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Florida woman who shot, killed neighbor through front door arrested, sheriff says

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A Florida woman who shot and killed her neighbor -- a mother of four -- through her front door at a home in Marion County was arrested Tuesday night, Sheriff Billy Woods told FOX 35.
    Susan Lorincz was arrested and booked into jail on charges of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, assault, and battery, officials said.
    She's accused of shooting and killing Ajika "AJ" Owens, who went to her house to confront her over allegations that she yelled at her children for playing in a field near her home, and then threw a rollerblade skate at one of the kids.
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  • Christina Scott
    Christina Scott 3 months ago +164

    What's wrong with calling the police and asking them to come out if you're scared of someone? This woman has ruined four children's lives (and other family members) and her own family. For what????

    • Samuel Morrison
      Samuel Morrison 3 months ago +5

      What are you talking about, I would have went over myself to see what was going on with my kids.

    • sudilos117
      sudilos117 3 months ago +10

      Whats wrong with calling the cops when someone steals your childs ipad and throws a skate at them instead of banging on their door and issuing death threats

    • For the Snowflakes
      For the Snowflakes 3 months ago

      @sudilos117 well the cops will give you the same results.

  • Brian Glass
    Brian Glass 3 months ago +518

    Shooting someone through door who wasn't breaking in nor threatening you with a weapon is murder

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +17

      That’s why she was arrested

    • Angela Shaw-Westoven
      Angela Shaw-Westoven 3 months ago +10


    • stopthecrazyguy
      stopthecrazyguy 3 months ago +23

      @E.A. Morris Man slaughter is not murder.

    • John Jackson
      John Jackson 3 months ago +4

      It has to be premeditated to be murder. This was spur of the moment. She didn't know the neighbor was going to come over. Not for sure.

      ESBEAUTII 3 months ago +19

      @John Jackson it was premeditated because at what point did she feel the need to grab a gun

  • Lori
    Lori 3 months ago +480

    I support the arrest, but I do not support the manslaughter charge. It was murder. I'm so sorry for her childrenm her family and hope they receive the support they'll need.

    • eddie Boxer
      eddie Boxer 3 months ago +14

      Its up to the district attorneys office who can upgrade the charges, too early to complain.

    • John Jackson
      John Jackson 3 months ago +14

      It has to be premeditated to be murder. This was spur of the moment. She didn't know the neighbor was going to come over. Not for sure.

    • TG Wazoo
      TG Wazoo 3 months ago +22

      Second degree murder is not premeditated murder.

    • Lori
      Lori 3 months ago +19

      @John Jackson Second-degree murder refers to unplanned intentional killings. Right? I mean if you shoot at someone isn't that intentionally trying to kill that person?

  • I'm Maria Tree
    I'm Maria Tree 3 months ago +273

    My heart goes out to the children for losing their mother. They will never get over what they witnessed. She was a good mom for trying to defend her kids. I hope the charges will be changed to murder.

    • Snoglydox
      Snoglydox 3 months ago

      . *If they do that, she could very easily get off.*

    • 🌐~Sugar Xyler
      🌐~Sugar Xyler 3 months ago +3

      I hope she gets a medal 🏅

    • Lovemy3babes
      Lovemy3babes 3 months ago +5

      @🌐~Sugar Xyler a medal for what?

    • Loretta Perrone
      Loretta Perrone 3 months ago +15

      @🌐~Sugar Xyler Sounds like she is a friend of yours. Evil begets evil!!

    • Writtenhouse Security
      Writtenhouse Security 3 months ago +5

      You don't want justice , you just what revenge. Just like the Mom did. Now she is dead and her kids will more then like end up being abuse in the system.

  • Gee Row R.
    Gee Row R. 3 months ago +310

    The woman shot thru the door. She was not in fear for her life. I am so glad that older ppl in our neighborhood allowed us be kids. And if a parent came to to the door they had a discussion, not a murder. Glad she was arrested. Charge should be murder!!!

    • Not from Detroit
      Not from Detroit 3 months ago +19

      And she had the little boy’s tablet! She is a murderer!

    • Deus Vult
      Deus Vult 3 months ago +7

      Im sure the black woman and her kids did ABSOLUTELY nothing in this situation to cause all the friction between the two neighbors. I'm sure that neighbor woke up that morning with intentions of killing a black woman. Black woman should have stayed on her property and called the cops and she would still be alive. Shooter was wrong but tell the other side of the story of what led up to all of this or shut the hell up about the black woman and her kids being totally innocent. Simple. End of argument.

    • Sweet T
      Sweet T 3 months ago +13

      @Deus Vult The kids are the witnesses so we will find out what lead up to it. She said the kids were in her yard. That still doesn't constitute a reason to shoot their mother through a door. I'm sure no one is w/o blame.

