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HW News - Important GN / LTT Changes, GPU Price Drops, Intel Arc GPU Availability

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  3 months ago +359

    Watch our $30 PSU review here! clip-share.net/video/SMn2F2wx1LM/video.html
    And watch the news about Arctic's Liquid Freezer II repair kits: clip-share.net/video/jHdEqWpexH0/video.html

    • Ferenzee84
      Ferenzee84 3 months ago

      Hmm has anyone actually had an issue with those backpacks that lmg didn't rectify?

    • Dajustisce81
      Dajustisce81 3 months ago +1

      @gamers nexus … Steve that’s an excellent revue of the lmg/ ltt saga… as consumers we rely on yt reviewers like you to part with our precious pennies/cents etc. at the same time it’s fair to say that it would be odd for ltt ostensibly a reviewer to release an in house manufactured item and not back it… the problem here is that millennials are more circumspect when purchasing and will push for their RIGHTS! this is rational. Your viewers know the nexus (pun intended) between lmg and you. And appreciate your candour. It’s testament to journalism bravo!

    • Doc Bogus
      Doc Bogus 3 months ago

      In my country, and in Europe in general, all devices and appliances have a universal 2-year warranty as a minimum. These warranty discussions in America can get tiresome.

    • Just Smarter
      Just Smarter 3 months ago

      @choices choices How do you get rid of a CEO and company starter - YES.
      That's not how it works turd burlgar, and if it does, I am taking over Google if all it takes is GN viewers saying so on Clip-Share.

    • Just Smarter
      Just Smarter 3 months ago

      @Ken Shaw Ken, you are a proper muppet.

  • Taylor Powell
    Taylor Powell 3 months ago +1196

    After the number of times I've heard Linus say "Companies aren't your friends", I couldn't believe he was asking his customers to just trust him.

    • Garage Games
      Garage Games 17 days ago

      @Cable Feed the problem comes with being a “real” company there are standards that come with that. Like a real warranty. You can’t expect anyone to take a non-insignificant financial hit on a backpack with out some guarantee in writing just bc you’re Linus. Especially if you’re a “real” company.

    • Quackers
      Quackers Month ago

      in many ways he has issues with the separation of Linus and LMG
      which is funny cause he often discusses that when he makes company decisions he has to remind himself he can't do what he wants most he has to do what's best for the company because he is not LMG
      But he has clear issues with that separation in practice, as noted from the way he takes customer annoyance with the lack of a clear and written warranty to be an attack against him.

    • Cable Feed
      Cable Feed Month ago

      @Proudnerd again no facts all feelings do you even know how to communicate with people you disagree with without insults or judgment of the character of people you don't know.

    • Proudnerd
      Proudnerd Month ago

      @Cable Feed The irony really is pretty hilarious. Enjoy watching helium voice mini zuckerberg! Ill stick with actual credible sources of information that don't kiss the ass of anyone who gives them money and act like 5 year olds when called on their shitty business practices. It sure was fun seeing you get dogpiled for your ignorant politician speak and unquantified opinions about warranties being "useless".

    • Cable Feed
      Cable Feed Month ago

      @Proudnerd Dude this conversation is almost 2 months old. All your doing is showing yourself to be a gamers Nexus fanboy when you give no reasoning or constructive thought and just say found the fanboy.

  • Skyric Nexilles
    Skyric Nexilles 3 months ago +400

    Luke's the guy you want as a friend and at a company. Challenging you when you're out of touch and not just nodding their head in agreement

    • TotalXPvideos
      TotalXPvideos 3 months ago +8

      @Richard Horsford | True but that's on Linus for not discussing it with Luke at all, Luke didn't even know about the shirt till he found out by himself, Linus just takes his fanbase loyalty for granted is what it felt like.

    • john james
      john james 3 months ago +2

      ..and Steve is that friend we all have that will always always help out, but only because he sees an opportunity to get something from it, he loves drama and makes for entertaining Clip-Share videos

    • AintThatRich
      AintThatRich 3 months ago +13

      This whole thing has put me off LMG content for good but he really made me take note. Great that he has a voice and isn't afraid to use it, shame it didn't get through the ignorance of Linus. Read the room, someone you're co hosting with is straight face saying you're missing the point, maybe you are?

    • Richard Horsford
      Richard Horsford 3 months ago +4

      Agreed here could have been quiet about this but I think this should have been discussed off-screen or before the wan show. I think it was innocent Banta, but yeah LMG is a big company, and even though they have a good history with products and customer service the back-pack is a big item and a longterm one so some sort of warranty should be needed. They are very far from some individuals selling a few items online.

    • Mongoose Tacticool
      Mongoose Tacticool 3 months ago +32

      Luke: "This is wrong and in bad taste."
      Linus: "Yeah, but money bro!"

  • Mechanized
    Mechanized 2 months ago +49

    Luke is definitely a no bullshit kinda dude, huge respect for him checking Linus in real time, that takes fucking balls and integrity.

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes 3 months ago +570

    Honestly feels like Linus hasn’t shifted his mindset from being much smaller. When you’re talking with a local carpenter about renovating a kitchen there’s trust. When you’re talking with a multi billion dollar contractor about building airport terminals there’s references to contracts, tender obligations and proof of work and quality, no matter whether you trust the project lead on the contractor side or not. These days LMG has more in common with the latter and he needs to accept and understand that change.

    • Geraint Davies
      Geraint Davies 2 months ago

      @no normies allowed
      I mean, you've basically described the inherent trust issue when going from a sole trader, to a capitalist owned company.
      No matter how small a business that employs is, there is that inherent lack of responsibility for the workers, and a lack of profit motive within a workforce (usually touted as a capitalist pro as opposed to it's very obvious pitfall).
      A company as you say can't be "trusted", but someone who works personally as I do, and has never entered a contract will either have a good reputation, or be out of work.
      I guess OP skips the very low threshold where that trust becomes insufficient.
      There is also that plainly obvious conflict of interest, where LTT moving into advising work with other companies as they mentioned once in one of these streams.

    • tokkyuuressha
      tokkyuuressha 2 months ago +1

      They stopped just making youtuber branded merchandise thats a small mean for a fan to support them, and started making general goods like a backpack, water bottle, screwdriver. As soon as that happens, they stop being a bro youtuber that you trust, and become a goods manufacturer, because there will be people outside of their fans that are gonna buy their goods. And LMG need to act like a proper manufacturer for these people, especially when they target high end market.

    • dumbasPL
      dumbasPL 2 months ago

      See, here is the thing I love about Linus. Most channels/companies drastically change and become "stiff" when the experience grow like this. Linus is one of the few who managed to build something this big and still stick to his origins. So many channels/companies "ruin" themselves because they become to big. Here is the thing, Linus doesn't need to behave like a "multi billion dollar contractor" to sell their stuff and Linus thankfully understands that. The "trust me bro" t-shirt (which is btw absolutely hilarious IMO. Rub it in Linus, rub it in real good) and the sheer amount of stuff they are selling/can afford to buy proves that. Linus doesn't need to look good in front of investors because de doesn't have any.

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles 3 months ago

      @Jasonsadventures yeah that's the thing a lot of people are missing. Their audience has grown exponentially. Which means it's also now inpossible to please everyone.

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles 3 months ago +1

      @Josh Stephens I see you're a fan of putting yourself in a position to get screwed over. Missed the part where it's my problem.

  • Connor Skudlarek
    Connor Skudlarek 3 months ago +181

    I really appreciate Luke speaking up. It can be hard to disagree with your boss so starkly. Linus ain't a bad guy, but Luke is the one who has his finger on the pulse of their community on this one.

    • Proudnerd
      Proudnerd Month ago

      Pretty sure Linus is now a bad guy. Out of touch, too rich and corrupt.

    • Joel
      Joel 2 months ago +1

      @1 WithTheDark You're right, nothing will change as a result of *me* labeling him a bad guy, but if enough of his audience demands better, he *might* just walk it back and do the right thing. Big "might" (I'm not holding my breath), so in the mean time I will continue to boycott his content and encourage others to do the same. Not because I have faith in him, but because I believe that change *can happen* if enough people want it.

    • 1 WithTheDark
      1 WithTheDark 2 months ago

      @Joel The thing is you will label him a bad guy for this but nothing will change. You probably give Jeff Bazos the same label and probably still order off of Amazon. Regardless of how people hold it, it's still just merch. In house or out sourced doesn't matter. There are people like Mr Beast that sell way more merch with no warranty and only refund defective products or un opened. People will look past it because of the amount of money he gives away but it's all a write off and makes a lot of money. People will always look past certain things but what ever will always happen.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus 2 months ago

      @Chris Postle Most definitely, Luke will have had frank words with Linus and that's a testament to their solid friendship. Yes, I know I'm a little late on this - took a break from the internet for awhile as it's good to detox away from the despair floating around on the web these days.

    • Chris Postle
      Chris Postle 3 months ago +5

      I imagine there was a lot more said off camera there. He was clearly holding back on stream, but it's not very professional to straight up argue with your boss in front of an audience.

  • Will
    Will 3 months ago +2380

    My respect for Luke has gone up, as a casual LTT viewer I always thought of him as a yes-man when watching WAN but good job Luke for voicing his objections

    • ts757arse
      ts757arse 2 months ago

      I think this is probably a harsh learning experience for Linus. Selling water bottles and mouse mats is one thing, where you're asking people to part with a relatively small amount of cash. But when you're a new brand, making seriously expensive products in their class, you'd better realise you're entering a new realm of serious. If I'm buying an LTT high end product, I am acutely aware that they are new and there are almost certainly going to be problems. Linus being all friendly and "it's cool, I'll look after you, our reputation is everything" needs to end where the serious money begins.
      If I'm buying dinner for me and a friend, I am willing to trust he'll pay me back in kind down the line. If he doesn't, it's no big loss. But no friend would expect me to just trust them with hundreds. It needs to be clear cut what is happening and who owes who what when.
      Linus needs to realise that, when they're messing with the big boys, people have been screwed over by businesses before who were willing to trash their reputation to avoid a big recall, and customers NEED assurances. Those need to be in writing and legally enforceable.
      You're selling more than water bottles and t-shirts now and high end products have solid customer support built in. I'd never accept "trust me bro" from any company for this kinda cash.

