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Diary of a Wimpy Kid was the weirdest movie...

  • Published on Jan 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 3 691

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  4 months ago +698

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    • The Channel
      The Channel Day ago

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved..

    • Insert Username Here
      Insert Username Here 13 days ago


    • Naruto Uchiha435
      Naruto Uchiha435 16 days ago

      You are my new wfavorite youtuber.

    • Leigha Colclasure
      Leigha Colclasure 22 days ago


    • Nubby
      Nubby Month ago

      @Y/n Blossom I was talking to @Alex Meyers

  • Moon
    Moon 4 months ago +10997

    At least the cast perfectly fit the characters. That made the movie stick true to its source material. Rodrick was the best character.

  • nr99
    nr99 4 months ago +938

    This most impressive thing about these Wimpy Kid films and particularly this film is the casting choices they made. I’m glad they didn’t go with what a lot of middle school based shows and films do nowadays and cast actors in their late teens to early 20s. Zachary Gordon perfectly fit the age to play Greg Heffley.

  • razeenrajaful
    razeenrajaful 4 months ago +206

    I wish Rowley would actually ever defend himself like in the movie, god I got so annoyed by Greg just constantly terrorizing Rowley with no repercussions

    • razeenrajaful
      razeenrajaful 3 months ago +8

      @Legal ZA0 Well compared to how much abuse Rowley just takes from Greg can't be compared to how much he stands up for himself

    • Legal ZA0
      Legal ZA0 3 months ago +1

      They’ve definitely had fights after the first book, most notably in the 8th book with rowley and his girlfriend. I’d say that that book shows more imperfection in rowley then him standing up for himself though.

    • razeenrajaful
      razeenrajaful 3 months ago +6

      @Legal ZA0 I know I'm just saying that I wish Rowley would stand up for himself because as far as I remember, that was the only time he did

    • Legal ZA0
      Legal ZA0 3 months ago +9

      You know it’s a movie based off the first book right? In the book rowley stands up for himself and Greg sacrifices his social standing for him just like in the movie.

  • Quonit37
    Quonit37 4 months ago +97

    I find myself liking this movie more as I get older. When I was younger I heavily focused on how rude and abusive a lot of the characters were, and even though I understood it as *the point* it was still a bit upsetting to watch how mean everyone is. Now that I'm older I can acknowledge that but also notice how it's a commentary on it, not an endorsement!

  • ZephyrUrchin
    ZephyrUrchin 4 months ago +48

    I really have to remember that "weird" doesn't always mean "bad." And yeah, if you haven't seen this movie, I can definitely recommend it. Also, I think the reason it's so weird is because, well, middle school and middle schoolers are weird. Y'know?

  • MadisonTheShootingStar
    MadisonTheShootingStar 4 months ago +4261

    The three wimpy kid movies are masterpieces. Yes, only three.

    • AceJuicyBoogie Musically
      AceJuicyBoogie Musically Month ago

      This movie was so Corny and Cringe lol but so oddly accurate who's childhood wasn't corny and cringe fr lol not to mention it does make you laugh no matter how dumb it was haha

    • zara
      zara Month ago

      @Z&P that’s what they said..

    • Z&P
      Z&P Month ago

      There are 3 movies and ONLY 3 movies,

    • гайдер_з_булком
      гайдер_з_булком Month ago

      @BrickHeadz 28 We dont talk about Long Haul ul ul ul, we dont about Long Haul... BUT... It was three movies coolness day... (im too lazy to type all cover meh)

    • Justanormalpokemon
      Justanormalpokemon 2 months ago

      We don’t talk about the fourth one

  • Serenity the Siren
    Serenity the Siren 3 months ago +23

    Y'know, Alex, you'd make an AMAZING horror movie reviewer. You posted on a community post that you didn't really know what to do once you run out of movies, and so maybe you could do horror movies and TV series's? I'd love to see a review on IT.

  • Lampcap
    Lampcap 3 months ago +81

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid will always be a classic from our childhood. This is one I will definitely show my kids and grandkids someday.

