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10 Times Ronaldo HUMILIATED Opponents

  • Published on Jan 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Here's 10 times Ronaldo HUMILIATED his opponents..
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  • portugal2026
    portugal2026 Year ago +801

    let's get this youtuber 1m subscribers he is amazing⚽:)

      EURO BALL Year ago +6

      Agreed I’ve been watching him since 2021

    • Daniel Pasha
      Daniel Pasha Year ago +4


    • DIE
      DIE Year ago +8

      @Dameon Garouge tf? are you k?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago +8

      @Dameon Garouge Bro, can you pass me some of those stuff you have taken?

  • عنابي
    عنابي Year ago +1760

    Man remember when Ronaldo meet lebron on a football pitch dang that was a legendary moment

  • Kash
    Kash Year ago +776

    I will never forget when Ronaldo broke lebrons ankles 😭😭

  • Arnold Schwarzen-word
    Arnold Schwarzen-word Year ago +745

    Ronaldo's dunk in the goalpost in front of LeBron was just legendary

  • Underdogs FC
    Underdogs FC Year ago +248

    Damn when Ronaldo sat down LeBron on the pitch, amazing..

  • Anipaptions
    Anipaptions Year ago +663

    Do you guys remember when LeBron James tried to defend against Ronaldo? That was a moment I will never forget

  • Larry Fabians
    Larry Fabians Year ago +145

    Those handles Ronaldo had on Lebron though 😂

  • Meysan Ferkel
    Meysan Ferkel Year ago +46

    Remember when Messi dunked on lebron back in 1864 bruh that season was 🔥

    • Demodify
      Demodify 8 months ago +1

      *wait what? 18..?*

  • Rogue Spoof
    Rogue Spoof Year ago +58


    • C. Ronaldo fan AF
      C. Ronaldo fan AF Month ago

      Next humiliation: "ronaldos goal was so good, the goalie get a injury that could've ended his life"

  • beastlylegacy
    beastlylegacy Year ago +22

    Zlatan: it was a nice goal, but he should try it from 40 meters.
    Ronaldo in the future: it was a nice goal, but he should try it 2.38 meters above

  • Goatwaite 🐐
    Goatwaite 🐐 Year ago +36

    i love when ronaldo broke lebron’s ankle that is the best moment in football history

  • Iffat Saboor
    Iffat Saboor 5 months ago +2

    The only thing is he loves his heart and he just does it whatever it takes and he does it for his team ❤ Ronald

  • W M
    W M Year ago +73

    7:56 😂😂 got me dead laughing

    • Who
      Who Year ago


  • Mabel Dies
    Mabel Dies Year ago +10

    Man remember the time when Ronaldo hit a homerun from Lebron? Yeah good times

  • Austin Dous
    Austin Dous 7 days ago

    I love how he says “HE HUMILIATED SOMEONE SO BAD” Every 2 seconds

  • Divinity
    Divinity 18 days ago

    As the boos got louder, ronaldo went harder 🔥

  • Goku San
    Goku San 17 days ago

    Ronaldo made history at that time dang 3:22

  • Fatimus.-
    Fatimus.- Year ago +35

    Yoo dude i get so excited every time you upload and you never clickbait the thumbnails/titles. #kickflix1mil

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago +1

      Bro Ronaldo is literally breaking lebron ankles

    • ErtugrulBay
      ErtugrulBay 2 months ago

      @Alex bro don’t u understand he is sarcastic

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago

      @ErtugrulBay no I do I’m being fr

  • Marion Flores
    Marion Flores 4 months ago +1

    “As the boos went louder, Ronaldo went harder”💀💀💀

  • Nick Botic
    Nick Botic 7 months ago +3

    Your commentary on all these videos, which I have been binging, is outstanding. Way better than other compilation channels. Well done.

  • Pessi
    Pessi Year ago +24

    Man United V Lakers was the best match I’ve ever seen

  • Mister Funni
    Mister Funni 5 months ago +6

    When LeBron James tried to take the ball from Ronaldo, it was so deep that I felt it coming inside of me 👍

    • ELITE
      ELITE 2 days ago


    • Mister Funni
      Mister Funni 2 days ago


    • ELITE
      ELITE Day ago

      @Mister Funni A little sus....