  • Marti Waterman
    Marti Waterman 3 months ago +351

    Glad the Sheriff clarified the process the investigators undertook. Also, appreciate that the late mother's children were interviewed in a thoughtful manner, knowing they were traumatized.

    • bbigrocker1
      bbigrocker1 3 months ago +21

      Bear in mind that only applies to black victims.

    • Tron_23
      Tron_23 3 months ago +15

      They shouldn't be interviewed

    • Sweet T
      Sweet T 3 months ago +20

      @Tron_23 they are witnesses & victims. They have to be interviewed. Sounds as if it was done per protocol. The children were represented by an attorney and counselors

  • Queen Majesty
    Queen Majesty 3 months ago +527

    MANSLAUGHTER???? REALLY??? Manslaughter in Florida is a maximum of only 15 years. She needs to spend the rest of her miserable life in prison.

    • Lezo Brandon
      Lezo Brandon 3 months ago +12

      In Oregon a elementary school teacher was sentenced to 11 months in county jail for 11 counts of child sex abuse....... And they put him in the women's prison

    • Jeff
      Jeff 3 months ago +16

      ​@Lezo Brandonget the hell outta here this is some type of sarcasm right?

    • Cnichal
      Cnichal 3 months ago +12

      @Jeff I think they’re just being transphobic

    • Lezo Brandon
      Lezo Brandon 3 months ago +1

      @Jeff o noo look it up it look the story was suppose to perform at a family friendly drag show with a 11 year old at a bar called old nicks pub but was arrested prior really distributing stuff

  • L B
    L B 3 months ago +344

    I’m happy to hear this! It’s what Justice is about! Stand your ground law works up to a point!
    This was an execution! No warning to leave property! In front of her 9 year old child!
    Unjustified shooting is correct!

    • Charles D. Gossett
      Charles D. Gossett 3 months ago +22

      SC has a Stand Your Ground law also. However you can't fire through a door because you can't identify all targets or where the bullet will impact if it misses the intended target. You now because there might be innocent children near or behind the person you are shooting at.

    • Sweet T
      Sweet T 3 months ago +5

      @Charles D. Gossett Thanks. Good to know.

  • Sparky's Mom
    Sparky's Mom 3 months ago +25

    People like this woman MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! This is beyond insane!!!

  • Kathy Boyce
    Kathy Boyce 3 months ago +104


  • Julian Johnston Jr.
    Julian Johnston Jr. 3 months ago +58

    Feel so bad for the kids and the family, people are so unstable now.

  • David Siracuse
    David Siracuse 3 months ago +23

    She needs to be charged with murder.
    This was not an act of self defense nor was her life in danger. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family and friends.

  • jayrag123
    jayrag123 3 months ago +271

    That crazy woman attacked the kids twice. She could of been arrested for that immediately. When the kids mother went to confront the crazy woman she shoots her thru the door. Then the crazy woman plays the victim with stand your ground law.

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +13

      She’s arrested now.
      I hope they upgrade the charges, but for now those 4 children don’t have to worry about the monster that’s across the street.
      I hope this still unnamed woman never gets to go home again.
      Let’s think of those kids and pray for peace for their mama.

    • Bihsaid Whatnow
      Bihsaid Whatnow 3 months ago +36

      NO, she has attacked and intimated the children for several months. . .claiming an open field was her private backyard. FIRST DEGREE / Premeditated murder is what she should be charged with since she made the decision to open her door and shot through the second door.

    • Carolann Pacific Adam
      Carolann Pacific Adam 3 months ago +6

      Thank you for the update. I didn't understand why this person would shoot through the door..

    • 🌐~Sugar Xyler
      🌐~Sugar Xyler 3 months ago +3

      ​@Carolann Pacific Adam she was trying to avoid an incoming shoe to the head

    BITDIGITAL 3 months ago +102

    Blindly shooting through a door with a kid behind it is insane. Throw the book at that old fool.

    • Shaun Kellison
      Shaun Kellison 3 months ago +1

      You have never been to the ghetto and are ignorant of the stand your ground laws. She will be aqquited the second the jury hears this families previous run ins with cops

    • Colleen Peck
      Colleen Peck 3 months ago +2

      She is 57 years old.

    • Moore Joseph
      Moore Joseph 3 months ago +1

      We all agree with you, that was the dumbest thing to do

    • Shaun Kellison
      Shaun Kellison 3 months ago

      @Moore Joseph if she was on the other end of the door, threatening to break it down, and claiming she had a gun… And then wouldn’t leave while kicking at the door… you have justification for the shooting?

  • gwg5640
    gwg5640 3 months ago +12

    Those kids lives are destroyed permanently. Heartbreaking.

