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Without Remorse - Final Trailer | Prime Video

  • Published on Apr 5, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • An elite Navy SEAL uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife inTom Clancy’s WithoutRemorse, the explosive origin story of action hero John Clark -one of the most popular characters in author Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan universe. When a squad of Russian soldiers kills his family in retaliation for his role in a top-secret op, Sr. Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) pursues the assassins at all costs. Joining forces with a fellow SEAL (Jodie Turner-Smith) and a shadowy CIA agent (Jamie Bell), Kelly’s mission unwittingly exposes a covert plot that threatens to engulf the U.S. and Russia in an all-out war. Torn between personal honor and loyalty to his country, Kelly must fight his enemies without remorse if he hopes to avert disaster and reveal the powerful figures behind the conspiracy.
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Comments • 1 598

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights Year ago +574

    Super hyped about this film. Big fan of both Michael B. Jordan and Tom Clancy. I hope the action scenes are amazing and that a good Tom Clancy movie leads to a live-action Splinter Cell film.

  • Killakam60
    Killakam60 Year ago +1385

    Killmonger wasn’t lying about racking up that body count 😂

  • Big K Movies and Games
    Big K Movies and Games Year ago +982

    Okay I'm now convinced that they can make a live-action Splinter Cell movie.

    • amRitt Bhamrah
      amRitt Bhamrah Year ago

      Splinter cell Blacklist is far far better then this movie. Just watched it's a okay okay.

    • Muhammad Ilham Darmawan
      Muhammad Ilham Darmawan Year ago

      Or rainbow six with rainbow six siege operators

    • iiceman336
      iiceman336 Year ago +1

      Ghost recon

    • Adan Rios
      Adan Rios Year ago

      @CYB3R2K30 yup - last I heard - Tom Hardy was suppsoed to be fisher - the movie is dead and the game is dead as of now

    • Jay Gunna420
      Jay Gunna420 Year ago

      @Adan Rios no they doing fortnite next 😪🤓

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Year ago +237

    This looks like a decent movie

  • Kelly Hudson
    Kelly Hudson Year ago +14

    If anyone here hasn’t read the book before, do yourself a favor and READ IT. The movie is good, but the book is a masterpiece

  • Brikchana Karki
    Brikchana Karki Year ago +109

    Michael B Jordon is really versatile actor

  • Uncle Willard
    Uncle Willard Year ago +11

    [Sigh] As a fan of the main Clancy novels, and I include Without Remorse as it's an essential backstory for the Rainbow Six offshoot, I'm troubled already. I really enjoyed this novel, and Clark is a great character. That being said, they've simply thrown the timeline of the universe out the window. No worries, they've done it before for Jim's show too, which is not too shabby. Just wondering how those two, both Amazon ventures, will jibe and how well. It could work.
    Glad to see Michael Jordan taking the helm of this, and I have no doubts he'll do well; the guy seems to do no wrong. However, this just looks like the Punisher. Again, the character in the novel also goes rogue and is ultimately reigned in and all crimes forgiven for the sake of the intelligence community needs.
    Now let's just put it all on the table; there are now women in SEALS. The billets have been offered since 2016 I think, but none have either volunteered or made the cut. Making a female SEAL team lead a character is, at this point in time, a flight of fancy. That's not going to happen until you actually have female SEAL team operators of which there are none, as far as anyone knows. I'm not suggesting it can't happen, in fact, I think it's a forgone conclusion that one day, there will be female SEALS, but there are none now. What with the timeline screw up (look what that did to Sum of All Fears), and this little bit of wokism, I find it troubling.
    This looks like it's just going to be a by the book action shoot-em up revenge story. We have enough of those. I think the novel was more than that.
    Should've done a Clark series and have he and Jim Halpert's Jack Ryan team up at some point.

  • Alecia Craine
    Alecia Craine Year ago +12

    Wonderful execution in a film. Enjoyed every second of this movie. The acting was top tier, the casting was well-balanced. The timeline, scene selection, scene order or whatever you call it was perfect. Great movie. This is the film to beat for the year. Best movie of the year so far👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • A duck with a YouTube channel
      A duck with a YouTube channel 3 months ago

      @Rio-G E60-V10 lmao, do you actually think that’s the real Michael Jordan?

