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110 minutes of Phil Hellmuth Blowing Up 💥

  • Published on Dec 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +700

    Which Hellmuth rant is your favourite? 😤 Tag the timecode!

    • Sandra Norman
      Sandra Norman 11 days ago

      @Luigi Horatio 😂😂😂😂😂

    • George Southwick
      George Southwick 14 days ago

      In the dictionary, instead of a written definition for “asshole” they just have a picture of Phil Helmuth.

    • J w0od3co4ck1
      J w0od3co4ck1 23 days ago +1

      the 18:46 "youre stupid" "no youre stupid" rant

    • Rixxxon
      Rixxxon 25 days ago

      Slow roll karma lol

    • Justa Comment
      Justa Comment 27 days ago

      7:50 where higgins beats Phil is so dumb because he literally had him beat and then told him what to do and basically beat himself. That made no sense to me.

  • aaronachnid
    aaronachnid 2 days ago +7

    I love how Negreanu just needles everyone. He's just the best.

    • ehill1536
      ehill1536 17 hours ago

      I was just about to say the same... Still wonder how he ever loses as he can call hands just on raise/call amounts.

  • Chrisconstruction Clark

    My favorite part of this play is when he asked that guy a question and he responded and he got a good read on him that was the most epic s*** ever that's Phil at his finest

  • PimpJuice707
    PimpJuice707 6 months ago +693

    Didn't think I'd watch the whole video but his reactions were to good. Run it 4 times and everybody starts cheering against him😂 legendary

    • Baba am Apperati
      Baba am Apperati Month ago +1

      @Isim Soyad I think so too. I mean Idk there are for sure a lot of people that don't like Phil Hellmuth but I really enjoy watching him and his reactions are understandable to me.

    • Isim Soyad
      Isim Soyad Month ago +1

      nobody was cheering AGAINST Phil, everyone was cheering FOR the loose cannon

    • poplicker4
      poplicker4 3 months ago +9

      also they kinda baited him into running it 4 times by chirping him saying he slow rolled wiggins lmaoo

    • Budget Coin Hunter
      Budget Coin Hunter 4 months ago +18

      Let's be real here. That was an absolutely _crazy_ run of lucky cards for the Cannon, and if you run that same situation 100 times, shuffling the cards from before the runouts after each time, he's taking 3 or 4 99% of the time.
      The fact that the Cannon took 75% of the pot from the position he was in was just absolutely absurd, as if the Poker Gods looked down at Phil and said "You're not winning this time. Doesn't matter what happens or how you play it. Try again next hand."
      Phil, if he's as good with the math as he says he is, should realize the absolute absurdity of this string of bad beats and be willing to laugh about it, rather than pop off like some prima donna.

    • Andrew Walter
      Andrew Walter 4 months ago +31

      “Why’s everyone excited except Phil?”

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 5 months ago +1264

    Tony G’s ability to pick apart Phil’s psyche is nothing short of genius

    • Shooter McGavin
      Shooter McGavin 4 days ago

      he's both very entertaining and a jackass 😂. that lie about looking gets me every time. what a prick 😂

    • Jking 0.o
      Jking 0.o 6 days ago

      @Jann esquivel matínez negrenue is a good dude

    • Jking 0.o
      Jking 0.o 6 days ago

      @Ed Carlson agree. Tony is a fish and a loser.

    • Dave Rychling
      Dave Rychling 11 days ago


    • The Truth
      The Truth 13 days ago +3

      @Eva Lavinia Bucur that was dirty from Tony

  • willblake72
    willblake72 9 months ago +3252

    I'll never get tired of watching Wiggins hit 3/4 against Phil. Everybody was so happy.

    • Daegzy
      Daegzy Day ago

      Helmuth is a dick, but Perkins is insufferable. It's a coin toss.

    • BamaShanks
      BamaShanks 5 days ago

      Why is everyone so happy except Phil!?!? Lol

    • Ho Bott News
      Ho Bott News 17 days ago

      when danny says..."why are we so happy?" lol

    • tomaki17
      tomaki17 21 day ago

      Mee to hehe

    • Admin A
      Admin A 27 days ago

      You could see it in Phil's face he knew that King was coming. Similar feeling to Blackjack when you double down on an 11 get a 9 and dealer flips a 5/6 you just know your dead.

  • Chrisconstruction Clark

    Philly goat. It's just good to see others go through the same feelings ..under certain circumstances. Even the goat. I think he is nice about Alot of hands. I'd be flipping table's. ♥️ Him. 🤣

  • Luke W
    Luke W 5 months ago +373

    Phil Hellmuth is like Santa Claus; you know that he gives you presents, you've heard that he's magic, but you never, ever, ever see Santa Claus win a hand of poker.

    • Andrew Shaver
      Andrew Shaver 16 days ago

      He won the first hand of this compilation..

