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Can You Actually Game in 8K? (RTX 3090 Gameplay!)

  • Published on Sep 21, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Gaming in 8K with an RTX3090 is surprisingly impressive! Uploaded in 8K. RIP to your GPU.
    *8K may or may not take up to a week to process lol
    RTX3090 8K gaming: nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/tech...
    Maingear F131: www.maingear.com/8kgaming
    LG 8K TV: lgoledtv.co/MKBHD-8K
    LinusTechTips Review: clip-share.net/video/YjcxrfEVhc8/video.html
    HardwareCanucks Review: clip-share.net/video/OXH1YxzIeW4/video.html
    Dave2D Review: clip-share.net/video/jgLOfZaV3Ac/video.html
    MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
    Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
    Intro Track:
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5
    Computer/GPU provided by Maingear for video.
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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  2 years ago +17993


  • W C
    W C 2 years ago +5135

    Me watching from my 720p screen: "Everything checks out here"

  • Caflee
    Caflee 8 months ago +183

    This video is really just a testament to how good 1080 was, and is.

    • Nero
      Nero Month ago

      @Charles Jones even after switching to 144hz i can't ever go back to 60

    • Charles Jones
      Charles Jones 2 months ago +2

      @KrosshairBlue after gaming in 4k a couple years then going back to see a game in 1080p is literally worse than going from HDMI back to A/V cables. 1080p is still fine for laptop gaming but any screen bigger than that it's very noticeable.

    • JoeTheTitan
      JoeTheTitan 2 months ago

      @KrosshairBlue ill only increase the resolution if im getting a bigger monitor, if my new monitor (27") wasnt bigger than my old one (24") i wouldve gotten it in 1080, but 1440p fits 27 inch better

    • ExplosionMage
      ExplosionMage 3 months ago +4

      That main difference about 4k displays is hdr besides this I don’t see really point maybe for vr?

    • SahaVe
      SahaVe 3 months ago +4

      @KrosshairBlue Yeah idk what people gaming is 4K are doing like how much do you like those pixels

  • 刀冰
    刀冰 6 months ago +45

    I can definitely see the transitions between 1440p and 8k on my 1080p monitor

  • nobody_came_18
    nobody_came_18 2 months ago +4

    Even watching this at 2160p I can’t imagine how good 8k really looks

  • NOOB vs CODM
    NOOB vs CODM 11 months ago +31

    The "intense straight line concentration" moment was the best for me. His face was super funny as he concentrated on driving in a straight line hahahahahaha loved it!!

  • Naveen
    Naveen 2 years ago +1807

    We've come to a point where the in-game graphics could be better than the pre-rendered cut scenes. Wow!

    • jesse shaver
      jesse shaver 3 months ago

      That makes zero sense

    • marshall branin
      marshall branin 3 months ago

      Except hair. Hair always looks worse in-game than pre-rendered

    • medicine school
      medicine school 4 months ago

      liar 🐷

    • jesse shaver
      jesse shaver 4 months ago +1

      8k isnt going to be what makes games look better lmao

    • hrishiv
      hrishiv 2 years ago +1

      we've also come to a point, marques is now a playthrough youtuber

  • Valay.
    Valay. 2 months ago +9

    the 4090 is about to come out, it would be good to re do this video with it and see how much we can do with it

  • FlightSimDev
    FlightSimDev 10 months ago +2

    Trust me I render scenes in flight simulators at 4k, you need to look at the little things, like leaves moving, blowing in the wind, the tree's swaying, and the shadows of those trees also swaying, magazine ejecting from the gun, and possibly the recoil of that weapon, and other such stuff, shadows are a good give away. it's the little things that move if they don't it's not 4 or 8k. Our simulator at work is true 4k running 9 monitors for a Boeing 737-800NG, and it has 6 computers sharing 4x RTX 8000 grade graphic cards in it just to make it work.

  • IeatNoodles
    IeatNoodles 3 months ago

    It would be cool to have some zoom ins for us on smaller resolution screens but still a nice review!

  • Xuan Honza Do
    Xuan Honza Do 4 months ago

    Technically it would be difficult to keep the transitions smooth without the prerendered vids, since they are used for transitions between maps

  • Rygauk
    Rygauk 2 years ago +3108

    Most gamers: I wish my game looked as good as the cutscenes.
    8k gamers: I wish my cutscenes looked as good as my game.

