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✈️ The Maddening Mess of Airport Codes! ✈️

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • CGP Grey
    CGP Grey  2 months ago +1785

    Thank you all my Bonnie Bee Backers for letting me spend an unreasonable % of my year working on Airplane videos: www.patreon.com/cgpgrey And it's been… quite a year too, which I'll be talking about on Cortex soon: clip-share.net/user/cortexfm
    🎄Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄I wish you all the best in your lives.

    • Guozhen Li
      Guozhen Li 9 days ago

      Have you travel to a hauted house at 3 am

    • Danny The Animator
      Danny The Animator 14 days ago


    • Tony Padilla
      Tony Padilla 27 days ago

      Thanks for the great explanation, especially the latter part regarding how this evolved, in part, from the ITU. Fast forward to today, though, are the IATA and/or ICAO codes linked somehow to the UN/LOCODE system? Does one feed into the other?

    • Alex 4512
      Alex 4512 29 days ago

      Yr 5 years t

    • matthew lynds
      matthew lynds Month ago

      I really appreciate the canadian anthem playing during the y explanation

  • Germaphobe
    Germaphobe 2 months ago +17475

    I feel like CGP Grey is on the brink of starting his own airport

    • SlothBlox
      SlothBlox 6 days ago

      Australia: Well, we have Y-

    • tap
      tap 7 days ago

      mega code : CGP code : CGP :code CGP

    • Tetra
      Tetra 25 days ago

      You can't pick CGP as the code since Shah Amanat International Airport in Bangaldesh already took it.

    • HaydensFamilyTV
      HaydensFamilyTV Month ago


    • Simon-Pierre Lussier
      Simon-Pierre Lussier Month ago

      @Alexander Harrison Would he be the SOLE bureaucrat there?

  • Halio70
    Halio70 Month ago +346

    I feel like with every CGP video we get, we see him descend further into madness. I blame Tiffany.

  • Laurence Baker
    Laurence Baker Month ago +1872

    When Grey revealed he had been trying to find out Y for 8 months, just had me crying. The never ending rabbit hole trying to find order in madness is the epitome of this channel.

    • Pablo Enrique Gorga
      Pablo Enrique Gorga 15 days ago

      This needs it own separated video likes Tiffani's "sub-video".

    • Admiral Bob
      Admiral Bob Month ago +2

      @Victor Westerlund HEARNE!!!

    • Victor Westerlund
      Victor Westerlund Month ago +11

      We need a tiffany-epiphany "Some airport in Canada ruined my life" video explaining how close to insanity Grey came this time

    • MravacKid
      MravacKid Month ago +1

      His own fault really, he can't leave well enough alone and *needs* to go dig deeper. :)

    • Peacewind
      Peacewind Month ago +6

      Hilarious thing is, in ground school I was told about the Y vs W story. I really hope Grey releases a footnote video about it because I want to know!

  • Chris Watts
    Chris Watts Month ago +146

    Regarding "not starting with the letter Q" there are several 3 letter morse Q-codes that are regularly used in aviation to describe certain numbers. QNH is current pressure at mean sea level and QFE is current pressure at field elevation for example. As these are used by ATC all the time it's handy to not mistake them with airport codes.

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      hit me up @official_PrestonPlayz Month ago +1

      Thanks for the feedback
      Expects more videos from me.
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    CONFUSION Month ago +269

    this has probably been said before in a more elegant fashion, but Grey's sentence structure is just amazing. Almost every sentence is alliterative and rhyming... it all flows beautifully.

  • KWYC
    KWYC 2 months ago +21485

    I love how stick figure Grey has evolved from a classroom teacher into a complete menace to polite society.