    • Shipdacheese
      Shipdacheese 18 days ago

      In his defense, those were some of the most terrible fish plays i've ever seen. Not all of them but a lot.

    • Polyluchs Shroud
      Polyluchs Shroud 4 months ago +20

      @bill daniels you dont get much humor do u

    • Luke W
      Luke W 4 months ago

      @bill daniels you’re right. I am so sorry for making an extremely mild joke about a well-known rich jackass

    • bill daniels
      bill daniels 4 months ago

      Don’t watch much poker do u

  • John Huxley
    John Huxley 4 months ago +277

    I love how glad it makes Phil that others are having fun. What a genuine, warm human being. 🤣

    • True
      True 12 hours ago +2

      Oh so this is sarcasm? Wow it's so neat :D

    • Richard Wan
      Richard Wan 13 days ago +4

      yes, pretending that he's upset just so others can enjoy gloating is very classy of phil

    • Chris Kaszowski
      Chris Kaszowski Month ago +23

      Yeah, he was glad as hell. Not at all looking like the physical embodiment of crippling depression.

    • Marc-Etienne Mercier
      Marc-Etienne Mercier 3 months ago +2

      Lol you're right and they're definitly having the most fun.

  • Hardfunkingcandy
    Hardfunkingcandy 25 days ago +126

    I spent 11 years working in a poker room. The hardest part of the job was trying not to laugh when dealing sick beats to Phil

  • lkb1228
    lkb1228 11 months ago +6693

    One of the greatest poker players in history and I've never seen him win a hand

    • fuzzyhair321
      fuzzyhair321 5 days ago

      There's video of him winning a flush and it was pretty glorious

    • Snoozy
      Snoozy 7 days ago

      lmao this is true

    • mineonlyhooves
      mineonlyhooves 8 days ago +1

      His ability to call other people’s hands is incredible. You cant say hes a bad poker player, he’s definitely one of the best.

    • Ji Zim
      Ji Zim 10 days ago

      Remember this is edited to make Phil look bad. He possibly is the best tournament player in history. But he's a complete baby asshole.

    • lkb1228
      lkb1228 Month ago

      @Joe Mama it's a joke you fucking loser

  • Winning Designs
    Winning Designs 19 hours ago

    First 9 minutes was beautiful 🤣

  • Jason Safaverdi
    Jason Safaverdi 5 months ago +168

    "HE'S A SCHOOL TEACHER!" remains the most legendary line

  • MarcusS
    MarcusS 5 months ago +195

    I love how Daniel always rubs it in Phil’s face and he lets it slide 😂 he’ll be damned if Tony does it 😂

    • kyel williams
      kyel williams 27 days ago

      😂😂😂 Phil so sick of Tony gs shit bruh 😂😂

    • Peter Fitzpatrick
      Peter Fitzpatrick 2 months ago +13

      Daniel is at least slightly friendly with Phil & he has no other friends... unsurprisingly... but Daniel gets a great buzz out of watching his inability to control his emotions... I'm sure he's probably told him this in private many times. But... Phil is Phil... 🤷‍♂️

  • lexwaldez
    lexwaldez 6 months ago +97

    Phil makes his own bad luck. I loved watching these on TV. Negreanu taking every opportunity to wind Phil up. Great stuff.

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +2577

    One of my favorite Daniel lines. "Why is everyone so happy, except Phil" They're all celebrating lmfao so good.

    • Derailed Train
      Derailed Train 10 months ago

      @turxa lol you also coming back from time to time to see phil getting coolered and play bad haha

    • turxa
      turxa 10 months ago

      Every.single.time.... i lose my shit everytime i hear this ahhahahahahaha

    • poega
      poega 10 months ago +1

      @TheBaioken I agree, watching that hand made me like Phil Hellmuth more. He kept his cool somewhat despite being baited and bullied to a ridiculous degree by his peers.

    • Derailed Train
      Derailed Train 10 months ago

      I love it when he says "I'll take this one." (as he sometimes does) and then elky bets 120 in a pot of 50 lmao

    • Ryan
      Ryan 10 months ago

      It's like the "You are NOT the father!!" and the guy jumps up and starts wildly celebrating with his friends while the woman is sitting there all sad lol

  • Raina Emms
    Raina Emms 5 months ago +31

    It's always fun to watch Phil try and figure out how it's everyone else's fault but his. But when Daniel is on the table with him it's priceless.

  • D M C
    D M C 6 months ago +122

    24:30 that is legitimately incredible that Daniel knew what cards Phil had.

    • Chocolatetown Forever
      Chocolatetown Forever 2 months ago +13

      Hes like a computer. Prahlad is a GREAT player, and he was way off on what he thought Phil had. Daniel remembered how Phil played a previous hand or two preflop, and nailed what he had.

