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WHY great players often fail as coaches

  • Published on Mar 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • So they were great at kicking a ball around. Yet many of them fail when you take their boots off and put them in a suit on the sidelines. Funny, isn't it? Nah, logical actually. DW Kick off! explain why great players often fail as coaches...
    Report: Paul Jäger
    Edit: David Jacobi
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Comments • 564

  • PlymouthGuru
    PlymouthGuru Year ago +1503

    “Zidane never says a bad word about players, he will always defend his players.” Gareth Bale would like a word

    • Kb49
      Kb49 2 months ago

      Shows how bad Bale's attitude was.

    • Jon Paul
      Jon Paul 2 months ago

      And the moment Zidane stop caring bout Bale, Bale him self flopped. What a precise words of judgement.

    • Jesus Ojeda
      Jesus Ojeda 2 months ago

      James Rodriguez too. Not sure if he said anything bad about him, but for sure he just decided not to play him.

    • Quami
      Quami 2 months ago

      @Mr Someone that's right... All he kept saying in press conferences was "it will be better if they parted ways"

  • Barnet Kaunda
    Barnet Kaunda Year ago +625

    Personally I feel most of these legends start at a big team too soon where expectations are high and no room for error, like Pirlo did fairly good now in retrospect but his but his goodness was overshadowed by the high expectations of coaching a team like Juve.. I like the Louis Enrique path starting from a small team do there 3 years before reaching for a big club where expectations are high and little room for error. Most of these former legends they reach for the spotlight too soon and get swallowed by huge expectations and performance targets that they end up failing to express themselves fully and find their identity post playing coaching identity.

    • Caesar Aurelian
      Caesar Aurelian 2 months ago

      Yeah. Pep himself coached Barca B before Barca first team

    • Gong Tau Master
      Gong Tau Master 2 months ago

      Van Nistelrooy is doing a great job at PSV.

    • Mesimarch
      Mesimarch 4 months ago +1

      @Matt Potter Yeah, that comment did not age well at all, but at the time of that comment being posted Gerrard hadn't done much wrong.

    • Matt Potter
      Matt Potter 4 months ago

      ​@Mesimarch That comment didn't age well, which I think goes to show that getting a big name former player as manager can give players a lift early on, they obviously can attract top players that wouldn't necessarily come to a club otherwise, but when things start to go badly a manager who has never really experienced this as a manager really struggled, as was the case with Gerrard and Lampard, others like Zidane at the very biggest clubs have the best players and so is harder, though obviously not impossible, to fail, especially if they have the experienced coaches around them to do a lot of be work on the training ground and bounce ideas around off the pitch.

    • Matt Potter
      Matt Potter 4 months ago +2

      Many legends of the game are given manager jobs at top clubs which have the best international players where it will be easier to make a success of it if you are an adequate coach who gets the basics right and motivates the players well enough for them to be content. Some will have some tactical nouse, they will have picked up your ideas whilst playing, but I think the comment about former players having to continue to learn I think says a lot, it is a mindset issue.
      The very top players, at club level at least, don't do very well imo (and I don't count Pep as a star when he was playing, he was a good professional), they don't hang around that long because when it's going well they are fine, but the best managers know what to do to improve things when it isn't, they know how to improve and develop players, they can transition teams when they go stale and start to falter, and even though they can fail as well, sometimes things that work with one set of players doesn't work with others, the game moves on and new ideas work against them, which is also why how managers handle the social aspect of their squads, their teams is equally, if not more important. It is amazing how teams that look awful on the pitch can look like would beaters if they get a couple of wins under their belts and look much happier on the pitch.

  • Marco2sir5
    Marco2sir5 Year ago +245

    Marco van Basten has said that he found it difficult to translate his tactics to players that weren't world-class stars and that he would become mentally fatigued after a lost game.
    He's a much better pundit

    • p-y
      p-y 2 months ago

      @Nadeem Amode I mean imagine messi explaining how to dribble past the entire team. Or cristiano ronaldo teaching how to score a hatrick in an important game.

    • Eibarwoman
      Eibarwoman 3 months ago

      @Amierul Aiziq And some individuals are able to teach players beyond the level they played at. See Unai Emery, Arsene Wenger, or Jurgen Klopp where their understanding of the game was elite, but the overall ability as a player was marginal professional at best and with Emery, a semi-pro player

    • naruteoh123
      naruteoh123 7 months ago +10

      Reminds me a joke about Maradona as a coach.
      "You dribble ball like this and that, do a dummy here to by pass the defender and then you kick the ball into the goal. Any questions?"

    • Amierul Aiziq
      Amierul Aiziq 8 months ago

      @Deviljho its a korean tv show called The Witches League. They made a team of celebrities and played Basketball. They have an equivalent of Football for it too which is called the Gentleman's League. The manager of the Gentleman's league is the forward who scored the winning goal for Korea during 2002 wc. I recommend watching this because some of the training sessions showed here are exceptional.

    • Deviljho
      Deviljho 8 months ago

      @Amierul Aiziq what is the show called?

