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Doctor Reacts To John Wick Fight Injuries

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike  Year ago +634

    Announcing My Clip-Share Boxing Career w/ Ryan Garcia here -> clip-share.net/video/ggus7ps7aBQ/video.html

      GOPAL AWM YT 27 days ago

      He is a soldier at start of the movie look at its back a sign represent navy

    • Matthew Anderson
      Matthew Anderson Month ago +1

      John wick library scene is the one I want you to diagnose specifically.

    • GoldenGameEagle
      GoldenGameEagle Month ago

      Dr Mike should do a react to medical scenes from Nobody (2021)

    • TheInfamousHJ
      TheInfamousHJ 2 months ago

      Please watch the other john wick movies!!!!

    • Krzysztof Maziak
      Krzysztof Maziak 5 months ago

      Femur jokes heh really tickles my humerus :)

  • Critical Nobody
    Critical Nobody Year ago +6567

    Today I learned that gunshots hurt and suffocation is bad

    • KarmaKahn
      KarmaKahn Year ago

      In the world of John Wick those are just vicious rumors.

    • waltir
      waltir Year ago

      Hi craig

    • Galaxis
      Galaxis Year ago

      but death = 100% cure

    • Audrey
      Audrey Year ago +1

      No no, you learned that gunshots hurt, suffocation is bad and NEVER under any circumstance hurt bear.

    • That Bad Pilot
      That Bad Pilot Year ago

      You forgot that stabs hurt too

  • Majdo17
    Majdo17 Month ago +55

    This literally prepared me for my science exam because I’m learning about the bones.

    • Majdo17
      Majdo17 2 days ago

      @AlyceNova lol

    • AlyceNova
      AlyceNova 2 days ago

      Teacher: so how did you study for the test?
      Me: ummm funny story...**this video**

  • Puggyjman107
    Puggyjman107 10 months ago +421

    8:54 if there's something I've learned is to never mess with a Doctor. They may have the oath to never do harm, but if they do decide to renounce that oath, they know precisely how to kill in the most efficient and/or painful way possible.

    • Jerry
      Jerry Month ago

      @Moltkeys whats it called

    • Dominator and who cares anyways
      Dominator and who cares anyways Month ago

      @Gammer Games Thats why i said if you strech the logic. Thats why we have laws so you dont bend stuff

    • Gammer Games
      Gammer Games 2 months ago +1

      @Dominator and who cares anyways yeah but i mean we have law enforcement for that, and then theres this whole argument about vigilantism

    • Moltkeys
      Moltkeys 3 months ago

      There’s a movie about that

    • Dominator and who cares anyways
      Dominator and who cares anyways 5 months ago +6

      @Jason Mason if i stretch the logic a bit, killing a serial killer or smth could count as life preserving

  • Edgar Castelo
    Edgar Castelo Month ago +30

    The way he wanted to say how painful it would be but then says welp prob solved since he died 🤣

  • Lucifer Satani
    Lucifer Satani 10 months ago +50

    Two things.
    1: one reason I really like John Wick is that it is, for the most part, rather realistic. Like, John gets hit and injured, so he’s not portrayed as this godlike man, he’s just really skilled. And most of his kills are head shots.
    2: I’ve always thought that a doctor who knows how to really fight, would be a terrifying opponent. They know just where to hit to cause the most pain, or for you to bleed but not die, or die both slowly and painfully. It’s kinda scary.

    • Christian Graff
      Christian Graff 20 hours ago

      What's realistic? He wouldn't be able to throw a punch after the very first scene lol. The Bourne movies were realistic, but John wick is hilariously unrealistic

    • ItsLuckzy
      ItsLuckzy 9 months ago +7

      john wick's awesome but its no where close to being realistic

  • Jean
    Jean Year ago +6706

    The fact that Doctor Mike actually has the knowledge to kill you efficiently is high-key scary XD

    • Olivia Norman
      Olivia Norman 9 days ago

      He’s kill your efficiently, but given his specific skill set, if he didn’t dispose of the body properly, he wouldn’t get away with it for long.

    • That Taco Guy
      That Taco Guy 22 days ago

      Never try to intimidate a doctor.

