tripoli. Its a common misconception that Jefferson created the Marine Corp to fight these wars, however, the marine corps was established by Samuel Nicholas.

    • Jindřich Sander
      Jindřich Sander Year ago +14

      its always conflicting to hear the truth 😔😀

  • Fuzion Tony Gaming
    Fuzion Tony Gaming 8 months ago +569

    As a Latino, I kinda feel the same when they make movies about us too. Gang Violence, Cholos, Cartels & Narcos, struggles of Immigrant’s, or even basing personality off of just being Latino.

    • TRU RE
      TRU RE 6 months ago +31


    • ArtFromHer
      ArtFromHer 4 months ago +4


    • chervyn lapince
      chervyn lapince 4 months ago +1

      Cause maybe it's the cliche who are perpetred by this victim mentality?? Stop complaining about being whatever so you be looked as whoever...

    • Christian
      Christian  4 months ago +58

      @chervyn lapince What are you talking about?

    • Tazuya Hayato
      Tazuya Hayato 3 months ago +2

      Latino here (puerto rican) i sorta feel ya. Altho i feel more about the immigration movies and like crossing the atlantic kinda stuff lol

  • Kae
    Kae 2 years ago +8831

    “You’re a black group of athletes, facing adversity, in a different time period” 😂😂😂 Yall need yall own show

  • J. Olivier
    J. Olivier 2 years ago +3994

    The most accurate thing was him getting hit with a piece of paper and immediately overreacting and calling on authority. And the look on Mark's face is priceless!

    • Setta XY
      Setta XY Year ago +12

      Had me out of breath

    • Melvin Johnson
      Melvin Johnson Year ago +13

      That's assault, ain't no overreaction about that.

    • Parry the platypus
      Parry the platypus Year ago +5

      @greenyoshi119 well people suck and they'd probably win the lawsuit but they wouldn't get a lot of money as it's just paper but they would still get money and win the case as laws are like that and in the law he'd win as it is technically assult

    • Danny Dolan
      Danny Dolan Year ago +17

      For me it was him yelling "Pleasure doing business with you" lol

    • J. Olivier
      J. Olivier Year ago +65

      @Melvin Johnson so you'd scream if someone hit you with a piece of paper?

  • finkle is einhorn
    finkle is einhorn 2 years ago +2195

    Bruh.....can we give some respect for these clips being done in all one shot with no cuts??? That is actually top level skit writing and performing. These dudes gonna be HUGE!

    • MrNOJM
      MrNOJM 2 years ago +82

      There are cuts. There is a scene near the end where mark throws the paper on the table and then it cuts to the table being empty.

    • YABOY
      YABOY 2 years ago +64

      They’re at 5 million...

    • ItsOracle
      ItsOracle 2 years ago +41

      they are huge

    • KrumblyToast
      KrumblyToast 2 years ago +19

      @ItsOracle pause

    • A%
      A% 2 years ago +5

      He's already kinda large at a couple million lol

  • Shades of Sage
    Shades of Sage Year ago +759

    Seriously!!! My sisters and I have this conversation all the time. If Black people in it, it gotta be about slavery, drugs, or adversity. Don’t nobody wanna see that depressing stuff all the time. Yet those are the types of movies and shows that get the awards😒. We like regular, lighthearted media too❤️. Thank you for drawing attention to this! Great skit!!!

    • salley Mudd
      salley Mudd Year ago +36

      Truth - and it's not all the networks fault - it's our fault. Back in the 40s and 50s yes, white Hollywood controlled the roles that blacks played in movies but here in the 21rst century Hollywood is full of black writers, directors, producers and executives. So now WE have more control over the types of stories and characters we choose to represent, yet 90% of the movies written and produced by us are the same tired tropes about the "black struggle" or "adversity" or have us playing the same stereotypical black character.
      We're doing it to ourselves now.
      White films win more Oscars because their characters and subject matter are more eclectic and not tethered to this obsessive need to give some social or political nod to the race of the the character.

