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LIVE: RTX 3090 Overclocking (Air & Liquid Nitrogen)

  • Published on Sep 24, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This stream does two things: One, we're testing frequency vs. temperature GPU Boost scaling, two we're overclocking the RTX 3090 FTW3 on air to see if it's useful for an eventual competitive card.
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    We will be using the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 for this overclocking effort. We will also be testing the RTX 3090 Founders Edition card for frequency scaling versus temperature (not overclocking, just GPU Boost alone).
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    Host: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman
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  • Kyle Knight
    Kyle Knight 2 years ago +757

    “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut until I can do more research because I don’t want to put bad info out there” this is one of the large reasons I watch this channel. Everything I have seen from Steve is incredibly solid and I absolutely dig it.

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 2 years ago +424

    You didn’t need LN2 fog or an AC. You needed to set the RGB to blue.

      I JUGGEI2NAUT I 8 months ago

      @shane eslick I

    • Stokes Notes
      Stokes Notes Year ago

      @me and me hjjjhjhj

    • rain #4701
      rain #4701 Year ago +1

      @shane eslick yea ig

    • shane eslick
      shane eslick Year ago +1

      @rain #4701 I was being silly about performance fluctuating when Fans set to RGB, & Red being better because Red makes thins faster,
      But yes some RGB Programs can increase CPU Usage, so depending on PC performance it can have a real affect, but it will not make a playable experience unplayable

    • rain #4701
      rain #4701 Year ago

      @shane eslick isnt having it set to change colors cpu intensive or smthn, which will cause your fps to fluctuate

  • Astro143_
    Astro143_ 2 years ago +16

    So happy I decided to watch this now, managed to jump on the mouse mat! I had just emailed you guys about that the other day, I was expecting it to be a christmas present to me from me. Thanks! looking forward to RIPGN/Jayz
    Edit: got it on Friday, this thing is great!

  • Linda Muvic
    Linda Muvic 2 years ago +4

    Really interesting to finally see a nitrogen over clocking of a GPU, always thought it was a parlour trick, but I get it a little bit more now, and that it has a legitimate place in demonstrating GPU, and CPU overclocking.

  • glutenfreee gaming
    glutenfreee gaming Year ago +15

    I always wanted to put my PC outside when it's -40 and see what my temps would be. Or at least intake cold air from inside through a window or something. Too worried about damaging my parts though.

    • Misiek
      Misiek 7 months ago +1

      @Nobody Air inside this box would already contain water in it

    • purpley
      purpley 8 months ago

      @Luceph Angelo yes it can. enough to damage a pc

    • Nobody
      Nobody 11 months ago +2

      @Leonel Leonel He can make a sealed plastic-glass box and put the PC in it, no air will go in or out from it so in the box will be left only the air with normal humidity from the room he used to assemble it, the environmental temperature will do it's job and cool off the box.
      The main issue tho, is that -40 degrees is too low for the PC to boot up so he has to heat the PC first and keep it around 0-5 degrees celsius (if he did mean celsius and not fahrenheit).

    • glutenfreee gaming
      glutenfreee gaming Year ago +1

      @Leonel Leonel It is pretty dry here but I wouldn't risk it 😅

    • Leonel Leonel
      Leonel Leonel Year ago +1

      I'm not an hardware expert but if you take the PC outside be sure to check the humidity, maybe if you live in a dry place it can work! Good luck.

  • Round3ye
    Round3ye 10 months ago +3

    DUDE! i love your channel. You guys are the best. I listen to you and linus and others while I work from home. Thank you for making my days bareable with great content

  • ZEN Controller
    ZEN Controller Year ago +1

    When the cards released i think the power circuitry was an issue with certain brands. Not sure if this was fixed but 2 months later ive picked up an EVGA RTX3090 Gaming ULTRA and it has two of the weaker caps. Even though it draws the most power stock. Whatever optimisations needed to happen have obviously taken place as my card has been fine(the card lasted just over a month, i went with the asus tuf 3090). Although if i dont set a fps limit the card will crash to desktop when streaming. ^^

  • Bryan Asher
    Bryan Asher 2 years ago +82

    I love Steve vs Jay competitions! Two of my favorite Clip-Share channels.