    • jesse shaver
      jesse shaver 4 months ago

      In all honesty you or him probably couldn’t tell the difference. 8k is cope for consoomers wanting whatever is marketed at them

    • wun pis
      wun pis Year ago

      @KhakiPeach2 ghost of thusima

    • stare
      stare Year ago +1


    • KhakiPeach2
      KhakiPeach2 Year ago

      @Hero what’s Ghosts? unless you’re talking about the Call of Duty

    • meifung liew
      meifung liew Year ago

      My PC: jet engine screaming

  • Just Phoenix
    Just Phoenix 10 months ago +1

    8k looks amazing! havent found a actual 8k video from a creator to watch before haha.

  • Alirio Daza
    Alirio Daza 8 months ago

    Marques you should do more 8k gaming. I would watch all day long. You could be my new favorite gaming youtuber

  • rarity
    rarity 9 months ago

    FYI, The rtx3080ti also performed great at 8k

  • TeddyLeppard
    TeddyLeppard 11 months ago +1

    I have to imagine this kind of computing power will be available on the average iPad in about 5 years.

  • André Figueira
    André Figueira 2 years ago +1933

    Marques: "You can see the reflection of the world on the water drops"
    Me watching the video at 240p: "Ah yes I see it"

    • urboimmv
      urboimmv Year ago

      I am just listening xD

    • J G
      J G Year ago

      He probably seen half the world on the water droplet whereas I only am able to see half the water droplet was black and the other half clear. Lucky him.

    • LordSlug
      LordSlug Year ago

      @roberto5red5rocky he did,you just don’t have the stuff for it

    • Shaik S
      Shaik S Year ago

      @roberto5red5rocky he did

    • Shaik S
      Shaik S Year ago +1

      me watching on 4k

  • Sideways Singh
    Sideways Singh 6 months ago

    Since u had it locked at 60fps u were not seeing full 8k, probably 6k and as low as 4k for intense scenes because this gpu cant handle 8k 60fps. So whats happening is the game is downscaling to lower resolutions to maintain 60fps, what u have to do is unlock the frame rate for actual 8k.

  • Janidu
    Janidu 5 months ago +1

    You are killing it, Marques!. lovee uuuu 🤩🤗. Even if u aren't the best gamer, you are The Best Clip-Sharer.

  • Phillip Parr
    Phillip Parr 11 months ago

    Thanks to Clip-Share's compression the 8K here looks very slightly softer than when I'm playing in 4K.

  • Neetu Singh
    Neetu Singh 6 months ago

    i wonder if there would be any differences with intel 12th gen cores that are almost double the power of 10th gen....

  • JustPassingBy
    JustPassingBy 2 years ago +1117

    Marques be like, "You can really tell when 8K kicks in."
    Me watching in 1080p be like, "You can really tell when Clip-Share compression kicks in."

    • Noritsu Kenji
      Noritsu Kenji 2 years ago

      “Alright, so” 1000 videos series flashbacks

    • Hamzah Saddique
      Hamzah Saddique 2 years ago

      @cocaine waffle I'm watching 1080 XD

    • Screen Patch
      Screen Patch 2 years ago

      JustPassingBy you have been in youtube for a very long time

    • cocaine waffle
      cocaine waffle 2 years ago

      how on earth are you watching in 1080 when youtube limits it to 480 across all platforms😑

    • Anand Pushkar
      Anand Pushkar 2 years ago +1

      360 p gang

  • Isabelle St.Amand
    Isabelle St.Amand 8 months ago

    i can't wait for 10 year from now when this tech will become affordable for the rest of us 🤣

  • sr1nu
    sr1nu 9 months ago +1

    I love how he is casually holding 30% market of nvidia

  • Kajuan Hurn
    Kajuan Hurn 8 months ago

    I’m going to go to Best Buy and watch this on a 8k TV. I think finally I will see what 8k look like

  • Ragheb Orfali
    Ragheb Orfali 11 months ago

    The second I switched the video to 8k, my fans went full throttle, the cpu spikked to 85° and I got blue screen of death within a minute. Congrats!!!

