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Shams al-Ma'arif - The Most Dangerous Book in the World?

  • Published on Oct 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In this episode, we explore the most (in)famous book of occult sciences in the history of the Islamicate World: the Shams al-Ma’arif (Sun of Knowledge).
    WARNING: I am quoting and showing images from the book in this episode. Those concerned about its dangers might want to avoid watching it.
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    Music by:
    Filip Holm
    Ethan Sloan
    Sources/Recomended Reading:
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    “Shams al-Ma’arif al-Kubra”. Arabic Printed Edition by Dar al-Mizan.
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  • Let's Talk Religion
    Let's Talk Religion  Month ago +14

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    • Sayed Mohammed Taqi Quadri
      Sayed Mohammed Taqi Quadri Month ago

      In which school aur madarsa we can learn about teaching of Al buni and ibnul Arabi..
      Please share the details

    • Ali Javeed
      Ali Javeed 3 days ago

      Where can I download this book link ? Please

    • Giles Hartop
      Giles Hartop 3 days ago

      @Ali Javeed your a shaytaan

  • nflix n chillz
    nflix n chillz 7 months ago +3670

    i’ve never heard an english speaking native pronounce Arabic this great!!! Truly impressive!!! Subbed.

    • Esca
      Esca 6 months ago +13

      Agree .

    • Justin N
      Justin N 6 months ago +160

      He's Swedish

    • Dev
      Dev 6 months ago +60

      If someone learns any language and literature for years, it becomes natural for them to pronounce that language in most authentic way.

    • Hollow Jack
      Hollow Jack 6 months ago +48

      He is Arab that lives in Sweden or somewhere 😄

  • Hafif Syukra
    Hafif Syukra 5 months ago +259

    I envy your will of learning and researching for this video alone. I'm a muslim myself yet these matter is foreign to me.

    • Saajid Daya
      Saajid Daya 5 months ago +21

      For a good reason, as he explained

    • Eve Ali
      Eve Ali 2 months ago +5

      This things are scary I remember my teenage cousins in Somalia used to read it to be “rebel and cool” and everyone will be feeling weird and having bad dreams

    • 光の亡霊
      光の亡霊 2 months ago +3

      As it should be.

    • The Pirate Collector
      The Pirate Collector 2 months ago


  • F A
    F A 2 months ago +152

    They learned what harmed them and did not benefit them-although they already knew that whoever buys into magic would have no share in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed was the price for which they sold their souls, if only they knew! (Quran 2:102)

    • Lucifer Zero
      Lucifer Zero 2 months ago +7


    • Azarael Hyzer
      Azarael Hyzer 21 day ago +2

      Mind your own business.

    • A Person in the Comments
      A Person in the Comments 20 days ago +5

      @Azarael Hyzer how do you not laugh at yourself after saying that 💀 I'm only calling it out to make you aware that you are worse bro. Always

    • Rooftop
      Rooftop 17 days ago +7

      @Azarael Hyzer Good luck saying the same thing when standing before God

  • Nausaad Zaman
    Nausaad Zaman 5 months ago +1448

    Finally it makes sense now. In my childhood, there was a man of my mother's village could summon Jinn mostly for healing people from illness. The jinn was known to be good unlike Satan/evil-nature but little bit ill-tempered. As urban residents, me, my father & everyone else laughed hearing such things. We decided to witness the attempt. One of my aunt was infertile. Doctor said she may haven't give birth ever. Her father couldn’t bear it. He called that man to arrange a summoning in hope that if Jinn could help. Luckily we were there too. In the full moon. There was almost 15-20 people in my aunt's house locked inside including me & my parents. Completely dark. Not a single drop of light except few aromatic joss stick. One of my grand father was holding the man tightly so that he can not do tricks by himself. The man were supposed to recite some sort of verses for quite a long time. Although he told us before starting rituals that how the jinn will enter. Exactly that happened after few minutes. Something suddenly started walking on the roof. It was so heavy that the whole house was shaking. Than it feels like somebody threw a heavy stone. It fell just in the middle of us directly from the roof . Later we saw it was a huge rock but got puzzled that how did it invaded the roof & fell upon a place full of people but nobody got hurt! Thn we felt that the thing jumped onto the ground, opned the main door which was locked inside, took a chair & sat in the center of room. Remember it was completely dark. Well thn he gave Salam to everybody. I was like shivering after listening his voice. No human can have this kind of voice. It was nasally & too sharp. He was talking bengali but in different dialect which was not familiar to me. Than he calmly heard all the problems & questions whoever asking & replied accordingly. My mother, one who is fearless lady i have ever seen, was asking some questions that results are yet to come in near future. The jinn scolded her saying "we can not tell about prophecies. That power is not given to us. We are another species just like you made by Allah with a certain special powers." my another aunt had been trying hardly to see him in the dark. He noticed instantly. Said, "you tried to see me since the very first time. Can you bear the effect after seeing my avatar? If we are in hiding, that is for a good reason. So let us be." when he was gone, he took almost half of mann fish as his charge. After the ceremony, when the light came back, we were like numb. Couldn't find any loophole that could convice us that it was fake & staged. No third person could enter in the house territory. Even if anybody stays hidden in outside, how could he open the heavy main door which was locked inside. What is the explaination of the throw. How it fell through the roof! But the most interesting part is, my infertile aunt for whom the jinn was summoned is a mother of four children now. Later the jinn appeared again by the same ceremony. Gave her some rituals to follow & told to perform her prayer regularly.
    So this is how the jinn was summoned by that man. He might have chanting those verses. My nana told me that the summoner had some book which is forbidden. Sometimes he may recited the verses from The Qura'n in reverse (Nawjubillah). Nana said, although the man meant to help people but it is wrong & forbidden in Islam. No one is supposed practice such things like magic or summoning Jinn.
    Thanks & Appreciating your efforts from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • jane29jeng
      jane29jeng 5 months ago +180