    • Rio-G E60-V10
      Rio-G E60-V10 9 months ago

      @Michael Jordan do a part two and three I literally watch your movie like 30 times modern Rambo navy seal version

  • Drachona The Wolf
    Drachona The Wolf Year ago +283

    "The only thing he has more than kills are medals." I bet they though this sounded really cool, but it ends up sounding like he's killed maybe 10 people. How many medals can one person actually be awarded?

    • Dr WGA Labriskagni
      Dr WGA Labriskagni 10 months ago

      He's not even supposed to get medals...

    • Chris Laster
      Chris Laster Year ago

      @Drachona The Wolf this fucking killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    • J B
      J B Year ago

      They couldve said hes a highly decorated killer

    • WrightOnTarget
      WrightOnTarget Year ago

      @Drachona The Wolf specifically because it's a typically incredible, smart writer, as well. So it's baffling that such a dumb line is included, which is worthy of discussion
      Also, simplordobama, bro, just enjoy the thread and stop complaining, people always got something to say.

    • Drachona The Wolf
      Drachona The Wolf Year ago +3

      @Sumo Yeah, I have something to say because I'm a writer. This is an excellent example of what not to do. It's like telling an engineer not to make fun of a poorly constructed building.

  • Jeff Neville
    Jeff Neville Year ago

    Whoever cut this trailer needs a raise. They KILLED it! They should've left car scene out though.

  • CaptainLuckyLuke
    CaptainLuckyLuke Year ago +25

    Amazon gave us a Jack Ryan that was more like John Clark than anyone else and now they’ve given us a John Clark that’s more like John Wick than anyone else!!

    • Rickard Shen
      Rickard Shen Year ago +2

      Pfft. John Kelly/Clark/Wick/McLane/McLeod/Cena are obviously the same guy.

  • Tejas Says
    Tejas Says Year ago +58

    "They took everything from me"
    Every action movie

  • Viper17
    Viper17 Year ago +7

    I think this looks awesome and Jordan will do a great job. Honestly, I hope this leads to a collab between Jordan and Krasinski to bring the Ryanverse to life in the modern day.

    • Richard Brown
      Richard Brown Year ago

      Unless they are going to make Karen Greer James Greer’s sister, it seems unlikely.

  • kaleb dickerson
    kaleb dickerson Year ago +5

    I wish they would've called this something else and used characters not from the book. Because this movie looks really good and Michael B. Jordan is always a win but from what I've heard it's nothing like the book.

  • Coleton Casey
    Coleton Casey Year ago +9

    One I saw the woman commander had her trident 🔱 and is a SEAL herself, I laughed so fucking hard. I won’t be able to take it serious. I’ll still watch it though

    • Joes GotYa
      Joes GotYa 7 months ago

      Yea…. An African American SEAL team leader… I couldn’t make it through the whole movie.. Absolutely no reason for it other then pandering to woke trash

  • Leeh Chrysostomo
    Leeh Chrysostomo Year ago

    Quero assisti 😍

  • Jeff Cotton
    Jeff Cotton Year ago +7

    John T. Clark (real name John Terrence Kelly) in the original Jack Ryan books and Without Remorse is a Viet Nam Special Forces veteran, John Kelly was born in Indianapolis to Irish American Catholic parents. His father, Timothy Kelly, was a fireman who perished from a heart attack during a fire. John lost his mother to cancer when he was a young boy. He attended Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis.
    Again... Hollywood has ruined another fictional character with their "artistic license". Most of the people who watch these "adaptations" of Clancy's books have even read a single one. The novel Without Remorse will keep you on the edge of your seat; in classic Clancy fashion, and will show all facets of Clark's character.

    • Harry Hood Is a Hero
      Harry Hood Is a Hero 11 months ago

      Yeah because his wife was not murdered, she died in a car crash in the book. Also the book was about revenge against the gang that killed Pam. I just finished the book, kinda disappointed it's not a little closer

  • Angel Smyre
    Angel Smyre Year ago +7

    Haven't read the book, but just watched it on A-Prime and loved it!! Worth looking at!! I wonder if they'll make a 2nd movie??🤔

    • Angel Smyre
      Angel Smyre Year ago +1

      @Dharmendra Chavda
      Your welcome. 😊

    • Dharmendra Chavda
      Dharmendra Chavda Year ago +1

      @Angel Smyre here I was searching this type of comment. thank you.