    • Anirudh Chhabra
      Anirudh Chhabra 4 months ago +25

      funny how daniel gets everyone gossiping, all bubbly like him

  • Michael Kuhens
    Michael Kuhens 6 months ago +39

    I wasn't that intrigued by poker at first but this channel got me into it with how good the videos are and how unique every player is at the table😀 props to everyone involved on this channel 👍

  • Japan Four
    Japan Four 23 days ago +14

    I remember when poker got super popular in the early 2000s. Buddies and I would sit around and laugh at Phil's meltdowns. It's good to see nearly 20 years later Phil is doing the same thing and people still enjoy watching it happen 😂

  • GorillaRadio88
    GorillaRadio88 Year ago +1738

    Tony randomly calling phil a disgrace to the game cracks me up every time

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 9 days ago

      As a douchebag i approve this comment

    • Albert Forletta
      Albert Forletta 11 months ago +6

      @Louisiana , lol we all like it. Phil treats people at the table like they are sub standard degenerates. Phil DESERVES Tony G’s rants!!!!

    • bigg fella
      bigg fella 11 months ago

      Welcome to the game

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith 11 months ago +3

      Phil: Tony, you’re a bad winner.
      Tony G: But Phil, isn’t the world made up of all kinds of people?

    • GorillaRadio88
      GorillaRadio88 11 months ago +4

      @Louisiana they’re both dbags. I’ll laugh at their bullshit if I feel like it.

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 6 months ago +18

    The second segment with the run off with the loose cannon was absolutely gold. Phil's whole spectrum went from cocky to oh shit. Even Doyle is having a grand time at Phil's expense. Also Phil's excuses when he's trying so desperately not to acknowledge that what he did was actually his fault...are classic.
    Then it ends with Tony hitting a full house to rub insult to injury.

  • Brad West
    Brad West 5 months ago +12

    Yes, this is very entertaining. I'm sitting here alone, watching this and laughing. I don't know if that's normal (it isn't) but this is friggin hilarious. Good ol' Phil

  • Facts dont care
    Facts dont care 2 months ago +54

    gosh I love Doyle. him not saying anything but cracking up every time tony g says something kills me. He's having the time of his life and I wish him many many years

    • Facts dont care
      Facts dont care 8 days ago

      @Big Chungus You're not bro and it was actually my job to make you find out, So I chose youtube as a way to help your soul pass on. Have fun in heaven bro

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 8 days ago

      @Facts dont care Now I am questioning if i am even alive

    • Facts dont care
      Facts dont care 8 days ago

      @Big Chungus Idon't know maybe you read one of those fake death post. Remember when Betty white was alive. There was a post like every year that said she was dead

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 8 days ago

      @Facts dont care I'm not sure what's going on but im sure he died like 2 years ago in texas

    • Facts dont care
      Facts dont care 8 days ago

      @Big Chungus lol na I checked and couldn't find anything about death. In fact I checked before I made my first comment just in case he had passed. He just retired from doing poker tournaments but still does cash games about once a week or so.

  • Christopher Gargaro
    Christopher Gargaro 4 months ago +7

    While Tony & Phil going at it is entertaining as can be, Daniel trolling Phil is forever the best. He knows just what to say and how to talk to him to make him play worse. Even hands Daniel wasn't involved in, he still knows exactly what to do to troll TF out of Phil 🤣

  • YoakleyBeast 3377
    YoakleyBeast 3377 7 months ago +467

    Phil is the only player I’ve ever seen who will let people draw for free and then get mad when they make a hand

    • blue donkey
      blue donkey 2 months ago +1

      @Andronicus 1028 he limps way too often from oop

    • Andronicus 1028
      Andronicus 1028 2 months ago +1

      This GTO guys do it a lot these days. Maybe not exactly checking like Phil, but they do make very small C-bets that give drawing hands good odds to call.

    • Beefkid
      Beefkid 2 months ago +4

      It’s obviously Karma

    • Konstantinos Tsaousis
      Konstantinos Tsaousis 3 months ago +11

      he is still pretty unlucky tho

  • FreddyB 2K4L
    FreddyB 2K4L 5 months ago +39

    Tony G is the best thing to ever happen to poker….love that guy!

    • and ?
      and ? 6 days ago

      Hes a scumbag and a bully. And therefore so are you.

    • Nico
      Nico 15 days ago

      Hate him. Explosive POS

    • zieg feld
      zieg feld 2 months ago

      Hes an ass whos terrible at poker

  • Voice Nerd
    Voice Nerd Day ago

    He seems less like a poker star and more like a poker diva

  • D N
    D N 5 months ago +141

    1:51:41 the way Tony just keeps going is hilarious "I'm sorry Phil, I really am, I'm sorry, I think you should retire, I think it's over, I think you're not there anymore Phil."

    • kereminde
      kereminde 15 days ago

      @PMP1337 They're all going "No, Phil, you make this decision on YOUR gut so you can't blame us if it goes awry."
      They're not letting him fish for extra info off them.