      Woah this is creepy. Audhubillah

    • Sajjad Ali
      Sajjad Ali 5 months ago +32

      Wow, thanks for sharing

    • Persian Dude
      Persian Dude 5 months ago +56

      Yeah man idont have full faith in jenn or smt like that but its forbidden as hell in islam to contact with jenn .btw ihad out of body experience and the first think i saw was a little gobline on my stomach idk why and how after that i get so scared that ididnt try it agein

    • Nausaad Zaman
      Nausaad Zaman 5 months ago +175

      @Persian Dude but if you are a muslim, you have to believe in Jinn as it's in one of the fundamental principle of Islam to believe in Jinn & Farishta created by Allah alongside others.

    • Hari Supriyanto
      Hari Supriyanto 5 months ago +103

      @Nausaad Zaman from the wording, he believed jinn exists but he can’t trust them (the jinn), also it’s forbidden like he just said

  • Vasanti Jayaswal
    Vasanti Jayaswal 6 months ago +106

    Truly appreciate your efforts at presenting valuable knowledge in an objective, thorough yet respectful way. I am fascinated as to the way mystics from many different religions have accessed common, universal truths. For example it seems cryptograms were used in many cultures to reinforce faith in the spiritually alchemical properties contained in sacred scriptures. Best wishes.

    • Phaneendra Rao
      Phaneendra Rao 5 months ago +2

      All Law - reading this comment someone quipped: "Dhedha dhedhainch rehte".

  • Nour Art
    Nour Art 24 days ago +18

    You clearly put a lot of effort into research and learning the correct pronunciation of Arabic names and words and it shows. I applaud your dedication

  • bu5
    bu5 7 months ago +2466

    For those who do not know: in Arabian countries, especially among the older generations, just the mention of this book brings out a very negative, fearful reaction. I once joked with an older person that I was reading this book and he scowled and told me not to joke about things like this. The fact that this is being covered outside is a very interesting and refreshing take! Thanks for this video!

    • Revenger 211
      Revenger 211 7 months ago +100

      I dont know where you live but neither me, my friends, parents or even grandparents knew what that is when I asked..

    • QAR _07
      QAR _07 7 months ago +33

      Wow Which country are u at? I am 19 and everyone I know knows about it

    • Adam Wajih
      Adam Wajih 7 months ago +129

      @QAR _07 yeah the book is known by its title. Pure Kufr

  • Yara Helal
    Yara Helal 5 months ago +80

    I adore this channel. your videos are so informative and well-researched. and I really appreciate how you present your knowledge without passing judgement on the cultures you talk about. it's clear that you put a lot of effort and time into your work, and it's always brilliant. even as an Arab Muslim, I'm learning so much from you that no one here ever mentioned. also, excellent pronunciation!

    • Jugo
      Jugo 3 months ago

      Also, I love the expert lighting (kidding)

    • Bethany Keen
      Bethany Keen Month ago

      my sentiments exactly! it is much appreciated!

  • KING
    KING 5 months ago +120

    One of my relatives had a copy of a black magic book (I don’t know if it was specifically this one). One night, he had such a horrifying experience with the paranormal that he ordered his son to submerge the book in water in order to smear the ink so that the curses could no longer be read. ‘Islamic’ occultism is serious stuff, not at all like the things they show in Hollywood movies with pentagrams and inverted crosses.

    • important stuf
      important stuf 3 months ago +15

      it's no more serious than Jewish and Christian occultism

    • Manal Qailech
      Manal Qailech 3 months ago +23

      @important stuf islamic and jewish occultism are actually the worst because there are higher dark power daring to defy only the worst in some contexts of curses

    • Vinny
      Vinny 2 months ago +9

      @Manal Qailech the same can be found in biblical curses if I’m not mistaken, and the use of any such magic is also outlawed in the eyes of God as one should only seek power through him not of unclean practices.

  • ᜊ Topaz Butterfly ᜊ
    ᜊ Topaz Butterfly ᜊ 2 months ago +28

    This is my first time on your channel. I must say, you’re pronunciation in Arabic is impressing. I am a language nerd (passionated by linguistics). Through languages I get to explore culture and through culture religion. Somehow I haven’t dived into the Islamic world yet. You showed me beauty today, wisdom and faith in God. I really should learn more about the Arabs.

