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Minecraft, but Lava Rises Every Minute!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • 1nf1n1te Noob
    1nf1n1te Noob 2 years ago +20809

    Chandler is that type of person who would climb a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

    • Kiritsugu
      Kiritsugu 2 years ago +346


    • WhoGotYouSmilingLikeThat
      WhoGotYouSmilingLikeThat 2 years ago +713

      This comment is stolen and this reply is stolen ( also this is a joke lol)

    • jeffrey keupers
      jeffrey keupers 2 years ago +120


    • Mypoopcomeout
      Mypoopcomeout 2 years ago +214

      This comment is underated atm.
      Edit:now this comment got what it should have

    • Cringlyy Gt
      Cringlyy Gt 2 years ago +69


  • hyofi
    hyofi Year ago +1526

    Jimmy: “you took my iron.”
    Chris: “no I didn’t.”
    Chandler: “aw, that sheep is gonna be done for 😢”

  • Neil Ganguly
    Neil Ganguly Year ago +652

    I like it how Chandler is always laughing and is in his own world

  • ThatRandomJoeGuy
    ThatRandomJoeGuy 5 months ago +16

    Karl’s laughter is worthy enough to be a viral meme

  • Crafting Menace
    Crafting Menace Year ago +998

    The reveal of Chris admitting he stole the iron at the end is brilliant comedy

  • BrazenEdits
    BrazenEdits 5 months ago +31

    Whenever Jimmy does videos with his friends, he punishes the loser. But when he does videos with strangers he rewards the winner.

  • Nicholas Shields
    Nicholas Shields 2 years ago +1158

    Everyone is talking about how chris stole jimmy’s iron but nobody is talking about how Karl actually won.

  • amiali
    amiali Year ago +207

    I love how they just forgot about the lava and just killed each other instead of the lava killing them 😂

  • Laffability
    Laffability Year ago +261

    Not gonna lie, Chris had the best strategy at the beginning

    • Armada
      Armada Year ago +1

      IROH???? and yeah but he has weak potential (idk wtf im saying)

    • a e
      a e Year ago

      I can,t look at tis

    • Rayyan Hyder
      Rayyan Hyder 10 months ago

      @Armada ??-

    • Armada
      Armada 10 months ago

      @Rayyan Hyder its out of context

    • Caroline C.
      Caroline C. 10 months ago

      Y’a I am wise is right

  • Rebecca Rosado
    Rebecca Rosado 10 months ago +60

    I love how Chris didn't admit to have stolen the iron until the game had already ended XD

  • Invisible Talks Animation
    Invisible Talks Animation 10 months ago +21

    Well, Chris is honestly the only one who could've actually stolen Mr.Beast's iron

  • Isaac
    Isaac 6 months ago +3

    the way chris said ‘are we pee pee?’ made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Habib Ly
    Habib Ly 2 years ago +647

    Chandler looks happier, now that he has an island.

    • GodZly Productions
      GodZly Productions 2 years ago +6

      Omg true he’s happier

    • rayyan adam
      rayyan adam 2 years ago +3

      William Gyamfi now u know what happens

    • Ternodon S
      Ternodon S 2 years ago +2

      I am still happy for him.

    • ItsAverage
      ItsAverage 2 years ago +2

      These bots are annoying I don’t get how people sub to them like sub to people who actually make vids like me

    • griffin Armstrong
      griffin Armstrong 2 years ago +1

      William Gyamfi f

  • Coasters and Rides
    Coasters and Rides Year ago +58

    I love how Chandler literally is laughing like crazy after Chris said pp 😂 😂 😂
    “Dirt don’t hurt”
    I love your videos!!