    • John Ganley
      John Ganley 15 days ago +1

      @miazga3 I couldnt stop laughing LOLOLOLOLOL

    • FatmanEatBacon7
      FatmanEatBacon7 19 days ago

      @old man strength In all fairness boomers created this situation of generations being immature, entitled morons. If anything they were the first generation made up of incompetence and immaturity. It's sad to think that any generation born after 1940 has no class or virtues.

    • Andrew Scharte
      Andrew Scharte 19 days ago

      @PMP1337 you can’t comment on the table when you fold

    • PMP1337
      PMP1337 23 days ago +1

      @Tristan Coffin EXACTLY, They said they didn't! But if you look closely, some of them saw!

  • Eric Kollman
    Eric Kollman 5 months ago +6

    His meltdowns were absolutely hilarious, especially getting beat 3/4 on the run-outs when he was the favorite, but he did make a good lay-down at 26:10.

  • Burdie From Hell
    Burdie From Hell 26 days ago +5

    The thing I love about Hellmuth is that the odds truely are usually in his favor but he still gets screwed every time!

  • karpyy24
    karpyy24 23 days ago +12

    Daniel imitating Phil after the split pot never gets old 💀

  • dsig
    dsig 6 months ago +41

    I've never actually watched this show but it seems like the premise is putting Phil Hellmuth through hell for fun and profit, so I hope whoever came up with it got a raise and a new office.

    • Chocolatetown Forever
      Chocolatetown Forever 2 months ago +2

      As Daniel has said before, poker is boring, and even more, boring to watch for the most part. You need something to spice it up to make it work on TV. Phil brings that, so while it was brilliant to put him on here, its a no brainer.

  • akselmani
    akselmani 5 months ago +18

    Phil gets mad even when he wins... he really is a unique player.

  • Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort 10 months ago +920

    Phil, Tony and Daniel is the best combination at a poker table period

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson 3 months ago

      @Ανδρέας Στέλλας entertainment value. Ivey a good player but very boring to watch

    • Notaek
      Notaek 6 months ago

      rage monster, insultor, and instigator lmaoo

    • KJ Junior
      KJ Junior 6 months ago


    • Daniel Choritz
      Daniel Choritz 6 months ago

      yeah, not because of poker, just for the trash talk

    • Ανδρέας Στέλλας
      Ανδρέας Στέλλας 7 months ago

      @Jaded on basketball or what?

  • N
    N 6 hours ago

    I like Phil. You need players like him or it would be boring.

  • Sweetluck
    Sweetluck 6 months ago +7

    I’m glad I get to see phil hellmuth so much , he’s such a character , as much as he is a sore loser and quite the brat , he’s actually an awesome poker player.

  • Victor Isaev
    Victor Isaev 6 months ago +26

    gotta love how Negreanu is literally being paid to attend 1st row of this comedy show and laughing his ass off

  • MrMarco855
    MrMarco855 3 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather hit Victor Ortiz twice very hard, knocking Ortiz out. The fight was over. Ortiz had both hands down at his side, was looking at the referee at the time, didn't see either punch coming. Some were shocked and upset, it was a dirty thing for Mayweather to do. Dirty but not illegal, many/most sided with Mayweather citing the #1 rule in boxing; keep your hands up/protect yourself at all times. I thought it was the single dirtiest tactic I'd ever seen in a boxing ring, but I had to stop short of saying it was illegal. The referee was irresponsible and his inept failure to organize things at that time was mostly responsible for the cringe worthy act that took place.
    When Tony G. insisted that he didn't look at his hand and Phil Hellmuth took his word for it and made an 'all-in' wager as a result, it soon became apparent that Tony G. lied about not looking at his hand. He turned over a very strong hand of ace-king after Hellmuth showed his ace-jack. Tony G. could be accused of a dirty trick but not breaking the rules. I think the 2 separate situations, one involving a professional boxing match, the other a professional poker match, are very similar in detail and outcome.
    With regard to the poker incident, I admit that Tony G. did something borderline dishonest. Since nobody was physically hurt in the case of the poker incident, I don't feel nearly as bad as I do regarding the boxing match. The ' victim' in that case, Victor Ortiz suffered physically and possibly psychologically from the incident. It could have affected his career beyond that fight and it may very well have had an adverse effect on the rest of his career. For those reasons and because it's not considered to be an act of ' good sportsmanship' to hit an opponent when he was clearly not prepared, I believe the incident reflects adversely on the legacy of Mayweather.
    Regarding the situation between Hellmuth and Tony G., I don't ever see it as particularly unfair. The only injury was to Hellmuth's ego and his pain was limited to a monetary loss. Hellmuth has the worst of reputations among pro poker players. He can't control himself when he loses and he constantly berates and insults other players, sometimes he goes after a player in their initial poker encounter. He insults and belittles opponents for playing their hand as they see fit, that's the crime that ignites Phil's wrath. Make a call or a bet/raise in an 'unHellmuth approved situation' and beat Hellmuth in the hand as a result and you better be prepared because an onslaught of 'F' bombs is coming your way. I couldn't play with Phil because a fight would break out the first time he called me an idiot or a dumb mf'er.
    Another factor in the Hellmuth saga is that he routinely lies about his hand and/or other things during play, but he doesn't see that his lying is not dissimilar to what Tony G. did to him in this situation. He often lies about his hand after the hand is over, either lying to avoid embarrassment for making a large bet with a bad hand but not necessarily a bluff. He knows it would diminish his ego driven reputation, so he thinks that lying under those circumstances is perfectly okay. If Phil lies about his cards it misleads opponents re: his habits in specific situations within a match. It's gaining an advantage by way of lying, the same sin that Tony G. is guilty of in this instance. In the poker world Phil is a spoiled Prima Dona that's treated like royalty, but his behavior is crude and embarrassing. Like many others I must admit that I enjoy watching Phil get tilted and go into psyche mode, he deserves the frustration he feels because of the nasty verbal assaults he gives out.

