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Borussia Dortmund - FC Schalke 04 1-0 | Highlights | Matchday 7 - Bundesliga 2022/23

  • Published on Sep 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Connie's left shin bone.
    Connie's left shin bone. 4 months ago +65

    Malen is amazing, didn't see this game going another way.

  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball 4 months ago +5

    Both teams fans watching the match side by side...what an incredible derby 💙🤍

  • Carlisle Panting
    Carlisle Panting 4 months ago +18

    I'm a Real Madrid fan but i I've always loved the Bundesliga and the EPL a LOT!!

  • Foreign Currency
    Foreign Currency 4 months ago +2

    The atmosphere in the stadium looks amazing

  • ERTH
    ERTH 4 months ago +9

    Wishing Reus speedy recovery, hope he make it to the WC, he can a potential great player, just that he is being ruin by all these injury

    • Artuqs
      Artuqs 4 months ago

      @Shadow Blade even better

    • Shadow Blade
      Shadow Blade 4 months ago

      @Artuqs nope. Medicals confirmed he will be fully fit after 3 weeks

    • Artuqs
      Artuqs 4 months ago

      3 months out😭

  • Little King
    Little King 4 months ago +10

    Moukoko gonna be a Legend 👏💪

    • BrunoBulldog
      BrunoBulldog 2 months ago

      You are absouletly right! 🟡⚫

  • Benzo
    Benzo 4 months ago +21

    Moukoukou machallah 👍👍👍

  • Daniel Nájera Betancourt
    Daniel Nájera Betancourt 4 months ago +31

    No Reus injury? He's one of the the football's most unlucky/loved icon, everyone worries when something happen to him: Editor please!

    • Liverbot
      Liverbot 4 months ago +1

      @Prashasta Vijai Singh I think it could be much longer than that, unfortunately. It’s an ankle ligament injury.

    • Prashasta Vijai Singh
      Prashasta Vijai Singh 4 months ago

      @Muhammad S are you sure?

    • Muhammad S
      Muhammad S 4 months ago +4

      Out for three weeks. Not out for the World Cup

    • Dittu Devasia
      Dittu Devasia 4 months ago +1


  • Best Since Day One
    Best Since Day One 4 months ago +7

    Good moukoko 👍🏻👍🏻🖤💛

  • Hei Nga Cheung
    Hei Nga Cheung 4 months ago +2

    0:40 Schalke pretending to be fouled by Meyer...dispicable...

    RAGHAVENDRA DESAI 4 months ago +3


  • Fabian Lozano
    Fabian Lozano 4 months ago +5

    Poor Schalke 04 😪

  • Samuel Filipe Almeida
    Samuel Filipe Almeida 4 months ago +2

    Good game

  • نصراوي عالمي
    نصراوي عالمي 3 months ago +1

    الحمدلله دائماً وأبداً...

  • Mohamed Fawas
    Mohamed Fawas 4 months ago +1

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  • نصراوي عالمي

    الحمدلله دائماً وأبداً...

  • Prashasta Vijai Singh
    Prashasta Vijai Singh 4 months ago +1

    How can you not include Reus' injury? His hopes for playing in World Cup are over!

  • The Matchday Experience
    The Matchday Experience 4 months ago +1

    Bundesliga fans 🤩🤩

  • Alex 1909
    Alex 1909 4 months ago +7


  • BrunoBulldog
    BrunoBulldog 2 months ago

    Schwolow is going to be a legend asswell!

  • anele masuku
    anele masuku 4 months ago +1

    That dude ain't 17🤣🤣🤣

  • BrunoBulldog
    BrunoBulldog 2 months ago

    Fur Schalke!!!🔵⚪

  • B3lkb4k0go
    B3lkb4k0go 4 months ago +8

    Bro this is gonna be one of the best games in bundesliga history, Moukoko is amazing.

    • Patrick Körfer
      Patrick Körfer 4 months ago

      @Dirty Mike and the boys Have you ever heared of the 12:0 win from Borussia Mönchengladbach against BVB.
      This might be the best

    • Dirty Mike and the boys
      Dirty Mike and the boys 4 months ago

      Have you ever heared of the 4:4 between these two teams? This might be the best ...

    • Danish Yusop
      Danish Yusop 4 months ago

      Should start over aging modeste i think

    • Jdjdjd Yjxjxjxj
      Jdjdjd Yjxjxjxj 4 months ago +4

      Right a 1:0 win over Schalke is one of the best games in History of the Bundesliga 😂😂😂

  • lovegermany3885
    lovegermany3885 4 months ago +1

    Josha vagnoman please call him to the germany national team

  • Guillermo Garrido Mesa
    Guillermo Garrido Mesa 4 months ago +2

    What happened to Kobel?

    • Clive
      Clive 4 months ago


  • Spanish Peaks 2022
    Spanish Peaks 2022 4 months ago +1

    The mother of all Derbies 😂😂😂 come on man

  • exoplanet
    exoplanet 4 months ago +1

    Am sure malen will be sold soon.

      WHO I AM GAMING 4 months ago

      Yeah, this is the destiny for a club like BVB Dortmund who always sold their best players

    • Rare Football
      Rare Football 4 months ago +1

      BVB is always on for the profits.

    • Muhammad S
      Muhammad S 4 months ago +1

      He is good though. Lots of pacy runs.

  • Stekaren HD
    Stekaren HD 4 months ago +11

    Why didnt you include when Can tried to hospitalise Zalazar?

    • Liverbot
      Liverbot 4 months ago +1

      Why didn’t they also include Reus’ injury?

  • Frosty_Xy
    Frosty_Xy 4 months ago +1

    Malen is better than modeste idc what you say.

  • ardnI hallidaF
    ardnI hallidaF 4 months ago

    Derby Mediocre

  • Mr curly wurly
    Mr curly wurly 4 months ago +1

    German fans are diffrent gravy

  • 卐
     4 months ago +2

    Terrible game

  • Alif Alif
    Alif Alif 4 months ago


  • Farchan Ridloillah
    Farchan Ridloillah 4 months ago +1


  • n ali
    n ali 4 months ago +1

    no haaland? no problem, moukoko to the rescue