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  • Pete R
    Pete R 2 years ago +18403

    Love how JJ is fully suited even with a tophat from the waist up but has his boxers on hahaha

  • pohs
    pohs Month ago +222

    20:26, JJ's face is priceless 😂

  • nick priestly
    nick priestly Month ago +134

    We need another one of these

  • kody eidenschink
    kody eidenschink Month ago +71

    Viks honesty is awesome

  • Rhian Hegarty
    Rhian Hegarty Month ago +36

    When jj answered the "do I like all the sidemen" question I got a flashback in my mind of a few years ago when they were all sooooo young in this game but their friendship has not changed

  • Alexa Morales Mead
    Alexa Morales Mead 2 years ago +16666

    Love how ksi is literally just getting Harry to slowly admit he’s done many questionable things

    • HaRsH
      HaRsH Month ago

      It's Folabi

    • yohaNi
      yohaNi 8 months ago

      @ThePegususs wdym by " pressed "

    • ThePegususs
      ThePegususs 8 months ago

      @yohaNi getting pressed over a 2 year old comment

    • yohaNi
      yohaNi 8 months ago

      @ThePegususs no hes not bi ffs

    • Lawlz 4Dayz
      Lawlz 4Dayz 8 months ago

      @mayzee thats such as harry answer

  • Drxness
    Drxness Year ago +3035

    13:45 JJ realization is priceless 🤣🤣

  • mcovey97
    mcovey97 Year ago +783

    "I've been tempted" must be one of Josh's greatest one liners hahaha

  • Aviel
    Aviel Year ago +3674

    I love how jj was in his boxers the whole time

    • Aviel
      Aviel 2 months ago

      @Priime Bennyboii yeh

    • Priime Bennyboii
      Priime Bennyboii 2 months ago +1

      @Aviel now?

    • Aviel
      Aviel 3 months ago

      @I I mean

    • I
      I 3 months ago +1

      @Aviel now?

    • Aviel
      Aviel 3 months ago

      @I yeh

  • Ivy
    Ivy  Month ago +26


  • Jack Reacher ⓥ
    Jack Reacher ⓥ Year ago +1006

    30:54 That sudden softness in his voice & eye movement while answering that question already told how much he loves sidemen ❣️

    • Yellow_Flash
      Yellow_Flash 3 months ago

      @seynpurrp bro done him dirty 🤣🤣

    • Sanzun
      Sanzun 5 months ago +1

      @seynpurrp dawg what

    • seynpurrp
      seynpurrp 6 months ago

      @rcsdf334 r/ihavereddit 🤣😂😂

    • seynpurrp
      seynpurrp 6 months ago +9

      @rcsdf334 understandable have a great day

    • rcsdf334
      rcsdf334 6 months ago +31

      @seynpurrp that was folabi not jj

  • Dani_Idoy M.
    Dani_Idoy M. Month ago +22

    *JJ goes Asian parent mode

  • Jane McCawley
    Jane McCawley 3 months ago +71

    21:42 Vik's reaction had me laughing more then the actual situation

  • Jarvis Ong
    Jarvis Ong Year ago +305

    ksi's accent just makes everything more funny HAHAHA

    • S M
      S M 11 months ago +5

      KSI is not in this video tho

    • Nathan Lynch
      Nathan Lynch Year ago +12

      Who’s KSI? The presenter is Folabi.

  • miguel caeiro
    miguel caeiro 3 years ago +18749

    Plot twist: This whole video is to make us believe Harry isn’t addicted to drugs

    • ZovWy
      ZovWy 7 months ago

      Man every has done harry dirty

    • Bee 🐝
      Bee 🐝 8 months ago

      @Rashed125 70 percent?? That's a lot

    • Dajt Cheliku
      Dajt Cheliku 2 years ago

      Drugs are fifa packs.