    • m0thm1lkk
      m0thm1lkk 26 days ago


    • Aiden
      Aiden Month ago

      Meet my mom then she's not a doctor she just is overly strong and knows vital points

    • Zuko Halliwell
      Zuko Halliwell Month ago

      Luckily, he's bound by the Hippocratic Oath.

  • N 1 G
    N 1 G Month ago +8

    No doctor can take the hit John wick has taken 😭

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson Month ago +5

    Would have liked to see the John wick 3 library scene

  • Marc Kuhnhenne
    Marc Kuhnhenne Month ago +3

    "Keep the alcohol away", shows picture of a bottle of non alcoholic beer 😂

  • Heather S
    Heather S Month ago +2

    If I were John Wick then I would totally do parkour in my off time.

  • Danceofmasks
    Danceofmasks Year ago +8329

    "Thanos, we have a problem."
    "What is it?"
    "John Wick. He survived the snap."
    "So what?"
    "His dog didn't."

    • Kratos
      Kratos 5 days ago

      o boy

    • The Ora Ora Guy
      The Ora Ora Guy 14 days ago

      Ohhhhhh Myyyy God😵

    • Adithyan
      Adithyan Month ago

      What happen his wife died becouse the snap

    • Fnaffan_13
      Fnaffan_13 Month ago

      Oh no, Don’t mess with John wick especially if you killed something or someone that’s related to his wife or anyone else my god

    • BasicallyWeird_jpg
      BasicallyWeird_jpg 2 months ago

      Oh no

  • Ignition [FR] n2
    Ignition [FR] n2 11 months ago +56

    0:10 - Concussion
    0:30 - Kick in the gut
    0:35 - Broken arm
    0:40 - Kick in the face
    1:15 - Headshots
    1:40 - Glass window
    2:15 - Heart stab
    2:30 - Neck stab
    2:40 - Leg twisting
    2:50 - Neck cracking
    3:10 - Mouth stabbing
    3:30 - Shoulder stab
    4:10 - Neck slap
    4:20 - Glass in the eye
    4:35 - Fall
    4:55 - No alcohol
    5:10 - Medicine
    5:40 - Useless sling
    5:55 - Shot in the quad
    6:00 - Thumb dislocation
    6:20 - Suffocation
    6:35 - Shot in the gut
    7:10 - Blunt force trauma
    7:35 - Elbow dislocation
    8:00 - Peroxide
    8:15 - Bear mode

  • Zaccarellish
    Zaccarellish 8 months ago +36

    Dr. Mike casually: "Yeah so, suffocation is a big problem."
    That is an understatement, Sir.

  • bchiser
    bchiser Day ago

    Gotta say, didn't know if I was going to find these that entertaining, but lesson learned. Not only entertaining but a little educational also. Thanks for the channel, good job doc.

  • Boris
    Boris 11 months ago +25

    6:26 is actually a legit move from judo. It's not a low kick, it's an undercut

  • BlackKoshka23
    BlackKoshka23 Year ago +3114

    Come to think about it, a doctor knows exactly where to stab or where to hit to leave you with a deadly injury.
    Please, nobody hurts Bear.

    • Dylan08
      Dylan08 2 months ago +1

      @Micheal.J.R is that before or after you get shot and/or stabbed? Or will you kick the gun or knife out of their hand and karate chop their jugular into exploding?

    • aliceramdom.s
      aliceramdom.s 2 months ago

      they won't

    • Sparty
      Sparty 2 months ago

      I want to see his reaction of John falling off a building.

    • NutsAndBolts
      NutsAndBolts 3 months ago

      @Micheal.J.R Sure sure, whatever let's you sleep at night.

    • Cute Chicken
      Cute Chicken 3 months ago

      @Micheal.J.R Bro can u teach me ?

  • Katie Mueller
    Katie Mueller 25 days ago

    Doctor Mike! I started watching your videos a few months ago. I love how incredibly informative these videos are, and it makes me wanna learn more about the medical field. Thanks!