    JTVHIGHLIGHTSSC 10 months ago +59

    Everyone in the episode-
    Chris- Stealing iron and loving dirt
    Jimmy- Blaming chris
    Karl- Actually being a productive miner deep in the ground
    Chandler- Finding diamonds

  • Incepter
    Incepter 6 months ago +5

    Lesson of the day: Don’t steal Jimmy’s iron when lava is rising in minecraft…

  • Arvie pros
    Arvie pros Year ago +26

    Karl, Chris and Chandler are lucky to have Jimmy as a friend

  • Sharon Sookram
    Sharon Sookram 10 months ago +172

    1:05 I've never heard Chandler laugh so hard before 🤣🤣🤣

    • SuRt
      SuRt 9 months ago +2

      DIRT DONT HURT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • SuRt
      SuRt 9 months ago


    • Leanna Marie
      Leanna Marie 8 months ago +1

      Best moment in the video 😂😂

    • Helicopterqueen
      Helicopterqueen 7 months ago


  • Prod. Akhiro!
    Prod. Akhiro! 2 years ago +169

    Chandler is like one of those adults who reluctantly play with the kids until he dies and then leaves.

  • realshyalpha
    realshyalpha Year ago +142

    3:07-3:15 Karl's British accent was spot on

  • Rie XDH
    Rie XDH Year ago +20

    He was so calm in the first episode and has increasingly lost his sanity.

  • Salmo3
    Salmo3 9 months ago +13

    new life lesson: never steal jimmy's iron.

  • Sisters Daily - Candace Clarke

    Karls got a FANTACTIC english accent
    bloody well done

  • Dezztic
    Dezztic 10 months ago +20

    Alternative title: Jimmy blaming Chris for stealing his iron when death is rising

  • Kal on 75 hz
    Kal on 75 hz 2 years ago +704

    I wanna see Jimmy, Chandler, Chris and Karl do their own Minecraft survival lets play

    • Spider Guy
      Spider Guy 2 years ago +4


    • Ok
      Ok 2 years ago +30

      Cant like ur a fortnite kid

    • Edgy Fart
      Edgy Fart 2 years ago +3

      said everyone ever

    • Brian Akers
      Brian Akers 2 years ago

      Noobie but great idea

    • Kal on 75 hz
      Kal on 75 hz 2 years ago

      I’m not a fortnite kid I’m just too lazy to change my pfp and username lol I mostly play Minecraft and Roblox

  • Schwyk
    Schwyk Year ago +44

    Jimmys face is priceless at 1:48 - 1:50

  • Ansh Chauhan
    Ansh Chauhan Year ago +73

    Jimmy: This is gonna be one of the most EPIC and Hardest challenges we have done.
    Also Jimmy: *has literally given away an island* 🫂

  • Leanna Marie
    Leanna Marie 8 months ago +1

    Chandler's laugh after ppp 😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾😂😂

  • Gamey Zohaib
    Gamey Zohaib Year ago +58

    Chris:dirt is amazing
    Chandler makes a awkward face
    Also chandler: dirt don't hurt

  • Chanwoo~
    Chanwoo~ 10 months ago +1

    Karl's British accent is on point 😩

  • Phan Chi Nam
    Phan Chi Nam 2 years ago +674

    I love how Karl was the one suffering when Chris was eating the food

  • KidBeast Gaming
    KidBeast Gaming Year ago +274

    Jimmy : We're gonna pvp in the sky.
    Chris : aRe wE pP-

  • Natalie Bishop
    Natalie Bishop Year ago +64

    I love how chandler just starts laughing when chriss says pee per

  • LiquidCat09
    LiquidCat09 9 months ago +1

    Chandler literally admitted he took Jimmy's iron at 1:44

  • Mission Lego
    Mission Lego Year ago +2

    The big brain play in this challenge was to get a bucket and tower above people and drop lava.

  • Kjetil Osablod Grønvigh
    Kjetil Osablod Grønvigh 5 months ago +42

    It is said that Chris is still wanted for sealing jimmy’s iron to this day😮

  • xX_Cyptic
    xX_Cyptic 2 years ago +137

    I can never look at chandler the same knowing he now owns a island

    • Chanman Death
      Chanman Death 2 years ago +3

      Ngl i completely forgot that Chandler won an island.