  • Buddy Scott Jr.
    Buddy Scott Jr. 4 months ago +22

    I love these books so much, despite the fact that Greg is a narcissistic jerk. This movie, and only this movie, was a perfect depiction of the books.

  • Genji Sheeshmada
    Genji Sheeshmada 4 months ago +25

    Rewatching this movie as a Canadian in highschool made me die inside because at that point; I knew someone who acts and looks like patty.

  • Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein
    Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein 4 months ago +2223

    This means Alex is legally obligated to cover the 2nd and 3rd movies
    If he skips the 4th/reboot movie, I will understand

    • Eagle Fang Karate
      Eagle Fang Karate 13 days ago

      Or he can make fun of it 😄

    • Pug
      Pug 20 days ago

      Only ever saw the 4th one

    • Вася Петечкин
      Вася Петечкин 23 days ago

      @Stormtrooper Shrek is like only two movies.... With few spin offs.........

    • LowYummy
      LowYummy Month ago

      @Sadbongos DOAWK never had a 4th movie

    • LowYummy
      LowYummy Month ago

      @The Top Marksman crazy talk

  • kade campbell
    kade campbell 4 months ago +36

    I feel like rowly is the best cause he’s so carefree that his life is much better than Greg’s because he doesn’t have as much anxiety.

  • Jas mine
    Jas mine 2 months ago +2

    I really enjoyed this movie and I just want to point out a few things.
    1. Angie's character was totally unnecessary in this movie and she's pretty annoying, good thing she doesn't show up for the sequels.
    2. Greg Heffley is a HORRIBLE friend and he doesn't deserve Rowley.
    3. The Disney reboot is an actual SIN and deserves to be called a crime to this franchise.
    Other than that, great movie☺️

  • Drea
    Drea 4 months ago +11

    6:11 one thing i never understood about the first movie is that they have this girl that greg hates for no reason. he keeps saying shes a freak even tho in the book he would be so proud about a girl even looking at him.

  • Lorelai Clubb
    Lorelai Clubb 3 months ago +5

    Bro this movie is amazing, especially compared to the other “attempts” (if you can call them that). The cast is immaculate

  • escritora84
    escritora84 4 months ago +1862

    I stumbled across this movie as an adult while channel surfing and this is probably one of the most hilarious kid movies I've ever watched. Greg was such a jerk, Rowley deserved so much better.

    • Auri
      Auri 4 months ago +5

      @A Knight I mean you can like the movie and still think Greg is a jerk, one thing doesn't erase the other 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jaime Lannister
      Jaime Lannister 4 months ago +10

      Movie Greg is a jerk, while meanwhile book Greg is a sociopath

    • Noobmaster Ruben
      Noobmaster Ruben 4 months ago +2

      I mean it make sense for Greg to be the jerk than Rowley for the ending to feel compelling
      *cough* Wimpy Kid 2021*cough*

    • DrawciaGleam02
      DrawciaGleam02 4 months ago +2

      @Harry Styles Fan ✨💚
      Really? I heard from others that he was totally different. So I thought Greg had been toned down.

  • SlappedSilly
    SlappedSilly 3 months ago +22

    Greg: Guess what else has one strap..... *Machine Guns*
    Alex: So, guess what were bringing to school tomorrow.

  • InsantCore
    InsantCore 4 months ago +1

    We can agree we feel weird when we watched the movie, but you can't deny that the movie is an absolute masterpiece

  • Zinnia
    Zinnia 4 months ago

    I would love to see you make a video on Little Women, both the 1994 and 2019 versions. A comparison between the two highlighting the best and worst parts of both would be cool. I myself have seen only the 1994 version but it would be interesting to know about the other one!

  • personwhowatchesvideos
    personwhowatchesvideos 3 months ago +2

    I like how in the next movie, the entire thing is basically recounting everything about this one. In rodrick rules, they basically say, Angie who? What play? What third friend? Wait there are books?

  • Yuya Giovana
    Yuya Giovana 4 months ago +3000

    He's not wrong about the candy bar thing. The fancy neighborhoods are always the ones who give you full size candy

    • Salient Spoon
      Salient Spoon Month ago

      Not in the town I live in. All the people who live in the fancy (cheaply built, have a lot wrong with them even though they all go for 600k+ at minimum) houses bought them for such ridiculous prices that they won't even do above funsize. It's shit.