  • Alexa Bloom
    Alexa Bloom Day ago

    Не ожидала, что Доктор Майк знает русский !) У вас отличное произношение! Не перестаю удивляться количеству ваших увлечений и способностей. Вы вдохновляете меня работать над собой и развиваться ! Спасибо 🤗♥️

  • Enomiel Lanidrac
    Enomiel Lanidrac 3 months ago +1

    03:39 This isn't as far fetched as you'd think: big dude saw the stab coming and thus could brace himself whereas the stepping of his toes occurs below his line of sight and thus he wasn't braced against. The surprise pain made him flinch and this is distraction enough for John to free his arm from the grip, although as you noted the reaction is exaggerated to be prescriptible on screen.

  • Lawrence kassab
    Lawrence kassab 6 months ago +1

    I was in a bar fight and was held down by seven other guys close to my size, (6 2" 350) and another big guy with a running start kicked me in the face like a football and busted my lip but broke his foot. No concussion for me and not knocked out or any lasting damage.
    I've been in a lot of fights

  • ZombieBrains nut
    ZombieBrains nut Year ago +1724

    I believe a doctor who's lost everything and goes after the people who killed his family and ruined his job would be a great movie.

  • Eddie Bauer Epedition YEEYEE

    You’re reactions and diagnosis for everything is amazing. Thank you for the great videos every time and I love your big bear of a dog 😁

  • Shafaq
    Shafaq 11 months ago +2

    Its absolute admirable that being a doctor and boxer, Doctor Mike manages to also have fun informative content 👍🏼

  • Soren Jensen
    Soren Jensen 7 months ago +2

    I can attest that yes, the leg sweep.where wicks legs "went over his head" is absolutely realistic.

  • Hitchbot
    Hitchbot 3 months ago +2

    I recently saw a movie called The Nice Guys where a dude punched a window to break in somewhere. He slashed his wrist on the broken glass by mistake and collapsed. The scene then cut to an ambulance. Pretty realistic compared to so many other movies and how they portray glass.

  • Vars
    Vars Year ago +3065

    Next episode: Doctor reacts to Mike Wick.

    • Matthew Ryan phillippe
      Matthew Ryan phillippe Year ago

      @Shatondria Bell hi

    • Dr Slurpy
      Dr Slurpy Year ago

      Stolen comment

    • SStealthbomb
      SStealthbomb Year ago

      Dr Mike should really do a reaction video with Dr Jordan Wagner

    • Shatondria Bell
      Shatondria Bell Year ago


    • Haunted Alley
      Haunted Alley Year ago

      @Doctor Mike Mike Wick, best action movie ever

  • Chico Ravelli
    Chico Ravelli 11 months ago +2

    I always tell people, the most dangerous thing in the world is a strong man with nothing to lose.
    EDIT: Also, for those who didn't know, Keanu Reeves took tactical classes for firearm usage and martial arts classes (not sure about the second one) in order to increase the combat accuracy in the JW trilogy.

  • Hulkieus
    Hulkieus 6 months ago +1

    I actually had the same fall in John wick, I jumped off a balcony, but failed the landing on my side (tried to do a roll but started mid air)… I bounced… like seriously I bounced off the ground and landed again…
    Was perfectly fine though. Somehow managed to distribute the force.
    I was also a teenager so I am sure that helped.

  • ಶರತ್
    ಶರತ್ Month ago

    Me headache
    Google: you have tumour
    This guy: you have 12 seconds to die

  • Fugglielol
    Fugglielol 7 months ago +3

    When I was a kid, my friend got hit in the back of his head by the butt of a rifle and it killed him. The guys that did it, were bullies that loved to pick on smaller kids. So, Doctor Mike, whats the probability of that happening?

    EETEMUP Year ago +7080

    Whatever you’re paying your editor, ITS NOT ENOUGH, this is hilarious!!

  • Roxstar
    Roxstar Year ago +12

    The straight faced "yheh, suffocation is a problem" got me way harder then it should xD

  • DIO Plate
    DIO Plate 3 months ago

    I'm really impressed by this guy's reaction to everything but although there is some point where he thinks that the combat is unrealistic. I'm here to unravel the truth in the combat within every single thing that he pointed out unrealistic about John wick combat. The scene where he cracks the neck of the evil guy when he was trying to drown him, IS a real Juijitsu move, Juijitsu at its finest is about breaking bones while grappling or locking someone. The "unrealistic" flipping move is a martial art called Judo and also mixed with Aikido.
    I hope this answers your confusion about John wick combat and I love your videos so keep it up!