    • Liam Prosser
      Liam Prosser 2 years ago +4

      @Him get a sense of humor

    • Him
      Him 2 years ago +4

      Liam Prosser he was literally spamming

    • maylis
      maylis 2 years ago +1

      Harry Potter ok

  • unikind AJ
    unikind AJ Year ago +5

    Karls laugh is amazing LOL

  • Juju
    Juju Year ago +6

    Chandler is more concerned about that sheep then his own life 🤣

  • Pratishtha Bajracharya
    Pratishtha Bajracharya 7 months ago +1

    Others : *Building to the sky *
    Chandler : Oh this sheep is done for

  • beatz_o
    beatz_o Year ago +7

    Lol It’s always good content when the boys are gaming together!

  • Alem Tewolde
    Alem Tewolde 6 months ago +1

    Literally INSANE! Keep it up!

  • Cub cub
    Cub cub 2 years ago +186

    All we're asking for is a simple Survival Multiplayer world with Jimmy and the boys!

    • Hmm •
      Hmm • 2 years ago +4

      They're to good for survival lmao

    • Kids Account
      Kids Account 2 years ago +1


    • Samaira
      Samaira 2 years ago +1

      Yes pls and also part III to the exploding series where they r trying to reach the end we need part III and a normal smp series!!!!

    • Outdoor Adventurur
      Outdoor Adventurur 2 years ago

      Yo XD no

  • MelagEdits
    MelagEdits Year ago +334

    Karl’s British accent is on point 😂😂😂

  • robloxxkaiju11
    robloxxkaiju11 Year ago +3

    Karl: I've had a bunch of buckets ready. 2 hours later Karl without any buckets ready

  • Samiiie
    Samiiie 2 months ago +1

    3:04 Karl's British accent is so adorabls.

  • TheLivingMeme
    TheLivingMeme Year ago +1

    Karl is the type of person to wash his hands after getting out of the shower

  • Rylan Ross
    Rylan Ross 4 months ago +2

    I love how Chris Occasionally calls jimmy “Jim jams”

  • Breadman
    Breadman 2 years ago +96

    Chandler is like a pigeon:
    -always pooping
    -making random sounds

  • Helén Alsed
    Helén Alsed Year ago

    I love how jimmy says ” why do everyone hate me ” when everyone loves him for givning away a house almost every two weeks😅😅😅

  • Falbify
    Falbify Year ago

    Can we atleast appreciate how much effort he put in??

  • The Headset Guy
    The Headset Guy 10 months ago +1

    This whole video was Jimmy having a vendetta against Chris for stealing his iron

  • Alexqb
    Alexqb 8 months ago +1

    I love seeing jimmy scream at chandler and karl

  • tigo
    tigo 2 years ago +244

    Everybody: Worried about not dying
    Chandler: *s h e e p.*

    • oddconstantine
      oddconstantine 2 years ago

      2 bots

    • *Sodee *
      *Sodee * 2 years ago

      Can you stop peeps commenting on this with your Clip-Share

    • teofilo ljubisavljevic
      teofilo ljubisavljevic 2 years ago

      Lololol so funy haha...no. Generic 6 yr old comment based on:
      All but funny

  • Justchill16
    Justchill16 Year ago +33

    9:18 The most intense moment turned into a disappointing outcome for jimmy 🤣😂

  • oh
    oh Year ago +7

    Chandler makes me laugh so much in a good way!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    JTVHIGHLIGHTSSC 10 months ago +1

    Everyone in the fight-
    Jimmy- Acting like a gorilla
    Chandler- Getting shot
    Chris- Getting his truce taken away from jimmy
    Karl- Wasting 70 stacks of cobblestone

  • John Garabedian
    John Garabedian Year ago +1

    I’m not gonna lie Karl has one heck of a accent.

  • Random_crewmate
    Random_crewmate 11 months ago +4

    I love how Karl has a british accent, pretty decent actually.

    • OJD
      OJD 9 months ago


  • NyxArtemis
    NyxArtemis 2 years ago +485

    Jimmy’s content is jut getting better and better all the time!