  • Claud
    Claud 2 years ago +298

    The day has finally come where the gameplay is now better than the cinematics

    • Yi Goh
      Yi Goh 2 years ago +1

      Also with Just cause 4 on ultra, the cutscenes suck and are like 20 fps, and than you switch to gameplay and it's gorgeous

    • Elite Salad
      Elite Salad 2 years ago +2

      That's actually hilarious to think about

    • Magpie Grun
      Magpie Grun 2 years ago +3

      It's been this way for a few years now.

    • Munashe Nyandebvu
      Munashe Nyandebvu 2 years ago +2

      First noticed this on MK11

  • Leonbenth
    Leonbenth 8 months ago

    i watched this video on 8K and have to say its amazing what the 3090 is capable of but nothing for me cuz i would still play on 2k w 240 fps lol

  • Shocknaw
    Shocknaw 10 months ago +1

    Im suprised my laptop can run it at 4k, and yeah the cutscenes run at 1440p. my screen is half of 4k tho its at 2560x1600

  • Gass
    Gass 11 months ago

    I'm looking at this with a crappy screen.. I can just imagine how it looks like... Wonderful..

  • Ahmad Mazen
    Ahmad Mazen 4 months ago

    i tried running this in 8k pretty sure my laptop was moments away from discovering fire

  • Baller 738
    Baller 738 2 years ago +2713

    Marques: This doesn't look like 8K.
    Me watching at 1080p: YeAh tHiS deFinIteLy doEsn'T loOk liKe 8k.

    • Pratenz
      Pratenz 2 years ago

      bruh im watching in 4k somehow

    • Friction
      Friction 2 years ago


    • False
      False 2 years ago +1

      Uttaran is a man of culture

    • Uttaran Das
      Uttaran Das 2 years ago +2

      I'm just hearing this on Clip-Share music

    • Akash
      Akash 2 years ago +1

      @False 😅

  • Sofos
    Sofos 11 months ago

    Irealise its quality when you started in forest, the green on the trees in the forest is so similar to actual forest green when sunlihjt falls on them its definerely immersive.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 7 months ago

    Better question: can you really tell the difference between 4k and 8k?

    SOUL THUNDER 10 months ago +1

    Key MKBHD don't feel bad, I watched your video on 8k resolution and there are few other people who did 👍🏻

  • Aniki
    Aniki 5 months ago

    Watching the video in 8k had really low framerate for me. But watching it 4k was good lol.

  • AjXD
    AjXD 2 years ago +3513

    Me watching in 480p : "Yes, that's insane"

  • FreedomWins
    FreedomWins 8 months ago

    its like impossible to even imagine, that in years to come, 8k at like 200+ fps will just be the standard, and even more crazy than that, is that that will ALSO be like outdated, and garbage. god i love tech.

  • Abnorth
    Abnorth 3 months ago

    Awesome video. Is there any reason why the video is rendered at what looks like 30 fps? Is it just because a lot of the time the frame rate was under 60?

  • crzytofu
    crzytofu 8 months ago +2

    i tried watching this in 8k, now my pc is in 8 pieces

  • neighborhood
    neighborhood 8 months ago

    You tested a whopping two games. Amazing.

  • Rayray
    Rayray 2 years ago +1257

    Marques: Look at these 8k snow flakes and leaves.
    Me watching this in 240p: Ah right, looks good.

    • MisterUrbanWorld
      MisterUrbanWorld 2 years ago

      @ProIT idk it's just something im accustomed to doing. I don't have a 2k or 4k monitor. It's an old one thats over 10 yrs old, but it has 1080p resolution.

    • ProIT
      ProIT 2 years ago

      @MisterUrbanWorld Why so low res? Monitor? Internet? What's the problem?

    • ProIT
      ProIT 2 years ago

      Why so low res? Monitor? Internet? What's the problem?

    • Binit
      Binit 2 years ago +1

      @MisterUrbanWorld wow, i have like 17-18 mbps here in Nepal, where I paid for 72 mbps but it's like mine almost all the time. I'd rather wait for it to buffer at fhd rather than watching at 480p

    • MisterUrbanWorld
      MisterUrbanWorld 2 years ago

      @Binit I'm actually being serious. For some odd reason I've become accustomed to 480p, and I settle for it even though I have faster internet than the average person, at least in America.

  • DashyDoggo
    DashyDoggo 3 months ago

    i never got so many chills just by watching someone play a car game

  • Propaganda Queen Malala
    Propaganda Queen Malala 10 months ago

    Man this 60fps looks so cool on 30fps.

