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Jay Leno on Elon Musk, the EV market, investing in cars and his car collection

  • Published on Sep 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Joe Engineer
    Joe Engineer Month ago +127

    Nothing but respect for Jay. I was lucky enough to visit his garage through a friend of a friend and first thing I saw walking in was Jay leaned over into the engine bay of a pre-war Bentley. He stood up and turn around and I was star struck. Immediately he said hello, shook my hand, offered me a soda, and told me to make myself at home. He is the real deal.

    • Godscountry
      Godscountry Month ago +1

      I had the opportunity to visit Jays garage.Jay not only offered me a few beer's and a Porsche 911 to drive,he invited me to stay at his Malibu cottage.Thanks Jay ! I had a great time.

    • Jerry Taliercio
      Jerry Taliercio Month ago +4

      That’s what happens when you never forget from whence you came from! Jay was our last good late night host…his reruns are better then all the shows today combined….he will leave some good paragraphs in the annals of history! An American icon in my opinion.

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace Month ago +1

      Did you stay in his home for a day or two?

    • DT NA
      DT NA Month ago +5

      I was invited to go to his garage once. I didn't see him there, but I have met him twice at two different bookstores and twice at the same magazine stand in Van Nuys. He is a very shy, but nice guy.

    • Indieshack
      Indieshack Month ago +4

      Good lord, how does everyone get a visit to Jay's garage but me :). Wonderful interview as always, I could watch Jay talk about cars for hours (and have!). I guess my favorite episode was when he hung out with Francis Ford Coppola with the Tuckers - unbelievable stuff - I'm sure Coppola wouldn't have done that for anyone else.

  • Vilma Gaitan
    Vilma Gaitan Month ago +157

    Nice video!! Very engaging from the beginning to the End. But i think to obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

    • I Robot
      I Robot Month ago

      Being Debt Free makes it way way way more achievable

    • Aaron Freeman
      Aaron Freeman Month ago +1

      To achieve Financial Freedom, work half the day; it doesn't matter which twelve hours.

    • harris M steven
      harris M steven Month ago

      Yes I'm also a living testimony of expert Mrs Jane. Mrs Jane has changed my financial status for the best all thanks to my aunty who introduced her to me

    • Kathy Gale
      Kathy Gale Month ago

      I will also contact her too! can't miss this opportunity.

    • July Quesada
      July Quesada Month ago +2

      I countlessly share my experience with co-workers at work, one how I became financial stable on $13,000 from $2,000 investment in 7 days of his trading.

  • David Lindburg
    David Lindburg 2 months ago +11

    What a staggering collection Jay has. Been amazing to see some of the models he has acquired over the years. I also grossly underestimated how sought after some of these are. 😁

  • axel wittersheim
    axel wittersheim 2 months ago +7

    Jay is a true car enthusiast Not many left like him.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 2 months ago +4

    The biggest issue with collecting cars is the storage and keeping financially stable so you're not selling them cheap regardless of it being cars, toys or anything else they'll always be worth bigger money years later

  • Keith Williamson
    Keith Williamson 2 months ago +2

    It is really refreshing to hear positive remarks about Elon, GM, and the American Spirit 😀

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +5

    Leno is a true down to earth guy. Anyone with his amount of money that can see the perspective of a middle class person and the cost of an EV feeling nearly free compared to $6/gallon gas, is truly in touch despite his wealth

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      @EBthere you obviously don’t know how to read. I already stated I looked it up and you’re flat wrong. It declined under trump and has been increasing under Biden. Get your eyes checked

    • EBthere
      EBthere Month ago

      @Joe LOL. Where I got the idea? That's funny and it's very easy to find. You just keep scratching your head.

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      @EBthere up front I gotta say I’m not a Biden fan. I’m also wondering where you got the idea Biden cut oil production? I’m looking at the numbers now and scratching my head. The production was cut under Trump when Covid hit. And productions been climbing back to peak ever since. I don’t blame trump for the cut in production either. That’s just a natural market adjustment to a serious drop in demand. Unless I’m missing something…

    • EBthere
      EBthere Month ago

      Gas was 2.30 a gallon before Jays "car guy" buddy Joe Biden got in office and started reducing oil production.
      Seeing the perspective and living it are two different stories.

  • Marie Espinoza
    Marie Espinoza Month ago +2

    I wonder if the car that caught on fire and burned him recently was an EV. I’ve heard they tend to explode. My brother’s mechanic recently got sent to the hospital for severe burns all over his body because an EV Hummer he was working on battery exploded. I don’t think they’re safe for the passengers in case of an accident or for the mechanics that work on them.