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese Year ago +153

    I feel like Kaiser Franz is still the best example of a successful player and coach. He had such a natural authority even as a young player, he is one of the all-time greats, he has done and seen it all, and he had a deep understanding of the game. Everyone who had him as a coach never had any reason to doubt him or not give 100 %. It was Kaiser Franz after all, the Lichtgestalt of German football :).

    • Mario Lucatoni
      Mario Lucatoni 6 months ago +1

      @Arjen todo lo que quieras pero la escuela alemana le ganó en 1974. No hay más.

    • Saddam Mall
      Saddam Mall 11 months ago +1

      Fools seem to forget that SIR Alex also won titles as a player, .......the greatest hands down,

    • Bima Natawilaga
      Bima Natawilaga Year ago +2

      Beckenbauer even successful in non-football related managerial role, he was Bayern's president and also chaired the organization comittee for Worlc zcup 2006 in Germany

    • Pritish Appadoo
      Pritish Appadoo Year ago

      I think in terms of player turned coach Jupp Heynckes is even better. Beckenbauer has the WC in his favour but Heynckes has multiple Bundesliga and CL titles and has lasted so much longer.

    • Phonix fire
      Phonix fire Year ago +1

      @lol zidane was a pragmatic guy he was carried by noddle hair ronaldo nd he litrally played 1 team in all ucl games didnt given much to younger player and always plays defensive low block football while rely soley on counter there was few occation he got lucky(wolfs,juve md liverpool kairus)
      only bayern game i saw some kind of control although it came under clutch by ronaldo

  • Napi îți dau prin gard

    Ancelotti was part of the best Milan team in history, that one from 1987 to 1992, with Van Basten in his prime. He won the Champions Cup two times with that team. and he did not begin management "in the lower leagues", he only coached newly relegated Reggiana for 6 months in Serie B and won instant promoton back. Then Parma took him. A former Milan player coaching for 6 months in Serie B does not mean that he learned management in lower leagues lol. He had learned from the best at the highest level possible.

  • Corinthian Productions
    Corinthian Productions Year ago +241

    At 7:30, I noticed Wayne Rooney was highlighted as a 'non-good' coach.
    This is a very harsh assessment by DW, considering that Derby are handed transfer sanctions over the last 2 windows and a massive 21-point deduction which are not his fault nor from his own doing.
    He also inherited a below-average squad in terms of quality, a team that has been battling relegation for the last 2 years.
    Furthermore, it's only his first full season in charge, let's see how he would fare later on in his coaching career before labelling him as a 'non-good' coach.
    A very good video and insights nonetheless, credit to DW.

    • Zack
      Zack 2 months ago

      You're right... He's horrible. Gave me plenty of great memories as a player but awful coach.

    • Eibarwoman
      Eibarwoman 3 months ago +1

      Given the circumstances, Rooney probably is an excellent coach with a doomed situation where if it wasn't a massive deduction, he'd have had them fighting for playoffs.

    • batman
      batman Year ago +1

      Rooney loses every game

    • Sam Martin - Peak Performance
      Sam Martin - Peak Performance Year ago +21

      Well said sir. He’s doing an amazing job considering the circumstances

  • Sashok Sashok
    Sashok Sashok Year ago +110

    Zidane, Simeone, Guardiola were all top stars as players

    • satyam saurabh
      satyam saurabh 13 days ago

      ​@Rob Hernandez U don't know how big a star was Pep coz u haven't lived in those times..Pep was a big dog in those days...When Xavi was initially playing in Pep position.. he got crucified by fans and media for taking Pep position..He was handpicked by Cryuff..Before Messi and Iniesta Era...Pep was the biggest legend of Barca along with Cryuff

    • Sashok Sashok
      Sashok Sashok 7 months ago

      @Haru Krentz yes

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz 7 months ago

      Guardiola top player?

    • Emil Frederiksen.
      Emil Frederiksen. 7 months ago

      Boeing 7x7 Not mediocre but not Elite level.

    • Reivaldo Aurelio
      Reivaldo Aurelio Year ago

      Pep is no star. He's good but definitely not a star player like Zidane.

  • Bala Krishnan
    Bala Krishnan Year ago +126

    Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't a bad player. He was once a record signing in Scottish football.

    • Duwang Lover
      Duwang Lover 11 months ago +7

      It is never said or implied ONCE in this entire video that Sir Alex Ferguson was a bad player

    • CaitSith Dubh
      CaitSith Dubh Year ago +44

      No, not a bad player, but his honours as a player was winning the 2nd division twice. The video labels that as an 'ordinary career' and it doesn't sound off the mark to me.

  • Dinesh Rijal
    Dinesh Rijal Year ago +137

    No mention of Cruyff.Why?
    One of the greatest both as player and manager.

    • Nishant
      Nishant 2 months ago

      @Bully Maguire Yeah in that di stefano is miles better.

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire 2 months ago

      @Nishant he doesn't even that many goals 💀🤌 if purely going on goals then he wouldn't even be top 40 let alone top top 10 😂 and if you read properly and connect with the conversation that was going on then you'd be able to comprehend what I said but apparently all you understood was "gOaLs" and his contributions includes in AND out of the field which is more than majority of the players could do

    • Nishant
      Nishant 2 months ago

      @Bully Maguire Goals don't make you top 10.

