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We Went to the Abandoned "Island of Death"... (ITALY)

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    This week, Matt and I explored the island of Poveglia, one of the scariest and eeriest abandoned places we've ever been to. With over 160,000 deaths having taken place on the island, half of the island's soil is from human remains...
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  3 years ago +1430

    To clarify the $700,000, the island was apparently bought by an Italian businessman but he hasn't been permitted to build anything on it yet... Who knows how long it'll stay in this shape

    • FreeForLife
      FreeForLife 2 months ago

      Can you imagine someone building a resort and putting in a pool? What movie was it that skeletons started rising up in the pool because it was built on an Indian burial ground?

    • kantu8
      kantu8 4 months ago

      @Hippie Dee They were seagulls, not a baby (I’m from Venice).

    • Nixton
      Nixton 8 months ago

      @Hippie Dee Those are seaguls mate haha

    • Shalz
      Shalz 3 years ago +3

      In 2014 the Italian state auctioned a 99-year lease of Poveglia, which would remain state property, to raise revenue, hoping that the buyer would redevelop the hospital into a luxury hotel.[3] The highest bid was from Italian businessman Luigi Brugnaro Luigi Brugnaro, (€513,000); he planned to invest €20 million euros in a restoration plan.[4] The lease did not proceed because his project was judged not to meet all the conditions.[5][6] Other sources suggested that the deal was annulled because the bid was too low.[7] Brugnaro initially fought the cancellation of the lease, but after became mayor of Venice, he renounced any intentions to the island.[8]

    • Josh Yandoc
      Josh Yandoc 3 years ago

      So the its just a front. The real operation is underground

  • Jennifer Gulstad
    Jennifer Gulstad 3 years ago +5128

    Oh my god am I blessed to have found your channel, it’s amazing! The Tuvalu video popped up into my feed and now I’ve watched that and the Guatemalan pyramid video and now onto this one, I just can’t stop, I’m so inspired by you guys wow!

  • Anthony Santiago
    Anthony Santiago 3 years ago +2489

    Yes Theory: "Nobody wants to go there"
    Graffiti artists: "I'm about to end this man's whole career"

  • Angband
    Angband Year ago +2036

    I swear to God if humans ever land on Neptune they will find graffiti there.

  • Rhian Nicholls
    Rhian Nicholls 3 years ago +3801

    This is literally the beginning of EVERY. SINGLE. HORROR. MOVIE.

    • bryp
      bryp 11 months ago

      Not rubber😏

    • Rishav Kumar
      Rishav Kumar Year ago

      I love u

    • 5 E
      5 E Year ago

      Love.u from india

    • Chantal Prins
      Chantal Prins 2 years ago

      Or outlast..

    • Tama
      Tama  2 years ago

      No, the beginning of Conjuring 2 was not like that

  • Mistah_Sushi
    Mistah_Sushi 2 years ago +1362

    Everyone: DONT dare to go to the island
    Graffiti artist: It’s free real estate

  • Kaya
    Kaya 3 years ago +11375

    "160,000 people died of a virus here."
    Matt: *coughs*
    Me: *nervously sweating*

    • JadedKy
      JadedKy 2 months ago

      @Mark Patterson youre tellin me, the Bubonic plague has a chance of still being there just chillin on the floor?

    • Gary Maidman
      Gary Maidman 4 months ago

      @Alex Fusco that's because this wasn't the quarantine island during the main period of the bubonic plague, but was only used as a quarantine island from 1793 to 1814. The island used during the main period of the bubonic plague was a little island between Venice and Murano by the name of San Michele, which serves as a cemetery now.

    • Gary Maidman
      Gary Maidman 4 months ago

      @Mark Patterson I was about to say the same thing, lol. Yersinia pestis is the actual name of the bacteria.

    • Mikael0678
      Mikael0678 6 months ago

      now we know where the coronavirus really come from 😧

  • Misa Shabnam
    Misa Shabnam 3 years ago +1375

    The background sounds were more terrifying than the whole Island.

  • Kyle Bradley
    Kyle Bradley 3 years ago +969

    “Josh hasn’t slept in 24 hours...” “after 2 hours of josh arriving we are heading to the island” LET THE MAN SLEEP

  • je ar
    je ar 2 years ago +579

    If only those walls could talk it would've tell so many stories.