  • Barry Watson
    Barry Watson Month ago

    My Dad had alot of corvairs, in the kitchen. I remember being fascinated by how the belt went around the head. I grew up in the front seat sitting with my feet up on the seat and my head next to the heater. We lived in Evergreen, Colorado. Great memories. Thank you Jay for keeping afew of them. Hats off to you my friend, a true car guy !!!

  • Graham Combs
    Graham Combs Month ago +2

    Classic cars are selling because what's being offered today don't even approach stylish. Jay preserves beauty as well as history.

  • wolfgangzrx Smith
    wolfgangzrx Smith Month ago +1

    My brother's Corvair was my first stick I ever drove over 50 years ago. Great car!

  • scaramaxxx scaramaxxx
    scaramaxxx scaramaxxx Month ago +1

    Jay Leno is institution, and we always get bit shy seeing people going old. I appreciate him a lot and see we need to listen a bit.

  • Glenn Christie
    Glenn Christie Month ago

    My friend had a Corvair. On the passenger side - under the glove box was the air vent. It had a sliding door on it and it comfortably held a 6 pack of beer - with the sliding door shut - and kept it cold. Great addition to the car…

  • spikey 27
    spikey 27 Month ago

    Hello Jay, it's great to see you up and about. Best wishes.

  • fetB
    fetB Month ago

    8:48 this is what many dont get. ICe cars are sports utilities. 90's were some of the best motorsport, and really, technology hasnt changed that much except for more computers and sensors optimizing the whole thing. Recreational use is what its for and as long as enough people use it as such, there will be parts, engines etc suppliers

  • Rolf Landale
    Rolf Landale Month ago

    So many of the mid 20th century vehicles to almost modern, could've been converted from chem-fuel gas to iEV mobile wheel mechs. Literally reviving them, with only slight safety modification changes required.

  • Quantum Mechanic
    Quantum Mechanic 2 months ago +4

    I wish Jay a speedy recovery from his injury.

  • LineshaftRestorations

    A refreshing thing about Leno is he is not promoting himself. He has done a small part to preserve a portion of automotive history.

  • Patrick Daly
    Patrick Daly 29 days ago

    Jay is a smart guy and seems like a totally cool guy to hang out with. However, I wish he had addressed the inherent and obvious problems with EVs (cost, cost of replacing batteries, environmental damage from mining materials for batteries, batteries going dead in traffic/weather stoppages & that no one can bring you a gallon of electricity, etc., etc., etc.).

  • ranuts2
    ranuts2 Month ago +1

    Jay is becoming a CLASSIC. Knowledgeable, likable, authoritative…

  • Celia McCallin
    Celia McCallin Month ago

    Common sense, practical genuis....like Elon M. Gladly to know...

  • volvol1
    volvol1 Month ago

    Jay is so cool and so smart. Very wise. And what a NICE GUY as well.

  • partain2000
    partain2000 Month ago +1

    I have no problem with people owning EV's, my problem is the government wants to force everyone to buy EV's and that is not feasible. First of all, there are a lot of people who cannot afford EV's and second the infrastructure isn't there to make it successful. My husband and I are retired and we have two paid for ICE vehicles that work for us. We are too old to go into debt for 20 to 30 years just to own an EV. The government wants to get rid of gas and oil to force us to give up our way to get around and to control us.

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams Month ago +2

    You theoretically can drive Coast to Coast in your EV but I recently witnessed a 6- 8 hour waiting time to get to the only two charging stations on I-10 in Needles California. I got snacks my Expedition was gassed up and ready to go in 15 minutes.

    • A. P.
      A. P. Month ago +1

      They don't talk about the cons to all electric and there are quite a few.

  • mixflip
    mixflip Month ago +1

    I hope Jay has a plan to open a car guys most epic museum after he is gone. No one has ever interviewed him about this topic.

  • Christopher Langdon
    Christopher Langdon 4 months ago +106

    Swimming through the cesspool which is social media and the internet is made worth it because of this kind of interview. Thank you for posting.

    • John Arnold
      John Arnold 18 days ago

      @torine G. 🤡🤡

    • torine G.
      torine G. Month ago

      Jay jay.. are you ever going to get back into Robot Wars ?
      Hope he gets back into into it again.
      As far as the Tesla car and others, there has been many videos out there that have shown the lithium battery in a garage or even out
      as people driving have been know to catch on fire or explode in a garage which leaves a lot of damage.. just saying...
      Plus what I have read Lithium is mined from the china using child labor. Then there are those in the US behind the curtain that
      invest for profit billions to be made at the expense of young kid slaves. It's not the world that is a waste, it's the evil (dictators) in countries that keep
      the lower negative vibrations alive...