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire 2 months ago

      @Nishant If you combine every achievement and contribution he's easily TOP 3 "fool"

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar Year ago +106

    I was hoping for a word on Xavi and Gerrard whose managerial career have just started to bloom.

    • Caesar Aurelian
      Caesar Aurelian 2 months ago

      @Batman Anything more would you like to say?

    • El Toro
      El Toro 5 months ago

      Gerrard 🤣🤣🤣

    • Batman
      Batman 7 months ago +1

      @Varun Harikrishnan its not too early too judge lol. How many years should we wait to say that hes not that good? and hes definetely not even close to the level of zidane and others.

    • the European B
      the European B 7 months ago

      Your comment is so dumb and stupid give pep or kloop the barca squad that xavi had in his first year and even they will not have won you anything so are they terrible manages ? regarding UCL xavi barely was even a coach and had to play against bayern in the Europa we had lenglet ... In our defence while injury problem's but no one can deny the fact that xavi he's heading to the right direction because he has saved Barcelona

  • El mesías del gol
    El mesías del gol 2 months ago +6

    Scaloni hasn't ever run a team before Argentina's football team and we now see how he's going.

  • MichaelLoophole
    MichaelLoophole 2 months ago +3

    8:34 Matthaus wasn't the only German player to win the Ballon D'or.
    Beckenbauer and Rummenigge won it twice, while Miller and Sammer won it once each.

  • prasanna balaji
    prasanna balaji Year ago +10

    This is why I have so much respect for Wayne rooney as manager. He earned lots of money as a player but is now a derby county manager and he is actually doing really well

  • Ashraful Alam
    Ashraful Alam 6 months ago +11

    You forgot Johan Cruyff. That man was a legend in every way possible in Football.

    • Fachrial Novri Triyandi
      Fachrial Novri Triyandi 6 months ago

      That's true bro ithink the writer just some sort of lack of knowledge about aman that have stadium, a Copa and building tiki-taka for some catalan club

  • Sr BeetleVase
    Sr BeetleVase Year ago +123

    tbh Pirlo didn't fail, the Juve squad simply wasn't at the level to compete even for top 4, somehow he and CR7 got them a 4th place finish. And he won actual silverware also. This year they're getting the same keague finish, with 0 trophies, and a much more defensive and boring style of football.

    • Zoey Siddiqi
      Zoey Siddiqi 7 months ago +4

      @A 123 problem was they tried to make the team fit cr7 not cr7 fit the team. same problem united had

    • A 123
      A 123 7 months ago +2

      What a bullshit. That was the squad Sarri won the league. The biggest problem was CR ,that team has to change thier style of play. And the reason they finished 4th is Chiesa, his clutch performances. Without him team would be now in Europa.

    • Reivaldo Aurelio
      Reivaldo Aurelio Year ago

      And it was his first season as manager when he initially only there to manage the youth team. They ask Pirlo too much.

    • Nyante
      Nyante Year ago +3

      Naaa pirlo wasn't good enough

    • Mata Hari
      Mata Hari Year ago +14

      Pirlo force "modern" attractive attacking football to juventus which in contrast with the available players that juventus had.
      This is why you should bring a manager with the same mindset after you sacking the previous one.
      Alegri and pirlo tactics are different, but conte and Alegri are similar in terms of what they want to do.

  • Itolondo
    Itolondo 10 months ago +16

    Gattuso is actually a pretty good manager and even won Napoli a trophy. His teams, especially at Napoli were capable of really good football and were defensively compact too. You just can't write him off because he couldn't qualify for the Champions League.

    • Jose
      Jose 2 months ago

      And he is doing quite well in València considering the team he has

    • Itolondo
      Itolondo 2 months ago

      @ATS Coppa Italia

    • ATS
      ATS 2 months ago

      what did they win with him at napoli?

  • Charles Ray
    Charles Ray Year ago +16

    In most sports, those players who weren't considered stars, would be ideal coaches/managers because they would have think about tactics, strategies or focus on the tendencies of the opposition. Usually, a goalkeeper, defensemen or non attacking midfielders would be more likely coaches than forwards or attacking players. Again it's because of they are more concerned about positions between themselves and their teammates.
    Those offensively gifted players have difficulty explaining how to do things and I suspect that they would get very frustrated with those who have less talent than themselves.
    Beckenbauer didn't have any official coaching experience, but I would argue that those years playing for the Cosmos helped him. He would be directing the team on the pitch (I mean what coach could tell these star players what to do?) I haven't a clue to who the coach was!
    Star players who coaches the youth squads, have a better chance of succeeding than those being thrown onto the first team. Eventhough I'm Real Madrid, I'm very curious of how Xavi handles Barcelona. Hopefully, Raúl would have an honest opportunity to guiding Madrid.