    • infomercial
      infomercial 4 months ago

      @Peter Peter If they're both adults then why does it matter? And they're celebrities, their dating standards are different compared to a normal person so I don't care.

    • Peter Peter
      Peter Peter 4 months ago

      @infomercial Natalie Portman is a 42-year-old actress. If she was dating a 20-year-old would you just allow it to happen? Or would you try to physically stop the relationship? And a 21-year-old shouldn't date an 18-year-old child. If that happened I would call the cops.

    • Love Senerio
      Love Senerio 4 months ago +6

      This comment section is a mess

  • Ariane
    Ariane 3 months ago

    I honestly loved middle school. I was friends with nearly everyone and it was such a lighthearted and fun time. I loved highschool and college too, but I think middle school was my favorite era of schooling. I hated elementary school though. It was so boring, I had maybe 5 friends, and I was bullied a lot

  • Aaron Steventon
    Aaron Steventon 4 months ago +3

    Good thing the dislikes are turned off lol. Still, you can’t be mad at Alex, his reviews are always good

  • Jaiden Napier
    Jaiden Napier 3 months ago +6

    The step dad joke was hilarious. If anyone dislikes it they clearly wear both straps on their back pack. 😂

  • Eridon Stewart
    Eridon Stewart 4 months ago

    I forgot how good this movie was until watching this review. I watched it a Bajillion times as a kid. I definitely gotta rewatch it.

  • Samantha Tanner
    Samantha Tanner 4 months ago +2303

    I actually feel like Rowley would be incredibly popular in a real middle school. He'd be the funny nice kid that everyone wanted to talk to
    Edit: yeah I know rowley was popular in the movie, but what I mean is that he would be popular for much longer and find better friends than Greg lol

    • Henry Huffman
      Henry Huffman 3 months ago

      Gotta remember this film was 12 years ago tho

    • Samexahr
      Samexahr 4 months ago

      I would say he would be popular and bullied. Likely more popular than he would know.

    • scottthewaterwarrior
      scottthewaterwarrior 4 months ago

      Nah, he was too different and unique. I was like that in middle school and it didn't go well. Though in high school being unique (and not caring what others thought) actually made me quite popular.

    • infomercial
      infomercial 4 months ago +4

      Nah, he'd be the kid who everyone would pretend to be nice to and secretly make fun of

    • My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
      My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name 4 months ago +1

      @Caroline M. nah, its about who has a better mouse and gives people stuff for for free (and also if your funny)

  • Sayed Is Trending
    Sayed Is Trending 3 months ago +11

    4:10 Yes, Middle School is so bizarre. I remember being in Middle School Orchestra and being bullied for playing the violin and video games. I just don't get it. I was also criticized for being an honor roll student. Since when is getting good grades in school a negative thing? Middle school students are ruthless. Lol 🎶🎻🎮

  • GalaxyRat&Fnaf
    GalaxyRat&Fnaf 12 days ago +2

    Alex: Time for the worst class that everyone hates especially in middle school, PE.
    Me who’s in middle school: *Gets to do whatever we want and everyone wanting to go to gym everyday*

  • Toddrick Francis
    Toddrick Francis 4 months ago +2

    Great review. I’m guessing there’s a review of the sequels coming in the future 😎

  • Gabe chan 🌺
    Gabe chan 🌺 3 months ago

    One time I was eating jelly dots and watching that EXACT movie with my classmates. And one part had me really discusted. THE BOOGER PART. I felt so at unease I didn't want to even eat the jelly dots anymore because of THAT scene. I felt as I wanted to throw up . This happened when I was 7. 🤷

  • abby burke
    abby burke 4 months ago +2135

    The most unrealistic thing about this movie is the fact that Angie was able to wear a beret in school

    • Amelia G
      Amelia G Month ago

      the most unrealistic thing is that she wasnt confirmed a lesbian lol

    • blue chimera
      blue chimera 4 months ago +1

      Fr. All of these middle schoolers in the movies be wearing hats and hoodies while my middle school was like "NO HATS, HOODS, AND MOST DEFINITELY **NO** SHIRTS WITH STRAPS SHORTER THAN TWO FINGER LENGTHS!"