    • FreeForLife
      FreeForLife 2 months ago

      Not stories we'd want to hear, I fear.

    • VP121H
      VP121H Year ago +1

      @Cynthia Ennis 😂

    • Cynthia Ennis
      Cynthia Ennis Year ago +1

      I bet they would if they had brought a spirit box!!

    • VP121H
      VP121H Year ago +8

      They would tell the real story and no one would think it's creepy any more 😂

    • Gladiator
      Gladiator Year ago

      @prayash rai indeed

  • Roberta
    Roberta 3 years ago +127

    there's something so eerily majestic about places where nature is taking back what's hers

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A 2 years ago +354

    It’s scary if they are alone, but even scarier if they are not.

  • Softsyard
    Softsyard 3 years ago +3840

    " The absence of life on this island"
    Plants : Are we joke to you ?

    • FreeForLife
      FreeForLife 2 months ago

      Wait -- they said there were bugs everywhere. I'm sure cockroaches can even survive the bubonic plague.

    • Ajlic Meeh
      Ajlic Meeh Year ago


    • Gerr Holland
      Gerr Holland Year ago

      thats why u grow up fertily plant..

    • osh
      osh 2 years ago


    • RoseGold Jones
      RoseGold Jones 2 years ago


  • Belinda Pottorff
    Belinda Pottorff 3 years ago +287

    The fact that he was so sensitive with a heavy feeling regarding the place just goes to show that he is very spiritual and could feel the pain of each death. Then there is Josh... running around, almost oblivious to what actually happened there. Good video

    • TekoTQStusse
      TekoTQStusse 10 months ago +1

      Its true I could see spirits from the age of 3 but I know alot of people that have never seen any. It depends on how open you are or sensitive you are. Evil spirits make.you gag or throw up.

    • oki
      oki Year ago +20

      it’s called sympathy. nothing to do with a spiritual connection. Josh was just excited that he got to be there

  • Jeff Pape
    Jeff Pape 2 years ago +344

    Rest In Peace to all the victims that lost heir lives there.

    • gamerdogkawaii 666
      gamerdogkawaii 666 2 months ago

      @Salim Wali You can never be sure of their identity. Just view it as history. No matter what their belief is the person that commented simply feels sympathy for what they went through.

    • Salim Wali
      Salim Wali 9 months ago

      Even if they were racists or ex convicts?😭

  • Tiny Epics
    Tiny Epics 2 years ago +16

    I once wandered completely alone within an abandoned compound very similar to this one, but in Croatia. The adrenaline kept driving me on and I eventually reached the top floor and went into the attic. There was such an indescribable feeling up there, and at some point something rustled deep in the shadows. It was probably only a small animal but that was enough to get me the f out of there. Some of the rooms had children’s homework on the desks and old clothes and dolls lying around. It was intense and a lot of fun, but I know the feeling you can get in such a place. Keep in mind I was completely alone, as I randomly discovered it on a jog through the countryside.
    I still have recurring nightmares about that attic. It’s as if something unspeakable happened there long ago and the energy of those traumatic events lingers on.

    • Nixton
      Nixton 8 months ago +1

      Just go back to the same attic, trauma = solved

  • Mishti Sen
    Mishti Sen 3 years ago +348

    The fact that there were no humans makes sense but also there weren’t any animals or birds that I saw or heard is even creepier. Guess human death affects animals and fishes as well

    • Airsickspace92
      Airsickspace92 Year ago +1

      @Bera squirrels and foxes can also sound possessed. I remember walking in my yard and it sounded like something yelled at me I look around and there’s a squirrel screaming. Foxes also sound like a woman being murdered. So if you hear in ghost hunting vids what sounds like a woman screaming it’s typically a fox.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan 2 years ago +1

      a dead human will attract animals. it slike a meal for them

    • Arpit Puri
      Arpit Puri 2 years ago


    • Bera
      Bera 2 years ago +12

      If u watch Brennan Taylor’s video there’s so many birds that sound possessed

    • Lance Alexandra
      Lance Alexandra 2 years ago +9

      There's totally birds on the island. Get your ears checked.

