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I Have The Rarest PRIME Bottles 🤑

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 384

  • MiniminterClips
    MiniminterClips  2 months ago +189

    The Full Video: clip-share.net/video/FY7hE4ZNza0/video.html

    • Djcustoms
      Djcustoms Month ago

      You know its a good brand with you health in mind if there was spelling error and being pushed by kid influencers

    • Robin_
      Robin_ Month ago


    • TT.Madness
      TT.Madness Month ago

      I’ll give you 3p for all 3 👌

    • Quackyboo
      Quackyboo 2 months ago +1

      How is this 2 days ago? It's only uploaded today. Maybe it was a timed upload lol

  • Ameya Gokhale
    Ameya Gokhale 2 months ago +7996

    30k easily over there... That's your kids school fees there Simon

    • Joseph Benjamin
      Joseph Benjamin 3 days ago

      @ Wallahu White local ones charge about £15k in sheffield

    • Kohen
      Kohen 4 days ago

      Ur welcome

    • Kohen
      Kohen 4 days ago

      I just ruined the 69 replies

    • SRN AR8
      SRN AR8 12 days ago

      @xLazyNL it is free for thhe children as if they have no parents and move out before they turn 18 and done their exams then it will be free.

    • SRN AR8
      SRN AR8 12 days ago

      @Supplanter Theres a few in the UK that are abt 100k as well but they only select very few students from millionaires and billionaires' children

  • 0472he
    0472he Month ago +1628

    Dont give wakey wines any ideas🤣🤣 Youll start seeing OG ingrediets bottles going for thousands

    • Ledgend
      Ledgend Month ago

      1000th like

    • Golden
      Golden Month ago +1

      i've got 4 of the spelling mistake ones

    • 0472he
      0472he Month ago +16

      @Mohammad Hamad nobody asked + ratio

  • Micah Banman
    Micah Banman Month ago +192

    Women: it takes so much to make a man happy
    Also the man: happy over a spelling mistake on a bottle

  • Techno
    Techno Month ago +162

    Simon saying “I’m rich” as if he isn’t one already lol

  • Katlin
    Katlin 2 months ago +323

    I have an orange one with the spelling mistake because when I went to a KSI concert I asked one of the team members if I could have a bottle and they gave it to me for free.

    • DrasticTurnip
      DrasticTurnip 5 days ago

      Why would you go to a Ksi concert lmao

    • Mohammad Hamad
      Mohammad Hamad Month ago +3

      @Seekdom it’s menna be ascending order so “1k to 10k”

    • Seekdom
      Seekdom Month ago +5

      Easy 10k? To 1k?

  • Michael Pickard
    Michael Pickard 2 months ago +89

    Sell them to wakey wines (or whatever that guy’s shit store is called) for 10k. He’s gonna try sell them for 5k each, and if we’re lucky then no one buys them

    • Whole Lotta Crypt
      Whole Lotta Crypt 2 months ago +2

      The reason why he is so big is because you people keep buying it from him, you cannot get mad at him. Hate the game not the player, if anything you should be mad at the distribution.

    • Mahbob Ahmed
      Mahbob Ahmed 2 months ago

      @Michael Pickard no I understood already, and again that’s how a business operates if you did t know. But for a certain price and then sell for more than what you bought it for, therefore making a profit

    • Michael Pickard
      Michael Pickard 2 months ago +2

      @Mahbob Ahmed sorry I didn’t clarify, buying all 3 for 10k (£3,333.33/bottle) and then selling them for 5k each

    • Mahbob Ahmed
      Mahbob Ahmed 2 months ago +1

      I can imagine you walking into an LV store and being like these prices are ridiculous (which they are) and demanding they lower the prices

    • Mahbob Ahmed
      Mahbob Ahmed 2 months ago +3

      Bought for 10, sold for 5 each. I mean is he supposed to be dishing them out for free..? Do you even know the basic premise of how a business functions lol