    • Don't test me
      Don't test me Month ago +1

      Arabic mythology and history are definitely super interesting, you should read up on it if you haven't had the cht

    • Mohamed Khaled
      Mohamed Khaled 23 days ago +1

      You are welcome bro,
      I think you should take brian's way
      He might be a gate for you
      He got in the middle of arabs (Egypt)
      With our easy slang you will get arabic very fast .
      Really you will find another world that deserves your attention.
      Hope you good luck.
      #By the way
      Your search and hard work to know other humans with their languages & cultures
      is described in the book of Allah (Quran).
      One day We may contact .

  • Felex
    Felex 5 months ago +149

    i'm very happy and thankful to you that you made sure to differentiate between what is islamic and what is "islamicate", because for me as a Muslim, all these things of magic and occultism break very fundamental rules of islam, that those people chose to translate and understand in a bit of a different way.

    • Greg Phillips EL
      Greg Phillips EL 4 months ago +8

      Islam is broader than your preferred dogma

    • Vigilant of Stendarr
      Vigilant of Stendarr 4 months ago +24

      @Greg Phillips EL Islam is really simple, some people just try to complicate it.
      One should be seeking help and support from God and God only.
      Using occultism and taking help from Jinns to succeed in this world will only cause the person to be banished from Islam and suffer in the hereafter.

    • seabert otter
      seabert otter 3 months ago +7

      @Vigilant of Stendarr Or maybe not. I'm amazed how people think they understand the limits of God's Compassion. True spiritual understanding would be a positive thing and wondering about the inner understanding of others would be an idle distraction. Most people don't know themselves but promulgate the delusion that pretends to understand and judge the sanctity or lack thereof regarding the complex behavior of God's Children.

    • Ahmad Saleh
      Ahmad Saleh 3 months ago +7

      @Vigilant of Stendarr being a Muslim is simple, but religion as a whole is very complicated. That's why scholars spend there while life learning and so many different sects and views

    • Vigilant of Stendarr
      Vigilant of Stendarr 3 months ago +5

      @Ahmad Saleh always refer to authentic hadith to avoid confusion dude. Islam is easy, the general public are not to be involved in things that make it complicated, focusing on good deeds and obeying the farz and sunnah is enough.
      Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “The religion (of Islam) is easy, and whoever makes the religion a rigour, it will overpower him. So, follow a middle course (in worship); if you can’t do this, do something near to it and give glad tidings and seek help (of Allah) at morn and at dusk and some part of night”.
      - Bukhari:39

  • Alina Syed
    Alina Syed 2 months ago +36

    I heard from my father and his sisters that their grandfather (my great-grandfather) used to do some magic (black magic) from Quranic verses. There are many stories circulating about him in our family. It is rumored here that a person who does these kind of thing never dies until unless he loses his sons (at young age). My great-grandfather had 3 sons. All died at the age of 40 approximately. Then he died after burying all his sons. My father was 10 years old when my grandfather died.
    We live in a family house (my great-grandfather also used to live in this house). About a year ago we were going through an old book storage. We found a book. It was all about black magic (it could be this book or a similar book). It was really creepy. We decided to burn that book. Because there are still people in our family who would've loved to have these books 😢. People still tell stories of paranormal activities in our house. But these activities died out approximately 20 years after the death of my great-grandfather😢.

    • mikelesa
      mikelesa Month ago

      There’s a difference of opinion amongst the ummah in regards to the permissibility of the talismans. The following ahadith and tafasir and opinions of ulema regarding the permissibility of using amulets:
      Amr bin Shu`aib narrated from his father, from his grandfather, that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “When one of you becomes frightened during sleep, then let him say: ‘I seek refuge in Allah’s Perfect Words from His anger, His punishment, and the evil of His creatures, from the whisperings of the Shayatin, and that they should come (A`ūdhu bikalimātillāhit-tāmmati min ghaḍabihī wa `iqābihī wa sharri `ibādih, wa min hamazātish-shayāṭīni wa an yaḥḍurūn).’ For verily, they shall not harm him.” He said: “So `Abdullah bin `Amr used to teach it to those of his children who attained maturity, and those of them who did not, he would write it on a sheet and then hang it around his neck.”
      Book: Jamia At Tirmidhi, Chapter: Supplication, Hadees No. 3528
      Amr ibn Shu’ayb reported from his father, from his grandfather that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “If any of you gets a nightmare, let him say: I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah against His wrath and His punishment and the’ mischief of His slaves and from the temptations of the devils and that which they bring,
      Then they will not harm him.” So, Abdullah ibn Amr used to teach this supplication to his grown up children. And, he wrote it down on something and hung it on their neck. [SAHIH Abu Dawud 3893 ,sunan tirmidhi Chapter 99, hadith 3539
      Amr ibn Shu’aib (may Allah be pleased with him) said that ‘Rasulu’llah(may Allah bless him and grant him peace) taught my father and grandfather a du’a which we would read before going to sleep, to protect us from fear and anguish.We told our elder children to recite this du’a before going to sleep as well.But for those children who were not yet literate, we would write it and then put it around their necks” [Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal vol.2,Abu Dawud, in ‘Chapter of Medicine’]
      Jabir said: “I had an uncle who used to treat people with incantations for the scorpion’s sting. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade incantations, he came to him and asked him: ‘O Messenger of Allah, You have forbidden incantations, and I treat those who are stung by scorpions with incantations.’ He (peace be upon him) said: ‘He who can help his brother, let him do so.’ (Sahih Muslim, no. 2199)
      The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There is no harm in incantations as long as they do not include Shirk. (Sahih Muslim, no. 2200)
      1.Imam al-Qurtubi says
      “The amulet that are forbidden are those from the Time of Ignorance -]those which are satanic and contain an element of shirk [mantar, voodoo and magic, etc.]. The amulet , which are permitted are those written with du’as evidently from Qur’an and ahadith only” [al-Qurtubi, at-Tadhkirat, chapter on ‘Ta’wiz’]
      2.Allama Alusi al-Hanafi says
      “According to Imam Malik ‘It is permitted to put around the neck the amulet written with the name of Allah.’ Imam Baqir also stated that it is permitted to put such a amulet around the neck of a child” [Ruh al-Mani, chapter 15, under Sura al-Mu’minun, verse 97]
      3. Hafiz Ibn Kathir says
      “Amr ibn Shu’aib (may Allah be pleased with him) said that ‘Rasulu’llah(may Allah bless him and grant him peace) taught my father and grandfather a du’a which we would read before going to sleep, to protect us from fear and anguish.We told our elder children to recite this du’a before going to sleep as well.But for those children who were not yet literate, we would write it and then put it around their necks” [Tafsir Ibn Kathir, under Sura al-Mu’minun, verse 97)
      4. Qadi Shawkani says
      He too narrates the same hadith (.But for those children who were not yet literate, we would write it and then put it around their necks) under the ayah 97 of Surah Al uminun in Fath al-Qadir.
      There are many more but above are a few to counter your established argument.