    • Angel Smyre
      Angel Smyre Year ago

      Sorry 😞

    • Angel Smyre
      Angel Smyre Year ago +1

      @Dharmendra Chavda
      People keep commenting about a book and that it wasn't like the book. But it was a good story line that completed it's approval in my book.👍 He showed REAL LOVE for his wife and child!!👍

    • Dharmendra Chavda
      Dharmendra Chavda Year ago

      @KDI which book?

  • Motel 6
    Motel 6 Year ago +4

    Just watched it a few minutes ago straight bussing movie. I didn’t expect it to be so good honestly. I kinda see why rotten tomatoes gave it a low score(still they really really really lowballed) because the writing wasn’t top of the line but still solid. The action scenes were omg...amazing. I highly recommend no 🧢

  • Knn musti
    Knn musti Year ago +471

    Why must one's family be killed in order to become John Wick? Why

    • Orochimaru PR
      Orochimaru PR 9 months ago

      Every movie it's always killing a family member lol

    • Rigo V
      Rigo V Year ago

      Why they kill his wife for 🤷

    • cgill914
      cgill914 Year ago

      It’s a literary device used to propel the character’s story forward. It’s commonly seen in Children’s literature (think Harry Potter) or any story with a hero’s journey. If the family isn’t killed in a story like this, then often they are set aside in a safe haven of some kind. A good example of this is when Hermione in the final Harry Potter book must temporarily erase her parent’s memories, effectively setting them aside in safety so that she can go on her own hero’s journey.

    • Rifle Shooter Channel
      Rifle Shooter Channel Year ago +1

      @DirectFireDave I know.

  • Jeremy Sears
    Jeremy Sears Year ago +224

    *Producers:* "How "jacked" do you wanna get Michael?"
    *Michael B Jordan:* "YES!!!"

    • Niiji God
      Niiji God 10 months ago

      Fr though

    • Niiji God
      Niiji God 10 months ago +1

      @Dwayne Hendricks why is everyone "sleep" nowadays?

    • SpiderMan Fan
      SpiderMan Fan Year ago

      He wasn't as jacked in this movie as he was in creed

    • Sumo
      Sumo Year ago

      @Dwayne Hendricks he really isn't, many shows and movies do this for marketing

    • Murk
      Murk Year ago +1

      @Sooner Frac Bro this has no racial angle lmao, this is a revenge military plot. Stop calling everything woke, eventually you'll be insomniac at this rate.

  • K J
    K J Year ago

    Watching the movie on release day. Young man did a good job as usual. I could relate to the script and how it flowed. My only thing is when he was talking about the loss of his wife and child.... ... ... That met me in a particular place. Although he did a good job as an actor you can tell that he could not really relate to being a parent although he made a great effort to relay those feelings. That type of loss is paralyzing. To be fair the movie doesn't show his alone times and how that would, in real life, break you down and for how long the road back can be. Overall, I will be watching this as one of my favorite movies. Been watching his work since "Parenthood" back in the day. Proud of him. God bless him for being such a great young artist.

  • Oracio García
    Oracio García Month ago

    They picked the perfect actor for this movie very happy about it I loved playing those video games growing up ❤️👍🏻 I can’t wait for rainbow to come out

  • FS
    FS Year ago +1

    So the movie looks great, but John Clark is an AMAZING character and this is a total reimagination of his origin story. This isn’t even close to what’s in the books, so why call this without remorse?

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +10

    This movie was good from the beginning to the end. PERIOD!!!

  • xGAMEBOYx1904
    xGAMEBOYx1904 Year ago

    Must watch!!! This movie was awesome!!

  • Steel Here
    Steel Here Year ago +46

    He said - "They took everything from me."
    If they didn't take his Sony PlayStation, his Hot Wheels collection, his baseball cards or his bicycle, then they didn't take everything.

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone Year ago

      What a gesture to Nip and Lauren 👏🏾🍾

  • Jonathan Edds
    Jonathan Edds Year ago +6

    There are numerous veterans who saw combat in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Having all that experience available for producers to hire military advisers, there is no reason to have actions scenes as bad and as unrealistic as this.

    • Richard Bolanos
      Richard Bolanos 9 months ago

      @Paul Rietveld welp just happened a few days ago lol. A female sailor graduated

    • Paul Rietveld
      Paul Rietveld Year ago +3

      And look I'm not sexist but a female SEAL? Really?