    DAMIAN ROMERO 7 months ago +1

    Ronaldo really did a bicycle kick

  • Random gamer
    Random gamer 2 months ago

    The fact that Ronaldo broke LeBron's ankles is hilarious

  • Joshua Palma
    Joshua Palma 5 months ago +3

    6:12 that had me dying 😂😂

  • jonathaniel quaye
    jonathaniel quaye 10 months ago +5

    The Ashley Cole part really got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • 501st Clone Commander
    501st Clone Commander Year ago +20

    Totally remember when lebron played professional football

  • C the m a n
    C the m a n Year ago +2

    Bro, I can’t believe I almost forgot about the best moment in football where Ronaldo went up against Lebrun and the Lakers on the pitch

  • L3O_XD
    L3O_XD 11 months ago +4

    Who remembers when Ronaldo met lebron James on the pitch wow what a moments

  • Smitha s
    Smitha s 5 months ago

    When Ronaldo put the coca - cola bottles away I was like '' YES"

  • Immortality plays Roblox

    Imagine if Ronaldo danced while he scored

  • Murgi
    Murgi Year ago +3

    Aahhhh yes the good old days where Ronaldo played against lebron

  • waltuh
    waltuh Year ago +23

    2:53 ayo can we talk about how similar that goal was to the calma calma goal

  • MahiaWa Playz
    MahiaWa Playz 11 months ago +1

    “And Zidane checking his hair grew back”🤣🤣

  • Bleron Raci
    Bleron Raci Year ago +1

    I still remember when Ronaldo HUMILIATED LeBron on the pitch

  • Phoebe-eleanor Flyde
    Phoebe-eleanor Flyde 4 months ago

    Can we appreciate how much time KickFlix puts into making us entertained

  • SrMaquitux678
    SrMaquitux678 4 months ago

    lebron really made that move ‼

  • Andi
    Andi Year ago +19

    3:57 is the most funniest 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh Year ago +2

    Y'all remember when Ronaldo cooked up LeBron's ACL? What an iconic moment in the history of the sport

  • acharia butcher
    acharia butcher 8 days ago +1

    if i had ronaldo's personality i would be humiliating so many people even my classmates

  • nilesh kengar
    nilesh kengar 2 months ago

    Man went straight on 🤣🤣🤣 7:35

  • Vedh football
    Vedh football Year ago +5

    100 000,000,000,000 subscribers for Mr kick flix he never fails to entertain us

  • aniahisslaying
    aniahisslaying 10 months ago +1

    Me: When did Lebron play with Ronaldo
    Grandad: Oh yes, back in my day.....

  • Fusional [GD]
    Fusional [GD] 8 months ago +3

    i love how he gave LeBron a white leg ill never forget that

  • St4r💫
    St4r💫 Year ago +1

    Rorland broke his ankles so hard that they forgot to walk

  • Only-EditsHD
    Only-EditsHD Year ago +2

    Zidane checking if his hair grew back got me lol

  • chair
    chair Year ago +1

    "He Decided To Humiliate A Player So Bad"

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin 5 months ago

    Lebrun played football… HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS

  • Faiza Mansoor
    Faiza Mansoor Year ago +2

    guys remember when the lakers came onto the pitch and tried to tackle ronaldo

  • futboledits123
    futboledits123 Year ago +13

    Every single time he says “Ronaldo humiliated them so bad”

  • Joe Hong
    Joe Hong Year ago +2

    Love the content man! You're gonna blow up soon

  • WalI-3dits
    WalI-3dits 11 months ago +1

    Zlatan & Ronaldo = Same Club
    Others = Our time has come

  • DageTime
    DageTime Year ago +1

    Portugal lost 4:2 against Germany in that Rüdiger game

  • SUNy bunny
    SUNy bunny Year ago +1

    Damn that lebron ronaldo fight was 🔥

  • DrTonyTonyChopper
    DrTonyTonyChopper 5 months ago +2

    Remember the time Ronaldo Dunked on Lebron so hard

  • Max Rojas
    Max Rojas 11 months ago +6

    7:34 got laughing so hard

  • SnackAttack1313
    SnackAttack1313 4 months ago +1

    it brang a tear to my eye when messi gave the bronze jade testicular torsion. truly one of the football moments of all time.

  • ZED EX
    ZED EX Year ago

    Everybody talking bout Renaldo but kickflix is on another level

  • Felix Soji
    Felix Soji Year ago +1

    Yes I remember the day when Ronaldo humiliated Lebron James and broke his angle & ofc it was a legendary moment.