    • Reblaze444
      Reblaze444 Year ago +52

      That's something I like about Spiderverse, other than it being a masterpiece of animation and an amazing story, it got a black lead with issues unrelated to struggle and discrimination, like they ain't make him grow up in the hood or something, just some normal superhero stuff.

    • Lewis Sullivan
      Lewis Sullivan Year ago +4

      That’s exactly what folks want to see all the time. Hell, look at the back folks that become producers, same shows. Slave this, segregation that. It’s really sad tbh

    • Lewis Sullivan
      Lewis Sullivan Year ago +1

      @Reblaze444 Miles Morales is Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 not black.

  • blackjackfan58
    blackjackfan58 Year ago +755

    Leland is so underrated. He's so damn funny.

    • BLKGOD
      BLKGOD Year ago +59

      "How you guys gonna remain a sports team" 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    • Maarten
      Maarten 5 months ago +1


    • Nubia Sista
      Nubia Sista 3 months ago +8

      He really is. Hes one of my favorites along with mark and des. So hilarious. They need to be on tv for real

  • Mane
    Mane 8 months ago +83

    I admire the Network representative’s restraint at NOT interpreting “Black Time” as serving time in prison.

  • jocelynn
    jocelynn 2 years ago +11369

    “Black people and slaves go hand in hand.” 😭

    • Wanime REACTS
      Wanime REACTS 2 years ago +720

      I was like...nigga.

    • Achatolic
      Achatolic 2 years ago +120

      someone just said the same thing but put a laughing emoji

    • Just a Sentient Mclaren P1
      Just a Sentient Mclaren P1 2 years ago +346

      Out of context you’d probably get beaten up for saying that

    • LEIthal
      LEIthal 2 years ago +181

      @Just a Sentient Mclaren P1 no shit😂😂

    • Ambient Knightz
      Ambient Knightz 2 years ago +9


  • Kendrick White
    Kendrick White 2 years ago +4918

    This shit maybe funny, but they really showing everyone the truth about networks.

    • HOoDiE K
      HOoDiE K 2 years ago +335

      Fr Why can't A Black guy be A Bruce Wayne or Tony stark.And be cool and interesting I'm tired of the broken household

    • BoneApplePie
      BoneApplePie 2 years ago +285

      @HOoDiE K Networks: "So what you're saying is, you want a black Batman?"

    • lifestraight
      lifestraight 2 years ago +18


    • Evangelionl0vr
      Evangelionl0vr 2 years ago +69

      @BoneApplePie if they did that you know only the dad would be out of the picture to make it “believable”

    • Hidden Leaf Drip
      Hidden Leaf Drip 2 years ago +172

      @Evangelionl0vr nah they'd just have Bruce's mom and dad robbed for their chain in that alleyway instead lmao

  • Gapanredi
    Gapanredi Year ago +812

    I feel this shit so much. When I was an English Creative Writing major in college, I had this one prof who shot down my work and kept saying I should write about my minority experience. Like I’ll write about it when I write about it, but don’t reduce me to just that 🙄

    • John
      John Year ago +131

      They tried to marginalize your talent for some twisted subjective reason, and that’s prevalent and toxic throughout academia unfortunately

    • Michael Quire
      Michael Quire Year ago +47

      English creative writing prof? Ive dealt with one like that.. If it doesnt fit their narrow world view your ideas arent welcome

    • Jarod 1999
      Jarod 1999 Year ago +17

      Hope you write ✍️ great stuff

  • TBlunt
    TBlunt Year ago +119

    That walk back after he said "pleasure doin business wit ya" was ICONIC 😂😂😂😂

  • Essu
    Essu 2 years ago +1054

    That anger from Mark started feeling just a little too real lmao

    • Jenny Sparkz
      Jenny Sparkz 2 years ago +59

      Well it is how a LOT of media sees us. In comics and TV and movies apparently only black people can write or voice black characters. REALLY??? thats why the anger may have appeared genuine although I also know it's just a skit

    • Cypher160 Manny
      Cypher160 Manny 2 years ago +47

      doesnt help that some african americans writers cave into these things cause of money

    • M Rivera
      M Rivera Year ago +8

      Man I got mad at the end there.

