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Why Max Verstappen is upset with Honda's Aston Martin F1 deal

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Honda delayed properly severing its ties to Formula 1 for so long after quitting it’s now officially returning before it ever left.
    The recently announced Aston Martin deal for 2026 concludes a saga that has been particularly silly even in the context of Honda’s on-again, off-again F1 history.
    So let’s get into the U-turn, the problems it’s caused along the way, and what we think is the real reason for this change of heart.
    00:00 Honda never left
    00:24 Verstappen's reaction
    03:09 The real reasons
    06:13 Will Honda be behind?
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  • BList
    BList 4 months ago +672

    The real reason is that the Honda leadership that wanted to leave is no longer leadership. The new rules always included 100% renewed fuels.

    • M4NOOB
      M4NOOB 4 months ago +44

      Yeah I'm shocked this wasn't mentioned in the video when this is quite common knowledge

    • Harble Warble
      Harble Warble 4 months ago +72

      @M4NOOB I'm SHOCKED an *upstanding publication* like The Race would leave major and relevant information out of a story just because it's doesn't comply with current years narrative! Shocked!

    • Eric McManus
      Eric McManus 4 months ago +1


    • M4NOOB
      M4NOOB 4 months ago +1

      @Harble Warble no clue tbh, I don't watch the race usually, sometimes youtube just keeps recommending me clips and when i'm too bored I click on it, like this one today

    • Nuken1
      Nuken1 4 months ago +21

      Yes, the race decided not to show the most important information. Honda's CEO was changed and the new CEO decided to continue in F1.

  • Anti
    Anti 4 months ago +329

    I’m not sure what’s surprised me more this season, the AM-Honda deal or that AM actually has a competitive car

    • max luthor
      max luthor 4 months ago +4

      yea that cheaty ERS going to aston martin sure did upset him

    • Нина Голова
      Нина Голова 4 months ago +1


    • kowalski12
      kowalski12 4 months ago +34

      ​@max luthor 😂😂😂 bro from which source did you learn that.

    • Y M
      Y M 4 months ago +12

      ​@kowalski12 probably wikihow

    • No¹
      No¹ 4 months ago +4

      It was basically the only viable option for Honda after Honda's dumb F1 decisions.

  • jealva
    jealva 4 months ago +161

    You have to give Lawrence Stroll credit for going all in.

    • Mark Knoop
      Mark Knoop 4 months ago +2

      For his little boy.

    • M Vosloo
      M Vosloo 4 months ago +8

      It wont make his son a better driver

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan 4 months ago

      @Mark Knoop Vettel never gonna like it.

    • NeedLotionNow
      NeedLotionNow 4 months ago +1

      @Mark Knoop so? Still brings positives to the sport so why does it matter?

    • Mark Knoop
      Mark Knoop 3 months ago +2

      @NeedLotionNow i think he is demolishing the sport.
      This means that you only need money to drive and no skills.

  • Selder
    Selder 4 months ago +322

    Had Honda not wobbled, they’d have more foundation for confidence going into 2026 - RBPT-Ford messing up is easily the biggest threat to Verstappen winning every title until his contract ends

    • Sailx
      Sailx 4 months ago +9

      At least we'll see a skilled driver in a slower car challenging faster cars - should be a pretty good balance and not him just leaving them in dust every race

    • Robert Lu
      Robert Lu 4 months ago +27

      @Sailx Merc would love your confidence, now. LOL!

    • Bert Demeulemeester
      Bert Demeulemeester 4 months ago +9

      It will still be an RBPT with a ford badge smacked on it. That means that it will still be more like a honda than a ford.

    • METISA003
      METISA003 4 months ago

      ​@Robert Lu Damn bro😂

    • Zareth DeTullio
      Zareth DeTullio 4 months ago +10

      ​@Sailx ah so just like the entire rest of max's career lol

  • DeanoGTO
    DeanoGTO 4 months ago +252

    honda really squandered a great partnership. they were clearly in the fight to win in 2021 so they couldve said we changed are mind that year because they were competitive. they also had the full support of one of the best drivers in f1 who wanted to succeed with them. instead honda followed through and left, only to return after red bull were in talks with porsche then ford. now redbull and honda have to walk away from an incredibly successful relationship because honda did a honda.
    i suppose there are 2 consistent failure points in f1, ferraris gonna fail strategy and hondas gonna leave and come back.

    • gpage
      gpage 4 months ago +10

      True, they did this to themselves, but I give them credit to not actually leaving. They have continued to support Red Bull and AT since 2021 and will continue to produce their engines until the end of 2025. They will continue to be there with AM.

    • 993mike
      993mike 4 months ago +13

      Honda's wishy-washy routine regarding F1 engines and RedBull is irritating. They had a dream partnership with RedBull and now they've flushed it away and decided to return with Aston Martin, which will have Lance (yawn) and almost certainly a retired Alonso. It's as dumb a move as when they sold to Brawn who then won the championship the following year without any glory going to Honda.