  • Lola Rose
    Lola Rose Year ago +1


  • ToxicZz_Ph
    ToxicZz_Ph Year ago

    I loved it I think people are hating on it a little too hard then again I haven’t read the original book so I think it’s just blind nostalgia people that have read it and don’t like the way the movie interpreted it
    I just want a R6 movie 🎥

  • Kintira Jackson
    Kintira Jackson Year ago

    This was a really good movie, I enjoyed it ❤️

  • VS3025
    VS3025 Year ago +25

    Oh man I've never gone from so excited to completely crushed this fast. It has nothing to do with the book. I don't get it because the book would make a great movie as it is. This might even be a good movie, but call it something else because it isn't Without Remorse. And then to drag Rainbow Six into this.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Cl0ckcl0ck
      Cl0ckcl0ck Year ago

      It isn't a good movie though. Bad guys running around like headless chickens, indestructible good guys. A Rambo movie has more realism.

    • Jake Rownd
      Jake Rownd Year ago

      I was super stoked when I saw they were making the book into a movie. But...they didn’t. They just stole the name and mad up some crap

    • Ric Lohnes
      Ric Lohnes Year ago +1

      I feel the same way

    • Matt Brame
      Matt Brame Year ago +1


  • coderedtonio
    coderedtonio Year ago +5

    Movie dropping tomorrow we can’t wait let’s goooo 🍻💯 we need more Tom Clancy Movies with John Clark amazon Prime make it happen

  • David Mancini
    David Mancini Year ago +5

    This movie looks insane !! 3 movies I cant wait to see Army of the Dead, Wrath of Man and this one. I'm going nuts just waiting for them to come out.

    • NeK
      NeK 5 months ago

      Wrath of Man- movie of the year 2021 for me

    • charmer399
      charmer399 Year ago

      @David Mancini Also just a question, have you ever saw a movie 🎥called "The Belko experiment"?? If not, you should...if you're building trust in my movie taste, you should..

    • charmer399
      charmer399 Year ago

      @David Mancini absolutely Dave, thank you for putting me up on those other 2 films,I'm gonna check out trailers now..

    • David Mancini
      David Mancini Year ago +1

      @charmer399 yes that scene was pretty cool now I cant wait for Wrath of Man with Jason Staham on May 7th and then Army of the Dead with Batista on May 21st.

    • charmer399
      charmer399 Year ago

      @David Mancini I'm glad you got to watch it and enjoyed it David!! 👍

  • Taylor LaPine
    Taylor LaPine Year ago +112

    Was really looking forward to this but it's nothing like the original novel. Wish they had kept truer to the novels plot and ton but interested to see if jordan cna pull off the legendary John Clark.

    • Ivor O'Connor
      Ivor O'Connor Year ago

      @Aston Martin It could have been worse. Perhaps a woman of color unsure of her gender fighting against Institutional racism and Trump. This is a Hollywood movie. The movie had nothing to do with the book.

    • intimidator.jb3
      intimidator.jb3 Year ago +1

      Amazon might be w/out Remorse.....BUT, i bet Tom Clancy would be VERY remorseful for WHOEVER sold this to Amazon...Shoulda' called it something else, but its not w/out Remorse... Good movie though.

    • Aston Martin
      Aston Martin Year ago +1

      @Richard Brown Guess it isn’t racist to switch race for no reason other than he was a white character. If it wasn’t a big deal that the character was white in the book then why change his race in the first place and I love how you call me a racist for stating facts.

    • Richard Brown
      Richard Brown Year ago +1

      @Joel Willems I agree with all of you. This looks interesting, but they should have kept the original storyline, and just updated it. You can still have all the beats of the original story, just update Afghanistan instead of Vietnam, even the drug trade aspect could work basically the same.

    • Richard Brown
      Richard Brown Year ago +4

      @Aston Martin that is the absolute least important aspect of anything, but I guess every comment stream needs its token racist to meet quota.

  • boilers522
    boilers522 Year ago +13

    Looks cool but it is NOT Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. Like many adaptations, they just wanted the brand name to help sell the movie. *Sigh* Would've liked a REAL Without Remorse movie.

    • Jake Rownd
      Jake Rownd Year ago +1

      Yes. This movie took literally nothing but the book save the title and a few names. But most people who watch this and like it don’t read books anyway, so..