  • Leketa Herring
    Leketa Herring 3 months ago +7

    This was indeed a Murder not self defense!! God bless the kids and AJ’s family❤

  • Hosea Murray
    Hosea Murray 3 months ago +17

    Thank you 🙏🏾 sheriff. For your service.. good 👍 job. And my condolences 💐 continue to go out to the family and those 😢kids.

  • Not from Detroit
    Not from Detroit 3 months ago +67

    Somebody is lying…. The cousin said the neighbors were witnesses as well! They wanted to protect that murder if this story didn’t go viral!

    • Sweet T
      Sweet T 3 months ago +4

      They did protest. The Sheriff addressed the protesters. The reporter specifically asked him. He was excellent sharing the information that they had gathered.

    • terrence Randall
      terrence Randall 3 months ago +4

      And they still most likely will protect her smh. Don't be surprised if she only gets a slap on the wrist smh

    • sudilos117
      sudilos117 3 months ago +1

      exactly someone is lying lets see the ring camera footage

  • knightress 57
    knightress 57 3 months ago +170

    That Woman murdered her in cold blood. How was she a threat, when she was not the aggressor. She shot through the damn door. Now 4 children are without their Mother. Manslaughter? It should be premeditated murder. She went and got the gun, so she knew exactly what she was going to do. That is premeditated!

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +6

      She’s locked up. If she admits that her hate for this black family played a part, the charges will change.
      This arrest is just the beginning.

    • staypuft13
      staypuft13 3 months ago +26

      ​Mark Washington trespassing in an apartment complex? Nah dude, go away with that crap.

    • ms Rv
      ms Rv 3 months ago +5

      I wonder if there's an Aryan sisterhood in prison???

    • Aaron Turner
      Aaron Turner 3 months ago +5

      ​Mark Washington you can't just fire rounds through doors.

  • Done OwN
    Done OwN 3 months ago +47

    What a tragic situation for the kids! 😰 how was she not known about??

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion 3 months ago

    The thing that breaks my heart, is that her kids saw her be killed. They will carry this horrific memory with them for the rest of their lives.

  • red2thebone
    red2thebone 3 months ago +118

    Manslaughter? What a slap in the face! She walked over to her house like any other mother would to confront the issue about her kids and gets shot threw the door over it! Absolutely disgusting act!

      G1MMEDATDOME 3 months ago +7

      She will actually get convicted of it. You clearly don't understand how the law works. Whatever you believe about Kyle Rittenhouse, that is where the prosecution doomed themselves from the start. You can't prove murder with so many variables. And her going back into her house, even after aggrevating a situation, would be pretty difficult to prove murder.

    • Deus Vult
      Deus Vult 3 months ago +16

      Well all of you mothers better realize that you don't get to tresspass and raise hell at other people's homes anymore. You might end up dead.

    • Sbamabelle
      Sbamabelle 3 months ago +20

      @Deus Vult What all of you people just like this murderer better realize is you can't go around throwing stuff and hitting people's kids. Then murder the mother who comes to confront you about it. You might wind up in prison

    • Prince Amiel 312
      Prince Amiel 312 3 months ago +8

      No knocking on neighbors doors is a thing of the past it’s never goes well

    • MrLivewire1970
      MrLivewire1970 3 months ago +8

      ​@Sbamabelle if your kids are trespassing and leaving stuff in my yard, I'll do whatever I want with it. Keep to your property and stay off mine. This BS thinking that kids can do whatever they want is coming to an end.

  • Tay RioBravo
    Tay RioBravo 3 months ago +12

    I’m heartbroken over this. I really wish that the mother had called the police before going over to that woman’s house. There was no way after that animal assaulted the kids that this was going to end well. I hope she never gets out.

    • Marcella Dillard
      Marcella Dillard 3 months ago +1

      Unfortunately calling the police does not mean nobody gets béat or shot.

    • Where’s the asteroid, already?
      Where’s the asteroid, already? 3 months ago +2

      Exactly! That’s all she had to do and she would be alive right now.

    • Where’s the asteroid, already?
      Where’s the asteroid, already? 3 months ago +2

      @Marcella Dillard rare. You might want to look up the statistics on that.

    • Natural Born Woman
      Natural Born Woman 3 months ago +1

      That’s exactly what she should have done. In this day and age people know better than to confront people directly.

  • Cars & Coffee
    Cars & Coffee 3 months ago +16

    That sheriff seems like genuinely cares about his community like sheriff Grady. Rip to the mom.

  • Kem
    Kem 3 months ago +92

    Right is right and wrong is wrong that lady was wrong to shoot through that door

    • What Ever
      What Ever 3 months ago +1

      the right in this country is wrong.

  • Sammy Natal
    Sammy Natal 3 months ago +5

    Gotta have respect for these police officers who do everything by the book so it goes correct.

  • Craig Powell
    Craig Powell 3 months ago +75

    At least the sheriff was forthcoming with the information!