    • Sam Lloyd
      Sam Lloyd 4 months ago

      @gpage That deal was bought and paid for and the original agreement until end of 2025, it has nothing to do with them leaving and coming back because they had a contractual obligation and didn't do RB any favors. Honda is like a woman on mesopause and cant decide WTF they want to do with F1 as they can get a new CEO in 18 months and will be out again. RB had no choice but to build there own PU because Ferrari and Merc will not sell them engines and god forbid they go back to Renault. Frankly if I was RB I would seriously be pissed off.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan 4 months ago

      @993mike Honda always got wishi washi routes since 2006, 993mike.

  • Renan Cristyan
    Renan Cristyan 4 months ago +109

    I don't think this is bad for Red Bull. I mean, they're actually going to have their own engine so they don't rely on anyone but themselves.

    • h
      h 4 months ago +19

      Yeah but it is always easier for a manufacturer that already made engines to continue making engines. Honda, Mercedes, Renault etc have been doing it for years. And i’m yet to believe that this Ford partnership is anything more than a marketing exercise, but for RBR’s sake I hope Ford contributes something more than money.

    • h
      h 4 months ago +5

      Honda was a works deal so they basically had the exclusivity of making their own engine without actually making it. I don’t know if this was really a step in the right direction or a sideways move.

    • Wayne Towers
      Wayne Towers 4 months ago +10

      They're losing Honda's technical know-how though, sure Red Bull will have a lot of knowledge but Ford, despite a rich F1 history, are relatively newcomers, technically.

    • i have waited 90 days to change my name finally
      i have waited 90 days to change my name finally 4 months ago +22

      @Wayne Towers
      Most of redbulls own engine division is rehired honda staff

    • CarimboHanky
      CarimboHanky 4 months ago +2

      its bad because they are going from a experienced and proven manufacturer(honda) into uncharted territory(rb power unit)
      its gonna be interesting for sure

  • Im Phanta
    Im Phanta 4 months ago +24

    Didnt Honda also have a change in leadership in that time? I would assume this had a huge impact on decisionmaking within the company.

  • Vaughn Sigal
    Vaughn Sigal 4 months ago +8

    I support anything that has the potential to disrupt the order in F1. Will be interesting to see how Aston progresses.

  • mrpresidenterey
    mrpresidenterey 4 months ago +54

    I just want a big Honda name plastered on the rear wing of a winning car. It looks so timeless. Love it.

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 4 months ago +139

    Knowing Honda, as soon as AM can challenge Red Bull they will quit F1

    • Game Over
      Game Over 4 months ago +8

      I mean Aston already technically cam challenge the Redbull in quali so it's not that far off

    • pancon5
      pancon5 4 months ago

      That seems to be the pattern! 😂

    • nevessl
      nevessl 4 months ago

      Nathan B dumb comment.

    • Mavadelo
      Mavadelo 4 months ago +2

      @nevessl Why dumb? they did exactly that at least 2 times before.

    • chris7jakarta
      chris7jakarta 4 months ago +3

      if you paid attention @5:19 Honda might be getting 100M a year instead of paying 100M a year, why would they want to walk away from that?

  • Sasha Jones
    Sasha Jones 4 months ago +221

    Looking forward to them deciding to quit again in 2030 to do a full on comeback with another team in 2035. Because Honda 😂

    • BOB
      BOB 4 months ago +3


    • Heeth Surana
      Heeth Surana 4 months ago +11

      Watch them leave Aston one year before it wins the WCC lmao

    • Everyday Dose
      Everyday Dose 4 months ago +12

      It's actually understandable that Honda wanted to quit F1
      They are literally on every top Motorsport Racing lol
      From 2 wheels 4 wheels
      "Formula One, MotoGP, Super GT, Super Formula, IndyCar, IMSA, BTCC, TC2000, Formula 3, Formula 4, off-road, WSBK, EWC, MXGP, TrialGP and various different GT3 and TCR series"

    • NoToBigBro
      NoToBigBro 4 months ago +14

      Honda committed to F1 = Recession right around the corner
      Honda quitting F1 = Economic boom right around the corner
      Honda = Contrarian indicator

    • ARL
      ARL 4 months ago +4

      At least Aston will win a WDC then, as is Honda tradition.

  • Adwnpinoy
    Adwnpinoy 4 months ago +2

    I wonder how much this move, leading to the creation of their own powertrains division, contributed to the decision to keep Alpha Tauri.

