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Most Controversial Poker Hands ♠️ Poker Top 5 ♠️ PokerStars Global

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • Poker is a game that is typically played in good spirits with a keen sense of fairness and etiquette. However, sometimes things don't go to plan and voices are raised, questions are asked and - in rare cases - blatant cheating is spotted. Subscribe here: psta.rs/SubscribetoPS
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  • BrusWane
    BrusWane 5 years ago +10159

    Number one truly has no rival. That move was so darn bloody sick. I may even do it one day when I have the nuts.

    • Young Suit
      Young Suit 23 days ago

      @wuamiller since he was heads up, could it work that his opponent gets to choose if the offending party is forced to raise or call?

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith Month ago

      I’m not sure that guys life expectancy is that long and if you choose to make that move, may God be with you, as the poker gods will be mighty vengeful

    • JoeyMac
      JoeyMac Month ago

      @zzDJChris A fisherman is an angler and fishing is called angling. An angle call is trying to “fish” for your opponent to call your monster (usually nuts) hand when it’s pretty certain they won’t take a bite that big when they step into your trap. A check-reraise on the river is likely to tip off your opponent and get them to muck when you’d rather they call… so making them think the reraise isnt intentional (and you didn’t have the cards to be doing that) changes their decision dramatically.
      It’s not expressly against the rules to angle call, but it makes you a giant piece of shit at best and subject to getting your ass beat at worst.

    • Jarod P
      Jarod P Month ago

      Do that shit to me and see if I let you leave the parking lot without some form of retribution.

    • J W
      J W 2 months ago

      *Robbi has entered the chat*

  • Fiona Akkerman
    Fiona Akkerman 5 years ago +7437

    Respect for Ensan. He chose to overlook the mistake and they both had a laugh. What a nice ending to an awkward situation.

    • Ballen81587
      Ballen81587 Month ago

      Was just a string of mistakes/misunderstandings
      Ensan didn’t announce a raise so the other guy thought it was a call but then obviously if it was a raise the guy is not calling with 8 high

    • ike lasider
      ike lasider 3 months ago

      @tadejp44 Ensan RE-Raises !!!!! at 7:54......Tremzin " GOOD CALL".......Ensan .."YOU Call"????.......Tremzin .."Yep"...!!!!!!! Yep means yes !!! Tremzin ..was clearly asked .."You call"...his reply was "YEP".........................HE SAID GOOD CALL ..and then asked if he called raise he say "Yep and its even shown on graphics

    • Drizzy Pizzman
      Drizzy Pizzman 3 months ago

      @tadejp44 The mistake obviously is that Ensan raised, he didn't call.. idiot

    • Vipul Doshi
      Vipul Doshi 4 months ago

      ah jitterbug snap snap snap

    • Vipul Doshi
      Vipul Doshi 4 months ago

      an absolute stand up man. imo, most people, including myself, wouldve handled/reacted to that much differently. More in the negative direction

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 6 months ago +390

    Not only were Ivey's cards covered with red chips, he had his stack in front of the cards. Matusow had a point.

    • Clayton Reid
      Clayton Reid Month ago +1

      @Pravleen Minhas 100% agree Mutusow was in the right and Phil was being a dick, but I don't think Phil was gaslighting, it's prime Phil, he paid attention to everything way too closely, he probably assumed that everyone was trying as hard as he was.

    • NM Bowser
      NM Bowser 2 months ago +2

      Yeah agreed. I could’ve made the same mistake. Even in video I hadn’t noticed till Mike folded

    • J J
      J J 3 months ago

      mmm, maybe a little. It was obvious he had never mucked them though so Matusow is just weak sauce.

    • Jeremy Skibba
      Jeremy Skibba 4 months ago +21

      I work in the casino industry and know several people that have dealt to Ivey. They all say he's an asshole in real life and doesn't tip.

    • Nick Poulos
      Nick Poulos 5 months ago

      @Dub4Lif3 ivey always comes across like a scummy guy like that, the baccarat shit, etc

  • motodrummer
    motodrummer 2 days ago

    I agree with Negeanu, thats part of the game.

  • Mike Panek
    Mike Panek Year ago +686

    What a great reaction by both guys in #3. "Screw it, let's just play." Laughs it off and the crowd gives respect to them with a round of applause as well.

    • Everyone has an opinion
      Everyone has an opinion 2 months ago +1

      @RushinBurrito To be fair, I thought he said just "Call" the first time round, but when played back you could hear the difference. Massive respect to both of them when it would be tempting and justifiable to stick to your guns.

    • RushinBurrito
      RushinBurrito 3 months ago +3

      Agreed. I think it does help here that it would make literally no sense for the guy to call. But good on them for the sportsmanship.

  • Nit TheGrit
    Nit TheGrit 5 months ago +70

    Ensan is an absolute sportsman. Such a class act. I've seen him play in a handful of televised events and he's always this way. Kind, even-keeled, but also very competitive; in a healthy way. I was stoked for him when he won the WSOP main event. His demeanor reminds me a lot of Joe Hachem.

  • Black Dragon Studios
    Black Dragon Studios 2 years ago +1993

    12:30 I agree with Daniel here. Expecting complete honesty in a game where lying is a viable strategy and completely legal is a very dumb thing and anyone playing that way will be soon surprised to find out the truth about poker.

    • Tek
      Tek 23 days ago

      @Conor TAP MACHINE Mcgregor he faked a call with a full house. I’d love to take your money, baby brain

    • a tmoz
      a tmoz 23 days ago

      @dudeman5300 Whaha... I got a flashback too. I was thinking the same, even expected that moment (I'm sure your talking about when Tony G was pretending he didn't see his cards and raised) to be the number 1.