    • hermon johnson jr
      hermon johnson jr 3 months ago +1

      And he's continuing to do the least he can do after the protests. Even though it's cold blooded murder, the LEAST he can do is charge her with manslaughter. Everybody sees him doing as less as possible and still pretend he's doing his job.

    • Sam Fields
      Sam Fields 3 months ago +2

      He didn’t want to do anything

    • Where’s the asteroid, already?
      Where’s the asteroid, already? 3 months ago +2

      And he explained the process very clearly. only the idiots Don’t understand and think there’s a conspiracy.😂

    • Natural Born Woman
      Natural Born Woman 3 months ago +1


  • Lady Kendra
    Lady Kendra 3 months ago +120

    Show her face, give her name and change the manslaughter charge to cold blooded murder. Stand your ground laws aren't for racists to create problems, assault children and then hide behind a law. Off to prison the murderer goes.

    • buffalo soldier
      buffalo soldier 3 months ago +11

      Murder is the case

    • Back Again
      Back Again 3 months ago +10

      If America has any chance of redemption on the world stage, cases like this must end with life in prison. Right now, American society is a dark joke. Thank the NRA and paranoia for ruining more lives than it ever saved.

      THEDARKSIDEOFTHEFORCE66 3 months ago +4

      Her face and name have been revealed.

    • Major Lazor
      Major Lazor 3 months ago +5

      They are protecting her as much as they can. Luckily social media did the work and her face and name is all over the place.
      Susan Lorincz.
      The sheriff didn’t have to interview the kids to arrest the killer. He is lying. The adult witnesses already confirmed it was not stand your ground the day of the murder.
      The sheriff has shown who he is. He decided to charge only manslaughter, he’s only calling it a neighborhood dispute, he failed to mention the racial malice, and he failed to mention the assault against one of the children.
      He is a scumbag.

    • Natural Born Woman
      Natural Born Woman 3 months ago

      @Major Lazor if they were protecting her, her face wouldn’t be all over the news😂

  • Charlene Bakayoko
    Charlene Bakayoko 3 months ago +5

    Condolences to the family and friends and that woman thought she could get away like that old man who shot that 16 year old boy

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 3 months ago +9

    That woman could have locked her door and called the cops in defense, without needing to shoot, if she felt threatened.

  • K D
    K D 3 months ago +201

    About time should have been arrested immediately she's a murderer

    • Bunnichi Hill
      Bunnichi Hill 3 months ago +17

      They have to investigate first. If they do it wrong she walks. Even a minor error on paper work she can walk. It's dumb that it happens but it does.

    • b xo
      b xo 3 months ago +13

      i’m convinced ppl don’t listen to anything anymore. just react & talk from their own views & opinions… regardless of what’s said.

    • Meerkat Manor Jr.
      Meerkat Manor Jr. 3 months ago +3

      @b xo bb how is the relevant what are you commenting for?!

    • Jeff
      Jeff 3 months ago +7

      Did you not just hear the man say that they wanted to. But the kids just witnessed their mother being killed and had to be interviewed by counselors for children the next day. Man i swear!

  • Gary Cristani
    Gary Cristani 3 months ago +55

    I miss the days when if people had a beef with someone, they settle it with there fists.

    • David Browne
      David Browne 3 months ago +5


    • Edwin Gibson
      Edwin Gibson 3 months ago +7

      You can't beat up old white women any more

    • Mark Addison
      Mark Addison 3 months ago +2

      ​@David Browne Cowardice evolution is not pretty in real-time.

    I AM HERE FOR THE SHOW 3 months ago +12

    Great explanation from the Sheriff how the evidence process works in Florida with these stand your ground laws. I hope she is found guilty. Prayers for the family.

  • Brown Foxy
    Brown Foxy 3 months ago +15

    This better be fair! She should get child endangerment too. She better not play crazy! Regardless of what color this is sad on all levels. She attacked the kids too.

  • evileyez504
    evileyez504 3 months ago +6

    This is very scary. You can’t even have a minor dispute , you could be killed before it even begins, what if it’s important? What do you do?

  • WashYourHands
    WashYourHands 3 months ago

    Tragic and my heart breaks for the children. I’ve come to the conclusion, don’t interact with people you don’t know. If the seem off, stay clear!

  • Mayais Johnson
    Mayais Johnson 3 months ago +59

    Let justice be served

    • bbigrocker1
      bbigrocker1 3 months ago +3

      Don't hold your breath, it's FLORIDA

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim 3 months ago +2

    When my kid came home crying about being beat up, we went to confront the parents. Both kids were brought together and the story sorted out. It seems that both kids were at fault and both got punished (spanking) right then and there! Us parents shook hands and it was over. Of course that was over 45 years ago, before people got stupid and before politicians made it illegal to reprimand your own kid! Yes, my kid came home telling me teachers said to call police if I spanked them. I had words with the teachers too!