    • danmar007
      danmar007 2 months ago +1

      Luke has always had his opinion at the ready. I've always liked him. He's more Canadian than Linus.

    • Themazeful
      Themazeful 2 months ago +1

      @Earth Taurus you'd think someone like that would get some respect or even asked for opinion by Linus to keep himself in check.
      Linus gets too big in his own head. He needs to dial it back a little.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus 2 months ago +1

      @Will Luke was never a Yes-Man, Luke is an absolute stand up professional and he will never voice his anger or castigate Linus on camera. That's due to his respect for Linus as a friend and as well as being a stand up professional.

    • Themazeful
      Themazeful 3 months ago

      @josh yates Linus becoming bigger than ever is really getting to his head. He needs to dial it back and take things more seriously.

  • Rafael Almeida de Bem
    Rafael Almeida de Bem 3 months ago +136

    mad respect for luke for standing his ground

  • Guerilla Grue Plays
    Guerilla Grue Plays 3 months ago +20

    That segment on LMG had big "We're not angry; just disappointed" energy.
    That said... you're taking the right stance. LMG's influence is HUGE at this point, and yeah: it's at a point where you've got no choice but to treat them with the same distance in regards to their actions as you would any other company.
    You guys are great, and lots of respect for all the effort you put in to making sure your focus is on fairness to the consumer first and foremost.

    • Exter_pc on Instagram
      Exter_pc on Instagram 3 months ago

      Thank God I finally own a gpu I just got my 3080 from ☝️☝️☝️, on insta at a very decent price

  • H3in3k3nx
    H3in3k3nx 3 months ago +45

    I’m so glad luke spoke his mind and stood up to linus. It might be intimidating to stand up to his boss like that, but he did what was right in the situation.

  • Neon Shores
    Neon Shores 3 months ago +13

    Linus: companies aren't your friend
    Also Linus: MY company is your friend

  • ThatOneDude702
    ThatOneDude702 3 months ago +931

    I don't keep up with LTT stuff really, but much respect to Luke for expressing that he was displeased with the shirt live in front of the CEO. A lot of people wouldn't do that. Kind of disappointing to see Linus push back so hard on this issue, which is why it's important for his peers like Luke and Steve to call him out on it. That's the best way to change things, holding our friends responsible for what they say and do.

    • Ghost-User
      Ghost-User 3 months ago +1


    • robb1324
      robb1324 3 months ago +1

      @Michel van Briemen "Oooooohhhh and there's the re-roll"

    • Michel van Briemen
      Michel van Briemen 3 months ago +2

      @jmike I often see the other staff cringing at Linus too. Linus is giving me ArtesianBuilds CEO vibes.

    • Soap A
      Soap A 3 months ago +3

      @Aaryn Robinson "he really just needs to get back to his roots and treat the products as a side business"
      THIS. I agree with. I'm honestly getting sick of every damn video showing LTT store like 3 or 4 times.
      I don't mind that some channels have their own products, just like GN. ESPECIALLY if it goes directly to support them. But it should be a side business and not the main focus. LTT stuff has became his main driver now, and the content is secondary.

    • JustPassingThrough
      JustPassingThrough 3 months ago +2

      @TechyBen He seems to want that cult of personality. I won't buy from companies Elon Musk is responsible for, and my increasing issues with Linus' behavior is making me really sour on LMG. The company is full of great people, but I avoid videos he is in at this point. The childishness and sexual innuendo are not in line with a company of that size.

  • Atra Hasis
    Atra Hasis 3 months ago +133

    Thanks for announcing the upcoming announcement that AMD will soon announce.

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M 3 months ago +55

    Luke has always been a really dependable dude. Without him i dont think LMG would be where it is at all. Huge Respect to Luke.

  • elfaia
    elfaia 3 months ago +9

    I thought the whole LTT warranty fiasco was pretty benign but when you watch how steve was talking about linus' reponse and then cutting into the actual response from LTT's wan show, it just made me wince.

  • PenmanLupine
    PenmanLupine 3 months ago +74

    Linus starting his "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" arc

    • KOTE7SU
      KOTE7SU Month ago

      @Terrible Times with a lot of hesitation. It was cringe to watch..

    • Terrible Times
      Terrible Times 2 months ago +5

      @cdreid9999 Luke literally called him out in this instance

    • NATIK ?
      NATIK ? 2 months ago +6

      Yeah, won't mention specifics because we all have different opinions on different things. However Linus have come out with a lot of tone deaf and myopic statements in the past. I like LTT and I think they produce a lot of good content, but Linus really puts his foot in his mouth on occasion and it happens more and more often nowadays.
      I think It is evident Linus has slipped away from the position he started with as half layman, half industry insider and have more or less entirely gone corporate. However Linus obviously still think of himself as the layman representative and doesn't seem to realize how far his perspective has shifted over time. He does talk about recognizing the company and what it means in many ways, but it's usually about obligations and things like financials, business decisions and such, the fact is his entire perspective on the industry has changed drastically not just his obligations seems to escape him.

    • cdreid9999
      cdreid9999 3 months ago +9

      100%. He has been slowly headed this way for a while. He's rich, the CEO of a successful corp and probably the biggest tech youtuber. And not even Luke dares call him out

  • GangstaMartinez
    GangstaMartinez 3 months ago +1423

    Props to Luke from LMG for voicing his concern and standing by his opinion on the matter. This shows integrity.

    • Drew Rodriguez
      Drew Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

      I could feel how uncomfortable Luke was with stating his perspective to Linus. It appeared he was careful to not risk his position. It comes off that Linus is petty and doesn't have good communication with his tenured employees.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus 2 months ago

      @KingEurope1 Luke didn't leave lol... he is in charge of FloatPlane.

    • Rob Perry
      Rob Perry 3 months ago

      @Craig Tonkin I dont watch either for those reasons, but there are endless snippets of LTT in the channels I do watch cause its so easy to find poor decisions.

    • Craig Tonkin
      Craig Tonkin 3 months ago +1

      @Rob Perry not watched LTT for a long time now. He is a clown and chases money and nothing else. Integrity is out the window there.

    • Rob Perry
      Rob Perry 3 months ago +1

      @Dylan Smith hence why I said its a gag, and its pathetic. Thanks for clarifying what I already knew though.

  • Steve Nottingham
    Steve Nottingham 3 months ago +11

    I would love to see a gn sit down interview with Linus on this issue. Didn't know I wanted that till I saw this coverage.

  • Yours Anonymously
    Yours Anonymously 3 months ago +200

    I think Linus has lost the plot... As my grandad would say, "he's gotten too big for his britches." As always, I appreciate the honesty and frankness that GN brings to the table.

    • Horus Reloaded
      Horus Reloaded 2 months ago

      @Jack Schofield I honestly blame him, because it is just his massive ego getting hurt because people didn't take his word as law and said "Yes, Darth Linus."
      And he didn't learn, the warranty dexision was obviously made by others because he kept mocking and strawmanning criticism. Like he rant went so long that Luke had to cut him to say "Btw there will be a warranty statement" in the WAN show, because you would not think they will from Linus' attitude.
      I think Linus' insistence on his trustable reputation and integrity is what, ironically, tarnished his reputation in this case.

    • kaldo
      kaldo 2 months ago +1

      @Earth Taurus I agree with everything you're saying.
      I'm actually in the middle of the two groups you describe personally. I've been following him since 2008, definitely a fan. Never bought the merch even though the cost is no issue for me. And I'm not an outsider who might be coming in.
      I definitely was thinking from only my own perspective with the comments I made, which I find unfortunate, I try to keep a very broad view and consider multiple/all viewpoints in my day to day life. I can see how an outsider might learn of the brand and see his behavior and find it to be a big red flag. As a fan, for me it's just Linus memeing, which is highly expected from the LTT crew for a long time viewer. I personally enjoy the more casual nature of the company.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus 2 months ago +3

      @kaldo Fair points, however it's not a really good sign when a company releases a product effectively mocking the situation and openly focusing on the sales numbers. Sure, there are die hard followers that will buy anything Linus releases but to maintain a viable business. You do have to grow organically and that only occurs by building trust of consumers beyond your traditional audiences. As the latter is not infinite - it's finite and that's why most youtubers sell Merch as you need to diversify income streams and not solely rely on ad revenue for example. Gamers Nexus for example, by selling hardware toolkits they also pull in buiiders, construction workers, mechanics etc looking for high quality tool kits. These folks are reached by word of mouth or proximity to someone who watchers their content or a tools hardware channel reviewing their products etc. Word mouth is *the* most valuable form of marketing and social media is a massive amplifier of word of mouth marketing.

    • kaldo
      kaldo 3 months ago +6

      @C P Something a lot of people who take your stance don't understand is that Linus' company _is_ his community. Without his community, he's out of business. Taking care of his community is taking care of his business.

    • C P
      C P 3 months ago +10

      ​@Jack Schofield Linus isn't your friend. He's a business owner. He will always put his company first over the community. The wording in the new warranty already contradicts the blanket statement of "We will take care of it %100). Thats fine, but that's why its important as a company to have official documents letting the consumer know where they stand. This is a good experience for LMG to know how they are actually perceived in the community and to not get the manufacturer/consumer relationship twisted.

  • Lil Smithers
    Lil Smithers 2 months ago +6

    My lord the scenes with Linus and Luke were so awkward but I do really respect for not staying silent and just going with it for sake of he's my boss.
    He was really honest and despite me actively cringing into nonexistance I'm glad I saw that

  • Comrade Sandwich
    Comrade Sandwich 3 months ago +4

    Oh man I cherish GN so damn much for so many different reasons.
    As a long time gamer and PC builder I've come to realize just how much our industry, like so many others are void of, or lacking significant integrity and ethics. GN has always been such a breath of fresh air amongst the chaos of anti-consumer bullshit. Thank you so much Steve and friends for all the years of fair, truthful and unbiased info as well as the significant changes you've made/are making in the industry 💙💙💙

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell Biggs 3 months ago +1734

    Perfectly fair. Doubt they would disagree with this decision.