    • Not So Cool Dude
      Not So Cool Dude 2 months ago

      Not only that but he made the fatal error of overplaying king jack. Should’ve read Tony G’s poker strategy smh

    • Sanket Alekar
      Sanket Alekar 2 months ago

      @Stopper NZ it is heads up by the time it came to negreanu, everyone had folded.

    • The Great Bambino
      The Great Bambino 2 months ago +1

      @Kunde YT I had no problem with Tony G saying he called blind

  • jd
    jd Year ago +3017

    "It's okay, but next time please don't bluff."
    "But you bluffed also."
    "I had 5!" lmao

    • Fettbub 92
      Fettbub 92 28 days ago

      stuff you here at friendly home poker games

    • J J
      J J 3 months ago

      Obviously he meant that he bluffs other hands.

    • Adrian Ciobanu
      Adrian Ciobanu 6 months ago

      @walrus hi saed good call bicose efsan saed I call but in reality hi re-rased but dealer haved a shit in mouth

    • Onbored
      Onbored 7 months ago +1

      @Tony George Apology accepted

    • Tony George
      Tony George 7 months ago

      @Onbored Oh so you ARE deaf, or at least hearing impaired. Wow I'm so sorry I was rude to you earlier, my apologies man.

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean 6 months ago +34

    Daniel has always been my favorite poker player. I remember watching a game in the early 2000s where he guessed soooo many of the opponents hands. It was crazy. Besides that he's a pretty swell fellow. His vibes are nice. I remember him bringing a lunchbox with his mom-made lunch in it. You love to see it.

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith Month ago

      Yeah he’s always had this great attitude. I remember once seeing him look distraught. Must have been doing very badly, but usually pleasant. They say if you feel unlucky then it’ll play out unlucky. Maybe that’s why he acts cheerful and PHil helmuth seems unlucky

  • anibaldk
    anibaldk Year ago +664

    100% on Negreanu's side. The only true fact is the amount he placed on the bet. Everything else, is up for speculation.
    Also, Ensan acted like a true gentleman. The kind of player I'd love to have at my table.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 4 months ago +2

      @Dub4Lif3 Speculation much? You have no proof of that and with how mumble like the "good call" was, it could very easily be heard as a call

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 4 months ago +1

      @Kaory Nguyễn So what? Thats nitpicking. They both conveyed the exact same message. "Oops. I put in more than I wanted to"

    • Dub4Lif3
      Dub4Lif3 5 months ago

      what? Ensan tried to cheat, he knew he called, and that the guy said "good call"... clearly. But later realised wait thats all on camera, better just say nvm its all good i dont want his chips. But at first he tried to pull a fast one, even after saying "I say raise" he quickly looked at the floor man, and around ,then took a quick drink of his bottle, absolute deception, he knew he was lying and trying to pull a fast one. Later said nvm, and I dont think it was him being a good sport, but realizing it was all on camera, and the truth would come out later. that or his buddies told him that they heard him say "good call" and didnt want to be a dick

    • Corathor
      Corathor 6 months ago +1

      @Joe Knapp In most games, the verbal is concrete. So if you say re-raise, you MUST re-raise at least a min bet. When he said Re-Raise, he probably got a slight smirk/tell from his opponent, so he quickly backed off and tried to call but it was too late. Floor did a perfect job there. The difference with DN is that he simply if we believe him by accident threw in more than he intended to. It wasn't as if he threw in 45k, got a reaction then tried to pull some of it back saying oh I only meant to throw 29 out.

    • Kaory Nguyễn
      Kaory Nguyễn 6 months ago +6

      @Álvaro One is only saying "I misclick" and let other players speculation, the other actually called floor and tried to manipulate them too with his "me don't know rules" and "me don't speak English" shit. If he just said "Aw I mean call but whatever" then no one really care honestly.

  • flyawaytodie
    flyawaytodie Year ago +160

    Ensan's response was classy. No anger, no shouting or cursing, no attack on the dealer. Hellmuth should take pointers on table behaviour from that clip.

    • Dub4Lif3
      Dub4Lif3 5 months ago +1

      @walrus well then youre deaf, he Clearly says good call. LOL nothing was classy he didnt raise either, he tried to take advantage. then realized its all filmed, and he would look bad, that why he said oh nvm i dont want his chips. Even when he says "I say raise" he looks at the floor man, then drinks his bottle in a deceiving way. He knows what he was trying to do, and knew he said "good call" his buddies probably told him they even heard good call.

    • walrus
      walrus 8 months ago +1

      It was very classy and I do think he had every right to argue. Even played back I do not hear “good” call. He double checks and the kid even says “yes”. I think he misremembered his hand, and upon looking again played it off.

  • Stringfreak
    Stringfreak 2 years ago +2230

    I loved how the Floor guy acted during the No.1 hand. That guy sure knows his job.

    • slyjokerg
      slyjokerg 9 days ago +1

      ​@tpac83 It depends on the tournament rules. I would be surprised to see the floor or TD expose a mucked hand if the player didn't want to show. However, since a penalty could be imposed for wrongful play, the floor/TD COULD potentially give the offending player the option of showing OR getting the penalty. That is what I suspect would happen, had Yanayt folded... particularly because the player had a history of the same kind of BS angle play. I hope someone has kicked his ass in a parking lot for one of those "infractions."

    • tpac83
      tpac83 28 days ago +1

      @slyjokerg had Yanayt mucked, I would've loved the TD to flip over Freitez's hand to show the table. It may have been going beyond his authority, but a good way to stamp out that kind of BS.

    • tpac83
      tpac83 28 days ago

      @Fa’a Because he wanted to pretend that he only wanted to call, so his raise (which he was obliged to put in after making the 'raise' announcement) was more likely to be called. He was acting weak, but in a manner that clearly broke the rules.