    • Kit Snow
      Kit Snow Year ago

      Who is "GN"?

    • Dang Dude
      Dang Dude 2 years ago +1

      I kinda stopped watching Jay since he tried to solder a resistor

    • Rambojazdude
      Rambojazdude 2 years ago +1

      @UandG D they have a much broader audience. GN is much more niche and some people will find his videos a bit too geeky.

    • g10118
      g10118 2 years ago +1

      @Rishil Kadakia He just farms other knowledgeable sources and then regurgitates it with added inaccuracies. Absolutely worthless.

    • David L
      David L 2 years ago

      Panteleymon Schekochikhin-Krestovozdvizhenskiy that’s why I like him. He obviously loves his job

  • bearded hardware
    bearded hardware 2 years ago +12

    Wish I could have been there for this one!.. Great job as always broski!

  • Wom Bat
    Wom Bat 8 months ago +1

    Your videos are always excellent. Keep it up!

  • xim
    xim 2 years ago +2

    This live was truly amazing

  • mwnciboo
    mwnciboo Year ago +39

    I love how tech tubers all reference each other - less about competition more about mutual support and benefit to the wider community.

    • Jeffrey Hill
      Jeffrey Hill Year ago

      @over I will say it's extremely annoying that people will verbally thrash folks with either the means or determination to aquire either high end hardware before the shortage or all hardware at this juncture. It just gets old man. All of the comment sections on any piece of "good stuff gear" will get a large number of comments like the individual above. I have a rig with a 3090 and I also have a 3090 I'm just waiting to finish off my from scratch fabricated deck PC and I'm not a piece of shit or a bad person and I'm not laughing at any fucking body about their lot in life. Its guys like him that made me decide to not make videos on my case builds or tutorials. I may still post a short video of my case that looks basically like a built in the wall aquarium but I doubt it.

    • over
      over Year ago

      @Michael Brown woah bro. Sure he's being a jerk but maybe chill a little, more bees with honey & all that

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown Year ago +2

      @Agrojester 115 stfu with your salty ass comments.
      Go geta job, then you can pay whatever it takes to play whatever shitty game you wish you could run.

    • Agrojester 115
      Agrojester 115 Year ago

      Because they can circle jerk each other all day laughing at us who don't and can't get a graphics card.

    • Agrojester 115
      Agrojester 115 Year ago

      They are the ones with the 3000 series cards. It's like a big flex on us plebs.

  • Psi Q
    Psi Q 2 years ago

    For wildly moving stuff around i always have a simple 150mbit powerline set for temporary use around,
    one with 2port lan, one with 1lanport and wlan.
    Fast enough for internet streaming and less cables to trip over and no wlandrivers needed.
    I have worked with climatic chambers (last ones were these www.cts-umweltsimulation.de/en/products/climate-c.html ) , if you dont need ultrafast change of temps and controlled humidity,
    they are pretty easy to build with a combination of freezer (pump liquid through as oversized heatsink) and an air heater + sps like "siemens logo!". Thermal mass makes it easier to get stable temps.
    You always have to cool down a bit further to get the condensation away and then heat up a bit to be left with dry air.
    Try to get a used/refurbished one. I guess you wont really need a large usable volume
    or fast automated tracking of temperature curves so it should cost below 5k bucks.

  • Philipp B
    Philipp B 2 years ago +4

    What i really learned from this stream - if you need a fan for a short time, use a screwdriver as a stand 👍

  • Scott Myatt
    Scott Myatt Year ago

    I was just thinking. If you used CO2 instead of nitrogen, you could still cool the chip while enriching the indoor atmosphere for growing certain types of plants.