    • A GC
      A GC 3 months ago

      This will get erased anyway…, but sorry to disagree GN is erasing not favorable comments and that’s just the tip of what’s wrong, reporting the bad but not the good, stabbing a friend that has helped you, he didn’t even reviewed the product just focused on the warranty issues on two vids just for clicks.

    • EntitledSnowflake
      EntitledSnowflake 3 months ago

      @L Liddle He used to say what?

    • L Liddle
      L Liddle 3 months ago

      @EntitledSnowflake I feel like if anything, linuses let his desire for fun grow. He used to say "

    • Bip Bop
      Bip Bop 3 months ago

      @Jordan Anderson I understand. When it comes to business, get it in writing. A lot of safety stuff is covered by law in US, (in guessing Canada). But then I think about Amazon's hours and break policy and truckers and how they find loop holes is ridiculous, etc and the law isn't enough

    • J W
      J W 3 months ago

      @Michael Corcoran If any of my team quote the rules, I'll ensure that they get exactly what they are entitled to according to the rules, and not one bit more. Since I attempt to go well above and beyond for my team, that means this rule quoter will be missing out. From memory, this is exactly what Linus said he would do. It really is about the only appropriate response to such a person if you do go above and beyond for your team (employers going above and beyond for their employees is recognized even less than employees going above and beyond for their employers).
      As for unions, if a company is offering better than average conditions (including pay and benefits), then the staff at that company are significantly better off not joining a union. So yes, if staff at LMG did indeed join a union, and Linus believed he was offering his staff better than average working conditions, he would consider that a failure.
      Unions are great when you work at a company that is actually abusing - or nearly abusing - staff. Companies named after South American rain forests are a great example of when a union is a good idea.
      When you are working for a small company, have good pay and good conditions though, you are better off without being in a union. Further, if you are actually good at your job, and have an employer that recognizes this and rewards it (which yes - happens in many small and mid sized companies), then you are significantly better off not being in a union.
      I mean, wouldn't it suck if you joined a union, who then set a specific pay rate for your specific role, and set that pay rate at only slightly above the industry average - but that is less than what you are earning. It would suck even more if the union then called for a strike so that other employers agree to their terms. All of a sudden, you are on strike asking your employer to pay you less - I've seen exactly this situation happen a few times.
      Unions are great - at keeping the bottom tier of employers in line. They aren't really needed for anyone else.

  • themasterofdisastr
    themasterofdisastr 3 months ago +69

    Lukes "Maybe there's a lot of childish and petty people out there" (9:05) is absolute comedy gold

    • Voyajer
      Voyajer 2 months ago +4

      @The Night ESL?

    • CAC2244
      CAC2244 2 months ago +19

      Linus was totally oblivious that Luke's comment was mainly about him.

  • Bob Khosravi
    Bob Khosravi 3 months ago +5

    Big fan of this channel and your content. Understand what you're saying about the change, but also want to say how much I appreciate the extensive timestamp-ing you all do so I can skip forward and keep living a very happy Linus-Free existence.

  • Frustrated Alien
    Frustrated Alien 3 months ago +7

    Most people began buying LTT merch to support a creator they like. They'd continue to buy what is most likely extremely overpriced average merch because they like Linus. With this action Linus has shown that he can sell basically anything to his fans at any price he feels like.

  • Militant_Daisies
    Militant_Daisies 2 months ago +3

    mad respect for your business ethics GN, its rare thing in this age.

  • Ricardo Penders
    Ricardo Penders 3 months ago +4

    Yeah you're absolutely right that it was bad taste what they did at LTT with the warranty and especially the t-shirt, that's pretty disrespectful to their customers.

  • Vincent's Rock Garage
    Vincent's Rock Garage 3 months ago +2

    Great job reporting. It felt balanced and interesting. Also - Kudos to Luke for sharing his disagreement.

  • MADDOG547
    MADDOG547 3 months ago +2

    I can only imagine how hard this has been for you and your team. Your integrity is awe inspiring. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Serena Silvermoon (VT)
      Serena Silvermoon (VT) 3 months ago

      Integrity? Trashing another competitor youtuber, over what? You tell me, cause as far as I am aware, LMG has a good reputation with their customers. So why was this made into such a big deal to the point that it even needed to be covered as if he already screwed over a ton of customers? And why compare it to Artesian who has a proven track record of screwing people over?
      If you call this integrity, you are blind. It's just youtube drama.

  • Eric Bowling
    Eric Bowling 3 months ago +15

    23:10 I'm sure Nvidia has learned from that, doubt they'll ever make a card as long lasting as the 1080Ti.

    • RazerOW
      RazerOW 3 months ago

      @ShadowOps Airman1 I haven't seen any more than normal for nVidia or AMD.

    • ShadowOps Airman1
      ShadowOps Airman1 3 months ago +1

      I see tons of their gpus failing suddenly

  • Pitboy
    Pitboy 3 months ago +413

    Props to Luke. Good idea to highlight how he read the situation properly while Linus went sideways, as hes known to do.
    Your replaying Lukes approach the way you did was a good thing. I watched all these WAN shows live and I didnt pick up on it that much.
    What I saw here ... was integrity. Luke just tried to move the conversation in the direction that really mattered,
    then he agreed to disagree, and never wavered from the proper approach to it all. Integrity.

    • Michael Berthelsen
      Michael Berthelsen 3 months ago +6

      @seeibe Because he used to be the comedic relief, it's not meant as a bad thing. He just can be silly at times. When the silly fun guy has to be the connection to reality, it simply reflects even worse on Linus.

    • seeibe
      seeibe 3 months ago +3

      @Michael Berthelsen Why do you think Luke is s bit silly?

    • Aaryn Robinson
      Aaryn Robinson 3 months ago

      @CFDnoob2 i think most people watch LMG for entertainment, i don’t think anyone really takes them seriously but I guess some are if they are buying their products. I think they should just stick to doing Clip-Share videos tbh

    • CFDnoob2
      CFDnoob2 3 months ago +24

      @naaitsab Linus has went in the direction of "I like all the money this makes for me and my family but my family shouldn't be held responsible for the product warranty etc when I'm no longer around." Ok I understand you love your family but that doesn't mean you reap all the benefits of the channel and store but want no responsibility that comes with it. And he doesn't want to acknowledge this for some strange reason and goes on wild tangents while discussing it. Thank god to rest of the LTT team or else I would have long stopped watching his channel.

    • Titan FX
      Titan FX 3 months ago +18

      Yeah, after all these years watching LTT vids seems like Linus kinda forgets his original audiences. Can't really say the same for Luke since nowadays he is operating outside the LTT channels and only appears on WAN shows, but the old style WAN and the new one feels different.

  • Elvin Chen
    Elvin Chen 3 months ago +10

    Steve and the whole GN team repeatedly prove that our respect and trust are in the best place.

    • A GC
      A GC 3 months ago

      Stabs for clicks.

  • Great Dox
    Great Dox 3 months ago +55

    "And maybe there's a lot of childish and petty people out there." You have to hand it to Linus. They know their audience.

  • Petroskoi3000
    Petroskoi3000 3 months ago +1

    Good for you Steve. You finally made some hard, but right choices. Life is hard but Leif is Hagert. Always.

  • tee_es_bee
    tee_es_bee 3 months ago +1

    Being and adult and professional has to come into the equation at some point. LTT seems like they treat everything in the "it's a show" kind of approach. That can only take a company that far until real world interferes.

  • Toni Lähdekorpi
    Toni Lähdekorpi 3 months ago +522

    This is exactly why we all like Luke. He is one of those genuinely well-meaning human beings.

    • Goat
      Goat 3 months ago

      @christopher james Yes. Having money doesn’t mean much if you can generate more, their outgoings per month just on salaries will be well north of 6 figures. That’s like saying Apple shouldn’t bother worrying about selling products because they already have a lot of cash

    • pandacat17
      pandacat17 3 months ago

      yeah, it was hard watching linus but its great he has a grounded friend

    • Joel Dziak
      Joel Dziak 3 months ago +1

      Luke needs saving from that disaster Linus has forced others to manage and save. LMG is only alive in spite of Linus

    • Kota's Premiere
      Kota's Premiere 3 months ago +2

      I would love to see a lot more luke in the LTT video's. This is partly why i watch fewer of LTT's videos. Linus can come off as an ass sometimes in my opinion and i think while it cane make videos more entertaining it also chances rubbing your viewers the wrong way. Like how he yelled about his floor getting scuffed by employee's understandably but simultaneously (i hope it's just acting) seemed super careless with his employee's homes and property while doing intel makovers.
      Again i hope it was just acting but sometimes he just comes off as a hypocrite and i can't stand hypocrites....or at-least ones that can't admit their shortcomings and try to do better. Add in this warranty fiasco and him getting smart with his customers it just screams get away from LTT to me. This is not good for the future of LTT and the employee's futures with the business as well. Maybe i am just reading too much into it and i really hope i am, but this really does make me want to kind of back off from LTT video watching for now.

    • Mavendow
      Mavendow 3 months ago +7

      ​@christopher james He had to drop his contract with the Taiwanese screwdriver maker. He ate that loss, which according to him, was over a hundred thousand dollars. From my perspective - that was the moment he started acting akin to a cold and calculative CEO. I can't imagine how much stress that decision must've caused him.
      BUT that doesn't give him the right to yammer about his multimillion dollar home whilst mocking warranties and people who want them. Stress ≠ excuse for shitty behavior.

  • Phoenux
    Phoenux 3 months ago +6

    @11:30 can't help but feel that this just drives home LInus's point on having a written warranty. But, at the end of the day had they just put it on paper beforehand none of this would've been an issue. The "Trust Me Bro" T-shirt was definitely in poor taste but his comments on the sales are pretty easy to see as "see, the community agrees with me and understands we'll stand behind our product" more so than "harhar we're making money off controversy".
    TL:DR GN's take seems a little harsh but overall makes the right points. Also the fanboys taking pot shots at one group or the other really need to get their heads out of the sand. Both groups are providing great content and should be allowed to keep each other in check without John Doe #243287 feeling the need to tag along with inane comments...