  • BPBomber
    BPBomber 4 months ago +11

    I know this is how it goes but, goodness, imagine a universe in the near future where Red Bull, with their new engines, are third or fourth in the standing and Aston Martin and Honda and the Strolls and Fernando are leading the championship 🤯

  • Jozo70
    Jozo70 4 months ago +2

    People forget the change of CEO within Honda which I feel was a huge part of why plans changed, The Race itself used to mention it, I feel Leaving F1 in terms of cost-saving and direction changing for Honda was a last ditch effort for keeping CEO, when it wasn't favored and a change of CEO was in place, the Idea of being in F1 was seen favorably within Honda especially as Red Bull challenged for what was one of the best seasons of recent memory.
    As Success continued Honda fully decided to back F1 involvement as not only they proved successful in the modern era, but the fact that the Japanese are very proud of Heritage, and Honda have a great history with F1 and have an extra motivation to not only participate in F1 but make it work, you can see that even compared to Renault/Alpine, Honda have always been passionate about their involvement in F1, to them its all or nothing now, and that's what the new regulations are built for, long term involvement.

  • Jer H
    Jer H 4 months ago

    As RB would have welcomed them back I wonder if this reflects they are difficult to work with. I think the power unit is viewed as subsidiary the chassis rather than the engineering marvels they are.

  • Kz Yz
    Kz Yz 4 months ago +1

    This deal makes perfect sense when you look at the numbers.
    With red bull, honda loses 100m but their partnership resulted in the best car in F1
    With Aston Martin, Honda gains 100m and still in F1 as currently a top 3 team.
    If red bull were willing to shell out, Honda would've hummed a different Tune but instead Daddy Stroll walked into the Honda Board Meeting with wads of cash.

  • Kacey Dillin
    Kacey Dillin 4 months ago +80

    You dont even mention that the CEO that made the decision to withdraw from F1 passed away. Hence the need to have new leadership. New leadership decided to go in a new direction. But you present it as if Honda can’make up its mind. Please be better, love your content.
    PS as a Honda fan boy, is Honda really stressed about $200. Million dollar difference? To you and me thats alot, but to a auto company thats a drop in the bucket.
    “Without racing, there is no Honda” Soichiro Honda

    • Johnathan Loxton
      Johnathan Loxton 4 months ago +1

      Just like how they also play into the idea of Honda leaving and coming back often.

  • Hooper
    Hooper 4 months ago +62

    Horner is correct, they should be thanking Honda.

    • 2Fast4Mellow
      2Fast4Mellow 4 months ago +3

      They did and still do. They haven't said a bad word about Honda except about the flaky behavior about the leaving-not leaving-returning saga...
      Compare that to the Renault era.
      But AM get a great manufacturer, but the question remains. When are they gonna announce that they are leaving F1 for good? Place your bets now!

  • 87TIG
    87TIG 4 months ago

    Better for red bull in the long run and probably everyone else in the short term considering the potential for durability issues even with a proven engine supplier, honda shot themselves in the foot there but hopefully an Aston Martin/Honda pairing will benefit both.

  • No
    No 4 months ago +1

    I wonder if there was anything massive that happened in 2020 that might have caused them to think about pulling the plug on an expensive project

  • Slevin Gaius
    Slevin Gaius 4 months ago

    I understand Max's disappointment. But to be honest I think RBPT was a long time planning coming to fruition and its possible Honda would be another sticker on Redbull given some the pre-arrangements after Redbull had secured some of Mercedes top engine engineers. Honda didnt help their case with the change of management/direction and somewhat testing the waters before commiting.
    On the hand Im hoping Honda will take 2026 reg very VERY seriously, to hear that some of their ops have gone into hibernation isnt good news. With their partnership with Aston they do not have the luxury of a comeback with the cost cap and now no longer having Alpha Tauri as a test mule should things go wrong.

  • DrummerFergy
    DrummerFergy 4 months ago

    frustrating for them now but, now there is going to be more engine manufacturers in the sport, not a bad thing in the long run

  • Paul Flood
    Paul Flood 4 months ago +3

    The RB Max won his first Driver’s title with, HONDA on the rear wing is an iconic car

    wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN 4 months ago +27

    The problem is and always has been Honda corporate. The executive board is now lead by MBAs and Accountants, no longer by an founder-engineer who was rooted in racing. Since his death, Honda has eroded continuously in their products and motorsport exploits. Honda Racing (HRC) was an exclusive entity within Honda. Their "Skunk Works". Very competitive and innovative. They are only hampered by budget dictated by the executives. We are seeing the same form of meddling in motorsports by Ferrari and Alpine's CEO. Honda's F1 championship success proved the existing executive officer wrong, and saw his ouster with a combination of exiting F1, and their collapsing global car sales. Dropped 60+% during the last 2 years with bad decisions of dismissing the BEV market and backing hydrogen fuel cells. The partnership to rebadge GM's future BEVs as Hondas in the USA will come back to haunt them. Their only good move was to partner with Sony to produce the chassis for the upcoming Sony BEVs. And the 180 to continue in F1 was another good decision. And yes, Max is right about the wasteful silliness and turn of events as an engine supplier. They could have stayed with Red Bull and prospered, but now painted themselves into a corner. It serves as an example of how poor CEO leadership can cost a company. And how exemplary CEO leadership, like Soichiro Honda, and Elon Musk, can make a company an industry leader and dominate their markets.