  • TheHyperfilthered
    TheHyperfilthered Year ago +30

    Gonna watch it, but I am annoyed that they ditched the original storyline for some conspiracy. Let's just hope it's something original and interesting. Good thing it's written by Taylor Sheridan. He's done some amazing work and I have lots of faith in him.

    • César U
      César U 8 days ago +1


    • DrNoZee_
      DrNoZee_ Year ago +1

      @Thembi Chigwada might not be the og but trust me it’s still good

    • Donald Badowski
      Donald Badowski Year ago +1

      You would do humanity a big favor by not watching it, so that APV gets the message to stop making movies that suck, and take a big dump on great books.

    • Thembi Chigwada
      Thembi Chigwada Year ago +1

      I'm so torn after the what Hollywood did to Dan Brown's Inferno.
      I totally loved the Clancy's book and I love Michael B but I have serious trust issues.

    • ElRadioDJ913
      ElRadioDJ913 Year ago

      And Stefano Sollima which who helmed Sicario 2: Soldado

  • Benjamin Huynh
    Benjamin Huynh Year ago +259

    This looks like John Wick 4. Clark isn’t like that. He’s a ghost. He’s a rumor. A ghost story KGB trainers tell their students. He’s not Jason Bourne or John Wick. Thinking of the words of Clancy on the beginning of the directors commentary track for Sum of All Fears. “I’m Tom Clancy, and I wrote the book they ignored when they made this movie.”

    • San Shinobi
      San Shinobi Year ago +1

      I was actually pretty hype until I found out that Michael B Jordan was supposed to be playing John Clark. I would have zero problem with this if he wasn't already half a shot of Bailey's away from becoming an honorary Tuatha Dé Danann in the books.

    • Platinum Pineapple
      Platinum Pineapple Year ago

      The Movie is pretty Good TBH I enjoyed it

    • J C
      J C Year ago +1

      I agree John's a myth a legend.....but movies don
      't give a crap about that.

  • Dylan Baylacq
    Dylan Baylacq Year ago

    loved it

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts Year ago +4

    I was so pumped for this movie. Without Remorse is the start of John Clark and the relationship with Jack Ryan's Father as a Patrol Cop - Leading to his connection later with Jack Ryan. This movie is NONE OF THAT. Did they even read the Book? The only connection this movie has with Tom Clancy is the Title of the movie, and a few ripped off names. What a disgrace to the legacy of Tom Clancy and the Jack Ryan series.

  • Allen James
    Allen James Year ago +2

    Whenever I see Tom Clancy's name my mind goes to splinter cell...I was quite surprised to hear that night vision goggles sound...Seems to be an awesome movie.

    • FishFingerConnoisseur
      FishFingerConnoisseur Year ago +1

      I still remember the supposed movie that was to come out around 2005/2006. Chaos Theory had the trailer for it in the extras.

  • Issa
    Issa Year ago +12

    So excited to see lauren slowly start doing the things shes loves again♥️

  • Rio-G E60-V10
    Rio-G E60-V10 9 months ago

    What they need to do is Make a part two awesome movie

  • VeteranHamster
    VeteranHamster Year ago

    Literally shows the entirety of the movie besides the only scene that really matters.

  • Ghosts619
    Ghosts619 Year ago +26

    I guess this is what warzone looks like irl

  • Julien B
    Julien B Year ago +2

    So it has nothing or very little to do with the book then... The core story of Without Remorse is John Kelly falling in love with a junkie, losing her, and then using his military experience and guerilla tactics against common drug dealers, the urban jungle being his new playground (very much like the Predator in Predator 2). I am an avid fan of Tom Clancy’s work, but that looks just like another run-of-the-mill action movie....

  • mcs mcs
    mcs mcs Year ago +4

    Just watched this! I thought the movies of the last 12 months couldn't get any worse! I was wrong.

  • Karmah
    Karmah Year ago

    Who else got chills when he announced at the end that they’re making the rainbow team?

    • Richard Zilver
      Richard Zilver Year ago

      @Karmah I have - so there goes that theory.

    • Karmah
      Karmah Year ago

      @Richard Zilver you’ve obviously never played the old rainbow six games

    • Richard Zilver
      Richard Zilver Year ago

      no one?

  • J James
    J James Year ago +6

    It looks like an action packed movie... but did anyone even read the book before titling it? This is NOTHING like the book. I have no problem with them making it of course. But don't mislabel it.