    • BeLieve
      BeLieve Month ago

      @Brian Draper yeah, I know that. But floor actually said he did it one time before with a monster hand, thats why its a shitty call.. Also a shitty move, but that was not my point.

    • Brian Draper
      Brian Draper Month ago

      @BeLieve it’s unethical because the guy knew he had a full house and the best hand, so he said raise, then tried to say call. Whatever you say first is verbally binding, and he knew that. He wanted to deceive the other player to make it look like he had a weak hand when he didn’t which is very poor poker etiquette

  • Leonardo Olaguibel
    Leonardo Olaguibel 10 months ago +539

    Silverman: "That missclick was shady"
    Also Silverman: "He missclicked?" - *Goes all in*

    • AbyssGnasher
      AbyssGnasher 14 days ago


    • Mr. CEO
      Mr. CEO 21 day ago

      @DK N only an idiot confirms he is clearly and idiot

    • DK N
      DK N 21 day ago

      @Mr. CEO you sound upset.

    • Mr. CEO
      Mr. CEO 21 day ago

      @DK N clearly you’re an idiot

    • DK N
      DK N 21 day ago

      @Mr. CEO stay mad

  • Rob Keller
    Rob Keller Year ago +160

    The "good call" situation ended surprisingly well. Bouncing right into the next thing. That is not sportsmanship, that's being a competitor.

  • Tom DH
    Tom DH 8 months ago +67

    I love how Silverman can rationalize shoving and "exploiting" the apparent misclick by calling it shady , you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar , at least own it

    • Johnny Falco
      Johnny Falco 21 day ago

      @Anonymous Person Decisions are everything in poker. Accident or no, Negreanu stuck to the decision he presented to the rest of the table. Freitez voiced a decision to the table, intentionally moved in the incorrect amount of chips, and then wanted to change his official decision, pretending it was all on accident. It’s a pre-planned cheat, whereas what Negreanu did is, at worst, a pre-planned mind game.

    • Evan Pilkington
      Evan Pilkington 4 months ago +3

      @Anonymous Person Raising by the "wrong amount" and claiming you meant to call arguably very different.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 4 months ago

      Then what Freitz did was also alright then right?

  • PMP1337
    PMP1337 4 days ago

    Maybe I'm naive. But I actually think Negreanu miss-clicked. He just acted that it was on purpose after to not show weakness and that he really did a mistake. If it was on purpose, it would only have worked because Silverman donked pre-flop. And that is totally Silverman's fault.
    Negreanu claims he wanted to raise just 9k, which would be a BB, right? That to me is quite normal from Negreanu with such an hand.
    Negreanu clearly looks at the chips and counts 4 blues and one orange before he throws them. How much is each and would 4 of one and 1 of other actually be 9k if the colors were different?
    If he thought the blues were 1k and the orange was 5k. That would be 9k... I suppose in reality the orange is 5k but the blues are 10k each.

  • sanjinred
    sanjinred 5 days ago

    The last one should have been a disqualifier and chip hand out to the rest of the players.

  • alex39k
    alex39k 2 years ago +113

    Exact same thing happened to me with a misclick once in a wsop circuit tourney, the 500 chips looked just like the 5000 chips and I accidentally threw 2 in, this was like the first 15 mins of the tourney too. Some idiot tried to take advantage and went all in with A10 and I had AA he was the first one knocked out 😂😂😂

    • tpac83
      tpac83 28 days ago

      @Why you lying though? There's WSOP tournaments with relatively small buy-ins. If I won the lottery, I'd enter one despite being of a similar standard to every other under the video commenter, just for the experience.

    • Why you lying though?
      Why you lying though? 6 months ago +1

      Zenga poker isnt “wsop”

    • Thun Lunk
      Thun Lunk 8 months ago +1

      @Mara Dala you good?

    • Mara Dala
      Mara Dala 9 months ago

      And you didn't win. And your lying. And I hate Clip-Share. And I hate you. Don't care why I'm commenting. I just am.

    • Melcavic42
      Melcavic42 11 months ago +1

      yup pops did same thing but he meant to do it haha

  • QA QA
    QA QA 2 years ago +62

    Respect for Ensan. He chose to overlook the mistake and they both had a laugh. What a nice ending to an awkward situation.

    • tuttwith2ts
      tuttwith2ts Year ago +3

      @wh3elson incorrect. you don't have to say anything as long as your chips are put forward in 1 motion

    • wh3elson
      wh3elson 2 years ago +2

      Nah, Ensan is the one who made the mistake. Rule is you have to say the amount or say raise to raise. Any other action that puts chips in is a call. it was also proven he said “good call” and it was obvious he would not call with nothing in his hand

  • EyeAmGod
    EyeAmGod Day ago

    Either way Silverman tried to take 45k and lost!

  • J T
    J T 3 days ago

    I'd never wear shiny glasses to a poker game... those reflections.

  • mexiejew
    mexiejew 9 months ago +15

    I think the Good Call incident was handled so well because after assessing, even the winner knew he wasn't going to call with nothing and dropped it. But "Good call" can def be a problem with higher values in play

  • Stoy Trivia
    Stoy Trivia 8 months ago +7

    Number one reminds me of a time I was at a table (not in the hand) and player A became upset when player B attempted to raise on the river but did so with what he claimed was a string bet (it wasn't). Player A protested vehemently and even demanded that the floor person come over and rule. The dealer told the floor that the player B had announced raise and therefore the raise stood. Player A seemed incensed and fired in another raise which was quickly called by Player B. Player A then proceeded to turn over the stone cold nuts. My jaw dropped, the level of discipline required to pull that off, it was pretty special. I thought it was pretty dirty, but I had to laugh a bit to myself.