  • Dylan Grey
    Dylan Grey 3 months ago +4

    Thank goodness for some justice to come in this incident.

  • Cyrus Chang
    Cyrus Chang 3 months ago +17

    It's funny the sharif said he cannot release the name of the shooter. The 58 year-old's name is everywhere on the internet.

  • K Elliott
    K Elliott 3 months ago +15

    I appreciate this sheriff explaining things so well. I also appreciate that this woman who shot a mother in front of her kids will be getting all her teeth knocked down her throat in prison.

    • DL Lambert
      DL Lambert 3 months ago

      Yeah just skip over the whole court, due process part ⚖️. Gotta love the keyboard rangers!!!!

    • bon
      bon 3 months ago +1

      That's right, she won't have no weapon in ther. Unless she make one 😏

  • 52 Blocks Federation
    52 Blocks Federation 3 months ago +2

    She should have been arrested immediately for assaulting those children.
    My heart goes out to them.

  • Blaine Lytle
    Blaine Lytle 3 months ago +87

    Thank you God(s) for not allowing this to be another 'Stand Your Ground ' case !!!

    • Tron_23
      Tron_23 3 months ago +1

      Stand your ground cases are typically pretty legit

      ALIENSTOCK & DEDSEX 3 months ago +1

      @Tron_23 Actually This Is A Classic Stand Your Ground Case The Argument of The Stand Your Ground Laws Isn't You Should've Have To Wait Until Your Life Is In Danger To Start Shooting Yeah Seriously That's Republicans For Ya

    • MyPlace1989
      MyPlace1989 3 months ago +5

      @Tron_23 Stand your ground are pretty unnecessary. Self-defense has always been a reason not to convict someone. This is overreach by the gun lobby.

    • MyPlace1989
      MyPlace1989 3 months ago +2

      @ALIENSTOCK & DEDSEX This "stand your ground" nonsense was created by people who watched too many Western movies. I

  • The Adults Are Talking
    The Adults Are Talking 3 months ago +7

    Transparency is what we needed in this case they did their job gathered the evidence and now she has been arrested thank you

    • Major Lazor
      Major Lazor 3 months ago +1

      They are protecting her as much as they can. Luckily social media did the work and her face and name is all over the place.
      Susan Lorincz.
      The sheriff didn’t have to interview the kids to arrest the killer. He is lying. The adult witnesses already confirmed it was not stand your ground the day of the murder.
      The sheriff has shown who he is. He decided to charge only manslaughter, he’s only calling it a neighborhood dispute, he failed to mention the racial malice, and he failed to mention the assault against one of the children.
      He is probably a bigot protecting one of his own.

  • Jamar Henry
    Jamar Henry 3 months ago +6

    He was a little hesitant about the video part. But glad justice has been served somewhat. The final sentencing will solidify it.
    I sure hope they trace up some video to shut this case air tight for the family.
    Such a sad ending and prayers for the family and the kids🙏🏾

  • clickonmike
    clickonmike 3 months ago +7

    About time. I'm surprised they didn't arrest the victim, take her to court, bail her out before they took her to morgue.

  • Roberta Vickers
    Roberta Vickers 3 months ago

    Glad the sheriff is being thorough so the shooter doesn't get off on a technicality. After he explained why it took so long to arrest her I understood that they had to make sure it is an iron clad case. Good work deputies!! God bless those children and their grandmother. Love coming in to them from W.V.!!

  • Leigh
    Leigh 3 months ago +2

    Good grief. You can't just shoot through your front door!!. Soo sorry for the family and children. This is so wrong.

  • HillTop Levi ESC
    HillTop Levi ESC 3 months ago +62

    She should have no bond

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +7

      Agreed. The killer is a danger to her community.

  • Keith Evans
    Keith Evans 3 months ago +48

    The children were the KEY! You've got to be kidding...So, now the traumatized kids may have to relive this brutality over and over. Manslaughter is NOT the right charge and that's what they gave Penny, the subway strangler!

    • Neil Kurzman
      Neil Kurzman 3 months ago +4

      Yes, unfortunately they are the witnesses. So they’re going to have to testify. Additionally the place we’re hoping to find ring doorbell cameras I don’t know if they did.

    • C Ya
      C Ya 3 months ago +1

      Man those kids caused the whole thing. They knew not to go over by this woman's house but they didn't care and neither did their mom. They are going to have to live with getting their mom killed.