  • 1awesome180
    1awesome180 25 days ago +2

    I live in America and threw my bottles out lol

  • Mr.DudeBro
    Mr.DudeBro Month ago +1

    I have the OG 4 flavours and the orange one has the ingrediets typo... I didnt open any of the bottles and ive never tried prime LOL just a shelf item this vid made me go check my bottles for typos

  • The funny guy
    The funny guy Month ago

    Yeah I can have the original bottle and go buy them at the grocery store 😄

  • Carlton's Stuff
    Carlton's Stuff Month ago

    I have one that's empty also, wish I had known before

  • HUH?
    HUH? Month ago +5

    I can't lie, if Prime keeps going as it is in 10years it will be worth quite a lot, but if they dont it would br worth even more

  • Berry
    Berry Month ago

    I have 4 full cases (2 of lemon lime and 2 blue raspberry) that are spelling mistakes. First batch sent out 😬😂

    • Berry
      Berry Month ago

      All are unopened due to the large quantity I bought then as well, lol. I’ve drank so many and still have so many left

  • TimmyGodMode
    TimmyGodMode Month ago +5

    My prime bottle says it’s going to expire in a few hundred years lol

  • JC Gaming
    JC Gaming 4 days ago

    They are actually worth serious money.

  • JC Gaming
    JC Gaming 4 days ago

    His has small fortune in that room from nike mags(the power laces ones are even rare) and these prime bottles.

  • LostKaleb
    LostKaleb Month ago

    I have the original bottles in all the original colors lol I saved them 😊😂

  • Dre Decks
    Dre Decks Month ago

    Would be worth something if they was full

  • Cameron Richardson
    Cameron Richardson Month ago

    Original bottle, Sealed, would be huge

  • sam timo
    sam timo 23 days ago +2

    Its actually kind of weird how some packaging can become more expensive if its a fully licensed product, with spelling mistakes or a limited amount ran.

  • Skullz 4PF
    Skullz 4PF 11 days ago


  • Qaalid Abdiweli
    Qaalid Abdiweli Month ago

    Bro I have the blue original bottle I know one day they will cost a lot in uk

  • InfiniteBuzz♾️
    InfiniteBuzz♾️ 18 days ago

    Ive got 2 original red ones before bottle changed 😅

  • Cum Tzu
    Cum Tzu 21 day ago

    I guess you could call us the PRIME prime bootles

  • DontMindMe
    DontMindMe 23 days ago

    If prime didn't taste like s***** water, I left in the bottom of the sink for a month. Maybe I'd appreciate this video

  • r1ptide
    r1ptide Month ago +1

    I have 18 full og bottles, 9 grape, 6 lemon lime, and 3 fruit punch so levels ig

  • Joao Aurelio
    Joao Aurelio 2 months ago

    Look i have the rarest prime bottle, im also friends with the owner. Me in shock😱

  • Dr.Falcon
    Dr.Falcon Month ago

    You’re rich without the og prime bottles mate 😅😅😅

    D.I.Y LISANDRO Month ago +1

    Im bouta be rich 😂

  • Angel Wind
    Angel Wind 2 months ago +584

    damn your prank got me good, i thought this whole time "your name" is Simon but turns out it's Rich
    Edit(9daysLater,Feb4,2023) This is my first ever comment that had past 60Likes and it on 509. i Thank You all for these Likes

    • Angel Wind
      Angel Wind Month ago

      @shyxin i'm glad you had a good Laugh 👍

    • Angel Wind
      Angel Wind Month ago

      @shyxin Thank You

    • shyxin
      shyxin Month ago +1

      ​@Angel Wind LoL! This really made me laugh.

    • Angel Wind
      Angel Wind Month ago

      @vR sling i know it's Not FUNNY
      it's a joke, Ha hA Ha

  • Rayden Recollet
    Rayden Recollet Month ago

    We still have those ones in Canada, Ontario, they all have that spelling mistake except for the Popsicle flavoured one

  • Fish
    Fish Month ago +2

    Kids at my cousins school in the UK are walking around with empty bottles of prime to look cool, and one of my friends nearly got expelled for selling shots of prime at school.