    • Juicy Pears
      Juicy Pears 2 years ago

      @Rashed125 Nitrogen, Oxygen and Karbon Diokside

    • odrysian
      odrysian 2 years ago

      He can still do drugs without being addicted to them

  • Tumi 2301
    Tumi 2301 Year ago +269

    13:40 best clip of the video ... harry is a goat he gives confusing answers

  • Skapoosh
    Skapoosh 5 months ago +29

    Through the entirity of the 9:43 truth or lie with harry I was genuinely on the verge of tears it takes a real man to admit something like that

  • Arcticanine
    Arcticanine Year ago +48

    Dude JJ's acting is going to be my end. I swear I'm gonna get a heart attack from laughing a lot one day lmao

  • Jaime Balderas
    Jaime Balderas Year ago +235

    List of sidemen getting punished for lying:
    15:37 Tobi about making better videos than Manny
    16:50 Vik about not being the most intelligent sideman
    19:02 Tobi again, this time about getting friend zoned by women
    20:01 Harry about Kickdown doing better or not (although it was undetermined)
    24:31 Ethan about who's more hotter
    27:35 Harry again, this time about his mother having instagram
    31:39 JJ about being an Arsenal fan

  • StepKickKing
    StepKickKing 3 years ago +3164

    The fear in JJ’s eyes when Ethan grabbed his hips 😂

  • Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk

    15:12 i love how jj tries to not laugh to keep his role

  • Dennis Tillmann
    Dennis Tillmann Year ago +40

    Even if I am really late to the party, but it‘s frightening me how calm Tobi is after the belt slap 😅

  • luca
    luca Year ago +28

    I LOVE Harry. He is trying not to look nervous but he can't help it. :))

  • Datboi Tanjiro
    Datboi Tanjiro Year ago +21

    God, I love JJ so much. These guys are great together I love this group :)

  • Perfectly Encountered
    Perfectly Encountered 2 years ago +8530

    I like how JJ is creepily staring at us, after he slaps them.

  • Yasser Boumediane
    Yasser Boumediane Year ago +38

    As a Moroccan (north africa), I can say without a doubt that I've had a taste of all of the weapons Folabi used, but nothing beats the classic belt, it has insane range and does a lot of damage

  • Luca Gimenez
    Luca Gimenez Month ago

    Living childhood again the video

  • Chelsea1905 FC
    Chelsea1905 FC 16 days ago

    We definitely need part 2

  • Dylan Recinos
    Dylan Recinos 5 months ago +17

    20:30 can't stop laughing at jjs face reaction

  • Ben Donaldson
    Ben Donaldson 3 years ago +1205

    Everyone: looking decent
    Folabi: wears half a suit

    • Ben Donaldson
      Ben Donaldson 3 years ago

      @ragey joe he needs to be educated

    • dl CRIXUS lb
      dl CRIXUS lb 3 years ago

      and he rocks half a suit! wym? Everyone looking decent

    • robin97rv
      robin97rv 3 years ago

      @RangersForever watch the vid

    • nopal hendiar
      nopal hendiar 3 years ago +10

      Folabi spent all his budget on a suit and tophat and couldnt afford any trousers no more

    • ragey joe
      ragey joe 3 years ago +19

      @Mr. Muffin Man r/woooooshhh

  • Thien Chetty
    Thien Chetty Year ago +80

    Simon: Your pulse went "All Over The Place"
    Jj: That'll make a good album name

  • Gerrard Ankamah
    Gerrard Ankamah 29 days ago +1

    Their reaction when the wooden spoon broke 😂😂 priceless

  • WeerAwesome YT
    WeerAwesome YT Year ago +34

    The thing I missed the most was JJ's laugh 😂😂

  • Twin Suns
    Twin Suns Year ago +129

    31:39 Ethan’s Revenge
    13:40 lmao
    15:14 Friend Zone

  • Vitthal Haritwal
    Vitthal Haritwal Year ago +4

    The role play jj does is just extraordinary

  • rory
    rory Year ago +18

    People say that josh has no personality but he has some of the funniest moments

  • Pradumn Sharma
    Pradumn Sharma 3 months ago +9

    JJ being annoyed at Simon that he likes Logan Paul and now partnering up with him is the best twist in life's history