    • William Bagnard
      William Bagnard 4 months ago +12

      Elon Musk isn't good enough to polish Soichiro's shoes.

    • Memagui San
      Memagui San 4 months ago +1

      That’s why this was a good thing for Red Bull. It forced them to depend only on themselves and not on any decisions coming from executives that keep changing.
      Also, they aren’t starting from scratch since they are building on the foundation that Honda left.

    • uchikoshi-TL
      uchikoshi-TL 4 months ago +1

      Sorry, but comparing Honda to Musk is an insult to the former. Besides, Honda himself didn't really have any business talent; it was his partnership with Takeo Fujisawa that made Honda the manufacturer that it is today.

  • M
    M 4 months ago +3

    There might be a further twist in this story; Max joining AM by 2026 while Nando is on his way in retirement...and thus Max following Honda's engine prowess. Just a thought.

    • Joe
      Joe 4 months ago +1

      Max has a contract with Red Bull till 2028. I don't think with the current conditions, Max will think of jumping to another team just for the power unit he knew very well how to utilize it to the max

    • M
      M 4 months ago

      @Joe It will work perfectly for Max; he has 2016 to asses both teams; see how the new AM+Honda perform in compare to RB+Ford. And than he can choose between the two; contracts again, they can be revoked, changed, etc..

  • James hirai
    James hirai 4 months ago

    Maybe it wasn’t exactly a “dream partnership” for Honda as people have stated. Idk why I have an extremely difficult time being a RB fan. Seems likely to me Aston team will be at or near the top when the new arrangements come into to play. RB will be in for some steep learning curves going it on their own. I don’t think Honda is going to regret the new arrangements. Aston Martin will benefit greatly Honda will keep making fast winning engines capable of winning championships and RB won’t.. sorry no tears from me about that

  • Sam Lloyd
    Sam Lloyd 4 months ago

    Problem is in 18 months from now Honda may get a new CEO and then they will be out again 😡😡😡😡 RB had no other choice and made the correct decision to do things on there own as they will now save even more money (costcap) long term by building there own PU. only question is if it will be reliable and powerful enough. They will at first only build 12 PU's a year but can benefit financially later by selling to other teams. That would be a good thing as more engine choices is always good for competition.

  • statikburger777
    statikburger777 4 months ago +40

    “Honda’s adopted son” got me 😅

    • Dave Z5u5
      Dave Z5u5 4 months ago +1

      It got me as well, they went savage for saying that😆

  • Garage Guerilla
    Garage Guerilla 4 months ago +33

    It's Red Bull's decision not to partner with an engine supplier who leaves the sport on a regular basis.

    • boyHowdy113
      boyHowdy113 4 months ago +1

      And AM didn't learn from their mistake

    • gpage
      gpage 4 months ago +3

      They still tried, they flew Marko to Japan in last year to try to keep Honda onboard with the EV/Battery side of the future PU. But Honda still wanted to make the ICE unit as well.

    • gpage
      gpage 4 months ago +4

      @boyHowdy113 What mistake, Honda is still supporting Red Bull and they are likely to win 3 more championships together before they actually break up. Honda is also a Works supplier for AM. You think that AM is better off paying a customer engine millions or getting millions in support from Honda?

    • Johnathan Loxton
      Johnathan Loxton 4 months ago +3

      Why do people keep saying this about Honda? Since I have watched F1 they were with McLaren for a long time, then had their own team which only stopped because of the financial crisis and then stuck with McLaren again even though the project wasn't working.
      The way it's spoken about makes it sound like they keep coming back for like 5 years at most over and over, not 3 times in over 30 years.

  • foodfighter
    foodfighter 4 months ago +6

    They would have continued if RB would pay for the expenses. Stake holders would not nod if Honda had to pay millions for F1.

  • Stefan Stenroos
    Stefan Stenroos 4 months ago +9

    History has shown that it's always better to be at the tail end of a Honda F1 stint.

    • Tobbsnobb
      Tobbsnobb 4 months ago +3

      or salvage their cars and plans the year after they left haha. Just shoehorn a Mercedes PU in it instead and youre set for a Brawn

  • Shubhanshu Prakash
    Shubhanshu Prakash 4 months ago

    Honda had been a confused company. He's right that they are short sighted. They are also sleeping in automotive markets of some countries too.
    Hope Ford brings in their Le Mans Tech in this. Known for their hybrids in recent times like Ford GT, Ford Focus and I think in F150 Raptor too, they have the know how and Red Bull has experience of the Turbo-Hybrid integration (by working with Honda) - both have knowledge and tech gaps that other one have.
    There is a strong chance that the first season can be problematic but if they figure it out, Red Bull-Ford partnership has big potential.