    • tagasalog
      tagasalog Year ago

      Bill Russell won 11 NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics but he was a very poor coach at Sacramento because he expected his players to be as good and as naturally gifted as he was. He would just tell his players to just get the rebound not realising perhaps that not everybody was like him who was athletic and had an innate positional sense to get those rebounds

  • Damian Spence
    Damian Spence Year ago +4

    John Heardman is an excellent manager for Canada who had no professional play himself. The man is a tactical and interpersonal genius

  • Anand KL
    Anand KL 7 months ago +5

    What a brilliant video. So well put together, well produced and presented. I felt it was fair and covered all aspects. Well done. And thank you. Enjoyed it. As for the content, it's such a iffy thing. Nothing really can predict how it turns out. Gerrard at Aston Villa, Viera at Crystal Palace, Xavi at Barcelona. I hope they succeed. In the end, it's those who treat their players and staff well that's important.

  • Cubanlinx63
    Cubanlinx63 Year ago +29

    In American sports yes great players often fail as managers/head coaches but, while there were some spectacular failures but, I am not sure it is the case in Football. Zidane, Ancelotti, Gerrard, Vieira, Xavi, Deschamps were all world class players and are now good or great managers. Pep, Poch, Simeone, Conte, Enrique, Arteta all played at a really high level in their careers. One of the greatest players ever Cruyff became one of the most important managers ever.

    • Maria Daniela Lavia
      Maria Daniela Lavia 3 months ago

      @El Toro I feel like the dude is just marinating in his house waiting for Klopp to be sacked instead of proving himself as a coach

    • El Toro
      El Toro 5 months ago

      Gerrard 🤣🤣🤣

  • CaitSith Dubh
    CaitSith Dubh Year ago +6

    There's one more thing, I think was missed. Maybe it's less relevant in the big leagues, or they just don't allow the time to makeit work. When Gerrard was appointed Rangers manager, I wasn't ecstatic as I didn't like the idea of my club being a stepping stone for a manager, and I completely agreed with what was said here, in that great managers don't have a higher rate of success as a manager. But what I didn't consider was just how (imo) shallow a lot of players can be. They want a name, and most of them, at least when it comes to new managers, will trust and follow the 'name' more than a 'non-playing' coach. It became an attractive feature of the club for a lot of young players to come to work under Gerrard. That soft power can bring better players, which can affect their success.

  • Ope Olapade
    Ope Olapade Year ago +10

    Ronald Koeman too, juggernaut culer, phenomenal player, absolute legend of the game.
    Horrible as a coach, has no tactics, too arrogant, never wrong, never accepts mistakes.

    • Ernesto Donato Lamela
      Ernesto Donato Lamela 2 months ago

      Koeman was excellent with Southampton and the Netherlands national team

    • desmond achocky
      desmond achocky 6 months ago +3

      @Kádas Richárd Dude,ur understatement on Cruyff is just off.Cruyff was not only one of the greatest footballers ever,but arguably one of the greatest managers of all times.No one beats his football philosophy of total football known in the modern era as Tikitaka which revolutionised football as we thought of it n Pep just continued that legacy.Its not about winning titles,but how the beautiful game is played.That's what makes Cruyff's philosophy legendary.

    • Kádas Richárd
      Kádas Richárd 7 months ago

      @Penguin His idea that academy players should play the same as the main team was great,altough it backfired in recent years. Apart from that,his so called Dream Team was nothing special,they won La Liga only on goal difference,won Champions Leauge on penalties. His refusal to play defensive football led to AC Milan demolishing them 4-0 in the 1994 CL Final,you can say karma too,his derogatory comments about Cattenacio and Milan before the game really came back to bite him in the ass. Apart from that,he was arrogant,had a huge ego,and got crucial players thrown out of the Netherlands national team.

    • Penguin
      Penguin 7 months ago

      @Kádas Richárd Cruyff?

    • Kádas Richárd
      Kádas Richárd 7 months ago +1

      So,a typical Dutch coach?

  • CalTuck Animations
    CalTuck Animations Year ago +93

    Xavi in the thumbnail is just wrong 💀

  • Homem Urso
    Homem Urso Year ago +3

    Because they often start coaching a big team, usually the one where they played their best years as a player. If they had start from the bottom, managing a youth team even, and then moving up from there, they'd probably had time to develop their skills and find their own way and philosophy, develop their own ideas.
    But most don't want to put in that much time and effort in. Probably their ego take a huge part on it too.

  • JMSA
    JMSA Year ago +11

    So... 7 out of 44 were successful. That is a success ratio of 16%. Small sample, but I'd say that sounds like a very good hit ratio. How many non football players who become coaches are then successful? Even if we include former players who were not that good (like Klopp)? Do we get to 16%? I'd guess not.

  • Yodie Indrawan
    Yodie Indrawan Year ago +3

    The truth is Zagallo is a very good coach, because we tend to forget that he is also a good player

  • Lemon Cat
    Lemon Cat Year ago

    I started looking at this in American football and all is still correct. Doesn’t matter the sport. Would also like to add someone said a major factor is these all times greats didn’t have to keep improving and learning while the other half did just to stay employed.