  • •NPC Productions•

    Yall are the funniest group. Especially Karl & Chandler

  • ProfessorAndrew
    ProfessorAndrew Year ago +1

    Karl’s british accent is really good

  • Guytoons
    Guytoons Month ago +1

    The lesson we learned today: Don’t steal MrBeast’s iron.

  • cat
    cat Year ago +4

    is no one gonna talk about Karl's perfect 👌 accent

  • Ramurino
    Ramurino 10 months ago +1

    Karl Chris and chandler: building up
    Jimmy: staying near the ground to get a good shot

  • Norium
    Norium 2 years ago +27

    The amount of content jimmy can dish out in a short amount of time is maddd

    • Norium
      Norium 2 years ago +1

      DON'T READ MY PROFILE PIC! Ur everywhere lol

  • Deeptee Tee
    Deeptee Tee Year ago +1

    Karl has such a good British accent

  • Jacobs_Sushi
    Jacobs_Sushi Year ago +157

    Everyone: We love you Jimmy.
    Jimmy: Everyone hates me.

    • Al
      Al Year ago +2


    • ~ッ_ST♡
      ~ッ_ST♡ Year ago +1

      Jimmy is mrbeast

    • greeny
      greeny Year ago +3

      @~ッ_ST♡ we know

    • Nova Productions
      Nova Productions Year ago +1

      Haha so funny

    • MorbSTER
      MorbSTER Year ago +1

      @~ッ_ST♡ No he isnt. Jimmy is a person, Mr beast is a person but with a Mr

  • Watashi wa Kelvin
    Watashi wa Kelvin 7 months ago +1

    Alright, a lesson for today: never steal Jimmy's iron

  • Carter Lineker
    Carter Lineker Year ago +2

    Jimmy: Ok, now it's time for me to kill you Karl.
    Also Jimmy: *Forgets to sprint and misses the smallest freaking jump in Minecraft*
    Karl: *makes the loudest hyena laugh on the channel*

  • gamervance
    gamervance 7 months ago +77

    Jimmy: *misses a two-block jump*
    Karl: *hyena laugh*

  • iActivateBlox
    iActivateBlox 2 years ago +1058

    Moral of the story: Never steal Jimmy's stuff.

  • rhiannon conn
    rhiannon conn Year ago +6

    love how karl is the one gagging and suffering and he aint eatting it hahah

  • Friar Faithful
    Friar Faithful Year ago +1

    I love Karl’s laugh so much

  • Ziggy Master
    Ziggy Master 10 months ago +5

    I love karls pretend accent 😂

  • KoalafiedKoala
    KoalafiedKoala Year ago +3

    Imagine playing this in VR…

  • Orgqnic
    Orgqnic 10 months ago +1

    3:03 I love how Karl talks

  • tigo
    tigo 2 years ago +1891

    Petition: for chandler to actually play Minecraft on his Island

    • Helen Eardley Taylor
      Helen Eardley Taylor 2 years ago +7

      Tigo .__. Yes

    • That one gamer
      That one gamer 2 years ago +6

      YES SIR

    • Him
      Him 2 years ago +11

      Your Comment got A Heart From Pewdiepie! Wtf

    • Shadowman
      Shadowman 2 years ago +4

      Your comment got a heart from Obama HOW

    • Oregano
      Oregano 2 years ago +5

      One of the laws was no chopping trees

  • bear alpha fan
    bear alpha fan Year ago +3

    Alternative title: jimmy complaining about who stole his iron for 10 minutes

  • Kaleb Ballard
    Kaleb Ballard Year ago +1

    From the beginning I want Chris to eat it because I couldn’t bare to see Karl or chandler eat it. I got what I wanted. Karl could barely watch Chris

  • The Nether Lord
    The Nether Lord 9 months ago +1

    chris screaming 'WHATCHA DOING, JIM-JAM??' just cracked me up

  • HW Hunter🛞🔥
    HW Hunter🛞🔥 Year ago +59

    Jimmy: His iron gets stolen
    Chris: Steals Jimmy’s iron
    Chandler: Innocently mining iron