    • Really Cute gal
      Really Cute gal 4 months ago

      @Fairy Queen & Bookworm my school actually lets us wear hoods and hats

    • Esther 🌿🌻
      Esther 🌿🌻 4 months ago

      Someone report the weird comments

    THE GADFLY GANG 4 months ago +1

    The point of 3:42 is not that the kid in question *IS* hairy gorilla but in the mind of an 11 or 12 year old seeing this kid might as well be a Silverback.
    Seeing a Greg has not grown a hair anywhere on his body sans his head at this point making peach fuzz and pit hair seem rather intimidating...
    There in lies the beauty of this film. The narrator so sucks you into his perspective you forget you are a 49 year old divorcee living with a dog in a broom closet. Beautiful thing

  • Aarushie Chatterjee
    Aarushie Chatterjee 4 months ago +1

    I actually love the books and watching this, I think I might enjoy the movie too. 😂

  • Alexander Tatpati
    Alexander Tatpati 3 months ago

    I love how hilariously bad the stunt double was for the break dance thing.

  • M D
    M D 4 months ago

    I'm one of those weirdos that chooses to teach at middle school 😂
    All Alex's points about middle schoolers is spot on 👌

  • ElectricMouse
    ElectricMouse 4 months ago +1572

    No Alex, there is nothing at all wrong with this movie. No criticism are allowed, I will throw hands over this

    • Lev36
      Lev36 3 months ago

      rodrick rules is better

    • Pestilence
      Pestilence 3 months ago

      @Autistic Christian the funniest thing is that they’ve moved from self promo, to scamming with fake links

      Xx_SUNSET LOVER_xX 4 months ago +1

      @estie JELLY bestie jellybean army!

    • estie JELLY bestie
      estie JELLY bestie 4 months ago +8

      @R_BruceWayne FN it means “like a wimp” basically

    • R_BruceWayne FN
      R_BruceWayne FN 4 months ago +8

      Its been 12 years since i watched this movie and still dont know the meaning of wimpy

  • Kawaii_ Kraziness
    Kawaii_ Kraziness 4 months ago

    Alex Meyers and High boi are helping me watch movies in 14 or so minutes
    as well as Minute Movies
    They all have humor i enjoy and make it entertaining
    thank you all, you sacrifices are greatly appreciated

  • matchy
    matchy 4 months ago +1

    are all western countries experiencing the “worst” in middle and high school as they depict in these movies or only in USA? i watched a bunch of american youth movies, and it always starts with “middle school/ high school is the worst..”
    (from an asian perspective)

  • Journey_ Cat
    Journey_ Cat 4 months ago +2

    “ Let go baby hippo” - Roderick when Rowley grabbed his leg tried to save Greg😂

  • Chloe
    Chloe 4 months ago +1

    The scene where he says guys who wear only one strap on their shoulder are cool has permanently ruined me doing that because whenever I put a backpack on one shoulder I'm scared people are going to think I'm following the advice of Greg heffley so I make myself put both straps on even though I'm a literal adult

  • The Engie That Cried Nope
    The Engie That Cried Nope 4 months ago +1633

    As someone who read the books and watched the movies as a kid, I thought Greg was in the right (probably because he was the main protagonist). I didn't realize how much of a narcissist he was until I got older.

    • cheatsykoopa98
      cheatsykoopa98 3 months ago

      right? and I used to hate his family because of much of jerk they were
      not that they arent, but I can see why greg is the way he is

    • New Android
      New Android 4 months ago +1

      @Fernando Martinez Middle School isn't climactic. It's Middle School. Just like how most Middle Schoolers are really damn selfish and self-centred, as well as most High Schoolers
      The books are litterally diaries of a wimpy kid. Not a heroic climactic story where everyone gets their just desserts. Just a kid going through stuff

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 4 months ago

      @New Android the ending to all 4 books is anticlimactic compared to the movies.
      He picks up the cheese and throws it away so he has the Cheese Touch and Rowley Is his friend again despite his horrible treatment of him.
      A Game of Telephone makes him the coolest kid in school because he's a pervert so he helps Rodrick with a Final Project
      His Dad enjoys the fact that Greg Humiliated himself and thinks he did it on purpose which is why he doesn't send him to Spag Union
      Greg Calls the Police by Accident and Rowley accepts a box of Raisins Game Tournament rather than go to Nationals.