  • Elli-Noora Ekholm
    Elli-Noora Ekholm 2 years ago +101

    We actually have same kind of place here on Finland! It's called Seili. A lot of people who had leprosy were left there to basically die. After that Seili became a mental hospital island....

    • Nesvrstana
      Nesvrstana Year ago +2

      Kinda like an island near Dubrovnik, Croatia

    • Andre Baptiste
      Andre Baptiste Year ago +4

      It's the same for us in Trinidad

  • Maszama P
    Maszama P 3 years ago +262

    I love seeing how nature just takes back these places.. in years time every building on that island will be gone.
    The strength of nature is so fucking cool

    • canon isensys
      canon isensys 3 years ago

      @Blank i was going to deny what you just said but come to think of it you're

    • Blank
      Blank 3 years ago +1

      @canon isensys no nature can handle anything we throw at it, it's us that can't handle the slight changes that we create to nature. Nature just adapts it'll always be there we on the other hand no so much light slights increase in nitrogen, oxygen, or carbon in the air and we"re done for.

    • Maszama P
      Maszama P 3 years ago +7

      canon isensys yeah its a shame..
      but hey one day all humans will die and nature will prosper i hope

    • canon isensys
      canon isensys 3 years ago +3

      too bad nature can't handle our polution.

  • HarryVJames
    HarryVJames 3 years ago +60

    I LOVE this type of Yes theory content. Just like the old days. Love it.

  • Scott Lamar
    Scott Lamar 3 years ago +3

    Honestly places like this are really insane but they are part of our history and should be kept as a sort of landmark. They did what they thought was the best solution during the plague to bring all the sick there. I never thought a place like that was still standing, its rather amazing to see it.

  • Rockit666
    Rockit666 11 months ago +4

    The thing that hits me the most is the untold human misery that place has seen over the centuries. You could plant a field of Sage on the whole island, set it on fire and it still wouldn’t get rid of the pain and suffering that is probably embedded down to the bedrock.

  • CryptoNFA
    CryptoNFA 3 years ago +9

    being from a small italian village myself , i was ready to not be impressed as we got plenty of abandoned places.
    Well that island was creepy as fuck! Also, hopefully you didn't understand all the satanic messages written on the walls ahah
    Keep up the good work! You guys are amazing :D

  • Chiara Solinas
    Chiara Solinas Year ago +4

    Poveglia was actually used as a marine quarantine island only in two occasions (and both in the late 1700). I don’t know what were your sources for numbers and facts but no mass death there. Also, venetians are not scared of it (young people even have barbecues there sometimes) and there are committees trying to recover it for other uses. It’s more a ghost island in the american imagination than in the local view. Still, really cool place for a ghost story.

  • Hector A Guerrero
    Hector A Guerrero 3 years ago +386

    I’m excited for yes theory to get on Netflix one day... we all know it’s going to happen!!!

  • Phoebe Blaxill
    Phoebe Blaxill 3 years ago +18

    This island was a really important place for Venice because it stopped the spread of Plagues from ships to the main island - Venice had the first quarantine

  • Ray
    Ray 3 years ago +1561

    Shane and ryan from buzzfeed unsolved should sleep here overnight 😂😂

    • zeffery
      zeffery 2 years ago

      @M J ikr. I started binging Buzzfeed Unsolved back when it was on buzzfeed blue or whatever in 2017. I told my friends bout it and they judged me so hard. Im like Unsolved is DIFFERENT i SWEAR

    • gemstar 39
      gemstar 39 2 years ago

      @mayaanimay Ryan's mind would explode🤯 ........I'd love to see them explore that place 😊

    • mayaanimay
      mayaanimay 2 years ago +1

      @gemstar 39 I agree. Shane would have a fun time while Ryan will officially lose his mind... maybe Ricky Goldsmith would take over?

    • M J
      M J 3 years ago +27

      Buzzfeed is garbage but Buzzfeed Unsolved is absolutely hilarious

  • sharkbait
    sharkbait 2 years ago +8

    I’ve watched josh for years and somehow came across yes theory like yesterday and have been obsessed but now both channels together is such an unexpected delight

  • Caroline R
    Caroline R 3 years ago +2

    Aw, this makes me wanna go back to Venice soo bad. I once went to this big abandoned hospital on an island next to Venice and it was honestly one of the most memorable and beautiful places I've been, just because going to big abandoned places gives you such a unique feeling that you can't really find anywhere else... 🌍🌎🌏

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 2 years ago +14

    Wonderful to see this as it brought back some exploring memories - maybe not the situation now, but back in 2001, it wasn't that difficult to find someone willing to take you out (for the right price of course) - there were actually a couple of groups passing flyers out by the St. Marks Square Water Taxi stand.