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life Year ago +2

      @Cypher160 Manny You used the right terms AFRICAN AMERICAN
      We as African are fed up with their content.

    • swiftykay
      swiftykay Year ago +13

      @Wrestling Anime 4life 😒 stop startin diaspora wars inna comments man

  • Flamboyant Warlock
    Flamboyant Warlock 10 months ago +90

    OK but for real, I would absolutely watch a show about time travelling rappers who have shows to do in Ancient Egypt, Victorian England, Feudal Japan, etc, while possibly solving Time Crimes along the way, and then at the end of each episode we get a thematically appropriate song. It would be dope.

  • Nathan Morton
    Nathan Morton 2 years ago +15965

    “No slaves, no rappin”
    “Ok this is new to me”😂

  • Marquise Kelly
    Marquise Kelly 2 years ago +787

    Leland is so good at what he does. I swear he the most underrated member

    • Even though Im a loser and a virgin with small pp,
      Even though Im a loser and a virgin with small pp, 2 years ago +24

      Dylan and Ben exist, you must not watch literally any of the streams

    • xox3769v
      xox3769v 2 years ago +8

      he is hilarious

    • mya price
      mya price 2 years ago +31

      Ben is the most underrated everyone loves leland

    • Dan Schuster
      Dan Schuster Year ago +2

      Na is the Indian guy

    • RapMa3hups
      RapMa3hups Year ago +12

      @Dan Schuster Dylan is really funny the little I've seen him talk but he doesn't have many big roles, he's usually the guy in the back or an anti-hero character or sometimes a round character. He's great but needs to be in more skits to get better recognition from fans

  • Richard Ilfraim
    Richard Ilfraim 9 months ago +9

    Mark: "A group of black friends. Good people."
    Leland: "Great people"

  • Kezuki Valentine
    Kezuki Valentine Year ago +78

    I love how Mark was trying his best to keep it respectful at first. The way he genuinely looks through his script to see if he wrote "slaves" ahywhere XD

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen 2 years ago +101

    This is basically true for any group in fiction, especially marginalised groups, and it's so boring.
    It's like people can't just be a well written character partaking in a good story, if they're any kind of minority. They always have to be defined by their "minority status".

  • Jared Mezos
    Jared Mezos 5 months ago +14

    This is how Disney are with movies. 100%

  • Jonah Someone
    Jonah Someone 2 years ago +4118

    I have a feeling he actually pitched a tv show and this is how it went.

    • StreetKing Productions
      StreetKing Productions 2 years ago +157

      You’s a fucking genius bro there is no way it didn’t go down like this.

    • Zaki
      Zaki 2 years ago +35

      No it’s just a skit ur thinking too deep

    • Ya Father
      Ya Father 2 years ago +182

      @Zaki there skits on based on shit that hapoens

    • Clasher
      Clasher 2 years ago +29

      @Ya Father well skits are exaggerated to make it more entertaining and whatnot and can also be a bunch of different experiences mixed into one, whether or not the people who made the skit actually experienced it.

    • Ant
      Ant 2 years ago +5

      Nothing like this happens in the real world dude, get off social media Jesus Christ😂

  • Sam Jack
    Sam Jack 2 years ago +39

    I think this is the problem I'm having with all forms of black entertainment. Everything has to be stereotyped. I was starting to think I'm self-hating because I prefer other people stuff but then I realize I enjoy black stories when we are not boxed into the same roles over and over

    • IPFreeley
      IPFreeley 10 months ago +7

      The problem with all shows is that a particular “type” is placed on the audience to make the most money.
      That’s why even if you as an individual have an interesting idea, it will get cut by investors

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life 10 months ago +3

      @IPFreeley Ugh those black trauma contents

  • Isaac Hasan
    Isaac Hasan 2 years ago +341

    A rap group performing through history is something I would watch.