  • ytadi
    ytadi 4 months ago +1

    There are more things in timeline you missed. Especially changes in Honda leadership between on/off.

  • Phodge99
    Phodge99 4 months ago

    the issue is it came at a time of being in the pandemic whilst having major changes at the top of honda which created conflict of interests. I get why max is frustrated but come on you literally work for a drinks company that have so many subsections, clothing/different types of sport and all the heads of each subsection will have a different way they want to run the company as a whole.

  • W Cooley
    W Cooley 4 months ago +1

    It was quite obvious at the time they would regret the decision to leave.

  • whassupg89
    whassupg89 4 months ago +6

    I can see why red bull would be annoyed but at least they are not at the mercy of the next time Honda decides to quit again 😂

  • The Actual Jae
    The Actual Jae 4 months ago +8

    Aston Martin.... is making some serious moves these days. I wonder if they'll be the next dynasty at this point.

    • Ar Fa
      Ar Fa 4 months ago +3

      Imagine if it was possible to replace Lance with Lando.

    • Isanion
      Isanion 4 months ago

      @Ar Fa Or Yuki. omg I'd just die for Nando + Yuki in a RB-beating car. The drama would be Huuuuuge!

    • Vandal's Garage
      Vandal's Garage 4 months ago +1

      AM the next dynasty? Not as long as Lawrence Stroll treats the team as if it were a privateer entry for his son. In order to win multiple constructor titles, you need two top level drivers.

    • M Vosloo
      M Vosloo 4 months ago

      Lance will always be their weakness

    • warren010h
      warren010h 4 months ago

      ​@Vandal's Garage If AM has more pace, maybe Lance can reduce some of the damage. But if it continues like now, he's going to be leaving valuable constructors points on the table. Alonso is carrying the team now. They should be further ahead of Merc, but unfortunately, I see them losing out on 2nd place in the constructors this year for that reason.

  • 8BitZ0mbie
    8BitZ0mbie 4 months ago +5

    Hondas leadership should be questioned after this whole drama. The basically forced red bull to sign with someone else. Why would you want to lose that team? I feel like this whole sustainable fuel thing is just marketing mumbo jumbo anyways.

    • Ricky
      Ricky 13 days ago

      They didn't sign for someone else, they built a factory and hired a bunch of people, the RBPT unit was well underway before the Ford branding deal

  • Tiege Dolly
    Tiege Dolly 4 months ago +1

    I haven’t seen Honda under this much controversy since Hector decided to run 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines, on top of going to Harry’s and ordering 3 T-66 turbos with Nos and a Motec system exhaust!

  • Abukar
    Abukar 4 months ago

    Biggest question: Rumors have it Aston Martin is paying 9 figures yearly, how does that add up to the F1 cost cap? Unless Honda is building more than just the power unit They just built a huge state of the art campus to manufacture their own parts and what not so how is this deal really working?

  • John Jones
    John Jones 4 months ago

    The biggest lost for RB here is they won't be able to poach as many Honda engineers as they could have. But yeah, going forward they needed to stop being at the mercy of capricious manufacturers.

  • Asyraf Rizal
    Asyraf Rizal 4 months ago +3

    I love what aston martin are doing right now.

  • Shibe
    Shibe 4 months ago

    Honda are going to jump in with a real advantage considering how good their PU was good over the course of 20-21

  • dazz4590
    dazz4590 4 months ago

    The Race does a really good job of taking a few new quotes and creating an 8+ minute video recycling a lot of old news and stock footage to try and stimulate reaction. I know the news cycle isn’t that fast but we don’t need unnecessary videos just to raise ad revenue.

  • John-e5
    John-e5 4 months ago +1

    All these comments. At the end of the day, Honda have been amazing. They could have easily quit back in the McLaren days, but they didn't. They completely recovered their desprate situation and made the best F1 engine. They deserve now to do what they want, all credit to them.

  • to whom it may concern
    to whom it may concern 4 months ago

    Can anyone tell me if Audi is bound by the cost cap yet? Or Can they spend as much as they like up until they actually enter a race?

  • Atkascha
    Atkascha 4 months ago

    still probably the best thing for Red Bull. they're the only major team to have to rely on someone else for engines. their own engine division remedies that.
    would they have liked a long term partnership with Honda? of course. but it is what it is

  • Brendan McCallion
    Brendan McCallion 4 months ago +1

    AM reminds me of Mercedes in 2013. Really good car but vs the Red Bull it was nothing in race pace. Then a change in regulations turned that all around. Who knows.

