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Busting Scary Minecraft Myths To Prove They’re Fake

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Eystreem
    Eystreem  Month ago +763

    ✅For a chance to win an iPhone or $1000 in Minecoins, create an account and download The Sandbox for free using my link below on your PC or Mac and complete at least one quest! bit.ly/EYSTREEMTSB
    You can still sign-up and create an account on mobile using my link, but to play you'll need to download on desktop (full details in the description box above) #ad

  • Sus Playtime
    Sus Playtime Month ago +46

    I have something to say about the soul sand. If you have netherite(or any kind of) boots enchanted with soul speed and you walk on the soul sand with that enchantment, you will see souls coming out of the block meaning you freed the souls of the soul sand.

  • SlainerGames
    SlainerGames Month ago +37

    Thank you for blessing us with a video for so long eystreem,keep making more good content like this 😄

  • Scynx
    Scynx Month ago +87

    glad to see eystreem is doing good, i remember the old days, especially the start, middle and end of the scary survival series. You have gone so far yet changed so little. Although I stopped watching i have always checked up even if its once a year, hello any new people that are watching him, watching one of these videos always brings back so much nostalgia. I love looking at the comments, especially to all of you that have been here from around 2018-2020, theres 3 channels, favremysabre, eystreem and itsfunneh, i used to watch them every day from a while back. I havent checked up on sabre in a while but i hope his new and newer series are doing alright and i do recommend them

  • Çınar Nalcı
    Çınar Nalcı 19 days ago +1

    Man did you realised that warden's chest has souls which is exactly fits to the soul sand?

  • 𝕂itsune_𝕃egacy7396

    Love your videos, Ey! Keep up the great work!

  • enderboi
    enderboi 15 days ago +6

    Theory about the ghasts:
    Ghasts shot snowballs when they were first added (in beta 1.7) because they were very recently. They now shoot fireballs because they were trapped a while ago and the nether is very hot. Also, in the latest version, you get an advancement when you send the ghast back to the overworld.

    • shadowland
      shadowland 6 days ago

      at least its true and i didn't lose brain cells from you other then some people in the comments

  • ZephyrGirl88
    ZephyrGirl88 Month ago +17

    A Minecraft user shared the idea "A new dimension could be added by using the center piece in ancient cities. But the only way to activate it would be from killing the Warden and getting an item that you use to activate the portal." Wardens drop sculk catalysts, so maybe activating one, or even corrupting it, could open the Warden portal.

    • shadowland
      shadowland 6 days ago

      he doesn't give me one but your idea gives me a headache a massive one send us a screen shot of the portal opening to sculk

    • shadowland
      shadowland 6 days ago

      nope i threw all my junk on that portal including the sculk catalysts, you also probably copied the idea also test it your self i really dont care

    • Bacon Security
      Bacon Security 11 days ago

      Bro subbed to “skiptothetutorial”

    • Reyzyo Rexzyo
      Reyzyo Rexzyo 19 days ago

      Very smart

    • ZephyrGirl88
      ZephyrGirl88 Month ago +5

      @Simona Negoescu Yeah, sorry if I gave u a little bit of a headache.

  • Squid678
    Squid678 Month ago +150

    I remember watching Eystreem back in 2018-2020, and it's nice to see how little he's changed. I've been trying to find more content on his girlfriend, but I can't find anything, so either he's been listening to everyone that are calling him disgusting or he's staying secretive about his status. Then again, I could have missed something. It's been years since I last checked his channel. Nevertheless, this is the kind of content from eystreem that I really like.

  • Crystal
    Crystal  Month ago +246

    What kind of secrets has Mojang been hiding from us

  • Savannah Ashley
    Savannah Ashley 5 days ago +4

    Matpat proved that the nether had an ice age, so probably in the past when the nether was cold the ghasts would shoot snowballs because fire would obviously not work in the cold temperature. But when the ice age ended they overheated and cried in the hot temperatures. Now ghasts have evolved to shoot fireballs but their skin still can't handle the heat, so they still cry.