    • video games
      video games 5 days ago

      @Weimaraner Studio what

    • Rune Trantor
      Rune Trantor 11 days ago +1

      @Raj Praveen So would I, but we got to accept we arent the norm. ;P

    • Raj Praveen
      Raj Praveen 12 days ago

      @Rune Trantor If a fellow flyer next to me said that, and if it was a long flight, i would be happily intrigued to listen to what he/she says.. I love some more info on infrastructure, since it has piqued interest in me for the past few years..😁

    • That Random Guy
      That Random Guy Month ago

      @Weimaraner Studio this isn’t cgp grey

    • Kaidrahedren Ionovo
      Kaidrahedren Ionovo Month ago +1

      a "Menace" might be a bit of an overstatement, but you do have a point. XD

  • Bryan Ekers
    Bryan Ekers Month ago +66

    As a life-long Montrealer, I'm pleased that Grey took the time to put a number of recognizable Montreal landmarks in the IATA office windows.

    • Sapphire Glow
      Sapphire Glow 21 day ago +1

      @bryanekers3472 I noticed the same thing!

    • Praneesh Pal
      Praneesh Pal Month ago +2

      Not a resident of Pyongyang, but same can be said for the landmarks and airport details shown in the FNJ part.

  • S.G.R
    S.G.R Month ago +239

    Yo, Congrats to the people in CGP Grey's Team,
    The visuals of the guy he was talking to getting very distressed at his airport being changed was hilarious and the music was awesome. It sounded like it was using the telegraph tones as the instruments then making a melody with them. Another awesome video thank you for putting in all that hard work I love it.

  • Bence Kiss
    Bence Kiss Month ago +59

    That’s written in Hungarian!😁 Thank you for including our less known unique and extra hard language in your video!❤️

  • TheAntiAC
    TheAntiAC Month ago +17

    I think I learned why the airlines lose luggage so often.

  • a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus
    a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus 2 months ago +2589

    "but that's a story for another time" is essentially a death sentence to an interesting topic at this point

    • toneddef
      toneddef Month ago

      @NOT_A_ROBOT Are you sure? The whole hole was not researched, so he escaped the rabbit hole whole and only did a rabbit hole half.

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams Month ago

      And the most infuriating part is that Grey KNOWS the explanation (if not, why would he bring up the printing press?), he just won't tell us for another X amount of time

    • E
      E Month ago +1

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • eninn
      eninn 2 months ago +2

      And then there was the video about Settlers of Catan... he shelved it so long ago but a part of me still hopes he unshelves it one day. :-)

    • Huntracony
      Huntracony 2 months ago +3

      @MissTrillium I think we will actually get that one. Just a long production cycle combined with the pandemic putting a halt on research for a few years.

  • John Beauvais
    John Beauvais Month ago +20

    My local airport is called “Naples Municipal” but has the code APF, this is a holdover from WWII when the airfield was built and used to train pilots. The code stands for “Alternate-Page Field” in reference to the larger Channing Page airfield to the north, which has the code FMY for “Fort Myers”

    • GrayRabbit
      GrayRabbit 22 days ago +1

      FMY is my home base! Hello neighbor!

    • Daniel Freihofer
      Daniel Freihofer Month ago +1

      If I worked at that airport I’d totally get a hat that says FMY Life

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      Thanks for the feedback
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  • Danese
    Danese Month ago +19

    I genuinely appreciate the lengths you go to while researching for these videos. While no where near the scale of the research you do, as a University student I understand the rabbit holes you end up in when you ask the terrifying "why" questions.

  • couchpotatoinc
    couchpotatoinc Month ago +20

    The last two letters in Canadian codes come from railway/telegraph location codes. TZ was the code for Toronto, so we get YTZ. YZ was used for Malton, which is where Toronto’s big airport is, so YYZ.

    • sugakuu
      sugakuu 19 days ago +1

      So we DO have location code embedded in some of the IATA codes, PHEW!

  • Niminae
    Niminae Month ago +12

    I worked at an international airport for a while. We had a little airport code guide in a pamphlet we kept in our lanyards but we had to memorize a ton of them in training. I still impress people with the wacky codes I still happen to know.
    I always wanted to know why they were so weird so thank you!