  • Tom S
    Tom S Year ago +7

    Most of these aren't controversial so much as simple mistakes that effected the games. To me, the true controversial poker plays are angle shoots only

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Year ago +7

    What david did was perfectly legal and it was the best play possible and it really showed that he is good at this game.

  • Ian W
    Ian W Year ago +28

    #3 is a great example of legitimate confusion (I thought he said 'call the first time too') that once they talked it out, it was clear that he would NOT call any sort of raise. The winning player is a mensch; good man.

  • s a m p l e t e x t
    s a m p l e t e x t Year ago +17

    Hats off to Ensan for handling that situation with class.

  • Andrew Hiler
    Andrew Hiler 10 months ago +2

    That third clip is amazing! The ability to move past an issue like that with so much on the line and still laugh with each other after!

  • Zippy McFadden
    Zippy McFadden 3 years ago +5172

    Totally ok with Negreanu's move.

    • The Great Bambino
      The Great Bambino 3 months ago

      @Dave disagree. There was no question as to what the action was, no attempts to take back, no question that he was raising. His opponent always knew what he had to do to stay in the pot. That's the difference.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 4 months ago +1

      @Blek Metal That makes a fuck all difference. Daniel acted like he raised more than he wanted to. Freitz acted like he put in more than he wanted to. Both conveyed the EXACT SAME MESSAGE! It's the same thing just done differently

    • David Sanchez'R
      David Sanchez'R 6 months ago

      yea that nerd got outplayed lmao

    • JD Russell
      JD Russell 6 months ago

      Just seems like Negreanu took an Internet Player to the cleaners to teach him how to play a real card game 😂

    • pryo
      pryo 7 months ago

      I didn't get what his move was, someone care to explain?

  • Dean Jonson
    Dean Jonson Year ago +4

    The display of sportsmanship was pretty amazing.

  • Abel Eko
    Abel Eko 4 months ago +14

    The biggest issue was Ensan asked him a second time, he said “you call?” and other dude quickly replied “yeah”. So honestly he should have had to pay the raise due to not being attentive and causing the confusion. The outcome was fine, because the reality is no one would call a raise on a bluff.

    • Johnny Falco
      Johnny Falco 21 day ago

      Ensan asked for clarification cause he didn’t hear the first time… and when he asked, the other player probably thought he said “good call?” like ‘oh you’re complementing the play?’ when he actually said “you call?” to clarify the choice. It would’ve been really scummy to make him pay off that raise when they both misheard each other, especially when the thing that Ensan misheard was a moment of sportsmanship

    • Justin Last 2: Last Harder
      Justin Last 2: Last Harder 28 days ago +1

      With those accents, you can barely understand what they are even saying...

  • fitty77 - Filipe Roberto

    Negreanu is such a legend. What he did, and the way he did it, i can't feel it like a dark move or something. Man, i am completely newbye at poker, and even i know, that was not a missclick in the way it was done. I think Negreanu could not belive it when Steve buys it, as he was so obvious. My guess, sometimes you just want to believe. As he said, this is part of the psychology of the game

  • Evan Young Music
    Evan Young Music Year ago +26

    The "Good Call" one is INSANE. Damn!!! At least that was resolved friendly!

  • Septicor
    Septicor 5 years ago +1365

    I love how Number 3 shows the best of poker, and number 1 shows the worst of poker.

    • Radu Cora
      Radu Cora 2 years ago +5

      @David Because poker should be a game destined for true ladies and true gentlemen. There was an obvious miscommunication, but it was handled exactly as it should have been.

    • After Hours
      After Hours 3 years ago +39

      @David - Because BOTH players exhibited good sportsmanship in that spot. The fact they don't speak the same language just adds to it. Not the sharpest tool in the shed are ya?

    • Victor Li
      Victor Li 3 years ago +44

      @David Because the best of poker are the friends we make along the way

    • David
      David 3 years ago +3

      How does number three show the best of poker? It was extremely good of Ensan, but it also showed a massive failure of communication among the players, the dealer and the floor managers.

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas 3 years ago +5

      Number 3 is logical, he would not call when he dint even have high card or pair. His luck that he dint play against stupid or American playet

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow 11 months ago +17

    Number 4: He's absolutely right. I couldn't see his cards either from the camera's view.

  • Сэмпай Виктор

    Ensan очень воспитанный человек. Его поведение вызывает восторг ! Много роликов с его участием смотрел и все на высоте касательно поведения! 👏

  • Lode_ Runner3
    Lode_ Runner3 Year ago +3

    Ensan is the guy who makes poker beautiful unlike those poker players who fight for every little technical BS

  • Dominykas Zakrys
    Dominykas Zakrys Year ago +8

    I mean with Negreanu's case, its partially true that poker psychology and using everything at your disposal makes you a good poker player even when sometimes its just a douche move, but interfering with the rules to get the advantage as with no.1... is just pathetic... Angle shooting should be treated as cheating...

  • Je antz
    Je antz 9 months ago +13

    Yanayt makes a good move by calling the "force raise" just to show freitez's card to everyone and expose him 😂

  • ShushImGaming
    ShushImGaming 2 months ago +2

    The sportsmanship with #3 was great. It's obviously an accent/ language barrier thing and I'm glad they both were good people about it.

  • Mike Gervasi
    Mike Gervasi Year ago +2

    Mike was right. Phil had his cards completely covered with chips.

  • Jeffrey Tackett
    Jeffrey Tackett Year ago +5

    I always wonder why people think misrepresenting a "misclick" is shady, but trying to actively take advantage of that situation by reraising is just fine. Poker players are hypocrites of the highest order.

  • mrloop
    mrloop 2 years ago +501

    The action of the floor guy in hand no. 1 was a thing of pure beauty. That guy quickly solved a difficult situation in the best possible way.