  • yppak1
    yppak1 Year ago +1

    So wish that they combined characters from the Jack Ryan series like Greer, and have some cross over. Both Amazon shows and could have been done.

  • VeryTalMidgt
    VeryTalMidgt Year ago +4

    I love Tom Clancy he is in my opinion the best author in the world but these movies are a disgrace like how hard is it to stick to the story of the book

  • Marvin Devaney
    Marvin Devaney Year ago +1

    You want a bi-racial go ahead you just missed out one of the best movies I've seen in awhile two thumbs up without a doubt

  • brandon johnson
    brandon johnson Year ago

    I wish they would make book accurate Tom Clancy movies but I guess this is as good as it gets

  • F N
    F N Year ago

    I enjoyed this movie , there’s a post credit scene that is pretty cool 😬

  • ROll Tide LBC
    ROll Tide LBC Year ago +1

    I was waiting for the perfect time to watch this movie, no wife, no kids, just my 80” vizio and me. I’ve read all his books and was anticipating a bit of a let down just like all movies from books. Not too worried that MBJordan was portraying JKelly/Clark. … Just watched and have to say it’s the WORST movie from book I’ve ever seen. The acting and cast was great except for LCDR GREER. The adaptive writing for the screen was horrible! The ending was just too fast. The lead into a series was simple so they didn’t mess that up much. Ritter was spot on except the end where he helped ghost Kelly. Am I hating? Of course! Only thing they got from the book was the characters, no storyline at all. If they make more JKelly/Clark movies you bet I’ll watch it.

  • goodcenturion
    goodcenturion Year ago

    The prison brawl is the best part.Rest is forgettable.

  • P W
    P W Year ago +1

    Love "Without Remorse". That being said, this is nothing like the book and looks very disappointing. Should have stuck to the original story instead of trying to make it more appeasing.

  • Nugi Khutsishvili
    Nugi Khutsishvili Year ago +5

    Imagine, if they make a Splinter Cell movie, where you have Sam Fisher as the main character and in the end, they will have credits, showing John Clark and also, Jack Ryan, because Jack Ryan TV-series is also made by Amazon. Maybe one day, a man can dream.

  • Shoaib Shaikh
    Shoaib Shaikh Year ago +4

    No matter how much CGI you use, it can't beat the fistfights

  • themoviegod
    themoviegod 19 days ago

    wow this was awesome 10/10

  • Jefferson Zanievicz

    Anyone watching the trailer: "Yeah, it looks like it's going to be a great movie."
    Please MAKE a Splinter Cell movie, Sam Fisher deserves it!

    • Recruit_IsFake
      Recruit_IsFake Year ago +1

      I would love a Splinter Cell movie too, but as a Without Remorse fan, I HATE this movie already

  • Astitva Rajvansh
    Astitva Rajvansh Year ago

    Great 👍 just finished watching this and now he is a ghost
    Btw the plot twist , the attack scenes and action is OP!!!!!!!

  • Skjenngard
    Skjenngard Year ago +52

    At least they should read some Clancy books about Clark. This is not him, this is black John Wick.

    • Professor Langford
      Professor Langford Year ago

      He’s not even that in this movie. Not nearly as much action as you would think let alone fight scenes

    • DrNoZee_
      DrNoZee_ Year ago

      @Jake Rownd you need to at least watch it to say you don’t like it

    • Jake Rownd
      Jake Rownd Year ago +1

      @A Bag of Dead Squirrels It is in NO WAY any of the storyline from the book. I’ve been waiting for this movie for years and I’m not going to watch it now that I know

    • KansaSCaymanS
      KansaSCaymanS Year ago +6

      + Black female SEAL team leader!? Hollywood wokeness gone awry.

    • A Bag of Dead Squirrels
      A Bag of Dead Squirrels Year ago +7

      Exactly, I always knew they would butcher this story if they ever brought it to screen but this is worse than I could have ever imagined.

  • NegaN
    NegaN 10 months ago

    It's a gunfight action movie?!
    I'm gonna watch it either it's bad or good

  • davidowski28
    davidowski28 Year ago

    Juz nie mogę się doczekać

  • Rahul Baidya
    Rahul Baidya Year ago +3

    If he ends being John Clark at the end of the movie, they could tie hm in to the TV series.

