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Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Intro!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Lattrodon
    Lattrodon Month ago +172

    I'm about 8 hours into the story mode and I'm loving it so far. Better than Heat and better than 2015 so far!

    • The Warriors
      The Warriors 3 days ago

      @Vladimir Monteiro It's really good. I got back into NFS because I had an itch, so I picked up Heat. It's fun, but I really disliked the city and handling model. I picked this one up last night and it is night and day the moment I started playing. The handling model is SOOOO much better. Drifting is actually fucking good now and feels badass. The city is like a real fucking city too. It has a better story as well. It's just such a blast to play... and the cops are so much better. You can actually outplay them in slower vehicles now.

    • Vladimir Monteiro
      Vladimir Monteiro 10 days ago

      @Hashakah wants to repent. Are they remastering the MW2005?? Wow I’m amazed 🤩! When?

    • Hashakah wants to repent.
      Hashakah wants to repent. 10 days ago

      @Vladimir Monteiro not really wait till they remaster 2005 mw

    • Lattrodon
      Lattrodon 11 days ago

      @Vladimir Monteiro get it on sale if you can

    • Vladimir Monteiro
      Vladimir Monteiro 11 days ago

      Is this game worth? The last one I played was the 2015 one

  • Brahman Within
    Brahman Within Month ago +41

    Seeing the gameplay, the game looks practically perfect gameplay-wise. Even the effects, which I thought looked kind of weird, actually look really nice. Can’t wait to play this around Christmas.

  • ultradius7
    ultradius7 Month ago +58

    This game has some strong "Midnight Club 3 vibes", i love it, is looking fire 🔥

    • KngK
      KngK Month ago +6

      Best Racing Game To Ever Exist Frfr

  • Xevan Knight
    Xevan Knight Month ago +7

    This game looks so good I'm so happy with how it looks so far. It is really giving me a lot of Midnight club 3 Dub Edition Remix Detroit map vibes crossed with Midnight Club L.A. too. and it has elements of those games too with the slipstream building and characters talking to you mid race if you hit them pass them or fall behind. Love you Theo🥰

  • MICHAΞL–Cryen
    MICHAΞL–Cryen Month ago +1

    Damn, that looks sharp!
    Probably the first NFS have that made me feel like this in a long time!
    Although i also liked the synthwave esthetics of NFS Heat so there is that.

  • Sting 79
    Sting 79 Month ago +17

    Played half hour of the EA play trial, really like the handling

  • Kenny Bates
    Kenny Bates Month ago +2

    I chose the Lambo starting my story as well since it's my favorite car. Great gameplay bro! Looking forward to watch more.

  • My Boyfriend
    My Boyfriend 2 months ago +18

    Gives me real Pro Street vibes

  • Viper2099
    Viper2099 Month ago +3

    When I saw you get a Lamborghini I just knew it would be stolen/destroyed and you actually would need to start from the bottom
    Edit: and I called that the lambo was gonna pull up at the meet

  • HCIbn
    HCIbn Month ago

    This game looks really fast.
    It puts my Forza Horizon 5 to shame on pc.

  • Prabhav Agarwal
    Prabhav Agarwal 2 months ago +4

    Played 9hrs so far, and yes! Criterion did knock it out of the fucking park with this game!

  • かいがあるしゅん

    this game looks sick

  • Justin Foster
    Justin Foster Month ago

    6:02 reminds me of the The Run in Chicago- minus the helicopter 😂

  • PearBear13
    PearBear13 Month ago +5

    Anyone else wish they would do a Carbon sequel?

  • SHD
    SHD 2 months ago +4

    Bro! Love your energy!
    Game is fiiiiiire!!!!