  • BasicFrustration
    BasicFrustration 3 years ago +33

    Hi there, i just wanted to say that you guys fell for a common urban legend, which was basically invented by Fox Family Chanel for the series "The scariest places on earth". There were never hundrets of thousands victims of the plague dying on that island. In fact there was only one or tow ships in the 1790s that were quaranteed here: 8 people died back then, not 160.000. Also there was no mad doctor. In fact there was never a huge psychiatric clinic on there, but a geriatric one. Old people used to be sent out of the dirty and crowded City on an island with fresh grass and better hygiene. There is no record of cruel human-experiments on that island.
    Also the reaction of the taxi-boat-driver (4:38) tells a lot: As someone from Venice i can assert that not many are scared of Poveglia, apart from US-tourists. In fact i remember having picnic with my parents down there when i was a child. That was nice, you have enough space to play. Not like in the crowded city. Also i remember there were a lot of rabbits.
    No hate though - I love your Videos, keep it up!

    • Daniele Semenzato
      Daniele Semenzato 6 months ago +1

      Finally, someone said it clear. For us venetians it is absolutely nothing special at all and we still don't understand what the fuss is all about. I'm surprised how some businessman hasn't turned the place into some sort of Horror Disneyland yet , just like what's happened to Venice.

    • R N A
      R N A 3 years ago +2

      BasicFrustration, Wait wha-

  • Essie
    Essie 3 years ago +319

    Matt: starts coughing
    Also Matt: "I feel nauseous"
    Me: heck to the no.

  • Andrea Montalvo
    Andrea Montalvo 3 years ago +390

    Who else is stuck in an endless pit of Yes Theory videos, I haven’t left my bed in weeks what day is it 😂

    • EVAN S
      EVAN S Year ago

      It is June and honestly I just found this channel and I cannot stop watching lol

    • necklace of durance
      necklace of durance Year ago


    • Thushar
      Thushar Year ago

      @5 E creep

    • Jimmy the Shadow Leviathan
      Jimmy the Shadow Leviathan Year ago

      I think its allday(my name for every day of the week because i just can’t anymore)

    • The Hitman
      The Hitman 2 years ago

      It’s the 17th of March sir/lady

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 3 months ago +6

    These places should be available to visit as dark museum's as part of our history definitely! I'd never thought about it like that before

    • FreeForLife
      FreeForLife 2 months ago

      There is too much liability. Those buildings have only been abandoned since 1968, and look at how much they have crumbled.

  • noctiS
    noctiS 3 years ago

    Definitely, these cities/places are the ones to be restored and don't let us forget what happened in the past. They are an example of what, we humans, are capable of

  • Out There
    Out There 3 months ago +1

    I’m 45, watched a lot of docs, history, stories. Been to Venice Italy…
    I have to say watching Yes Theory since discovering the channel last week has been amazing. Seeing a lot of places I haven’t heard of here.

  • Steven_A
    Steven_A 3 years ago +1691

    Yes Theorys next video "taking random people to area 51"
    love your videos!!

    • Steven_A
      Steven_A 2 years ago +1

      @Punjabi Soorme bro I commented that a year ago when that was a thing 😂 I was a joke

    • Punjabi Soorme
      Punjabi Soorme 2 years ago +1

      Area 51 is a military base ....m sure any military base of any nation will seize u for trespassing on pvt property.

    • Micha
      Micha 3 years ago

      @Samuel Games OMG OMG I had the same idea - AREA 51 Challenge

    • Samuel Games
      Samuel Games 3 years ago


    • EthanBeanz
      EthanBeanz 3 years ago

      I've seen this place before on an episode of ghost adventures i think.

  • Angatita
    Angatita 3 months ago +1

    Haunted abandoned island? You brought the perfect person 🥰 I’m so happy to see Josh on here!