  • ivan mility
    ivan mility 11 months ago +3

    They didn't mention antonio conte who was a beast during his playing days for juve and now a great coach.

  • SSK Manentsa
    SSK Manentsa Year ago +13

    It seems that managers who did not play have it way harder. Sacchi was the only one mentioned.

  • Gediminas Kucinskas
    Gediminas Kucinskas 3 months ago

    I was surprised you do not focus on Cruyff bit more. As he is one of the rare examples of great success on both fields.

  • Shubhojit Ghosh
    Shubhojit Ghosh Year ago +6

    I think Germany and Italy have the balanced approach of either hiring ex players or club legends.
    Germany's case would be Franz, Jupp Heynekes, Otto Renehagel or Gunter Nëtzer from previous era and new era guys like Flick, Kloop, Tuchel.
    In Italy's it would be Lippi, Sacchi, Cesare Maldini, Capello, Trapatoni from the previous era or guys like Manchini, Conte, Materazzi's father or that bald coach of Napoli, Marco Rossi.

    • Tomas Devoy
      Tomas Devoy Year ago

      The coach of Napoli Is spalletti and he never played in serie a, Only lower italian leagues like italy's 3rd division. If you mean Cannavaro he Is a coach and quite successful but Only in the cinese league.he would have to show his quality in a european league like xavi Is doing now.

  • Larry Gerry
    Larry Gerry 2 months ago

    Great managers are administrators in modern football. It is not about a brilliant strategy but about building a team from scouts, financial people, analysts etc. Great players struggle with this because they had spent their whole careers focuses on their skill and had teams designed around them.

  • mad rap
    mad rap Year ago +9

    whenever south american / centeral american country teams face Japan or Korea in soccer , Korean and Japanese players always get fouled horrendously ... Because in Asia , people have learned not to bother other people since since kindergarden .
    in the game even saw a south american / centeral american player throw a ice box of Korean & Japanese team .

  • Jesdaporn
    Jesdaporn 5 months ago +1

    " i dont believe in tactics " - Stoichkov . Legend

  • Syahmi Afiq
    Syahmi Afiq 11 months ago +4

    " Sometime maybe good, sometime maybe shit " - Gattuso.😂

  • Snair1591
    Snair1591 2 months ago +1

    Watching this 1 day after Lampard gets sacked puts a lot of things in perspective.

  • Khalidul Haq
    Khalidul Haq Year ago +21

    Xavi has been great!!

    • Account for Comment
      Account for Comment 11 months ago

      With Barca but not with the weaker teams he managed.

    • Usmank6144
      Usmank6144 Year ago +1

      @sumo master “Atletico might bounce back” “Sevilla is going well” “Madrid will sign good players” Barca bounced back in the span of 3 months under Xavi and have gone 14 league games unbeaten. Sevilla just lost to Barca after they parked the bus knowing how much of a threat they are. Sevilla aren’t on Barcas level and never will be. Madrid will sign good players but so will Barca? Stop pretending like they’ve got no pull. They’ve just signed Christensen and Kessie and will sign a few more players. Your Barca agenda is delusional.

    • Reivaldo Aurelio
      Reivaldo Aurelio Year ago +1

      @sumo master Barca suffered the most from losing Messi and stupid President with stupid transfer decisions which almost bankrupt them yet despite all that, Xavi manage to cope and make Barca fearsome again.

    • sumo master
      sumo master Year ago

      @Usmank6144 I know that, but competition waits for no 1. Atletico might bounce back, Sevilla is doing good as well. RM will have Mbape and maybe Haland and few more signings whilst Barca can't. Talented young players like Fati and Pedri can only take you so far....ideally you want your best players in their prime (24-28) but Barca players are just too young

    • Midfielder Lounge
      Midfielder Lounge Year ago

      @sumo master barca suffered the most from covid

  • 燕北山前萬梅山莊主人

    Great coaches in previous generations like Matt Busby, Helenio Herrera, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Udo Lattek, Otto Rehhagel, Giovanni Trapattoni, Jupp Heynckes, Fabio Capello, Marcello Lippi, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Alex Ferguson are not super stars but nevertheless good players.

    • 燕北山前萬梅山莊主人
      燕北山前萬梅山莊主人 7 months ago +1

      @Haru Krentz Yes he was a old fashioned star player and skipper for Man City and Liverpool but not a modern super star who makes tens of millions a year.

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz 7 months ago

      Matt Busby was definitely a star player, he captained Man City and Liverpool unfortunately his career was cut short by WW2. theres a reason why he gained instant respect when he started his managerial career at united at age 36.

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy 4 months ago

    Awesome video, y’all. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Michael Ibiorika
    Michael Ibiorika 7 months ago

    A very educative documentary. Well done.👍👍👍

  • Building on a Budget Models

    One of the worst decisions former players can do is step into their first job mid-season. Henry at Monaco or Neville at Valencia are two recent examples of this. You'd at least want the preseason to prepare for such high pressure jobs.