  • Douglas Hanna
    Douglas Hanna Year ago +16

    This is hands down one of their best skits ever! 😂

  • Redfox 83bc
    Redfox 83bc 2 years ago +425

    I would totally watch the first three seasons of Black Time, then skip seasons 4 and 5 when the network changes show runners and it becomes stereotypically cheesy. But then follow it again for the last 4 episodes of the 6th and final season

    • jacque Leen
      jacque Leen Year ago +34

      😁😁you have given this a whole lot of thought.

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago +20

      No lies detected

    • Chanelle
      Chanelle Year ago +6

      The office?!

    • Pelo Thu
      Pelo Thu 11 months ago +1

      Soooo, Community?

    • Fandom Canon
      Fandom Canon 7 months ago +2

      @Chanelle Hey now. The Office was solid right up to the end. And by the end, I mean when Steve Carell left.

  • Andre Ransom
    Andre Ransom Year ago +4

    This honestly sounds like a potentially great show. I would love to work on something like that some day

  • BandmanKevo223s
    BandmanKevo223s 2 years ago +10586

    I ain’t gone lie Leland’s acting here was hard asf. His attitude towards the situation was making me mad too😂😂😂

    • AndreG24
      AndreG24 2 years ago +450


    • Man of Steel
      Man of Steel 2 years ago +475

      Lowkey, Leland is the best actor next to Mark and maybe Desmond.

      SINO KADAFI 2 years ago +29

      Hell yea , 🤣

    • Ufoma Sodje
      Ufoma Sodje 2 years ago +61

      I am sorry this is new to me. lol

    • łūćæš
      łūćæš 2 years ago +54

      bro, i just realized I don’t know any of their names

  • EyenI
    EyenI 2 years ago +42

    I LITERALLY SCREAMED at the first joke (and kept laughing after). Fantastic job both of you!!! Comedy has extra bite when people are acting out real situations like this, you can SENSE it through the screen

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson 2 years ago +42

    I can't imagine how frustrating that has to be. You turned it into another funny sketch, though. "Pleasure doing business with you....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Made me laugh out loud.

  • Wages of Sinn
    Wages of Sinn Year ago +76

    "Black people and slaves goes hand in hand." That's the end of the meeting for me. I take my script, and quietly stand up, and I leave.

  • RoY.
    RoY. 2 years ago +36

    You guys have millions and millions of plays and hilarious content. Please creating content because your show is brilliant. Networks knows you guys would take over

  • donut111
    donut111 Year ago +6

    This is such a good sketch. And you know what, I hope someday you actually make Black Time according to the original pitch, it sounds awesome.

  • ya Boy Jonez
    ya Boy Jonez 2 years ago +1769

    "Robots, dinosaurs, Aliens.."
    "Slaves! Right?"
    "We're going through time with like I said Dinosaurs, Aliens, Robots.."
    "As a rap group?"
    "So we go through time and we gotta fight bosses and what not."
    *"Like childhood trauma?"* 😆🤣

    • Cleo Miller
      Cleo Miller 2 years ago +48

      This part had me dying he was hella confused he looked down at his paper like “ did i say slaves ?” 😂🤣💀

    • raofficial gaming
      raofficial gaming 2 years ago +13

      Surprised he didnt say segregation 😪

    • Emperor Iro
      Emperor Iro 2 years ago +2

      Jon To ?????

    • Leonard Faulkner
      Leonard Faulkner 2 years ago +3

      Yes we watched the same video lol

    • SmokedSanj!
      SmokedSanj! 2 years ago +12

      @Leonard Faulkner he’s just restating what he found interesting he didn’t ask if you watch the video smh this isn’t tik tok

  • Veritas Syfer
    Veritas Syfer 2 years ago +74

    This is so accurate. They always try to go with some trope when it comes to people. We just want want solid entertainment with good characters and story.

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones 2 years ago +694

    This is mad accurate but also Black Time sounds like it would be a good ass show. Who y’all think would be casted in it?

      ULTIMATUM GAMER 2 years ago +63

      I don’t know his real name but definitely jamal from on my block.

    • J Lupus
      J Lupus 2 years ago +39

      I know a bunch of white people who would work perfectly

    • Suzanna flores
      Suzanna flores 2 years ago +21

      RDC World duh!