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 3 months ago +1

    Lots of great comments on this video. I really like Steve's approach here, he being super careful to clearly state everything in simple language. It would have been more amusing to see him fly off the handle, but the thoughtful approach is much more tactful.

  • Archtechnician
    Archtechnician 3 months ago +6

    treating LMG the same as any other company you deal with gives your word weight and people can trust your views. It also should give weight to LMG because if they do things right people can come to you for the honest overview of the situation and response to any issues. A working relationship where both GN and LMG can pass more information between the two is better for the consumer, as long as both sides are honest ofc.

  • maldar
    maldar 3 months ago +19

    Concerning the LMG warranty, I can understand both sides. Eing a long time viewer I have seen them stand by their products and just make the situation right. The thing that comes to mind as an example is a sewing error on some knit beanies I believe, they fixed in-stock inventory by and and sent anyone with a issue a new fixed beanie. While at the same time working with their manufacturer to address the issue. Those had no warranty & could have just blown it off, but they stand by their products. That is the type of support Linus provides.
    However, not everyone is a long time viewer and doesn't know LMG/Linus have a customer happiness focus when it comes to their products. Being newer and not seeing how they have backed their products and treated customers in the past it is understandable people would expect a warranty for such an expensive item.
    For me if I had the funds right now I would have bought one without the need for a written warranty just based on what I have seen them do in the psst and how committed they are to making the best products possible. I do see some design errors in the backpack I am going to mention to them in hope they will be addressed.
    As for Luke, people are right. It is good he is still there to help Linus not go off the rails & try to explain the concerns of the audience. They balance each other.

    • maldar
      maldar 3 months ago +2

      @ThaneVim's Alt Actually you have his video stating that they stand behind their products & that is admissible in court. It would then be up to a court to decide from there and they would most likely look at warranties of similar products the determine an outcome. However, Linus would never let it get that far as the cost of legal proceedings would cost much more than just replacing a backpack.

    • LovesToSpooge
      LovesToSpooge 3 months ago +5

      @ThaneVim's Alt The whole idea that someone is going to court is silly. If you don't like the policy than don't buy it, but other people don't care if it has a warranty and trust company to do right. If they don't than f*#k them and move on. I'm not suing over a couple hundred bucks.

    • ThaneVim's Alt
      ThaneVim's Alt 3 months ago +1

      Even if a company has a history of backing their products, having a print warranty goes a long way towards building trust. And without the written warranty, LMG has no legal obligation to ever replace a defect or other issue. "Trust me bro" or similar language, has no standing in court.

    • Exter_pc on Instagram
      Exter_pc on Instagram 3 months ago

      Thank God I finally own a gpu I just got my 3080 from ☝️☝️☝️, on insta at a very decent price

  • T H
    T H 3 months ago +551

    I could feel Luke's tension and in essence, fear over expressing his honest opinion, I appreciate him staying honest even when it's contrary to his boss sitting right across from him.

    • Comma
      Comma 3 months ago

      I should probably clarify the clips are taken from the original Aug 12 video and one from Aug 19.

    • Gene Gayda
      Gene Gayda 3 months ago

      @edge21str Which is amusing. Linus wanted clarity and transparency in that particular business communication... like his customers wanted over the backpack.

    • ThatPizzaLesbian69🏳️‍🌈
      ThatPizzaLesbian69🏳️‍🌈 3 months ago

      @aspzx he literally did tho. He literally said in a video that a $3000 pc is affordable and the bare minimum you should budget for.

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz 3 months ago +1

      @Stuart Fury Luke is an employee of Floatplane. Linus is the CEO of Floatplane.

    • D H
      D H 3 months ago

      @Stuart Fury yes, he is.

  • MX372
    MX372 3 months ago

    Great job Steve, you always do excellent work.
    Linus might have handled this in a seemingly arrogant or childish/immature way, but he did make some really good points about how a warranty can in effect be worthless (if a company goes out of business), his company and it's reputation. Is it the way I would have handled it if I were in his shoes? Most likely not, but I actually can't say with 100% certainty that I wouldn't.
    Warranties are SUPPOSED to protect the consumer against a defect in materials or workmanship, in the context of the product being used in a manner that it was designed for. Most defects present themselves pretty early in the use of the product's lifespan (my opinion, not scientifically verified). Believe it or not, there are TONS of people that misuse or abuse a product and still exercise a warranty claim so that they don't have to bear the burden of their poor decisions regarding the use of the product, and instead it is passed on to the company that sold it or manufactured it. This of course increases the cost of the product (or other products made by that company) as a CoDB (Cost of Doing Business). People that do that are, in my opinion, "scamming the system" and are not very ethical people. (

  • 0hMercyAlice!
    0hMercyAlice! 3 months ago +2

    Welp; Guess it's time for Linus' Villain Arc... Mad respect for the rest of the LMG crew though

  • serGLEN
    serGLEN 3 months ago +7

    Linus is lucky to have Luke and Steve both. My respect to Steve. This man put justice on top of money.

  • Baris
    Baris 3 months ago +1

    I just wanna say that I think Linus means well and that It's important to point out when he is wrong (and treat issues just like other company's issues) because he is not a fast learner when it comes to his own f ups :D Every bit helps :D

  • Drew Huscher
    Drew Huscher 3 months ago +422

    Linus has said a number of times that LMG/LTT is transitioning to a "brand" and as such, needs to behave like it. The stance GN chose is a good one and I hope LTT can see and understand why.

    • zJGnLAU8OAWF6
      zJGnLAU8OAWF6 3 months ago

      @TinkeredSwan he puts different meaning in being "real company".

    • Tyler Schifler
      Tyler Schifler 3 months ago +2

      More like I hope he continues to see the objections of his constituents and our comment. As said though, doesn't matter if it's seen nor understood.
      I've seen Linus make an ass of him self plenty but never what I would consider outside the scope of "normal", it's shameful this time around, trolling consumers was distasteful and gives his company a less than savory appearance.
      That sucks because I was looking forward to seeing LTT Store continue to grow & his attitude makes me wish it was employee owned.

    • Johnny Wednesday
      Johnny Wednesday 3 months ago

      I used to like Linus years ago - since he became obsessed with money? I've grown to hate him so much that I'll go out of my way to dissuade anybody from giving him money. He's let it all go to his head and he's become incredibly ugly in the process.

    • TinkeredSwan
      TinkeredSwan 3 months ago +20

      It always bothers me when Linus jokes about LTT becoming a "real company". It's an entity that is registered with the Canadian government, issues invoices, and (presumably) pays taxes. On top of that, it employs a staff and has to follow local, provincial, and national labor laws. It's been a fucking "real company" for nearly 10 years.

    • jose garcia
      jose garcia 3 months ago

      GN is a serious channel about computers, LTT is more like a circus, irrelevant and not very reliable.

  • craazyy22
    craazyy22 3 months ago

    I really really want intel to stay/try to be in the GPU market. I hope the top'hats don't kill the gpu line from a difficult start.

  • Orm
    Orm 3 months ago +1

    I love LTT, but you should absolutely treat their team as you do any other. It's the professional thing to do.

  • Randoir
    Randoir 3 months ago

    I enjoyed your explanation about the situation and would expect you to treat any vendor that sells PC related stuff as a vendor and put any friendship you have to the side . And I would hope LMG understands that as well , when you do review the backpack .

  • L Liddle
    L Liddle 3 months ago +77

    I've gotten a lot more into GN recently, and I must say, the community that you have built here is amazing. I've been reading through the comments on this video, which I thought were going to be someone controversial, but they haven't been. Largely, they've been well balanced, thought through, and supportive.

    • s13shaka
      s13shaka 3 months ago +2

      You need friends.

  • All the Bytes
    All the Bytes 3 months ago +491

    Luke seems like a handler at this point. I could feel his restrained eye rolling as a physical force.

    • U1TR4F0RCE
      U1TR4F0RCE 3 months ago

      @Brockyman If I owned a company that sells products at a boutique price I would probably screw up but I wouldn't consider people asking for a warranty to be a personal attack that they don't trust me. Just that they have the reasonable perspective of wanting a long term agreement between buyer and seller to be in writing.
      Also I wouldn't consider workers requesting to do a union to be some indication that I've failed as a boss as Linus does. Everyone screws up sometimes, it's just kind of awkward how formalizing agreements seems to be something that Linus screws up in regard to his attitude a lot.

    • Fleyua
      Fleyua 3 months ago

      @Nerium Oleander You are right, this whole thing isn't new. I would hate to have a CEO like him especially with that large of an ego and think money is everything. He has so many things wrong in so many places it isn't even funny anymore. I was hoping to see some growth in him since NCIX. I haven't seen any other than seeing him become more of a show off year after year. Rich man ego issues.

    • Nerium Oleander
      Nerium Oleander 3 months ago

      @Arkanrais A lot of CEOs have this same ego until they fall and rely on other people to prop them up. And considering all that, his knowledge is still lacking.

    • Nerium Oleander
      Nerium Oleander 3 months ago

      @MoreJelloCello No it's is just that Linus has always been like that the entire time. It is his character and wanting attention. Unsubbed a long time ago. His political views is also not accurate at all as well. He caters to his audience for views and wants $$ and his confidence leads to more of his ago showing that was previously hidden.

    • Arkanrais
      Arkanrais 3 months ago +3

      @All the Bytes it's definitely ego.
      He and his company get *given* pieces of tech that are several thousand-to-several tens of thousands of dollars regularly. he's bought a second house and can't help feel the need to be showing off all the tech he's putting in and being given for it (very bad idea to be filming inside your own home and doing semi-walkthroughs of the place as an e-celeb these days.) It looks a hell of a lot like ego, just like having *that* friend in your teens & twenties who ties their ego to the 'cool' or expensive things they own. They think it makes them a cool person and they have to show them off to you to validate their ego.

    ANGRYWOLVES 3 months ago

    I applaud what Steve is saying about LMG.
    Still I do fear the relationship between Steve and Linus might not be what it was from now on and that I fear will take away from them working together in the future

  • Teo Harlan
    Teo Harlan 3 months ago

    Good reporting. It maybe be tough love but I approve trying to remain neutral and stating your biases. I hope LTT appreciates it as well and makes appropriate changes based on the feedback they receive.