  • mike ngu
    mike ngu Year ago +1

    I think it's one of my favorite videos on your channel.
    For the scene when he took off his scarf to fight I think it's possible sometimes with adrenaline you don't feel the pain at first and when you're fighting for your life you have no choice. I've learned, lived and felt that in french foreign legion.

  • Five
    Five 7 months ago +3

    I can attest to falling on your back. It can be done. I’ve done it and it was one of my most memorable injuries.
    I climbed a tree and went strait to my back from 12-18 feet ( I was 15) and the thing that scared me the most was… I had no pain or injuries.

    • Hsoj Ellivkcas
      Hsoj Ellivkcas 6 months ago

      adrenaline or shock, same thing happened to my dad but he kept hitting the branches all the way down breaking his fall and somehow he wasn't injured

  • Corina (circlenowsquared)

    I love that Mike not only rated the injuries, but also the accuracy of the Russian.

    • Alexis Hammett
      Alexis Hammett Month ago

      do john wick 3 throwing knife scene next

    • John Apple
      John Apple 2 months ago +1

      I didn't know he speaks Russian

    • MoonL13
      MoonL13 6 months ago

      @sad.broken, helpless kid im thinking you're also a different account, and i might be too

    • Conflict
      Conflict 7 months ago

      @khaotictrash are you trying to make this political?

    • khaotictrash
      khaotictrash 9 months ago +6

      He was born in Russia and his dad is Ukrainian, makes sense he’d want to judge the accuracy of the Russian in the movie

  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZ 4 months ago +1

    My mom stepped through a glass door when she was in her 30's. I was walking behind her, we were getting food on the table outside. She punctured her artery in the calf by one of the pieces sticking out you were talking about. Fortunately she had it tied up and had something cold on immediately and was driven to the hospital by my dad.

  • Reuben Freeman0 vos
    Reuben Freeman0 vos 8 months ago +2

    6:26 is a realistic move from judo if done correctly. You usually want to do this when your opponent is stepping so he's off balance.

  • Goofy ahh Andrew Tate
    Goofy ahh Andrew Tate 11 months ago

    Actually that was a quite believable fight sequence. this move is done by pulling your target with enough force to get them on your back and due to their body being diagonally positioned it tumbles of you with the force you applied causing the throw.

  • redictor
    redictor 2 months ago

    4:32 with that fall in mind, when i moved out i originally wanted the second floor of the apartment building i moved to, but ended up getting a third floor apartment. (which is 2 floors above the entrance and a total of ~40 stairway steps from entrance) i wanted to get one low enough to the ground that if there was a fire and i'd end up in the situation where i'd have to climb out of my balcony window and fall to the grass and soil below and have a higher chance of surviving it. from the third floor however, what would be the best position/motions to minimize physical damage from the landing?

  • obwii
    obwii Year ago +547

    I have a good feeling that he's really doing his best to not laugh in the end😂

    • Klaus Кровосос
      Klaus Кровосос Year ago +1

      @Shatondria Bell What the hell

    • Shatondria Bell
      Shatondria Bell Year ago +2


  • P I F F
    P I F F 8 months ago +1

    so much more scenes u should react to. Love this movie and love peoples reaction on this movie. its so realistic FIGHT scene wise and some injuries aswell. So accurate. We need MORE

  • Marc Caldwell
    Marc Caldwell 6 months ago +1

    Laugh and laugh at the clubbing scene! You’re awesome Doctor Mike. Your production team in awesomer!

  • Dotai yoto
    Dotai yoto 10 months ago +2

    hey dr. mike
    its funny how i found out about your youtube channel 3 and a half weeks ago (im 15 years old btw)
    and ik now a lot about the medical world more than i did my whole life in school and actually some of your tips helped me helping more people
    my dream is to become a cardiologist one day and just watching your videos gives me motivation
    thank you so much keep doing what youre doing

  • TheLegendaryD
    TheLegendaryD 2 months ago

    As a person who recently got into the glass business of doors and windows, there's also tempered glass for windows and doors in your house as well. So at 2:02 yes, the glass can actually look like that when breaking in a full glass door because a lot of housing in the south have tempered glass to help with the temperature of the house to stay cooler.