  • Yeon Lee
    Yeon Lee Year ago +1

    The problem with great players is that most expect their team to perform at some expectation that exceeds them. The time they played is what they envision as what the team should strive to be. However, most players on their roster or in the current world are not of that caliber. I'm not to say that those are players are worse or better, but a good manager should be able to look at the roster and have a concrete tactic. Also, Roy Keane said it excellently when he said the players themselves have become soft. You need a manager who is willing to take the blame himself rather than point at players for the loss. We see that in Klopp, Pep, Conte, Tuchel, Pochettino, Nagelsmann, Flick.

  • Silmarien Prince
    Silmarien Prince 7 months ago

    It's simple really , (and not only in Football. )Something your naturally talented in or skilled in, it's hard to teach others. You automatically understand the process. The best Coaches , mangers, etc are those who have had to struggle and figure a system that works . They also have the biggest empathy , for players, as they understand the struggle to succeed and reach the top .nuff said

  • Rafael Rios
    Rafael Rios Year ago +3

    Pirlo be like: Now make a pefect 75 meter pass to the striker.

  • tom cowan
    tom cowan 2 months ago

    I believe that truly great players have never needed to understand the game and how to find a role for themselves because they were naturally talented, didn't need to question themselves and always had a natural place in the set up. Average players usually have to know themselves and work to optimise their strengths and limit their weaknesses and pay close attention to others as they may have to compete with them and find a place - sometimes across a myriad of circumstances and teams. Great players have teams built round them, average players have to understand how to fit in. Consequently, with few exceptions (definitely Cruiyff, perhaps Zidane) great players haven't given the overall game, and its mixed currency of talents, as much thought during their career as average players do. They might then struggle to relate to average players or have unrealistic expectation of them. I think Cruiyff was an interesting exception as e came from a Dutch era of constant challenging and influencing by players and so despite his unique talent he was constantly thinking of the whole team and how what he did related to others in the team. I think that grounding as a player from that era of 'total football' made him a successful manager

  • wyrw
    wyrw Year ago +1

    I have the same theory that instinctive players won't be good coaches. They can't really explain how/why to do something since they just know. Players who have had to learn can better explain when to do x or y and why.

    • Zwelethu Mahlalela
      Zwelethu Mahlalela 11 months ago

      Yeah imagine Messi coaching players.it would be frustrating cause the Is no player who can do what he did and u cant learn it. The players would also be frustrated cause they know the aren't at that level,it just wouldn't work he has to much talent.what he does is about natural born talent mixed with very high in game IQ he would struggle to understand why the players can't do what he would do.we've already seen it sometimes with Argentina and Barca when the players aren't up to par with his standards,he checks out of the game becomes frustrated cause he doesn't understand why things that come easy naturally to him are so difficult for others.

  • Sepehr Rastani
    Sepehr Rastani Year ago +11

    Pirlo only failed as a coach because he coached Juventus as his first team, most coaches start off small to get more experience then go on to coach top teams.

    • Reivaldo Aurelio
      Reivaldo Aurelio Year ago +2

      @Franz Reyes yeah, it's unfair to Pirlo managerial career. He was only there to manage the youth team but promoted to first team because Juve didn't sign anyone as their manager.

    • Franz Reyes
      Franz Reyes Year ago +4

      He did well to be fair as a rookie head coach only that Juve has very high expectations

  • Tango Li
    Tango Li Year ago +3

    Watching the recent Barca games really makes we wonder Xavi’s future career as Barca’s coach

    • エルマー
      エルマー Year ago

      @Tango Li yea but outclassing Madrid like that in their own backyard should say enough about what’s about to come g

    • Tango Li
      Tango Li Year ago

      Bách Phạm I would say both because the new Barca is not tested under the Champions League level this season, maybe we’ll see on UEFA Super Cup

  • Lane Williams
    Lane Williams Year ago +8

    Gerrard has done a tremendous job. Aston Villa were in a relegation fight when he came and now in a comfortable mid table position. Give him time, I don't like it he is in the thumbnail.

    • Epic Marschmallow
      Epic Marschmallow 2 months ago +1

      ...and dumped straight back into a relegation battle, with signs of marked improvement after Gerrard's sacking

    • El Toro
      El Toro 5 months ago

      And now they gonna be back in a relegation battle.

    • Reivaldo Aurelio
      Reivaldo Aurelio Year ago +1

      They also put Xavi in the thumbnail when he's doing well with Barca.

  • Di Stefano Linonoka
    Di Stefano Linonoka Year ago +8

    You forgot to mention about Johan Cruyff managerial career

  • Eric Fürst
    Eric Fürst Year ago +6

    Rooney does it quite well with the circumstances around the club. 🤔

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 11 months ago +2

    If the past trajectory is a trusted predictor for the future, then Xavi would be a great coach. Gerard doesn't show the same promise that Xavi has shown us so far.

    • S R
      S R 7 months ago +1

      Xavi used to play, eat and breathe FC Barcelona way, and now he is coaching FC Barcelona (which is still one of big teams in Europe). Gerrard used to play for Liverpool FC but now he is coaching a team below Liverpool's level.