  • alxndra
    alxndra 2 months ago +38

    phil when he blatantly lies to his opponent about his hand: "well you were stupid for believing me!"
    phil when his opponent blatantly lies to him about his hand: "this is a sick joke! your ettiquette is so bad! nobody does that"

  • Dero
    Dero 6 months ago +9

    You can tell nothing makes Daniel more happy than watching Phil ranting over bad beats xD

  • Shark
    Shark 2 months ago +8

    😂😂😂 Daniel is my favorite poker player. Love his demeanor.

    • Chocolatetown Forever
      Chocolatetown Forever 2 months ago

      And he doesnt have to hide behind sunglasses, or stay silent, to be a great player.

  • Aufeis _______
    Aufeis _______ 2 months ago +1

    Legend. I love watching Phil. Gracious winner, but an absolute baby when he is loosing lol!

  • 9Ballr
    9Ballr Year ago +1508

    110 minutes of Phil Hellmuth blowing up is the same thing as 110 minutes of Phil Hellmuth.

    • MMaRsu
      MMaRsu 4 months ago

      He won that first Premier League game with so much luck though!

    • ribbonsofnight
      ribbonsofnight 6 months ago

      there's a lot of nothing happening in a session of poker

    • Em Eukal
      Em Eukal 6 months ago

      Funny that He is such a "Bad" Player yet worth tens of millions made Hy playing "Bad".

    • Lorenzo Wright
      Lorenzo Wright 10 months ago


    • JJ Black
      JJ Black 10 months ago

      Hellmuth, desperate to win. And he is so disrespectful to everyone that plays with him.what a dosh bag.

  • Jarrod Montague
    Jarrod Montague 2 months ago +7

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve watched this, I’d have like $5. So entertaining.

  • Peter Donkey-Doo
    Peter Donkey-Doo 5 months ago +10

    Phil actually took that triple bad beat pretty well. Especially with the hyenas ganging up on him.

  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson 6 months ago +233

    “You’re a disgrace to the game”
    Tony G needling Phil is my favorite thing ever

    • Lowlightt
      Lowlightt 23 days ago +1

      @Michael Harrington Are you a child? Trashtalk has been a part of competitive sports for since forever. Some of the best players of all time have been trash talkers. Just take a look at the NBA. Larry Bird is considered one of the best players of all time, and he was a notorious trash talker. Competitive sports at the highest level is almost entirely mental. Everyone has already put in thousands of hours of practice. There bodies are both physically and mentally ready to perform. Trash talking disrupts the mental part of the equation, and if used correctly forces an opponent out of there best state. Its used in sports, its used in video games which are already highly competitive. And quite obviously its used in Poker. In fact its used a lot in poker.

    • Matapasiones
      Matapasiones 3 months ago

      @Aaron Park that's perfectly fine. His personality is great for television though.

    • Aaron Park
      Aaron Park 3 months ago

      As much as everyone likes to hate helmuth I can’t stand Tony G

    • Matapasiones
      Matapasiones 3 months ago +1

      @Jwl Ptjmki the point is, it's not, that's just your opinion, disregarding thousands of years of human interaction knowledge. If you don't like trashtalking, ignore it.

    • Jwl Ptjmki
      Jwl Ptjmki 3 months ago

      @Matapasiones It's still trashtalk and it's immature.

  • VegasLoungeAct
    VegasLoungeAct 5 months ago +31

    I so badly want to see a TV show where Phil & Tony G have to team up together, like Amazing Race or something. 😆

    • Bfettrules
      Bfettrules 3 months ago +1

      That’s a great pair for amazing race. Either that or negranau & Phil. I could see Phil getting stuck with all the hard tasks while Dan gets the easy ones and Phil complaining how it’s unfair.

  • Rob
    Rob Year ago +5336

    That hand where he ran it 4 times was possibly the sickest thing I’ve ever seen hahahah

    • Clay Peterson
      Clay Peterson 16 days ago


    • Daniel Williams
      Daniel Williams 24 days ago

      I love how daniel is rooting against him!