    • New Android
      New Android 4 months ago +1

      @Fernando MartinezBut you can still see it if you just read between the lines. You don't need everything pointed out to you, the book also punishes him with the Rowley thing and it shows that not every bad person gets punished, because they don't. Greg is a selfish asshole, but the people around him aren't entirely aware of that. There are short moments when they are, but then they think they're proven wrong by some act that is selfless, usually only in their eyes and not truly.

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 4 months ago

      @New Android that's because in the book he's completely unaware of his selfishness while in the Movies he knows and is rightfully punished for it until he does the right thing.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 months ago +2

    Oh boy, I remember in my elementary school people used to give each other the cheese touch after watching this movie and I would always tell them I'm not playing but they would give it to me anyway. Good times

  • The Jon Brown Show
    The Jon Brown Show 4 months ago

    Curious to see your thoughts on rodrick rules(my favorite of the orginal trilogy from what I remember lol)

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore 2 months ago +1

    Alex: "DOAWK is the weirdest movie."
    Also Alex: "It's actually pretty good."

  • -50 shades of slay-

    Anyone else think that Alex should react to the first Scream movie because I would love to see that

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I think Alex did a perfectly good job dismantling and roasting every part of this movie

    • TheKpa11
      TheKpa11 4 months ago

      Nice new profile pic (Colorful electric person) ⚡️

    • Ash 1749
      Ash 1749 4 months ago

      Hey almost didn’t recognize you.

    • I’m fine, I’m fine
      I’m fine, I’m fine 4 months ago +1


  • Carl Fernandez
    Carl Fernandez 3 months ago

    This was one of the very few instances when the sequels were better than the original. Much better in this case. I’d highly recommend giving *Roderick Rules* a go! That is unironically, no joke my favorite movie of all time

  • axeforbuddies
    axeforbuddies 2 months ago

    Can we all agree that the 1st few diary of a wimpy kid movies were actually good, and we all agree that the long haul was the worst one

  • Missnever
    Missnever 4 months ago

    Hey Alex! You should totally do a video on a show called Ned’s declassified school survival guide :)

  • Matthew Laird
    Matthew Laird 3 months ago

    I'm in this movie! I say "This Bites!" During the play. I can confirm that the kid who played Greg was an incredibly self absorbed asshole, and Rowly was the kindest person I ever met acting.

  • Ezequiel Carranza
    Ezequiel Carranza 4 months ago +1

    At first when I was in elementary school watching this movie I thought middle school was legit like what the movie showed it to be. But looking back at the movie it was nothing like middle school

  • Sadie Stranks
    Sadie Stranks 2 months ago +1

    The more I watch your videos the more concern I am for your well-being

  • Vaibhav Shewale
    Vaibhav Shewale 4 months ago +8

    video starts at 2:03

  • Soul3lixir
    Soul3lixir 3 months ago +2

    My wife has been watching you for a long time...I just wanna know if you could review "The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window" on Netflix. I think you'll have a blast 😏

  • icecream hero
    icecream hero 4 months ago +1581

    I started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid when I was Greg's age. I am now in my 20's and I still buy every new book that comes out. It keeps getting funnier and funnier.

    • icecream hero
      icecream hero 4 months ago

      @TripleMoya Games Greg isn't that bad people just like to over exaggerate it. He is a bigger jerk in the movies. Yes Greg is selfish and egotistical but there is an innocence to him. Alot of the time he is an unfortunate victim of cirumstanes or the straight man reacting to idiocy around him. For example cabin fever. Greg and Rowley put up green posters. It rains and it leaves a stain. The school thinks it's grifiti and the cops interrogate the kids. Or in Roderick Rules when Greg thought the starter pistol was a real gun so he hid at the bottom of the pool. In the movies you get stuff like Greg commiting identity theft The Last Straw Movie.