  • Heavin Phelps
    Heavin Phelps 3 years ago +46

    I’m so glad you brought Josh, he’s got good vibes

  • lucax tshotting
    lucax tshotting Month ago

    It really is an awesome place for graffiti. Reminds me of an abandoned building I used to paint at, although mine got abandoned before finished. Still had the rooms and the opened staircase and the roof and whatnot. Also reminded me of call of duty's verrukt

  • Hope King
    Hope King 3 years ago

    You guys should look into Spinalonga , it’s a tiny island off Crete that people with leprosy were sent to before there was a cure. It was horrible but the people on that island made it their own, they even had shops and places for people to gather and be social. It’s really interesting

  • Olivetti
    Olivetti 2 years ago

    It'd be awesome to have alternate versions of these videos with just some awesome music and captions to describe what we're seeing. It would make these so much more mysterious and other-worldly.

  • Analyssa Olson
    Analyssa Olson 3 years ago +756

    If you go to WWII concentration camps, the ominous feeling is so strong that birds and other animals avoid the area adding to the silence
    I wonder if its the same thing there
    The feeling in suffocating inside, but as soon as you leave, such a relief rushes over you and you can breathe again

    • Zeeee
      Zeeee 9 months ago

      @Skrillz hi, late discovery of your comment but why?

    • Solo La Folle
      Solo La Folle 3 years ago +1

      lyssy2001 not all the time sometimes it can be quite peaceful i live near one and although it is quite eerie it’s quite peaceful like the other person said

    • marks
      marks 3 years ago

      iSkrillzz why lol

    • Hellbent HQ
      Hellbent HQ 3 years ago

      GP-5 like I’m not saying this is all people but like a feel like for some people they have to smile about something or laugh because they can’t really handle the seriousness of the situation so they try to be happy but like then there are the people that take selfies and be disrespectful
      Also soz for the huge paragraph

    • Skrillz
      Skrillz 3 years ago

      lyssy2001 if you ever are on the island, never go up the ladder. trust...

  • April Whitehouse
    April Whitehouse 3 years ago

    Y'all! Robben island in South Africa was used to hold people with leprosy (so they could die there) and has been turned into a non creepy tourist attraction because of the other uses of the Island, check it out :)

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 3 years ago +74

    anyone else want to build a thriving community on this island or am i just crazy?

    • Joe Leyden
      Joe Leyden 2 years ago +5

      If you build a town here imagine what would happen if you were digging up to build a road.....

    • Libzey
      Libzey 3 years ago +2

      Actually tho, it would be so cool to rebuild those old buildings and have a beautiful community on that island! Sounds crazy for sure but I'm down

  • KR♡
    KR♡ 2 years ago +6

    Hahaha omg the ending was epic! I was literally on the edge of my seat during the entire video! Loveddddd it! Waw...the suspense was pretty high. Excellent job guys....ever since I've been introduced to Yes Theory, I just can't seem to get enough! So much love from Trinidad ♡

  • Severus Sid
    Severus Sid 3 years ago

    Its a lonely Sunday and I was wondering what to do in this lonely town... And thankfully I find this channel! Thanks youtube for bringing here! You guys give quaaality content. Seeing these places through your eyes... We get a glimpse of the corners which if not few, then none have been to/through in ages.... Love it. You guys deserve more love...definately all of these vids are worth the title of being a good documentary... Just can imagine how it could be for a full length movie!

  • Julianne Magnaye
    Julianne Magnaye 2 years ago +30

    I just wonder, how the hell they had such great sense of direction and never got lost??

  • Lil Fork
    Lil Fork 3 years ago +8396

    “Nobody wants to go there”
    “can you take us to this island”
    “yea get in”

    • Aaryaman Gupta
      Aaryaman Gupta 11 months ago

      You wanna fight a gargantuan half lion, half crocodile bald monster for 50 euros?
      "Where we goin'?"

    • Vince Clamor
      Vince Clamor Year ago


    • Cookex India
      Cookex India Year ago


    • Abby Addardey
      Abby Addardey Year ago

      @Alessandro Daniele 🤣

    • MrRedsjack
      MrRedsjack Year ago

      @ominocapellone not the reign of Italy. That flag is different. This one has the symbols of the 4 major Italian historical port cities. It's used as the navy flag and used by all Italian vessels. The kingdom of Italy flag had the savoy family shield in the middle which does look a little bit like the naval flag but it's not the same.