    • Luceat Lux
      Luceat Lux 4 months ago

      you take a high iq, high functioning person who has trouble interpreting social cues and measure their performance against a person who can interpret social cues at a normal level... who is better at poker?
      is it the person who can't be tricked by social cues (lies), never benefits from them, and also never gives away anything (essentially plays a straight, never affected game) who does better OR he other guy?

    • joe Rush
      joe Rush 6 months ago

      He didn’t solve anything, because the player got his way anyways and has his opponent call the raise. He wins, everyone is sour but that’s about it

    • BP
      BP 7 months ago +2

      @John Calvo + @A.I. , unrelated comment but, I appreciate how civilized this exchange was. No name calling or insult flinging, but obvious to see you both are passionate about this.
      Now imagine if this was twitter lol... albeit, I've seen some gross Clip-Share comments too.

    • D B
      D B 9 months ago +4

      @Freshie i didn’t understand at first either but it seems like the one guy tried to act dumb like he had a weak hand by changing his mind in hopes of getting re raised and ultimately getting more money by playing stupid

    • Freshie
      Freshie 10 months ago +4

      can someone explain why what the guy did was so bad? I'm just getting into poker and learning how to improve

  • T G
    T G Year ago +1

    number 3 shows that there is still some humanity and kindness in this world. both of them nice guys.

  • Fabi
    Fabi 2 years ago

    Technically Silverman 3 bet shoved almost 110 BB effective for winning like 13 BB and this is the correct play with any two considering Daniel is opening like 50 percent of his range there and only calling an all in around with his Top 4 to 5 percent, something like AQ+ and TT+ if he was really missclicking.

  • slyjokerg
    slyjokerg 2 years ago +12

    I don't know if Negreanu did that on purpose, but either way, that wasn't a "wrong" play.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Year ago

    Literally this past weekend some player talked me in to making a bad call on the river. At first I was mad and felt like he was a grimey slob but after thinking about it more I realized it was a bad read and an easy fold. I can’t be mad at the guy, that’s just poker. Negreanu played that kid like a fiddle

  • Mike Camire
    Mike Camire 2 years ago +3

    Negreanu's move is perfectly fine. That guy tried to take advantage of what he thought was a mistake and paid the price for it. That is on him.

  • Zed
    Zed Year ago +27

    Negreanu's isn't really that bad.
    Silverman knew he had SOMETHING - Daniel said he meant to raise to 9k.
    A K off suit is a good hand, but it's not like he was hiding pocket aces or something

    • BrotWurst
      BrotWurst Year ago +7

      @Whatever yh no. one was illegal

    • Whatever yh
      Whatever yh Year ago

      To me what Daniel did is just as shady as what the last guy did

  • Jake Neighbors
    Jake Neighbors Year ago +1

    Misclick play was so smart. Get in the other players heads and get them frustrated at the chip leader like he doesn't deserve it.

  • Daniel Durbin
    Daniel Durbin Year ago +1

    The whole misclick controversy was silly. The player opposite Daniel was trying to attack a mistake, and made a mistake of his own.

  • 1204murph
    1204murph 2 years ago +3

    I love how Silverman is mad at Negreanu for "mis-clicking" but doesn’t think it’s rude to go all in.

  • Jóhann Rói Mortensen
    Jóhann Rói Mortensen 7 months ago +1

    Hats off for Ensan at 09:20. Great sportmanship.

  • ImMicky1972
    ImMicky1972 Year ago

    Professional poker is way more complicated than I thought it was

  • Ryan Eng
    Ryan Eng 2 years ago +4

    Number one truly has no rival. That move was so darn bloody sick. I may even do it one day when I have the nuts.

  • Ryo Onoue
    Ryo Onoue 9 months ago +2

    Poker novice here. Can somebody explain to me why #2 is considered a “psychological strategy” but #1 is way out of line? It seems to my eyes that they are “fundamentally” doing the same thing? If #2 is okay I feel like #1 should be okay and vice versa. What am I missing?

  • Foggy_B
    Foggy_B Year ago

    Number 2 was either by accident or genius. Either way, I saw no fault in Daniel. However, number 1 was just grimey! This guy should be penalised severely for that. To have the officials called to the table so you can cheat is absolute garbage, and a good way to get your knees broke!

  • Conscious Expression

    Has Helmuth considered that announcing he's going to win the hand before the flop may not be the best strat?

    • Micael Starfire
      Micael Starfire 8 months ago

      Has Helmuth ever considered anything before speaking?

  • lenny bruester
    lenny bruester Year ago +1

    I think Silverman’s a little out of his depth on #2 and overall just salty he got called by a better hand. Like the commentator said it’s obvious Daniel wanted to raise in the first place so if Silverman wanted to play the hand he should have either called or simply folded. He wanted to bully negreanu out of his misclick and punish him for making a mistake which I’d consider to be scummy. Either way it’s totally fair and I don’t see how it’s bad etiquette

  • Dávid Mamrilla
    Dávid Mamrilla Year ago +1

    The thing that Daniel did happens often when you play live with random people. Some people's idea of bluffing is saying shit like "awww I shouldnt have raised...oh what the heck" when they have pocket Aces. You just gotta toughen up and know that when money's involved, no one's gonna raise "accidentally".

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan Year ago +7

    When me and my buddies play cards the number one rule is your cards don't leave the table and they have to be visible. Stack some chips on em if you want, but you don't completely cover them with chips and hide them behind a wall of stacks. Not necessarily for cheating either, after you play a couple hundred hands and are socializing it can be tough to know just who is in and out sometimes.

    • Joe Coolioness
      Joe Coolioness 11 months ago

      I find that I get focused on the person I think I am up against and often don't notice what other players are doing, so yeah, keep them cards where we can see 'em!!