  • Imhymn
    Imhymn 6 months ago +4

    Finally, a video that allows me to justify buying an 85” 8k Samsung TV. Totally immersed as a viewer when he was playing the driving game. Incredible.

  • Damodee Gaming
    Damodee Gaming 11 months ago

    Insane, the future of gaming right here

  • Porsche Enjoyer
    Porsche Enjoyer 2 years ago +2597

    MKBHD playing 8K: “you can see every detail the developers intended”
    Me watching 360p on my phone: “yeah I see it”

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 11 months ago

    I’m watching on a 1792x828 cellphone screen. I can see the quality jumps between the gaming and the cut scenes. Resolution is not the factor making them jump, it’s more likely compression/render quality. If resolution was the sole attribute contributing to quality I would not be able to perceive quality jumps on my less than 1080p screen. Friendly reminder to people, movies in theatre’s are watched mostly in 2k but are massive Dpx files while we watch 4k in the most heavily compressed settings at home, which look like trash in comparison. We have surpassed our ability to perceive resolution changes at most relevant viewing distances. These companies are using resolution as a marketing tool.

  • PH Studios
    PH Studios 10 months ago

    I am jealous of you even getting 60fps, I can't even get 60fps in 1080p so you have a luxury.

  • Tawfeeq Purdasy
    Tawfeeq Purdasy 11 months ago +13

    MKBHD: "We can see the shift from 8K to 1440p from gameplay to cutscene..."
    *watching in 144p
    Me: I kinda see that too...or not

  • ᠎Yokoo
    ᠎Yokoo 3 months ago

    Marques: "we're pretty much locked at 60 FPS"
    Also Marques: doesnt disable V-Sync

  • Ishan
    Ishan Year ago +5202

    congratulations to the one who can actually watch this in 8k.

    • GUY CHA0S
      GUY CHA0S Month ago

      Oh wait, It was 4k(2160p)

    • GUY CHA0S
      GUY CHA0S Month ago

      Thanks mate

    • Pintu kumar
      Pintu kumar Month ago

      @Suhani Baid well.. 1080p is 2k, 1440p is QHD kinda thing..

    • Itzz_Vibe
      Itzz_Vibe 2 months ago

      @Andile Molefakgotla why cant u watch in a better quality???????

    • Itzz_Vibe
      Itzz_Vibe 2 months ago

      @Sn B21 thats 4k

  • Mame A
    Mame A 7 months ago +3

    8k has a LONG way before competitive gaming.
    Excellent story-like-mode for 8k, but that's about it. Maybe another 10-years and 8k will be respectable for gaming... Maybe even 20-years, since hardware is a bit slow on advancing the tech, so unless software can do some magic(UE5?), I think 8k is far away.

    • fernando alarcon
      fernando alarcon 4 months ago

      8k comes out this year. Considering the 4060 is projected to have around 24tflops of graphical power and that will retail for under 400 usd the 4090 is expected to produce over 50 Tflops which is more than enough for 8k gaming.

    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin 6 months ago

      I think the 3090Ti is going to make some advancements towards it, but won't quite get us there. the next generation of cards should be all we need to take us up to 8k seen as the current 3090 could keep somewhere close to 60fps, but I agree about waiting to use it competitively. higher refresh rates are probably a ways off, not just due to graphics demand but also other hardware like the display and cable/connector. uncompressed 8K demands literal gigabytes of data per second even on 60fps, getting to 144fps will use about 14.5 terabytes every hour.

  • Lloyd Aran
    Lloyd Aran 11 months ago +1

    Me on my 2K monitor: ah yes, clearly the wonders of 8K

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    That's nice, that's how I felt with my c1 oled at a quarter of the cost

  • ☣️𝚝ø𝚡𝚒𝚌𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚐𝚗☢️

    damn could'nt watch it in 8k but it still was epic in 4k

  • Skinny Alien
    Skinny Alien 2 years ago +1447

    Imagine a world where the game looks better than the cutscenes.