  • Home Tab
    Home Tab Year ago +1

    @Gamers Nexus have you ever considered using a hydrophobic fluid to seal your hardware from water at a nano level

  • k24skin
    k24skin 2 years ago

    Do you think some of the add in board partners will start to adopt Nvidia's new split cooler design by making the back half of the cooler a blower style to remove some heat completely out the back and then using the front fan or "fans" to blow the remaining heat out the sides instead of Nvidia's pass-through design? :/

  • Dean Calaway
    Dean Calaway 2 years ago +1

    You could get an extra 100Mhz on the GPU with an RGB strip on the PSU.

  • seedmole
    seedmole 2 years ago +11

    I feel like I gained 10 IQ points from witnessing that cardboard shipping tube used to keep the superlong ethernet cable organized.

  • Gameplay
    Gameplay 2 years ago

    If you point the fan at the card and not away from the card it may cool the memory better.

  • why234
    why234 2 years ago +1

    Your videos are somehow a better fight against insomnia than a valorant stream

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +1

    Wish I could have been there for this one!.. Great job as always broski!

  • shane eslick
    shane eslick 2 years ago +5

    G'day Steve & Andrew,
    Awesome camera work on the 8K FPS counter in Quake II Andrew,
    nVIDIA: Frames wins games
    also nVIDIA: we are first with 8K gaming with the RTX3090, Look 12FPS using LN2

  • LedChickenFPV
    LedChickenFPV Year ago

    I haven't watched much of this kind of stuff and I'm almost literally rollin' after the size of the radiator on the left just sunk in. You could cool a friggin V6 with that thing! Otoh, why am I surprised when apparently one tank of liquid nitrogen is insufficient. I'm a firm believer in not half-assing things but holy hell! You don't believe in screwing around, do ya? 🤔🤨🙄🤦‍♂️😂🤣😁👍😎✌🤙

  • Calvin Shafer III
    Calvin Shafer III 2 days ago

    That moment when Steve talks about messing around with 'old hardware' and lists the components in your daily driver....

  • ChaosHusky
    ChaosHusky 9 months ago

    Amazing to think i was watching this before i could even get a 3090, and now i've had one for well over a year.. Yikes! Where did 2021 go, bro?

  • Puerre
    Puerre 2 years ago

    Hey Steve i'm just here to Say... Thank U! Thanks for all your Informativ Stuff and for being a super Chill and Cool Guy. Stay Safe and don't change yourself :) Huge Bear hugs for u !

  • DoodyTheAPE
    DoodyTheAPE 2 years ago +6

    I just got lucky and found one of these cards in stock at a micro center today (bought it). As I was walking around in the store there was a fella on the phone talking with a friend of his asking the friend if he wanted him to buy the card. As he was doing this I began looking for a store rep to help me get the card out of the locked compartment so I can buy it. 😁

    • Condor
      Condor Year ago +1

      you lucky bastard

    • Bring me Peter pan
      Bring me Peter pan Year ago

      Lol nice! I backordered one here in Canada and it shipped like 5 days later. Couldn't believe how lucky I got!

  • Eric Hebert
    Eric Hebert 2 years ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to log the freq, temps, and other metrics and do an analysis on the data after the fact rather than trying to eyeball the values?

  • Natraj C
    Natraj C 2 years ago +40

    Man I remember the old days when Over Clocking actually meant something, you could get real performance boosts out of GPU's and CPU's back then. Now, the cards run at max boost by themselves so OCing is pretty meaningless.

    • Darkness Essence
      Darkness Essence 2 years ago

      Competition is tight these days so they gotta release as powerful as they can

    • sirmonkey
      sirmonkey 2 years ago +7

      tbh it's a good thing.. the fact that you could buy a product for 500+ dollars and only get 75% of the performance it was capable of was a rip off. does it ruin the fun of overclocking? sure but i'll deal with it if means even casual users get the full capability of a cpu.

