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What do the Germans think of the British!?

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • So the return of of the question The most asked question you guys asked about each-other on Instagram was for me to return to Germany and ask what the Germans think of the us British people. Yet again you German didn’t disapoint with the amount of people who actually came over.
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  • Beglubbt TV
    Beglubbt TV Year ago +470

    Well, first of all I really love the brits.
    Visited the UK a dozen times and never had any issues with anybody. And it is true, we have a lot in common I mean A LOT 😅 I like the food despite so many people think it‘s horrible and I love the banter between our countrys. But you only can enjoy it really if you get the humor and I think that the Germans in general are funnier than their reputation. The only thing that bothers me a bit is „the war thing“. Don‘t get me wrong, you can mention the war I personally don‘t care at all. In fact on the contrary I like to discuss about it because i'm a bit of a history nerd 😁 But the thing is, in britain it is like a religion and everyone is taking pride out of it as if they had experienced it themselves. Even if they are at a very young age and when it comes to football for example, that's where the ugly face shows itself. But the problem is: The Germans don‘t really give a thing about it, it‘s all very one-sided and if you sing „ten german bombers“ or stuff like that: Nobody is offended 🤷🏻‍♂️ So that‘s a thing I don‘t like and can‘t really understand but besides that I love the brits 🥰

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +37

      Thanks for your lovely comment!. We love the Germans too! :D

    • Beglubbt TV
      Beglubbt TV Year ago +10

      @yourtruebrit Thank you mate. If you ever going to visit Nuremberg let me know 😊

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +2

      @Beglubbt TV I will be soon, Nuremberg is a very expensive city the food was so expensive :D

    • Beglubbt TV
      Beglubbt TV Year ago +5

      @yourtruebrit It depends on where you eat 😅 you really need to try „Drei im Weggla“ and „Schäufala“ 😏

    • ezy
      ezy Year ago

      @yourtruebrit Nuremberg surely isn't more expensive than Munich though?

  • the_shell_magnet[Missed_Apex_GT]

    Being British I have nothing but pure respect for German people…despite our “slight disagreements” over the years people here really do admire the German people 🇬🇧❤️

    • Tony Dean
      Tony Dean 2 months ago +28

      im British and i totally agree. i love the German people.

    • Daario Naharis
      Daario Naharis 2 months ago +20

      I’m British and I agree.

    • Silver Surfer
      Silver Surfer 2 months ago +27

      the shell magnet
      The Germans are a fine people, no doubt about it. Determined and driven, it's in their nature.
      Not to forget, we are the same people of course.

    • Tony Dean
      Tony Dean 2 months ago +9

      @Silver Surfer Spot on mate 👍

    • Amanda Ely
      Amanda Ely 2 months ago +10

      I have no problems with Germans at all…. It’s the French I can’t stand! Lol 😂😂😂 just kidding!

    ÆÞELWOLF 85 2 months ago +509

    Some of these lads could pass for English. their English is spot on almost without an accent

    • George B
      George B 2 months ago +38

      yeah the lad with the glasses especially, would’ve took me a while to realise he wasn’t British if I didn’t know already

    • Wendy Nicholss
      Wendy Nicholss 2 months ago +5

      Spot on!!!

    • GlitchNectar
      GlitchNectar 2 months ago +43

      Better English than 90% of Brits

    • Nidge M
      Nidge M 2 months ago +8

      @GlitchNectar Better assessor of most sausage rolls too 🙄

    • happyuk06
      happyuk06 2 months ago +31

      English and German are essentially the same race.

  • Jack und Marijá
    Jack und Marijá 4 months ago +462

    I am Prussian, from Vienna. I honestly love the English countryside, pubs, humor, breakfast, football, music and Lord of the Rings. Peace and joy to 2023

    • Jayvee Bloggs
      Jayvee Bloggs 3 months ago +8

      and to you too

    • finton mainz
      finton mainz 2 months ago +22

      "Prussian from Vienna"???????

    • and ?
      and ? 2 months ago +5

      I am equally confused. I am a Londoner, born and bred in Dublin.

    • Shire Tommy1916
      Shire Tommy1916 2 months ago +22

      ​@and ? Prussia or Königsberg no longer exists, but if his family fled from there 1945, he may still identify with his roots.
      It's simple: he is a German/Prussian living in Austria 👏

  • Dave O
    Dave O 2 months ago +283

    I served in Germany, in HM forces, for nearly 10 years off and on. I found our German cousins polite and courteous, and great company when socialising. I often worked along side German servicemen who were professional in all respects. 🇩🇪🇬🇧👍

    • Tony Quinn
      Tony Quinn 2 months ago +9

      Very similar career, I enjoyed my tours and as a pads bratt grew up in Celle & Lippstadt. Germans are very polite and generous. Myself and my wife enjoy visiting Germany for the wonderful food and traditions (Octoberfest) being one!

    • Neil Proctor
      Neil Proctor 2 months ago +10

      Me too, I served in an infantry regiment in Berlin in the 1980s and again as a bricky in the 1990s all over western Germany!
      I love the Germans ... you can have a good old drink and laugh with them!

    • Xjack
      Xjack 2 months ago +8

      Yeah, ditto. I was born in Wegberg and spent ten years (on and off) growing up out there, as an Army brat. We lived all over Munster, Detmold, Soltau and Lubbecke, so got a feel for how different it was in the various regions. Had a great time, including working two summers in a German meat factory before I went off to join the RN. My boss there had been on the Russian Front and used to challenge me to see how long we could stand the fast freezer without a parka...he always won! 😅

    • N Die
      N Die 2 months ago +11

      You are always welcome here in your second Anglo Saxon homeland.....we are family....🤗

    • BF
      BF 2 months ago

      They really are the stereotype about them is so wrong.

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  • edpistemic
    edpistemic 2 months ago +50

    Their English is absolutely amazing! As a Brit I've got nothing but respect for the Germans. Beautiful country and they've built themselves a really impressive society.

    • K Ranson
      K Ranson 2 months ago +3

      Danke, You guys are pretty cool also 🤜🤛

    • Bazzinga Bomb
      Bazzinga Bomb 2 months ago +3

      @K Ranson i agree i've never met a german i didn't like.

    • Rita Levi-Montalcini
      Rita Levi-Montalcini 2 months ago +2

      Germany and Netherlands are best for English speakers. Very heavily industrialised with impressive car plants and offices near Frankfurt, the airport is masterclass there. I visited it recently and the infectious culture is everywhere.

    • G. F. W.
      G. F. W. Month ago

      Um... only Germans who speak English were shown, of course! :D

  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott 2 months ago +109

    I have always considered the Brits, the Germans and the Dutch to be brothers - we might not always see eye to eye but we have a lot in common.

    • lïßêrå†ïðñ
      lïßêrå†ïðñ 2 months ago +27

      Well, we largely come from these peoples in Germany, the Anglo Saxons.