  • RJ Till
    RJ Till 3 months ago

    As someone heading a company in a mostly unrelated industry, I've learned an incredible amount about what to do and not to do by following GN, LTT, and others and how they respond to internal and external controversy. I hate to say it but I've got the popcorn out here, I am extremely interested to see what happens next. I normally don't read comments (or write them) but I'd say 90% of the speculation in these comments (in both directions) holds some truth, and that's really interesting to me. We have a psuedo-friendly David and Goliath thing here and perception is a very powerful thing. 🍿🍿🍿

  • Neonmirrorblack
    Neonmirrorblack 3 months ago +43

    When Jay and a few others around the internet were gushing over how "low" GPU prices were falling, all I could do is eye-roll. Some of them are higher than launch MSRP still, and that's at a heavy "discount". When you consider we're at the end of the generation, these prices are still beyond laughable. I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to get a 3080 day one for $850.

    • I Just Fell Down
      I Just Fell Down 3 months ago

      It just shows how out of touch tech reviewers have gone. The rising costs of basic needs has basically guaranteed any average Joe can't afford anything after the RTX 2000 series.
      $500-$600 for "affordable" GPUs is laughable already in first world countries, let alone in developing ones where these costs make up our entire monthly salary on a graduate level job.

    • cdreid9999
      cdreid9999 3 months ago +1

      @Robert Hollaryou seem to be put of touch woth reality...there is no limited availability. Nvidia is trying to offload a huge stash of gpu's and do it within the next year so they dont take a bath on the 40 series

    • Brian Russo
      Brian Russo 3 months ago

      I got my AMD reference 6900 board directly from them for MSRP. Was it worth it, idk, but a year later of ownership, I'm ok with the investment. I'll probably sell it and buy another reference 7000 series board from them as it will be a real msrp. Inflated? sure, like every other product in the world. No one out there is innocent, but unlike the AIB's at least AMD and nVidia didn't sit there and crank up the MSRP's of their reference boards. AMD's were at that price point since release on their website, same with nVidia and then even still when they signed the exclusivity deal with Best Buy for FE cards.

    • packinwood2009
      packinwood2009 3 months ago +2

      Remember when we were promised 2080ti performance for under $500? That was over 2 years ago.

    • apoclypse
      apoclypse 3 months ago +2

      @Robert Hollar The PS3 didn't sell at $600USD for long because people rightly didn't want to pay for that. Sony had to do a lot to cut the cost to something more reasonable for customers. Customers have an expectation that things will get more powerful as new technology comes along however $800 is imo pushing the limits of what customers would pay for just a video card. I'm sure there are some who would pay that but I personally would never pay that.

    TDATA 3 months ago +462

    This made me respect Luke more of LMG. He gets it. Linus is too attached to these two items and good for him. I get it, you're a proud expecting father, and Luke's an uncle to these products. These aren't things LMG has ever done before. Hoodies, shirts, pillows, etc are LOW RISK products that every Clip-Sharer bigger than 100K subscribers seems to indulge in, and as such there's a base level of expectation. NOW you're throwing your hat in the tool market and luggage market, with your own products not piggy backing off of Craftsman or American Tourist. YEAH, that's kind of uncharted territory for Clip-ShareR first brands.

    • andreksjour
      andreksjour 3 months ago +4

      ​@BBQsaucerer This is clearly a "warranty issue", from a "tech related" company. This is exactly what GN do. Plus this is not a small controvesy, unlike what linus says about it. If GN didn't have a say in this, they would be accused of going soft on Linus because he is a friend. LTT deserve criticism, the same way if ASUS made this backpack, or NVIDIA, or anyone else tech related, that didn't come with a warranty.

    • clownavenger
      clownavenger 3 months ago +4

      @Jonathan Barlow Did you watch the video? He does give credit for an official warranty but going from trust me bro to a limited warranty means the "trust me bro" warranty did not cover everything. You need to be specific so people know what to expect.

    • grey square
      grey square 3 months ago +3

      @Jonathan Barlow Steve said he felt conflicted in reporting on this issue and he has essentially reached an uncomfortable point where he felt by ignoring this issue would be a form of favoritism to a fellow youtuber. He reached his limit and has decided that to be a fair reviewer going forward, he should should not have that limit. To be clear, he is confronting the idea Linus took, which is good, thats why we watch him (to review stuff his followers find important).
      He did give them credit for issuing a warranty to the backlash.
      BUT, the problem from a trust me bro, we got you unclear ambiguous statement to a limited warranty is the problem. This stuff should be clear from the beginning, not ambiguous. Why would you NOT want to be clear, and that is probably so you don't have to legally follow through later.
      I don't know the details about the modmat; but if it is about competing, shouldn't you as a consumer be glad competition is making things better?

    • Tim Sheehan
      Tim Sheehan 3 months ago +2

      @Jonathan Barlow The products are currently tech adjacent and there are signs future LTT products could move more into the tech sphere, they have electronics engineers working on products at the moment, an LTT keyboard or mouse in the next couple of years is an outside possibility. From GN's perspective they're setting a position for if they were to cover an LTT product going forward, not saying they necessarily will.

    • Jonathan Barlow
      Jonathan Barlow 3 months ago +1

      @Un1c0rN I can completely understand discussing this incident, given the discussion around warranty. It was a topic worth of discussion and LTT got it wrong.
      However, Steve seems to be suggesting he intends to Continue talking about LTT moving forwards, and treat them as if they were an Tech manufacturer or selling custom system, which they aren't. His response to the situation seems to be very confrontational and a bit personal at times. He seems to be trying to suggest that any sort of response from Linus or LTT to the further criticism would be negative or unprofessional and that they should just accept the criticism.
      He also doesn't appear to be giving them any credit for taking action to correct their original stance in response to the backlash (something which he regularly does in other situations like this).
      He also appears to be trying to continue the criticism of the new warranty for its limitations (which all are prefectly standard for most warranties) despite acknowledging that all warranties have exclusions.
      In general, it feels like Steve has at times been trying to score points in some imaginary competition, such as increasing the modmat's limited warranty to 7 years in immediate response to the the incident but then continuing to criticise LTT after they chose to give a lifetime limited warranty to the backpack.
      It feels like there is more to this incident, and that perhaps there are additional issues in the background around the GN / LTT relationship, which (with my tinfoil hat on) feels like it could be to do with some resentment about Linus heavily investing into his new LTT Lab which sounds like it will infringe more into the GN technical space than typical LTT content has done (and sounds like it will have far more equipment and staff to conduct in depth testing than GN currently does)

  • Robb Fisher
    Robb Fisher 3 months ago +1

    Oh man... I was on a vacation, so I missed the announcement of the announcement's announcements, but got back in time to not only hear Steve's annunciation of the announcement of the announcement's announcements, but also his annotations on the actual announcement's announcements.

  • tokkyuuressha
    tokkyuuressha 2 months ago +8

    "Trust me bro warranty" is a pretty funny t-shirt in a vacuum so I'm not surprised it sold well. Also speaks to the talent of LTT merch designers. Linus pointing to the sales of t-shirts as a validation misses that point heavily. I watched that episode of wan show but was a bit disconnected from the whole thing until later, completely missed Luke's reactions. It's been a while since he looked that unhappy with linus on camera. I like Linus' lighthearted nature and the readiness to put out a good meme as a product, but sometimes It's just not a time and place for it.

  • Simple Gunner
    Simple Gunner 3 months ago

    its nice to hear that luke is being "the voice of the people" as it were in this situation.

  • shAp
    shAp 3 months ago +13

    If they rectify the issue while meming about it then I don't really see the problem with it. It would be a problem if they didn't address the problem.
    It's good that you've clarified how thoroughly GN will criticise LGM and labs to hold them accountable.

  • Allison MorningStar
    Allison MorningStar 3 months ago +650

    As the saying goes "A friend always tells a friend the truth, good or bad." Glad you are keeping it honest with them and treating them the same as any other company. That's how it should be.

    • Allison MorningStar
      Allison MorningStar 3 months ago

      @A GC Personally, I don't see the issue here? Gamers Nexus reviews companies hardware and products, LTT IS in fact a large company that sells merchandise, when they mess up they should be told and treated like any other company that they would review. So, what would make this any different? Just because LTT and GN are friendly with each other doesn't mean you should tip toe around being honest, in fact it should be more of a reason to be honest with them. While you are definitely entitled to your opinion, I have to respectfully disagree with you on this.

    • A GC
      A GC 3 months ago

      Yep in private not in front of everyone for the whole world to see…that’s his true self.

    • Vanilla Knight
      Vanilla Knight 3 months ago +2

      They aren't friends...

    • Comma
      Comma 3 months ago

      @oppa oppai Yes and no. They did a wan show and Linus was prodded by staff and Luke to discuss the warranty on the backpacks. It was a good discussion.

    • Comma
      Comma 3 months ago +1

      @James leicher The clips are a little out of context. The full video actually was a good discussion.

  • Ryan Michalski
    Ryan Michalski 3 months ago +3

    Also, it's different to treat LTT the same way since you are a DIRECT COMPETITOR to LMG, thus when you criticize them, you are pushing a narrative that says we should only watch you instead.

  • Gorrest Fump
    Gorrest Fump 3 months ago +18

    Im a HUGE LTT fan, bought the backpack and I will be buying the screwdriver. Been watching GN for a long time as well. Steve summed up all my thoughts on the whole debacle perfectly. Linus isn’t looking at it correctly. I’m glad Gamer’s Nexus will be taking an objective stance on LTT from here on out, that’s how things get better. Maybe I need to pick up some GN merch as well. Keep being awesome GN!

  • Coda Highland
    Coda Highland 2 months ago +3

    I see all the Linus hate in the comments, and I just don't see it. I see a guy that's a bit headstrong, eager and ambitious, generally a good guy but not always good at thinking everything through. And I see a guy that's growing up. I see a guy that can recognize when he's made mistakes, who tries to make sure he has people around him to help straighten him out when he screws up.
    I can't help but think that Linus respects your decision here. It needed to be done. Maybe a bit bittersweet, but proper.