  • Minecrafter 0
    Minecrafter 0 Year ago +2289

    Little did Dr. Mike know John Wick is a licensed chiropractor, hence why there’s so much cracking

    • Hauptfach Hauptfach
      Hauptfach Hauptfach 3 months ago

      @Redneck Rambo ?

    • Redneck Rambo
      Redneck Rambo 3 months ago

      @Hauptfach Hauptfach ahhh, there you are Captian Obvious. Thought I lost you for a minute.

    • Joey R
      Joey R 4 months ago

      John Wick is a chiropractor of sheer fckin will. He will pop that back if it's the last thing he ever does.

    • Mohammed Riad
      Mohammed Riad 4 months ago


    • Clara Madelaine
      Clara Madelaine 5 months ago

      I don't understand sarcasm well so I googled it just to be safe

  • InfernoGaming
    InfernoGaming 7 months ago +1

    Those fight scenes where he throws them are actual judo throws. He gets their center of balance on a point and rotates their body around it! It’s really cool.

  • D
    D 6 months ago +2

    Love your reaction, we need more Dr.!😂✌🏽

  • Rob Nie
    Rob Nie 4 months ago

    I been on a Doc Mike binge watch and I feel like everything he reviews boils down to "Thats not healthy" lol. Like baseball bat to the head "Thats bad news" Gunshot wound "Thats also bad news". Dislocation "Not as bad news but still bad news"

  • tiktok complications

    its bec. hes not just a regular assassins my dear friend...

  • Krokodile Jaw
    Krokodile Jaw Year ago +956

    About the window exploding: I work as a ”glassmaster” and any full body height glass panel has the requirement of being safety glass, i.e. the kind that shatters into tiny pieces. So that part is actually realistic.

    • Jordan-leigh Burnett
      Jordan-leigh Burnett Year ago

      Only tempered glass would shatter this way, it's a safety feature for 2 reasons, during the furnacing process the glass is heated and cooled in a quench to strengthen it which gives it the ability to break into many pieces( known as frags) it also increases its impact standards(usually for high wind zones in particular, such as skyscrapers). The glass shatters so it doesn't cause as much damage or cause as much harm as normal annealed glass(not tempered) which shatters into chuncks like the the video shows you.

    • Beyond Reality [CD10]
      Beyond Reality [CD10] Year ago

      Yep. I had the misfortune of running through a "full body height" glass pane as a child. Only it was separated at waist height, so that regulation didn't apply. I ran into the door, putting my palm on the glass to push the door open (rather than the handle) and put my hand right through the glass pane.
      It did not shatter. It cracked, and large sheets of razor-sharp glass fell over me and my hand. It was not pleasant.

    • Blockstacker561
      Blockstacker561 Year ago

      @Ikit Claw I once cracked a glass door by bumping into it

    • Aman Bhuraita
      Aman Bhuraita Year ago

      Glassmaster I guess you will survive squid game 4th game.

    • CorkiDruid
      CorkiDruid Year ago

      That is glass that is stronger and safer after the it is shaped it is tempered in a special oven, afterward you cant even cut or drill a hole it will just explode into pieces as intended

  • Sans
    Sans 6 months ago +1

    I love how this video is mostly Mike watching killers attack each other and saying "yup that's bad".

  • Recon
    Recon 11 months ago

    Donut Operator mentioned something similar in one of his videos. Some person would punch through a window of a store, and sever their tendons causing bleeding. They would panic and run literally leaving a trail of blood. The dark irony is, them running is making their heart beat faster which actually makes them bleed faster.

  • Rachel Cabot
    Rachel Cabot 2 months ago

    I’ve seen the dancing edit scene so many times and it still gets me cracking up 😅😂

  • ChananaBips
    ChananaBips 2 months ago

    I love the trilogy, I just hate how the vfx artists seem to not know that muzzle flashes are supposed to be bright and the gun shot sound effects are always abruptly ending and not loud lol

  • Bambino Cinéfilo
    Bambino Cinéfilo Year ago +1056

    I can say the rage he felt after finding out his dog died is 100% accurate.

    • aliceramdom.s
      aliceramdom.s 2 months ago

      @Ito unnecessary

    • aliceramdom.s
      aliceramdom.s 2 months ago


    • MrNicoJac
      MrNicoJac Year ago +2

      You're pathetic.