  • GrandFunkyGamer
    GrandFunkyGamer Year ago +44

    8:25 hahahahahah JJ trying not to laugh is the funniest

  • Finlay Hamm
    Finlay Hamm Year ago +12232

    ksi was literally in his underpants and we didnt know until he got up lmao

    • Cornholius
      Cornholius 3 months ago

      We know him as JJ around here

      GEM WEST PRODUCTIONS 3 months ago

      Now over 11,000 people now

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe 3 months ago


    • J R
      J R 4 months ago +1

      @Finlay Hamm - jj wasn't in his underpants, folabi was

    • Jack Finn
      Jack Finn 4 months ago +1

      mans was already ahead of the quarantine fit

  • Zainab Sardar
    Zainab Sardar Month ago

    17:01 this looks a bit fishy

  • I W
    I W 5 months ago +1

    This is hilarious please do more😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Goldberg
    Joe Goldberg 6 months ago +3

    Whenever Ethan gets asked any weird question and him not making eye contact is so funny

  • Josh Moracha
    Josh Moracha 3 months ago +2

    The camera looks from JJ after the punishments are killing me🤣🤣

  • Señor Stinky
    Señor Stinky 3 years ago +23803

    i feel like JJ was just staring at a google tab the whole time and he was just deciding whether or not to beat them

  • Indunil Udaya
    Indunil Udaya Year ago +6

    They are really really good friends ,,love u guys

  • donetajful
    donetajful Year ago +5

    Lool, I like how the question he ask Simon always kinda connects to their broship .

  • Fade
    Fade Year ago +1

    I just love how long and funny ur vids are

  • that_taekwondo_kid
    that_taekwondo_kid 6 months ago +2

    I love your videos so much my face hurts from smiling and laughing after

  • Im_Jagsher Jaggadamann
    Im_Jagsher Jaggadamann 2 years ago +1471

    Toby didn’t flinch because his parents have prepared him for this moment 😂😂

    • Paul Umoh
      Paul Umoh Year ago +1

      @Liam key & quay, Tea & Tee, Gorilla & Guerilla.

    • Liam
      Liam Year ago +1

      @Paul Umoh they are pronounced the same who cares if it spelled wrong

    • Paul Umoh
      Paul Umoh Year ago +2

      @Liam Tobi, is a Yoruba name, meaning "Great". Toby, is a name derived from Hebrew meaning "God is good".

    • Liam
      Liam Year ago +1

      @Paul Umoh yep

    • Paul Umoh
      Paul Umoh Year ago +1

      @Liam Nope.

  • Mekade Jones
    Mekade Jones 7 months ago +2

    Love how jj hits Tobi with a very soft swing. And then hits vik so hard he breaks the spoon

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 5 months ago

    JJ hats off to the acting, that was hilarious!

  • Ahmad Tariq
    Ahmad Tariq 6 months ago +4

    Ethan and harry are on another level of awesomeness

  • Zainab Sardar
    Zainab Sardar Month ago +9

    22:27 the finesse moves of JJ

  • James Coulthurst
    James Coulthurst Year ago +14713

    JJ hats off to the acting, that was hilarious!

    • seynpurrp
      seynpurrp 6 months ago

      @Rayla Rose 🤦‍♂️

    • King Quiel
      King Quiel 6 months ago

      @AyItsZach I miss the best always be the one 🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜🕜

    • King Quiel
      King Quiel 6 months ago


    • King Quiel
      King Quiel 6 months ago


    • King Quiel
      King Quiel 6 months ago


  • Caden Jones
    Caden Jones 6 months ago

    I love JJs face reactions to some of the answers lmao

  • Dougal Vlogs
    Dougal Vlogs Year ago +3

    Josh Pulled off the biggest lie he’s definitely the leader

  • Ccentric
    Ccentric Year ago +6

    Vik just getting his childhood vibes 😁😁

  • Tyanne Hall
    Tyanne Hall 8 months ago +3

    This is the type of content they need to bring back 😭😭😅

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 years ago +1262

    One of the Sidemen: “Says yes to a question”
    Folabi: *surprised pikachu face*

    • Adi Rao
      Adi Rao 3 years ago +3

      who's jj that's folabi

    • Sead Inhibbit
      Sead Inhibbit 3 years ago +1

      he had that reaction, bc simon said he was a logan paul fan

    • zuupla *
      zuupla * 3 years ago +1

      Check my comments

    • Aaron Craig
      Aaron Craig 3 years ago +8

      Ozdogzgo Folabi?