    • Tyler Abbott
      Tyler Abbott 29 days ago

      @Carefreeblues mainly it was hellmuth trying to be nice. I mean he manipulatively slow played a set knowing his opponent had a top pair probably. And that guy I believe was more rookie league so it could’ve been considered classless. So they agree to deal the turn and River to split the pot that many ways. Crazy he won 3 of 4

    • Fucus Zullanti
      Fucus Zullanti Month ago

      find a new word

    • YASH AR
      YASH AR Month ago

      The reason why Phill ran it 4x is because he thought if cannon hits one then he takes 33%, but by running it 4x he will take 25%... His chances of hitting once running it 3x or 4x are close, so he gets a bit more, it's actually a better move... But Phil is just such a looser when it comes to cash games it's hilarious 😅

  • Johannes Perner
    Johannes Perner 4 months ago +1

    One of the best Poker videos ever! So entertaining until the dirty sweet end.

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith 6 months ago +7

    To be honest when I thought he was about to call and explode, he made some good folds
    the times when he called the hand like when he said 3-4 suited was insane he is undoubtably a pro. Also I remember when Daniel was talking on the couch and said Phil had queens was insane! It's cool watching how good a pro's mind is
    OMG!!! He called king queen of clubs???? dude is psychic

    • Tim B
      Tim B 4 months ago

      KQ clubs is probably the ONLY hand the guy could ever have there. He intuitively knew it, that's why he did the song and dance to sell that he might be making some frustration raise.

  • anotherhuman
    anotherhuman 4 months ago +4

    The sick look of helmuth when Wiggins got 3 of 4 runs with kings when he had a full house 🤣 I love it. Should've left his ego out of it.

  • ClappOnUpp
    ClappOnUpp 15 days ago +1

    I cannot believe 45 minutes and this is still entertaining 😂😂

  • Anthony Falasco
    Anthony Falasco 5 months ago +12

    I love Tony just sticking his whole hand in the wound everytime 🤣😂

  • Петър Янчев
    Петър Янчев 4 months ago +6

    I've watched them all before but I rolled a big joint, grabbed the popcorn and had so much fun watching this reactions once again just for the good old times. Hate him or love him he is quite funny.

  • Laura Dee
    Laura Dee 2 months ago +1

    110 minutes of my time well spent 🤣

  • C. R. Messen
    C. R. Messen Month ago +11

    I love the Cannon's reaction for Tony's low blow at 54:41 . It's like igniting a fuse :D

  • kevin kildare
    kevin kildare 22 days ago +2

    Never gets old watching the biggest adult child throwing tantrums at the table.

  • adam avery
    adam avery 5 months ago +4

    When hellmuth basically calls the floor and the clock on himself i almost died laughing

  • Vaspucci17
    Vaspucci17 5 months ago +7

    The craziest part of this is the amount of times Phil folded correctly across all of these clips. Maybe the guy was just having bad luck

  • Sir Wolf
    Sir Wolf Month ago

    Wiggins and Daniel at the same table is pure joy.

  • Marcelo Benatto Ferreira

    Phil is the best comedian ever. He's so dedicated on his role as a comedian that he convinced everybody else he's a poker player...genius.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 9 months ago +1

      While also winning over 16 million, having a 30+ year career and widely being considered one of the greats in poker. Im sorry he is emotional.

    • Marcelo Benatto Ferreira
      Marcelo Benatto Ferreira 10 months ago

      @Andrew Oddo He's the genius, not me. Thanks anyway.

    • Winter
      Winter 10 months ago

      @Just Some Guy with a Goatee just curious. Are you saying you’re 30?

    • Just Some Guy with a Goatee
      Just Some Guy with a Goatee 10 months ago +4

      @Ken Two 15s rolled into one. I know it predates reddit, I just see it more there than anywhere else these days. Relax, we all your you're the cool dude that was around since AOL messenger.
      @johnnytheprick as have I. The difference is I don't spam lololololXD anymore because I grew up... Anyways, have the last word. Can't be bothered to read/reply further.

    • Strangely Repulsive
      Strangely Repulsive 11 months ago

      jason mercier said that he saw him do it even when there were no cameras

  • Forum Arcade
    Forum Arcade 5 days ago +2

    Phil went on and on about "bad winners" but when when he wins against people he'll say they were stupid and played hands they shouldn't have too.
    Phil's not a bad player. He's just a bad person.

  • aaronachnid
    aaronachnid 2 days ago

    this really should be titled "Daniel stirring the pot"

  • phil laurin
    phil laurin 5 months ago +7

    I love how Negreanu became the arbiter of morality at the table

  • Erik Koz
    Erik Koz 19 days ago +1

    Love how Daniel just keeps dumpin' gas on that fire 😂😂

  • Guthix Green
    Guthix Green 2 months ago +3

    Hitting 3/4 vs Phil on a 10% chance is too hilarious.