  • Darksider Forever
    Darksider Forever Month ago +2

    Simon Bussin over misprint prime bottles like a yugioh player over cyberjinzo

  • Jxe_lads
    Jxe_lads Month ago +3

    I had one of the ribbed bottles, drank it, filled it up with water and some little **** decided to steal it.

    DD5CLAN Month ago

    All the bottles at my store has the original bottles

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley Month ago +2

    “Oh wow I’ve got even more money to show off about”

  • lane sherfy
    lane sherfy Month ago

    I bought one of each when they first came out, I thought they were all ass and I threw every one of them away 😂

  • TM Arrow
    TM Arrow 2 months ago +1

    Willnes youtube museum 2??

  • Joyboy
    Joyboy Month ago

    Cool now sell them on to your fans like you always do

  • Bex
    Bex Month ago

    I have them too lets fkn goooo

  • ggmu
    ggmu Month ago +1

    My mate told me about the spelling mistake so i kept my bottle, ima hang on to it for a while…

  • Mi. Miclo_
    Mi. Miclo_ Month ago

    didnt know i had rare bottels till now

  • eroi bior
    eroi bior Month ago

    there only worth something if they have prime in it. I know this cause i collect old coke bottles and you can only sell with unopened

  • Gamecloud
    Gamecloud Month ago

    used to have those and I threw it away bc I didn’t know they were just sitting on the side so I didn’t really see a reason and I threw them away

  • Anime HUB
    Anime HUB Month ago

    I also have the original’s except purple who tf like grape💀

  • Kobie Woodley
    Kobie Woodley 13 days ago +1


  • McKinley
    McKinley Month ago +1

    Just make sure to wash them out…

  • Mo Salad
    Mo Salad Month ago

    They’re really robbing you guys with prime and those cards

    SYBERBEAST Month ago

    Holly shit I have a couple of those too 😭😂😂😂😂 I didn’t realize they were spelled wrong

  • Lost-Cloud
    Lost-Cloud Month ago

    Nice Collectible I’m going to put my prime bottle in a time capsule for my grandchild future

  • Kieran Conroy
    Kieran Conroy 2 months ago +1

    He Just now discovers that he is rich while having a golden ps5 behind him this whole time

  • Ryx
    Ryx Month ago

    My mum was on a work trip in America when prime was released , got three spelling mistake grape bottles

  • Dontluviz
    Dontluviz 2 months ago +1

    Congrats twig

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago +10

    I threw mine away 😭

  • Gilt Dewey
    Gilt Dewey Month ago

    I have four prime bottles that have ingredients spelt wrong🤣

  • crunchybean22
    crunchybean22 Month ago


  • The G-Spot
    The G-Spot 19 days ago

    I thought the og ones have ridges?

  • DaWarrr
    DaWarrr 2 months ago

    Im from Croatia and i also have that, but only one and its purple... got it last year in New York and took the bottle back home

  • Kartik Pandey 21BCE0780

    wow simon..that's more valuable than queen's crown

  • Toasted Default
    Toasted Default Month ago

    i’ve got an unopened 12 pack of them in orange.

  • Luis Chavarria
    Luis Chavarria Month ago +1

    If they not full then they are only worth half price

  • Ben Rorison
    Ben Rorison Month ago

    This is why @ksi shouldn't be left to deal with the bottles

  • Ahmed Hanno
    Ahmed Hanno Month ago

    I haven’t thrown away a single bottle.