    • David Warr
      David Warr 4 months ago +2

      Don’t you really mean anti-social media?

  • snaredude56
    snaredude56 Month ago +1

    As much as I respect Jay, he is wrong about several things pertaining to Tesla. Elon had nothing to do with the start of Tesla. He bought the company and forced out the existing CEO. As far as charging infrastructure. Tesla's charging stations are proprietary so they only work on Teslas. There is also not enough coverage to "drive anywhere you want in the country." There are huge swaths of the country that you simply can't traverse because there are no charging stations. This goes for all EVs, not just Tesla. We are a long way away from that. The US needs to do what the EU did regarding charging stations. Mandate that there will be one standard or at least a couple of standards that will work on all EVs with an inexpensive adapter cord so any EV can charge at any charging station.

  • Flambo One
    Flambo One 4 months ago +37

    I really hope his collection and his garage as a whole will continue after he passes. I may not have loved all of his late night shows, but I truly enjoyed all of his videos and shows related to his collection and garage. And he has many nuggets of information about the “first” cars and trucks.

    • IamChevalier
      IamChevalier Month ago

      @E Randco - He can think about placing the collection in a trust - which can be set up as perpetual... Not an estate planner, but from what I do know - there are a few different ways for the collection to survive and stay in tact.
      Can also set up a foundation and 'donate' the collection
      - basically move the collection to a 'perpetually living' legal entity -- removes it from his estate

    • E Randco
      E Randco 2 months ago +1

      The taxes when it runs through the estate will kill it.

  • Samuel Winn
    Samuel Winn Month ago +14

    What an amazing guy ! No politics and no hidden agenda ! Thanks Jay

  • Edmond Morgan LeBlanc
    Edmond Morgan LeBlanc 4 months ago +214

    I met and had an in-depth conversation with Jay at an event. People would come up and try to interrupt the conversation and he would say I am talking right now and the people would walk off.
    Super nice, non pretentious and very intelligent on the subject of automobiles.
    I am not a fan of many people but Jay will always have my respect.

    • Steve
      Steve Month ago

      @Larry Li And you never answered.

    • Mr Anonymous
      Mr Anonymous 2 months ago +1

      @Steve So you don't have any cuth

    • Larrymarx
      Larrymarx 2 months ago +3

      *Awesome* Thank you for sharing your story. Nice to know it's all true about *Jay Leno* 🚗🚙

    • Blake Asunder
      Blake Asunder 4 months ago +3

      Saved my life, i was on my 3,017th push up when my a rms and chest literally could not take it anymore. He comes over and puts his hands around my neck. I thought he was going to choke me but no. As i pushed upwards, he began pulling up forcefully on just my neck. Boy that helped. Together with Jay we made it to 4,000. He’s a good dude with a good tude.

    • Larry Li
      Larry Li 4 months ago +2

      Oh yeah I'm sure you did

  • Sammyjim Smith
    Sammyjim Smith Month ago +1

    Loved the gas heater in the corvair, instant heat.

  • Sam Accurso
    Sam Accurso 4 months ago +25

    I'm always so impressed with Jay's knowledge & humbleness, he's truly a car guy.

  • noneed4me2
    noneed4me2 4 months ago +17

    Thanks for all you do for the automotive hobby Mr Leno, and just being a nice & decent guy.

  • Allan Jensen
    Allan Jensen Month ago +1

    Trucks also became popular because of the lenient safety and emissions standards, not just the absence of luxury tax

  • Janet Tyree
    Janet Tyree Month ago

    My personal “collectable” 1954 GMC (Greyhound) Super Scenicruiser, 8V-71 Two stoke diesel Detroit (see antitrust history) 3 speed spicer manual transmission bus. First aluminum chassis which is more airplane construction than motor vehicle, Air ride suspension, full AC that cycles the interior air space in 45 seconds, plus a 15K 220 AC generator driven by the drive motor. I got very very lucky in acquiring this quasi-barn find. (Diesel pusher for the newbies).

  • Best Price
    Best Price 4 months ago +53

    Didn't know Jay Leno had car products, but I'm definitely gonna buy one. The world needs more people like Jay ❤️

    • Luke Sanchez
      Luke Sanchez 4 months ago

      The leather cleaner is amazing! I use it on everything and it literally melts away dirt without hurting any of the cars materials. I'm on my 4 bottle already! Haha

    • Jeffrey Smith
      Jeffrey Smith 4 months ago +1

      @Eric Lamb I agree. His products really work well. I like most of them better than maguairs. Really accessible too; they're at Walmart.