  • DR Gonzo
    DR Gonzo Month ago

    Thank you phil hellmuth for making my day! It's a pleasure to watch you in agony

  • ehill1536
    ehill1536 17 hours ago

    How do you get upset losing with Jack high? Bottom pair vs nothing... and instantly insults. I'm starting to think he is in these tournaments to gain viewership... as I have to agree, it's fun to watch him try to bully players and complain about every loss. I now want to see him and Tony G play heads up for a SICK amount of money.

  • D Collier
    D Collier 6 months ago +3

    I love Perkins!!!! Helmuth is getting everything he deserves the way he talks shit about people at the table. Very Unprofessional uncalled for and Very very Childish. You go Perk!!! Love from Canada!!!

  • Yicheng Feng
    Yicheng Feng Year ago +684

    The way Tony looks at Phil when Phil's tilting....like it nourishes him 😂😂😂

    • Daan Demeyer
      Daan Demeyer 8 months ago +1

      @Jake Fournier oh even Tilly thinks so? Thanks for letting us know buddy.
      That’s the worst comment i’ve read in my life 😅.
      Tony G is a legend btw

    • Jake Fournier
      Jake Fournier 10 months ago +1

      @chaNce Who gives a crap what you think? See how that works when you post comments all over You Tube. LMAOx10

    • Orgonite / Yahgonite Australia
      Orgonite / Yahgonite Australia 10 months ago +4

      I love how Tony talks nice to him like he feels bad for him for real, is kind of convincing, then he just sticks another knife in and twists it. Then backs off, talking like they're buddies again, picks his moment, twists another knife... lol over and over.

    • chaNce
      chaNce 10 months ago +2

      @Jake Fournier Who gives a crap what Tilly thinks lmaooooo

    • Jake Fournier
      Jake Fournier 10 months ago +1

      Tony G is a turd. Even Tilly thinks so.

  • loudaddy2001
    loudaddy2001 25 days ago +1

    I just LOVE when we can all come together and make fun of Phil!

  • Robby Zoom
    Robby Zoom 3 days ago

    despite all the comments. he won 16 bracelets

  • Kurt Callaghan
    Kurt Callaghan 5 months ago +5

    It's close to 20 years ago when a new generation of poker players came on the scene with strategies designed to exploit the way the older generation played. Everyone from the older generation adapted, but Phil less than most. The way he measures poker skill puts him right at the top, but the changing game makes his criteria very wrong. At this point he's an ordinary player who thinks he's still the pinnacle.

    • Plexy Glass
      Plexy Glass 3 months ago

      I don't know much about poker it seems. Could you elaborate on that? Like how the new adapts to the old?

  • Philip M.
    Philip M.  2 months ago +1

    Bracelets and accolades aside, I never understand how Hellmuth makes it as far as he does. He makes a lot terribly emotional calls…for a pro of his caliber and success, I mean. Still fun to watch

  • Nezha S. Bryne
    Nezha S. Bryne 7 months ago +352

    I love how Phil reads their hands and still calls them. Does what a true calling station does.

    • Jake The Snake VR
      Jake The Snake VR 2 months ago

      lmao I didnt realize both of those things happened at the same time

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson 3 months ago

      @Nezha S. Bryne I’m such a big fan of DaNegr

    • john doe
      john doe 5 months ago +4

      30:00 guy literally called with ace high into a value raise bet. Like even if you think he's bluffing with crap like a pair you have to reraise because you still lose to anything beyond high card.

    • Kurt Callaghan
      Kurt Callaghan 5 months ago +1

      When he 3-bets pre, people with QQ just set mine.

    • Nezha S. Bryne
      Nezha S. Bryne 5 months ago +1

      @4thandinches We ain't talkin' 'bout the goat, DNegs here, my bud.

  • Yusephf94
    Yusephf94 2 months ago +2

    12:23 watching this gives me years to live, Negreanu is too good hahaha

  • SN4RL
    SN4RL 4 months ago +1

    I have always like listening to these guys (and gals sometimes) talk about different outs and hands. Crazy how good they are at this game. I am sure they watch hours of other players play. Kind of like in other sports of "Watching Tape". They know each others tells and when they raise on a good hand and such. This game is so similar to Chess, but with out all the waiting around for an hour for the outcome. 4 to 5 minutes and someone loss 1 Million on a hand, crazy!!!

  • Denny
    Denny 3 months ago +3

    16:23 “Phil's impression of David after dentist "
    Still one of the funniest lines I've heard a poker commentator say

    • John Wolfe
      John Wolfe 3 months ago

      Yeah, I smiled at that one. These commentators were very good!

  • TNT
    TNT 2 months ago +1

    These highlights are great but you still have to feel for Hellmuth. Maybe I'm the only one...haha. I like it that Hellmuth gets emotional and gets into the hands though he knows he is behind.