  • HelloStorm
    HelloStorm 3 months ago +1

    This is very sad. 😢. The children will have a very hard time dealing with this. Probably internalize that they were responsible, if only...
    Manslaughter is a charge based on intent. But in my eyes they gave this woman the least of the degrees and I'm curious as to why?
    Neighbors with children have to be vigilant in being the best neighbors towards one another. Please please if it's an ongoing dispute please call the police. Please! 😢

  • LastDays
    LastDays 3 months ago +2

    Impossible to be self defense if she was in the comfort and safety of her own home. 😒

  • Colleen
    Colleen 3 months ago +2

    My condolences to the family shooting someone behind a door is unjustified period.

  • stinal Atkins
    stinal Atkins 3 months ago +3

    That was straight murder, how can it be self-defense behind the door, and the charge is not manslaughter, that's straight out murder.!!!

  • Mirna Belford
    Mirna Belford 3 months ago +3

    It’s sad how anger makes you do horrible things….. and how in a minute ur life is destroyed because some people thinks they have the right to use their white power and take people’s life just like that…….

  • Deanna Perkins
    Deanna Perkins 3 months ago

    I hope the charges are raised to murder because that's exactly what it was. There is no threat to someone knocking on your door to speak to you about retrieving something you took from their children that didn't belong to you.

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T 3 months ago +12

    This sheriff is providing excellent information about the incident.

    • Major Lazor
      Major Lazor 3 months ago +1

      Excellent only when pushed by several thousand calls to his office all day and all night, along with 100’s of thousands of critical posts across social media. Also the threat of lawsuit from prominent civil rights attorneys is a huge motivator.

  • Kimbella
    Kimbella 3 months ago +63

    She should've been arrested the first time! Had this been the other way around she would've been arrested!

    • Sandra Whitted
      Sandra Whitted 3 months ago +13

      Kimbella, we all know if this mom who now is deceased was the shooter she most definitely would’ve been arrested immediately; the police had to arrest this woman because everyone is watching Fl right now (I live in NY) and people are looking at Fl side eyed because how they treat black people down there; it’s really sad you can see the division between races and how they handle situations between white and black people.

    • Tron_23
      Tron_23 3 months ago +1

      ​@Sandra Whittednope

    • Dorothy Holder
      Dorothy Holder 3 months ago +2

      @Tron_23 LIAR

    • Where’s the asteroid, already?
      Where’s the asteroid, already? 3 months ago

      Did you not understand what was said in the video or are you being willfully obtuse? Ain’t nothing happening to us in Florida. One of my neighbors was in a similar situation and also wasn’t arrested for a couple of days & he’s black.

  • Wisdom Speaks
    Wisdom Speaks 3 months ago +3

    The fact is that community outcry is what got her arrested, not her killing another person...

  • Shawn 🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​

    That woman feared for her life. It was self defense. Blanimals exist!

  • Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins 3 months ago +3

    She set the victim up. Unfortunately, the victim didn't take a minute and think about why this killer attacked her kids verbally.

  • d
    d 3 months ago +5

    Emotional development is at all time low... And this incident shows it.

  • Johnny Botts
    Johnny Botts 3 months ago +2

    The manslaughter charge is coming from the Sheriff's Dept. The DA's Office has the prosecutorial discretion to up the charge to 2nd degree murder. Once they review the evidence, charges can be raised, lowered or dismissed by the DA.

  • Brian Glass
    Brian Glass 3 months ago +92

    Hey the officers did their job, now the state needs to do their job

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +2

      Law enforcement interviews as mandated by law.
      She’s locked up.

    • Moe Betta
      Moe Betta 3 months ago +11

      No the officers didnt do their job. The bish should have been locked up when she broke the kids tablet and called them racial slurs

    • Annette Williams
      Annette Williams 3 months ago +1


    • Linda Crowley
      Linda Crowley 3 months ago +3

      If they are not up to justice..bring in the FBI

  • Jeff Hastings
    Jeff Hastings 3 months ago +5

    If the woman killed had busted in the door of the shooter then it would have been justified. If she felt so threatened WHILE the woman was knocking on the door that's when you call 911.

  • Chef “Convertible” Burt

    If she has time to delete ring video, you DID NOT DO YOUR JOB

  • Vera Clyne
    Vera Clyne 3 months ago +7

    If she deleted any video, she should be charged with destroying evidence. And it is on the police to have collected that video immediately. If she immediately claimed self-defense and also immediately erased the video, she should have been arrested right away. By not doing so, they gave her the opportunity to destroy evidence SHE needed to support her own claim.

  • EducatedBlackMan
    EducatedBlackMan 3 months ago +4

    Both the shooter and the victim made bad decisions. Call the police to try and settle disputes. Never go to a person's house and confront someone when both parties are angry. And a gun should only be used when your life is in immediate danger, not to settle arguments.

    • C Ya
      C Ya 3 months ago

      The police had been called 6-8 times already. These 2 adult women couldn't work out their issues. But you would think a mother would stop her kids from going somewhere they were not wanted, near a very angry woman's house. But mom and kids have no respect for their neighbors.