    • Sooner Frac
      Sooner Frac Year ago

      It’s not impossible with all the modernization they’ve done to the Ryan series. What is impossible is to have Greer be a *woman* here and a man in Ryan.

    • daniel meibaum
      daniel meibaum Year ago

      Lol a black john Clark makes is character from the books impossible to do

  • JoeAnimates
    JoeAnimates Year ago

    I honestly enjoyed the movie. If you read the novel, you prolly won’t like it. But from a neutral point of view, it’s a good watch for action lovers

  • Raylan Givens
    Raylan Givens Year ago +2

    Amazon, do not call this "Tom Clancy's Without Remorse". This has absolutely *NOTHING* to do with Tom Clancy's magnum opus. This is cashing in on his name brand. It is shameful. For all I know this could be a fine action movie on it's own, but to call this an "adaption" would be nothing short of a lie.

  • The Mediocre Mountain Biker

    This movie should have followed the book more closely. :(

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +4

    Man, I'll watch this and I'm sure I'll love it but they really bastardized and damaged one of my all time favorite Clancy novels and I'm rather disappointed by that. 😕

  • Ryland yancey
    Ryland yancey Year ago

    The fight at 1:45 didn’t make the final cut of the movie.. I wonder why? Low key wish there was more action

  • Charming Peasant
    Charming Peasant Year ago +2

    Michael B Jordan playing a character who was originally white irish-american isnt the worst part,
    what made this movie really cringe was the skinny female SEAL commander.
    It just snaps the movie in half since Tom Clancy wrote his novels with authenticity in mind.

  • Abdulaziz Kodirov
    Abdulaziz Kodirov Year ago +1

    I just watched the movie, it is AMAZING

  • billy bob
    billy bob Year ago +22

    Kind of wish they kept it close to the book. The book was amazing

    • OneTime Gregory
      OneTime Gregory Year ago

      The book is always amazing. No screen is better than the mind.

    • Michael Houk
      Michael Houk Year ago +2

      I'm with you this looks almost totally divorced from the original story

    • Buck Merdoc
      Buck Merdoc Year ago +2

      Great book!

  • Dejan
    Dejan Year ago


  • Mickey 736
    Mickey 736 Year ago +2

    Good movie, just watched it

  • Jizy
    Jizy Year ago

    Awesome movie.. Intense!

  • Ric Lohnes
    Ric Lohnes Year ago +15

    I can’t believe Tom Clancy would sign off on this, while this looks like a good action movie, this is not even remotely close to the book. Read the book it is well worth the time.

    • Thoufeeque Abdul salam
      Thoufeeque Abdul salam Year ago +1

      sometime in the 90s,savio pictures acquired rights for without remorse and keanu was offered the role of john. however he refused and pre production was well on track. In 2012,chris mcquarrie signed to direct the movie but eventually we got this😔

    • Abridgelion
      Abridgelion Year ago

      Back around 2000, he was in talks to get Without Remorse done theatrically. Course, it didn't happen.

    • G U
      G U Year ago

      He died though so ...

    • Ali 1968
      Ali 1968 Year ago

      I agree.. The books are always better than the books and far more realistic.

    • Legohank
      Legohank Year ago +5

      You know Tom Clancy died in 2013 (RIP),I doubt he even heard about this movie

  • James Clint
    James Clint Year ago +14

    Looks good.
    Although the story in the book is just as good.
    They don’t want to tell that story especially in these times.

    • James Clint
      James Clint Year ago

      @Nicholas Hills
      They were minorities in a poor neighborhood.
      Can’t have them as the bad guys.

    • Messeduprex
      Messeduprex Year ago

      @James Clint pretty sure they could be gangs of any color except for the MOB, no one else could play they Italians

    • James Clint
      James Clint Year ago +1

      @daniel meibaum
      Very basic.
      In the book. One of the storylines is him going after black gangs in the inner city for reasons.

    • Messeduprex
      Messeduprex Year ago +2

      The Original story actually relates pretty well with the Heroin epidemic the country is going through. Everything else is just pretty standard no matter which decade you pick.

  • Allie Davidson
    Allie Davidson Year ago +5

    Why bother to call it Without Remorse if you're going to ignore the story and make it generic action movie vomit with flavor of the month bad guys. I've been waiting over two decades for a Without Remorse movie. Guess I get to keep waiting.