  • Mitch K
    Mitch K 3 months ago

    Excellent work Steve. With GN all the way on the LTT topic

  • Skyfox
    Skyfox 3 months ago +537

    Wow, my appreciation/respect for Luke has skyrocketed now. He is clearly the voice of reason here and Linus should feel lucky having such a guy on his team as someone like Luke can give Linus the appropriate amount of counter pressure and actually save him from serious reputational damage.

    • CAC2244
      CAC2244 2 months ago +1

      @Lishtenbird I have begged Luke so many times years ago on twitter to just do his own channel, but I guess it is way too late at this point and he would never leave.

    • CAC2244
      CAC2244 2 months ago +1

      I have been a sub to LTT since the days of NCIX, and the minute Luke entered the platform, it was obvious that he was the only one Linus respected as Linus is condescending to everybody else.

    • RycoonGalloy
      RycoonGalloy 3 months ago +1

      @Warren Cash he clearly said he sold hundreds of trust me bro shirts despite the fiasco

    • Warren Cash
      Warren Cash 3 months ago

      @RycoonGalloy we'll have to see about that.

    • BrianBCG
      BrianBCG 3 months ago +6

      It's a little silly to just assume the reason Luke hasn't appeared in videos is because he doesn't agree with the direction the company has taken. He has never stated such, and it's much more likely he's either too busy running floatplane or simply has no desire to appear in videos.

  • B Gross
    B Gross 3 months ago +2

    Hey Steve and GN staff. Firstly, I really respect you guys as reviewers and have seen you been as fair as you can and make moves to maintain that always. Here again is another move you made to maintain that fairness, that no bias review of companies, events, and products. I very much respect and admire that about you guys. Totally understand the LMG situation. I think you handled it well as well by making it clear to your audience and LMG that there is a change and why and it is to continue to be fair and unbiased which is the exact reason you should. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do and the sacrifices you have made due to sticking to your beliefs. Again, massive respect.

  • Lets go brandon
    Lets go brandon 3 months ago +1

    Major props to Luke for speaking up. The T-shirt was a crappy idea and could possibly hurt the brand as a whole.

  • Trever Brice
    Trever Brice 3 months ago +2

    I agree with Linus that all warranties ultimately rely on trust (because no one would sue to enforce a warranty on a $250 backpack), but good lord does that guy need to do some media training and have someone else vet his tweets

  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen 3 months ago

    Can't wait for NG to have great success and face these same challenges! I love to see capitalism corrupting all who decide to play with it.

  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews 3 months ago +469

    Luke delivered probably as harsh a Canadian reaction as was possible and Linus doubled and tripled down on the cornball concept.

    • Killian Maladath
      Killian Maladath 3 months ago

      ​@The Baker This is like pulling teeth. "People" did not describe anything related to my scenario of a shady company deviously trying to dodge someone's valid warranty claim. And neither did you. To the point: don't these consumer rights organizations care at least a little bit about the truth? What if your claim *is* bogus? Do they simply presume the company is lying and the customer is not?
      This whole thing is about the ridiculous notion that the written warranty made ANY difference to
      - the actual quality of the backpack
      - the way customer issues will be handled
      - the honesty of LMG and their ability to screw their customers over, should they chose to
      To make it simple; broadly, the two most important possibilities are:
      1) LMG is a shady company looking to profit from a low-quality product, ergo the written warranty does not matter (except as a way to deny warranty claims, so it arguably makes things worse for the customer)
      2) LMG is an honest company fully prepared to stand behind a high quality product, ergo the written warranty does not matter even more
      I am arguing against the implication that a written warranty somehow transforms situation 1 into situation 2.
      To your second part. Without a written warranty, in the EU, the implicit warranty applies automatically. So what difference does it make to shady LMG? They were going to deny valid claims anyway. It also, obviously, does not make any difference to honest LMG either.
      "dealing with government inquiries and dealing with authorities" - Shady LMG is gonna have to do that with or without a written warranty, if they really wanna fleece their customers. Honest LMG will never have to deal with any of that, regardless of the existence of a written warranty.
      "you may have to talk to a consumer rights organization" - Again, shady LMG is risking that anyway, whether they copy/paste a warranty from some other store or not.
      I am still *desperately* looking for a case, where having/not having a written warranty will make any meaningful difference in this situation (difference not in perception, but in action). You keep talking in generalities, but I want to specifically address these topics only as they relate to the current LTT store drama. I hope that is now clear.

    • The Baker
      The Baker 3 months ago

      ​@Killian Maladath
      Firstly, people have already described what happens when you file a consumer claim with a government agency, and how arbitration works, so I will not get into this, because it makes no sense. Depending on the country, the customary lifetime can vary (the UK typically says it’s around 6 years for things like backpacks), so can the amount of time after purchase where the seller has to prove the item is not defective (in the UK it’s 6 months). Eventually a resolution will be reached by the body based on the evidence which you can appeal against legally or to another body, depending on the country.
      Second, I don't think the point I you're trying to make is relevant here. In the EU, having a statutory two-year warranty means a consumer rights organization or the government will start a process that can get my money back or get me a new/repaired product if something happens within those two years. Without it, I have absolutely no recourse automatically, which is worse than what happened before. I do not disagree with Linus's claim that a company can try to weasel its way out of a warranty, and you have to have a certain level of trust in a company to buy from them. But without providing one, they don't even have to TRY. (That said, there are some implicit warranties in the US irrespective.) The cost of having to respond to government inquiries and dealing with authorities is surely less than the cost of having to replace a goddamn backpack. The reason you have a warranty, to me, is that it /keeps/ the company more honest versus not having one at all, because the cost of a faulty product is not only customers messaging your support, having to ship replacements, or the backlash from ignoring their requests. There's additional cost in that because now you have a warranty, you may have to talk to a consumer rights organization or be subjected to chargebacks or other stuff that negatively affects your business's standing. Thus, having a warranty is always better than not having one.
      Unlike what you seem to think, I also do not have any strong opinions on either GN or LTT one way or another. I just don't like when people say inaccurate crap about consumer rights and consumer law, because it can dissuade people from standing up for themselves and enforcing their rights as much as possible.

    • Killian Maladath
      Killian Maladath 3 months ago

      @The Baker Happy you finally addressed the warranty part of this whole discussion. Hopefully, now I can finally drill down to what is my (and Linus') actual point of warranty vs trust.
      You buy one LTT backpack, because now that it has a written warranty, it's a good product, you can trust LMG and you have legal recourse and the strength of EU laws and institutions behind you. (you had that last part anyway, because, just like Linus said, written warranties don't do anything for the customer, but let's ignore that)
      What you don't know is that, in this scenario, the backpack is garbage, everything about its quality and durability are lies and LMG is a shady company that wants to take your money and run.
      After a year of normal use, the backpack's bottom falls out. You contact LMG with a warranty claim to have it resolved and they come back with "you clearly just ripped it out, we do not cover that". You go to your local consumer protection group, which will start a dispute resolution with LMG. Contrary to your convenient example, LMG responds immediately and strongly, saying you are clearly at fault and citing their own warranty terms and EU laws, showing that misuse is not covered under warranty.
      Essentially, it is your word against theirs. What happens in this case?
      (alternatively, imagine the bottom falls out after 3 years and LMG comes back with "usual and customary life of the LTT backpack is two years, bye")

    • The Baker
      The Baker 3 months ago

      @Killian Maladath First of all, don’t be a condescending prick to strangers on the Internet. This “shall we try again” tone is not how this community deals with disagreements, and it was not clear at all what your “most important question” was here.
      Second, go ahead search for “Exporting to the EU - A guide for Canadian business”, where a Canadian government source very explicitly tells Canadian businesses that they are subject to EU laws when they export goods, including the warranty and the right to cancel, contrary to what you said, claiming that having to provide a longer warranty just because you ship to the EU is ludicrous.
      On enforcement: the lawsuit in question regarding Valve is called “UFC Que Choisir v. Valve Corporation”, and it was filled by a French consumer rights group independent of the government that litigates on behalf of consumers screwed over by companies for free. Similar organizations, sometimes partly funded by the government, will file lawsuits in other countries, such as the Federal Union of Consumer Organisations and Associations in Germany. Typically though lawsuits will not be needed. There are mechanisms offered by EU countries where merchants involved in disputes can be made aware of the grievances and can resolve the issue alternatively, without going to court. As doing so is expensive, most merchants would presumably settle there. As even the cases that do end up in court are brought in local courts in EU countries, there is barely any transparency about them as the dockets are not public, so I can’t give you an obvious example. ECJ cases, which are public, can only be brought once national courts are exhausted, which pretty much no small business will bother doing.
      Realistically, the enforcement will probably be through filing a complaint with your local consumer protection group, which will start a dispute resolution with the company. If they do not respond, there are mechanisms depending on the country to nullify the contract in some way, which will entitle you to get your money back from your bank through a chargeback process or something similar. That’s generally the likeliest outcome in most cases where something inexpensive like a crappy backpack is on the line.

    • Killian Maladath
      Killian Maladath 3 months ago

      @The Baker While you typed up a lot of irrelevant stuff, you did not respond to my most important questions. Shall we try again?
      Let's say LMG screws you over on warranty somehow. EU/Swedish consumer protections apply. LMG have to be served in Canada and brought to a European court, correct? Will this be taken care of by Swedish consumer protection institutions and courts? On your behalf and for free?
      Do you have at least an example of that ever happening? And I don't mean an EU country suing a giant tech conglomerate that has a subsidiary in the EU. I mean suing a small manufacturing company in Canada over its EU customer warranty claim.

  • Man With A Mic
    Man With A Mic 3 months ago +1

    I couldn't have more respect for Luke now. I get that they're friends but openly calling out the boss and owner of a multi million dollar tech media company openly on air. Bravo Luke bravo

  • Stephen Drury
    Stephen Drury 3 months ago +1

    I don't do youtube comments very often, just wanted to add my support. Thanks for looking out for the consumers in this industry.