  • Kalamari
    Kalamari 2 months ago +3220

    I love the idea of Grey just diverting flights and lecturing to random people on planes.

    • HardSuperStorm 21
      HardSuperStorm 21 26 days ago

      @Hazelon same, tried that in the family gathering and everyone got quiet once I talked

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      I’m reminded of the scenes in *Airplane!* where Ted Stryker is talking the ears off of the passenger sat next to him. And they’re finding ‘interesting’ ways to make the conversation end…

    • PlebNC
      PlebNC Month ago

      - The plane got highjacked and is changing flight path.
      Plot twist: The highjacker is Grey.

    • Richard Pike
      Richard Pike Month ago

      @Felix Åmark oh no it's him again xD

    • E
      E Month ago +2

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

  • vance lewis
    vance lewis Month ago +9

    GREY! I literally just did a project for a GIS class using airports. I was using the IATA and I got to a local airport that is a small regional airport with uncontrolled airspace and it gave a weird code with letters and numbers not the 3 letters. Now I know it was the ICAO. So crazy this video came out as I was turning in my project 😂

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      Thanks for the feedback
      Expects more videos from me.
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  • Shawn Malone
    Shawn Malone Month ago +2

    Although I feel like I walk away from your videos with tons of new knowledge, the only thing I actually learn is there are too many exceptions to anything to make sense to anyone inherently

  • Val J
    Val J Month ago +12

    Absolutely more than 8 months of work definitely went into this. THANK YOU, GREY. Phenomenally entertaining, as always.

  • Crombie Oaks Academy
    Crombie Oaks Academy Month ago +7

    I remember I had a problem with this. I accidentally put BHM (Birmingham, US) and not BHX (Birmingham, UK), and I booked a hotel ticket. Luckily everyone was kind and I was able to get a free flight back, and no extra fees for the hotel.😊

  • Awesomebread
    Awesomebread 2 months ago +2245

    I need a 2 hour CGP video where all of the side notes and exceptions are thoroughly explained

    • CGP Grey
      CGP Grey  Month ago +13


    • Skorp
      Skorp 2 months ago +3

      @Zak R Look for GCP Grey directors commentary (or st. like this), there's also one called Behind the scenes of Tekoi... The search spills them out pretty reliably

    • l1mbo
      l1mbo 2 months ago

      @Zak R maybe he means the cortex podcast episodes where they discuss the actual eps?

    • Mini Raptor
      Mini Raptor 2 months ago +16

      To experience a video like "Someone Dead Ruined My Life... Again" once more. Truly was an experience.

    • Some Asparagus
      Some Asparagus 2 months ago +7

      He has a forty minute video on a spreadsheet for the Electoral College

  • Ray Bellis
    Ray Bellis Month ago +4

    A large proportion of the world's DNS Root Servers are internally identified using IATA codes (including the ones I run). Some DNS Root Operators are now using UN/LOCODE instead.

  • Toon Holman
    Toon Holman Month ago +6

    I was so excited about the accuracy of Schiphol down to the actual NS double decker trains! Such detail!
    And then I noticed the pin is in BELGIUM.

  • Layla
    Layla Month ago +3

    As someone who's spent the last 8 months doing internal software development for a major airline, I feel seen😌

  • Urziel99
    Urziel99 Month ago +4

    Fun fact: The FCC's use of the K and W also apply to ham radio license callsigns. While 6 characters and not 4 they are also issued opposite to TV and radio call letters. My ham callsign started with a K and my local tv and radio stations were all using W.

  • Sabiki Kasukō
    Sabiki Kasukō Month ago +1985

    Gotta love CGP Grey's unwaivering commitment. You have that content creators open a video epicly with "This video, spent 3 months in the making" and everyone is like "thank you for your hard work!!!" and then you have Grey just casually throwing in, without warning or a care in the world, "this single fact that's a 30th of the video took 8 months to nail down" and everyone's like "damn, cool".