    • FlipFlop
      FlipFlop Month ago

      @Alina . I have a feeling that you are from Malaysia.

    • Kolumbo The Kninjahman
      Kolumbo The Kninjahman 14 days ago

      Strangely I have seen a djinni and it looked the same as Allah describes in the Quran - it was a trail of firey light that was on the floor - and it formed itself into the sigil of the Church of Satan.
      I find peoples accounts of djinn very interesting because my own personal experience is the same as what God describes but whenever someone else has a story to tell it's always something different that they see, they don't see what I was seeing.
      Really strange times I was glowing and being stalked by MI5 at the time which I found fascinating because for once in my life I was striving to be remarkable in moral character like Abraham.
      Now I know why they were watching - they are dark occultists

  • Ezra Brownstein
    Ezra Brownstein 7 months ago +1526

    Finally someone who cares about proper pronunciation. It's hard to take someone's information seriously if they're butchering the names of what they're talking about.

    • Mr. X
      Mr. X 7 months ago +10

      He still struggles with the 3ain tho

    • Ezra Brownstein
      Ezra Brownstein 7 months ago +32

      @Mr. X yeah but he pretty much nails the qaf

    • Frosty
      Frosty 7 months ago +52

      I wouldn't blame them for mispronouncing a word when they grew up with a certain language and maybe accent, it's a bit hard to pronounce a complicated word in another language honestly

    • Kadesh Hendricksen
      Kadesh Hendricksen 7 months ago +16

      Accents are something that really never go away when learning new languages. We can't even hear our own accent.

    • kmogg569
      kmogg569 7 months ago +28

      His accent is pretty good for a non-native speaker. Has an accent and the pronunciation of ع is not perfect. But quite respectable and he has clearly studied. The majority of the Muslim world are not native Arabic speakers and have some sort of accent. Best to be forgiving and understanding about this issue.

  • Malai
    Malai 6 months ago +52

    Holy moly, I’m so happy I came across this channel. Thank you for making such quality content. You definitely has me as a subscriber.

  • cupidberries
    cupidberries 4 months ago +14

    Philip you have done a wonderful job, the pictures of painting as an artist a tour through the Islamic art from miniature, two point perspectives to a transition to realism was a bonus to watch the video,
    Your research and source material with Citations are spot on, it was a very well spoken, well informed talk with correlation between the sacred text and Islamic astrological and scientific side of the world.
    Not much impress me in life, but your work was commendable, your look beautiful, you speak like a clear water with beautiful Arabic and English pronunciation.
    Keep up the Good work mate!

  • Timimoon Designs
    Timimoon Designs 22 days ago +1

    Thanks for your great research and narration work. Just to add a small detail on what you mentioned at the beginning, Al.Buni is from Buna (Bône), which is nowadays Annaba city in North east city où Algeria (where the basilic of Saint-Augustin is).

  • Z Uthmani
    Z Uthmani 6 months ago +322

    One of my relatives had found a similar book which he got from his dad. He began to read it for spiritual purposes. But things got quickly out of hand. He would experience really scary dreams at first with jins violently taking him under the earth. Then after he really got very ill and doctors got real confused with his conditions because to them they couldn't diagnose the medical problem. Things really became a lot messy and crazy afterwards.!

    • jamesbrook81
      jamesbrook81 6 months ago +19

      Tell us what happened!

    • Tank expert
      Tank expert 6 months ago +84

      Why would someone read a Shirk related book for religious purpose?

    • Broski Channel
      Broski Channel 6 months ago +3

      Just from reading? Or also reciting spells

      MOHAMED 6 months ago +2

      Does he still alive?