    • Smith Aviation Refinements
      Smith Aviation Refinements 4 months ago +1

      @Eric Lamb do anything you can get better at, and like Jay says, you can claim you're a car specialist or mechanic even if you only fix limited things. My
      Parents came from 5000 miles away as most families past generations and were happy to move if it includes a better quality job, ..
      but also mom's farm families type practices always motivated us to work on more things than you're use to.
      Parents or good mentors always make a new person (apprentice learning) clean and disassemble if needed, carefully!
      Carefully clean anything and rebuild it easier, and this actually makes a habit to feel knowing products, everything (almost) if it's made u some people I a factory you're mind set realizes the patience to research the item and then...
      Related to other learning how things work 😅
      Good luck 👍

    • Eric Lamb
      Eric Lamb 4 months ago +2

      I just bought a bunch of Jay's products for my new car. They really do work well! I am no car detailing expert, but it is the best stuff I have used!

  • Dawei Go
    Dawei Go 2 months ago +55

    Jay is so sensible and understands how the world works

    • darren collings
      darren collings Month ago

      And chooses his words very carefully

    • Doberman guy
      Doberman guy Month ago +1

      lots of people know how the World works

    • Last
      Last Month ago

      We old guys always hate the new thing. And sometimes we're proven right. But most times the new thing is just better 😁

  • Charles Wilson
    Charles Wilson 2 months ago +16

    My Dad grew up during the depression, the oldest of eight kids in the family. He and all his brothers were good mechanics. My dad could figure out and fix anything mechanical, he could work with concrete, and he could and did build houses. That is what the depression did for many people in those days. His granddaughter took an office job in the old Stutz building in Indianapolis, IN. He asked for a tour since he had not been in the building in many years, but he had been there as a young man. The owner agreed and gave dad a tour. Then my Dad started telling the owner different things about the factory that he remembered. So, in the end it was the new owner who got the history tour.

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 28 days ago +298

    The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the word. This is still a good time to invest in various stocks, Gold, silver and digital currencies.

    • Darrin Rentruc
      Darrin Rentruc 27 days ago +1

      Invest in liberty, Collect firearms and the fuel they require.

    • Jeff Christian
      Jeff Christian 27 days ago

      Lost. The most important thing is this world, as we know it, will be gone in 10-years. So much for exponential.

    • Deontjie
      Deontjie 28 days ago

      He called Biden president, without doing the disgusting spit.

    • Canary
      Canary 28 days ago

      I think have Listened to a podcast about Mr Gary and they were talking about his trading skills, I think he's extremely brilliant and lucrative at same time.

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis 28 days ago

      @Susan Haynes Thank you for the recommendation, I was able to find his youtube channel and official website, Really hope he can help me.

  • Flow
    Flow Month ago

    Jay should open a museum of cars....Imagine how many people he will make happy..

  • EristiCat
    EristiCat 4 months ago +38

    Leno = Optimism. It’s what makes visiting with him thru his videos such a pleasure.

  • Merv Cann
    Merv Cann Month ago

    Elon built his company with a lot of help from taxpayers, I mean a lot of help.

  • Frank Martin
    Frank Martin Month ago

    8:50 "There are more horses now then there were in the mid 1800s". That may be true but horses peaked in 1915 at 26.5 million while there are 7.25 million today.

  • John Cahill
    John Cahill 4 months ago +13

    Lots of fun, as always. My first car was a used Corvair in the late 60’s, always enjoy hearing hearing Jay talk about them. And too I’ve been a car nut my whole life, mostly restoring British roadsters. One or two quick points that were glossed over. Fixing up an $800 car and selling it for $1200 is a 50% profit. That’s always a good move, but even moreso when you allow for the difference in monetary value at the time. That $400 profit in the 60’s would be a $4000 profit today.

    • tony renier
      tony renier 4 months ago +1

      As a teenager my friend had an early Corvair. We drove that thing to death and occasionally pushed it to it's handling limit. Two years in a row we ended up on the same lawn and got away with it.. Would not have tolerated that from my own kids. We had a blast!

    • Dave
      Dave 4 months ago +2

      It is only a 50 percent profit if your time and materials are free.

  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller Month ago +9

    Thanks again for supporting Kansas Mr. Leno.
    The college in McPherson is only as good as it is because of people like you that invest into these kid’s future, hopes, and dreams. Much respect for your generosity, dedication, and realization that many antique cars and trucks
    would end up as scrap without your influence.
    Come on over to “The Garage” in Salina next time you’re around. The downtown car museum. I’ll take you to Hickory Hut for lunch.