    • Ito
      Ito Year ago +2

      @Terror Plus the comment says nothing about say something that makes you rage. It says rage in it but not about that

    • Terror
      Terror Year ago +3

      @Ito I don't believe you, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt anyway.

  • Let's be Honest Official
    Let's be Honest Official 10 months ago +2

    That's a proper threat at the end there. With a good reason. I appreciate that

  • Bethany B
    Bethany B 10 months ago +1

    Never tick off a medic. Those who know how you're put together know how to take you apart.

  • Reyla
    Reyla 8 months ago

    The ending really sells this whole video, i adore it.

  • The One Who Reports For Duty

    The amazing thing about John, he does this all within the same month, even few weeks. Like, it is insane the punishment he takes and keeps moving. All because someone killed the dog is wife who passed away left him. What a tank.

  • Noelle Hollingsworth
    Noelle Hollingsworth Year ago +534

    Dr. Mike: Explains medical terminology and illnesses to his fanbase in detail on a daily basis
    Also Dr. Mike: "Death injury"

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller 10 months ago +1

    He his 100% right with some going through a glass door. My brother in law jumped through a glass sliding door when he was young and got lucky nothing cut anything major.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 10 months ago

    I go to an amazing chiropractor (the kind who relieved a compressed nerve in my neck, not the kind who thinks he's going to cure people's diseases by cracking their spine violently) and we always laugh about how people get their necks broken in films because he does the exact same type of movement to me all the time. I'm still alive. (He insists it's a lot harder than people realize for a person to break another person's neck).

  • queenofQueen-45
    queenofQueen-45 7 months ago +6

    John Wick is a cinematic masterpiece of an action movie because there is not a lot of cut on cut fight scenes, and Keanu Reeves does most of his fighting stunts cause he's trained in it. Dude's freaking awesome

    • Christian Graff
      Christian Graff 20 hours ago

      None of it is realistic at all. It would've been better if they went the more realistic approach

    • aliceramdom.s
      aliceramdom.s 2 months ago

      its not

  • Michael Andersen
    Michael Andersen 7 months ago

    you might know a lot about injuries, but clearly not always what it takes to make them, i have seen a guy being beaten with a baseball bat and he broke a few ribs
    and collarbone, but he's head and arms was okay even though he took some hits there aswell

  • ScotchCuresAll
    ScotchCuresAll Year ago +1827

    I can only imagine the horror of having an vengeful Dr. Mike torturing a guy for doing something to Bear. Speaking russian, knowing exactly where to cut to induce the most pain without killing a man.

    • Little Bit Fix
      Little Bit Fix Year ago

      He's a doctor, so the victim would never be in danger of death

    • Sayyed 77’
      Sayyed 77’ Year ago +1

      You mean that Bruce Willis movie called Death Wish?

    • zein R
      zein R Year ago +1


    • Emilia Dumitru
      Emilia Dumitru Year ago +1

      I’ve saved my own life for knowing basic anatomy well maybe a little more since I dropped out of nursing but yeah know where to hit. As a woman it helps. The exaggerations are what makes the movie I guess lol. But this dr mike is funny af. I love it.

    • Ian Lin
      Ian Lin Year ago +1

      Bear is so cute, I think hurting bear would hurt more than the revenge would be.

  • Jean
    Jean 11 months ago

    I'd be interested in hearing about sutures. I had one orthopedic surgeon whose sutures were amazing. Another's sutures were definitely not in the same league. Thanks.

  • DethVyper
    DethVyper 7 months ago +1

    My biggest issue with movie deaths is how instant they are, because in reality death is not always so instant unless it's a bullet to the brain or heart. I think movies would be far more interesting and dynamic if the bad guys don't instantly die and keep fighting to their last breath.

  • Dahlia
    Dahlia 11 months ago

    Can we agree on how adorable Dr. Mike is doing movie reviews? 😏

  • Johan Häägg
    Johan Häägg 11 months ago

    Actually, that ”most unbelivable” fight scene is not really. Its a move used alot in wrestling (real wrestling, not WWE). If you look closely, he takes a step forward and uses that momentum to pushes of with his hip and pull her over his shoulder. Considering the size diffrence, he would not need that much strenght behind it.