    G1MMEDATDOME 2 months ago

    Linus been out of touch for a WHILE. Thank you GN for never sacrificing your own morals over a bag. Doing your best to support those who MADE YOU what you are. I can't even say I'd do the same, but Linus' attitude the past few years has just continually solidified my "yup, there are people who you immediately know you don't like them, and their face looks like it is inviting you to front kick it" mentality. He just looks more and more, with each stupid condescending statement, each video, like he has forgotten the last time (if ever) since he took a deserved beatdown, after talking how he does behind a camera and millions of dollars.

  • Augusto
    Augusto 3 months ago +2

    probably the first time I was watching a tech video and was thankful for living in brazil. I mean if you operate here and refuse to comply with a warranty you're screwed, even if your company has no funds to provide the customer with a replacement, lets say your firm went bankrup - our judiciary usually forces the ex-associates/owners to pay with their own private money the damage/replacement.
    And the icing on the cake is that warranty here is mandatory and its extent is decided by the type of goods in question

    • Augusto
      Augusto 3 months ago

      I mean, how can they let the companies themselves decide who is eligible for a replacement? this should be done by a impartial third person, like we do here.

  • crossmission
    crossmission 3 months ago +357

    Linus made the mistake of taking it personally even though he always talk about how LMG shouldn't have his name on. He is the face of the company and he should know better than taking this as a personal character attack.
    It kinda forced Steve into making a hard choice but it is the right one and one that should've been made clear the moment LTT store became such a major revenue driver for LMG in order to keep the relationship clean and separate from the personal one.

    • crossmission
      crossmission 3 months ago

      @Joe Grecco just to make some things clear, Steve didn't react to the quality of the backpack, he reacted to the "you don't need a warranty, my word is good enough" statement. And while for me personally that's good enough being a fan and understanding the ethos behind the statement, sadly that's not an acceptable practice by a CEO that owns such a large organisation. Or any ....

    • Joe Grecco
      Joe Grecco 3 months ago +1

      Let's see how Steve reacts when Lab32 tests GN screwdrivers and other merch.

    • Serena
      Serena 3 months ago

      @Antonio Cunningham Yes, everybody would have taken it personally. The difference is between processing the issue in private, then coming up with an appropriate response versus showing it to the entire world and becoming petty

    • TransformX
      TransformX 3 months ago

      Steve didn't have to do anything... It's just a backpack.. Merch, and it's unrelated to any tech whatsoever.
      What hard choice? The comparison with a pc seller, Artesian, was uncalled for. Nobody is reviewing or testing backpacks, water bottles, carpet, food, screwdrivers on these channels.
      This warranty stuff is a non event. It should only be between the potential buyers (nobody force them to buy anything) and LMG. If their track record was so bad for all these years with their merch, it would be known. If someone has a problem iwth that, they can "vote" with their money.
      Steve's public stance is just adding fuel on the fire for nothing. This is TMZ type of of stuff. I like a bit of drama but here it looks like a cheap shot. For what?
      Both of them are not "faceless" brand. I'll argue that Linus put his team more in front than anyone else. Yeah lmg is bigger, like gamers nexus is bigger than... Smaller channels/brands 🤷
      LMG is not ripping of anyone and they are transparent about what they are doing. Let them handle their merch how they want. Everything is in this space is based (mostly) on reputation. If it doesn't work, they'll see by themselves. It doesn't affect society or anyone if bad way.
      This holier-than-thou type of comments about a friendly tech channel and their merch makes no sense...
      I like Steve a lot for what he does, but here he fights the wrong battle, in the risk of if backfiring in the future, depending on where gamer nexus is going. When you think you do everything the "best way", wait until someone starts piling on you for.

    • Johnny Wednesday
      Johnny Wednesday 3 months ago +5

      Linus is a spoiled brat. He's upset that people don't trust a salesperson? I'm upset that I'm eating nothing but noodles for the next two weeks.

  • Mat
    Mat 3 months ago +1

    I'm so freaking impressed by the integrity of the reporting in a clearly difficult situation.

  • Orion
    Orion 3 months ago

    thanks so much for covering the LTT news that was really interesting thanks for keeping them honest

    • NobodyYouKnow98
      NobodyYouKnow98 3 months ago

      LTT doesn't need some long-haired hippie douchebag to keep them honest.
      They've been nothing BUT honest from day one. That's why they received orders for THOUSANDS of backpacks costing $250 without any kind of warranty, because people KNOW that they've always been honest.

  • kainenable
    kainenable 3 months ago

    I am glad you are treating LMG the same> I am a huge fan of their youtube channel, but the warrantee thing was kinda shitty. I trust Linus' implicit warranty more than most explicit warranties, however that is besides the point.
    Luke pretty much had my feelings on the matter. I trust Linus in allot of ways, and I think the backpack looks fantastic. However, his squemisnish in providing an official warranty is kinda sus.

  • Jeremie Harbour
    Jeremie Harbour 3 months ago

    I just want to thank you for being fair and consistent. You treat everyone the same and base your opinions on evidence.

  • evilken00
    evilken00 3 months ago +399

    It feels like Linus was really taking it personally instead of thinking like a company. Most creators have this dream that "We'll be different! We won't be like those big corporations!". But they don't realize that all these companies started off smaller and there's a reason why they do the way they do after they grow. At some point you can't just say "Hey, Trust me bro!". Or take personally if people want things in writing.

    • World Town F.C.
      World Town F.C. 3 months ago

      @Dlisiouseverydayfrys I have not seen his old forum posts, but Linus could have taken that position. Nowadays, Linus is telling a whole different story to sell PC tech or his LTT merchandise. Linus admitted in one of his WAN shows that once he saw how many 1080 Tis NCIX sold, he realized the high-end market had serious volume versus the low-end or mid-range. This was the beginning of the end of what you are describing. In his Clip-Share videos, he holds the position of pushing the high-end, and everyone else can go elsewhere.

    • Dlisiouseverydayfrys
      Dlisiouseverydayfrys 3 months ago

      @World Town F.C. You literally could not be more wrong about him as a sales person. There are still old forums you can find of him telling people not to get the expensive thing because there’s a better cheaper alternative.

    • Mack Attack
      Mack Attack 3 months ago

      Yeah, and it's one thing to "trust me" about a tee shirt, but it's something else entirely to "trust me" about a $250 item that has a lot of potential points of failure like zippers that could break, fabric that could tear too easily, etc. I think it really blindsided him that people's expectations were different for this product. And if you wanna have no warranty then that's fine say up front there's no warranty and people can decide if they want to buy it or not based on that. But trying to wriggle out of it and have it both ways is pretty gross.

    • World Town F.C.
      World Town F.C. 3 months ago

      @Mark Semple Yeah, I know he backed down when Sony PlayStation stepped in to clarify, but the entire situation was an unnecessary mess.

      MISTER SIR 3 months ago +1

      @JustPassingThroughYes and it's not even just about "not knowing him at all". I've been watching LTT content somewhat regularly for years. I know who Linus makes himself out to be, and what type of company he's trying to run. But when a company branches out, my loyalty and trust is not based on it's internet-famed CEO. It's based on the company itself, its internal structure, its policies, and its professionalism. And so far, I have seen very little of that. I am sure that they are committed to treating issues and returned items from customers so far, but they also have only really dabbled in lower quantity cheap products that don't warrant complex filings and problem management. When a company grows, how long can they realistically keep their (self proclaimed) high standards of fixing customers' problems? How long till excuses start rising? What if something unexpected happens that forces things to change? Who knows what could happen, and a trust-me-bro mentality isn't going to be around if/when things change. At that point, only written policies stick. And that is what he needs to understand, that due to the company's growing size, new customers are looking at his company's integrity as a standalone entity, they aren't looking at him as a representation of said company anymore. He can't possibly micromanage everything, and even if he did, that would probably be a detriment to the company integrity anyways.

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 2 months ago

    From the level of professionalism I've seen from Linus in the past; I think that if he stops to think about it with a cool head, he would 100% agree with you taking measures to handle his company actions and words in the most unbiased manner possible.

  • Thraxarious Tailchaser
    Thraxarious Tailchaser 3 months ago

    I would check with warranty law as it applies generally. Some law channels like Steve Lehto deal a lot with warranty law and have spoken about implied and expressed warranties. Changing the warranty after sale might be a legal no-no.

  • Nate Davis
    Nate Davis 3 months ago +42

    I think covering LMG as a manufacturer is a great decision. I appreciate your continued unbiased opinion, I will always love and watch this channel for that reason.

    • Opus
      Opus 3 months ago +2

      LMG are not manufacturing tech yet though

  • Julio F. Ruelas
    Julio F. Ruelas 3 months ago

    Great journalism as always. Thank you.

  • Bob Le Kewl
    Bob Le Kewl 3 months ago +6764

    I feel for Steve & GN. Criticising a faceless corporation is easy enough to do. Doing the same of a company who’s CEO is your friend & so are some of the people working there, is much harder. It takes a bravery & an acceptance that you may no longer be friends because of your opinion. Well done Steve & the GN team for calling yourselves out about how you initially reported the LTT story. Doing your best to be impartial as always.

    • MDZ
      MDZ 2 months ago

      @Brockyman 100% agree with you

    • Soviet Moose
      Soviet Moose 3 months ago

      @Brockyman The community asked for a warranty, Linus went off on them, then when Linus announced they were making a warranty, he went on a fourty minute rant about how stupid warranties are and how stupid it is to trust them. Over wanting a written clarification like Linus has always told viewers to want over a CEO's word.

    • 1982 Original
      1982 Original 3 months ago

      @Bearimo Warranties are pointless if a company won’t stand by it or makes you jump through impossible hoops to make a claim. Linus’ stance was, if you don’t trust him to stand by the bag, then don’t buy it. Which is a better warranty than anything that can be put on paper. Gamers Nexus also DIDN’T have a warranty until recently. Which just makes them look petty. You really need to look at GN motives for going after LTT. The timing with the LTT screwdriver and the launch of LTT labs, which directly competes with Gamers Nexus is more than a little coincidence.

    • john james
      john james 3 months ago +2

      @salmonfire Right on. This channel is becoming insufferable. Everything out of Steves mouth is negative, everything is mediocre at best. Can you actually imagine having to work with this guy everyday?

    • john james
      john james 3 months ago

      Ok, Steves mom..

  • Andrew S. Baker
    Andrew S. Baker 2 months ago

    Well stated, Steve. Good process and good articulation.