  • MeMing Ney
    MeMing Ney 4 months ago +1

    We need a second part.

  • Spades
    Spades Year ago +7

    Tobi saw the sandal and felt pain instantly

  • Katherine
    Katherine Year ago +18

    Vikk is indeed the most intelligent Sidemen Imo.

  • me111
    me111 Year ago +13

    Simon is a god mode liar.

  • melaninweirdo
    melaninweirdo Year ago +12356

    "I thank God cause he blessed me with big things". Man, I love tobi

  • Jordan Root
    Jordan Root Year ago +2

    I wish I had a friend group like them

  • Krysten Paynter
    Krysten Paynter 10 months ago +2

    Every time they say adidas wrong I laugh so hard😂😂😂

  • Connor
    Connor Year ago

    We need a part 2

  • [Liam]
    [Liam] Year ago +2


  • Tristan Fieli
    Tristan Fieli 3 years ago +334

    Folabi: *Your punishment is a wooden spoon beating*
    Tobi: *I’ve trained my whole life this one moment*

  • Ryan Wint
    Ryan Wint Year ago +27

    The fact that JJ is in his draws and clapping cheeks is jokes

  • Raimen
    Raimen Year ago +2

    I want folabi to be my programming teacher lmao 😂

  • Konrad Zimmermann
    Konrad Zimmermann 2 months ago

    13:40 was an ab workout with how much i laughed

  • Izzie Official
    Izzie Official Year ago +29

    Harry is in a different position everytime the camera moves the chairs 😭

  • Zach Clark
    Zach Clark 3 years ago +16263

    So Harry isn’t addicted to drugs, he just enjoys using them

  • Ze melon bastard Aka farouq Kilani

    Man i was drinking milk while watching this and I laughed so hard it came out of my nose

  • Mas F
    Mas F 11 months ago +2

    I really like the part when jj just said big big question and tried to ask something different and tobi said its relevant😂😂😂

  • Ired Anjum
    Ired Anjum Year ago +1

    dude jj is incredibly entertaining!

  • ThirdEyeMind
    ThirdEyeMind Year ago +2

    "That dogs getting trained and everything" might be tobis greatest most savage joke line ever lol

  • egirlharold
    egirlharold 3 years ago +2166

    can't believe JJ missed most of the recording he really needs to get his act together

    • Cill
      Cill 2 years ago +1

      He is getting reAlly lazy

    • Cybz
      Cybz 3 years ago

      @JoshEntertainment r/wo.Osh

    • JoshEntertainment
      JoshEntertainment 3 years ago

      @Thunder RL yeah being ironic

    • Thugs n stuff
      Thugs n stuff 3 years ago

      okimclapped clip-share.net/video/-mMNjLPuy0k/video.html

    • wavy sione
      wavy sione 3 years ago +2

      @Thunder RL r/itswooooshwith4os

  • Mace U
    Mace U Year ago +3

    they should make a new episode of this every year defo

  • Hrishi Shroff
    Hrishi Shroff Year ago +5

    josh is so innocent hahaha

  • Dutch Plan Der Linde
    Dutch Plan Der Linde 9 months ago +2

    1:06 I just love how the camera pans to Ethan after JJ brings out "the dad's belt" lmfaoo

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 5 months ago

    Love how JJ is fully suited even with a tophat from the waist up but has his boxers on hahaha

  • Aditya Gode
    Aditya Gode 3 years ago +1253

    Sidemen: we should do this on second channel..
    Folabi *enters the room*
    Sidemen: nah definitely main channel

    • Bilal
      Bilal 3 years ago +1

      U READ THIS Babatundes a different guy folabi hosted the spelling bee

    • Diluted Disasterpiece
      Diluted Disasterpiece 3 years ago +3

      U READ THIS damn u must be new

    • javier lorenzo
      javier lorenzo 3 years ago +2

      U READ THIS different persons

    • Jyotishko Koley
      Jyotishko Koley 3 years ago

      Since when was his name Folabi? wasn't it Babatunde?