  • Clash1138
    Clash1138 2 months ago +3

    6:12 "Grind from the bottom and make your way up"
    The bottom...in a Countach...yeah okay

  • YouTube
    YouTube 2 months ago +148

    been waiting for this for sooooo long 🔥

  • DevlLo0pers
    DevlLo0pers Month ago +1

    wow finally a good game

  • Mr_Jones_2192
    Mr_Jones_2192 Month ago

    Nice way to start off a video for content. Specially 7:50

  • miou joer
    miou joer 2 months ago

    “Who put this hat on me” man you got me crying laughing about this hatl

  • Artūras PF
    Artūras PF 2 months ago +46

    The game is not bad. Played about 5 hours. Pros and cons from my side:
    1. Slightly improvmenet in handling physics compared to Heat, cornerings are not so easy as it was in previous NFS, where you can cornering heavy car like a karting, which in real world is impossible :D
    2. Graphics. Really not bad and better then heat.
    3. Better exhaust sound modifications.Better engine sounds.
    4. Very good driving pleasure, when racing. Physics are improved. While in heat you can crash in another racers car without serious loss of control consequence, in this game it means a big mistake.
    5. Difficulty. Im happy, im not setup highest level, because in normal difficulty, i can finish 1st only 1/5 races and most only 3rd-4th. 1 mistake, and its the end. Really hard game. But it creates really good pleasure and competetiveness feeling.
    6. I love, that i can bet with others racers.
    7. Great optimized game and great DLSS quality/performance gains. I not feel any downgrade in graphics, even it looks better with dlss.
    8. Great car selection in the beggining of the game.
    9. Love that car crashes, finally they do it.
    10. The game is alive and has good atmosphere. Im not feeling like driving car in ghost town. Love, thay added other peoples to the streets.
    1. I don't like interface and dashboard. Seriously...
    2. Graphics in sunny day are too vibrant and too colorful.
    3. Game is too intensive.
    4. Too much cops... It seriously choke me.
    5. I dont like garage and car upgrading controls. Graphics in that place really nothing special. I loved NFS Heat garage interface, controls, graphics and atmosphere much more. Also, i loved you can start the engine and reving your car, whenever you want. In Unbound you can do it only in exhaust modification section.
    6. Very dislike this cartooned peoples and effects...
    7. The beggining of the game was strange and to intensive... Indigestion...

    • Vladimir Monteiro
      Vladimir Monteiro 11 days ago

      So is the game worth buy? Last one I played was the 2015 is this one better??

    • KelvenLV
      KelvenLV Month ago

      Wtf. Way too many contradictions.

    • xtravagentK
      xtravagentK Month ago +2

      "8. Movinvg from the startline are delayed somehow... Even i start foom lower mid or higher rpm range, it doesnt matter. Other cars climb so fast, that i left always behind... This need to be fixed. It cant be, that others leaves you in behind and then all race you need to catch up them or you lainch the car from 2k rpm and its still spining the tires like 2000 hp high torqued car... Very strange decision."
      Not a con, you're just bad. You have to match the RPM in the green marker lol.

    • Raymond Zavala
      Raymond Zavala Month ago +1

      @Ricx 58actually i believe realism is the main reason why a lot of people play the game, they can drive and modify cars they aren’t able to in real life. it’s pretty much a car guys game, but anyone can play

    • Ricx 58
      Ricx 58 Month ago +4

      we play games to get away from real life not to literally see realism all the time

  • Fate Breaker
    Fate Breaker Month ago +1

    Yoooo that bosozoku 280z was sweet to see. I'm downloading the game rn.

  • Danilo Grujicic
    Danilo Grujicic Month ago

    Theo got that Wingo laugh at 27:33

  • Phentes Sedornna
    Phentes Sedornna 2 months ago +2

    I just love how happy Theo is as he’s playing the game. You can’t fake happiness like that 😂❤

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 months ago +1

    “If you can do that to a customers car… maybe?” 😂😂😂

  • Steven Mugo
    Steven Mugo Month ago +2

    Most wanted was really ahead of it's time this one is good but still not close to most wanted

  • Ararson
    Ararson Month ago

    Remind me of automodalista game back in ps2 I believe.