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul Doshi 4 months ago +3

    i think the last one was the egregious. the audacity... he knows exactly what he was doing. the floor indeed handled it beautifully. he warned him and gave him the info that he usually does it when hes gota monster

  • Chuck Haeberle
    Chuck Haeberle 9 months ago +1

    The first hand shown - - I was playing live in a cash game and I had just pushed all in. Other player goes into the tank to think and think and I'm not saying anything. About a minute in, the DEALER, says, "You think long, you think wrong". Nobody else, thankfully, said a word, eventually the other guy acted (honestly I can't even remember now if he called or folded or what I wanted him to do... I think he folded...) and I shouted for the floor and laid into that dealer for commenting on the hand. Dealer was swapped out, and hopefully given the rest of the day off to teach him to shut his ****ing mouth!

  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez 5 years ago +1423

    A lesson in poker: Never say "good call".

    • Margaret Mersch
      Margaret Mersch 5 months ago

      Or at least enunciate what you say ,and not impede your speech.

    • Cymatic
      Cymatic 7 months ago

      @Matt T. Bullshit.

    • Matt T.
      Matt T. 7 months ago

      @Cymatic you don't have to announce raises is you physically push the chips into the pot.
      it is the dealer/floor's responsibility to announce raises.

    • Joe Coolioness
      Joe Coolioness 11 months ago

      Save it for when the hand is over

    • Marcus Moser
      Marcus Moser Year ago

      @Ramiro Sierra you beat me to it

  • Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan 4 months ago

    If I was gonna become a sales training instructor, I'd assign watching this. There's a reason we called sales "the dark side."

    NOTMYNAME Year ago +10

    #1 should be a DQ, given that it had already happened once with the same guy. You don’t make that mistake, let alone twice.

      NOTMYNAME 5 months ago

      @Margaret Mersch Yep. Even at a big private game today that would be a big problem. Killed? Doubt it but maybe. Thrown our the door wearing just your boxers? Probably.

    • Margaret Mersch
      Margaret Mersch 5 months ago +1

      Agreed 👍...like he said..back in the day you would be killed.

  • juan martinez
    juan martinez Year ago +43

    “Mike we know you need a deuce three or four anyway”.... 😂 he was close

  • M K1
    M K1 Year ago +2

    There was an instance when a player had her hand mucked by the dealer when she had an unbeatable hand. She didn't want to fold. That was more controversial, surely?

    • russell alesi
      russell alesi Year ago

      WSOP - dealer mucked her AA (she was in 10 seat - “protect your cards at all times.”

  • Appolo P
    Appolo P 10 months ago +3

    When I play poker online, I mute everyone. Playing poker in person is fun, only if all the other players are respectful towards each other, and usually they're not.

  • WalterLiddy
    WalterLiddy Year ago +10

    The 'good call' thing is why I've never understood 'cease fire' as a command in battle. What if someone doesn't hear the first part?

    • Justin
      Justin 4 months ago

      Because you don't say fire to start shooting. Depending on what your shooting you can say all sorts of shit. Weapons free, fire for effect, open fire, etc. No one is saying "open fire" over a radio in general, and if they do and it cuts off you ask them to repeat.

  • CerealMilK
    CerealMilK Year ago +195

    The way these people prove a point is “you wanna bet 10k?” Lol

    • J B
      J B Year ago

      @Edward Mauer I completely agree with your money management assessment. I've built up a small portfolio of stocks, and I like learning about poker because it gives me a better understanding of risk and value. But I never play poker for money I've only played free phone games; I'm not that great at playing cards, and I'm not even sure I want to be due to the possibility of degeneracy. Buying businesses with healthy prospects seems a lot more interesting and smart.

    • Edward Mauer
      Edward Mauer Year ago +1

      @Papigringo While strategy is critical no doubt, I don't think that's even the most important or hardest thing about playing for a living. Many many people, including pros, have more than enough technical poker skill to play for a living long term, yet despite this so many still flame out and go broke. Bankroll management, psychological resilience, and the ability to withstand drawdowns financially and emotionally while still playing your best game and cover your cost of living are all just as important. This is where many fail. Because I believe most pros deep down are no better than anyone else at the casino. They just happen to be good at poker and so they can sustain their delusion longer than most, but they're as irresponsible as everyone else playing craps or baccarat or slots.
      And thanks. I'll have to really consider dealing if they make pretty much as much as I'd be making playing. It seems like almost the same thing more or less.

    • Papigringo
      Papigringo Year ago +1

      @Edward Mauer I don't have much to add, really...the thing I stopped myself from saying before was about poker strategy, and you probably know more about that than I do anyway. Even after seven + years of dealing, I was confounded by some players' ability to win despite the decisions they made at the table. That makes me think they know more about playing than I do.
      As a dealer I made 4 to 5 bucks an hour from the casino, and 20 to 40 an hour in tips. $25 an hour was a pretty bad day. And that was in a rather economically depressed region where tipping is probably not as good as in other places.
      Just my opinion, but if you're considering a move to Vegas, maybe get a part time job dealing and spend the rest of your time playing. If you have a bad week grinding, it'll be offset by the money you made dealing.

    • Edward Mauer
      Edward Mauer Year ago +1

      @Papigringo Thanks man really appreciate the perspective. I'm a young single guy so good there. I have enough money for sure, but still hesitant as I really hate losing and drawdowns when playing. Still trying to figure out why that is exactly. I have no problem at all losing when I trade. But for some reason I just get so upset when it's poker. Really weird.
      Really dealers make that much? I just assumed they make minimum.
      EDIT: And no please, I'd love to hear what you have to say on what it takes to make poker a reliable source of income. I have a liquid net worth of around 75k, most all of it I use for trading. So I'm just trying to figure out how much I'd want to dedicate to poker say if I wanted to try it for a year. I really wanna do it right and be stable, which is why I'm also thinking about waiting a few years until I save up around 200k, pay cash a small 6-700 sqft apartment in Vegas for like 90-100k, and have the extra 100k banked for both trading and poker and a years worth of living expenses.