    • AGL
      AGL 3 years ago


  • Aryan uchiha
    Aryan uchiha Year ago +20

    Folabi: is ksi a fatneek?
    ksi fans : YES
    Machine:he's telling the truth

  • bhamini senthuran
    bhamini senthuran Month ago +1

    Jj when his parents beat him
    Jj: why must I make me suffer

  • Kye Jenkin
    Kye Jenkin Year ago

    Lmao the way Jim just stood there after he broke the spoon on Vikk🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oliver Goodyer
    Oliver Goodyer Year ago +1

    i love how jj just never wears pants in these its so funny😂

  • NML Gamer
    NML Gamer 3 years ago +2700

    12 minutes in and my thoughts are: “is there even a lie”

    • Thugs n stuff
      Thugs n stuff 3 years ago

      NML Gamer clip-share.net/video/-mMNjLPuy0k/video.html

    • BlackieChan Gaming
      BlackieChan Gaming 3 years ago

      NML Gamer I read this at 12 minutes and I’m scared for my safety

    • xDostarlingX
      xDostarlingX 3 years ago +1

      Abhi Mohan same lol

    • BlackSabre
      BlackSabre 3 years ago +1

      To be fair, all the spanks look brutal so if one of the guys said 'lie for the content' i'd be like naa

    • Harry Mason
      Harry Mason 3 years ago

      NML Gamer came to the comments at the 12th minute 🤣

  • Red
    Red Year ago +29

    5:10 my respects to the sidemen 📈📈📈📈

  • Nicola Molloy
    Nicola Molloy Month ago

    Omg when Folabi stood up and was in his Boxers 🤣🤣 the top half looks so formal but I suppose I should have expected him to have a funny spin on it, he's hilarious 😂🤣🤣

  • MizoXdee
    MizoXdee Year ago +4

    Petition for lie detector part2.

  • casseywho
    casseywho 3 months ago

    20:40 ethan just wanna end the question 😂

  • z o e
    z o e 3 years ago +4828

    Everyone: normal clothes
    Folabi: only wears half an outfit

    • Lilli Rose
      Lilli Rose 2 years ago

      Props to him committing to the bit tho 😂

    • tour
      tour 2 years ago +1

      That was folabi I idiot

    • YungHardty
      YungHardty 2 years ago

      XCl1ps YT no I don’t think I will

    • Rhys Hughes
      Rhys Hughes 2 years ago

      Subscribe to my Clip-Share for epic Fortnite content🔥

    • yahtzee 007
      yahtzee 007 2 years ago


  • lukas m
    lukas m 6 months ago

    Hands down one of the best sidemen vids

  • Thazunga
    Thazunga 7 months ago +6

    First lie at 14:40 second lie at 16:36 third lie at 19:47 fourth lie at 24:13 fifth lie at 27:16 sixth lie at 31:24 You`re welcome

  • Reliz
    Reliz 3 months ago

    this has to be one of the funniest sidemen videos!

  • Kharisma Messam
    Kharisma Messam Year ago

    I think someone needs to make a compilation of Ethan's shocked pikachu face. Lol, it's just so common in every single video🤣🤣

  • Anton Berg
    Anton Berg 3 years ago +335

    Tobi: *closes eyes right when he sees the sandal*
    Also Tobi: "flashbacks, flashbacks!..."

    • KP
      KP 3 years ago

      Anton Berg flash..... he passed out

  • Mark Mekheil
    Mark Mekheil 5 months ago +1

    13:40 is all I need to watch for this to be a good video