  • Ophir Wesley
    Ophir Wesley Year ago +1699

    I love that some times mike describes in detail, how each injury causes the body to hurt and what's the dangers
    And other times he goes "ye so suffocation is a big problem"

    • bryan Gibson
      bryan Gibson 8 hours ago

      @Aniquin Stark the no breath good?

    • Aniquin Stark
      Aniquin Stark 3 months ago +5

      Sometimes it's self-explanatory. No breathing is no good lol

    • Hugh Mixon
      Hugh Mixon Year ago +21

      i felt that.

  • andres cortez
    andres cortez 7 months ago +1

    If this guy was my doctor, he’d also be my comedian

  • AmericanWolf40
    AmericanWolf40 11 months ago

    Having seen so many of your videos, I know a thing or two regarding your sense of humor, and that joke at the end was perfect! However, why do I get the feeling that if someone ever did hurt Bear, that joke would quickly become a serious threat?

  • Islam Gadzhiev
    Islam Gadzhiev 2 months ago

    Just to commit this point, 6:25 - during the judo wrestle, this is very likely realistic, speaking with a view of experience. It's not the way of a kick, but rather the co-directional leg sweep, when executed, his torso almost stays in position and just pivots, but legs can go high enough, when the torso starting to fall.

  • Philippe
    Philippe 10 months ago

    Silly question but can a body recover by itself from internal bleeding?

  • SuperDad1266
    SuperDad1266 Year ago +496

    John Wick is like Batman. When they have preparation time, they beat everyone. The only difference is: Batman has a no kill rule, John Wick has a kill everyone rule.

    • DrLukas
      DrLukas Year ago +1

      Agent 47 is like John Wick. They can beat everyone. The only difference is: John Wick is a skilled human, Agent 47 was designed to kill.

    • wholianwholian
      wholianwholian Year ago

      Batman kills villains but not citizens

    • Katrina Payne
      Katrina Payne Year ago

      @(Abas 656) The God Emperor Worth the double post xD

    • (Abas 656) The God Emperor
      (Abas 656) The God Emperor Year ago +3

      John has a kill everyone who HURTS his dog rule*

    • (Abas 656) The God Emperor
      (Abas 656) The God Emperor Year ago +3

      John has a kill everyone who HURTS his dog rule*

  • Ben
    Ben 9 months ago +1

    6:04 She's an assassin. She probably has a high enough pain tolerance that she can ignore the pain long enough for it to go unnoticed by her captor. I mean, if he finds out she's dislocated her thumb before she can attack, her chances of escape drop significantly. And let's not forget that she tried to kill John Wick on Continental grounds. Even though John had decided to spare her, she would have been marked for death by the high table, and would likely be executed as soon as they removed her from the premises. So her motivation for being able to escape unnoticed was likely pretty high. It's likely that it did hurt, a lot, but she had to ignore that pain in order to pull off a successful escape.

    • Ben
      Ben 9 months ago

      On second thought, maybe I'm over thinking things. Even accounting for everything I just said, that still doesn't explain why she shows no signs of pain after she shoots the guy. At that point she no longer has a reason to hide her pain, so you have a good point.

  • CryztalzArtjom
    CryztalzArtjom 11 months ago

    The glass explanation is only partially correct. In your average window you are right most of the time, but some countries enforce the usage of this specially treated glass on windows that reach below a certain height as well as glass doors for safety. There's also an alternative version of this glass which does shatter but keeps the structural integrity enough so the pieces don't exactly fall out.
    It's a bit more expensive but people: Invest in safety glass if the window you want to install is low enough for you to fall through in case you stumble. It may save your life.

  • Johnny Erickson
    Johnny Erickson 10 months ago

    I know movies and tv love the over emphasized neck crack, but most of the “neck cracks” in the wick movies seem to be crushing or breaking the hyoid bone, no? Isn’t that a small delicate bony structure in the throat that usually breaks during manual strangulation or other severe neck trauma? Wouldn’t that be shallow enough to hear a crack??