  • UnknownPeugeot
    UnknownPeugeot Month ago +5

    Man, I really like the variety of cars that you have to use throughout the game.
    Makes the game feel more special, and it's also a bit of fresh air, also a fan of that you can choose what car to use in the prologue, and get back at the end of the game.

    MOCHAMMAD ARIQ ATILLAH 2 months ago +501

    I am so hype about this walkthrough. Finally you upload a first NFS UNBOUND walkthrough. Love it. Thank you so much Theo for playing nfs UNBOUND

    • Fadly Fahreza
      Fadly Fahreza 2 months ago +2

      engga di gadget in engga di sobat hp ketemu terus ama komen lu WKWKWK

    • BlackPanthaa
      BlackPanthaa  2 months ago +32

      So ready!!

  • Mr. Spade
    Mr. Spade 2 months ago +7

    I’m loving the prostreet influence from the this game and the last game. Heat having organized showdown races brought me nostalgia and unbounds UI is purely influenced off prostreet and I love it.

  • Franz Marcos
    Franz Marcos 2 months ago +2

    It's surprising that they let us choose between a tuner, muscle and exotic car in the beginning, just like back in Carbon.
    Also, i like the Grid-like font for the HUD. It can definitely tell us who helped out in making the game.

  • DannLoloy
    DannLoloy Month ago +5

    From the perspective and the traffic, maps, even the effects (such as nitro itself), this is the closest to NFS Underground 2 we got! Kudos to EA for listening after all this years!

  • cole young
    cole young 2 months ago +31

    this game 100% feels like the spiderman miles morales of need for speeds. same art style, similar storyline, the voice actors, just the feel is alot like it

    • Matt Swank
      Matt Swank 2 months ago

      I think there’s a few things that’ll bug me (mainly the acting and dialogue is just…forced feeling) but overall not anything crucial to the gameplay as long as the story is interesting despite the acting. Sad to see the garage disappear when customizing the car but absolutely love the ui improvement to seeing the parts, wheels better.

  • John Carlo Fernandez
    John Carlo Fernandez 2 months ago +7

    I like how some parts of Lakeshore city has some Fairhaven aesthetic in it. It's like Criterion is finally doing everything they originally planned for Most Wanted 2012.

    • Magnus
      Magnus 2 months ago

      Minus the complete what the unholy that was the excellent visual style for cutscenes. Seriously that was perfection

    • TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ ᗰE@PrincessHana
      TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ ᗰE@PrincessHana 2 months ago

      Thanks for watching ⭐
      You have been randomly selected
      As the winner of my giveaway 🎉

  • Stiven Ostas
    Stiven Ostas Month ago

    That is so cool!

  • louiandrews
    louiandrews 2 months ago

    So glad to share the experience with theo and everyone else in this channel love it

  • Daobeezy
    Daobeezy 2 months ago +4

    I didn’t realize how much I missed need for speed. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since heat came out. Excited to dive into this game

  • SoapyBanana
    SoapyBanana 2 months ago +2799

    I love how this game's about grinding your way up from the bottom and they START YOU IN A LAMBORGHINI.

    • Dove Aaron
      Dove Aaron 15 days ago

      @BlackPanthaa hi blackpanther, what difficulty mode is this on?

    • Mayleben Mayhem!
      Mayleben Mayhem! 15 days ago

      I miss when he played heat in A STOCK FERRARI

    • PEPEGA (o do Brasil)
      PEPEGA (o do Brasil) 24 days ago

      @Izzy Solo eclipse: am i a joke to you?

    • Fahad Malik
      Fahad Malik Month ago

      @Rishabh Thingalaya says the child who is disgusting.

    • Littlecones2
      Littlecones2 Month ago

      You probably don't get the keep it I haven't played yet I just need to download it and either way lambos in racing games never compared to other brands

  • Evanz111
    Evanz111 2 months ago +18

    Damn I can’t get over how pretty this game is. I thought they’d skimp out on visuals to achieve that 60fps unlike Heat, so to see it’s this gorgeous and smooth as butter is amazing. I can’t afford the full game until it’s on sale so I’m taking advantage of the 10 hour EA Play trial!