    • shadow 07
      shadow 07 2 years ago

      @Jade Howells I was literally gonna talk about old games but saw ur reply

    • Vitor Fernandes
      Vitor Fernandes 2 years ago

      There’s many games like that on pc for years now. Example Alan wake if you play in 4K

    • Timothy Quiros
      Timothy Quiros 2 years ago

      Starcraft Brood Wars has that

    • ChrisonJon
      ChrisonJon 2 years ago

      Prototype games wouldn't like that

    • Benchmark Games
      Benchmark Games 2 years ago

      Hello people, I have a game test channel with different video cards, if you can pass it I would appreciate it very much and if you leave me any constructive comments, thank you

  • Finn Mees
    Finn Mees 8 months ago +1

    as soon as it changes from 1080p to 8k the graphics card usages goes from 15 to 90%

  • Kingdom Within
    Kingdom Within 5 months ago +3

    Marques's face @ 13:20 just had me cracking up for some reason, guess I never seen him in that state EVER!🤣🤣🤣

  • Evening Commenter
    Evening Commenter 10 months ago

    I've been at 2K for 5 years. Finally just got 4K. 8K is not happening for me for 5 more years

  • Bossman 01
    Bossman 01 5 months ago +1

    I tried playing the video on 8k even tho I'm on a 720p pentium computer
    My Ethernet spiked
    My Ram usage spiked
    CPU utilization reached 100%
    The video was freezing and playing like 1-2 fps
    The entire computer started lagging
    My God 8k is no joke

    BOLLiXER 2 years ago +842

    I've never seen a 4k video in my whole life and this guy is gonna play in 8k

    • Luuk Herfst
      Luuk Herfst Year ago

      @MrCan98 8k is also magical. It's probably just so sharp, but 360 hz is always better then 8k. Refresh rate and frame rate will always be more important then resolution, unless your resolution is lower then 1080p

    • vidkid666
      vidkid666 2 years ago

      @joshentertainment 2 Depending on the technology, such as upscaling and how a device handles media in those situations, the image can look better than your max resolution when it is downscaled. This is the idea behind DLSS. While it may work, you're not getting 4K quality just a scaled down version of a higher quality image. Watching a 4K video on a 1440p screen and watching it on a 4K screen is noticable. I have both a 1440p and 4k monitor beside each other on my desk, and I can attest to this.
      Outside of that fact, most devices are locked to only output video at the max capabilities of your screen and GPU.
      That's why you don't have the option for 8K resolution on a 2080Ti and can't set 4K resolution on a 1440p monitor. The GPU isn't capable and neither is the monitor.

    • vidkid666
      vidkid666 2 years ago

      @iPain Specifically in regards to Control, that IS real 8K. The scaling technique you're referring to is called DLSS, which you can turn off. Marques didn't do it for this video, but you can turn that option off.
      You'll take a major drop in performance playing in 4K without AI upscaling, let alone 8K.
      With DLSS on at 8k and render resolution set to 5K, he was barely doing 30fps and that's with no action on the screen.
      Still, it's a massive leap and even with DLSS disabled, it's true 8K gaming.

    • joshentertainment 2
      joshentertainment 2 2 years ago

      @vidkid666 didn't people say it still looks better

    • vidkid666
      vidkid666 2 years ago

      @joshentertainment 2 If you're watching 4K content on a 1440p screen, it doesn't matter.. your screen is literally incapable of displaying images at that resolution

  • Abenzer
    Abenzer 5 months ago +1

    i watched 9 seconds of this video in 8k!
    it was awesome

  • Christian Migliara
    Christian Migliara 11 months ago +1

    Forza is one of the best car games ever made and it has some really cool features

  • The Chaotic Frog
    The Chaotic Frog 8 months ago

    Even in 4k it still looks good

  • passerby
    passerby Year ago

    Is it possible that 8k stands out because you're using an 8k screen? Hence the previous resolution is now stretched out?

  • Arik Cool
    Arik Cool Year ago +1833

    Me: Watching in 144p and saying "Nah, that's not 8k"
    But when he says it's 8K, I am like "Yeah, Yeah! that's 8K"

    • Utkarsh
      Utkarsh 2 months ago

      @ShayaanPlayz my mobile is able to see in 4k

    • LEVHAN.
      LEVHAN. 2 months ago

      best comment😂🤣

    • Eli Vang
      Eli Vang 2 months ago

      I can go up to 8k buy it runs at like 6 fps

    • Milind Dixit
      Milind Dixit 2 months ago

      @RandomPersondfgb My laptop provided by work (Surface Book 4) is a beast it seems as I can stream this at 4320p (8k) without sweat. Tried on my crappy personal laptop (some old Asus) and it was like "nah - 1080p and that's all you're getting"