  • Edmond Miesch
    Edmond Miesch Month ago +1

    It would be diffently ran better if Tesla took over GM with Elon Musk at the helm.

  • Manfred Seidler
    Manfred Seidler 4 months ago +30

    Mr. Jay Leno was, is and always will be an American icon. How does he stay so humble and accessible to the common man?

    • Eric Doheny
      Eric Doheny 4 months ago +4

      Because he's as common as anyone else. Christ man, strip away material things and the "fame" aura and see the person for what they are

    • Jay B
      Jay B 4 months ago +1

      Odds are was allowed to be himself from birth.

  • Amine Saib
    Amine Saib 5 months ago +54

    Jay is so much fun to listen to. Great video.

  • David Blumenthal
    David Blumenthal 4 months ago +253

    Jay doesn't get enough credit. He's smarter than most people realize.

    • boulejazz
      boulejazz 12 days ago

      @Star Man Executive Order 13780, Presidential Proclamation 9645. Look 'em up.

    • John Arnold
      John Arnold 18 days ago

      @Ramon Mendoza I don't think he's actually a billionaire, a multi-millionaire but he will have to more than double his net worth to become a billionaire.

    • Robert Psotka
      Robert Psotka 28 days ago

      I think they know he's smart

    • Bob W.
      Bob W. Month ago

      @Steven Williams Trump did NOTHING about immigration.

    • Roger Ringold
      Roger Ringold Month ago

      Old jaguar mechanic in california....

  • Truth be Known
    Truth be Known Month ago +3

    People are so infatuated with rich and arrogant people whose agenda is just pure selfishness and choices they make is not to help humanity with most important priorities. What the world needs immediately and China is able to accommodate that easily, is making cheap and affordable electric cars prevalent worldwide, starting with the USA, educating people about the importance of electric vehicles, allow import of the $4000 electric cars from China, make it impossible for oil companies to fight back by the Supreme Court, make it impossible for any president of any country to use force of any kind to stop or discourage the transition to electric vehicles, and if Elon wasn’t a psychopath, he would spend his money wisely in favor of humanity, not spend it on Space X and Twitter, but think what’s the most important agenda make cheap electric cars until everyone can afford driving an electric car, charged by worldwide Tesla solar.

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper 4 months ago +20

    Jay is unique because he's humble and has such a mellow sense of humor that always manages to get a laugh out of me. I can't remember any time where I have ever sensed any arrogance from him. Wonderful guy.

  • P.
    P. 2 months ago +81

    My husband does business with Jay Leno and we had the privilege of touring his garage. It was AMAZING. Jay is the kindest person ever.

  • Ryan Blything
    Ryan Blything 4 months ago +14

    Great interview! Jay is always great entertainment.

  • CokefishR
    CokefishR 4 months ago +7

    I like Jay's experiences and it opens new doors of thinking for me. I wish the interviewer would have gone over the prices for future EVs with Jay.

  • JustRaiderJohn
    JustRaiderJohn Month ago

    Owning a mid-70s Chevy there are several companies that specialize in Chevys.

  • Just one old guy !
    Just one old guy ! 4 months ago +8

    One of the few decent entertainers. As a car guy, I think Jay is the man ! 🚗

  • Donna Jeffreys
    Donna Jeffreys Month ago

    I loved my Corvair!

  • cutl00senc
    cutl00senc 4 months ago +12

    Jay’s my favorite hoarder of all….well done sir…well done indeed! 👍

  • Charles Hagg
    Charles Hagg 4 months ago +27

    I have always liked Jay Leno's broad minded philosophical view of cars. Doesn't come across as opinionated.

  • U U
    U U Month ago

    What a great example, 17:31. Freaking Hilarious

  • El Chops
    El Chops Month ago

    I would only ever want a 73 Pontiac GTO The Judge to collect. It’s been my dream car for 30 years, lol. Hell I’ld even take a rusted barn find. 😂

    • Glenn Christie
      Glenn Christie Month ago +1

      El - My all time favorite car was the ‘58 Bonneville. To me it was the most beautiful car on the road..

  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson 4 months ago +6

    Always enjoyable listening to Jay.

  • Robert Waid
    Robert Waid Month ago +1

    What a great guy to interview. A humble, nice guy, and a straight shooter.

  • Jefe
    Jefe Month ago +7

    I grew up in Indiana in the 80s. My neighbor had an electric car. This red triangle thing. He plugged it in his garage. I saw him drive it around for almost a decade until I graduated and moved away. When they started talking about sustainable energy in the 90s, I thought it sounded pretty retro.