    • zenzombie72
      zenzombie72 2 months ago +15

      What, mistrust of the French? 😛

    • WTS 77
      WTS 77 2 months ago +2

      ​@zenzombie72 😆😆😆😆i lol'd

    • alex robertson
      alex robertson 2 months ago +2

      @zenzombie72 thats just good sense

    • evaluate analysis
      evaluate analysis 2 months ago +3

      "...Brits, the Germans and the Dutch to be brothers." and the Flemish, perhaps even more so.

  • Friedrich Ruff
    Friedrich Ruff Year ago +523

    There is a saying in Germany that shows that Germans value the English culture and way of life very highly. When someone misbehaves, you say, "That's not the fine English way." This means that good English behavior is a role model for Germans.

    • Jeyma Jones
      Jeyma Jones Year ago +37

      As a German, I would say the "fine English way" is more like making fun of British/English stereotypes. I don't know if you read Harry Potter, but Neville's grandmother Mrs. Longbottom is the perfect example for this stereotype. So we usually use this saying rather sarcastic.

    • Jeremias Bailer
      Jeremias Bailer Year ago +25

      Yeah and then there is the "French exit" if you leave friends or a party without saying goodbye or like anything. 😂

    • Marcel Recasens
      Marcel Recasens Year ago +2

      @Jeremias Bailer damn, do you know where that comes from?

    • NachttiSchlampE65
      NachttiSchlampE65 Year ago +8

      @Jeremias Bailer Calling it "doing a Polish/Polak(Poland)" here with the same meaning though.
      To the question asked below I guess its more banter than a literal "official" saying

    • z33r0 Now
      z33r0 Now Year ago +1

      @Jeremias Bailer leaving initially of figurativly via the french balcony maybe?

  • Chris Lyne
    Chris Lyne 2 months ago +58

    The thing I love most about the Germans is that they still learn British English and not American English. Nothing could touch my heart more ❤

    • Chrystal108 Reading
      Chrystal108 Reading 2 months ago +3

      Dear Chris Lyne, British English is the ONLY TRUE and ORIGINAL English Language . To me ( I am German and I studied Brit. English and other languages and their history at university ) American English is a mere, relatively young DIALECT of British English...not a separate Language ...and this American Dialect certainly lacks the sophistication in pronunciation and usage when compared to THE ORIGINAL ;)

    • Mikey Craig
      Mikey Craig 2 months ago +4

      ​@Chrystal108 Reading 40% of English comes from Old English, which started as the language of the Anglo-Saxons, so Germans. Of course the other 40% is Norman French, then Latin and a few other nations that we 'borrowed' for a few centuries. I think the sentence structure ect is still Germanic though, i know English is still classed as a Germanic language.
      Just put it this way, we're closer cousins than Britain and America are.

    • Archie Woosung
      Archie Woosung 2 months ago +1

      Try visiting Frankfurt; in regions where the US was the occupying force, think you'll find more American accents among the locals than British.

    • Chrystal108 Reading
      Chrystal108 Reading 2 months ago

      @Archie Woosung ..your are stating sth obvious... ;) People ( everywhere) tend to imitate what is around them...that also goes for US American accents in places like Frankfurt... that still doesn't make US English a separate LANGUAGE ;) nevertheless, dear Archie Woosung...I love your playlists on your channel ; wonderful and heartwarming ;)

    • Archie
      Archie 2 months ago +1

      @Chrystal108 Reading I was simply responding to the claim that Germans learn British English rather than American

  • C Wood
    C Wood 5 months ago +161

    Been to Germany many times in my life. Worked with many German Seamen when I was in the Royal Navy, and have met many Germans individually down the decades. I can think of absolutely nothing bad to say about them, all good people.

    • miles 177
      miles 177 3 months ago +3

      How did you find your time in the Royal Navy?

    • C Wood
      C Wood 3 months ago +2

      @miles 177 some of the best years of my life, great travel, great meeting people from different navies / countries, healthy lifestyle, great mates. Could be very long hours and occasionally hazardous (Falklands era was a bit hairy :-) ). Gave me a lot of self confidence.

    • Nikos Solomou
      Nikos Solomou 2 months ago +2

      @C Wood I turned up to join the Navy at HMS Raleigh 44 years ago last week. We're organising a reunion in October. It will be strange to see a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds who are now 60 and 61 !!! Made some great mates. Had some great times and as you say, 1 in 2 watchkeeping was a lot of work - European Working Time Directive wouldn't allow an 84 hour working week these days 🙂 I was also in the South Atlantic in '82. I remember the good times, but also remember some bad times too. All in all it was a great foundation for life.

    • phutureproof
      phutureproof 2 months ago

      terrible sense of humour though

    • Northern Lights
      Northern Lights 2 months ago

      @phutureproof, my husband visited Germany regularly for work meetings over a period of at least 2 years. He says there was constant laughter and joking.

  • Adrian Thorburn
    Adrian Thorburn 2 months ago +98

    Am a British man i have no trouble saying how much i love the Germans

  • nicogoku
    nicogoku Year ago +98

    I have a great fascination for the United Kingdom. From my point of view, both countries are very similar. Both are rich and deeply conservative nations with a very long and complex shared European and global history, a similar language - both West Germanic - a great passion for football, and an obsession with beer and alcohol in general. I lived in Canterbury for six months on an Erasmus exchange. I didn't find it difficult to adapt to the culture at all. Northern European culture is key here - of course, the Netherlands or Scandinavia are also very similar to Germany, and yes, Austria and Switzerland are even more similar to Germany. But I have been able to identify a more significant difference with Southern Europe, even though there are of course similarities there as well ;) Sure, there are still differences with the UK: the biggest one for me is: the UK is an island and Germany is not, even though we have access to parts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. I heard a quote where someone said: You are sea people and we are forest people ;) I find this one very accurate because it leaves its mark on the culture. Greetings from Berlin, you really are a great guy, keep up the good work!

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +4

      I am glad you didn't find it difficult to adapt to the culture :)

    • Marmotte
      Marmotte Year ago +15

      I once heard that there are less forests in Britain because they needed all the wood to build their countless ships in the past centuries as a nation of sailors before vessels were made of iron or steel. But I don't know if that's true.

    • Jane Johnstone
      Jane Johnstone Year ago +1

      Agree with the ubove.

    • TheTwoFingeredBulldog
      TheTwoFingeredBulldog 2 months ago +3

      ​@Marmotte it's true.

  • Douglas McClelland
    Douglas McClelland 2 months ago +84

    I'm British and really enjoyed this and was pleasantly surprised. There are aspects of Brits abroad that I am generally ashamed of but it's nice to hear some honest views from younger Germans. Would love to go to Germany some day.

    • Jugby Wellington
      Jugby Wellington 2 months ago +5

      You should. I've been there often and only have positive things to say about it.

    • Poppa leggansquat
      Poppa leggansquat 2 months ago +4

      I done a Rhine Cruise and would say it's the best way to see the country. From lovely villages, to major cities and the odd fairytale castle thrown in, it was a great experience. Whatever you choose just go, you won't regret it, you will find something you love guarenteed.