    • Natraj C
      Natraj C 2 years ago

      @MsFearco Yea Intel has to applauded for this at least, their K series chips do meaningfully OC and give a good performance boost and I am on Ryzen myself now btw meaning I have to do some extreme RAM tuning to get nice performance uplifts and I never found that interesting. Still, I am thinking of upgrading to 3600 low latency ram kits from my current 3200 kit which I am running on xmp profile.

    • me and me
      me and me 2 years ago


    • Gewel ✔
      Gewel ✔ 2 years ago

      Just undervolt

  • Bob Account
    Bob Account 2 years ago +1

    Set up a drip of liquid nitrogen that way you can control how fast you cool it and so there's no torch needed. (do some adjusting and experimenting and I think you'll get it right eventually, that being not too long but long enough to say eventually)

  • Rocket Taco
    Rocket Taco 2 years ago

    Regarding the plastic backplate: you might actually be surprised. I'm not saying it works, but don't discount it on principle; look up AN11113 from Nexperia regarding thermal design for LFPAK MOSFETs. It's now obsoleted as a design guide, but the data remains interesting. They tested black plastic, bare aluminum, and black anodized aluminum as enclosure materials in contact with the PCB assembly and found that plastic still has a significant heat sinking effect particularly in topside configurations, and may actually outperform polished aluminum in some circumstances due to superior radiation.

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKankles 2 years ago +1

    “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut until I can do more research because I don’t want to put bad info out there” this is one of the large reasons I watch this channel. Everything I have seen from Steve is incredibly solid and I absolutely dig it.

  • Adam
    Adam 2 years ago

    Quality vid, you never disappoint.

  • Nightmarious N
    Nightmarious N 11 months ago +1

    Gamers Nexus such a sympathical Dude!! Greets from Europe :D

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins 2 years ago

    You didn’t need LN2 fog or an AC. You needed to set the RGB to blue.

  • Dev The Canadian
    Dev The Canadian 2 years ago +2

    Loved the stream, I have a 1070 strix, I am thinking of the new 3080 strix, but now I'm worried about these capacitors issue.

    • Dev The Canadian
      Dev The Canadian 2 years ago

      @Ef o'Vex thanks!

    • Ef o'Vex
      Ef o'Vex 2 years ago

      3080 STRIX (as well as TUF) has 6 sets of MLCCs, no POSCAPS. Check der8auer for his STRIX "quick look" teardown vid. He doesn't talk about it, but you can see the capacitors on the card's backside around the 4 minute mark of the video.

  • mon94key
    mon94key 2 years ago +138

    In the words of his previous stream:
    Yeah we can hear you fine

    • me and me
      me and me 2 years ago +1


  • diecast jam
    diecast jam 2 years ago +2

    The reference board you shown, it strikes me that it's bigger than the whole motherboard from an Apple laptop, when I watch Louis Rossman's channel I'm always blown away at how tiny the motherboards are in laptops these days.

  • jacob almond
    jacob almond Year ago

    wouldn't you start reaching diminishing returns at those low temps? even getting to the point of harmful returns?

  • Steven Charette
    Steven Charette 2 years ago

    so im guessing they are GPU bound at 2ghz just like CPU bound to 5ghz i think its time for a new way for processing without heat restrictions alien technology we need

  • KvotheTheBloodless
    KvotheTheBloodless 2 years ago

    Awesome video. So cool to watch you do this stuff. I tried to buy the tool kit but it says it’s back ordered to mid January???? That sucks. But awesome channel thx for the content

  • Lakeland Records
    Lakeland Records Year ago

    You have integrity and that's one of the main reasons I come here.
    The mad scientist experiments are another.

  • Rorschach T
    Rorschach T 2 years ago +3

    I'm definitely gonna overclock my thermal paste.

  • Dennis Perry
    Dennis Perry 2 years ago +1

    For the person asking why Steve uses vas instead of dielectric grease, is price... Same functionality, but vas is WAY cheaper, lol.
    Dielectric grease isn't practical, cost wise for high volume like routine LN2 overclocking.