  • Ray Davis
    Ray Davis Month ago

    Jay is such a great guy I am in awe of his real down to earth attitude, Jay for president 🙂

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans Month ago +2

    I won't ride in an EV. Spontaneous combustion that takes two firetrucks to put out is worse than the old Pinto. Cremation is not a good car feature.

  • Diego Silang
    Diego Silang 4 months ago +14

    Jay Leno is great, He is doing a better job uniting America through comedy and passion for cars than many politicians.

  • ReCycle Spinning
    ReCycle Spinning 2 months ago

    I'd buy the new corvette with a 6-speed manual. Can't see buying an automatic in a sport car...😞

  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black Month ago +1

    Speaking as the tradesman considering a truck. No one wants a truck they can’t fix. No one wants a truck that can’t haul weight, or have torque. No one wants an expensive truck that uses it for dirty work. Work can scratch, ding and dent. And most of all electric is in no way bettter than petrol. There is no carbon offset, they weigh 2x and they can haul little cargo. We don’t even have enough electricity to run them all and if we did we would be building more coal fired capacity!! Oh yes the most important issue, no one wants a truck they don’t control. Electric cars and trucks are controlled remotely by corporations. They can turn them off or change the range. They can set a maximum speed. They are a subterfuge of sorts. It’s all a scam. Consider it.

  • Bob Middleton
    Bob Middleton Month ago

    Have to say... Leno is a national treasure. Positive and practical.

  • Rich S
    Rich S Month ago +1

    The thing about the EV;s no one discusses is that they take more natural remorse's to manufacture, and also electricity is produced with the same natural resources as petroleum. I also heard that the materials to manufacture the batteries are made over seas by all Chinese owned companies, that can't be produced here because of their environmental impact and danger in mining for them.

  • Robert Stancliff, SR

    My first new car was a 1964 black Corvair Spyder. 150HP turbocharged, air-cooled flat 6. It handled very well and was easy to steer because of the lightweight front end. Owners had to note the owners manual and inflate the tires to 15 PSI front and about 25 PSI rear. If that was not done cornering fast became more dangerous. The 64 model also read a leaf spring running across the rear from one side to the other to help prevent the rear wheels from "tucking-in" during fast cornering. Ralph Nader affected the design of the 64 Corvair with his book "Unsafe at any Speed", and the 65 model has a totally different rear suspension. I never flipped over or even came close, and at the drag strip ran 15.9 at 88 mph on the one time slip which I remember.....won a first place class trophy that day in "I" stock.....Great times, great fun and yes, I was very young then.......

  • Bernie Schattka
    Bernie Schattka 4 months ago +11

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Thanks for the video!

  • thedude abides
    thedude abides 4 months ago +2

    Great interview, but Jay is living in a bubble if he believes the average American has enough money to afford both a daily driver EV and a “fun” weekend ICE car. With the price of a new car now approaching $50k, most people can barely afford ONE vehicle, let alone 2.

  • Hihowrya
    Hihowrya 4 months ago +10

    Jay Leno is the E.F. Hutton of the classic car world. You want to hear what he has to say. Makes a lot of sense and good observations from a lifetime of experience owning and maintaining 180 automobiles and 160 motorcycles that are driven or ridden.

    • freeron jeremy
      freeron jeremy 4 months ago

      Just remember it's all entertainment whether you got the money to buy or you can't afford it. More poignantly put they are "passionate purchases" and I would add for the rich.

  • k smith
    k smith 4 months ago +4

    Jay is awesome!!! And his car products are great that’s all I use now

  • Jeff Amburgey
    Jeff Amburgey 9 days ago

    Rare is someone so successful by most measures so unaffected by himself. I knew he was the real thing when he did the Porsche Boxster 25 year show, because in doing so he saved the most underrated car for a driver ever made. I also think he understood that accessibility to such a great car was worth highlighting. The 2002 Trans Am episode verified that money is the only thing that separates most car guys from Mr. Leno. As my father would say "class act".

  • btlmania64
    btlmania64 2 months ago +2

    One of the best comedians ever ! Quick and clean humor .

  • bartwaggoner2000
    bartwaggoner2000 4 months ago +28

    Jay is definitely NOT biting the hand that feeds him, but he does manage to eke out some accolades for Elon

  • Jerry Taliercio
    Jerry Taliercio Month ago

    Jay is an American icon…..

  • asdf
    asdf 16 days ago

    That really is pretty amazing, how cars are made for only 10s of thousands of dollars, and that's the profit-turning price.