    • LøstSoul
      LøstSoul 2 months ago +1

      Why would they skimp? Game is only on next gen

    • Sam Meraghnoli
      Sam Meraghnoli 2 months ago +1

      How did you access it?

  • Velocitygamer16
    Velocitygamer16 Month ago

    Still looks like NFS heat to me but then again I won't knock it till I try it

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King Month ago +11

    I am only 20% in the story and i never had more rage for a racing game than most wanted 05

  • 🚨ID 0342 - TAР Mе to have seX wITн МЕ!🚨

    I absolutely love the menu style, i think they were going for that "Brutalism" thingy whatever, and it's my favorite style of graphic design.

  • Eric Rastbichler
    Eric Rastbichler 2 months ago

    I love how when you’re turning a corner a car isn’t just magically waiting for your especially when you’re trying to complete a drift 🤘🤘🤘

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago

    I absolutely love the menu style, i think they were going for that "Brutalism" thingy whatever, and it's my favorite style of graphic design.

  • Harrison Davies
    Harrison Davies 2 months ago +1

    wow this game looks amazing I'm definitely going to buy it

  • SpeedHunter458
    SpeedHunter458 2 months ago +2

    The game already looks sick so far ik excited to see more of it

  • Ontonda Ndou
    Ontonda Ndou 2 months ago +1

    My favorite thing from seeing your this gameplay is how the AI cars are customized instead of just being stock models with a wrap on.
    Only gripe so far is how fast the game is starting us off. A Lambo+ 120 mph of the gates does seem a bit fast, pair that with the fact that the default settings make 120 mph look slow I'm kinda worried but that's just me. So far its a good game.

  • Wojtek Dobrzański
    Wojtek Dobrzański 2 months ago +2

    The game looks solid. Not over the top, not terrible. Just solid. Map looks nice. It feels to me like Chicago from first Watch Dogs game. All this movable bridges, elevated train tracks, suburban areas. Cars look fantastic but IMO the game lacks deep tuning options like suspensions adjustments, alignment etc.
    Definitely on my list but when it'll be cheaper.

  • Saiyan Cheryl
    Saiyan Cheryl 2 months ago +2

    Pre-ordered this game as soon as i could! Can’t wait to get off work to play this!

  • SpartanKYRO
    SpartanKYRO Month ago

    I put about 6 hours of time into this game was super disappointed I'm glad you enjoyed tho

  • QGames
    QGames 2 months ago +492

    the handling after turning off the drift trigger looks way more natural. I hope codemasters involve more in nfs to change up the handling, like merging the physics and handling of GRID in to nfs

    • Digital Liquid
      Digital Liquid Month ago

      dude if they can make an NFS game with 1:1 physics of Grid Legends then that would be my dream come true

    • Blackhole
      Blackhole Month ago

      @richard price sure, its still absolut garbage tho.

    • richard price
      richard price 2 months ago

      @Blackhole are you high it's not like heat at all. For a start traffic cars feel like a car sized concrete block

    • richard price
      richard price 2 months ago


    • Blackhole
      Blackhole 2 months ago

      @Eddy Alvaross i have the perfect image actually, its called Underground 2. I dont complain, i only spread facts.
      What i want is actually driving, not realistic arcade, but driving on rails isnt fun at all. Its the Tank Driving that messes everything up, and the super cars. They dont belong in Nfs. This game will die, as Heat did.

  • Michael Bolger
    Michael Bolger 2 months ago +3

    This game looks amazing and the customization is so insane and I love it. Can’t wait to get this game myself

  • Carl Wallis
    Carl Wallis 2 months ago

    Love the game and graphics and can not wait to play it my only issue is I am not sold on the cartoon smoke and stuff can you turn it off?

    • Luis DeJesus
      Luis DeJesus Month ago

      Yeah I think that’s a little much. Just doesn’t mix well. Glad to know you can’t turn it off that’s a no go for me. I’m sure it’s a cool game other wise. We’ll see

    • Christopher Cocker
      Christopher Cocker 2 months ago

      No the characters, smoke, and tail light lines are permanently on.