    • LB
      LB 2 years ago +11

      @J Lupus it’s black time there can be white people in it but there prob not gonna be main characters

    • J Lupus
      J Lupus 2 years ago +24

      @LB nah man it’s all good, just get them some makeup and a du rag and they’ll be the next Wu Tang Clan.

  • HelmetHarold
    HelmetHarold Year ago +73

    "youre a group of black athletes facing adversity in a different time period" LMAO

  • Tech
    Tech 2 years ago +465

    After watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I can confirm this is accurate

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life 2 years ago +4

      Really? What happened??

    • Chyanne McKeller
      Chyanne McKeller 2 years ago +227

      @Wrestling Anime 4life Dont want to spoil it completely but Sam Wilson's storyline revolved HEAVILY on the fact that he was black. I mean heavily. And I'm torn about it bc it makes sense due to the climate and how Wilson was raised but at the same time it was so exhausting constantly being reminded that every black fictional character 3ill always deal with racism and have their entire story revolve around racism. Can never have a character that just vibes in their story

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life 2 years ago +95

      @Chyanne McKeller Argh.. I knew they would tackle those issues but come on just let him be a hero not a BLACK hero.
      I'm soo scared for blade consider that they mentioned the actor religion, a Muslim, is going to play a role in the movie, so scared

    • Timothy Willox
      Timothy Willox 2 years ago +17

      @Wrestling Anime 4life Meanwhile another Spawn movie has been in development hell for decades at this point. Spawn counts…he was black before he got burnt to a crisp.

    • Chyanne McKeller
      Chyanne McKeller 2 years ago +76

      @Wrestling Anime 4life The fact that they' re casting a muslim actor is great for Blade tbh. But yeah I 100% agree. I understand the importance of having minorities being leads in media. I spent years of my early childhood reading books with only white characters. It's so weird bc in the 90s there were plenty of black shows where the lot didnt revolve around them being black. it was a show about a family that just so happened to be black. it seems like we have regressed since then. Now we get black shows where the entire plot is they're black and the racism and prejudices they face. Like just give me black dragon slayers and wizards, I don't have to read another book about racism. That's the only books we have about us.

  • Dice •
    Dice • Year ago +11

    "No slaves, no rapping."
    "That's new to me"
    That broke me😭

  • Ana Ferreira
    Ana Ferreira 2 years ago +3009

    Black character: *exists*
    Producer: no father, struggling artist with a basketball scholarship with a baby monma and a mother who cannot afford the lights so he is also a crack dealer IT IS!

    • Mein Kampf
      Mein Kampf 2 years ago +212

      also suffered persecution and was tortured as a salve at a young age!

    • All Things Lexi
      All Things Lexi 2 years ago +185

      also a upcoming rapper

    • Big Man Yoshi
      Big Man Yoshi 2 years ago +174

      Been to jail 5 times

    • Paul S
      Paul S 2 years ago +45

      all replies accurate

    • Roger Combo
      Roger Combo 2 years ago +189

      With a Biracial love interest 🤦🏿‍♂️We sick of it

  • mimi j
    mimi j 2 years ago +16

    This could have and SHOULD have been a REAL GENUINE SKETCH if not a whole episode of a show…

  • Raees Kamaar
    Raees Kamaar 2 years ago +41

    I would watch the living hell out of a show that featured RDCWorld, Griffy, CalebCity, Cilvanis and Lenar. There are more, but these are the ones that stick out to me the most. Even if it's a mini-series with each episode being 15 minutes long.

    • Edgoar
      Edgoar 2 years ago

      jidion gotta be in there too

    • Shane Buchanan
      Shane Buchanan 2 years ago

      Dont forget HaHa Davis, Big Fella

  • Burksaurus94
    Burksaurus94 9 months ago +34

    To be honest, I have seen this a lot in black television shows that have to use the same cliches like we always have to be in the Atlantic slave trade or in the ghetto and not focusing on anything differently

    • Fuzion Tony Gaming
      Fuzion Tony Gaming 8 months ago +1

      I like the older hood movies since they have a charm but that basically gives in the stereotype for brain dead writers to recycle the same concept just in a higher resolution and not try anything new with unique ideas.