  • Justin Bell
    Justin Bell 2 years ago

    Get one of those cheap window a/c units, gut it and put the evaporator right in front of the gpu with a bunch of fans on it.

  • Dirty Ces
    Dirty Ces 2 years ago

    Just curious why he didn't raise the voltage slider when he did the air overclocking. I have the evga 3090 ftw3 ultra and I have it raised, now I'm thinking should I lower it back.

  • GCO40 Gray
    GCO40 Gray 2 years ago

    Congratulations on 1 million subs!!! Love the T shirt!!!

  • German Made
    German Made 2 years ago +193

    Yes, the big tank that says liquid nitrogen on it, is infact liquid nitrogen. Great question, chat.

      JAMALS_ASSHOLE Year ago

      @Cyn Hicks qq

    • Ren Carlson
      Ren Carlson Year ago

      @Cyn Hicks 7.the

    • MrPornstache
      MrPornstache 2 years ago +2

      I assumed it was filled with Cheese Whiz, to make that 3090 extra tasty.

    • Luna Clark
      Luna Clark 2 years ago

      @Broklond was was y y yj read esse w

    • Jaysin Block
      Jaysin Block 2 years ago +2

      @L "Empty" is a non-android way of saying 'devoid of what common sense would tell you should be contained in it'. Beep Boop. Aren't these human thinkers dumb?

  • Burak Okumuş
    Burak Okumuş 2 years ago +3

    What is the max power draw on the Evga Rtx 3090 ftw3 on O.C. mod when you max out the power slider? Haven't heard any info about that on video.

  • J.M. Clark
    J.M. Clark Year ago +1

    “Just vaseline for insulation” @4:35 Nailed it. Just learning the ropes. 🤣

  • Rick Edwards
    Rick Edwards 3 months ago

    Congratulations ! You just created an Amazon warehouse video card with a like new rating !

  • Ata Vax
    Ata Vax 2 years ago

    I wonder how much liquid Nitrogen he has to use before it becomes more cost effective to make his own.

  • Tristinfate
    Tristinfate 10 months ago

    Nvidia announced their new card and it will be coming soon to a price gouging scalper on eBay ( of course with a picture of the 5 pallets of cards that they purchased directly from Nvidia)

  • Reaper_Taco
    Reaper_Taco 2 years ago

    I'm assuming my i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, would throttle any new gen GPU whether it's the Nvidia 3000 series or AMD Big Navi series. I have a Samsung Odyssey G7 2k 240hz monitor. Looking to run games at 2k max settings. Currently have a RTX 2060 super.

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri 2 years ago +7

    When you were pushing the memory speeds, wouldn't it always apply even if it's erroring with this G6X VRAM? Or is it still possible to crash the card and it only handles artifacting? Jc

    • Brady Harr
      Brady Harr 2 years ago +2

      me and me shut up already

    • me and me
      me and me 2 years ago


    • Patrick Tho
      Patrick Tho 2 years ago +3

      not always, but mostly it would worsen performence, because it takes more cycles to error correct.

  • isHypnophobic
    isHypnophobic 2 years ago

    3:02:11 Ohoho, look it's me! Thanks for answering my question.
    To those wondering, yes an 8700k @5GHz will be bottlenecked by the 3090. Looks to be by around ~4-10%

    • me and me
      me and me 2 years ago


  • Sitarow
    Sitarow 2 years ago +2

    12:20 & 1:26:04 are an example of the correct BoM caps to use to prevent power noise at higher clock frequencies. Some cards unfortunately did not realize the importance of these little caps.
    3:32:33​ is an example of the use of all MCLL caps.
    Edit: There are different types of POSCAPS 220's and 470's and 330's - Higher number has more top voltage (operating range) that also added noise (specific filtering). I used 470's when I replaced the old caps on my PS3 60GB.
    1:59:09 Steve reads the official statement from EVGA
    2:01:00 Example of pre production with no MCLL caps from EVGA.