  • mohit mehta
    mohit mehta 2 months ago +17

    Amazing gameplay. Commendable commentary 😂

    • jp
      jp 2 months ago

      What's amazing about this lol

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King 2 months ago

    Can’t wait for more of this game. It looks amazing!

  • 48hour records team

    Once the car bulldozed the iron light pole, I know it’s another rubbish offering

  • Randomson91
    Randomson91 2 months ago +32

    Let me warn you guys about the story. It starts off all Gucci and then you get knocked down hard. Like I can't stress this enough the first week is a legitimate struggle Everything costs money, a lot. And there's only a finite number of races you can do. You're able to rack up heat levels immediately and it's very unforgiving.
    I personally love that it's challenging. But you actually have to think and plan out your day and night. You don't want to go trying for everything or can do everything because at heat 4 and up you're going to CONSTANTLY be hunted by cops.
    Edit: when I say constantly I mean there are undercover Camaros that don't show on radar so you'll be driving on the road and immediately pop a pursuit out of nowhere. Like there is a legitimate risk/reward factor here and you can lose everything you make simply getting busted if you don't bank it at the safehouse

    • Drew Summers
      Drew Summers Month ago

      @Randomson91 you sound bad

    • Strutssss
      Strutssss Month ago

      There are undercover cops? Oh shit

    • Randomson91
      Randomson91 Month ago

      @Jo Flo it can be fun and most of the time it is but high heat levels get old very quickly. Because the AI will basically have an area swarmed with cops and helicopters fly around during free roam as well.
      I'm all for a pursuit but it gets old very quickly when you simply just want to get to a race or something else as it locks you out from basically everything until you escape or become unseen.

    • Jo Flo
      Jo Flo Month ago +1

      That’s the fun part. High risk, high reward. I think personally hard challenges like this make it super fun in intense situations. Sure it would be a let down if u get busted with all those earnings but like the thrill is probably the best part you get out of it

    • Randomson91
      Randomson91 Month ago

      @Ash DC5 Daphnis Been at it since early release on the 29th. I'm about 78% done with the story mode

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 2 months ago +1

    Shits so fun and addictive man love the underground race feel to everything as well the animations are pretty good

  • JT360
    JT360 2 months ago +17

    I have no idea how your channel came up on my Clip-Share page 😂 but I decided to watch and I’m glad I did. I haven’t played need for speed for YEARS. Underground & carbon my favourites. I’m loving the look of this game and I definitely will be watching more of your episodes.

    • JT360
      JT360 Month ago +1

      @pete how could i forget most wanted 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • pete
      pete Month ago

      Carbon over MW? I mean, canyons were cool, but harsh man. :p

  • MTG_55_03
    MTG_55_03 2 months ago +309

    Finally someone who can actually drive on this game! All the recent gameplay that's been posted has people driving like they've never held a controller before. Theo can actually drift pretty well around the corners with the new drift handling.

    • xtravagentK
      xtravagentK Month ago

      "Finally someone who can actually drive on this game!" Really? Lol... Idk about that.

    • sav22rem22
      sav22rem22 2 months ago

      @DongleLifeForza is arcade too lmao wtf are you on about

    • Tsukino
      Tsukino 2 months ago

      @DongleLife forza is dogshit lmao

    • RavenEden
      RavenEden 2 months ago

      It's fun people suck online still

    • Fullcrum925
      Fullcrum925 2 months ago

      Facts dude had to click off the other videos felt like I was watching a 15 year old

  • Oliver
    Oliver 2 months ago

    Just wanted to say been here since 20k I remember The Crew days

  • Section 59
    Section 59 2 months ago +3

    With each game they make they get further and further away from what need for speed was originally made for. Car enthusiasts.