  • Evan Fuller
    Evan Fuller Month ago +2

    CGP really wasted 8mo of his life for less 30 seconds of content in a niche Clip-Share video. My respect for this man is unmatched

  • Mauro
    Mauro Month ago +7

    CGP Grey used the iconic Jay Foreman order for naming the airports in London.

  • SMToon World
    SMToon World Month ago +1

    *I feel like CGP Grey is on the brink of starting his own airport*

  • Haconen
    Haconen Month ago +2

    You are an absolute madman for making this, thank you so much, it was very entertaining

  • C Kelley
    C Kelley 2 months ago +1400

    I just love the facial expressions of the poor passengers who become unwitting participants on Grey's exploits during these educational traveling videos. They're always like, "Why me?!" and "Somebody, help me!" 😂

    • Joel Ressner
      Joel Ressner Month ago

      @Fluffy Phoenix Lady Grey is known far and wide for her emoji-like appearance.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Month ago

      @bleen In the runway video, he says "Hello, again," which confirms your theory.

    • E
      E Month ago +1

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • MrHan
      MrHan 2 months ago +8

      It's like the magic school bus teacher, but kidnapping unwitting learners.

    • Rainbow Flower
      Rainbow Flower 2 months ago +1

      @Fluffy Phoenix 🙄😒

  • Me
    Me Month ago +1

    Awesome video! Very informative while still being super fun to watch!
    But I hit the like at 2:01 and re-watched that multiple times just because I was impressed with the pronunciation for Bhubaneswar. I hadn't noticed before how badly that spelling can cause it to get mangled. Way to go!
    (I think, the correct pronunciation is closer to bhoob-nay-sh-were)

  • Guillermo Tenney
    Guillermo Tenney Month ago

    This video was brilliant, I laughed so much. Thanks Grey for 16 minutes of my life well spent

  • PogieJoe
    PogieJoe Month ago +2

    Another feast before us! I always love the moment in Grey's research where things go from having a concise organizational system to the slow realization that there are a thousand exceptions to the rule.

  • bluetoes591
    bluetoes591 Month ago +2

    Thank you for the explanation and added confusion. The Canadian Ys have always mystified me.

  • Thomas Lusignan
    Thomas Lusignan Month ago +964

    As an architecture nerd from Montréal, the fact the IATA and ICAO buildings were both accurately drawn and that y'all acknowledged they're right next to each other just delighted me. Thanks!

    • Bryan Ekers
      Bryan Ekers Month ago +1

      Did you recognize all the landmarks in the windows? There's 1000 de la Gauchetiere, the Olympic Stadium, the BNPS ("Batman") building and at least a dozen others.

    • Froggywam
      Froggywam Month ago +7

      I walk by the IATA building quite a bit, I didn't it was its headquarters, also had no idea what the organization did

    • Saucialiste
      Saucialiste Month ago +8

      *squee in Montrealease*
      Le squee! Le squee

  • Nick cornell
    Nick cornell Month ago +3

    Your videos are remarkable grey, niche topics made entertaining, great scripts and editing, just the whole package ❤

  • Legendcraft DE
    Legendcraft DE Month ago +4

    imagine trying to make a proper map for ICAO codes and you have to map out mars too xD

  • Abhishek Parmar
    Abhishek Parmar Month ago +1

    10/10 for scripting, structure and presentation. 2tbumbs up and I'm subscribing.

  • Carsten Knoblich
    Carsten Knoblich Month ago +1

    I used to travel to EAP-MLH-BSL and encountered the code-mix thereof. It's a lovely airport and a great piece of EU-Teamwork.

  • Blaine Wheaton
    Blaine Wheaton Month ago +2953

    I always love the little hints of madness that leak through whenever CGP tell us about something that really *should be* simple, but isn’t

    • FW911
      FW911 Month ago +1

      @h8GWBî Yes, but if someone knows about that vintage device chances are they're going to know how a fire extinguisher works. Your everyday laymen? They're just going to laugh and sarcastically ask "does it explode into a fire ball when you throw it?"