  • DestroyerNoah
    DestroyerNoah 6 months ago

    "He made sure that Barcelona fans knew who daddy was"

  • quandale dingle
    quandale dingle 10 months ago

    THIS PART THO😎😂😂😂 0:04 to 0:07

  • Asana Takele
    Asana Takele Year ago +5

    LeBron James come on be smarter,but I fail for it😂😂😂😂

  • eaCoOlToAd
    eaCoOlToAd 11 months ago

    I watched one video and the rest is history, the voiceovers🔥🔥🔥

  • Huy Phuc Mai
    Huy Phuc Mai Year ago

    Ngl, with his physical attributes and vertical Ronaldo would have made a pretty solid guard

  • nema John
    nema John 8 months ago

    Ronaldo HUMILIATED 😍😍

  • Will
    Will Year ago +3

    my boy always on that quality grind

  • Rohil Shrestha
    Rohil Shrestha Year ago +2

    I totally remember when ronaldo played against lebron

  • BenziEditz™️
    BenziEditz™️ Year ago +3

    2:11 i love how he said the 2nd coming of jesus christ

  • Commander Light Gaming

    The vids you make are unbelievably good keep it

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly Month ago

    ah yes, my favorite was when Ronaldo literally and metaphorically broke Lebron's ankles.

  • Hamster cult
    Hamster cult Year ago +2

    I love how he put ronaldo vs lebron james in the thumbnail

  • Kostis Zantos
    Kostis Zantos Year ago +3

    Ι remember when CR7 dribbled Verstappen and crossed the ball for a spike from Tsitsipas!

  • British ball
    British ball 2 months ago

    RIP Lebrons ankle 😢

  • Mingma Dorje Lama
    Mingma Dorje Lama Year ago +11

    Lebron should’ve just picked the ball up with his hands

  • Elizabeth Hollywood

    This guy makes awesome videos 👍

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy Year ago +1

    this guy always has the best videos

  • ٴ
    ٴ 5 months ago

    Kickflix is the mix of extra + humor

  • anxmx_lxv
    anxmx_lxv 5 months ago

    bro you humiliated 7:35 more than ronaldo humiliated anyone

  • SpoonyVR
    SpoonyVR Year ago +1

    I remember when LeBron met ronaldo on a football pitch

  • invinsible
    invinsible Year ago +3

    Zidane tho 😂😂😂

  • william
    william Year ago +2

    your videos are just so entertaining keep up the good work

  • Glenn Walker
    Glenn Walker 7 months ago +1

    I remember when lebROn was in fooTball and Renaldo broke his ankle

  • Yousef Jebara
    Yousef Jebara Year ago +1

    woooow that goal is sooo amazing

  • Ali Makawi
    Ali Makawi Year ago +2

    by scoring goals just what i expected

  • Wlekfnheeu bfuejsndkwjsjskxndjsjsiakxktkrjqjqoqppe

    I remember ronaldo breaking Lebrun James’s ankles in a football game

  • Ghaleb Alhyasat
    Ghaleb Alhyasat Year ago +4

    7:34 is so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Haadi Hussain
    Haadi Hussain Month ago

    Ronaldo is a goat I can't believe he humiliated that many people goooo ronoldo u are the goat man

  • 𝐀𝐦4𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐮

    Ahh yes, I remember when Cristiano Ronaldo met Lebron James In The football pitch such a godly moment.

  • Benjamin  Martins
    Benjamin Martins Year ago +1

    Ronaldo is LeBron and Damian Lillard in comebacks

  • AyanEditz
    AyanEditz Year ago +1

    i just live when kickflix says "we know Ronaldo hes BUILT DIFFERENT

  • joker joker ( typhon_x_editzs )

    Ronaldo 😍😍😍

  • kevo
    kevo Year ago +2

    Made my day dude blessed man😂😂💯

  • DaFootyDude ⚽️

    This guy is great I watch him with my dad we end watching him for hours keep going man ur channel is great 👍

  • Stunna girl
    Stunna girl Year ago +1

    Man i miss LeBron James.. his career got ruined since he faced ronaldo.

  • Cosmic Squirrel
    Cosmic Squirrel 11 months ago +1

    Ya bro I loved watching Lebron vs Ronaldo great match

  • YourLocalRecorder
    YourLocalRecorder Year ago +2

    As a Liverpool Fan, I Respect Ronaldo. But We Have To Boo Em’
    Everyone Would If they Were Us.
    But Man Utd Vs Liverpool 5-0 To Liverpool Ronaldo, Got Furious He Kicked
    a 20 Year Old YOUNGSTER son The GROUND
    Ain’t that Like Simeoné Kicking Saka. Cant Blame Us Liverpool Fans

  • ItzMcS@h@j
    ItzMcS@h@j Year ago +4

    6:29 Can't stop laughing

  • Vedh football
    Vedh football Year ago +1

    This guy is a god in humiliating we need to start taking down notes. (the bullies)

  • Shaun Vuyolwethu
    Shaun Vuyolwethu Year ago +1

    This guy's deserves 100mil subs❤️❤️

  • Ebo and Feso World
    Ebo and Feso World Year ago +1

    Bro Ronaldo broke lebron james ankles sooo hard damn