  • xUseTheForks
    xUseTheForks 2 months ago

    This game so far is really reminding me of underground 2 and I'm here for it

  • WeMust RizeTogether
    WeMust RizeTogether 2 months ago +1

    Love the video, game looks really good, personally I'm not a fan of the mixed art styles realistic/cartoon.

  • TroyMovieMadness
    TroyMovieMadness  2 months ago +1

    Game looks amazing 🤩

  • Dillon
    Dillon 2 months ago +4

    Man this game is lit so far! The duel sense controller feels amazing 🔥 can’t wait to get that Chiron

  • That Guy Called Philip
    That Guy Called Philip 2 months ago

    The drift physics look too arcade-y. That can work at real high speeds but I think this is mostly big jumps.
    I absolutely love the art style. It's not the exact vibe that Prostreet gave out but it's a step in that direction

  • EngiKunn
    EngiKunn 2 months ago +5

    The city looks so cool at night, reminds me of Underground games

  • Maaz Voices
    Maaz Voices Month ago +2

    For me I think Need For Speed Heat was the mix of Underground 2, Carbon and Most Wanted which is why I loved it the most!

  • MrLenny
    MrLenny Month ago

    Game is fantastic loving it so far

  • Justin Shubelka
    Justin Shubelka 2 months ago +2

    Nfs unbound is so fire with the gameplay and body kits. But dang its so nice looking and can't wait to see the rest of the story

  • cruelpeanutbutter
    cruelpeanutbutter 2 months ago +6

    this game is so realistic, even cars are parked in the bike lane

  • IchigoZangetsu
    IchigoZangetsu 2 months ago +1

    The game looks beautiful I’ve been playing since nfs nitro

  • Strutssss
    Strutssss Month ago +5

    Love the cel-shading on the characters, brings me back to the Sly Cooper days.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago +2

    best graphics I've seen in a NFS. The lightning in the garage😍

  • racerX5100
    racerX5100 2 months ago +16

    these graphics are just perfect the smoke and people have a comicstyle to it that balances everything out. This feel like a videogame not a car simulation program

    • what
      what Month ago

      @HEIDRO OK rocket scientist.

    • HEIDRO
      HEIDRO Month ago

      @what no investigation needed. It's called using your eyes and brain. It's not rocket science 😆

    • what
      what Month ago

      @HEIDRO I didn't investigate him like that. I agree with their opinion regardless.

    • HEIDRO
      HEIDRO Month ago

      @what with several different profiles and pictures? Don't be so naive

    • what
      what Month ago

      @HEIDRO Maybe it's the same person with the same opinion?

  • Logan Peachey
    Logan Peachey 2 months ago +60

    Finally here! Just playing it now and oh wow it looks so good! Thanks for the constant updates on the game and I look forward to seeing your coverage of this game 🙏

  • Tevin Howard
    Tevin Howard Month ago +1

    Its a bummer the new nfs game wasn't on the Xbox one platform so sad.

  • Rysea
    Rysea 12 days ago

    Man, I was skeptical of the graphics at first, but damn this game looks clean. Actually sick

  • Raikozy
    Raikozy 2 months ago +1

    Do you feel like even the world / environment has this spiderman multiverse art style to it? Not just the characters, kind of digging it

  • FunnyThings4U
    FunnyThings4U Month ago

    It has problems because when i drive about and find other racers they show on the map but when you go to that racer they are invisible

    PASTEL FROM GREECE 2 months ago +66

    I absolutely love the menu style, i think they were going for that "Brutalism" thingy whatever, and it's my favorite style of graphic design.

    • ThatKidFromThatShow
      ThatKidFromThatShow 2 months ago +4

      The word is "Urban"

    • kibria Khalil
      kibria Khalil 2 months ago +1

      @PASTEL FROM GREECE i think you meant brutalist :)

      PASTEL FROM GREECE 2 months ago

      @an username i know, but there is something like that some call it

    • an username
      an username 2 months ago +8

      Brutalism is an architectural style not a type of graphic design I think. Might be wrong tho

  • Raf
    Raf Month ago

    i didnt even know this game was out

  • gamingwiki
    gamingwiki Month ago

    I wish they just made another game with the handling of Need for Speed Pro Street, the cars need to feel heavy. Now it seems as if we are playing Hot Wheels...