    • Larkinhawk
      Larkinhawk 2 months ago +1

      Lol u should see Germans abroad 😂

    • AM
      AM 2 months ago +3

      Honestly.. you should go! I have been to quite a few cities and towns.. The rural parts looked stunning but I havent spent enough time to remark on it. it is one of my favourite countries in Europe. And the people are brilliant!

    • Christian Dengler
      Christian Dengler 2 months ago

      @Larkinhawk they can see us on the sunbeds next to the pool, standing there all sad that they didn't think of putting their towels out early!

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 2 months ago +66

    Thanks for all the kind comments Germany, nothing but respect for you guys - from your british neighbour! :)

  • David PENNICK
    David PENNICK 11 months ago +117

    The Germans are fantastic. Everyone I have met have had a great sense of humour and a good outlook on life. Everyone should have a crazy German in their lives.

  • Philip Hahn
    Philip Hahn Year ago +57

    I spent almost one year in London for an internship and shared the flat with a welsh mate. I have to say that there are a few subtle differences, what I had to adjust the most to is what is appropriate to talk about in a casual setting. The borderlines are drawn closely but then again have some dangerously distant areas. Brits are very relaxed on the grittiest humor even on work, and talking about the weekends pup desasters, but actual personal subjects like health and sexuality must be communicated in the most careful way. In Germany it’s the complete opposite, black humor or irony, and tales from night outs might get you a puzzled look and discomfortable silence, whereas Germans never shy away discussing their health record or relationship like being at the doctors.

    • JJS 16
      JJS 16 Year ago +5

      Thank you for this. .. my sport team (german guys) talk about exam results more than the adventures from a night out. As a brit I couldn't understand but now I do.

    • Claudia Weber
      Claudia Weber 2 months ago

      Very true!!!

    • Darren Owen
      Darren Owen 2 months ago +1

      Hence German toilet bowls!

  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews 2 months ago +76

    The Germans are very similar to us, Brits. When I went there I loved the place and the people. The drink and the food were really good apart from the lack of vegetables. I only saw a carrot once, and someone else ate it.

    • okantichrist
      okantichrist 2 months ago +2

      Bugs bunny had it

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke 2 months ago +2

      You saw a carrot?! Where!!!? How?!?!?! 😂

    • Steve Carter
      Steve Carter 2 months ago +1

      They have a thousand ways to do cabbage, absolutely delicious slaws and salads

    • Hbsb Lkk
      Hbsb Lkk 2 months ago

      @Steve Carter lool not sure if you’re being sarcastic

  • Les Malone
    Les Malone 2 months ago +55

    As a Brit having visited Germany many times absolutely brilliant people /food/culture everything about the country is spot on

  • Bernardo Gabriel Pliego-Garcia

    It's good to see Brits and Germans getting along. There is far too little of this going on. Please more.

  • a Tin of Spam
    a Tin of Spam 2 months ago +2

    It’s actually really interesting that during WW1, (and to a lesser extent WW2), a lot of Germans thought we shouldn’t be fighting each other, but actually fighting together against the French.

  • mark whibley
    mark whibley 2 months ago +24

    I worked in Braunschweig and one day all the people in the office asked me if milk men were a real a thing or just a wind up. They thought it was so funny that there are people delivering milk on an electric milk float before everyone gets up. They were absolutely delighted when I said it’s true and thought it was crazy

  • pete b
    pete b 2 months ago +32

    I served in West Germany in the British Army in the 1970's for over 3 years, and I loved it and will never forget that. There are so many similarities between Germany and the UK. We are more alike with Germans, than with any other nation in the world IMHO.

    • Sebby 324
      Sebby 324 2 months ago +3

      We are very alike with Ireland

    • Josh Bentley🇺🇦
      Josh Bentley🇺🇦 2 months ago +1

      Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada 👀

    • B T
      B T 2 months ago

      My Grandad served in the British Army in West Germany on and off from the late 1950s - 70s. My Nanna is German. My mum was born there and lived in Germany until she was 16. She doesn't think of herself as German though as she says there's no difference between German and England!

  • Nikos Solomou
    Nikos Solomou 2 months ago +72

    I'm English and have been to Germany several times and loved it every time. I think the Germans and the Brits have quite a lot in common. One difference that struck me on my first visit back in 1981 when I was 19 years old, I was in a railway carriage by myself so I took off my shoes and put my feet up on the seat opposite to sleep. After a while an old woman walking past, slid the carriage door open and began shouting at me in German and gesticulating at my feet. Even thought I didn't understand the language, I knew she was saying something like "GET YOUR FEET OFF THE SEAT. HOW DARE YOU BE SO DISRESPECTFUL. SOMEBODY ELSE HAS TO SIT ON THAT", so I immediately put my feet down and away she went. I thought to myself, 'that wouldn't happen in the UK'. Someone of her age might worry that she would be met with disrespect and even abuse in return ... but I wished that the UK was a little more like Germany for that. There should be more respect in our society. I never put my feet on another seat in Germany, the UK or anywhere else. Good for her.

    • Karen Medler
      Karen Medler 2 months ago +7

      As the daughter of a german mother who was born in germany but grew up in england, it`s true that germans are often very outspoken and will have no hesitation in making their views known, many brits have been chastised for not waiting for the red light at the traffic lights even when there is no traffic on the road !!
      This is done for the benefit of any child/ren who could be watching and might try that themselves when alone !! And woe betide anyone who dares to walk on a cycle path, in Germany cycle paths are strictly for cyclists and pedestrians stay on the pavements, they do not cross bounderies, unlike many english !!

    • mikey p
      mikey p 2 months ago

      I'm English as well, whereabouts you from? 😃
      I'm in Kent right between Dartford/Bexleyheath!
      + please tell me when you been to Germany. You have at least been to the Theme Parks: Phantasialand/Europa Park?

    • Nikos Solomou
      Nikos Solomou 2 months ago +3

      @mikey p I live in Cheltenham. I went to visit various friends in Hanover, Bonn & Wurzburg in 1981. Then I visited Berlin with my work three times + a long weekend with my wife between 2003 and 2008. I've never been to any theme parks. I went to the wedding of my friend's uncle in 1981 and was made to feel VERY welcome. The party was fantastic with that drinking song "Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit der gemütlichkeit ..." about every 30 minutes so everyone was getting pretty well oiled and having a great time. Also, do you remember "The Birdie Song"? Well, I'd never heard it before, so assumed it was some German folk song with it's dance that I joined in with. I laughed my head off when I got back to the UK and found out it was just some novelty song that managed to get into the charts.

    • mikey p
      mikey p 2 months ago +1

      @Nikos Solomou Ah so Gloucestershire bloke then, I do hope you mean you never been to any theme parks in Germany and not in general?? lol
      Never been Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers, Legoland Windsor( or what it was before that Windsor Safari Park)??? etc
      Nice so you been to a few different parts of Germany, one of my fav parts is Munich!
      Ah yes the drinking song: drinking song "Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit der gemütlichkeit lol
      Do I remember the Birdie Song. Come on it is in pop culture + still plays on radio, in TV documentaries, Films, Series, Family Parties etc!
      Was only played on a repeated of Top of the Pops on BBC Four a month ago as well 🐤😂
      You been to any parts of Kent?