  • Irmuun Enkhtuvshin
    Irmuun Enkhtuvshin 7 months ago

    Jimmy was like "who stole my iron?" And Chandler, Chris, Karl Shout it "not me"

  • Iceify_YT
    Iceify_YT Year ago +1063

    Jimmy and Chris: *literally arguing*
    No one:
    Chandler: aw that sheep is gonna be done for :(

    • Hoseok slays
      Hoseok slays Year ago +19

      At least he cared for the sheEp

    • Reed playz
      Reed playz Year ago +4


    • Maksim
      Maksim Year ago +4

      Awwww chandlers such a honeybun 💄👅🌸💖 RENEGADE 👑🤪🐝🍯 RENEGADE 🦞🍄🌹🥀 STAN CHARLI, DREAM AND KARL

    • Batterykid1
      Batterykid1 Year ago +11

      @Maksim chill bruh

    • Maksim
      Maksim Year ago +2

      @Batterykid1 satire

  • The Pokemon And Roblox Masta

    Karls Brittish accent is just **Chef Kiss**

  • Jhon Michael Oliva
    Jhon Michael Oliva Year ago +24

    Jimmy puts a smile on his face while he covers his embarass face

  • Čłŷdê._.Døñøvâñ

    I love how chris admits he stole Jimmy's iron after the whole video

  • JellyYummy
    JellyYummy Year ago +1

    Karl's British accent 😍

  • Asher Anderson
    Asher Anderson 6 months ago +1

    "Dirt don't hurt"
    -Chandler 2020

  • Alec Galloway
    Alec Galloway 2 years ago +335

    Plot twist: Jimmy pulls off a dream and yeets Karl into the moon he bought for earth in a different video

  • Roblox / Minecraft Addict

    Jimmy: Falls Off Bridge Wanting To Fight
    Karl: "Hahaha"

  • SCM
    SCM Year ago +9

    Jimmy: Gets ready to crush Carl
    Also Jimmy: Forgets to push Ctrl to sprint and loses...

    • SCM
      SCM Year ago

      @SaraCStudios I'm so sorry

    • Gus Fring
      Gus Fring 10 months ago

      Karl* :troll:

  • Withered Golden Freddy
    Withered Golden Freddy 7 months ago +3

    Good video, can’t wait for the next one!🎃

  • Yeshabel Fuentes
    Yeshabel Fuentes Year ago +37

    So folks, what lesson did we learn today?

    • Christina Chaloka
      Christina Chaloka Year ago

      Steal not still

    • Yeshabel Fuentes
      Yeshabel Fuentes Year ago

      @Christina Chaloka sorry, my grammar isn't that good cause I'm still learning but thanks for the correction though

    • Christina Chaloka
      Christina Chaloka Year ago

      @Yeshabel Fuentes my mom English teacher me not like type tho

  • Kyle Trav
    Kyle Trav 5 months ago +35

    Karl speaking in British accent😂

    • SidneyBates
      SidneyBates 5 months ago

      I have heard that :D I was thinking that I have bad Ears :DDDDD Iayan=IronxD

  • It’s Domm
    It’s Domm 2 years ago +103

    We all learned a valuable lesson today: Never EVER steal Jimmy's iron.

    • Jason Chui
      Jason Chui 2 years ago +1

      We all learned a valuable lesson today: Never EVER steal Jimmy's iron.

    • It’s Domm
      It’s Domm 2 years ago

      muhammad suleman you can believe I copied but I know I didn't

    • Nooneishere.
      Nooneishere. 2 years ago

      We all learned a valuable lesson today: never EVER steal Jimmy’s iron.

  • xkatx
    xkatx Year ago +1

    The fact Karl changed his whole voice

  • Hillier Utopia
    Hillier Utopia Year ago

    Shout out to your editor. He's very good at his job

  • Setayeshp.r
    Setayeshp.r 9 months ago

    03:07 I'm just in love with Karl's british accent

  • Michele Heap
    Michele Heap Year ago +1

    Karl has the best British accent is so good!