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Endless Drama

  • Published on Sep 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    This is the greatest endless drama of All Time
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  • @bitterzombie

    As someone who doesnt use twitter, these e-drama updates are like a glimpse into an alien society

  • @ioannistheodorou557

    Love how Charlie’s room is slowly upgrading, it’s like new Easter egg every video

  • @SongokuJidai

    This whole week could fuel internet historian for the next ten years.

  • @anguilla12

    I really love the approach Charlie is taking to keeping us updated on the sexual assault situation. Minimal details so his video is still light hearted, being respectful and directing us to hear from the victim. Hopefully we continue having goofy drama and the sexual assault case is taken care of to her satisfaction

  • @reecep4016

    For any wannabe Clip-Sharers this is like a goldmine for you to blow up. A few mini documentaries and a bit of research, make it coherent with some dark humour and you’ve got a few thousand followers pretty quickly I’d imagine if not more

  • @TheDelfinlady

    This kind of drama compilation is so helpful to understand references of what's currently going on without having to interact with twitter in any shape or form

  • @ricccc2280

    I’m convinced that Charlie will eventually be making a long internet drama tier list

  • @tatakai1286

    My day is basically Waking up to watch Ludwig and Charlie’s summary on the drama going on

  • @hezimali
    @hezimali  +124

    i love how charlie has turned into the best version of “drama alert” in yt history the last few weeks

  • @240sx4dayz

    The new "drama-meter" is about to be the new segment that Charlie will introduce to us pretty soon 👍

  • @DawntehSlayer

    Thank you for being so respectful about the SA situation on Twitter. I've heard that kind of stuff talked about like it's tea, and it's so upsetting.

  • @daMagicDolphin

    "I wake up every morning, eat a strong nutritious breakfast built for a growing boy" Proof that Charlie is still going through puberty

  • @ichthys7727

    Thank you moist for being the hero we need not the one we deserve!

  • @imnotblue8726
    @imnotblue8726 12 hours ago

    gooddamn i fell bad for carlos

  • @hejran8017

    charlie's unmatchable eloquence will always come to me as a smack to the face, always comes up with new ways to describe things. absolute masterclass

  • @BobZombie

    Carlos: "You don't get to decide who the fuck i party with"

  • @robinhartz2004

    Charlie is the only person I trust to feed me the drama like a baby bird is fed by it’s mother

  • @rayndelvalle2729

    This line of news related content is actually really entertaining. Although it is a mix of sad and goofy, I like the fact the Charlie is the medium from which it’s being consumed by viewers.

  • @mioujoer1258

    Im so glad he does these updates because looking at drama on twitter is so energy draining. Thank you charlie

  • @loocinatheworld487

    be careful, charlie. making drama videos is like a gateway drug to making even more drama videos