  • Gordon Jamieson
    Gordon Jamieson Year ago +74

    My wife and I , have visited Germany many times . We have always felt welcomed and Like it very much . We have been amazed at how alike we are , Infact we spoke together about it and said why did we go to war with these people because they are our people .We think alike we act the same .Love the Germans Love Germany

    • Me Me
      Me Me 5 months ago

      @DezRav668 Here you go again. Your new nickname is 'thrush'.

    • A'lex
      A'lex 3 months ago +5

      Unfortunatetly Hitler destroyed all good relashionships that the Germans had in the past. Only now after 75 years after the war people can see, that Germans are normal people like others. They are suprisely very kind. This people suffered too much with the war. All country were destroyed and mor than 14 million Germans expelled from theier homeland in East of the coutry: Pomerania,Silesia and East Prussia. Greetings from Brazil

    • Jason Allen
      Jason Allen 3 months ago +3

      The Germans also destroyed the Herero people of Namibia between 1904 and 1908. Go and look that one up it’s a particularly unpleasant act of barbarism. And no there isn’t anything the British Empire ever did that was as bad as that no matter what the Irish and Indians would have you believe.

    • Robert Cottam
      Robert Cottam 3 months ago +1

      @Jason Allen
      Sounds like 'someone has read a book'. Well done. Have a pat on the head, a lie down and then read some more books. Therein lie the secrets of balanced opinion.

    • Paul Bromley
      Paul Bromley 2 months ago +6

      @ cottam no need for the patronising tone

  • Leode Siefast
    Leode Siefast 2 months ago +37

    I always found Germans more like kindred spirits to us Brits, very much on the same wavelength. I met many when at University and a few while I lived in Spain and they became great friends. I am not an 'English Exceptionalist', I learnt Spanish, even had a Spanish girlfriend and befriended lots of nationalities but the Germans (and Dutch and Scandis) all seemed 'closer' in personality (it is probably due to their good level of English) - all thoroughly decent people. I even think they have a wickedly dry sense of humour. Yes, their (lack of) humour stereotype is very unfair!

  • Spamsational
    Spamsational 2 months ago +2

    Wow, not only is their English good, but many of them had really good English accents! Very impressive.

  • Jeff Bevan
    Jeff Bevan 3 months ago +20

    These videos make me proud to be European. We have so much in common across our continent and our differences are the creases that make us interesting

  • Danny Bannister
    Danny Bannister 2 months ago +26

    I'm British and spent 15 years driving trucks all over Europe, I love Germany, it's a beautiful country, love the food too! I found, especially in the south and Bavaria they are not so keen on us. One thing that does separate us though and probably the rest of the world is our piss taking and sarcasm! Nobody does it like us! Sometimes it's cruel beyond belief, makes me so proud to be British

    • Bab Boon
      Bab Boon 2 months ago

      Are you *sure* ?
      I thought it was the Bavarians who invented the Oktoberfest Chicken Song & Dance?
      And for that matter the Alpine one where they amble around in a circle kicking each other up the arse!
      *Both stand PROUDLY amongst History's greatest pisstakes* .

    • LMAO parkes
      LMAO parkes 2 months ago

      ​@Bab Boon Nah that's slapstick, we are trained from a young age to take the piss with witty sarcasm it's ingrained in us.

    • Bab Boon
      Bab Boon 2 months ago

      @LMAO parkes Nope.
      Its *definitely a pisstake* -
      Damned cunning Bavarians have got the world doing it 😜
      Bavaria - I Salute you!

  • jkGHG
    jkGHG Year ago +38

    I love GB.
    Im personally quite attached to it in a strong way, even though Ive never been there. I have a few very good friends in Scotland and talking to them kinda made my english sound scottish. As a few people in the video said, the different, exciting people are just great and when I think of Britian compared to Germany, I always have to think of GB being more peaceful than Germany somehow.

    • Ben
      Ben 8 months ago +4

      As a Brit i love Germany and the German people, they are friendly, the company i work for often has Germany workers come over here to carry out some work and they are so friendly, i will be meeting up with them in December when i go to Munich :)

  • Butch83
    Butch83 3 months ago +41

    That was great talking about us lying in the sun getting baked!! From my experience on holiday, Germans are world champions in that sport😂

    • Megan J Perry
      Megan J Perry 2 months ago +7

      Every time I have been to say Turkey, but other countries to, you can never find a sunbed, the Germans beat us to it. I'm sure they get up at 5am, sneak to the poolside, drop there towels on the sun beds to mark there territory, then go back to bed.

    • Laur
      Laur 2 months ago +2

      @Megan J Perry I’ve experienced this on holiday in Spain several times. My dad always tried to beat the Germans to the best sun beds but never succeeded 🤣

    • Marie Falmouth
      Marie Falmouth 2 months ago +5

      It's a fair point but a distinction between the 'beach Britons' and the 'museum Britons' (or the British who holiday in Spain and Greece compared to the Britons who take vacations in France and Italy) needs to be drawn.

    • Burnaard NUFC
      Burnaard NUFC 2 months ago

      ​@Marie Falmouth Sorry to hear that you have an inferior complex when visiting Paris.

    • Treeaboo
      Treeaboo 2 months ago

      @Burnaard NUFC You misunderstand, it's (mostly) a class thing because that's often enough how these sorts of things work in Britain.

  • The realisation
    The realisation 2 months ago +6

    Can I say to all the lovely German people you speak English so very well

  • Simon Janssen
    Simon Janssen Year ago +68

    You found quite a few people who speak excellent English in Ulm! I'm pretty surprised about that since the south of Germany usually tends to have a much thicker accent compared to other parts of the country which makes some people wary of actually having a conversation in English like that.

    • Lazr Seagull
      Lazr Seagull Year ago +9

      The guy who said he's been to the UK twice had a bit of a midlandsy accent.

    • S
      S Year ago +3

      Alot of major companies based in Ulm like my employer whose main language is English so not a suprise

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +6

      I think he has a Brighton German accent never heard of it before :D

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann Year ago

      What second language do you speak? Just for interest.

    • Felix W
      Felix W Year ago +4

      It's because us south germans have to learn how to speak german without accent for school and business while we keep it among friends and family. Not all are able to drop their accent and few are able to drop it perfectly but I think it's because we have to make the effort to do so we might be more able to reduce the accent in foreign languages. Just an idea the opposite could still be the case though since north german accents resemble english more in sound.