    • Sitarow
      Sitarow 2 years ago

      @Audaxxx indeed thank you for clarifying that. Does that in turn mean if a capacitor can carry more charge and during that charging cycle results in more noise? Or is it a unique way interfere by harmonious waveform that may cause some sort of destructive frequency in the GPU?

    • Audaxxx
      Audaxxx 2 years ago +1

      Higher capacitance value doesn't mean it can operate at a higher voltage. The voltage rating is what determines the voltage it can operate at. The capacitance determines the amount of charge the capacitor can carry and therefore the amount of noise filtering it can provide.

    • Murman
      Murman 2 years ago +1

      Thank you sir

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones 2 years ago

    That shirt is bad ass. Still waiting on mine to come in the mail. Your people assured me its coming.

  • AstralStorm
    AstralStorm 2 years ago +1

    Pouring LN2 just like that without gloves, long sleeves? Pretty insane. Love the danger factor!

  • Woken Starr
    Woken Starr Year ago

    Liquid Nitrogen - its a gas (at room temerature!) - hey I thought I saw Linus in the chat replay buat mayb I imagined it ...
    We're still goin crazy for 3 series here in the UK .. And most everywhere else, right ?

  • L
    L 2 years ago

    I think using less packaging and wasting money on useless unneeded extra bits of tech would cause a lower ambient worldwide ambient air temperature causing a massive increase in clock cycles for everyone. :D

  • Smarter Gaming
    Smarter Gaming 2 years ago +8

    Here are excerpts from a couple of Igor's Lab articles on the 3080/90 ...
    "Igor's Lab Aug 27, 2020 = NVIDIA has also completely sealed off the evaluation drivers this time. I don’t even think Furmark, let alone Time Spy, is running anymore, but only NVPunish (a stress testing program) for the thermal tests... from a board partner’s point of view it is of course quite strange when you produce something you don’t even know how fast it will be in the end.
    Igor's Lab Sept 25, 2020 - “reference board” PG132, which can also be understood as a so-called Base Design. Especially the backside and especially the area below the BGA is interesting. What is interesting about such drawings and the so-called BoM (Bill of Materials) is that you are offered different placement alternatives.
    Below the BGA we see the six NECESSARY capacitors for filtering high frequencies on the voltage rails, i.e. NVVDD and MSVDD.
    The BoM and the drawing from June leave it open whether large-area POSCAPs (Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid Capacitors) are used (marked in red), or rather the somewhat more expensive MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor).
    ...According to the list and specifications of Nvidia, both are possible...
    This also applies to the question of whether the BoM was subsequently changed again to completely exclude the exclusive use of POSCAPs/SP-CAPs."
    From reading the full articles it sure sounds like Nvidia may not have provided working drivers to AIB partners until late in the development process and may have known about capacitor issues, since the FE cards have 4 poscaps and 2 mlcc's ... but it appears the BoM may at one point indicated that 6 poscaps would work? Would love if GN could confirm any of what is in Igor's work and if I am reading it correctly?

    • me and me
      me and me 2 years ago


    • shane eslick
      shane eslick 2 years ago +1

      Buildzoid did release a video with his thoughts about the layout behind the Die today on AHOC , so I hope Steve & Buildzoid can look into it further too

  • Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    If only we had a future seeing device we would of all known it was about to be one of the worst times to start a new build … poor guy building a new pc from his last one 8 years ago lol man probably still doesn’t have a gpu …. Love the channel brother

  • davedurable
    davedurable Year ago

    For all the money in stuff you have there, you need to find a funnel for that nitrogen!

  • DaFaRsHeR
    DaFaRsHeR 2 years ago

    Ok, so noticed Gamer Nexus’s FTW3 has 2 MLCC’s on the PCB (better than most but it’s no ASUS TUF). Question is will we see ASUS TUF’s with 6 MLCC’s on the GPU PCB breaking the records?