  • dale roark
    dale roark Month ago

    Tesla cyber truck is still gonna be better if he ever produces it I’ve got one ordered it

  • Obi Juan
    Obi Juan 4 months ago +1

    Jay Leno is Jay Leno. He is balanced, on camera anyway, in his attitude about American ingenuity, and how people are creative. He is not publicly political, he only has one shirt and one pair of pants, and does what he wants. People want to be in his circle of influence and I enjoy watching when I get a chance.

  • Kelly Bonds
    Kelly Bonds 4 months ago +25

    Jay hit on something really important that most manufacturers have forgotten or ignored and it is killing the personal transportation industry. Find ways to make things cost less and make them affordable to sell a ton of them. The pursuit of luxury is making most things too expensive.

    • Bob W.
      Bob W. Month ago +1

      Read up on the USA, vs. General Motors, in 1949. you'll see where the 'California Car Culture', was created, by FORCE.
      (GM was fined $5k, for putting A LOT of Ca. Transportation companies, out of business)

    • Philip Clock
      Philip Clock Month ago

      @skierpage Prove it, before rolling over for the Climate Change cult.

    • skierpage
      skierpage Month ago

      @Philip Clock you've been suckered by fossil fuel interests into caring more about the pollution from makingMmillions of tons of batteries, solar panels, and wind farms, then the far dirtier mining, refining, spilling, then BURNING of literally Billions of tons of fossil fuel. The former displace many times their weight in the latter, so yes, it *IS* that simple.
      Big valuable EV batteries will be recycled, just as the USA recycles 99% of the far more toxic lead-ACID 12-volt batteries in conventional cars. All the startups planning to do so (American Battery Technology, Ascend Elements, Battery Resource, Brunp Recycling, Green Li-ion, Li-Cycle, Primobius, Redwood Materials, ReLIB, SMCC Recycling, Umicore, ...) can't yet scale up because the millions of EVs now on the road just got there, and EV batteries are lasting longer than expected; also, hobbyists and stationary storage are buying up tired, but not broken, batteries.
      After 25+ years, all the dead solar panels can be stacked neatly on a tiny corner of a solar farm; the wind turbine blades would easily fit in a single fly ash pit of a single coal mine. Yes there are inevitable environmental costs to the vast amount of energy that mankind uses; so by all means use less energy. But it's unsupported fantasy to think that batteries and renewables are remotely as bad as fossil fuels.

    • Philip Clock
      Philip Clock Month ago

      @skierpage Cost to environment of mining lithium? Disposing of batteries? Solar panel and windmill farms, including disposing of used items?
      Not that simple.

    • skierpage
      skierpage 4 months ago +1

      @Jo Mma every recent study concludes an EV powered by the current grid mix is better for the environment than a gasser over the life of a car. Go read the ICCT study and the one from researchers at the University of Exeter, Cambridge, and Nijmeggen. The only argument is whether the EV repays the environmental cost of its heavy recyclable battery after 7,500, 15,000, or 30 000 miles. It's intuitively obvious when you realize a 35 mpg gasser burns through 10 tons of fossil fuel over 120,000 miles.
      Since the majority of new generation is wind and solar, because they're cheap and quick, every EV on the road will only get cleaner in the future.

  • partain2000
    partain2000 Month ago +2

    On the immigrants thing, there are laws that people who want to be citizens of the US have to go through. That cannot be simply ignored because of the chaos that it causes....the drugs, human trafficking, criminals and terrorists who walk through without any kind of vetting.

    • Bob W.
      Bob W. Month ago

      If the USA, in concert with the CIA, didn't destabilize Central American Govt's, (for profit) in the '50's, and '60's, we would not have this immigration mess, today.

  • ꧁Northern Chev꧂
    ꧁Northern Chev꧂ 4 months ago +4

    Agreed. My ‘66 Monza Corvair convertible is one of the better-looking cars from that era.

  • corujariousa
    corujariousa 29 days ago

    I like Jay Leno's views about how the industries should aim for inclusion and affordable products but seeing how cars have become expensive in the last 20 years in comparison to consumers purchasing power, it doesn't seem that CEOs, and politicians, agree with the view.

  • glawnow1959
    glawnow1959 4 months ago +6

    I remember reading how the developed nations met in 1910 to discuss the issues with horse transportation Leno mentions here: the manure, the dead animals left where they fell. They agreed to meet again in 1920 to note progress in fighting these things. The meeting was cancelled and never held.