  • zapoth
    zapoth Year ago +42

    I was several times in the UK, from Faslane in Scotland to Plymouth in England and quite a bit inbetween. It was always a pleasure being there. Of course, I noticed some differences, but in comparison to the similiarities, they are miniscule. Most noticeable to me where three things:
    1. getting in touch with brits is much easier than with germans, but staying in touch is much harder.
    2. the british obsession with class ... can't get my head around that.
    3. british humour is dryer, punchline based (I'm looking at you, Jimmy Carr), relies much more on a quick witted brain (yes, Lee Mack springs to mind) and more self-deprecating, but the Germans are better at being really silly or goofy
    My love of the indian cuisine was birthed in Plymouth. After kicked out of the pub at 10p.m., I consoled myself by buying everything on the menu from a indian take-a-way. Like so many children, it was conceived drunk. Nevertheless, I loved it and this experience made me learn how to cook proper indian currys. I owe you, Plymouth!
    The one thing, brits do better then any other country: panel shows. From HIGNY to the Big Fat Quiz of the year (and everything inbetween) ... just ... wow!

    • Nikos Solomou
      Nikos Solomou 2 months ago +2

      Not sure about the 'class' thing - I've never actually known anyone who ever mentions class and I wouldn't know which class I'm supposed to fit into. Also, getting in touch and staying in touch ... I think I might be an exception to the rule. I met an exchange student from just outside Bonn on Chesil Beach (Portland ... yes, I suspect you might also be a Matelot). That was in 1980 and we're still in touch via email, at least once a month. Indian food is arguably the best British food ;-) and I have a great affinity for the Germans.

    • Rover Boat
      Rover Boat 2 months ago +3

      Judging by your 'locations' I guess you were a 'Matrose'. I used to be in the RN and spent some time at FOST in Devonport. If you were in the German Navy you will know what that means! The Bundesmarine had a permanent detachment there. They were all excellent blokes (apart from their CO who was a bit miserable most of the time). Notably all of them were over six foot tall and had blonde hair which, in our view, went very well with the uniforms! The Germans had exactly the same sense of humour as us which usually entailed mercilessly taking the mick out of each others navies and naval traditions. Lots of German sailors had what we called 'comedy beards' and of course LONG HAIR!! They thought our action snacks were totally unimaginative - always mince! We thought theirs inedible - pickled fish, pickled cabbage!! And of course we had one major thing in common - the ability to drink each other under the table. Prost!

    • zapoth
      zapoth 2 months ago +4

      @Rover Boat I participated four times at FOST :) best exercise ever. I was a submariner at the time and we were the sparring partner for the ASW training all the time. Most important lesson I learned there: the british navy is by far the best on the whole. Their asw units sometimes almost caught us. And that is really, really something. We had to be on our toes 24/7 when training with the RN. Not so much, if it were other NATO units. I've served on U-20 (the one that "sunk" the USS Enterprise). The second most important lesson: don't drink with the brits on their turf.
      One observation, I found quite interessting, was, that we were outdrunk by the brits up until 22:00. But, if drinking longer, we outclassed them. So, in drinking terms: the brits are sprinters, due to the closing time of the pubs, were as the krauts are long-distance runners - steady drinkers from dusk til dawn.
      Another observation: there is british humour, german humour, french humour, but most noticeably: there is a sailor's humour. And it's quite different from all the other froms. Except the british humour, becaue it fathers the sailors humour due to the fact that quite literally every navy on this planet is a copy cat of the british navy. Uniforms, ship types, tactics, large parts of the vocabulary and last but not least: the humour. Taking the piss out of each other all day and all night.
      I wasn't a matrose (which would be an able rank in the RN), but a petty officer. the lowest rank on a submarine, though. Well, and yes, I'm blond and 6'2'', love pickled fish (but not the cabbage). The long hair is long gone or changed places respectively.

    • Rover Boat
      Rover Boat 2 months ago +2

      @zapoth Ahh the U-20. She was there when I was at FOST. She looked really sleek, especially when compared with our subs with all their missing sonar tiles.

    • zapoth
      zapoth 2 months ago +1

      @Rover Boat U-20 was a good sub. The class 206 was especially build for shallow waters (i.e. baltics). Quiet, very hard to detect, but not very persistentt: food and water would only last for 4 weeks. That was the main weakness. Well, that and snorkeling. Not so quiet and stealthy when you fire up two diesels. The british nukes on the other hand could go on for months.
      Did you know, that german subs had an underwater speaker? And that you could play music (for the fishies)? Well, it was for the underwater telephone, but we used it sometimes for musical inspiration of the asw units above. The keep up their spirit, when desperately looking for a german sub, that supposed to be there ... somewhere ... close ... aparently. :D

  • adventus saxonum
    adventus saxonum 6 months ago +31

    There are a lot of similarities between Britain and Germany.
    One major difference, though - imagine the same experiment taking place in the UK.....in German.
    It's impressive that the interviewees not only master English so well, but with traces of regional accents, or in one case, hardly an accent (even German) at all.

    • Kris Kruz
      Kris Kruz 2 months ago

      Indeed, try doing these interviews in German in St Albans or Grimsby.. 🙄

    • Marie Falmouth
      Marie Falmouth 2 months ago +5

      Having the modern day Lingua Franca as your native language is a disincentive to learning second and third languages.
      Why do Brits learn other languages?
      1. They got lucky because their school had a good languages department.
      2. They already have a parent who speaks a foreign language.
      3. They live and work abroad, where it's more practical on using the local language.
      4. They marry (or want to marry) a person who has a different mother tongue.
      5. They are retired and 'always fancied' learning French or something else.

    • GeoDude
      GeoDude 2 months ago

      Same with pretty much all countries that don’t speak English natively

    • evaluate analysis
      evaluate analysis 2 months ago +1

      @Marie Falmouth Because:
      a) It's polite to.
      b) You get an enormous amount of respect from the people in the country you visit.
      c) Away from tourist areas many people don't speak English. For example, in the Basque country away from the coast, I found people spoke Basque, Catalan, Castillian Spanish, Galician, French - but not English.
      d) You get more of a feel for the culture.
      e) Its fun.
      f) Why not?

    • Jeff Bevan
      Jeff Bevan 10 days ago

      Agree so impressive

  • Tigerius Svarne
    Tigerius Svarne Year ago +49

    I love the UK, I have family there and spend almost every vacation there when I was a kid.
    British food is great imo, I never liked that mint sauce or those dry af peas tho, but British Breakfast is just awesome.
    I like to think of the British and the German as cousins.

  • ShitForBrains Doe
    ShitForBrains Doe 2 months ago +3

    Well i never had the pleasure of meeting any of you brits in person, but as a musician i´ll have to fanboy for a moment; Queen, the beatles, the sex pistols, Massive attack, the prodigy, i mean come on! Awesome doesn´t even begin to describe what i feel for british culture, really. Those songs are connected to some of my best moments ever. Ricky Gervais? That dude is soo funny to me, and afterlife was one of my favorite things in life for a little while, insightful too. Alan watts, Shelley, Tolkien, Orwell, Dahl, Dickens; i feel i owe these persons more than words can say. Speakers corner in london, fantastic idea! That´s what i have to say about brits without ever meeting one actually. Tally ho lads and gals!