  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson 11 days ago

    Never thought I would see a grown man get hyped over a bottle

  • JordanBryant
    JordanBryant Month ago

    I still have two of the original bottles of prime it’s the blue and red ones the rest I threw out

  • Ho Lee Fook
    Ho Lee Fook 2 months ago +10

    And stinky nerds would pay millions for one of those

  • Travis izzard
    Travis izzard 27 days ago +1

    drink them for a laugh out loud moment

  • Javier Varona
    Javier Varona 11 days ago

    Guy’s way too happy ab prime

  • miggysanchaz
    miggysanchaz Month ago

    I have the red blue orange and green all og with spelling mistakes lmao

  • Brook Smith
    Brook Smith Month ago

    would people actually pay for these cuz i have like 4 bottles with the spelling mistake

  • Kyu
    Kyu 2 months ago +1

    oh wow, money related

  • Wesner1th
    Wesner1th 27 days ago

    Sucks that he didn't keep the silver prime energy blue drink

  • Splitpro_Games
    Splitpro_Games 2 months ago +3

    Im so happy I managed to get a couple of these bottles. More then likely going to keep them. Considering how long they took too get Im not going to be selling them anytime soon

  • Mady Pathak
    Mady Pathak Month ago

    How's he rich? Who's buying those bottles? 😂😂

  • Rachel Heav
    Rachel Heav Month ago

    itll be like 10 years before they sell it in my country

  • Camden
    Camden Month ago

    I have a whole case of full bottles of grape prime with the spelling mistake

  • Connor Anderson
    Connor Anderson Month ago

    Jj was somehow involved with that

  • otisjoi
    otisjoi Month ago +6

    Idk why people would genuinely spend so much money on a plastic bottle with a single letter missing

  • SanriTV
    SanriTV Month ago

    "They are not full" how are they relics

  • Certo Packet
    Certo Packet Month ago

    Gotta sell before the bubble bursts. Dont let ksi fuck you over twice on an investment

  • ethan wilson
    ethan wilson Month ago

    I have all 5 of the original flavors with the spelling mistakes I figured they’d be worth something eventually 😂

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    I have a spelling mistake one I'll sell for 10k

  • Jetman 1
    Jetman 1 2 months ago

    i have those same bottles

  • ℕ𝟛𝕏𝕠ℝℤさ

    I’ll give you 20p each firm take it or leave it

  • drippy v1nce cuh • 16 years ago

    Yo wait what i have 1 with ingredients

  • Dampst
    Dampst Month ago

    These gonna show up on pawn stars 50 years from now

  • Sailor Guy
    Sailor Guy Month ago

    I have some with the messed up barcode

  • Tjaldelama
    Tjaldelama Month ago

    PRIME launched a year ago, like wtf are you on?

  • The booty bandit
    The booty bandit Month ago

    Prime nasty af

  • Gerald Giraffe
    Gerald Giraffe Month ago

    You ain’t special Simon i got those too 😭

  • ZM
    ZM Month ago +1


  • Kenay
    Kenay Month ago

    I have 2 of the spelling mistake bottles just chilling in my background for deco as well, are they worth anything lmao?

    • Vemz
      Vemz Month ago

      About 10-5k i US Dollars. i think

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips 2 months ago

    Great video but I don’t know why you have to flex on us at the end we know you rich money man

  • Simon-Orlando Singhai
    Simon-Orlando Singhai 28 days ago

    I just think in 10 years someone gonna take this to rick Harrisons shop, and stupid money will be exchanged

  • PRIME5324
    PRIME5324 6 days ago

    i only have blue raspberry bottle of prime hydration

  • Neeko
    Neeko Month ago

    And they spelled naturally as naturaly 🤣

  • k13r4n1991
    k13r4n1991 Month ago

    It’s a plastic bottle 🤣🙈

  • Dave Sharpe
    Dave Sharpe Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣. Was it Jake or Logan that checked the spelling on those bottles?

  • CurtisFaded
    CurtisFaded Month ago

    I got a pack from Amazon from the OG release. 3 years later. THANKS AMAZON

    • luka
      luka Month ago

      they came out last year?? wym 3 years 🤓

  • lilScorpian26
    lilScorpian26 Month ago

    I have like 6 originals still full