    • h8GWBî
      h8GWBî Month ago +2

      @FW911 TBF, there are actual things called fire grenades.

    • Ruben Stoltz-Skea
      Ruben Stoltz-Skea Month ago +1

      @FW911 are you serious about the fire extinguisher thing because if so we are doomed (SarcasmButAtTheSameTimeNotReally)

    • FW911
      FW911 Month ago +17

      The more I learn about history, the less confidence I have in letting people run things. The best eye openers are the stories police, firefighters, and paramedics have to tell. There are people out there who think fire extinguishers work via pulling the pin and throwing it. I have worked with system engineers for military trainers that can't even find the headlight controls or the hood release in their own car. These are the people that build and decide how our infrastructure works. Failing upward is real, and the more people you meet in life and the more perspectives you see from them will make you realize how it's a miracle we made it as far as we have.

    • Eagan L
      Eagan L Month ago +13

      W for East
      W for Without Weather

  • Doug Cuthbertson
    Doug Cuthbertson Month ago

    I salute you! The amount of research and work to put this little video together is unfathomable to my wee brain. Thank you. It was most entertaining and quite dizzying.

  • gentuxable
    gentuxable Month ago

    Thanks for explaining that. I often fly from ZRH but sometimes prefer Basel because there are more low cost airlines operating from there. I was also wondering if I should search with EAP, BSL or MLH because maybe that makes a difference what offers are found? No idea.

  • Goodiesfeats
    Goodiesfeats Month ago +1

    Learnt better than I did in class😭 they should've had you teach us airline ticketing

  • Wadewilsondp07 C
    Wadewilsondp07 C Month ago

    Working at IATA seems like a nightmare. “Here’s your airport code that we’ve spent weeks working out.” “Yeah... I’m not a fan. So I’ll take it, but I’m just going to use my own proprietary one.” 🤦‍♂️

  • Amateraceon
    Amateraceon 2 months ago +4163

    I know Grey has said he picks his videos well in advance and spends a lot of time researching, but part of me likes to think he just had a REALLY bad airport experience that led to the boarding video, the runway video, AND this video all at once

  • mrkite
    mrkite Month ago

    IATA also teamed up with Helix to provide anyone in the travel industry with discounts and deals.

  • ironcito
    ironcito Month ago

    Yay Argentina! 🇦🇷 I like how you show us and the UK pushing each other at 10:32 😅
    Over here, MDQ (Mar del Plata) also brands its three-letter code. MDQ doesn't mean anything, but it's become a common abbreviation for the city.

  • Seth Moorman
    Seth Moorman Month ago

    This was amazing and informative. Great job!!

  • Andreas Sebayang
    Andreas Sebayang Month ago

    Awesome Video as always, but you missed the mess around trainstation IATA codes for “flying” codeshare trains. ;) Cologne central station, Germany used to have a check in for bags by the way, to get via high speed rail to Frankfurt without any luggage trouble. Roughly ten years ago. There is some hope that it comes back.

  • Nicolas Orero Sanz
    Nicolas Orero Sanz 2 months ago +838

    The care and detail you and your team put in every one of your scripts is frightening

    • Thomas Lane
      Thomas Lane Month ago

      I thought he said Mongol-ing, intentionally mangling "mangling"

    • C. H.
      C. H. Month ago

      and yet he said "mahngling"...

    • SekirDelyn
      SekirDelyn Month ago

      @CGP Grey Kérem, vigyen oda, ahová a gazdám megy!

    • Kev Villanueva
      Kev Villanueva Month ago

      @CGP Grey AH

    • tomas Romanutti
      tomas Romanutti Month ago +2

      ​@CGP Grey where's that airport?