    • icecream hero
      icecream hero 4 months ago

      @My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name Too much physical humor? No such thing. *Turns on I love Lucy*

    • icecream hero
      icecream hero 4 months ago

      @My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name My favorite books in the whole series are Cabin Fever, The Long Haul, Wrecking Ball, and Big Shot.

    • My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
      My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name 4 months ago +1

      @icecream hero the meltdown is one of the best books, that one flaw isnt too big honestly. and after the long haul, all the humor has just been plot humor or physical humor, which is funny sometimes, but not as much as the first 8 books. though, big shot fixed that problem

    • icecream hero
      icecream hero 4 months ago +1

      I know right.

  • Raphaela Diniz
    Raphaela Diniz 4 months ago

    É estranho como nos states esse filme é considerado estranho e aqui no Brasil uma obra de arte

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle 3 months ago

    I just watched this movie again today lol it's actually cute. It came out when I was in high school but I remember seeing the books all over my childhood at Book Fairs

  • priestessoftheroses
    priestessoftheroses 3 months ago +4

    "The cheese touch" just brought back so much elementary school PTSD. That playground was insane

  • Hanna Mooch
    Hanna Mooch 4 months ago

    Wow, my middle school experience was absolutely nothing like this movie. I’m honestly shocked about how many people relate to this. What kind of warzone are all your middle schools?

  • Patrice Linman
    Patrice Linman 4 months ago +795

    I had the biggest crush on the older brother when I saw this movie as a kid. Also no one talks about how this is honestly a pretty good adaptation of the book and just an overall fun kids movie.

    • tomura shigaraki
      tomura shigaraki 28 days ago

      rodrick is really good looking no homo but i want to kiss him

    • Onett Aviator
      Onett Aviator Month ago +3

      @mel_868 Nah, usually it's the other way around. The Wonder book is better than the movie, and so is Percy Jackson.

    • mel_868
      mel_868 Month ago

      @Onett Aviator it’s a movie ofc it’s better than the book

    • Artemis Willøw
      Artemis Willøw Month ago

      I think we all did

    • Onett Aviator
      Onett Aviator Month ago +1

      @Kate Yeah. I know. And the movie's still better though.

  • Perf x Shun
    Perf x Shun 4 months ago +2

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a certified hood classic

  • AJ Prodigy
    AJ Prodigy 4 months ago

    Alex you should really do videos on specific seasons of old school Disney and Nickelodeon shows. Would love to see videos on the first season of suite life, I didn’t know the PRNDL episode is in the first season😳 what a show man

  • Nils Backlund
    Nils Backlund 4 months ago

    As a great fan of the books, I absolutely despised this movie. That's just my opinion though and one that is not very common from what I can tell.

  • Psychedelic Psychopath
    Psychedelic Psychopath 3 months ago +1

    I can’t believe you went through the whole video without mentioning the movie was based off of a book

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  4 months ago +1961

    also btw, when I said that girls don't want sensitive guys who write their feelings in a journal, I meant in middle/high school. obviously after that people change and (allegedly) grow up a little

      SEKHMET 4 months ago

      @karolin bruh ewwww

    • Toxic_Death
      Toxic_Death 4 months ago


    • So Vidushi
      So Vidushi 4 months ago

      But alex those guys are so #deep

    • Blink
      Blink 4 months ago

      Hey, there are hot singles in your area

  • Jeems T
    Jeems T 4 months ago

    It's scary how accurate Rodrick's middle school advice is

  • SkyKrye
    SkyKrye Month ago

    alex had the best character development in this one

  • V_K_A 2.0
    V_K_A 2.0 4 months ago

    I like all 5 of the movies. Idrc about the character change or the animation that other people care about. I like diary of a wimpy kid. Period.

  • Very best And milkyest cow

    The cheese touch never really made sense, I mean if it's been sitting there that long it had to go through all the seasons right. So you're telling me it didn't melt in the summer or wash away in the rain it just stayed there, it's weather defying cheese.