    • Spider_hip
      Spider_hip 3 months ago

      Yeah it's a weird situation really, watching these kind of videos. They show you but it's not the actual thing that they see. So actually you have to listen what they say instead of what you see, cuz technically you're seeing all the same.
      For me it's 1440p. So it doesn't matter when he says it's now 4k or 8k or 16k. All I can see is the same. You try to notice the stuff that he tells, all the dirt, droplets etc. But actually you can't see them as he is. :)

  • Varetile
    Varetile 8 months ago

    My 3700X at 100% CPU usage being a beast and letting me watch this in 8K 30FPS but also me not being able to do anything else on my computer

  • Sankalpie Tech Tips
    Sankalpie Tech Tips 11 months ago

    There is a certain calm "I know what I am dealing with" kinda touch to his voice and I love it

  • RoCk-N-PaRtY
    RoCk-N-PaRtY 11 months ago +3

    If MKBHD ever made a walkthrough on every game. He’ll be showing the frame rate and GPU showing as he plays. Since he’s a tech reviewer 😆

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n 7 months ago

    Him playing in 8K: "You can see every little detail" Me watching in 1080p: "Yes very apparant"

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Year ago +5605

    Him playing in 8K: "You can see every little detail" Me watching in 1080p: "Yes very apparant"

  • Dillon Meyer
    Dillon Meyer 2 months ago

    This is a very professionally made video. This is how games journalism should be, and yet you aren't even a game's journalist. Loved the video.

  • Edward Ota
    Edward Ota 10 months ago

    I just got to 4K gaming in 2020. I'm good for another 5 or more years without 8K.

  • DoodiePunk
    DoodiePunk 3 months ago

    Playing the video in 2x speed looks more exciting. 🤩

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    MKBHD playing 8K: “you can see every detail the developers intended”
    Me watching 360p on my phone: “yeah I see it”

  • Shafiat Dewan
    Shafiat Dewan 2 years ago +2547

    Marques: Plays in 8k
    Clip-Share Compression: I'm going to pretend I didn't see that

    • Wisconsin Wintergreen
      Wisconsin Wintergreen Year ago

      Clip-Share’s compression of darker colors is absolutely awful. I can literally see the squares that jag up the different shades.

    • B. H.
      B. H. 2 years ago

      You can actually watch it on 8k if u use google Chrome.

    • Redbone Unincorporated
      Redbone Unincorporated 2 years ago

      @pastamatt you may be right, but when I try to upload 20 minute videos in 4k it seems, in general, they take 4-5 days to fully process.
      I just gave up and I only load up 1080p now, even though I record in 4k and 2K.

    • pastamatt
      pastamatt 2 years ago +1

      @Redbone Unincorporated, really? I doubt it will be that bad. My longest upload processing was about 18 hours for a 45 minute-long 4K video before it was viewable in 4K. I'm guessing that at 4 times the pixels, but 1/3rd the video length, this will be viewable in 8K within about 2 days. But there are so many variables that I don't know how to account for when I guess.

    • Mohammad Azad
      Mohammad Azad 2 years ago

      all these guys complaining how this video is not 8k yet and I'm stuck at 360p with my 1080p screen

  • Leland Wilt
    Leland Wilt 10 months ago +2

    I can't wait for the 3090 ti to come out or even the 4090 to come out so you can see if running 5k render resolution on control is possible because holy moly the render resolution upgrade was insane and 8k gaming and 5k render resolution was literally real life

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen 8 months ago

    Damn it I want a 8k phone so I can see it in 8k!

  • Ae el
    Ae el 7 months ago

    I can safely say that the RTX 3090 is not capable enough to handle smooth 60+ fps gaming on 8k or even 4k for that matter. Forza has this thing where it dynamically reduces graphics quality settings so it can reach that 60 fps that you have set

  • Empty face
    Empty face 6 months ago

    I can only watch this video on 4K without lagging, i have the 8K option tho but it just makes me lag so much:')

  • khelsan
    khelsan 2 years ago +208

    Marques: "I can see all the leaves on the ground, even on the trees"
    Me, watching this video in 144p: Yes, indeed, what an experience.