  • mobimaks
    mobimaks Month ago

    09:57 Interesting. The map and ICAO codes don't include Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the group.
    But stick figures after - do :)

  • Blyndeaf
    Blyndeaf Month ago +1

    Part of me hoped that was actually someone’s social security number and they shat themself when they saw it.

  • Concavenator
    Concavenator Month ago

    Watching these videos fills me with awe that civilization manages to function for more than a week without collapsing completely.

  • Valentine Taylor
    Valentine Taylor Month ago

    7:11 He actually continues calling the Jersey side airport "Ewark" and it very much checks out

  • Kyle McEwen
    Kyle McEwen Month ago +1881

    As a CY Canadian who flew through CGP in Bangladesh this week - this video absolutely made my day.

    • rxquettes
      rxquettes Month ago +2

      @Blade 5786 kid named finger:

    • Blade 5786
      Blade 5786 Month ago +18

      ​@CriticalKid named Ladesh: 😳

    • Critical
      Critical Month ago +2

      @Md. Ridwan Ahmed Ishak bang ladesh 🤢

    • Ian M
      Ian M Month ago

      @Rat King 🤔

    • Rat King
      Rat King Month ago +14

      @Ian M Y? would have been better

  • John Counts
    John Counts Month ago

    what I'm getting from all this is...
    even though you might think that bureaucrats make your life more complicated, think again.
    they make life complicated for your great, great grandchildren over a hundred years after you have both perished, as well.

  • Mallchad
    Mallchad Month ago

    I can't help but be amused at the mental image of Grey asking if the person sitting next to him wants to hear an interesting anecdote about planes.
    Then narrating the entire video to them whilst on the plane.

  • TsukiRunsu
    TsukiRunsu Month ago

    as a tourism student, this was a stressful thing to memorize

  • Benjamin Shulman
    Benjamin Shulman Month ago +1

    Videos like this make me proud to be Canadian and especially a Montrealer. YUL forever!!

  • jstephtrumpet
    jstephtrumpet 2 months ago +436

    Grey, I'm curious how many times on your travels through the Forest of Infinite Knowledge you have stumbled upon a path, started down it, and decided it's not worth it to discover if that one poem actually is the oldest recorded spelling of Tiffany.

  • Felrin Kirla
    Felrin Kirla Month ago

    9:47 Either someone at ICAO was having a laugh at the U.S.' expense during the post-WWII era, or they wanted a Kommunist United States. Or both.

  • Jacob Rose
    Jacob Rose Month ago

    used to live in square victoria, always wondered what this massive plane building was for

  • Embyr Atwood
    Embyr Atwood Month ago

    I really want a follow up on that 8 month’s journey for Canada’s system dating back to at least telegraphs, in the same spirit as the Tiffany dead end video

  • Ian O Donoghue
    Ian O Donoghue Month ago

    As a Cork resident, having my City mentioned was the highlight of my day 😁

  • aoilpe
    aoilpe Month ago

    I like the part about BSL/MLH a lot, it’s my home airport .
    It the only true “International Airport” in the whole world. 8km to Basel/CH and 25km to Mulhouse . One terminal, two countries.Switzerland is not member of the EU either…

    SOUAR BRAHIM Month ago

    keep em coming CGP Grey ur videos are exaptional

  • Tony Virelli
    Tony Virelli Month ago

    Being near Sioux City, I love that it made it into an CGP video!

  • Fredy Tamayo
    Fredy Tamayo Month ago

    It was an amazing video to watch , thank you so much .

  • vincent zhi
    vincent zhi 2 months ago +410

    11:18 "if you dont have a system, you won't have exceptions" this resonated with me on a spiritual level

    • XDRosenheim
      XDRosenheim 2 months ago +1

      No rules? No one to stop you.

  • Ateis Fowl
    Ateis Fowl Month ago

    As a fervent Magic player who knows nearly all the 3-letter codes for each set, this was really weird to watch.