  • Alan Robertson
    Alan Robertson 2 months ago +1

    Great video, I've been to Germany many times and really like it as a country - great to hear what these people think, but wow was I blown away by how flawless their English was, absolutely stunning!

  • Lizzy23
    Lizzy23 2 months ago +49

    Germany is a beautiful country and the people are lovely. I really enjoyed it when I visited.

  • silver knight488
    silver knight488 2 months ago +10

    The first words I heard from Henning Wein were "You British say we Germans have no sense of humour. We don't find that very funny"
    (huge laugh) He was definitely in.

  • Semsem Eini
    Semsem Eini 2 months ago +13

    According to some of my relatives who fled Germany for their lives to Britain, there are quite a few differences they noticed, having lived in both countries. However the love of beer and football is indeed something they have in common.

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 2 months ago +2

    You can tell how much us Brits like someone by how much we make fun of each other, it's like being brothers

  • Darkno64
    Darkno64 8 months ago +18

    Many people in England often see themselves as English followed by German due to the Anglo Saxon ancestry, especially out of the city where tradition/culture is held onto unlike London. I love Germany, the people, food, tradition, architecture, art…

    • KT Kee
      KT Kee 23 days ago

      This is such a lie 😂

    • Proud Anglo-Saxon
      Proud Anglo-Saxon 6 days ago

      Although true, we are Anglo-Saxon, that does not mean I am German

  • Chuckyboy
    Chuckyboy 3 months ago +19

    I worked in Berlin for four years in the 90’s, It was an awesome place, everyone wanted to try out their English and had to problem being corrected. It would always end up me speaking German and them speaking English and correcting each other. I four year holiday.

    • Michael Tovey
      Michael Tovey 2 months ago +2

      I served in Berlin late 1980s and agree. I loved the place and liked the people. The trains ran on time and the streets were clean, bratwurst on every street corner and coffee to die for. They can keep their gassy beer.

  • Gravin van Kippenbout
    Gravin van Kippenbout Year ago +96

    We here in 'Dutchland' are always very happy when the Brits and Germans get along..... for pratical reasons I admit ;-)

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +8

      nothing better than a party with germans :D

    • NachttiSchlampE65
      NachttiSchlampE65 Year ago +4

      Just let us pass freely next time

    • charlie the unicorn
      charlie the unicorn 9 months ago +3

      Aren't the English actually German?

    • IsithPlays
      IsithPlays 7 months ago +2

      @charlie the unicorn Yes and no

    • lïßêrå†ïðñ
      lïßêrå†ïðñ 2 months ago +2

      @charlie the unicorn Well, we largely come from these peoples in Germany, the Anglo Saxons. It's the only country that the English really could call "mother country". Our language is largely of German roots also.

  • Tony Michaels
    Tony Michaels 2 months ago +17

    I served in Germany in the RAF for many years. Incredible country, incredible people. I wish I could have stayed.

  • Eduardo Eekmur
    Eduardo Eekmur 2 months ago +2

    Lots of love for Germans and Germany 🇩🇪 I used to speak German pretty well as a kid but couldn't understand a word the lady said without subtitles. It makes me wonder how long it would take to relearn the language?

  • Iain Mantle
    Iain Mantle 2 months ago +1

    I have been to Germany a few times and German people are really friendly, they look at us as cousins. My son lived in Munich for a year and loved his time there.
    As a people we're very much alike.

  • Oliver Newell
    Oliver Newell 2 months ago +9

    I’m half English half German. Every time I go there, there are small and big elements that remind me of England. People’s mannerisms, the general feeling of common sense and looking at the bigger picture. I’m talking about the people and not the politicians of course, but that’s not to be taken for granted. Going to Italy or France feels far more different. There is a homely atmosphere throughout Germany and I’ve heard Germans say the same when they come to the UK. Rural parts of England like where I live in the New Forest, vs parts of Bavaria for example look absolutely identical.

    • alex robertson
      alex robertson 2 months ago +1

      Totally agree always feel right at home in Germany and certainly find that I get along with German people extremely well.

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy 2 months ago +1

      That’s how I feel in the Netherlands

  • ritchDavies
    ritchDavies 2 months ago +5

    I think the U.K. and Germany have an almost sibling relationship, very lovingly aggressive to each other…Germany is the country I think I could relate to the most 🇬🇧🇩🇪

  • Oscar The Storm
    Oscar The Storm 2 months ago +2

    I'm proud to be both 🇬🇧 & 🇩🇪

  • Sam Badham
    Sam Badham 2 months ago +7

    I'm amazed how good many of those guys spoke English, the accent was almost perfect with some of them.

  • GriefTourist
    GriefTourist 2 months ago +8

    I like what I know about Germany and can't wait to visit there. It's a tragedy that we fought two world wars when we have so much in common.

  • Louis Greenland
    Louis Greenland 2 months ago +1

    As a brit, I'm learning German right now, it's such a cool country and I love the people!

  • sol tea
    sol tea 2 months ago +7

    As a brit my respect has gone 📈 much more positive than I was expecting as most nations aren't very nice about us 😂

  • juliambada
    juliambada Year ago +85

    The British are more eccentric and creative and Germans are better at making things work. Just compare the windows: sashs look great but are drafty guillotines. German windows are less pretty but sturdier, practical and open two ways. There should be a lot more collaboration: British creative design underpinned by German engineering => world beating results!

    • Ilse Küper
      Ilse Küper Year ago +8

      Fully agree! 🎯

    • Hirschkuh
      Hirschkuh Year ago +2

      No offense, but if we could choose then italian, scandinavian or even french design are far superior. There are only a few beautiful designs like old for example

    • Ilse Küper
      Ilse Küper Year ago +4

      @Hirschkuh without engineering there will be no design. Good design follows the function. If both fit together, we call it a classic.

    • BrenTw0
      BrenTw0 8 months ago +4

      Both have good histories of inventing things and advancing society. Just because you are German doesn't make you a better engineer or just because you are British doesn't make you more witty etc.

    • TizerisT
      TizerisT 3 months ago +6

      Its a good point. In the UK we talk of "German efficiency". Germans know how to streamline tasks and make systems work really good.

  • Donald Champ
    Donald Champ 2 months ago

    It's embarrassing for me knowing how fluent so many of these Germans are in English, yet so many people I know can barely string a coherent sentence together. Respect to them all for learning our language and putting some of us to shame.

  • Alison Kempster
    Alison Kempster 2 months ago

    You have a great laugh! Even at quarter past three in the morning, it's infectious! I don't want to wake the house up but you're making me laugh out loud! I love Germans. We are so alike - in the bad ways as well as the good ways! 😁😁 Your interviewees were really positive even when they were being (deservedly!) critical! :) Fielen Dank!

  • EmiliaJojo
    EmiliaJojo Year ago +160

    Brits always think germans are stereotipical rule followers,which is not totally wrong,but there are many unwritten social rules in britain ,they really want to be followed,too.the rules are just different.