  • Damian Masq
    Damian Masq 3 months ago +3

    Your vids are so great, I love learning from your great explanations and study ❤

  • Sine Paradox
    Sine Paradox 6 months ago +914

    Although being a non native Arabic speaker yourself, your pronunciation is pretty much smooth in itself. Goes to show your true dedication for not murdering these words.

    • خالد الرومي
      خالد الرومي 6 months ago +5

      He is Arabic originally.. We can know easily Arabic ppl when they speak English.

    • M5RBsH_ 🇮🇪
      M5RBsH_ 🇮🇪 6 months ago +23

      @خالد الرومي he's not a native

    • ibrahim
      ibrahim 5 months ago +5

      he makes some mistakes here and there which sound odd but most words he says excellently 100%

  • Khodijah Amin
    Khodijah Amin 6 months ago +218

    I find it interesting that in Malaysia we call a djinn community commonly associated to be living in different dimensions of local forests as orang bunian or “Bunian people”. (“Orang” means “people” and bunian is considered as a special noun with no particular meaning in malay language) there’s always tales & reports in which humans gets kidnapped or accidentally enter their dimension. and the bunian people are always being portrayed by oral tradition as peaceful communities (& for some reason with beautiful females) who just want to coexist peacefully with humans but we still shouldn’t do or say things to upset them especially in nature / forests / rivers in which it is believed to be their home.
    I wonder if the usage of this term “bunian people” has any ties with Ahmad Al-Buni’s work since the influence of sufiism is still evident in religious practices in Malaysia to this day. It’s also not uncommon for the ancestors of muslim malays to keep “good djins” as their companions which is said to be passed down from one generation to another. Today’s generation have been educated is an act of shirk, but acts of sihr and or getting help from djinns is quite known to be practiced by people, although of course is forbidden and frowned upon. But pretty common to the point if someone is actually diagnosed with schizophrenia or experiences psychotic episodes, still a large part of the community would think it’s sihr or djinn instead of a treatable mental illness.

    • 《L.V.X.MAGICK》🦋《
      《L.V.X.MAGICK》🦋《 5 months ago +1

      Very interesting. Ty

    • Muhammad Faris Azaman
      Muhammad Faris Azaman 5 months ago +16

      hey Malaysian here too, it didn't hit me at all until he said 'Boonian'. Could very well be how our people even adapted the name for the 'Orang Bunian'. Arab Sufist who came here and taught the works of Al-Buni and our ancestors just call them 'Orang Bunian' to mean 'people that Al-Buni was speaking of'. Might be more to it Allah knows best.
      And "good djinn" you were speaking of that were passed down from generations to generations, you meant "Saka" didnt you? Somehow people that keep them still exist today. I mean there were 2 of my close friend who were passed down from their grandfather and they are like 30 yo. I think both of them have gotten rid of them. But it is not until my generation that this knowledge of them being shirk became prevalent. Our grandparents' generation still think of them as nothing more than 'helpers'

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      Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:
      All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.

    • logicbloke
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    • Danial Yousaf
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      @Juce yeah. There is a good reason as to why the djinn aren't visible to us.
      The thought of seeing them may be enticing but it's basically eldritch knowledge: meaning you'll go insane from the experience.

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    • Sara
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      Really spooky and horrible sh't

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    • ܡܥܡܕ
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    • Ryu
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      “يهدي من يشاء ويضل من يشاء"

    • Eslam Y
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    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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    Warning: Anyone reciting the verses differently( as in adding stuff to them, removing stuff, murmuring b/w verses) may be practicing Sihr. Also if any of you have talismans of anysort, check them for numbers unusual words and verses, shapes etc. Allah Hu Aalam

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face 7 months ago +1185

    This book and other books full of talismans and incantations were collectively known as "al kutub al safraa" (the yellow (paged) books). Being found with one in your possession was enough to have you accused of heresy or witchcraft and sent to jail.
    I once saw one of these books and was able to go through the various spells inside and actually found one particularly notorious spell: the one to use to make a woman you desire come to you. It involves drawing certain talismans and symbols on your member and calling out the loved one's name at night.
    Anyway, they say a man was desperately in love with a woman called "Barda'a" (Arabic for saddle, Bedouins often named their daughters similar names). So someone recommended that he try this particular spell after seeing how much he desired this woman. Our friend was not a learned or religious person, he knew little about Djinn and occult things, but he decided to give it a try if there was any chance he could be with the woman he wanted.
    So he went to a secluded hovel or shack outside of the village he lived in. He drew the figures as best he could from the book on his penis. Then he sat there in the dark and started saying, "Barda'a, Barda'a" again and again in the quiet of the night.
    Suddenly he heard a noise outside the door. His heart leapt with fear, excitement and hope all at once. Could this actually be Barda'a outside the door? He stood up and slowly opened the door and right there in front of his shack was a donkey saddle suspended in the air. 😂
    They say he was never the same after that night in the shack outside the village.