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master Month ago +2

    It's been a while since he last posted videos, I wonder what was the cause of it 🤔 but anyways I'm glad he's back 😊

    • MIRShadow
      MIRShadow Month ago

      He's car got destroyed by ethan bro

  • elizabeth velez
    elizabeth velez 18 days ago

    How do you change the filter and steel

  • FlameWolfYT
    FlameWolfYT Month ago +32

    Honestly this one might be one of his most believable so far. Clearly mods, but still LOVE the spooky content, so entertaining! KEEP EM COMIN!! 😁

  • Zeld4master
    Zeld4master Month ago +14

    I am so happy you posted. At the 1% chance you see this, I wanted to tell you how much you have helped me during my time at high school.I remember coming home and going straight to finish my homework so I can watch your vids for the rest of the week. You really mean alot to me. I hope you see this and keep up the good work. I also have a theory about who made the Jungle temple. You found bamboo. (Imaginative) what does ninja sensei use. I rest my case.

  • beargreen
    beargreen Month ago +64

    Glad to see how Eystreem is doing these again.

    • Cerryn Grundy
      Cerryn Grundy Month ago


    • Anaak
      Anaak Month ago

      He's not clickbaiting...

    • mohamed FAhadd
      mohamed FAhadd Month ago

      you like watching clickbaits a salty lankybox fan

    • Sizzler
      Sizzler Month ago

      @Nayrlol6855 🌟 its purely entertainment

    • Nayrlol6855 🌟
      Nayrlol6855 🌟  Month ago

      @to4sty_ true but he cant lie and making it seem like it true

  • Ariel and Levi's Adventure

    I love your videos🥰😍❤

  • JunRei and JunEr channel

    Thank you for busting all of the scary myths.

    • Francisco Fernandes
      Francisco Fernandes 11 days ago


    • Black Cat
      Black Cat 25 days ago +2

      I don’t want to be rude or anything but the ghast had a name tag sometimes ,popping up and such. Is this a
      Player using a mod??

    • the mad man
      the mad man Month ago +1

      It's entertaining😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Walliam
    Walliam Month ago +5

    9:48 “ if I did that it wouldn’t be naturally generated”
    Few second later: builds a giant nether portal while using an axe

  • RRS Creative
    RRS Creative Month ago +4

    I kinda agree about the ancient civilizations, i mean like, everything you said is true so that means that the structures was abandoned which explains some structures that shows it is ancient. I think its not only steve who survive, also the world builders, i think they build those ancient structures for any remaining survivors from the outbreak, the skeletons, creepers and other monsters must be zombies too but have been morphed by some sort of rituals, but the other entities from other dimensions are normal, also i think the ruined portals and strongholds was the reason for the outbreak and steve activated it, and the world builders build those structures to protect it, specialy the ruined portals. Ths ruined protal was activated and then destroy it by the world builders

  • Jurby Remotin
    Jurby Remotin Month ago +5

    Eystreem is the only person that I know that can seek the information about what Mojang is trying to do.

    • Adel💖
      Adel💖 Month ago

      Mojang got fired btw

  • Forgotten Lifter
    Forgotten Lifter Month ago

    Eystreem came back when his viewers needed him thank you

  • Agnetha Karlsson
    Agnetha Karlsson Month ago

    you have to put the disc in reverse to open the attsenCity portol.

  • DaLynn Boleen
    DaLynn Boleen Month ago +4

    This adds a whole new way of viewing the game. I have thought about the Trapped souls, world border, and the void before. But never about the Enderman microphone, Ghast, or Ender Dragon theory. I have wondered about the structures too, but kind of a different theory for the Zombies like why is it only the normal zombies and in older versions zombie villagers both had blue shirts and pants, just like Steve, but the other zombies like drowns and husks have different clothing. Another question is about Herobrine. If he Is Notches "Dead Brother" then why does he look like Steve?

    • DaLynn Boleen
      DaLynn Boleen Month ago

      @Casper L I have a lot to say when it comes to myths

    • Casper L
      Casper L Month ago

      Why did you White anime paragraf of tekst?

  • Julie Wineman
    Julie Wineman Month ago +2

    I'm surprised you're not banned from Minecraft by now because you're literally exposing Mojang for secrets they don't want you to know

  • Chris Dwayne Escario
    Chris Dwayne Escario Month ago +190

    I love how Eystreem is back because he posted alot of shorts

  • Jonathon Simmons
    Jonathon Simmons Month ago +2

    When you go into the skins, you can find the different builders for different biomes

  • Eyad
    Eyad Month ago +19

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort he put in these videos thanks Eystreem for always making us happy

    • Awh
      Awh 14 days ago

      @Oakster Pokster Actually. Atleast i don't start with a small letter, sometimes i take my grammarly not serious.