    • Karl-Heinz Grabowski
      Karl-Heinz Grabowski Year ago +9

      Intense queuing shocked me and I thought they were more German than we Germans

    • The Wokefinder General
      The Wokefinder General 9 months ago +2


    • jdg
      jdg 8 months ago +13

      I think in the UK it's more focused on being polite whereas in Germany it's more focused on orderliness. So for example British people wouldn't care if someone crossed the red when there was a red light if there were no cars around, but they'd get very angry if someone cut in front of a queue.

    • Logan R
      Logan R 2 months ago +3

      ​@jdg basically. If you speed at night on an empty road and some folk saw you they'd probably just nod and understand here. Meanwhile in Germany it'd break their mind that someone can actively break a law.

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams 2 months ago +1

      I mean all the Germans who I have met in the UK who have left Germany state the beaurocractic rule following as one of the reasons they are glad to have left.

  • Hollis Williams
    Hollis Williams 2 months ago +1

    My friend went to Germany and really liked it, he said the only bad thing is that it's difficult to learn German because German people are extremely keen to practice their English lol.

  • Debbie Haha
    Debbie Haha 2 months ago +6

    I really like visiting Germany, had some lovely holidays there. Got on really well with the German people, everyone we met was really friendly. My hubby was in the forces so he spent a lot of time in Germany doing the navigation and radar on the air fields.
    I to think we are very similar and have a lot in common.
    Always enjoy visiting Germany.

  • Nick Rider
    Nick Rider 2 months ago

    Great Britain has, apart from a couple of occasions, had a very good relationship with Germany - many of us have old links to the Saxon settlers, our language was once much the same, but has separated over the centuries. Very interesting video 👍

  • Andrew G Barrett
    Andrew G Barrett 2 months ago +1

    It's great to hear these guys speaking flawless English but also speaking it with British accents. When you think about how much language software is created in America, I often worry that the British/Australian/New Zealand accents will be seen as incorrect English or even become rare.

  • Geeky
    Geeky 2 months ago +3

    My partner plays online games a lot and has made good friends with two German people .. me and him are scousers and its always funny hearing them get confused about our accents and how we pronounce things. We have to remind them that we dont all sound like we are from London here as that seems to be the default that most people outside of the UK go to when they think of accents. All i can say is the Germans are incredibly friendly and so funny when it comes to banter. We hope to travel and visit Germany one day as well as other places outside of the UK. I love seeing the love shared between us its so refreshing.

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 2 months ago +3

    I'm over 80 and I'm so pleased that our attitude about Germany has changed so much and for the better, in my life time ! And yes I think that young German, has got a English accent and can pass as a Brit !

    • Pink Boy
      Pink Boy 2 months ago

      @Farmer Dave don’t insult an elder

  • Kelvin Lambert
    Kelvin Lambert 2 months ago +1

    Respect to the Germans for their excellent language skills. Funny to hear their British regional accents coming through!

  • John Landymore
    John Landymore 2 months ago +6

    I've never been to Germany but I love their honesty. I think that both countries are like long lost cousins.

    • Rita Levi-Montalcini
      Rita Levi-Montalcini 2 months ago

      I've never encountered dishonesty from Germany,French or the UK, from the business side, which is very important. I have been doing business with Germany for a long time

  • phil w
    phil w 2 months ago +11

    Always liked Germany. Clean. polite. Straight to the point. No messing. Great food and beer. Beautiful country. Well worth a visit. Learn some German and make an effort - it goes a long way.

  • Seb Roberts
    Seb Roberts 2 months ago

    I think we share a lot in common due to a temperate climate, it’s a shame that we’ve been at war a couple of times. I’m glad to have spoken to a few Germans, they seem to appreciate our coastline and Scotland/Wales/Ireland a lot.

  • Magdalena Stier
    Magdalena Stier Year ago +93

    "Tut mir leid für meine Haare. Ich muss Brüste (breasts) finden." Had to laugh so hard! It's only a small difference but it changes so much! What you meant: Bürste (brush), and what you said: Brüste (breasts). xD
    I love those little mistakes all of us make in a foreign languages! :D loved the rest of the video too!

  • EnglishViking
    EnglishViking 2 months ago +2

    Nothing but respect for the Germans 🍻🤝

  • Sprout and Kidney Soup
    Sprout and Kidney Soup 2 months ago +7

    I read an interesting point a few years ago that the body language between the Brits and Germans was almost indistinguishable, and the English and German languages sound so similar to people who can't speak either they can't tell which is which.

  • Eric🇬🇧
    Eric🇬🇧 10 months ago +26

    I love this video!😅
    And also a lot of love for Germany from a Brit🇬🇧❤🇩🇪

    • lïßêrå†ïðñ
      lïßêrå†ïðñ 2 months ago +2

      Well, we largely come from these peoples in Germany, the Anglo Saxons. It's the only country that the English really could call "mother country". Our language is largely of German roots also.

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy 2 months ago

      @lïßêrå†ïðñthe English can call the British isles that too. The native Britons didn’t just spawn there, they also came from continental Europe

    • lïßêrå†ïðñ
      lïßêrå†ïðñ 2 months ago

      @Dylan Murphy Great Britain which is the people of ish populate British isles. But we are a different peoples within the Kingdoms with different origin

  • neil walsh
    neil walsh 2 months ago +2

    On the few times I've visited Germany , I've found them straight talking and honest people. They don't have the falseness (smiling and saying hi all the time) that Americans have. Most of all I think they respect us as we do them for their achievements.
    It's so apparent why we fought them twice , we are so similar

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 2 months ago +1

    We are much more similar than what most realise, and they DO have a sense of humour! 👍🏻

  • Val Lewis
    Val Lewis 3 months ago +10

    I've been to Germany a couple of times. I found locals very friendly and helpful , and have a good sense of humour

  • Stuart
    Stuart 2 months ago +23

    Very positive about the brits, made me feel good. Thanks Germany

    • Lee Gilray
      Lee Gilray 2 months ago +1

      Did you need that in your life did you

    • Stuart
      Stuart 2 months ago +1

      @Lee Gilray it’s good to see something positive in the world

    • Lee Gilray
      Lee Gilray 2 months ago

      @Stuart validation seeking is not positive, it's the opposite. Positivity is a strength that's backed up in joy

  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith 2 months ago

    I lived in Germany for 15 years, left last year for Spain. The German people are amazing and so much like us Brits, it's just a little harder to get into their friend circles, but once in you're in. P.s they do have their own version of Greggs. Backwerk and they sell sausage rolls too Geflügelrolle, which I absolutely miss. In fact I miss Germany more than I thought I would, it was home.

  • Lulu
    Lulu Year ago +8

    I think it's very important, to show people from different countries and cultures, what there similarities AND differences are, to explain and clarify prejudices and views of each other!
    The way you do it, is really interesting and funny, so thank you so much for that. I think your channel is underrated and with me, you've got a new German subscriber! 😊

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +2

      Ah thank you yeah no these people are amazing! ;)

  • carly franklin
    carly franklin 2 months ago

    Been to Gernany 3 or 4 times and its very refreshing. I admire the architecture, and houses, the markplatz (marketplace square) the beer, the currywurst, the soccer, the people are reasonably friendly, and the language, which can be challenging.