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim 3 years ago +30

    the editing in this video is so good, shout out to Thomas (Matt's brother), it is amazing, really complements the filming and the content

  • Celina Concepcion
    Celina Concepcion 3 years ago +6

    You guys are so blessed to be in Italy 😭 traveling the world is amazing

  • muthoni njoroge
    muthoni njoroge Year ago

    This would be a good place for a paranormal investigation. I think Matt is spiritual sensitive. When he felt sick.... feeling like someone is watching...

  • Kristian Božičnik
    Kristian Božičnik 3 years ago +1

    Great advice for next time visiting abandoned creepy places; as you do the most, be quiet and respectful. You felt right about being watched from dark; presence of souls was everywhere.
    Those souls of tortured people are trapped and react only being disturbed by loudness.
    They'll show their presence and reactions on loud people are painful body, sickness, headaches, coughing, hard breathing, putting our energy out of balance just as warning to let them being in peace.
    It's possible to "clean" such places with special methods which takes time and focus.
    Great videos guys and see you around. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Simon Bell
    Simon Bell 14 days ago

    I wonder if you would feel this way walking around London. Similar things happened with the plague and whatnot.

  • Matt_Attack
    Matt_Attack 3 years ago +2862

    * Thomas enters black plague infested waters
    * *Immune system* : _"Am I a joke to you ?"_

    • Jourdan Hamme
      Jourdan Hamme Year ago +1

      Dude, come get the fucking drone 🤣

    • Warentester
      Warentester 2 years ago +1

      Plague is not an issue any more - we've got antibiotics.

    • B0T
      B0T 3 years ago

      스칼렛 민지 Scarlett MinJi yup

    • Positive Player
      Positive Player 3 years ago

      @Scarlett 스칼렛 민지 haha nice one

  • Habeba elnahrawy
    Habeba elnahrawy 3 years ago +1

    yea, sure… its haunted, but its also extremely beutiful and exquisite. all the trees gives you a really retro, vintage, old vibe. its seems like an amazing place to explore with your best friends just because of its history. its extremely fascintating.

  • deiii
    deiii 2 years ago +1

    You guys should do more spooky stuff, or go to more abandoned places :o That would be really cool!

  • 4fourthenation
    4fourthenation 5 months ago

    I went to Venice in high school as an experience with choir. Everyone else went to explore everything else but we went to poveglia. It took us multiple tries to get a boat taxi but the one we found said the same thing we had 2 hours. He dropped us off then we saw him sail away and he just sat in his boat looking through binoculars at us. We explored the asylum entering where the staircase is, the crematorium and burning grounds. Finishing our exploring at the bottom of the tower

  • Letícia Dutra
    Letícia Dutra 3 years ago +1

    I've always been into abandoned places, but watching this video considering all that is going on with the world right now made me feel so weird

  • LAG2 YT
    LAG2 YT Year ago +3

    Binge watching your videos since 4 hours now, I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. this what you guys are doing is my dream since my childhood. Wish i could be there with you 😭❤❤

  • Laney Finazzo
    Laney Finazzo 3 years ago +694

    Yes Theory, you guys should go to Gungywamp in Groton, Connecticut, United States, it’s a forest where there are many documented cases where people have lost time.

    • Evolutionist
      Evolutionist 3 years ago +1

      @Eric Vallieres hell yea. Tons of insane asylums here

    • Seaside_Bee
      Seaside_Bee 3 years ago +1

      Theres a ton of spooky places in CT and mass! I live on the boarder and go to a lot on both states

    • Misa Perez
      Misa Perez 3 years ago +2

      Ct gang

    • Cam
      Cam 3 years ago +1

      Went there once. Won’t go back..

    • Chandlar Thone
      Chandlar Thone 3 years ago +2

      Kirill or when you took a grammar class

  • Shirley Pineda
    Shirley Pineda 3 years ago

    I feel that it should turn into a museum to teach us about the country's history.

  • rashesh majithia
    rashesh majithia 3 years ago +2

    I can only imagine which places around us will be isolated and considered haunted years later. Weird to think

  • SomethingRed&Blue
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