  • Kalon Samulonis
    Kalon Samulonis 2 years ago

    Your MSI card probably didn't crash because they used 470 caps, compared to other cards that used 330s. It's all explained here. clip-share.net/video/GPFKS8jNNh0/video.html

  • Troy Meredith
    Troy Meredith 2 years ago

    Just an observation about your online store as of 9/26. You probably should remove the note that the Medium Modmats are in stock and shipping. It's the first thing I saw and was thinking of purchasing one but haven't seen the "Sold Out" change for a while.

  • TacticalBeard
    TacticalBeard Year ago

    Anyone have a time stamp for when he starts air cooled over clocking ?

  • Brian C
    Brian C 2 years ago +6

    I'm really interested in seeing the performance metrics comparing a 2080 (or Ti) overclocked to a 3080's power draw and a 3080 underclocked to match a 2080(/Ti)'s power draw, and compare the performance of the two when power levels are equal.

  • teanomilk
    teanomilk Year ago

    One question, I know its not about this card, a 2060sc at what temps should be the best???

  • Vinsmoke_Sanji
    Vinsmoke_Sanji 2 years ago +6

    Oh yes!!! #RIPJAY vs #RIPGN is on baby!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Can't wait for the liquid cooled on ice / dry ice and the grand finale on liquid Nitrogen!!! 🥶

  • antiisocial
    antiisocial 2 years ago

    This dude is a genius

  • ItzEmS
    ItzEmS 2 years ago

    The days of overclocking being a good skill outside of competitions is gone.ast good overclocking was the 700 series

  • J.G
    J.G Year ago

    Nope! in a way ur right about "not needing monitors anymore" with the 3090 cards that becuse PC monitors will become Tvs

  • buildingAbiz
    buildingAbiz Year ago +2

    Wow just casually pouring liquid nitrogen into multiple bottles with no protective gloves on his hands 😅 no fear!

    • Jesse Parrish
      Jesse Parrish 8 months ago

      Liquid nitrogen won't burn you with brief hand contact. The Leidenfrost Effect + water's heat capacity means humans can (briefly) touch things like molten metal streams without being burned. The King of Random has a video on here of him throwing it into his own face.
      You do want to wear gloves when handling liquid N2 if exposure can occur while grasping or carrying something heavy or over long distances, if only because you'll tend to clench rather than do a careful set down. Also, you definitely do NOT want to wear just *any* gloves. They'll trap the stuff and burn you.

  • RogueBrit
    RogueBrit Year ago +3

    This is like a back to the future video that will be only relevant in about ten years when someone actually owns one...

  • cameron
    cameron Year ago +4

    Just watched this whole vid and have no clue at all how 4 hours just went that fast

    • Joel
      Joel Year ago

      Am currently sleeping through it

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 2 years ago

    Has anyone ever tried selling a higher end case like an O11XL or an Evolv X?

  • CMDR Antezscar
    CMDR Antezscar 2 years ago

    what screen are you using here in the stream? it looks awesome.

  • ТурбоТОП
    ТурбоТОП Year ago

    Is that the same kind of liquid nitrogen heat exchanger that the naked miner in Chernobyl were installing to prevent meltdown of the reactor?

  • Flea B
    Flea B Year ago

    I must have gotten real Lucky with GPU die .
    With my first custom setup
    Intel i9 10900k @5.3
    32GB DDR4 PC3000
    Gigabyte 3090RTX Gaming OC 1755Ghz
    102% Target power
    91c temp max
    Fans 100%
    1840-2145 games 2070 2145
    Most games 56-67
    Some 72c 73c
    Benchmark 70 to 79c
    At 2185Ghz

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 2 years ago +7

    I’m so skimpy with my materials. Steve triggers my metaphorical OCD every time he dumps a gallon of nitrogen on the floor rather than just use a fat funnel or something.