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    Very good presentation, thank you. Although I know too little about this topic and my best course of action is to stay away from such practices especially because if I want something I don't reap the benefits of writing such talismans, etc. instead all I have to do is open my hands and heart and sincerely pray to God as prayer is a Believers biggest weapon and Allah is the most merciful.
    And there is the issue of wanting something from other than Allah which makes these practices problematic.
    I would ultimately deem these practices unnecessary when compared to Dua/ Prayer.
    The interesting part in my opinion are all the (
    theories behind it. For example ((that every creation essentially is a word, a number that Allah commanded so they have "hidden" meanings and powers on their own that one can utilize)).
    Edit: for those wanting to say that you're supposed to take everything in the Quran word for word. Are implying to understand God's word just through reading? You are not capable of that. In the Quran it mentions "those who study the script". If you want to understand the Quran one must study it.
    And Sufism is and especially back in the day was that. Trying to understand.
    And Allah knows best.

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    • Fear ALLAH and speak the Truth
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      Pir, shia, Sufis (so called muslims), dewbondi berelvi Rizvi tableeghi Jamaat who support the blasphemy (I'm God & worship me) of monsoor hallaj are also like Kabbalah Jew who will also follow Dajjal by considering him as their mahdi/mystical sufi, return of Mystical Sufi mansoor hallaj with mighty power as he said his followers that he would come back possibly to take revenge against the true believers (Muslims) of Islam.
      May Almighty ALLAH protect us from this antichrist dajjalik fitna. Aameen.

    • MisstressMourtisha
      MisstressMourtisha 6 months ago +9

      @Fear ALLAH and speak the Truth
      Respectfully, that is false. At the kabbalah isn't evil. What you're saying is no different than a christian saying witchcraft is evil. It stems from ignorance.

    • ibrahim
      ibrahim 5 months ago +2

      @Fear ALLAH and speak the Truth its such a shame you cant see how sectarian and blinkered you are. study more fiqh and akaaid. the more you study the more you will learn about permissible ikhtilaaf and impermissible. even the sahabah differed on interpretation of hadith EVEN SOME AKAAID

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    • Guess who
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    Thank you for revealing this book. There are many people in Indonesia and Malaysia who are still practicing this Sufism, and there are some traditional midrash that teaches this to selected students mostly who are proficient in Arabic and able memorize the Quran. This Sufism is one of the hardest practice of Sufism that requires seclusion and long fasting, and some of the spells are in Aramaic and Hebrew language written in Arabic. Many of the students cannot stand the temptation of modern materialism. Nowadays only a few in Indonesia that can recreate the "Staff of Moses" and "Ring of Solomon" talisman made of copper plate without touching the plate, or bring a Golem to live, or something that modern people call "teleportation", that can transfer a disease from a patient to a sacrificial animals. The traditional midrash mostly teaches healing a person from physical disease, or disease caused by unseen beings.

    • SlaY
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      Are you saying this is good or bad? Should I do this if I am a Muslim?

    • vRozenSch00n
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      @SlaY You can if you can read Arabic and have strong faith. However, in learning this book, you need to have a teacher who are practicing this book to guide you. There is also physical effort when doing this, such as fasting, seclusion, and temporary celibacy. The temptation sometimes come from you, as in this book there is also a method to command a Jin to steal from others or do bad things, which is against the rule of any religion. Good or bad, it is subjective. In my opinion the danger is greater than the benefit.

    • Aseef Imran
      Aseef Imran 3 months ago +18

      @SlaY what makes this book dangerous is there is truth in it. But those truths are mixed with a hundred lies.
      Astrology, divination, seeking help from anything other than Allah will lead to a path to hell. This book (according to this video ofc) contains all of that except in a hidden, "masked" way.

  • Randall Payne
    Randall Payne 5 months ago

    A student asked me about this book just before winter break. I told him I would look into it (and forgot) until I stumbled on this video while exploring the playlists for your channel, which I stumbled on through Esoterica (which I stumbled on via Religion for Breakfast). Thanks for this! You have a new subscriber and loyal viewer.

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    • Ahmed Chawki
      Ahmed Chawki 7 months ago +26

      ma men just called 40m mfs uneducated cause he doesn't know bout something ... yes we do talk bout god know me and my friends even tried so long to find a version that wasnt fake or misguiding (cause they say it was so distorted throw time the practical version of it is so rare )

    • Kheireddine Btr
      Kheireddine Btr 7 months ago +41

      @Ahmed Chawki i mean no one really mention shams al maarif, uneducated isn't the best word but more it's being slowly lost to time these days, and people don't want to be associated with magic in here.

    • Wajih bec
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      @Ahmed Chawki i wasn't being specific enough maybe not all of us, but in biskra you bloody bet we're not educated about this sort of thing!
      Even the people i know who talk about "magic" and what not never mentioned it.

    • Ahmed Chawki
      Ahmed Chawki 7 months ago +3

      @Kheireddine Btr fair enough but from my pov just to be clear is that everyone i know knows about the book to some extend but i dont think a single one of them read it am pretty sure no one did so that could be the answer to why its lost to time but to say they are uneducated u just pushing cause people do know it and know what it's bout

    • Kheireddine Btr
      Kheireddine Btr 7 months ago +6

      @Ahmed Chawki yes but still people don't talk about it these days and it's understandable, but it might be too much because a lot of us should know what's in these books to be more protective and know what we're dealing with

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    • Aali Guy
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    My grandma used to own this book, My older brother mentioned that he and his friend who knows alot about magic and the book opened it. And as soon they did he started hearing sound around him and fast moving creatures which are believed to be jins.