  • Mikael Virji
    Mikael Virji 11 months ago +1

    This is very unfair to Rooney at Derby, given how many points deductions and financial issues they have he’s doing a decent job with them.

  • Vincenzo Valvano
    Vincenzo Valvano 6 months ago

    I think it's totally normal that few elite players succeed to become elite coaches. Being "elíte" is VERY difficult in every context and it takes time and luck for the "astral conjunctions" to evolve in a perfect way.
    There are also former players and elite players that coach at "low" or "mid" level, as far as there are "low" and "mid" level players as Ferguson and MANY MANY others we DON'T know

  • BizzyIzzy87
    BizzyIzzy87 2 months ago

    I think also the players position and role has some aspect to it. Like a flashy attacking player vs a defender or holding midfielder who bled for the team.

  • Karolina
    Karolina 7 months ago

    And then: there is Tuchel 😂😂😂😂😂 He’s a sick coach though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • yayoLUIS
    yayoLUIS 3 months ago

    I think "non legendary" players are often more successful coaching is because they connect with all the players more closely. They know how to communicate and connect with their top goal scorers all the down to the last guy on the bench because they may sat on the bench in their careers as well.

  • Isaac Kiniti
    Isaac Kiniti 11 months ago

    Arteta has had serious work done transforming the gunners.

  • April Fool
    April Fool Year ago +2

    Playing and coaching are two different jobs: no one will let you play for Bayern, Real or Arsenal without a long process of learning, so why would they let anyone manage a big team without experience?

  • Pritish Appadoo
    Pritish Appadoo Year ago +2

    Pirlo was given the Juventus job at the worst possible moment, which only made life worse for him. He was set up to fail. Should have continued his work with Juve's Primavera team and gathered experience.

  • Josh 1902
    Josh 1902 Year ago +19

    Lampard is a great example of a great player who failed as a manager. People will realise when he takes the most expensive Everton squad ever assembled into the second tier for the first time in over 60 years.

    • Josh 1902
      Josh 1902 Year ago +1

      @barry walsh I said over 60 years if you read it back. 71 > 60

    • barry walsh
      barry walsh Year ago

      @Josh 1902 u said Almost 60 years josh 1951 is 71 years ago ! Go to sclera maths
      Everton are one of only few never relegated from the Premier league

    • barry walsh
      barry walsh Year ago

      @Josh 1902 that's your problem kid read to much information of the Internet and knows nothing about football

    • Judas The Pious
      Judas The Pious Year ago

      "how many league titles you've won!?"
      Lamps famous last words..

    • Tomas Devoy
      Tomas Devoy Year ago +1

      Honestly i don't think lampard failed as a manager he did Great at the team he managed before Chelsea. At Chelsea he kept them in the Champions League when they had the transfer ban. And he was still in to compete for a Champions League spot when tuchel took over. At Everton its the players, not the manager even with Ancelotti they were shit.

  • Richard Boettger
    Richard Boettger 7 months ago

    Happy to see you using examples from the women's game.

  • Meen
    Meen Year ago

    For me the real question is why so many great players are great coaches.

  • The Busby Babes
    The Busby Babes Year ago +1

    i think its a bit unfair to include rooney in here. the fact they got a 21 point deduction really screwed him, without it, derby would be probably save and stay in the league

  • Dhwanil Shastri
    Dhwanil Shastri Year ago +1

    Xavi is amazing at Barca. Zidane is also op coach. And World class player too. And beckenbuear, deschamps ,zagallo is the only 3 who win World Cup as a player and coach.❤️🔥
    Ex: Guardiola
    But also some World class players are awful managers. Sad but truth.💔🥺

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles 2 months ago

    Some players actually do take their coaching licences while still playing. But they don't solely focus on the coaching part while they are playing.

  • Rigg 13
    Rigg 13 7 months ago

    I wouldn't put Xavi in that thumbnail. He's been amazing at Barca so far.

  • M. Sajid
    M. Sajid Year ago

    12:49 Arene Wenger and 4
    I don't think that was by accident😂

  • Henok Mekonnen
    Henok Mekonnen Year ago +2

    why you left Arteta out...He is a new brand of Managers who had a great top midfiled player out of top 4 clubs at Everton then played at Arsenal...now he is showing a glimpse of Top notched coaching talent for Arsenal.

    • Lator
      Lator 7 months ago

      an excellent man manager as well

  • BrUh sTaRs
    BrUh sTaRs 11 months ago

    Anchlote , deschamp, guardiola,cruyff,manchini,and more were Al players and now great coaches


    I'm 17 , I aspire to become a young coach one day too like Nagalsmann or Matthias Jaissle

  • piai
    piai 6 months ago

    Arrigo Sacchi influence many players in 90's and early 2000.. He is the best manager all of time.. He also made Johan Cruyff been sacked after being beaten by AC Milan in 1990

  • Legionnaire Gonk
    Legionnaire Gonk Year ago +1

    As a Juventus supporter, I can say Pirlo didn't fail. Two cups, UCL qualification with a worse team than Allegri has now! In his first ever season as a coach!!! I'd swap Allegri back out for him in a heartbeat.