  • Qiae The Gamer
    Qiae The Gamer Month ago +1

    I love the airports arc of CGP Grey

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops Month ago +1

    5:00 I swear it was based off of what side of the Mississippi River you are and that’s why the states that contain the Mississippi River can have both K and W radio stations

  • Guillaume
    Guillaume Month ago

    Fantastic video honestly! I’m a huge aviation fan and tbh, this cleared up a lot of my question 😅

  • Spencer Bertelsen
    Spencer Bertelsen 2 months ago +542

    This is how I imagine shakespeare’s plays must have been performed when they were written. The complex yet effortless lyricism that weaves beautifully with humor. Always a treat to watch a new CGP video, thank you for sharing your perspective on aviation codes and how the hell we even got into this mess. Cheers!

    • James Rosewell
      James Rosewell 2 months ago +12

      Ah of course Shakespeare was historically known to be a bit fan of airports

    • Unknown
      Unknown 2 months ago +16

      Agreed! There's a certain hypnotic cadence to CGP's delivery.

  • Jon Holland
    Jon Holland Month ago +2

    Grey’s videos continue to be some of the most informative and entertaining found on Clip-Share. I never understood the airport codes, and after his carefully researched, informative video, I still don’t; but I don’t think we are meant to. ✈️ 🙀

  • Shenru Hu
    Shenru Hu Month ago

    I must mention that Canada's largest airport by departures is Boundary Bay Airport in the GVRD (Vancouver basically, but also Delta, but Richmond also uses it), which uses the IATA code of YDT and the ICAO code of CZZB (more commonly used on that airport, and the ground crew knows it).
    Also, CWWK provides weather CZZB, but CWWK isn't an airport, as you may imagine ti to, but instead, it is "White Rock Automatic Weather Reporting System". Ah the complexities and exceptions of aerodrome coding.

  • Nathan Oshlag
    Nathan Oshlag Month ago

    I like how the moose at 14:41 was hidden by Grey's stick figure in the previous shot of the forest at 13:30.

  • Colin Barnette
    Colin Barnette Month ago

    Just wait til Grey gets ahold of the most entertaining waypoint names used in flight charts... i.e. FRDDO, BGGNS, SMAWG, etc. :)

  • Macdaddy5539
    Macdaddy5539 2 months ago +511

    I love how in the videos Grey is always explaining to their trapped neighbor all this minutia in great detail when in reality, I’m sure Grey wants to interact with as few other humans as possible

    • StaceyNainLab
      StaceyNainLab 2 months ago +6

      "sir, this is a Wendy's"

    • John Donovan
      John Donovan 2 months ago +22

      And if any one of us were that trapped neighbour, we'd be like "tell us moar!!!"

  • TheLukester10
    TheLukester10 Month ago

    Make more videos you’re putting me thru CGP Grey withdrawls

  • Mark Vitebsky
    Mark Vitebsky Month ago

    So, the FAA doesn’t want 3-letter codes to start with K to avoid confusion with radio stations meanwhile all 4-letter airport codes in the US start with K?

  • M. Ibtehaj Khan
    M. Ibtehaj Khan Month ago

    07:18 "An airport so nice, they coded it thrice" really got me

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    Hamlenain Month ago +1

    Absolute clarity on perfectly random but fascinating factoids. So satisfying, well worth the wait. Great stuff.

  • an2thetonio
    an2thetonio 2 months ago +400

    I'm from Freiburg, Germany which is served by Basel Airport (BSL/MLH/EAP) and it's genuinely one of the weirdest airports in the world. During covid, whenever I flew home to visit my family, I would have to comply with the entry regulations of 3 different countries (France, Switzerland, and Germany). I also once had to quarantine for two weeks upon returning to Scotland (where I live) despite departing from the Swiss terminal - Switzerland was greenlisted at that time - because the UK aviation authority treats EAP as a French airport only. So despite not setting a foot on French soil, I had to quarantine because France was on the UK's red list. Long story short, it's an effing mess - especially considering Switzerland is not even in the EU. Thanks Grey for giving it a shoutout anyway - I appreciate it :D