  • Grabthar191
    Grabthar191 Year ago +7

    This looks fairly butchered from the book. Why the hell is he in prison? WTF? It would be really easy to update the times without butchering the flow. Afghanistan rather than Vietnam and you could still have Russia as a bad guy as well if they didn't have the balls to make them Chinese, and the USA still has a drug problem, but watching a trained seal take down a bunch of gang bangers might not be PC anymore? Dunno. That whole jail cell scene smacks of Will Smith's scene in Suicide Squad.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Year ago

    This movie would be fine, probably even good, as amazon got the money and Michael B. Jordan is a good actor, but its named after a book it literally shits on. Its about as related to the book as Star wars is to Star Trek, and even those two are closer as they both have the word Star in their names

  • dkroll92
    dkroll92 Year ago +5

    This looks super cool but doesn't seem to have anything to do with the book other than the name of the main character and his military background

    • UccelloUomo
      UccelloUomo Year ago +1

      @Cbricklyne No. Most of the previous films at least resembled the book... this resembles it in nothing but its title.

    • Cbricklyne
      Cbricklyne Year ago +1

      So you mean like pretty much EVERY OTHER Tom Clancy novel adaptation?

  • K E
    K E 9 months ago

    Watching this trailer again after watching the movie makes me realize that half of the dialogues here are not even in the movie lmao

  • RyanThaLion
    RyanThaLion Year ago

    Did anyone else notice there was an extra scene after the end credits?

  • tom arnold
    tom arnold Year ago

    I love that they casted Jamie Bell as Ritter! Ritter is my favorite character in the whole TC series!

    A BAK3D _POTATO Year ago +1

    Imagine a punisher movie of this quality.

  • Rod Reimer
    Rod Reimer Year ago

    I read this book twice in my life, to many times in the movie industry they make a movie that doesn't do the characters justice due to time restaints. I hope I'm proven wrong.

    • Rod Reimer
      Rod Reimer Year ago

      I was right, Amazon Studios do better

  • Laila
    Laila Year ago +5

    I just watched it and it’s so good 😭😭

  • CHITOWN buck638
    CHITOWN buck638 Year ago +1

    OK, but do he have more kills than John wick? 😁

  • MrBigR504
    MrBigR504 Year ago

    My man Mike handled his bidness in this flick! Looking forward to more action movies from this brutha because he can definitely get physical and cold blooded!💯🔥✊🏾

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot Year ago +180

    *This makes a Great Killmonger Prequel*

    • aryan sharma
      aryan sharma Year ago +1

      What about the Russians soldiers he killed during that scene in the building ?? Although he lost his wife and daughter, but even he took a lot more lives and destroyed many families. I can't justify this, If anyone can please let me know.

    • Raylan Givens
      Raylan Givens Year ago +7

      It'd be a better Killmonger prequel than an adaptation of Without Remorse.

    • MultiCreativeArtist
      MultiCreativeArtist Year ago +2


  • Daece
    Daece Year ago

    What about this has anything to do with Tom Clancy's Without Remorse?
    Felt like the script writer heard someone talking to someone else about the book and all they caught was; 'There's a really dark character called John Kelly and he wants revenge'...
    As a standalone movie it would have been fine. As a movie based on a book I really enjoyed, it's fucking trash.

  • fuk this place
    fuk this place Year ago

    I hope Tom clancy makes this in to a game as well

  • Sean Patrick Kinney
    Sean Patrick Kinney Year ago +3

    This is not Without Remorse - short of the name of the main character and that his wife died this has nothing to do with the book which is rather disappointing

  • Endrit Sahitaj
    Endrit Sahitaj Year ago +2

    Best movie 2021 👌

  • Daniel Troyer
    Daniel Troyer Year ago

    Ladies and gentlemen you've just watched the whole movie

  • MultiCreativeArtist
    MultiCreativeArtist Year ago +3

    You know when a character dies they get a prequel. So I guess Killmonger is getting his own stand alone prequel

    • Mike Davis
      Mike Davis Year ago

      Of course, This is not John Clark.

  • Texan713
    Texan713 11 months ago

    Wait a fucking minute. Did John Kelly just execute the perfect Leon the professional escape scene? 😆

  • sneaks OzForces
    sneaks OzForces Year ago

    have a good look at the chess game taking place. it should tell you enough about how much thought went into this movie (and that no one in the cast noticed). for a tom clancy movie, i expected more tbh.