  • youcan'tHandle thetruth

    Dood is going to lose a finger on that liquid nitrogen one day haha

  • Mauri Kunnas
    Mauri Kunnas 2 years ago

    Since the 3080 does not support multi GPU, could you do two 3090:s in SLi / nVlink? Maybe then it can run in 8K :D

  • Hector Santana
    Hector Santana 2 years ago +8

    3:45:38 for those interested in seeing why I'd pay $5 to ask when the next graphics vid from Andrew will be - check out Ask GN 100 and scroll to the question at 17:58 "Is Ray Tracing Actually Beneficial?"
    It's a crime against technology that it's been 2 year since he's been on xD
    edit: he was also featured in a video on ray tracing last February (part 1 of a ? part series called "100% Ray-Traced Game" [this installment titled "Faking RTX Global Illuminations vs RTX"] - so maybe Steve's talking about part 2 in his answer.)

    • Hector Santana
      Hector Santana 2 years ago

      for the three of you that don't already know you shouldn't edit comments given a "heart" - this comment actually received a heart from GN but I edited it and lost the heart xD edited again to bring it back to the original but the damage was done. Let that be a lesson to you!

  • Ben Chrimes
    Ben Chrimes 2 years ago

    Can I use CPU thermal paste on a 3090 GPU? Specifically, noctua NT-H2

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 2 years ago

    Jay always sounds tired and frustrated outside of his videos. I know he works a lot but it’s such a dramatic difference.

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh 2 years ago +1

    New viewer here, you’ve used EVGA cards in the 2 recent streams. Is it because they were available with you or because EVGA cards generally perform better?

  • Seijitzu
    Seijitzu 2 years ago +1

    Steve is a man of culture liking Trivium

  • ZEN Controller
    ZEN Controller 2 years ago

    DeBuer(forgive the spelling) showed by soldering the better MLC caps replacing all the original ones the card held over 100mhz better clocks. stability was far better, you might want to copy him and mod that 3090. Great work on the LN2pot BTW.

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan 2 years ago +2

    @GN how come when Linus played doom on an 8K tv it looked waaaay "smoother" and had a locked 60~ fps frame rate? yet under LN2 on a pc rig, it struggles to hit over 15?

    • Andrew Burns
      Andrew Burns 2 years ago

      No RTX and the doom/8k experience was heavily optimized. Linus said on WAN show that the TV was useless for anything else and a $300 TV had more features

    • Jerry H
      Jerry H 2 years ago +4

      Wasnt linus playing without rtx, and GN with rtx?

  • Matt
    Matt 2 years ago +7

    Is this live?
    I always miss these live. Damn it Janet!

  • Sivasai Abhiram
    Sivasai Abhiram 2 years ago +4

    How much was the peak power consumption?

  • BigAl268
    BigAl268 2 years ago

    Hey Steve, if I have one issue with your live streams, It would be a Lack of Moderators in Chat! I know they can't answer for you in everything, but my experience it's Way better than not having any at all!

  • TheAmmoniacal
    TheAmmoniacal 2 years ago

    The Clip-Share channel "Tech Ingredients" built a cheap anechoic chamber that works pretty well!

  • Johnny Acevedo Soto
    Johnny Acevedo Soto 2 years ago

    “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut until I can do more research because I don’t want to put bad info out there” this is one of the large reasons I watch this channel. Everything I have seen from Steve is incredibly solid and I absolutely dig it.

  • EWIK_1222
    EWIK_1222 2 years ago +5

    Fell asleep watching this and then dreamt that Steve and Jay were my high school physics and chem teachers

  • ItsThaKingHomie
    ItsThaKingHomie 2 years ago

    8K Gaming Experience @12 FPS possible with NVIDIA. AMD VERY VERY JEALOUS NOW!!

  • Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson 25 days ago

    1:23:20 di0eelectric grease is just silicone grease and when sold by that name you can get large amounts for cheap. its also O-ring grease.