    • EinStijn13
      EinStijn13 Month ago +1

      Switzerland is not in the EU, but it is in Schengen, so there is the same free movement of goods and people in and out of Switzerland

    • Philip J. Fry
      Philip J. Fry Month ago

      @NNONAO Happy to fly EDDF only

    • NNONAO
      NNONAO Month ago +1

      Yeah Euro Airport is hit or miss in general. If you're late for your flight but lucky you can go from checking in to your gate in less than ten minutes but if there's a lot of people you'll wait in one of the worst international airports ammenities wise. Also coming in border control always takes ages.

    • an2thetonio
      an2thetonio Month ago +24

      @Ivar Nordløkken sort of, yes. It's in France but half of the building as well the road that connects the airport to Basel is owned by the Swiss government, so it is legally treated as Swiss territory.

    • Ivar Nordløkken
      Ivar Nordløkken Month ago +2

      But, Basel/Mulhouse Airport IS on french soil, isn't it??

  • Scot Coon
    Scot Coon Month ago

    Amtrak uses the iata for mccook, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebraska for the train station code.

  • joshua bela
    joshua bela Month ago

    2:52 the woman at the top-right is so delighted to submit her city's code preference
    I love these animations

  • Eric P
    Eric P Month ago

    Waypoints too get codes, and that’s where things get more fun, and perhaps a bit simpler for CGP - ‘people pick them’.
    Which is why we get way;pints for a landing approach that are:
    And if that looks like gibberish, just pronounce it. the genius in that one is ‘TTATT’ is the last waypoint for landing, but IDEED is the missed approach -> those who go-around saw something the others did not.

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    to be fair with London... Luton, Stansted and Southend are only counted as part of a Joke... though we are still waiting for them to count Birmingham International as part of London just to further confuse the yanks...

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    Also not forget the official code for airport handed out through the responsible government agency under the legislation that stems from ICAO. An airport needs an ICAO code but not an IATA one which makes it even more fun in the States with the FAA codes.

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    I legit let out a yelp when the Mars bombshell dropped. What a random bit of trivia!

  • ArmageddonAngel
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    I remember my cousin, who is slightly overweight, was traveling with her bags and they had FAT on it. She thought they were mocking her but it turns out that she had stopped in Fresno and their code is Fresno Air Terminal.

    • TrumpetMOM
      TrumpetMOM 2 months ago +12

      Actually, Denver has always been DEN, even when it was Stapleton Airfield before Denver International Airport was built. The crazy thing with Denver is remembering to use DEN and not DIA, which is Doha International Airport in Qatar. It's really only Coloradoans who call the Denver airport DIA anyway. Sort of...

    • Todd Gross
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      @Stephen Howell St. George, UT built a whole new airport...but kept the same airport codes.

    • Luis Enrique Perez Perez
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      @Stephen Howell Oh yes, the For Your Information airport

    • Franco Ramos
      Franco Ramos 2 months ago

      slightly overweight in your country is extremely obese everywhere else

    • Stephen Howell
      Stephen Howell 2 months ago +38

      They’ve wanted to change this for years to be FYI (Fresno-Yosemite International (yes international, with only flights to Mexico)) but apparently FAA rules state changes aren’t allowed unless the the airport physically moves. The only time I’m aware of that is when Denver International built a whole new airport and moved everything

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    3:10 - I love how he dodged having to pronounce Yakima / Yakama. 🤣

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    For extra special nonsense, sometimes it's the same code for two completely different airports. The moment operations ceased at Denver's Stapleton Airport (DEN), the code was transferred to Denver International Airport (also DEN), which had just been built. Literally overnight, airlines adjusted to "DEN" being miles away from where it used to be.
    Also, shout out to Meadow Lake Airport, which got the best possible airport code, FLY.