    • Papigringo
      Papigringo Year ago +3

      @Edward Mauer I don't know if you accept advice from strangers, but...
      If you have a wife and kids, don't do it. And if your bankroll cannot withstand a month of running bad, don't do it.
      I was also going to give you my thoughts on what it takes to make playing poker a reliable source of income, but that would be stepping outside my area of expertise. My former profession made me a decent player, but decent is a long way from professional.
      I've heard many say that playing poker for a living takes all the fun out of it. And, as I mentioned in my other comments, the game has the ability to warp minds.
      All that said, I dealt poker to plenty of nice people who had a great time playing, and everyone else had a better time when they were around. If you can be that guy, and still make money, then go for it!
      Edit: Also...consider dealing. That 30-35 an hour figure is not only reachable, but you could exceed it.
      I retired a year and a half ago, and I really miss dealing. You get to see poker hands all day without risking anything. Pure profit.

  • Bud Fuddlacker
    Bud Fuddlacker 4 months ago +1

    Mad respect for Ensan, total pro

  • Vortex12ita
    Vortex12ita Year ago +1

    2:41 if I had been playing in that table I would have lost even my soul

  • l33ty GR
    l33ty GR Year ago +8

    Ensan must be a pretty damn very nice guy, amazing character and great player.. "I had five" hahahahahah
    won the wsop too.. he is in top5 of my fav players with Laak, Esfandiari, Scotty & Guoga (TonyG)

  • Fraser T
    Fraser T 6 months ago

    Trying to take advantage of a player’s “misclick” by going all in, getting burned, and then calling foul 😂

  • Federico Trivellone
    Federico Trivellone 9 months ago +1

    10:30 the other guy says “I thought 29 as well” make me believe it was a genuine missclick tbh, I think the opponent just got terribly greedy.
    No reason to go all in against a guy who’s a world class player that intended to raise un the first place.
    I genuine think that a simple call pre flop would have been the better move.

  • Kushal Sharma
    Kushal Sharma 5 years ago +4751

    “Next time don't bluff."
    "You bluff, too."
    "I had 5"

    • 805_MTB
      805_MTB Year ago

      I thought he says, I have faith.

    • jOk3r*
      jOk3r* Year ago

      So he made your day because he said "but i had 5"..
      FIVE WHAT ?!!

    • Sk3ptik0s
      Sk3ptik0s 2 years ago

      Fuck the covid charade and you stay home dumbass peabrain

    • Dan c
      Dan c 2 years ago +1

      Ensan won the WSOP ME 2019. Dude deserves it for the way he acted in this hand.

    • 3KBaphomet
      3KBaphomet 2 years ago +1

      He said I had 5 all confident, but he thought he lost the hand at first

  • Travis Bathory
    Travis Bathory Year ago

    Oh my god at number one. That dude literally did the move already with the nuts and was called out on it. Truly disgusting player.

  • Quig66
    Quig66 6 months ago +2

    Tremzin knew that the other guy would not know what 'good call' meant and that he would only hear 'call'. Nicely done.

    • Radoslaw Kurczab
      Radoslaw Kurczab 2 months ago +1

      but he did not have anything. There was nothing to gain for him. From the cards he held it is obvious he was not going to call. It is like just giving chips away. What for?

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson Year ago

    9:02 Tremzin might have said "good call" but when Ensan asked to clarify "you call?" Tremzin responded "yes". That's the most damning part.

    • Kardiac Kids
      Kardiac Kids Year ago +1

      @Jake When Ensan said back to him "you call"...it's quite obvious Tremzin thought he was saying "good call??" back to him and the reason why he responds by saying "yes". Yeah dudes really gonna flat call a raise w 8 hi lol. C'mon bruh...use a little common sense. Class act from Ensan!

  • slyjokerg
    slyjokerg 2 years ago +1

    Good on Ensan for not being stupid about it. Obviously, he wasn't calling with 8 high. The only possible explanation for him calling would have been misreading his own hand, and there is no reason to believe that was happening there. He thought Ensan was calling and replied "good call." Neither of them speak clean English, and that was the real problem.

  • Benzo
    Benzo 5 years ago +3548

    I love how that Silverman guy says Negreanu was shady when he's the guy who put him all in to try n take advantage of a mistake. Lol shady guy ran into sum darker shade

    • BaadMotorFinger
      BaadMotorFinger 3 months ago


    • J J
      J J 3 months ago

      Bru, trying to take advantage of a mistake?? If anyone makes a mistake at the Poker table, you want to try to take advantage of it. What are you even talking about. That's how you win. But misrepresenting your intended bet is almost as bad as the last one where he also misrepresenting. BTW I'm Canadian and love Daniel so I'm being fully objective.

    • Mookie Wilson
      Mookie Wilson 9 months ago

      It very well is a shady move and has been used intentionally by players in various ways. Declaring one bet and making another, knowing that the bet will stand. Disguising an all-in by pretending it was a question but then they are committed by the rules, etc.
      It’s just that we know Daniel’s character and it would make no sense whatsoever for him to burn his reputation to the ground over a single bet in an unremarkable tv game which could put a multi-million dollar career and future invites at risk.

    • Matthew Ossi
      Matthew Ossi 9 months ago

      Dude Silverman was such an idiot, this is a player who has been sponsored by poker stars for like 20 years and played in tons of epts and tournaments and cash games and you think he doesn't know the value of the chips and you believe that negreanu misclicked in a tournament run by pokerstars? Yeah alright

    • Nunya Bizness
      Nunya Bizness 10 months ago +1

      A classic jooow!