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      مفيش حد معاه النسخه الاصليه

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    • Ahmad Badenjki
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      @Yusuf Mohammed of course.

    • aLi 112
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      @Ace hmm interesting, my brother always calls himself that he has bad luck but not sure if that is related. He also was able to see alot of creatures, from giant looking dark creatures or flying in the skies, to scary long hairy ones. these were sights that don't last for long but its related to him reading these type of books, which my grandma had a collection of as she dealt with magic in her young age may god have mercy on her. after her pass away we gave all these books to the local mosque to do what appropriate with them.

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      sorcery and cultism is pure, sacred in islam ? you need to check again if you're practicing the real islam and not in a cult ;)

  • Paul Torero
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    When i visited the Philippines, i was introduced to a man who claims to be a direct descendant of Ahmad al-buni. He can perform miracles and heal the sick by magical means. Everyday, people would line up in front of his house just to be treated and to get relief from their ailments. People call him al-bularyo.

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    Let's talk religion: So I heard of this book..

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    • ben
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    We all just want to be heard, understood and respected.
    It’s really about restoring, re creating , and sustaining everything humanity needs to thrive.

    • M A K
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      Doesnt mean u act on it
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    I'm not even a devout Musilm, and I consider myself a man of logic and science, but the mere idea of watching a video about this book gave me the creeps 😅
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    • Afshan Usman
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    From a Muslim here who is from an Arab country and has a descent knowledge about the religion, for those who think that this book is religious in anyway or who think they will get some kind of powers from Allah or the words of Allah, I’d tell them to not be fooled by these thoughts. This book has nothing religious in it! People see the verses and names of Allah and they think “then this book must be a good Islamic book”.
    Just think about this, what if a Quranic verse is written backwards that doesn’t make it from the Quran anymore. Or if this book tells you to repeat something specific numbers of times, then it changes what is supposed to be holy to something else. Remember, if the prophet didn’t do it nor his companions then that’s just mere innovation and people are fooled thinking it is “religious and holy” to do these rituals. And calling upon Jinn is just pure shirk as we say.
    Remember that whatever this book is telling you about things and stories is just mere lies to convince you that doing these rituals and playing with the Quran like that is ok and religious.
    Ask any scholar and they would tell you this book is basically nothing from Islam.
    Not to mention the dangers this book brings. You keep it at home and you will see and feel things change and happen. You will also hear things. You will never know peace.
    I had 3 family members who were fools enough to think they could learn stuff from the book and they thought they can control Jinn. Well, it turned against them, they got literally mentally ill to the point they had to have them restrained otherwise they might hurt someone or hurt themselves. Eventually all of them died after a long time of suffering with mental illness.
    Just stay away from this book or you will regret it. And remember that if you try to read the book and use its rituals then you will be tested. And if you can’t handle those tests then you will end up like those 3 family members I had.

    • T BliZzy
      T BliZzy 7 months ago +14

      Thank you brother Lml now please help I’m 8:38 in the video should I continue watching?

    • Aasim Ala
      Aasim Ala 7 months ago +29

      The book isn't meant for random laymen to study. The current paradigm, especially in the Arab and Salafi world (and in the west) in which everyone is encouraged to study by themselves and make ijtihaad is the reason that these problems occur. Not everyone is prepared for anything.

    • Witcher
      Witcher 7 months ago +92

      @Aasim Ala
      Studying such a thing and wanting to use what’s in it is basically anti Islamic. And it is what is called Kufr. Tampering with Quranic verses is Kufr. No real Muslim should read that book and use its rituals.

    • Aasim Ala
      Aasim Ala 7 months ago +14

      @Witcher Bro, I know that many consider it so, but as explained in the video, this wasn't the case up until quite recently. In the parts of the world were Salafis are not so prevalent you will still find the Ulema having knowledge of this book. With regards to Talismans and Taweez, Imam Ibn Taymiya RH and some Sahaba RA allowed them so even Salafis don't have an argument against it.

  • ahmad nasrallah
    ahmad nasrallah 5 months ago +3

    The book faces a bad reputation because of the people who use it to harm people. The writer warned against using these powers except against unjust people and those who deserve pain, but unfortunately the powers of the book are used to harm innocent people.

  • Krakkenfromthedeep
    Krakkenfromthedeep 6 months ago +6

    I’ve only met someone from Thailand who practiced the Islamic faith. Their outlook on the occult was a lot different then I guess you could say the traditional. It was more along the lines of the things that can go bump in the night are also gods creatures or at least know of a creator god so they are to be respected and worked around when needed.

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    ishaaq chihuri 2 months ago

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  • Morgan Tian
    Morgan Tian Month ago

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    • Zee Hilal
      Zee Hilal 6 months ago

      I have been using this one every day by accident lol talk about coincidence. I just thought it had a catchy ring to it. Bismallah lol. I was using an ancient power word to bless water?