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago

    this game 100% feels like the spiderman miles morales of need for speeds. the same art style, similar storyline, the voice actors, just the feel is a lot like it

  • Falyssa Mayhew
    Falyssa Mayhew 2 months ago

    I played for an hour at launch. I feel the AI rivals are a bit too aggressive for my liking, especially on the easy setting. I had to restart a speed race an embarrassing number of times. Once was due to a driver slamming onto me and rolling me. I, too, picked the Countach.

  • Mawile #303
    Mawile #303 Month ago

    Being from Chicago, hearing all this Rahm Emanuel slander is just too close to home lol

  • The White Knight
    The White Knight 2 months ago

    Late to the party but excited to see what's gonna happen in the game
    Dem cops ain't looking too good

  • Kalus_4
    Kalus_4 2 months ago +1

    Love the graphics style of this one, definitely gonna get it soon

  • tnt8583killer
    tnt8583killer 2 months ago +1

    who else agrees that this gives you the feels of what mw would be like next gen

  • Rashawn McDermott
    Rashawn McDermott Month ago

    Not gonna lie after playin it a little bit idk how to feel about it

  • John Porter
    John Porter 2 months ago +5

    To be fair, while driving the S14 it took me legitimately 10 minutes to get away from the cops because the car has hardly any grip and is MUUUCH slower than the Lambo! Hahaha but note that I’m also playing on the hardest difficulty so maybe that’s why 😂

    • Manny Abreu
      Manny Abreu 2 months ago

      I just got out of a 20 min 5 heat chase in the eclipse almost bone stock 😑lmao annoying but fun challenge

  • Vlad Mihai
    Vlad Mihai 2 months ago

    when i thought nfs couldn't get worse it did

  • Joseph Crispe
    Joseph Crispe 2 months ago +1

    I have been proved wrong about the handling. It looks fantastic, especially with the drifting option turned off. I was very skeptical about the handling, but it looks as though they have done a stellar job of it and hats off to criterion! Looking forward to playing it!

  • mad_mehti
    mad_mehti 2 months ago +94

    The game looks so good don't know about the effects but the story is so promsing

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 2 months ago

      i started playing it this morning.. i honestly dont mind the effects. i dont think theyre really targeting a younger audience, especially considering the language used lol i personally just think theyre trying something different because there is only so much you can keep doing to keep a game relevant. it is an arcade style game. theres always grand turismo if you want a more realistic game
      as far as the story...ehhh idk. its hard to tell what the hell the story is yet. the dialogue is fucking terrible though

    • crazyjoe101
      crazyjoe101 2 months ago

      @Karmori Ross no you can't you can only pick a toned-down version you can't turn them off 100%

    • mad_mehti
      mad_mehti 2 months ago

      @Prison Ramos than i should buy it

    • Prison Ramos
      Prison Ramos 2 months ago +2

      story was ass as usual, performance was ass as usual, the skybox and some of the city areas are great tho
      also brake to drift is here, and you can also rev to drift
      amazing 10/10 will pirate again

    • The Coronet Shop
      The Coronet Shop 2 months ago

      @Speed Hunter good point half of the new enthusiast ruining it for the one's who chill but know when to hoon/act like a fool

  • chad stapleton
    chad stapleton 2 months ago

    im lovin it so far the effects are growing on me

  • Space gaming
    Space gaming Month ago

    Bro this game looks so cool I can't wait to play it

  • PS.master🎮
    PS.master🎮 2 months ago

    When are you uploading part 2 this game is incredible 💥

  • Nari2Kun
    Nari2Kun 2 months ago

    This game has a lot of improvements from heat. It looks like nfs and forza mixed together 🤯

  • Ghøst
    Ghøst 2 months ago +37

    I absolutely love the style of this game, it feels like a synthwave animation