  • savedbyjesus73
    savedbyjesus73 4 months ago +926

    The second Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie (Rodrick Rules) is the best! If you liked this one Alex, you've got to watch the second one!

    • Lauren ORourke
      Lauren ORourke 4 months ago +1

      The second book is my favorite !!!!!

    • Nana Bonsu
      Nana Bonsu 4 months ago +7

      I genuinely enjoyed the moments when Greg and Roderick were bonding. Even though it was really against the books, the movies pulled off their relationship so well

    • Brandon Sadler-Gray
      Brandon Sadler-Gray 4 months ago

      Dog days also top notch

    • cg
      cg 4 months ago


  • bubbles
    bubbles 3 months ago

    Let's appreciate how much work and dedication is there

  • Max Reiff
    Max Reiff 3 months ago

    What I hate is that when I grew up the books were amazing and my favorites and after watching this movie it kind of ruined it.

  • LilahBunny 9
    LilahBunny 9 4 months ago +1

    Tbh I loved this movie, but yeah it’s kinda weird 😂

    HAYFRAND 3 months ago

    Please do the other movies as well! They’re really good too! (Except for the fourth movie)

  • geardog24
    geardog24 4 months ago +527

    Honestly the best way to survive middle school is to not have a friend like Greg. People like him will turn on you just to make themselves look good.

  • Skobeloff_Blues
    Skobeloff_Blues 3 months ago

    I loved this😂😂 you should continue on with the rest of the movies

  • du du
    du du 3 months ago

    Rowley is the type of friend that in middle school makes you question everyday if you can just drop him and forget he exists for the sake of trying to be cool since he just drags you down, but never do it either out of fear or because you like him.
    And if you do, later you just regret it since he was probably the only true friend you would have and the "cool status" matters shit.

  • Grey_Aftxn
    Grey_Aftxn 3 months ago +1

    I must say, the most random movie I've ever watched was (1996, I think) "Airplane"

  • weeb potato
    weeb potato 4 months ago

    I went to a charter school with only having 2 middle school classrooms so for me it wasn’t bad. I spent all
    my free time on anime and video game. So for me middle school was pretty awesome.

  • monika kavaliunaite
    monika kavaliunaite 4 months ago +531

    "You know what has one strap? Machine guns."
    'So guess what we're bringing to school tomorrow"
    Okay that line is way too good

    • Eka
      Eka 4 months ago +6

      Only in america

    • Victoria
      Victoria 4 months ago +3

      That part almost killed me haha! 😂🤣

  • ~InTheMist9DTM~
    ~InTheMist9DTM~ 3 months ago

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  • Bröther May I Have Some Lööps

    Do the two sequels or we riot. They're even better than the first one, which is iconic already.

  • Lisa vxng
    Lisa vxng 4 months ago

    as somebody who read up to book 11 or something in my childhood, I have somehow never seen these and boy, this brought back memories I didnt know I had

  • Sander Hockey
    Sander Hockey 3 months ago

    Lets apriciate the fact this guy completly left out Fregley out of this video. Thank you. He was so disgusting in the first 2 movies

  • Sarim Faruque
    Sarim Faruque 4 months ago +720

    Say all you want about Greg in the books, but you can't deny his character development in the movies.

    • Emangret
      Emangret 4 months ago

      @LowYummy yes? It's called growing?

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 4 months ago +6

      He develops from begging to end in each movie only. It doesn't carry on to the next film because that wouldn't be part of the source material. Greg is kind of oblivious to his selfishness in the books, but in the Movies he's aware of it and is rightfully punished which causes him to be better by the end. Things like him sticking up for Rowley at the end of Movie 1, bonding with Roderick and "humiliating" himself to fix their relationship, and trying to save his Dad's honor which leads to him standing up to his rival. Which also leads to his Father not sending him to Spag Union.

    • the holy knight
      the holy knight 4 months ago +8

      @LowYummy yes, yes they do.

    • LowYummy
      LowYummy 4 months ago +6

      You think a MIDDLER SCHOOLER has CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! That’s funny

  • Hans
    Hans 3 months ago

    Rowley inviting him over to play reminds me of the existential crisis I had in 7th grade when I realized I was too old to call my play clothes play clothes, but I had no idea what to call them instead. “Wait, I have to change out of my school clothes and into, um, my, um, clothes I wear when I’m not in school.”