  • Narendra Rajcoomar
    Narendra Rajcoomar 4 months ago +6

    Had Honda not decided to quit in 2020, RED BULL would not have won in 2021 as they brought forward the engine that was planned by 1 year

    • radspeed 113
      radspeed 113 4 months ago +3

      Still a chance they could have won but yeah that's a fair point, really would have changed the trajectory of the sport

  • TBasianeyes
    TBasianeyes 3 months ago

    I want to know if this deal includes a not yet announced Honda engine in an Aston Martin production car.

  • Frederick Tennant
    Frederick Tennant 4 months ago +1

    Aston Martin has always wanted to win when they started they was all over the Merc who was winning, now its Redbull & Honda they want some of that action

  • XurJagz
    XurJagz 3 months ago

    I will be upset as well. Max has been with redbull the majority of his F1 career. He had to be patiently waiting for a winning car. Now just when he is ready to win his 3rd championship. You tell him that Honda will no longer be the engine supplier. I would be pissed.

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan 4 months ago

    Seems like 2026 F1 Season gonna be very spicy. Aston Martin Honda vs RBR Honda possibly gonna recreate Williams vs Honda 1993 again.

  • Tongoliman
    Tongoliman 4 months ago

    I am not sure I get Max's or RB's grievance over Honda decision to remain in F1 and to do so with Aston. On the basis that Honda was withdrawing from F1 and its partnership with RB as of 2026, RB decided to go ahead to make its own engines as of then. This situation is not changed now by Honda deciding to continue in F1 with a different Team any differently than if Honda had definitively gone ahead with its withdrawal decision. In the latter case, RB would still have gone ahead with making its own engines exactly as they are going to do now with Ford or any other partner they would have hitched up with. Or are they saying that, as long as Honda is remaining in F1, it should do so only with RB? I do not see on what legal or even "gentlemanly" grounds such sense of entitlement and arrogance is based on. On that basis, shouldn't we also be seeing Mercedes, Aston's current engine supplier, crying into their beer? Don't get me wrong: I wish RB well with their own engine-making project now with Ford. But I also wish no differently to Honda and Aston as much success as they will be able to conjure from their new relationship.

  • Doc McCoy
    Doc McCoy 4 months ago +1

    I expect an extension of Alonso's contract soon

  • C Yo
    C Yo 4 months ago +3

    It probably also came down to respect. Horner, Marko, and Max were super vocal when Honda wasn’t delivering. But when they started winning, it was all about max and their own development.

    • Aditya Hidayat
      Aditya Hidayat 4 months ago

      Lol no. Probably you mixing it up with Honda's time with McLaren

    • Rollie
      Rollie 4 months ago

      When did they ever bad mouth Honda? They have always been supportive

  • Alexander Edwards-McColm
    Alexander Edwards-McColm 4 months ago +1

    1:01 Glad to know RB announced the Ford deal twice lmao. Seriously tho, personally I'm actually looking forward to Honda-Aston from 2026. Hopefully it'll mean Red Bull dominance doesn't last as long as Mercedes' did.

    • Vandal's Garage
      Vandal's Garage 4 months ago

      The FIA will never allow RBR to have an eight-year run of dominance.
      This time last year, people still thought Ferrari had as much a chance at the title as Red Bull. RBR is literally on a one year period of dominance, and already people are demanding that something be done. And some of those people are the ones bragging on Mercedes for their championship years. smh.

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 4 months ago

    Max wants to keep winning and Honda is the ticket
    However, Redbull has engine construction aspiration and Ford is their ticket
    Conclusion: Differing self interests
    Redbull could have shelved their plans to be an engine manufacturer, still get returns from their factory by striking an agreement with Honda utilising them and of course some compensation occurring but RedBull did not want to change their plans.

  • NCH Music
    NCH Music 4 months ago +1

    Won't be surprise if Verstappen leave Red Bull for AM to replace either Alonso or Stroll to reunite with Honda

  • Mohammad Nashit Siddiqui
    Mohammad Nashit Siddiqui 4 months ago +1

    Can you do a video on Russell's radio & if it had any chance of working? I wanna see how it could've played out

    • Reynaldi Widjaja
      Reynaldi Widjaja 4 months ago

      Russell radio ? Anything interesting ?

    • soundscape26
      soundscape26 4 months ago

      Having Lewis as a buffer for Charles because of his penalty? It wasn't needed.