    • Ro
      Ro 2 years ago +4

      @AC3 Gaming that trick is as old as ur mom

    • khelsan
      khelsan 2 years ago +1

      @Anders Pearson to be quite honest, the idea is overused, but I typed that as I was watching the video... so... no?

    • Anders Pearson
      Anders Pearson 2 years ago

      nice stolen comment

    • khelsan
      khelsan 2 years ago +1

      lmfao gtho fool

    • AC3 Gaming
      AC3 Gaming 2 years ago +1

      Don't READ My Name

    NOOB PRO 10 months ago

    MKBHD playing 8K: “you can see every detail the developers intended”
    Me watching 1440p on my laptop: “yeah I see it”

  • scupking
    scupking 2 months ago

    My 1080p projector still looks fantastic with a good quality source. I don't see the point in 8k.

  • Meh...
    Meh... 11 months ago

    The value in 8K is not about playing in front of a screen - the extra resolution is actually pointless... BUT it's going to make VR phenomenal as we need 4K per eye to make it

  • MachaaYT
    MachaaYT 5 months ago

    Lovely. Would love to play in 8k soon :)

  • HyBye
    HyBye 2 years ago +45582

    This video is 8k
    Clip-Share: 1080 take it or leave it

    • Tomi Takamaa
      Tomi Takamaa 2 months ago

      @Kuljot 92 What? It's at 8K for me. Finland with a 1000 mbit/s connection.

      VENKATA SRIHARSHA 4 months ago

      @Shankar Kulkarni i am getting 1440P

    • ramla p
      ramla p 6 months ago

      I got 4k thoo in the phone

    • Nooby
      Nooby 6 months ago

      me on my broken sad 5 year old ipad mini be like: YES I CAN FINALLY WATCH ON 2p RESOLUTION LES GO

    • Pencil Art
      Pencil Art 7 months ago


  • narsimha reddy
    narsimha reddy 5 months ago

    im watching at 4k but still looks so good

  • Chris Loving
    Chris Loving 11 months ago

    This is a very optimized and well working game title, it´s beautiful either way. Have you tried doing this with the new Forza Horizon 5?

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz 11 months ago

      LMAO with the bug of anything below Extreme settings actually looking like shit I don't think Marques will be doing FH5 for a while
      When Playground fixes the entire game, maybe lol

  • Maxandfix
    Maxandfix 11 months ago

    His videos are always amazing

  • Jashandeep Singh
    Jashandeep Singh 10 months ago

    what if we use 2 rtx 3090 i think it may increases to higher rendering.

  • Nagy Alex
    Nagy Alex 2 years ago +3357

    Video: 8K
    My monitor: 1080p
    My internet: 480p
    Me without glasses: 144p

    • The best Of the best
      The best Of the best 2 years ago +1

      Withot glasses - 144p😂🤣

    • Julian Lidberg
      Julian Lidberg 2 years ago +2

      Hotel? Trivago.

    • Nagy Alex
      Nagy Alex 2 years ago +1

      @ZeX Correct 👌

    • ZeX
      ZeX 2 years ago +2

      Video: 8K
      My monitor: 1080p
      My internet: 16K
      Me without glasses: 72p
      Me with glasses: 1080p
      Me with contact lenses: 8K HDR

      XPL GAMING TECH 2 years ago +1

      the same to me bro

  • Chasjazzez
    Chasjazzez 10 months ago +1

    Got myself a RTX 3090 as well, and this GPU is really nice. Textures look really good, but in most games IMHO still need some developing. Although resolution gets higher and higher, this still look most of the times “artificial”.

    • Prafull Rahangdale
      Prafull Rahangdale 3 months ago

      Textures are outdated to till this day , textures render at 720p blurry and not enough tesselation is there, lots of improvements needs to be done to achieve photo realism.

  • Naga Anish
    Naga Anish 8 months ago

    Do we really need 8k gaming, 4k gaming at 60 fps is more than enough but MKBHD is so happy about 8k Gaming. May be if we wait for few more years he will review 16k gaming in his dreams.

  • Skeleton Report
    Skeleton Report 4 months ago +1

    You don't even have to wait for the RTX
    Run it back with the 5800x3D.

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell 7 months ago

    watching this in 8k brings me straight back to 2001 -- buffering, buffering, buffering...2042 is gonna be nuts.