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +1

    Jay is a very nice guy we were friends for 12 years, went to his home in Beverly Hills on tower rd. Dinner with him and Mavis, we went motorcycle ridding many times, hung out with him in his garage in Burbank, when I visited him in Cal. very sorry about his recent burn accident, hope he recovers, and keeps the chin. 😃

  • green keeper
    green keeper Month ago

    Though Jay has forgotten more about cars than I will ever know, I would like to go on record as saying that EVs, not subsidized by taxpayer dollars, are going nowhere fast. Most main components of EVs are made in China. That fact alone is like signing our own death warrant, if we allow government to pump our money into propping up EVs.

  • david mann
    david mann 2 months ago

    The Ford lightning is a flop it has absolutely no range when you’re towing any kind of load it will not sell

  • Vasilii
    Vasilii Month ago

    How many cars does Jay actually have?

  • Teodor Panaite
    Teodor Panaite 4 months ago +20

    One of my favorite Elon Quotes "There is a huge nuclear reactor that comes out every morning in the sky (sun) so we might as well use the energy."

    • Will Udall Music
      Will Udall Music 2 months ago +1

      @CGwt I guess the sun has been around for a while... good point 😆

    • CGwt
      CGwt 2 months ago

      Heard a Harvard professor make that same observation in the mid-60s; Believe he was quoting someone else.

    • Chris Devine
      Chris Devine 2 months ago

      One of my favorite Elon Quotes "sorry I didn't mean to sexually assault you, here have a pony."

    • Teodor Panaite
      Teodor Panaite 4 months ago

      @michael h Nice profile photo by the way ;)

    • Teodor Panaite
      Teodor Panaite 4 months ago +2

      @michael h Battery Wall my friend. Get with the times ;)

  • UncompressedWAVmusic
    UncompressedWAVmusic 2 months ago +1

    Terrific show. I've only seen about 3 of his show and I enjoyed them.

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Month ago

    He said "...explodes..." damn.... this didnt age well!

  • Kaufman Entertainment
    Kaufman Entertainment 4 months ago +26

    The Hummer EV isn't lighter. At 9000 lbs, it's almost a half ton heavier than the H1 was.

    • ReCycle Spinning
      ReCycle Spinning 21 day ago

      @JJ because a hummer has nothing to do with towing. Most likely, a person that never drove a truck and drives it thinking 9000 pound vehicle you can drive like a car. Personally, I think there should be a separate license for a truck like that , and you should prove it's used for work or towing only. I don't get people that think we're entitled to burn as much fuel as they want when it's used for a grocery getter. Yet all the while wars are fought constantly for this commodity, not to mention the pollution . Besides you think electricity makes no pollution , coal is used in China mostly, hydroelectric has a huge foot print on nature, nuclear has radioactive waste, natural gas I don't know to much, renewable will need the earth cover with solar panels and windmills.
      The real answers are high speed rail at 300 mph and walkable cities, but we went down the wrong road in the 1930s. Japan and many European countries have this. I'd much rather go on a vacation here in USA and sit for a few hours at 300 mph then get off and enjoy where I'm going ,, than do a road trip sitting at 70mph , driving around wanna b race car drivers. There you asked.

    • JJ
      JJ 21 day ago

      @ReCycle Spinning
      Its not uncommon to see trucks that weigh 90,000lb and my old Class C motorhome was 11,000lb empty, so why you think 9,000 is somehow too much makes no sense.

    • Allen R. Bussell
      Allen R. Bussell Month ago

      The Hummer EV is stupidity on wheels. It’s terrible engineering - heavy because of the battery weight needed to push a brick through the air at 70mph.

    • ReCycle Spinning
      ReCycle Spinning Month ago +1

      @Kaufman Entertainment if I have to explain it to you, you won't get it.

    • Kaufman Entertainment
      Kaufman Entertainment 2 months ago

      @ReCycle Spinning why not?

  • cengeb
    cengeb 2 months ago

    VW "people's car".....AH had the concept, f Porsche created it, GM followed with the corvair, it couldn't compete VW Beetle sold like 28 million around the world. GM and Ford are not global players....VW and TOYota are the ones all others follow

  • br Platten
    br Platten Month ago

    I don't mind immigrants but let him come in legally I don't mind colleges but let the students pay for it not the people that's living on a fixed income because they're retired and a retirement doesn't go up stop paying for bums start paying for workers

  • Nigel Parker
    Nigel Parker Month ago

    So what did your organisation learn from this, and in turn do for the greater good, may I ask please? Cheers

  • Doonie
    Doonie Month ago

    Yahoo Finance is so smart to be interviewing a washed-up comic on money matters...