  • pyro3rg
    pyro3rg 11 months ago +619

    I always love watching how excited Negreanu gets when he sees Hellmuth getting angry.

    • idk just changing my name
      idk just changing my name 7 months ago +2

      They all know each other can afford. Which is absurd to us but makes it more like the cash game we play for 20 bucks

    • will tibbals
      will tibbals 9 months ago +2

      Why does everyone look so happy instead of phil???!! hahaha

    • j w
      j w 9 months ago +19

      I laughed at his comment after they run the hand 4x and Daniel was like. Why is everyone happy but Phil.

    • MyAllianceSoda
      MyAllianceSoda 10 months ago +20

      him rubbing it in makes it so much better

  • Ji Zim
    Ji Zim 10 days ago

    Daniel is just laughing his ass off at Hellmuth. Love watching him lose 🤣

  • Krishna Didwania
    Krishna Didwania 2 months ago +1

    Admit it guys. You cannot laugh without the presence of Tony G

  • Aaron Burga
    Aaron Burga 2 months ago +1

    Daniel is just funny as hell. l love how he plays too.

  • 760BRY
    760BRY 6 months ago +2

    I love when Tony n hellmuth are together!!! Hilarious!!

  • Zumbah
    Zumbah 10 months ago +155

    Some people may hate him but I love Phil he makes the games so much more watchable

    • flyingchimp12
      flyingchimp12 3 months ago

      Yup exactly, he doesn’t seem like too bad of a person and is certainly enjoyable to watch.

    • Yisakii ॐ
      Yisakii ॐ 8 months ago +8

      Most entertaining for me. Ivy and daniel really fun too. Especially daniel. He always knows what the opponent has in their hands

    • IlIlIIlIllI lIIll
      IlIlIIlIllI lIIll 10 months ago +14

      Ye i think its entertaining

  • dylan stack
    dylan stack 5 months ago

    This guy might be my favorite player all time.

  • Salim
    Salim 6 months ago +6

    I love it when Daniel is provoking the arguments. just trowing oil on the fire.
    I honestly think he does it because he enjoys it, not to make phil play bad.

    • Salim
      Salim 5 months ago

      @Benjai please refer me to videos of him doing this. They should make a compilation called: Daniel trolling players.😂😂😂

    • Benjai
      Benjai 5 months ago +1

      Negreanu is a troll like that to everyone though.

  • Ahmad Ranson
    Ahmad Ranson 5 months ago +1

    Hey Phil don't feel so bad man WPT wouldn't be the same without Phil Helmuth, so just thank you for being who you are.

  • Ralf
    Ralf 9 days ago

    I love Negreanu, he always brightens up a table

  • BrKapp
    BrKapp 10 months ago +289

    daniel's imitation of hellmuth is definitely the best moment. it was so spot on it was scary but so hilarious i die everytime i see it

    • Urban Peltier
      Urban Peltier 5 months ago

      Queen no kicker where do these guys come from

    • expat2010
      expat2010 8 months ago


    • Fun Opinions
      Fun Opinions 9 months ago +20

      @Amanda Mirai in case you didn't find it 12:19

    • Amanda Mirai
      Amanda Mirai 9 months ago +2

      please give me a time stamp i beg of u

  • Alex Woodies
    Alex Woodies 6 months ago +2

    So funny how confused Wiggins is with all the excitement 😂

  • Paul Zonneveld
    Paul Zonneveld 6 months ago +1

    20 minutes , I love watching daniel be the middle man !! Hilarious

  • Artur Górecki
    Artur Górecki 2 months ago +1

    Hellmuth is absolutely gold and everyone wants him to tilt but the main villain is Tony G tilting poor Phil . I feel bad for him sometimes but it is so fun to watch

  • Samuel
    Samuel 3 months ago

    Hellmuth's face when that spade hit XD. This is why I love poker

  • itsZaque
    itsZaque Year ago +415

    Daniel jumping up to match Phil’s rage is my favorite 😂

    • js2010ish
      js2010ish 10 months ago +10

      Made me delirious ☠️ "Where do they get these guys! 2 on the river!" Lmao

    • Randomly Entertaining
      Randomly Entertaining 10 months ago +6

      Yeah, I have no idea how Phil didn't laugh. I get Daniel was basically mocking him but he's just too funny

  • HL C
    HL C 6 months ago +1

    I crack up everytime Phil gets up🤣

  • vlaru17
    vlaru17 6 months ago +6

    "we're all winners here! Everybody at the table here is a winner in life, including you, Phil...cash games just aren't your forte mate" 💀

  • Arnav Aggarwal
    Arnav Aggarwal 6 months ago +3

    It’s amazing how Tony G pushes Helmuth’s buttons.

  • Ji Zim
    Ji Zim 12 days ago

    Love how Doyle keeps laughing his ass off at Hellmuth 11:45