    • Zee Hilal
      Zee Hilal 6 months ago

      It's only powerful if you know what it means both as knowledge and experience. It's a good vibration that's why I chose it to say when doing Buddhist meditation

    • Zee Hilal
      Zee Hilal 6 months ago

      Yet I could open doorways to hell doing it?!? Cool! All the more reason to hold hands and say bismallah 30 times when the lights are out lol

    • Yamaç Koçovalı
      Yamaç Koçovalı 5 months ago +2

      We Muslims use the word 'Bismillah' whenever carrying out any general activity (non-sinful) or act of worship such as before eating or reading the Qur'an and performing salah (daily prayers). It's not intended to be a word that brings luck or magical power or anything like that but its about simply doing things in the name of Allah (God) as an act of worship and to seek the blessings and help Allah in whatever we do. Unfortunately some magicians and evil-doers, regardless of religion mind you, can manipulate religious phrases for ulterior motives.

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    The more I listen to it, the more similarities I find with Chinese magick and occult ❤ very interesting ❤

    • Axel Stone
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      thats very interesting thing to say because i was once watching old crappy chinese kung fu movie with sammo hung and movie about some sorcerer who used witchcraft to kill main hero of movie and i got the shivers even though nothing scare me anymore but i thought about it and since all " real " witchcraft eventually depend on jinns " demons " assistance no matter what is the culture be it chinse european native arabic etc it's all the same
      so the magick always end up feeling similar in native americans skinwalker witch myth they dig trash to find fingernails of people they want to harm
      in arabic countries the person who does this job also ask for hair,fingernails,clothes came into contact with person they wish to harm
      so i guess that's why it all feels similar given it's the real deal and not the new age makebelieve crap if you know what i mean

  • Deni Setiawan
    Deni Setiawan 7 months ago +450

    Your explanation is amazing
    Btw this Shamsul Ma'arif book is still being studied in several traditional Islamic boarding schools (Pesantren) in Indonesia, it's only to be learned but not to be practiced because this book is also considered as controversial book by Indonesian Sunni scholars.

    • lydia vliese
      lydia vliese 7 months ago +7

      Dukun or orang pinter....Is there any difference?

    • muhammad asyrafi
      muhammad asyrafi 7 months ago +19

      @lydia vliese Pardon, why are you asking about the difference between dukun or orang pinter?

    • Mahad Uzumaki
      Mahad Uzumaki 7 months ago +99

      Why do you even learn it? That’s wrong. These books should be destroyed.

    • Rakhim, Abdul
      Rakhim, Abdul 7 months ago +131

      @Mahad Uzumaki I believe it is learned on the principle of "know your enemy". I mean, even in actual war you need an intel regarding enemy strengths and locations so you can counter, if not mitigate said enemy. Blind prevention measures such as censorship would suffice for the laypeople, but for those studying in pesantren (who are likely to be 'ulama), some knowledge is required, especially *why this Syamsul Ma'arif is dangerous*.
      Some 'ulama in Indonesia are often called for exorcism. Without a sample knowledge of sorcery and metaphysics from this book (let alone any other magic), how could they counter the metaphysical threat?

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    Alicin 6 months ago

    love your explanation, and the book! now I'm intrigued to find my self a copy! I tried to read the pages you showed, I know I could, but it feels like there will be a good chunk of time spent just decoding the handwriting and then some more to be understandable - by me that is-

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    I once knew a guy who was a really big comic book fan, and he told me he intentionally turns his brain off anytime someone like Dr. Strange says any magical words. He literally chooses to read comic books about magic, and then lets his cognitive dissonance prevent him from experiencing even fake magic.
    It's weird, man. People are weird.

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    There is a similar story of a secret version of H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon. With stories of even young children slashing their wrists after reading it.

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    Thank you for presenting the book in a scientific and not superstitious way, as it is in the Arabic videos that are full of fallacies. This is a book that does not contain any danger, as it is spread among the ignorant and simple.

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    Thanks. We westerners usually forget that other cultures do have their own occult traditions. I had never thought about the occult and mystical traditions of the Islamic world, except in the vague figures of the Sufi. This is truly compelling stuff. The way you describe how the Universe is contained in the Quran, the Quran within a chapter, and so on, was breath taking.

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      The playlists have a lot of really good choices for learning more about the occult/ magic from all over the world.
      Its a great channel.

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    My great grandfather had a copy of this book. At night he used to go out in the mountains of Yemen and move stones that can only be moved by bulldozers these days. I’ve seen the size of the boulder it still lays there today. It’s about the size of a Toyota Prius (a little smaller). He would control whole tribes of Jinn to help him move these stones and build walls for mountain terraces for fields to farm. His grandson (my uncle) has the book now. Right when he opened it a black cat ran through the window and jumped from wall to wall before jumping out. After that he stayed sick for 2 months. These books are real and hold very dark sprites. You must be very strong willed to dare to read the words or it will either make you go crazy or very sick. I believe this is how ancient Egyptians and ancient cultures built structures with huge building blocks and impossible methods of moving these stones. Black magic. It’s the only explanation.

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    • Fear ALLAH and speak the Truth
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      “No prophet was sent but that he warned his nation of the one-eyed liar. Verily, he (antichrist) is blind in one (right) eye and your Lord (ALLAH) is not. Verily, between his two eyes is written the word of unbelief “which every believer can read whether he is literate or not.” Source: S‌ah‌i‌h‌ al-Bukha‌ri‌ 6712, S‌ah‌i‌h‌ Muslim 2933: Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi (authenticity agreed upon) according to Al-Bukhari and Muslim

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