  • stan wilson
    stan wilson 2 months ago +2

    I worked in west and east germany as a bricklayer,I found most germans are pretty straight talking and dependable.My old Grandfather who was at the 'somme' used to say,if the germans and british got together,they would be invincible. Unfortunately our present government has behaved like greedy car salesmen that can't be trusted,but,after working there,I'm glad that the people in the street are untouched by their behaviour.I am English, but,my two favorite peoples are German and Southern Irish.

  • 007Tickleboy
    007Tickleboy 2 months ago +1

    Really enjoyed watching this, very good! I’ve met a few German people in London and have always really liked them. Their grasp of the English language is brilliant. Danke ❤

  • Yorkshire Coast Adventures

    The Germans are like our long lost cousins.
    Our two countries could achieve great things together,if we worked at it.

  • Smashing Turnips
    Smashing Turnips 2 months ago +10

    Amazing how some of those guys speak english so well they actually sound english. Very impressive. Respect

    • David Shaw
      David Shaw 2 months ago

      some even have accents from the language tutors :D

    • Fredrick Frederickson
      Fredrick Frederickson 2 months ago

      They sound American to me, except for one guy.

  • Pickles
    Pickles 2 months ago +7

    I'd love to travel to Germamy. The people, food, culture, and history is amazing. Beautiful language as well.

  • Robyn
    Robyn 2 months ago +2

    I found it hard to believe some of the people were German as the accents were amazing, especially the tall guy.

  • tylerschofield
    tylerschofield 2 months ago

    So refreshing to here other peoples have a fairly a accurate view of us, along with the friendly banter!
    Usually its all “we had rotten teeth, talk like the queen and a cockney mixed together, and only cook food using the boiling technique”

  • Zoey Wyllie
    Zoey Wyllie 2 months ago +2

    The humour difference is my favourite. I'm a brit but worked in germany for a while and made a joke about brit stereotypes (particularly about knives and london depsitr being a northener). I had to explain that I don't actually carry a knife on me after about two weeks when a german friend asked a bit concerned if I actually carry a knife and had stabbed people. I stopped getting looked at like I was a psycho once I'd cleared up it was dry deadpan humour and not being serious 😅

  • Jack87
    Jack87 2 months ago

    As a Brit. I Worked in Germany on and off in many cities as an engineer for the past ten years and the people are fantastic. I would happily move there if given the opportunity always felt welcome and respected.

  • Mister Sharpus
    Mister Sharpus 2 months ago +1

    Love my German brothers and sisters. A great nation and looking forward to going back.

  • Stephen Baker-LeMay
    Stephen Baker-LeMay Year ago +25

    The reality is the Brit’s and Germans are two sides of the same coin, the only real difference is the Germans are serious by nature and the Brits not so, before the 20th century we were allies, though this was mostly with Prussia as Germany did not become a nation until 1871.

    • Thordal
      Thordal Year ago +10

      As a Prussian at heart, I still consider you allies.

  • JP Crichton
    JP Crichton 2 months ago

    Spent a huge amount of time in Germany as a pad brat (British army kid) and then many years later as a serving soldier myself, not to mention all the other visits for leisure. Simply great people, generous, engaging, helpful and very funny, don’t believe the stereotypes. I’d say there are many similarities in our cultures but still with enough differences to have plenty of discussion. Great people and a great country.

    LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH 2 months ago +2

    The Germans are a GREAT nation, they have many fine qualities, they are industrious, hard working, disciplined, well educated, and they produce some of the finest engineers in the world. The German's RESPECT engineers like no other nation. The British and Germans share many similar traits- we are genetic cousins after all. They are also the toughest people we have ever crossed swords with. Many of them also speak impeccable English! ^^^^ RESPECT to Germany from Blighty! :)

  • SamTex69
    SamTex69 Year ago +23

    "Don't mention the war!", to cite John Cleese or Basil Fawlty; my probably weirdest (or most sympathetical?) experience as a German was in Norwich in 1999: I was in a church close to Norwich Market, just appreciating its beauty, when an older English guy came to me, who was a kind of churchwarden. He showed me around, and finally said to me: "Do you know what I like most about the Führer? That he bombed our church, so that all the old dark stained glass was broken, which was replaced by clear glass; so we have a bright church today!"
    Was this British humour? Or was he just pulling my leg? I never found out, but I thought it was amazing to hear someone of the older generation talk about the war in such a way!

    • IndiekidDrugPatrol
      IndiekidDrugPatrol 4 months ago +8

      It's a joke, we have similar jokes where we give thanks to the luftwaffe for bombing our cities so we could rebuild them better.

  • L I
    L I 2 months ago +1

    Amazingly good English spoken here! We’ve had our differences but good people the Germans. We could learn a lot from them.

  • Danny Howard
    Danny Howard 2 months ago +1

    Worked in Germany for a while, got to say I love the Germans. They have a similar humour and they like a beer or two and are always polite, shame our history was tarnished by a few Idiots but hopefully that makes us closer now.

  • Verbal Ästhet
    Verbal Ästhet Year ago +26

    When I think about the British 3 things come to mind. The humour, like understatement, which I love. I think it is hilarious. The drinking culture or rather the lack thereof from a German perspective. Like too much binge, too little relaxation. And then I remember some strange food I had in England.

    • yourtruebrit
      yourtruebrit  Year ago +1

      What strange food was it :D! ?

    • Vyl
      Vyl Year ago +1

      @yourtruebrit my main thing about british food is that you cant escape cream and mayonnaise no matter how hard you try. Its everywhere! May be a scottish thing though🤷‍♂️

    • Verbal Ästhet
      Verbal Ästhet Year ago

      @yourtruebrit I remember some flaky pastry with meat or beans or so. It was a strange combination to me. :D I really dont know what it was. It was a long time ago.

    • Hairy Marmite
      Hairy Marmite 3 months ago

      ​@Verbal Ästhet sounds like one of our sausage rolls

    • Clement Moraschi
      Clement Moraschi 2 months ago +1

      @Hairy Marmite sounds like a Greggs sausage bean & cheese melt - something that is less than the sum of its parts :D

  • D P
    D P 2 months ago

    Love this, Always taken aback by similarities amongst northern European nations. A lot of common ancestry. Been to Germany once loved it will definitely be going again.

  • Andrew Heron
    Andrew Heron 2 months ago +2

    Having known many Germans, this is so fun to watch. We are the same....but the Germans are so much better at speaking our language as we are theirs
    .....sorry Germany....we must do better...but we probably won't. Love you lots ❤️

  • Chris Morrissey
    Chris Morrissey 2 months ago

    I love Germany, the culture I've visited the country, the people were very welcoming, and i've even tried to learn the language. I have been known to support the German national football team but only when they're not playing England of course.