  • Jamie Wylie
    Jamie Wylie 3 months ago

    Re: Linus, This is why I respect and trust GN. Because you make the difficult choices and earn it.

  • cat -.-
    cat -.- 2 months ago +1

    I shatter to imagine when next year intel releases "congress canyon"

  • AdamB5000
    AdamB5000 3 months ago +1

    I got to hand it to you guys. I love Linus and I'm sure you guys do too, but setting your bias aside, friendship aside, and attempting to be objective for your business is commendable. I'm not all the way through the video but you've already made extremely good points regarding why you need to be this way. This is the GN that I know. 😎

    • AdamB5000
      AdamB5000 3 months ago

      @A GC With a take like that, it's almost as if you didn't listen to the entire dialogue.

    • A GC
      A GC 3 months ago

      Taking something small that’s already fixed reporting the bad but not the good, stabbing a friend, is not commendable. But you are right that’s the GN that we know.

  • ArcadiaAdamBae
    ArcadiaAdamBae 3 months ago +718

    Linus is no longer just a content creator on Clip-Share, he is now making money by selling products and merchandise at premium prices so they SHOULD be treated like any other company and be held accountable to every bad decision!

    • GrumpyRatt
      GrumpyRatt 2 months ago

      @Voyajer wtf are you on about. Its taken a month for you to comment bit late to the party.

    • Voyajer
      Voyajer 2 months ago

      @GrumpyRatt I just wanted to see if you had a link to it on imgur or something, but be defensive I guess.

    • Blahorga Slisk
      Blahorga Slisk 3 months ago +1

      @kaldo Yes. The LTT screwdriver did pretty good, and it wasn't even the most expensive. Still the Megapro was also a very solid contender and it retails at about half the price of the LTT version. So it's up to everyone to decide what the extra features and slightly refined ratchet is worth to them. And also keeping in mind that it's one of the revenue streams for LTT that makes it possible for them to serve up all the videos they keep spitting out.
      Personally my economical situation isn't conductive to buying much merch right now, and even if it was I'm not that fond of ratcheting screwdrivers. So I won't be buying one anytime soon even though it is a very good one.

    • kaldo
      kaldo 3 months ago

      @Blahorga Slisk Did you watch the independent test from Project Farm yet?

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 3 months ago +2

      @Az Hawkes Apparently GN is now doing drama content instead lmao
      I mean Steve is "exposing" LTT for a situation he made up in his own head. Where are the people who actually got faulty backpacks and refused a replacement? He's inventing hypothetically mistreated fans from a rival channel to sell them his own "superior" merch instead. Which is called an infomercial not a review btw, and possibly false advertising about a competitor.
      I'm here for Steve's messy drama queen arc. But the price of GN's integrity and impartiality is now a few mousepads apparently, so I'll go elsewhere for tech reviews.

  • iviecarp
    iviecarp 26 days ago

    I think it's very honorable of you to take this stance when it comes to the LMG. I also think the community overall will understand as you've stated reasons clearly but it needs to be said that this is not an easy position to take as, regardless of professional status, people are people and with honesty comes the risk of burned bridges. While you've had a stable policy of preferring honesty, in this case it is harder because the LTT channel is on youtube, a direct competitor and also one with whom you have some relationship with. I don't say this as a warning but as a recognition that while from a policy perspective it is treating everyone equally, from a personal perspective it's a lot harder to do this with another channel than with an nearly faceless manufacturer.
    Journalism of any kind is impossible if there are boundaries as to what can be criticized or commented on, especially when it comes to the larger players in a field. It would be like trying to cover a football match while trying to selectively ignore some of the players, it makes no sense and it makes the whole endeavor pointless, especially in your case where your entire purpose is to be as objective as you can. I doubt you will have problems because of your stance but for what it's worth, I applaud being courageous and open about this as it maintains the journalistic integrity of the channel, which is why I'm still here watching your videos. If I want unwarranted enthusiasm and promotion I can always watch LTT (😏oooookay I couldn't resist, sorry - I still mean the rest though 👍)

  • Jamie McEwan
    Jamie McEwan 3 months ago +1

    100% behind you on the LMG stuff. Linus is very successful at monetising his audience, it's fair that he's held to the same standards as others.

    • Exter_pc on Instagram
      Exter_pc on Instagram 3 months ago

      Thank God I finally own a gpu I just got my 3080 from ☝️☝️☝️, on insta at a very decent price.....

  • Zero
    Zero 3 months ago

    I think GN made the right move, at the end they have to keep their integrity and professionalism, even if it’s a “friendly” face.
    About all this thing of the backpack, honestly this was mostly Linus having his pride and ego hurt, if he only recognized that maybe for the scale and price they screwed up in not being clear as steve mentions, make a proper CEO statement apologizing for the confusion, sucking it up and do the correct things, this would not have had exploded him in the face as it did, all the discussions on twitter, reddit and even the WAN show that he talked about it, he made it a “me” situation even sometimes victimizing himself as someone “pursued” by a “minority” and that HIS word had value.
    Finally, for me Luke was the adult and most professional of the two during WAN show, meanwhile Linus was making fun of the shirt (that I agree with steve and Luke) presenting himself as a man-child that got to make money making videos, he showed his disagreements without calling out or arguing with his boss (dirty laundry has to be cleaned in the house, not in public), Not sure if Linus tried to pull an Elon, but certainly he needs still to get “thicker skin” or improve his emotional intelligence.

  • Paul Vail
    Paul Vail 3 months ago +3

    There is no question that Linus gets it. He just may not have gotten it immediately. He likely was serious with his statements, but it's not like he's stupid and doesn't read or hear the criticism. That's why there IS a written warranty, and it is a warranty that I would expect most would believe that LMG will stand behind. He also likely heard some negative criticism of the shirt that mocks the situation. That doesn't mean that he's wrong to release it. It is a self-mocking shirt more than a customer mocking shirt. This is what Steve/GN doesn't get. LMG put out a written warranty that clearly explains the specifics of the warranty, and LMG may even go beyond that warranty to do right by the customer. They then mocked themselves to the delight of far more people than those that were immediately offended and felt attacked and all those other things that people who think they have a sense of humor... but really don't.
    It is often clear who actually gets the humor of self mockery and who doesn't. With all the shirts sold out, it seems that the LMG viewers really do get it.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 3 months ago +421

    I respect this channel for reporting on LTT - I thought the presentation was professional and respectful. I also watch the LTT channels, but not the large WAN show, so I had no idea this happened. It was nice to see Luke obviously disagreeing with what had occurred.

    • Omega Riddler
      Omega Riddler 3 months ago +4

      There was a point I felt he was laughing at the shirt, not because it's funny, but because it's all he could do to hide is horror on what Linus did.

    • Bernd S
      Bernd S 3 months ago +2

      for me it feels like watching some TV show - very distant and awkward at times. I don't follow or watch any of Linus' content at all, because I just can't stand his "style". He may be a cool guy and is probably very friendly, but I just can't.
      From my outside perspective, it sounds like Linus invested in a bunch of different stuff all at once, and now trying to "defend" his choices (even if there is nothing to actually "defend"). It somehow sounds like "throwing money at it", which doesn't work that well most of the time.
      Invest step by step, and keep a steady flow and reserve if it may fail...
      After all, I might be completely wrong, but that's how I see it, and register it from "afar"

    • Tyler Schifler
      Tyler Schifler 3 months ago +8

      Luke was golden, tip toeing around but in tap dancing shoes lol "I love my job bro but I beg to differ.."
      Someone else referenced him as a "yes-man" and while I disagree with that particular phrase choice I understand the point because he always came off as a push over, it was a refreshing insight into his character and my lack of perception. :P
      If I were someone close to the guy that would've been a proud moment for me lol way to interject without crossing the line with a guy who has the potential for momentary tyranny.
      I've always liked Linus he reminds me of a friend I have in real life, different spectrum of work but their behavior and personality are strikingly similar.
      I'm not the only one to tell Matt when he's being an ass, I'm sure Luke wasn't the only one that let Linus know either lol
      Linus generally means well, so please don't take my comment as trash talking him, this mistake only proves he's human.
      Just a much more distasteful reproach to his consumers than one would ever expect, particularly from him.
      Very "media mogul" of him :P

    • TheIrishAlchemist
      TheIrishAlchemist 3 months ago +12

      Wow same - Luke saying what he did while Linus is just yucking it up... disgusting.

  • Colin Wilcox
    Colin Wilcox 3 months ago +1

    Watching Luke try to get through to Linus was agonizing.

  • The Eyles
    The Eyles 3 months ago

    The problem with Expo or eXpo is that it will be too hard to distinguish from Extreme and eXtreme.

  • Jacobob2
    Jacobob2 3 months ago +1

    Luke is awesome!
    🫤 So much drama… You legit could have addressed the entire issue with a comment like: “This is weird and doesn’t pass our smell test… we’ll reach out for clarification.”
    Making such a big deal about a warranty before the product is even shipped is kind of shortsighted. Blanket return policies, and Canadian consumer protection laws apply regardless. You have to see Linus’s point that if he puts the internal guidelines of “make the customer happy, whatever the cost” in writing… it would be immediately abused. I’m certain you do, since you made a similar claim about the anti static wristband clause of your own warranty… 🧐
    The shirt is self deprecating and imho hilarious. The guy was making fun of his I’ll advised stream of consciousness statements during the show (which is one of their entertainment products, not an advertisement for backpacks.) The shirt was also announced after they addressed the feedback and said “your right, we would go after other brands if they did this, a written warranty is being approved by legal.” That’s what Luke said that day during a later part of the same show you took an excerpt from.
    Last but not least, I also think calling them a manufacturer is way off… they are a brand, they don’t manufacture anything themselves (except entertainment content).
    I’ve always enjoyed watching collaborations between some of my favourite Clip-Sharers, especially when there seems to be real friendship/kinship/respect. I hope that can still happen. Otherwise this news seems like a harbinger of the death of what once helped make Clip-Share a community, and not just a content distribution platform.

  • james ortiz
    james ortiz 3 months ago +1

    I never had an issue with Linus but this makes me think twice now.