    • Oakster Pokster
      Oakster Pokster 16 days ago

      @Awh you arent an AI
      Grammarly " times "

    • Awh
      Awh Month ago

      @goatszn He is a bot bro, do you even know how much ti8mes i see this comment,

    • Scissors
      Scissors Month ago


    • goatszn
      goatszn Month ago

      Eystreem commented on my recent video I’m literally cryin 🥺

  • Carissa's Games and Challenges

    Is anyone going to explain the name tag in the ghast?

  • Mocha Eats ASMR
    Mocha Eats ASMR Month ago +2

    nice video! keep up the great work!

  • Mo.gemi20
    Mo.gemi20 27 days ago

    Nice content

  • That Sketchbook Sis
    That Sketchbook Sis Month ago +3

    Yup. One of your best videos yet! I’m so happy you finally uploaded another video, it was definitely worth the wait! 🥳😆

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel Month ago +1

    Nice video and spooky video, keep up the good content.

  • Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain Month ago +1

    Alternate title:
    Most awaited series of my channel is back
    Big fan bro ❤️

  • Maceo
    Maceo Month ago

    so to open the portal in new update you have to kill the warden and light it or play the disc and sacrifice a mob player idk that my theory

  • Zakattack285
    Zakattack285 Month ago +20

    I have been waiting AGES for a new video and this one is on fire 🔥. Keep up the incredible work!

  • Natuurhappy53
    Natuurhappy53 18 days ago +6

    As of now, there isn't currently a portal in Minecraft's Ancient City. However, it is understandable why many believe this is the case. Within the Deep Dark's Ancient City is a massive structure made of deepslate. This strange build also has a hollowed-out center that gives special portal vibes. @Eystreem

  • ℙink Screened
    ℙink Screened Month ago +13

    I kind of miss 2018-2019 Eystreem.. Not complaining, just remembering how much I used to look up to him.

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened 6 days ago

      @shadowland Yep.

    • shadowland
      shadowland 6 days ago +1

      we can all agree the old videos were more fun to watch then future ones

    • Grimland
      Grimland Month ago +1

      @ℙink Screened it's so true it used to be just simple jokes and editing now it's so much going on its not genuine anymore

    • THAM KYE REN Moe
      THAM KYE REN Moe Month ago +1

      @ℙink Screened yeah

  • Omer Al Amin
    Omer Al Amin Month ago +1

    Technically souls will come out of soul sand blocks if you have soul speed, you'll make a trail off souls behind you

  • Ethan13X
    Ethan13X Month ago +1

    I missed your videos, but I wish someone finds a way to open the warden portal

  • Trenado's
    Trenado's 4 hours ago +1

    My Theory For The Ghast : The Ghast was a big ghost that had spread around in villages. The Pillagers had a war and the Giants were captured and used against the Villagers. the Villagers only had one choice but to betray the Ghasts and trap them in the Nether. The Ghasts felt betrayed and were always sad. But if they were freed then they would find more villages to protect.

  • Yaser Ali Seed ahmed
    Yaser Ali Seed ahmed Month ago +1

    You must activate the warden dimension by playing the disc backwards in the jukebox.

  • rakesh ranjan
    rakesh ranjan 12 days ago

    Ok Matpat is a mine craft theory god he is never wrong

  • Don Fireep
    Don Fireep Month ago +6

    Isn't it weird with the world border myth, there were trees in the desert with no grass blocks. Did anyone else see that?

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago +1

    The 2nd myth for the soul sand sound like a deeper version of iron golems getting attacked

  • Deep Diver!
    Deep Diver! Month ago +1

    The Nether during the Earlier Xbox edition was technically in the overworld. In the last Tutorial world preset there would be a chance the nether would spawn under the ground, peeking through a pre-built tower. The End is in space (the sky) and the nether was basically hell

  • Terx
    Terx 16 days ago

    for the real world border, just use tp commands

  • ProGamerX
    ProGamerX Month ago +1

    Great to have u back !!😊

  • Midnight_Dream29

    I heard something a little weird in disc 5, if you listen for a second or two, you can hear soul sand breaking, though soul sand doesn't spawn in the overworld, so why would that sound be in disc 5 from the OVERWORLD about an overworld mob?