      SPIRIT13 THE1ST 3 months ago

      ​@C Ya a witness said where the local kids played was not clise to her house
      She also verbally and racially assaulted the children. GOT IT!!

    • C Ya
      C Ya 3 months ago

      @SPIRIT13 THE1ST well it was reported that they were playing in her yard and left the skates and iPad in her yard. Surely she didn't chase them through the fields and steal their iPad and skates.

  • Blaine Lytle
    Blaine Lytle 3 months ago +31

    I like how this Police Cheif handled this case , so much better than many before this...

  • Nasha Lajoy
    Nasha Lajoy 3 months ago

    These kids will never get over seeing the mother get killed.😢😢

  • Debra Ross
    Debra Ross 3 months ago

    I am so glad that all of this was not happening back in the day ♥️♥️♥️ we played together out side all the day long and we got along i feel bad for the family My prayers are with them 🙏🙏😭🙏 😮😢😢😢😢😢🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Stan Lutan
    Stan Lutan 3 months ago

    this crazy lady shot her through the door with her kids there. What is wrong with people. She wasn't afraid of anyone bcuz if she was scared she would have stayed in her home instead of picking on these kids for playing outside. How cruel and horrible. May she RIP and God please watch over those children they must be traumatized. GOD Be with the family

  • Mayakattt
    Mayakattt 3 months ago +85

    Those poor children lost their mother

    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +6

      It’s so very sad.
      I hope that neighbors and family do all that’s possible to surround these kids with love.
      So very sad.

    • After the storm
      After the storm 3 months ago +4


    • B Smirh
      B Smirh 3 months ago

      All the neighbors interviewed so far all said she was the neighborhood Karen but she'll get off in the end.

    • Lero
      Lero 3 months ago +1

      @E.A. Morris We all feel like dying another death. However the MOTHER had no business stepping onto the lady property uninvited especially after feuding with this woman. Stay the HELL away from this woman property and let the police take care of it.

    • Leo Lennox
      Leo Lennox 3 months ago

      They children should have fathers to take care of them. Had those women had husbands around I doubt this would have happened. Two parents improves the chances of survival. You can't change our evolution.

  • Alyssia Gabrielle
    Alyssia Gabrielle 3 months ago +2

    .now we’re waiting for proper prosecution and a guilty verdict!
    ……we’re still waiting for justice.
    John 3:16♥️🙏🏾

  • Trace Thomas
    Trace Thomas 3 months ago +14

    Im not a big supporter of law enforcement but I trust what this Sheriff says we need more like him across America & he reminds me of judge Joe Brown

    • Jeanette Johnson
      Jeanette Johnson 3 months ago +2

      He and Sheriff Grady another Florida Sheriff are awesome.

    • B Smirh
      B Smirh 3 months ago +2

      Judge Joe Brown? Really! 🙄

  • Bonita Hopkins
    Bonita Hopkins 3 months ago

    The woman shooter must not have ever had any children of her own, in order for her to commit such a crime. What a sad story. I hope she goes to prison.

  • Catalina Sanchez
    Catalina Sanchez 3 months ago

    How could her life be threatened when she was in the house with a gun and the door closed and the victim standing outside without a weapon?

  • Willie Murphy
    Willie Murphy 3 months ago +5

    You cant just shoot through a door.

  • jojo canon
    jojo canon 3 months ago +4

    I want a Florida sheriff for Christmas. This sheriff and Sheriff Grady Judd are the BOSSES.

  • Tony Curry
    Tony Curry 3 months ago +2

    Hopefully as the Prosecutor and District Attorney learn more, the current charge of manslaughter will be upgraded to Murder in the 3rd degree. Yet, I realize Florida has two forms of manslaughter, voluntary and involuntary. However, I don't understand how a purposeful discharge of a firearm could fit as voluntary manslaughter in this situation.

  • Paradox Tru
    Paradox Tru 3 months ago +3

    This woman deserves everything she gets

  • 803southOrangeburg
    803southOrangeburg 3 months ago

    People like this should not have weapons. This lady and that guy that guy that cut somebody off in in traffic and shot at them are cut from the same cloth. You cant do whatever you want in the world now that you have went and bought a gun. You cant step on someones foot and shoot them for getting angry. This is insane.

  • Tiffanie Troutman
    Tiffanie Troutman 3 months ago +38

    Amen....I am grateful that the country has all eyes on this.....we will hold Florida accountable or change that stupid LAW

    • red9man2130
      red9man2130 3 months ago +8

      Stand your ground is NOT a stupid law! Have YOU ever had to defend Your life with force?

    • Music Man
      Music Man 3 months ago +3


    • E.A. Morris
      E.A. Morris 3 months ago +3

      First they’ll need to shed their gov cuz he loves all this ugly stuff. Thinks it’s good for his stats.