  • Stefonas Beraki
    Stefonas Beraki 2 years ago +7

    The fact that they did this all in one take says something 👏🏽

  • Julian Gulian
    Julian Gulian Year ago +6

    “Ok, this is new to me.” It’s like a double shot of sarcasm since I know they’re both in on it. I love this, more please.

  • Uncle Roku
    Uncle Roku 2 years ago +1347

    “Black people and slaves go hand in hand” that’s really how networks and studios really be viewing every single black film/show/casting that they do. Not all black stories in the entertainment industry have to be about black trauma
    Edit: some of y’all in the replies are wilding and saying some questionable stuff so I’ll say this: stories about black trauma is more than just slavery. There’s also segregation, police brutality, and a ton of other stuff black people have to deal with. I’m not saying those stories are completely bad because they serve to educate but it becomes tiring and counterproductive when every show or movie that features black people is about black trauma. All love to y’all and RDC. Real Dreamers change the world🤘🏾❤️

    • Sleepingnextodeath
      Sleepingnextodeath 2 years ago +52

      seriously for real dude

    • Dy
      Dy 2 years ago +36

      So true man 💯

    • OV S
      OV S 2 years ago +13

      black trauma ? no black person who was enslaved is still alive lol

    • A A
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    *How are they black?*

    • BeastSoundz
      BeastSoundz 2 years ago +669

      They probably didn’t vote for Biden that’s why

    • avi dier
      avi dier 2 years ago +84

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    • Neveah Phillips
      Neveah Phillips 2 years ago +456

      I just realized this is legit how they fucking made cyborg from teen Titans. He was a black football player before he lost his body.

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    Key N. 2 years ago +504

    Why is this so accurate 😂why can’t we just have a black actor without trauma or the hood struggle. Just a good adventure story.

    • Rose Fever
      Rose Fever 2 years ago +42

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      WhoBlah 2 years ago +2

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  • Wiri Wiri
    Wiri Wiri Year ago +5

    Now that the new Emmitt Till movie, as well as little mermaid, is coming out, this really hits different.
    The reception of most white folk, and even some black folk, is actually like this, except its not a scripted joke, its real life and its just.... damn why can't we have nice things lol

  • Enkei
    Enkei 2 years ago +13

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  • Gold Observer
    Gold Observer Year ago +6

    This is so true! Literally, every tv show or movie with black people has to do with athletes (specifically football or basketball), gangs, drugs, slaves, broken households, 'the struggle', etc. Why don't black people get fantasy or sci-fi tv shows?! Where are the tv shows that show black engineers or scientists discovering or making something amazing?! And can we talk about how whenever there is a tv show, movie or even commercial, they never show fully black women or black women at all? 🤨

  • Eeland Stribling
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    • K B
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    • Glizzy
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      KRYPTON TERY 2 years ago +51

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  • Wes Kennington
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    • Xelestial
      Xelestial 4 months ago

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    Hank Poole 4 months ago

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  • Dan
    Dan 2 years ago +20

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    • Playlist Kiiing 👑💯
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  • Diego Bromfield
    Diego Bromfield Year ago +4

    This is totally accurate. As a creator myself, I always wonder why anything we do or are in as black people it has to be around generic topics. Like they always gotta include slavery or rap. I was watching Black Lightning this year and the same thought came to me. I ending up having to take a break from the series. History is important but if you keep bombarding any black fictional shows with oppression and slavery etc it gets tiresome. Where's the escape? Where's the refreshing content? All other races = shows. Black people = black shows.

  • Peter Lin
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  • wpdougie2180
    wpdougie2180 18 days ago

    The crazy part is this was an actual show. It was called Timewasters 2017-2019. They were a Jazz Band. Don't know if they had seen it before the skit but pretty much the whole pitch happened in the show.

  • deathism
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  • Fighter_Link 7022
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  • Demetrius Middleton
    Demetrius Middleton 6 months ago +3

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