  • Da Axolotl
    Da Axolotl Month ago +6

    Awesome video! Keep it up mate 😎

  • Æñøñ6møús
    Æñøñ6møús Month ago +2

    keep up the good work Jordan

  • ogsee cinematics
    ogsee cinematics Month ago

    i think to activate the portal you its kind of linked with killing the warden and using the item it drops

  • Jose Morillo
    Jose Morillo 5 days ago

    14:59 bro thought he was on to something as a programer that says if is true then give access to play voice as in sound from files

  • W0fBlizzard
    W0fBlizzard Month ago +2

    I knew somethign was off about this! watching eystreem decode all this.. he is wonderful!
    im such a huge fan btw!

  • IdioticPotion
    IdioticPotion 21 day ago

    Also maybe a solution to the world border problem there is a way that you can change the world border distance so that means you can change it to the nether and end

  • ario arwin
    ario arwin Month ago +4

    theory of the mineshaft: maybe the mineshaft wasnt to mine, but to hide from the infected.

    • Find Me
      Find Me Month ago

      The end is in the sky

    • Rustica Marion
      Rustica Marion Month ago

      But how to they get food and it must have started there cuz of the rotten food or wild food or berries

  • HATE
    HATE Month ago


  • ʕ⁠っ⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠ʔ⁠っ

    I love the facts that he just casually broke the blocks and opened the chest🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Edit: I love the part when the ender dragon just pushes them off and the scream is perfect

  • Jackson Wong
    Jackson Wong Month ago

    Didn't mattpat already proving this

  • Claire Nidecker
    Claire Nidecker Month ago

    Hi Eystreem, I noticed when you were looking in a mineshaft, a zombie suddenly appeared when you turned around. I think it might have been a different player. Is that right?

  • homie.
    homie. 13 days ago

    can you please do a video on " Void Eyes "

  • Isuapig
    Isuapig Month ago

    Ok that deep dark portal theory is actually pretty cool and probably real

  • stout landsverk
    stout landsverk Month ago +2

    Man I miss the old eystreem content like scary survival but I know that's impossible

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened Month ago

      But yeah, I miss him too...

    • goatszn
      goatszn Month ago

      Eystreem commented on my recent video I’m literally cryin 🥺

  • Khor 梓轩 Matthew
    Khor 梓轩 Matthew 29 days ago

    Let us go matpat

  • Daniel Cai
    Daniel Cai Month ago +1

    I thought everyone noticed that soul sand makes that sound when it's broken

  • Hank J. Wimblenton
    Hank J. Wimblenton 20 days ago +1

    How do you open the ancient city portal? The portal is called "the other side," and to light it all have to do is clean all the vines in the portal and play the music disc you just milked on the jukebox and theres different like yellow liquid, the problem is is that its still the ancient city, but not a structure or a biome.

  • Madiun Kids Gamer
    Madiun Kids Gamer Month ago +3

    8:37 The Ones Who Actually Built Them Are Skeletons Cuz Back In The 1600 They Built Those Structures And Then Some Years Later Died And Some Witvhes Brought Them Back To Life

  • Robbie Huntington
    Robbie Huntington Month ago

    This video was awesome thanks for all the videos

  • M2wp789
    M2wp789 Month ago +3

    9:21 my theory is the zombie apocalypse did come from Steve after they tried to go to another dimension which is the nether they discovered the zombified piglings that infected them and they made a run for it to the over world but it was too late the infection has already gone to the over world however keep the good work man I really like your channel

  • michal kuwik
    michal kuwik Month ago

    If it doesn’t work then play the ancient city disc backwards if it doesn’t work then idk

  • Nathan Charles
    Nathan Charles Month ago

    Jordan, it has been a week almost without a video, are you becoming a rare uploader?

  • InfinityKart882
    InfinityKart882 6 days ago

    0:14, eystreem, dont u notice that the mountain in the background is a sphinx?

  • Jia xu
    Jia xu Month ago +21

    The questions he asked at the start.
    Mat Pat: yes.


    Been so long since I’ve heard him talk about a sponsor been what a year?