    • Ririlily Riri
      Ririlily Riri 4 months ago +3

      ​@Reynaldi Widjaja that one Weasel moment where he kept asking the team to switch positions when he got the 5 sec penalty to protect himself

    • Jeet Trivedi
      Jeet Trivedi 4 months ago +1

      This absolutely does not need to become this big. It was a pure silly driver moment. Just move on and forget about it

    • Mohammad Nashit Siddiqui
      Mohammad Nashit Siddiqui 4 months ago

      ​@soundscape26 he said it again after he built a gap to Charles, to try & overtake Ocon. I wanna see if it's possible

  • Simmal88
    Simmal88 4 months ago +17

    Haha finally Alonso gets his GP2 engine back 😂

    • Robert Koeck
      Robert Koeck 4 months ago

      The engine that one 40 races and 3 championships (and counting) since? Hilarious 😂😂

  • Haruto Yamamoto
    Haruto Yamamoto 3 months ago

    Red Bull wasn't willing to pay for Honda's PU, so it was unavoidable that board of directors consider leaving the sport.

  • Grain
    Grain 4 months ago +1

    I mean Honda asked RedBull first, and they said 'no' so Its not Honda's fault that they tied with Aston Martin

  • Jeff Munson
    Jeff Munson 4 months ago

    I wonder if Honda left so they wouldn't be the beating post for Red Bull if things dropped off, like Renault was at the end of that relationship.

  • Jason Choi
    Jason Choi 4 months ago

    Fernando is shaking his head, having to work with Honda again.

  • ToriksLV
    ToriksLV 4 months ago +1

    After RBR contract ends max will join AM. Calling it now.

  • MrBashem
    MrBashem 3 months ago

    Looking forward to the redbull car brand in the future.

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker 4 months ago

    Max has every reason to be like that.

  • Richard Weston
    Richard Weston 4 months ago +1

    Would there be any IP issues for Honda? Did they sell the IP of the power unit in the back of the red bull? Will that mean they have to develop a new engine from scratch?

    • Ricky
      Ricky 13 days ago

      Red Bull have never opened the Honda power unit, they are sent back to Japan sealed.

  • Yuri Gagaring
    Yuri Gagaring 4 months ago +1

    C'mon guys, you usually report very well but you are missing the only fact that matters in this whole story, the change in direction is from the new leadership in Honda.🧐

  • TheJokerit19
    TheJokerit19 4 months ago

    F1's true U-turn master.

  • Miggy get right
    Miggy get right 4 months ago

    Perez talking about 2026? I’d be amazed if he’s still there by then

  • Richard Patton
    Richard Patton 4 months ago

    Mr. Lawrence Stroll is buying absolutely everything needed for his son to get a shot at the title…
    Now he just needs to find a shop that sells talent
    All the best to everyone

  • bask kev
    bask kev 4 months ago +16

    @the race the title is wrong. Max is not upset. He is not unhappy, disappointed, or worried. He said its a bit of a shame. That is sadness, let down. Different emotion. The upset title means more that there is anger in his opinion. While ven in your own video its not shown he is angry towards honda.

    • Eliot Mansfield
      Eliot Mansfield 4 months ago +2

      it’s clickbait - never fails to work

    • JDF
      JDF 4 months ago

      @Eliot Mansfield You are spot on.

    • V 8
      V 8 4 months ago

      @Eliot Mansfield Yep, because every last F1 fan gives a crap what Max thinks....LoLz

    • Vandal's Garage
      Vandal's Garage 4 months ago

      Because the British motoring press and cult LH needs to moan about everything Max says (or doesn't say).

  • Marten M
    Marten M 4 months ago

    As honorable as honda is they really missed the value they have with red bull and seeking the money over it's core values.. very sad about their decisions and future

    JACKOUTOFTHEBOX 4 months ago +1

    I want to see a video about what you guys think of the redbull floor.

  • X99Zero
    X99Zero 4 months ago

    A possible Max move to Aston Martin?

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker 4 months ago

    Given the dominant performance that Ford-Cosworth engines had back in the 70s and 80s, the new strong Hybrid engine power war between Honda,Mercedes and now Ford should be very interesting indeed…

    • Rob N
      Rob N 4 months ago

      It’s just a ford badge engine made by redbull with maybe just ford having some input into the hybrid system.

  • Brandon Stevens
    Brandon Stevens 4 months ago

    For as much jockeying and manipulation red bull has done over the last 10 years I'm happy about this.
    They tried to manipulate the FIA by threatening to leave F1 multiple times until they got their way. Let me deal with the pain. I for one hope AM or Ferrari or even Merc can can back and bring the fight to them. Times are already shifting. Their staff is being poached left and right. I expect another shift in 2025 away from RedBull being so dominant which means Max has 1-2 guaranteed titles left in him before things start falling away from redbull. I also don't see Max racing after 2028 if redbull aren't dominating.

  • Roger Schuncken
    Roger Schuncken 4 months ago

    "upset" is a very big word. Max find's it a pity how it has gone with Honda but he definitly not upset....