    • 0nly1Energy
      0nly1Energy 3 months ago +5

      That Law does not belong in this case. Hope she gets life without parole.

  • Gloria Sanders
    Gloria Sanders 3 months ago +1

    It’s not justice if she is not charge with first degree murder!!!

  • Vickie Allsopp
    Vickie Allsopp 3 months ago +3

    It's like driving!!! It's a privilege to drive & if you don't know the rules of when to pull trigger & fire, you dont deserve that privilege at all!!😡

  • Hephzibah
    Hephzibah 3 months ago

    Where people want IMMEDIATE Justice I’m glad they took their time so slimy lawyers can come and have things thrown out because of swift action without all the facts.

  • JessieSimone
    JessieSimone 3 months ago +2

    Shot through the door. Like Theodore Wafer in Michigan. There's simply no threat that justified it. She is going to prison and she knows it. Question is: how long and will the prosecution try to dead the case at the grand jury stage or simply present a weak one, knowingly/intentionally, to get her off. We shall see.

  • Regina Philen
    Regina Philen 3 months ago

    So in these cases are the evidence and crime scene not secured to ensure they are NOT TAMPERED WITH in any way? If it is possible that the ringcam information is erased...then no one secured the gun...camera or the murder house for evidence purposes... Such a strange law!

  • Nina Daly
    Nina Daly 3 months ago +1

    There are lessons to be learned from this, namely BE RESPECTFUL of ALL others and whatever you do avoid confrontation. My understanding is this feud was fueled by the deceased woman’s children continued to play in an empty lot owned by the shooter. I get it. It’s an empty lot. Why not allow the kids to play in it? But it belongs to that woman and an argument could be made that the kids playing there subjects her to liability if any of them were to get hurt playing there. The mother should have told the children NOT to play there. It certainly wasn’t worth her life.

  • Patrice Riddick
    Patrice Riddick 3 months ago +3

    Justice isnt being served charging her with manslaughter. Damn devil

  • 𝕯𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖊𝖗 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖓

    People shouldn't just shoot without confirmation. They could have been a parcel delivery person or any other service person.

    • Kkjj Ramsay
      Kkjj Ramsay 3 months ago +3

      I am a delivery person I will learn from this while working to really pay attention to my surroundings

    • Norman Randall
      Norman Randall 3 months ago

      Note to all delivery personnel. Don’t beat on someone’s door threatening to kill them or cause them bodily injury.

    • Where’s the asteroid, already?
      Where’s the asteroid, already? 3 months ago

      Naw, she knew who it was. They had been beefing for years. That crazy lady had beef with the whole neighborhood. I’m sure they’re happy she’s gone & good riddance.

  • iTs Rob
    iTs Rob 3 months ago +1

    Justice isn’t when it goes your way and injustice when it doesn’t go your way folks. Justice and your feelings aren’t mutually exclusive…..

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark 3 months ago

    Hard to argue with with common sense. I happen to be politically polar opposite of sheriff Billy Woods, but I support his wisdom here and the courage to speak plainly to the public.

  • M G
    M G 3 months ago +2

    I'm confused, did the shooter go to the victim's house and shoot through her door, or did the victim go to the shooter's house and the shooter shot through her own door?

  • Deb
    Deb 3 months ago

    The woman’s life was not in danger because someone was banging on her door. If she had kicked in the door and made entry into the apartment and the woman was afraid for her life then the stand your ground law would apply.

  • ExposedRoot
    ExposedRoot 3 months ago +3

    Good to see a committed sheriff.

  • M
    M 3 months ago +36

    I’m so glad that monster is in jail

  • Gary Ries
    Gary Ries 3 months ago +1

    The stand your ground laws help create these type of situations. Many people don't really know the law and when you can use deadly force. I think she should be charged with murder, and maybe a hate crime if evidence proves that. 25 years to life would be ok with me. The victim probably didn't know she had a gun as she was behind the door. Now if the victim has a gun or maybe a knife, kicks the door open, and comes at the shooter, then different outcome. I'm so sorry for the victim, family and their friends. There are more guns than people in USA. Over 48,000 people die each year by gun violence in this country. We all pay for this violence in more taxes. Is it really worth it?

  • Sid Sed
    Sid Sed 3 months ago

    OMG, that's real bad! she must get a life sentence of at least 523 years, with at least 304 years of probation and 215 years of early parole possibility.
    The bond should be no less than 22 Grands!

  • Real Life Zatoichi
    Real Life Zatoichi 3 months ago +1

    Its almost like i could read his heart he believes in stand your ground laws, he just wanted to emphasize her case is not, almost like he was afraid she could ruin it for someone else who really needs it. Just my opinion.