    • A 123
      A 123 7 months ago

      Worse?? They were Champions.

  • Xiviuz
    Xiviuz 2 months ago

    Not to mention the players respect for their coach and how much time they have to build a connection with the players.
    Look at Manchester United for example. Coach after coach after coach, barely any time to set up a team around their playstyle, bad chemistry between the coaches and certain players, and a lot of pressure to show results instantly.

  • abdi firin
    abdi firin 11 months ago

    It depends on the team ur coaching.

  • Skully Fade
    Skully Fade 11 months ago

    The problem with great players they get little experience Pirlo is a big example he coach Juve’s youth team but instantly went to Juve and fail

  • Starwave82
    Starwave82 2 months ago +1

    You forgot Brian Clough, A top Goalscorer untill he got injured & later in life Managed Nottingham Forrest to win the European Cup

  • Jose
    Jose 2 months ago

    Let’s not forget Gary Neville. This was disastrous

  • LUKEozade 99
    LUKEozade 99 Year ago +1

    Personally i don't have a gripe with old players being coaches if they deserve it. Use my club for example lfc. Our current owners won't sign a ex player just because he is a ex player. The most tipped however to replace klopp is gerrard although he himself wants to earn that honour hence going to rangers and now villa and hopefully with time he does earn it. Like sir kenny for example. As manager he led liverpool to 3 league titles, 2 fa cups, 1 league cup and 4 charity shields. After being educated by the legendary bootroom learing from some of the greatest managers in british history in bob paisley and joe fagan. Also then winning the league with blackburn rovers in 95 and a scottish league cup with celtic.

  • Diego Correa
    Diego Correa Year ago +1

    you forgot about Maradona's stint at Dorados de Sinaloa, he would have promoted them if it wasn't for the mexican league broken promotion system

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Year ago +2

    The achievements of some current managers who were world class players are so much that the title of the video is a fasad.

  • spd7693
    spd7693 7 months ago

    I wonser if so, but wouldn't it help if the coaches actually play during the training sessioms to understand what sorts of players they have at their disposal? I see more and more figures doing that recently.

  • I Read it somewhere
    I Read it somewhere Year ago +1

    Patrick Viera and Thierry Henry were names I was waiting to hear

  • Edwin Masawi
    Edwin Masawi Year ago +14

    Though I'm not done with the video, I'd assume it's to do with them trying replicate methods that previously worked for them... In the midst of a game that's constantly changing and evolving.
    Coaches who were relatively less successful players are more open to new methods and approaches.

  • Phoenix-King 77
    Phoenix-King 77 Year ago +8

    As we say in America 🇺🇸
    Coaches don’t play

  • Benjamin Tanuwira
    Benjamin Tanuwira 3 months ago

    How I wish I could go back to 1998

  • Mustafa Abdul Sahib
    Mustafa Abdul Sahib Year ago +1

    does position also play a role, cm/dm players seems to be a better managers than strikers, look at zidane, guardiola and now xavi, also there is gerard even lampard did well first season in chelsea despite squad limits, xabi alonso is building his career,
    compare that to attackers like maradona or roony
    so maybe one day we could see modric or kdb as top managers

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Year ago +12

    Xavi finding his feet

  • Mercenery123
    Mercenery123 7 months ago

    No manager who couldn't empathize with the person on the bottom rung of society or social group could never succeed in motivating the entire team.

  • andrej tube
    andrej tube 11 months ago

    Xavi, gerrard and Johan cruff didn't became bad coaches

  • Murrey Math Lines FX
    Murrey Math Lines FX 6 months ago

    I used to watch Kickoff as a magazine feature in DW then i lost the channel. Glad I can follow it here. Love the beginning too.

  • Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds 2 months ago

    Many great players do not know why the succeeded as a player and assume that their pattern for success is THE pattern for success. Great players often did not see the whole game and so don't understand really what other players on the pitch did. It requires more humility to be a coach than a player, and I find that strikers in particular have difficulty making that adjustment.

  • muhammadhadi88
    muhammadhadi88 Month ago

    Could have at least included Kenny Dalglish, the successful player-manager for LFC

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche 11 months ago +1

    This why José Mourinho is the goat he don't have the player reputation but have the tactics the mind others aspects who make him one the greatest manager ever

  • Slim 4hunnid
    Slim 4hunnid 6 months ago

    Sometimes maybe good Sometimes maybe shit is the best line lmfao 🤣

  • Anthony
    Anthony 7 months ago

    I see what you did there saying the team plays like the man himself with simeone

  • Emil Frederiksen.
    Emil Frederiksen. Year ago +3

    We can Xavi to the list of great coach and great player list.

    • Al
      Al Year ago +1

      Too early, Barça under him hasn't win trophies yet.

  • Shabs123
    Shabs123 Year ago +3

    Zidane never failed i blv

  • AB
    AB 2 months ago

    Deschamps and Cryufff and Beckenbaur. Who knows how to play twin roles in football with success.

  • Sahil Sharif
    Sahil Sharif Year ago +1

    Why is xavi in the thumbnail???, he’s doing really well