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random 4 months ago

    Something I never could wrap my head around is... Why didn't Greg just scribble out the word diary with a sharpie? Or even turn it into art? It would've saved him some bullying and constantly having to tell people it wasn't a diary.

  • metallord69
    metallord69 4 months ago +2

    7:28 I love how that looks like a title screen for an ed edd n eddy episode.

  • sleepy smart boy
    sleepy smart boy Month ago

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    You did NOT need to drag them this far. Brought back flashbacks I didn't realize I had

  • Sapphia
    Sapphia 4 months ago +533

    I like how the cast people were like ' why not we cast someone hot in place of the stick hair, bowl headed guy' and thus came rodrick , the live action, which everyone swooned over 💀

    • SofieTheMJFan
      SofieTheMJFan 3 months ago

      Y e s

    • Triangle Moebius
      Triangle Moebius 4 months ago +9

      In fairnes, the illustrations in the DoaWK books are supposed to be done by Greg. I wouldn't put it past Greg to give people he doesn't like intentionally ugly features in his journal, even to the point of it being features they don't actually have.

  • Arthur Durham
    Arthur Durham 3 months ago +1

    I've never seen this movie but from this video it kind of gives me a "Recess" vibe

  • anabelle gonzales
    anabelle gonzales 3 months ago

    Im 20 now and i had all the books and i honestly love this movie and the books so much its weirdly realistic

  • scottthewaterwarrior
    scottthewaterwarrior 4 months ago

    I read a few of these books and they were just depressing. Plus Greg is honestly pretty unlikable.

  • BK J
    BK J 3 months ago

    You can always talk about movies you enjoy as well I like hearing you talk about movies or show. Will you watch All of us are dead on Netflix? Hehe 😁

  • GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
    GloryGlory Hole’allelujah 4 months ago +649

    I’m torn on who has it the “worst” in middle school…
    As the movie pointed out, the boys all either look 7 or 17, then you’re judged/mocked relentlessly for it, you have to pee next to each other and your locker rooms are basically mini ThunderDome.
    As for the girls……
    That’s when about 98% of us have our reproductive systems turn into ticking timebombs -just waiting for the perfect nightmare scenario to make us suddenly feel like we’re dying from a burst appendix, then embarrass and traumatize us with the unexpected crimson tidal wave.
    Eventually followed by the slow, horrifying realization that you’ll have to worry about this happening to you every 2-3 weeks…month in and month out…for like….another 30+ years or so….
    Gawd, yeah-middle school is just the absolute worst.
    I genuinely feel bad for all kids in that age bracket. It’s WAY worse than high school!! 🤣🤦‍♀️

    • Esteemed character actress Margo Martindale
      Esteemed character actress Margo Martindale 2 days ago

      @alicia! it’s far better to have coed puberty/sex ed classes. Sure, it’s awkward, but mutual understanding of the other sex is paramount to respecting each other. Normal bodily functions of the other sex are nothing to be grossed out by.

    • Ian yorkland
      Ian yorkland 28 days ago

      @in Seungwoo name we stan is that in Korea?

    • in Seungwoo name we stan
      in Seungwoo name we stan 28 days ago

      @Ian yorkland yeah but we have 5 yrs of high school instead of 4 (from 7 to 11 grade) and 1 to 6 grade is elementary school

    • Ian yorkland
      Ian yorkland 29 days ago

      @in Seungwoo name we stan really?!

    • C.D. Marie
      C.D. Marie Month ago +1

      It’s even worse at a private school when the 7th and 8th grade are combined with the high school 😭

  • J-Leaf
    J-Leaf 4 months ago

    honestly belive it or not, it gets better with each sequel (NOT THE REBOOTS) if you have time you should definitely review Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

  • XMace
    XMace 4 months ago +1

    Diary of a Wimpy kid was my shit I have nearly all of the books and its one of the FIRST books that got me into reading :)

  • Robert Ross
    Robert Ross 3 months ago

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