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer Year ago

    For Number 2: I call bullshit on Negreanu! He's way too good of a player to have just "misclicked" like that. I think he knew exactly what he was doing and tried to play it off on as a misclick. Then later during his interview, he basically admitted to doing exactly that, faking a misclick. It's just dirty poker to win a pot.
    For Number 1: Freitez should have been DQ'd and the pot should have automatically gone to Yanayt. This is some of the worst angle shooting I've ever seen. Why do this bullshit when you know you have the nuts. It's dirty poker to force a min raise. Especially if he has been accused of doing the same thing earlier in that same tournament. If I was Yanayt, I would have auto folded. But my guess is he felt pot committed at that point.

  • Louis-Philippe Savard
    Louis-Philippe Savard Year ago +113

    -He did the exact same thing last time he had the nuts, just want to share this information with you. -Yanayt: Ok I call

    • MR. BONES
      MR. BONES 10 months ago

      @Ric Flair i agree

    • BType13X2
      BType13X2 10 months ago

      @Chris Shastid He said anything goes so why not simply hit the other player with a steel chair while yelling woo repeatedly?

    • JPLooney
      JPLooney Year ago +3

      @Ric Flair wrong, anything does NOT in fact go..that was cheating and what you are suggesting is also cheating, and can and will get you banned from games..

    • Chris Shastid
      Chris Shastid Year ago +10

      @Ric Flair anything goes lmfao why not just snatch everyone's chips off the table and walk out
      there are rules for a reason
      bending them is a slippery slope only a cheating weasel would slide down

    • Alex Kirigiya
      Alex Kirigiya Year ago +19

      @Ric Flair you very clearly do not play poker

  • Colin Timp
    Colin Timp Year ago

    Mike the Mouth was correct. Ivey had his chips behind his stacks and almost completely covered in chips. Generally, your cards should always be easily visible.

  • A1evrthg -
    A1evrthg - Year ago

    I like how Phil Ivey reach to look the turn card at the dealer real fast 🤩😂😂😂

  • andrew webber
    andrew webber 3 years ago +32

    I’m ok with the Negreanu miss click one. His opponent basically thought he was weaker because he raised more than he intended. However if you’ve seen Negreanu talk about his play you’d realise he likes a relative consistent lower raise size so as not to give away so much about his hand strength. Such that the actual mistake could be said that he hadn’t intended to raise so much as it gave away too much about his hand being strong. Of course Daniel being tricky allowed him to think the opposite. Either way the guy was trying to take advantage of a slip by Negreanu but was actually played instead

  • mkdaisgory
    mkdaisgory Year ago +3

    I love that the angle shooter shakes his head approvingly when Yanayt states he heard about him a week ago

  • FuckClover
    FuckClover Year ago +1

    Ivy and Dwan are literally Poker Zombie Gods

  • FatmanJonesTV
    FatmanJonesTV 8 months ago +2

    Kremser literally told you: this is what he does when he has a good hand and you should fold…and you call?! BRO WHY. It was a dirty move but you kind of asked for it at the end there

  • Tyler Y
    Tyler Y Year ago

    I totally thought he said "I'll call" props to the guy for being so chill about the misunderstanding.

  • Anthony Cristofani
    Anthony Cristofani Year ago +13

    I would never let a man who just went all in with Jack 3 lecture me

  • Brandon Satterstrom
    Brandon Satterstrom Year ago +1

    Lmfao. Imagine playing poker and getting angry that people play mind games 🤣

  • Eric Cuevas
    Eric Cuevas 4 months ago

    "A pot that basically shouldn't have happened."
    Correct, you should fold to an 11x raise. You can't blame Daniel for your misapplied information.

  • Tim Reinier
    Tim Reinier 6 months ago

    Even if Negreanu really messed up or not messing with someone psychy is literally the whole point of the game

  • Lane Shaeffer
    Lane Shaeffer 2 years ago +315

    I hate to admit this but mike matasow is actually right. You cannot see Phil’s cards at all. It’s also impossible to see every fold when often times players do it so quickly.
    Btw Phil Ivey is my favorite poker player so that’s why it’s hard for me to admit this.
    Look how Ivey folds at 6:45. Literally has to remove all the chips that are completely covering his cards.

    • Mara Dala
      Mara Dala 9 months ago

      @Joey Zarnsy you obviously play poker or you wouldn't watch this video.

    • Tison
      Tison 9 months ago +3

      @Joe Coolioness i actually got dinged at a Casino once for having cards behind my chips

    • Lane Shaeffer
      Lane Shaeffer 10 months ago +7

      @mortuc1 1 hellmuth saying what mike needed to flop a set. 2 obviously being Ivey not having his cards showing. Then the whole blow up with Ivey. Basically mike folding out of turn told ivey he wasn’t going to raise if he called dwan. ( basically telling Ivey information he shouldn’t know because he’s not in position)

    • mortuc1
      mortuc1 10 months ago

      could someone please clear this up for me? i mean how exactly did the hiding his cards thing influence the game here. what were the " at least 3 broken etiquettes? thx in advance

    • Michael Hill
      Michael Hill 10 months ago +14

      It drives me nuts when people hide their cards.

  • OFPBlueFalcon
    OFPBlueFalcon Year ago +2

    Man, I can't stand all that chip shuffling. I'd be so screwed in that environment.

  • KC
    KC 8 months ago

    There is no fouls in poker. We are allowed to “bluff”… so acting like we misplay/misclick/incorrectly bet or raise can be part of our strategy!!!

  • guerrerodude
    guerrerodude Year ago +4

    9:37 Mad respect for Ensan.

  • Charles Bukowski
    Charles Bukowski Year ago +2

    Daniel is a triple OG in this game.. he knew EXACTLY what he was doing..