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Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs LIVE Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar

  • Published on Nov 21, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar
    Nashville session player, Kelly Back, tells us 8 things to consider when choosing which one to play for a session - A Kemper Profiler Amp or a LIVE Amp.
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    ** Gear Used **
    Bogner Shiva Amp
    PRS McCarty 594 Guitar ( amzn.to/2UBkbXT )
    Kemper Amp ( amzn.to/36gD8V1 )
    Kemper Profile Michael Brit 67 Deluxe Reverb ( mbritt.com )
    D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings ( amzn.to/32sDl6x )
    Fishman F2 Tuner ( amzn.to/3laQmZX )
    Strymon Volante Pedal ( amzn.to/35aGrht )
    *Disclaimer: Some links to the gear used are affiliate links for Kelly Back.
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  • Tomulator
    Tomulator Year ago +2

    MBritt's Friedman BE50 deluxe profiles from his "Crank N Go" pack are awesome as well for harder rock sounds. I use the Kemper Stage exclusively for live gigs in conjunction with a Line 6 Powercab 212+. It is really awesome!

    • Kelly Back
      Kelly Back  Year ago +1

      I’ll check them out.
      Thanks !!

  • Howard Burnham
    Howard Burnham 10 months ago

    What was your favorite song to play when you were playing with The Hinsons

  • Jeff Hogsten
    Jeff Hogsten 2 years ago +2

    I think I was your first subscriber and my first post. Good post but what percentage of your subscribers are studio musicians. I say most are a live musician like me. Sometime back I bought a kemper. Only M Britt profiles. A amp. 3rd power 15 inch JBL CAB. OSC powered. I used a great tele and strat. Small board. RC boost. Archer boost pigtronix delay. Of course the keeper was more versatile. Did I need a pedal with a dumble profile. Hum no. But in the end for my bread and butter sounds. Clean tele bridge. Bridge and middle clean. Neck clean with overdrive the amp won hands down. Is there a place for the keemper. Of course. But you just can't replace a amp yet in my situation live. But for a guy I,know that's one of the top tele players in one of the top groups it beats the heck out of most of the backline amps he deals with. But pressed in controlled circumstances he would take he's amps everytime. Am I ever tempted. Yes. Would love to hear the new keeper cab. Then power it with what?? How are new effects. Great I hear. It's definitely headed in the right direction. How close are we to walking in with a kemper and a guitar?? We are living in a great time

    • Kelly Back
      Kelly Back  Year ago

      @Jeff Hogsten very cool!!
      I know sometimes it’s hard to let go of the old😊
      But then again sometimes the old is better 🤣
      Welcome to the world of unlimited options bro 🎶🎸

    • Jeff Hogsten
      Jeff Hogsten Year ago +1

      @Kelly Back well after a few weeks I've come to the conclusion I prefer the kemper. And the line 6 stomp is coming on. Set the kemper with a 67 britt deluxe by my 65 with a jbl is it A good. It's right there. Reach down and turn my 65 into a top hat. Or a dumble. Or one of my favorites. A amp factory bognor goldfinger. Really the last decision is do I want a amp feel or a full range speaker. I can't carry it but I'm not not sure if we shouldn't get used to playing that way. Putting together a cab with a ISP AMP which I've had that I can carry. I'll let you know when I decide what I prefer.

    • Kelly Back
      Kelly Back  2 years ago

      @Jeff Hogsten that’s awesome !!
      We got to have our toys 🎸😀🎶

    • Jeff Hogsten
      Jeff Hogsten 2 years ago +2

      guess what I did today. can’t believe. got to listening and bought a kemper and m britt 20/20 pack don’t know if i’ll need anything else. already influenced a friend to get one. gonna be fun.

    • Jeff hogsten
      Jeff hogsten 2 years ago +2

      I was talking to Johnny brown about piano programs once and he summed it up perfect. I can use ivory and when the record comes out it sounds as good. But there is nothing like the sound of sitting behind a big grand. That sums up the kemper. Sounds great. More versatile. The feels just not the same. Keep up the good work