  • Given Deron
    Given Deron Month ago +1

    Your videos are great! Keep up the good work I appreciate it

  • J W
    J W 19 days ago

    What's a modest animal spot in the overwhelmed and in the Indian can you test it out

  • A name to continue
    A name to continue Month ago

    If u look at achievements it does actually belong in the over world I learned that from u a little while ago :)

  • Varinder Kumar
    Varinder Kumar Month ago

    Probably right but I think it’s the ancient builders

  • HD138
    HD138 Month ago +3

    5:31 Dude, what is your shader?
    I really want it!

    • HD138
      HD138 Month ago +2

      @ℙink Screened ❤

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened Month ago

      @HD138 Alright, thank you. Sorry, Not a Java player.. I don't know much about Optifine... Lol, sorry for wasting your time.

    • HD138
      HD138 Month ago

      @ℙink Screened Optifine is not a shader pack, it's a mod that allows java players to use shaders.
      I play on java and wanna know what shader he's using 'cause I like it so much.

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened Month ago

      Unless you're on Java, then you're good.

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened Month ago

      Probably Optifine. He's in Java to though, so unless you have an RTX PC and watch a tutorial on how to activate it on Bedrock, I don't know.. I'm on mobile, so I can't have shaders.

  • imaguy_editor
    imaguy_editor Month ago

    Keep Up The Great Channel! Amazing 👏 Good Video!

  • TNTKrypter
    TNTKrypter Month ago +20

    EyStream you never seen to disappoint me with your content. The main vids I watch is the Minecraft myths you make.

  • Jonathan Lucero
    Jonathan Lucero 22 hours ago

    I like your videos

  • Riva A.
    Riva A. Month ago

    For the soul sand if you have soul speed boots you see the souls if you look back after running.

  • fedbar
    fedbar 22 days ago

    you can open zip files...

  • S.O.T.I
    S.O.T.I Month ago +3

    this man doesn't know the achievement for bringing ghasts to the overworld in newer versions

  • Gavin Duffy
    Gavin Duffy Month ago +1

    Nice scare there man you almost had me there at the end

  • Buoyant
    Buoyant Month ago +5

    Eystreem, please keep making minecraft scary myths or testing scary things, its fun and scary to watch at the same time because you act funny which makes it funny to watch.

    • goatszn
      goatszn Month ago

      Eystreem commented on my recent video I’m literally cryin 🥺

  • Jocelyn Pontiano
    Jocelyn Pontiano Month ago

    This is how to open the warden portal 1. put soul sand and the warden portal 2.
    Flint and steel lt

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson Month ago +3

    Imagine the whole crew getting back together for a video like Esther Ethan Ella and ofc Jordan I would love to see the whole crew again

  • NG CHEUK KIU 2B19吳卓喬

    Maybe using a potion? I think portal is there another combined the warden?

  • quietel
    quietel Month ago +4

    7:46 maybe its just something for matpat aka game theory. and refering that mabye like a millenium ago the nether and end was part of the overworld

  • The DreadKing
    The DreadKing Month ago

    what if you play disc 5 and disc 11 at the same time. the reason i am talking about disc 11 is because if you listen to it it has sculk sensors in it an d disc 5 has portal noises it might open the portal

  • ;D
    ;D Month ago +30

    Yes, MatPat is literally *INSANE* from doing these theories 😂

    • ;D
      ;D Month ago +1

      @Cynthia Random 8:00

    • ;D
      ;D Month ago

      @Cynthia Random hold on, trying to find the time stamp

    • Cynthia Random
      Cynthia Random Month ago

      Why you talking ‘bout MatPat

  • susplayz
    susplayz Month ago

    your videos are amazing

  • Jstn
    Jstn Month ago

    The mineshafts maybe were used to hide from the first wither, or ender dragon instead of using it to mine

  • ana Mantaring
    ana Mantaring 23 days ago

    And maybe the snowball was just a substitute or demo to make the fireball

  • LazyCat
    LazyCat Month ago +14

    I'm so glad Eystreem is back posting good videos after weeks of creating shorts

  • MoonCrescent
    MoonCrescent Month ago

    I don't think anyone saw this but the ghast had a name tag when he was in the overworld, which might mean it's a player

    • ℙink Screened
      ℙink Screened Month ago

      Yeah, I noticed. All he does is Clickbait nowadays.

  • BakedPotatoGaming.23

    thank you for uploading a full video

  • Spinx 673
    Spinx 673 Month ago

    at 5:11 its minute 1 into the disc, the previous sound was at 2 minutes.