  • Brandiepop
    Brandiepop Year ago +1

    i like how a lot of what you say is that would hurt about assassins that have spent years training to fight through pain

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    If John Wick was real, imagine how many more people would be in hospitals right now

  • xplite gaming
    xplite gaming 8 months ago +1

    I'm suprised he hasn't broken his finger like 50 times just from the gun recoil how his fingers are still working and strong enough to break bones is beyond me

  • Yeetologist
    Yeetologist 9 months ago

    When it came to the leg sweep at 6:33, you’d be surprised at how hard you can throw someone will sufficient technique and power.

  • Tperm
    Tperm 7 months ago +2

    Bro this is the funniest thing ever “oohhh broken nose” 😂

  • Terry Cook
    Terry Cook 8 months ago +1

    Fun fact Keanu actually trained with professionals to do these scenes. Check out the professionals review to see justvhow 👌 Keanu is.

  • Cara Love
    Cara Love Year ago +1373

    Dr Mike: "Everyone's just wet and dying"
    Literally every action movie ever

  • deadlyskeleton
    deadlyskeleton 17 days ago

    6:28 its real it can really happen,its a technique of judo(i do judo)if you do it right you can send your enemy flying like in the film(and all the other techniques in the films are 100% real and do work like that)

  • basking ronins
    basking ronins 9 months ago +1

    That one where she just flew into the air was very realistic it’s called a judo flip, and it hurts.

  • SirPoofyPants
    SirPoofyPants 9 months ago

    Actually most glass panels and doors are tempered glass which does break into millions of tiny pieces like in movies. The difference is that such requires much more force to break compared to movie sugar glass.
    Hitting against tempered glass is like hitting against a wall.

  • Frénn
    Frénn 7 months ago

    Would be lovely if you could review some fight scenes in the baki anime. Some of the injuries are quite specific with the animations, so anatomic information would be interesting. :)

  • milan-hoi
    milan-hoi Year ago +489

    "Suffocation is a big problem"
    Doctors these days really know what to avoid.

    • milan-hoi
      milan-hoi Year ago

      @Iida It really is... so is suffocation. You should avoid both if you can.

    • Iida
      Iida Year ago

      This reminded me of the ABC-rule of first aid: "A Bone Coming through the skin is very bad"

    • Keanu Reeves
      Keanu Reeves Year ago

      @Dread Queen hello

    • Dread Queen
      Dread Queen Year ago

      Too soon?

    • Keanu Reeves
      Keanu Reeves Year ago +2


  • Ákos
    Ákos 6 months ago

    imagine how good the video could be if Doctor Mike knew atleast a little bit about martial arts:)

  • Samaygames
    Samaygames 9 months ago +5

    “Yeah so suffocation is a big problem” I’m dead 💀😭

  • Zack
    Zack 7 months ago

    8:48 Man, I nearly pissed myself laughing, when all the build-up from Mike having a scalpel suddenly transitioned to a picture of him holding a flamethrower LMAO.

  • Petre M
    Petre M 8 months ago

    The throws in this video are Judo throws and are very real. The throw where his feet flew above his face is called a Okuriashi Harai (Following Foot Sweep).

  • Maximoff
    Maximoff Year ago +940

    So, about the scene where he "kicks" that dudes foot, it's actually possible to make it happen. Well, basically there a lot of judo and jiu jitsu moves in the movie and this move an example, so there is a point on your feet that if you have a good timing and depending on how you're going to move the other person's arms you can make that person fall in a super easy way, and this move is called De ashi harai

    • The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady
      The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady 9 months ago

      I think it's related to physics more than Biology
      As gravity and all are physics thingy

    • sandir toukaev
      sandir toukaev Year ago

      1,2,3, sweep!

    • Mr Monkey
      Mr Monkey Year ago

      Jew jistu is very skilful indeed

    • Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
      Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. Year ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ!
      “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed-a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.””
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • oldvet75
      oldvet75 Year ago

      True, there are throws and kick combos for this, a little hard to set up while injured, but very possible.

  • Антон Злобин
    Антон Злобин 11 months ago +1

    Mike, your sense of humour are on point 😂

  • sweet heart
    sweet heart 11 months ago

    My mother is a doctor and she watches your videos and she laughs at them for thier medical accuracy.
    Btw i watched the actual the movie and my mother loves that movie spacifucly
    Love your videos !!

  • Ilen Vantev
    Ilen Vantev 8 months ago

    "Noone is winning here,everyone is just wet and drying." - Accurate description of my life :)