  • Callum Alvey
    Callum Alvey 4 months ago

    This has been covered so many times. Multiple times by The Race. Max's statement should have read "it's a real shame that red bull and Honda couldn't continue beyond 2026. Honda had their reasons for leaving F1 and their change in leadership and the finalising of the new engine regulations has lead to a changein their properties. I have become a double world champion with a Honda engine so I'm obviously frustrated that the partnership can't continue. But now at red bull we have our own engine manufacturing capabilities, plus with the expertise of an experienced partner as ford we should be able to go to new strengths"

    • John-e5
      John-e5 4 months ago

      The race is all about the clickbait. You should know by now.

    • Callum Alvey
      Callum Alvey 4 months ago +1

      @John-e5 I should know by now. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways

  • Curious_Cat
    Curious_Cat 4 months ago

    Honda is indeed guilty of saying they were leaving and then end up returning. But RB also didn't accept them back did they? All the facilities they are building and money invested would not be wasted, since it could be used by Honda and everything be made in England to reduce cost (instead of being manufactured in Japan and sent to RB). RB in between all this talked with Porsche and then announced the Ford deal, they talk like the Ford deal was already decided before Honda decided to continue. Which it wasn't and since they announced they were coming back, I'm sure they talked with each other to know if they could continue together.
    I think what made the partnership not continue was the amount of money Honda was investing in RB, which I'm sure they wanted out because it was unsustainable. RB probably used that against them when they wanted to continue the partnership, something like "oh you said you were going to leave look at all the things we did because of it, you must invest this amount of millions for us to renew the partnership". Of course Honda was not going to accept it.
    Because if Honda came back, why would they want to work with another team if they are literally dominating F1 right now with RB? There's more to this and since RB is famous for playing the victim, they probably wanted too much and Honda said "no, bye".

  • Santosh Sookgrim
    Santosh Sookgrim 4 months ago +1

    The last point in the timeline at 1:03 and 4:15 is incorrect and seems to be duplicated. Was the last point not supposed to say "AstonMartin and Honda announce 2026 deal" instead of "Red Bull and Ford Announce 2026 deal"

  • Greensides
    Greensides 4 months ago +1

    I dont understand why the race thinks its silly or confusing that Honda wanted to quit in 2020. There was a worldwide pandemic and they hadn't really come close to a championship challenge yet. The future was extremely bleak at the time and had no clear signs of getting better. What does "the race" know about running a multi billion dollar car company during an unprecedented worlwide disaster?

  • Mister Monsieur
    Mister Monsieur 4 months ago +1

    And why exactly didn't AM partner with Mercedes like they do for their road cars? Anyhow, AM is getting leftovers. Let'em have it, Max! 🤣

  • robert k Wild
    robert k Wild 3 months ago

    But I thought they wanted to leave as they wanted to concentrate on electric drive technology

  • M0nTy
    M0nTy 3 months ago +1

    I'm surprised that teams still trust Honda with their traditional "come and go" rituals

  • A Nice Day to Drink Tea

    It's not a coincidence Lawrence Stroll is where he is.

  • Henry P
    Henry P 4 months ago +1

    Papa Stroll wants to win and he'll throw however amount of money to help Aston (and his son) to achieve that, it's kinda awesome.

    • Shawn Wabwire
      Shawn Wabwire 4 months ago

      Hopefully the son sees that he actually has a chance at being a world driver champion and puts in the necessary work to have the skills of one.

    • Nexu Jin
      Nexu Jin 4 months ago

      @Shawn Wabwire It's quite a contrast how Stroll gets a F1 seat handed to him, where Ocon had to fight his way to a seat in F1.

  • Jassi
    Jassi 4 months ago

    Continuity is very important in F1 and that’s something Honda lacks big time. In fact, they jump like monkeys from one place to another. There so much lack of commitment. Honda execs themselves don’t know what they want to do. They don’t want to spend money but they want to win🥴 🤷‍♂️
    And guess what they are still behind the competition when it comes to production series cars. They don’t have a single pure EV here in Canada, Acura’s first ever EV is being built on GM’s platform🤭😂 On the other hand, companies like Hyundai are already coming out with “Performance EVs”
    The other same problem exist there too, don’t want to put/spend much money into R&D. While companies like Hyundai have proper DCTs for their ICE Performance cars.
    Infact their competition is so ahead in EV department that luxury division of Toyota wants to borrow their tech.
    I think it’s good that they left Red Bull, now Red Bull is on their feet and funded as well. Red Bull is a very sharp unit, they will nail it with their PU development for sure as well.

  • Michael Eilers
    Michael Eilers 4 months ago

    You have to struggle for a reason that isn't Stroll's Money.

  • Christian Orsa
    Christian Orsa 4 months ago +2

    Honda and their flip flopping in and out of the sport is...interesting for sure

  • I have a name now
    I have a name now 4 months ago +1

    I too am angry at Honda. smh. What a disappointment.

  • William Bagnard
    William Bagnard 4 months ago

    After watching this I'm even more confused. All I can say is I hope Ford is up to the task. I know Porsche is but sadly that fell apart.