  • FuncleChuck
    FuncleChuck 2 years ago +608

    This is the first time I’ve seen WORSE cutscenes and BETTER gameplay. That’s astonishing.

    • Blzrd224
      Blzrd224 2 years ago +2

      @Ayden Mcfly If I told kid me games could look AS GOOD as a cutscene, I wouldn't have laughed too. Better than, was something I'd thought I'd see in a next-next gen console.

    • Ayden Mcfly
      Ayden Mcfly 2 years ago +1

      RIGHT?! never thought that would happen if you had told me this when I was a kid I would've just out laughing, hell even a couple years ago I woulda smacked ya XD

    • Hieronymous Lex
      Hieronymous Lex 2 years ago +1

      Mistah Miggy yeah if you have a pc this is the norm. Even on 1080p on a pc the graphics and framerate are better

    • mista maog
      mista maog 2 years ago +10

      If you play anything above 1080p it's very common

    • Blzrd224
      Blzrd224 2 years ago

      @JASMEET SINGH Truth

  • Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
    Dr. A.I. Kryptanical 10 months ago

    Dude what camera was that , you used even at 2160P 4k I can still see every little detail of the light on your skin and every granular detail of the chair your sat on... something tells me if this had been recorded at 4k I wouldn't of seen those details at the distance you are from the camera but like Linus said when you record a video at a higher resolution than the final render it does wonders for the quality! my current build is gateway 4k but I'm planning on getting an RTX3070 in the new ROG STRIX pc i'm slowly building part by part (saving for each component individually!)
    and apparently the 3070 is at least 8k capable from a media standpoint may be not so much in gaming so maybe I can at least re-run this video in 8k (when the ultrafast FTTP reaches my door that is, i'm planning on the 500mb/s package which should handle viewing 8k), now I know that my 4k monitor isn't 8k one but when I changed from 1080p to 2160p before I got this 4k monitor on my old 1080p monitor I still noticed a clarity difference even though it felt like looking through I mosquito net on real life that was the difference
    lower resolutions feel like a digital screen made up of pixels but the higher the res of the screen and the video the more it starts to feel like your looking through a window!
    which is why i'm hoping for a new technology (potentially from Microsoft after all they do own windows and it would be ironic, not to mention their augmented reality glasses technology)
    so I propose an idea I call the Microsoft Window Monitor or MWM for short a display that not only is 8k but has a special feature that would be unique... using their sensor technologies (which I know Microsoft has)!
    The feature I speak of would be a monitor with sensor around the frame that detects the users position... i've seen Bruce Dell and his company in Australia use a similar technology in a special pair of 3d glasses so it's not beyond our current capabilities and certainly not Microsoft basically the sensor detects where you are an adjusts the positioning of what's on the screen depending where the user is and calculating the angles based in Realtime,
    This combined with a layer similar to those 3d glasses but on the screen itself and the 8k resolution would literally give the person at the screen a sense that they are looking into a Window as they move their head the environment be it 3d game or real life (taken with special cameras) would provide an alternative to those not as interested in vr!
    the technology for higher resolution VR has proven difficult thus far and highly expensive for both consumers and the companies that make them even today the price doesn't appear to be coming down
    but tv's are a static object they do not need to move and the sensors would be detecting the viewer instead of the surrounding area and 8k technology is easier to make for a screen than a VR set... I do propose another option should Microsoft not be interested... the Portal Monitor based off the popular video game franchise perhaps even with the option of lights to be adjusted for an orange or light blue colour to give a similar effect (but rectangular ofc)
    some of you might find it stupid but who knows maybe not every body does, I know full well it's possible and if it turns out to be easier to manufacture than high res vr then who knows it might end up being a cheaper alternative in the future, but i'm getting ahead of myself rome wasn't built in a day I know theres technologies out there that do something similar I did see linus test such a 3d tv but that didn't use the method I mentioned!
    i'm talking about the digital side doing the work running a predictive algorithm to calculate the correct angle of the room and objects displayed on the screen not the same as the one Linus got to see which was more of a physical solution which involved a multilayer glass that went into the more holographic direction!

  • S-K-Y Gaming
    S-K-Y Gaming 8 months ago +3

    me watching at 144p: ah yes 8k looks so amazing

  • MrCan98
    MrCan98 11 months ago

    My Intel i5 8400 managed to play 8K around 20 fps, not bad